Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Welcome to the United Socialist Republic Of America

The voters have spoken. They’ve rejected the government our founding fathers gave us. Instead they have embraced Karl Marx and his followers Obama, Reid and Pelosi to lead us straight to Hell.

The cornerstone of Marxism is the redistribution of the wealth. The productive are punished and the unproductive are rewarded. That system has never worked and won’t work now.

John McCain was no prize and could not and did not rally the Conservatives. McCain disappointed us on everything from dealing with illegal immigration, the massive Socialist bailouts and even gun control. His campaign was beyond weak because his position was too similar to Obama’s.

Had it not been for the refreshing Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, McCain’s support would have been minimal at best. Palin brought the only significant votes he got.

The American experiment seems to have run its course. We will have change all right beginning with the erosion of the freedom and liberty so many American’s cherished.

I don’t know what incentive people will have to invest in American businesses but after the bailouts nationalization of every major industry is next. Our Constitution may be offered up to a Constitutional Convention where the only rights that remain are collective tights.

Talk radio and the Internet are the next targets to control the information through the Fairness Doctrine’s next evolution. Free speech is very bad for political incumbent protection.

By the time four years of total domination by the Bolsheviks we just elected ends we may never be able to recapture what we once had.

Governments run in cycles as they embrace the concepts they once fought wars to protect their citizens from. I don’t really think McCain was going to take us in the right direction anyway.

For me George W Bush was an eight year disappointment along with the unnecessary Iraq War he brought us. Had we not gone to Iraq that country along with their rogue neighbor, Iran would have probably neutralized each other by now. Think of the savings to taxpayers.

Hope seems elusive right now but I can start to imagine the day Americans begin to flee to Mexico as we become the economic fugitive wetbacks of the future.


Anonymous said...

The dumb democrats got their guy in the white house - NOW, i ask them, are they any better off? All they have won is bragging rights - not a penny more. They now get to pay for all of this guys whims for his people who refuse to work and who only want FREE STUFF. Home of the "FREE" and they like singing that, but they won't work for it. Good blacks and whites all KNOW who these people are but yet they will support them with our hard earned bucks. We will be tapped out very soon. Depression is coming - HIDE YOUR BUCKS HERE COMES OBOMA AND HIS UGLY WIFE AKA "ANIMAL ASS". GOOD LUCK AND DUCK/. GOD BLES GEORGE BUSH WHO KEPT US FREE AND SAFE.. NOW LETS WATCH AND SEE THE DAMAGE THIS WEAK CON MAN FROM CHICAGO GETS US INTO. WE CHASED AWAY A GOOD MAN WHO FOUGHT FOR US AND A GOOD WOMAN WHO WOULD HAVE CLEANED OUT WASHINGTON LIKE SHE DID ALASKA. WE TRADED THEM FOR A CON MAN AND A BUSS SHITTER FROM DELEWARE WHO CAN;T KEEP HIS LIES STRAIGHT.

Anonymous said...

You mean the "sheeple" have spoken. Everyone who voted for BO give us a big, "Baa-ah-aaaa".

It's ignorance Paul. The young generation has not had to fight for anything (their freedom, their lives, etc) and on the contrary everything has been "given" to them and they want to continue to have everything given to them.

The sheep want socialism but they are too ignorant to learn from history that it doesn't work. Like the saying goes, "Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

We are in for some hard lessons. The foolish will have to pay a price for their ignorance. They've put the most extreme government this country has ever known into power and and if anything should have been learned; extreme anything is not good. :-(

Anonymous said...

Reporting Live from Chicago, not from downtown at the sheeple fest. I hear plenty of gunfire as I type, believe me the MSM is not out in the hoods where the celebrating is also happening. God bless America, we probably need it more now than ever.

Anonymous said...

F'ing liberal whites. They need their marbles checked. This asshole is going to ruin the country. You will have to die before you can retire with this guy. What these shallow fools who voted him in don't realize Fairy tales used to begin with "Once upon a time". Now they begin with "If I'm elected". You think these goofy gun laws are strict now, wait until Osama Obama takes office. Does Mexico deport you if you flee to their border. By the way in was a nice peaceful celebration on the west side. Just a few squad car windows broken and shot out as of 1 am. Hopefully the south will rise again in this time of need. It is only fair our taxes are raised beyond control, so the welfare clan can get enough money not to have to steal, burglarize and sell drugs to get the necessities like a brand new Caddie and a 60 inch hi def TV. You know reparations are in order for the past cruelty they suffered as slaves. Hold it, my grandparents came to America in the early 1900's. So I don't owe them crap. Get off your ass and get a job like I did and work every day.

Anonymous said...

