Saturday, February 22, 2014

San Diego Sheriff Announced he Won’t Appeal from 9th Circuit Appellate Decision Striking Concealed Weapon Ban!

San Diego, CA—Yesterday Sheriff Bill Gore announced that he wouldn’t appeal the decision in Peruta vs. County of San Diego.
That of course was the ruling that struck down California’s ability to obstruct the issuance of concealed weapon permits to law-abiding people requesting them. 
The permits were nearly impossible to obtain in the state's most populous jurisdictions.  Officials had the power to arbitrarily and capriciously deny permits.  Only the politically powerful, very wealthy or connected applicants got the permits.
Some California Sheriffs would routinely and nefariously sell the permits to their campaign contributors. 
Under the now invalidated law CCW permit applicants had to prove "moral fitness" and a compelling need for the added protection.  Those nebulas factors were so incredibly vague that they were void.  Despotic California sheriffs and police chiefs got away with violating the Second Amendment rights of citizens for decades.  

Several plaintiffs sued and when the case finally reached the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals California’s long-standing but unconstitutional concealed weapon permit law was shot down and invalidated. 
The obvious reason for not appealing the case to the U.S. Supreme Court is that the high court’s recent rulings in the Heller and McDonald cases solidly reaffirmed the right to not just keep but to carry arms outside the home.
By not appealing it the gun banners are seeking to avoid total destruction of their ability to regulate the permits and violate the privacy of applicants.
Politicians in a few other Leftists run states don’t want SCOTUS making yet another ruling that would have an immediate impact on their own various gun bans.  There’s no doubt that these other jurisdictions have been in communication with California gun ban proponents.
Just what hat does this all mean right now for California’s millions of gun owners? 
It means that prosecution of cases involving the carrying of concealed weapons by otherwise law-abiding people is impossible.  The law was invalidated pure and simple.
California must now rewrite their law to cure the defect.  They can’t just simply create new obstacles to replace the old ones. 
Until then Constitutional carry will be the law of the land.  I’m sure a few cops will make some bogus arrests that will fail in court later. 
Anyone currently charged with a CCW offense would be crazy to enter into a plea agreement.  Litigating the matter citing Peruta vs. County of San Diego along with the Heller and McDonald cases would bring certain vindication.
There are still serious issues with non-California residents and thousands of security guards with so-called Exposed Weapon Permits that need to be addressed. 
It would save California taxpayers millions if the simply took the exposed weapon permits and relabeled them additionally for concealment.  The holders of these permits have already completed background investigation and training requirements.  No need to do anything with these permits but to simply rename them carry permits that allows both exposed and concealed carry.  
There is no reason to redundantly relicense thousands of security guards and private investigators to deal with parallel requirements and costs.  California's  Bureau of Investigative and Security Services has already satisfied any and all present or future needs.  
The BISS weapon permit program that’s already in place has more than adequately addressed all of the public safety needs and Constitutional questions. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Serious Political Resistance is Growing in America Against Tyranny!

Hartford, CT—Hundreds of thousands of gun owners risk felony arrest and conviction as they purposely ignore and resist new government anti-gun rights tyranny here.
The politicians here have banned what they describe as “Assault Weapons” and certain ammunition magazines.  They created a registration scheme to allow gun owners to “keep” their weapons provided they register them. 
They did that same thing in California in the 1990s.  Thousands of gun owners there simply never registered there either.
Since people who are prohibited from owning firearms cannot be forced to register guns because of self-incrimination protections the law-abiding are the only ones affected by these laws.
Gun registration is for one single purpose and that is as a major incremental step to firearm confiscation.  Gun registration has never been beneficial to law enforcement as a tool to curb crime. 
Criminals simply never leave guns behind at crime scenes unless they are killed or incapacitated.  At that juncture what’s the value of registration?
The gun owners of Connecticut are well aware of the legislative and tyrannical scam officials are running and have simply refused to cooperate.
Now officials are in a difficult position since they really have no way of raiding citizen’s homes without serious bloodshed.  They have nowhere near the manpower to force this issue.
Imagine if you will Randy Weaver or Waco Branch Davidian style raids on local family homes dominating TV news every night?  Can you imagine hundreds of bloody body bags overwhelming every coroner’s office?  
Connecticut is going to be forced to back off their plans for further tyranny.  They really need to rethink and repeal their new law. 
The USSR made so many laws restricting freedom that few people respected any laws whatsoever.   That’s what’s happening in the USA.  We’ve not learned from history and are making the exact same mistakes.
What the gun grabbers must learn is that there are millions of well-armed and trained military veterans that respect our Bill of Rights and Constitution better than our politicians. 
Most of the rank and file cops in America don’t support the myriad of unconstitutional gun laws either.  They will balk at conducting raids against their fellow Americans in order to satisfy our Fascist politician’s insatiable thirst for total control. 
Many in law enforcement and our military will quickly feel that their oaths of office require that they turn their own guns against the officials that dare order armed raids on America’s gun owners.
In the end the gun confiscation wet dreams of our politicians will be their worst nightmares.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Edward Snowden Hero or Traitor? It’s Up to You to Decide!