We should be like Grand Cayman. No welafare system. You too lazy to work you starve. Just because your fat ass can't get up to work and you have 20 kids for my taxes to support, doesn't mean you deserve it. Maybe communism ain't such a bad idea. You work, you eat. you don't work you starve. Fried chicken restaurants would go bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

The white house will now be painted black. The presidential limo will have spinner rims and a boom box. The official meal for presidential dinners will be chitterlings, fried chicken, and 40 ouncers of Colt 45. The only wine will be mad dog and the desert will be a ghetto pickle (watermelon). That 50 gallon drum barbque grill will look great on the front lawn of the white (sorry black) house. THANKS to the shallow liberal yuppies. Did they put moron pills in their water. In 50 years whites will be the slaves. I pray for my grandchildren. May they have better sense than these clueless yuppies. The X generation. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Folks this amazing piece was written three days ago. It is applicable RIGHT NOW, as it lays out what Christians must do next, and what to expect. Please read it and send it to the church. I sadly know Christians in Calif that worked hard to rally Christians to vote Yes on proposition 8 (a good thing.) But they still voted for Obama. They are ignorant fools because Barack will now appoint at least 100 federal judges, and 2 to 3 US Supreme Court Justices. These new judges (that hold life long terms) will be political hacks that will legislate their immorality, rather than uphold our God given US Constitution. With that kind of leftist judicial power, no pro family proposition in any single State will ever stand. Because the Federal Supreme Court and/or Judges will overturn what is good. If the 'Fairness Doctrine' is passed, most our Blog will be taken down.
Jerusalem Watchman is Stan Goodenough; a Christian Zionist; a South African national; a Mayflower descendant; an 18-year resident of the State of Israel; husband to a wonderful wife; father to five extra-ordinary children; a journalist by profession; and a Bible-believer by God's mercy and grace.

Jerusalem Watchman
The following are some election eve thoughts I put do
Sunday morning Israel time, November 2, 2008:

I have to say that, 30-odd hours before the polls open in the United States for what has repeatedly been called America’s most critical presidential election, I am not discouraged; I am not in mourning; I am not anxious. I am not afraid.

One of two things is going to happen:


Senator Barack Obama is going to prove the overwhelming majority of pollsters right; he is going to trigger huge celebratory parties in newsrooms across the country that month after month after month systematically skewed their “reporting” to strongly favor the Democrat and sweep liberal public opinion along with them; he is going to consummate his victory in a multi-million dollar bash in Chicago, and he is going to reap the rewards of running the most expensive election campaign and putting out the most expensive political television ad in history. He will also enjoy the rotten fruit resulting from the poisonous deluge upended by his PR minions on Sarah Palin and her family. And, five-and-a-half years after Republican President George W. Bush removed the Muslim Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti from power, Democratic voters who hate Bush will have put Muslim Illinois Senator Barack HUSSEIN Obama into the White House.


Senator John McCain is going to prove the overwhelming majority of pollsters wrong; he is going to spoil the huge celebratory parties planned for Chicago and for newsrooms across the country that systematically skewed their “reporting” to strongly disfavor the Republican; the New Mexico Sun News, which late October printed a “special collector’s edition” with the front page audaciously trumpeting the news that “Obama Wins” is going to have to print a retraction and apology; and together with Sarah Palin he is going to ensure that a bitter taste is left in the mouths of those who poured 600 million dollars into enabling his opponent to run the most expensive election campaign and bankroll the most expensive political television ad in history.

To put it another way:


We will see God’s judgement meted out and America slip into what some have warned will be nothing less than an abyss.

Or: …

We will see God’s mercy in action.

I must say I have a wonderful sense of tempered exhilaration at the thought of a McCain-Palin victory against all the odds - and it WILL be against all the odds. News of that win would bring me to my knees before the Almighty for two reasons:

First and foremost, He will have demonstrated His power in a way that will flabbergast - and deeply disappoint - hundreds of millions of people - the liberal, anti-God forces in America and the liberal, anti-God world which, according to a report carried in The Economist last week, was almost universally hoping for an Obama win. God will have bared His holy arm in the site of the nations of the world, and will have laughed the pundits to scorn, exposing the deception of the Democrats, .

And secondly, He will have extended His scepter of grace and mercy yet once more to the United States - that special, mighty nation which HE founded, established and positioned to be the major player on the world stage in our day.

It is hard to hope for such an outcome in the face of the almost unbroken wall of faces and voices that continue through these last hours of the race to predict a “given” victory for Obama.

Today (Monday) as I watch the crowds applauding and encouraging John McCain and Sarah Palin at the rallies in state after state, I feel their fear and hurt for what may lie ahead for their nation.

And as I watch the masses chanting and cheering for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and jeering at every mention of McCain and Palin, I think of the multitudes that scoffed at Noah as he built his ark - laughing off any suggestion of a flood that would come to sweep them away.

“You don’t know what you’re rooting for,” I think. And although my flesh would want to say “you deserve what you will get” my heart is burdened with compassion for them too.