Somewhere in Russia---German Public Television network ADR caught up with Edward Snowden for an exclusive interview.
This interview has been removed form YouTube and numerous other video sharing sites because it is against interest of our rogue government. 
Snowden risked his $250,000.00 per year job, his liberty and very life to expose the most unlawful, vast and Machiavellian government surveillance program in the history of the entire world.
Snowden has proven that while we slept criminals have obtained total control of our government in a secret and bloodless Coup d'état. 
The unlawful NSA spying was not something that any elected politicians ever offered in their campaign speeches.  Had they done so, they would have never gotten elected.
Barack Obama cannot claim ignorance or dare deny responsibility for this multi-billion dollar tax funded criminal government enterprise.
The information contained within the NSA’s unlawfully seized data would allow for:
Agents learning embarrassing personal secrets to blackmail members of Congress, judges, prosecutors, or political candidates forcing them to vote or make rulings in ways inconsistent with the law or public good.
Agents that steal trade secrets from inventors and businesses could enrich themselves selling them to competing businesses all over the world. 
Agents would be able to learn inside financial information on any and all publically traded companies and obtain untold wealth through insider trading.
Can we now be sure for example that Conservative U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was not blackmailed into uncharacteristically voting to uphold the Obamacare massive train wreck? 
No American is safe from the worst kind of abuse or monstrous crime carried out by a government that refuses to act within our established laws and Constitution.
We cannot allow our politicians to create and maintain massive programs that violate every American principal or freedom that we ever fought to maintain.  The creation of the Snowden exposed NSA domestic spying program is nothing less than Treason and those responsible for it should be arrested and put on trial.
Edward Snowden is a hero in every respect.  He risked all to expose this and we have a duty to stop this cancer on our government. Watch this video interview while you still can!

Monday, February 17, 2014

George Zimmerman and His Dark Future

Sanford, FL—We now know that Travon Martin was a drug abusing, burglar and thug doing all the wrong things.  Young Martin selected the wrong person to bully and assault.  That cost Martin his life.
I’m not going to retry the case that acquitted George Zimmerman but the lies from the Martin family, their lawyers, African-American community organizers and the gun rights hating mainstream media fell apart in court.
Now Zimmerman is absolutely broke, shell-shocked and suffering from what he says is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
I believe that Zimmerma’s PTSD is associated not with the incident with Martin but by being terrorized by prosecutors, so-called community leaders and media whores.  That vicious assault on Zimmerman clearly left it’s marks. 
If Zimmerman is correct that he suffers from PTSD he is in a now category of people that have lost their rights under federal law to possess firearms for life.  He may be able to collect Social Security disability payments.
Zimerman’s life is in a shambles despite his acquittal.  That’s not unusual for self-defense shooting survivors.
Zimmerman rightly says he was made a scapegoat by Barak Obama and his Attorney General.  They shamefully used it to advance their Gun Ban agenda.
Zimmerman says he wants to go to law school.  Having a law license is no guarantee he can make a living practicing law.  He says he wants to help people put in cases such as his own.  Those cases are incredibly rare and making a living on them would be nearly impossible.
I don’t know what next for Zimmerman but his future is bleak.  He once wanted to be a cop but that will never happen now.
Zimmerman is a pariah because the vicious political crusade of an over-zealous and racist special prosecutor.  The prosecutor is protected in a great extent by legal immunity for her malicious actions.
Zimmerman has pending litigation but that will be seriously challenged by public misconceptions.  To be compensated for his losses a jury must find him to be a sympathetic victim.
Zimmerman is paying a hefty price for wanting to get involved protecting his community as an unpaid civilian watchman.    

You better think of a good teaser hook to make people watch your video!