Which brings me to the question: What should Christians’ responses should be to an Obama win, and to a McCain win?

These are my thoughts:

If Obama wins, we must ready ourselves for war. Not physical war, but intensive spiritual war against the forces of hell that a Democratic White House and Capitol Hill are gearing up to unleash on Judeo-Christian America. The fields of battle, which have already seen Christians retreating from and being defeated on, include the sanctity of human life in the womb, the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, the purity of God’s gift of sex, the innocence of our children’s minds, their right to pray in school; their belief in creation. But where we have until now paid perhaps more lip service than anything else to try and turn the tide, we should prepare to pay a probably far more painful price.

If McCain wins, we must prepare ourselves for war. From day one after the election, the last and most fateful thing we can do is heave a sigh of relief and return to life and business as usual. God will have granted an extension of His grace. We dare not take that for granted, not for a moment. The battle raging for the soul of America will only get hotter, more intense, in the coming four years. We will need to fight, to take full advantage of the breathing space we’ve been given.

And the most important fight of all will be the fight to secure the Jewish state of Israel against the massive global efforts to destroy it. This IS the most important fight because God’s curse is guaranteed on every nation that divides up His land and scatters His people. And His blessing is promised to every nation that blesses with His land and His people (Gen 12"3.)

In fact, on day one after the elections Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will be returning to the Middle East yet again to push forward with her relentless effort to realize at least one, she hopes irreversible, phase in George W. Bush’s two-state-solution that aims to see a Muslim Arab state erected on the historical heartland of the Jewish people.

So - apart from your initial reaction to the final announcement of who has been chosen to be the next president of the United States, may I urge you to respond in the same way no matter what the outcome?

1. Worship and praise the One Who raises up kings and brings them down.
2. Begin immediately to pray for the next leader of your land. [Important note: The Bible commands us to pray for those in authority over us. You don’t have to pray for his success or prosperity. You can pray that his policies will succeed or fail. You can pray for him to stay in office, or be removed. You can pray for godly advisors to get to him, and for ungodly advisors to be kept away. Pray for him - and his vice president.]
3. Gird up your loins for war - determined to fight the fight of your adult lives to keep your land from sinking beneath the waves.

The final round of the pre-election Fox News Poll has been released just as I write these words. Obama for the first time wins 50 percent to McCain’s 43 percent. More than 40 percent of REPUBLICAN voters polled believe that Obama will win.

Yes, untold numbers of appeals are ascending to heaven as I prepare to post this. People are fasting, weeping, taking hold of God’s throne.

As I join my prayers with theirs the Bible verse that comes to my mind is:

Oh, clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with the voice of triumph! For the LORD Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth. (Psalm 47:1-2)

And the rest of the Psalm with which I began this:

The LORD will give strength to His people; The LORD will bless His people with peace. (Psalm 29:11)

Anonymous said...

Wait until the sheeple get a taste of the Crook County/chgo. democratic machine! They are in for change alright. I truly believe that we are going all the way back to the carter years, even worse than the clinton years.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I have deleted those comments that scream I’m a racist because I have felt all along that a coke smoking, empty suit, total Marxist is absolutely unfit to hold any political office.

I hold Barack Obama in the same regard as other Socialist that also has held high office before him. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Castro, Pot and their ilk are not African-Americans.

Last time I checked political affiliation was not considered a race.

Anonymous said...

You want change? Obama will only push for one world government, taxing every aspect of our lives times 1000. We are hungry for the Ron Paul Revolution. The guys cooking, cleaning, cutting hair, guarding the guys like Richard Haas, Michael Swenson and Josh Birnbaum (Goldman Sachs), Kashkari and Paulson etc etc. can start the “revolution” any freakin time they become inclined to do so. What?, are guys with no access supposed to load up
the van and sacrifice themselves instead? The momentum toward becoming the next El Salvador, Brazil, Poland, Bulgaria is increasing and only a big money boy could stop it. Eric Prince could stop it..as he has access to “resources”. Let’s face it, this country is going down..check out the video by Ross Kemp to see what to look forward to.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3TLm0ubeZM&feature=related Mark my word.

Anonymous said...

"The dumb democrats got their guy in the white house - NOW, i ask them, are they any better off? All they have won is bragging rights - not a penny more."

Yeah, guy, 24 hours later and already everything has changed, everything is hunky-dory, and we're all so much better off.

What's the matter with you?

Anonymous said...

When we were a Free rebublic there was slavery and women couldn't vote.After the first depression and FDRs "The New Deal" and entering WW2 to get us out of our economic crisis that's when this country became a socialist republic.So technically we have been a socialist republic sense the 1930s.SOCIAL SECURITY,unemployment,disability,SOCIALIZED WELFARE.So when the government spent taxpayers money to help it's citizens that started social reform which equals a socialist republic.