Los Angeles, CA—As a blogger and multimedia journalist I occasionally put up videos here on Crimefile News.
Currently time and lack of funding precludes me from putting up more video.  Getting people to watch your video no matter how good it is challenging.  You need to tease people with hot button words we’ve all seen. 
“You better watch this video before the censors take it down!”  “Watch Ms. X destroy so and so in this video!”  “Watch Mr. X meltdown under tense questioning!”   “This video will make you break out the tissues!”   Frankly these are getting very old.  They’ve been used and abused and I refuse to fall for them anymore.
The truth is that Internet viewers are incredibly impatient and loading videos for some can be a slow process.  When you add in that many videos turn out to be a disappointment that don't deliver on the promised hype you better be creative rather than deceptive.
Putting in the proper key words or meta tags in crucial.  Having an exciting thumbnail or start image is important. 
Videos need to be clear with great audio.  They need to be short and always leaving the viewer wanting more. 
There are other rules regarding multiple angles and static shots that were established in the past few decades.   Are those rules evolving? 
GoPro cameras are high definition cameras in a tiny waterproof package.  They are incredibly for point of view video and action shots.  They go where other cameras simply cant.  Additionally people don’t shy from them like they do the more noticeable cameras they are used to seeing. 
I’m no expert on video but I have played with the equipment since it became affordable 20 years ago.  It’s getting better and cheaper every day.
Viewers really don’t want junk.  They want to be taken somewhere away from their surroundings and dull lives.
I put up a video a few weeks ago at the largest gun show in the world in Las Vegas.  It’s called the SHOT Show.  The video is not about guns but rather how the show is set up and my actual experience in Sin City.
The video shows my experience from my own point of view.  I broke lots of established video rules. 
My intent was to show you what those few days were like through my eyes.  Yes, I shot this all on a GoPro Hero 3+ .  I edited the video on Final Cut Pro X.  Along with post production, unscripted voiceovers.   I also added some copyrighted music for the mood. 
My pals that love guns would want me to stop and spend time with the actual products but the video would be four days long.  This was really a SHOT Show teaser.  There is little substitute for actually attending this massive show. 
A sign of a successful video is that people think it was shorter than it actually was.  So ignore the time markers until after you’ve seen the video.  Then compare your time impression with the actual time of the video. 
I kept it simple reducing four days into minutes.  I’d like comments on the video. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Life Saved Only To be Lost a Year Later…

Chicago, IL—The Internet is adding information at a rapid pace.  I often wondered what happened to a suicidal woman I helped pull from the Chicago River in July of 1976.  Today I found the tragic answer.
It was just after eating a rather large breakfast I was in my personal car Westbound on the Congress Street Expressway Bridge by the huge post office building. 
Suddenly in the stop and go rush hour traffic I saw a women bleeding from both wrists climbing on the South side railing of the bridge and suddenly she jumped into the filthy water below. 
I pulled to the right and stopped my car in an effort to deal with the obvious emergency.  I crossed all the lanes of traffic on foot.  I discovered a man had broken the glass covering a life preserver and managed to hopelessly tangle its attached rope to the bridge.
I could see the woman floundering below and ran down to the embankment to aid her.  As I was running I saw a man later identified as David M. McCauley dive into the water after the woman. 
I was no champion swimmer and dreaded the thought of the nasty sewer like water and fighting with this suicidal woman in efforts to pull her out. 
Whatever reluctance I may have had disappeared when it was obvious that Mr. McCauley may be killed trying to save this woman by himself. 
I quickly striped off my gun belt and uniform.  Two women had come to the riverbank and were watching.  I told one of them to run and call the police and fire departments (this was before the 911 system was established).  I asked the other woman to please watch out for my gun and clothing. 
I swam out to the pair in time to see that the woman had Mr. McCauley’s head under water.  As I tried to help she managed to pull me under too.  Finally she gave in and we were able to tow her to shore. 
There was no way out of the river because at the time it had sheer high walls on both sides.   We soon could hear sirens and saw firemen lowering a ladder into the water.  A fire Lt. jumped in and helped us push the woman up the ladder. Thankfully a fire station was very close to us.
McCauley and I got out of the water and dried off with white fire department sheets.  I put my uniform on and gave my car keys to cops that had responded. 
A sergeant from the First District (I was assigned to 012 just West) told me to get into his car because he was taking me to the hospital. We drove behind the ambulance transporting the woman. I soon became nauseous and was ready to vomit.  That’s when the good sergeant flipped on the lights and siren. 
Moments later we were at Rush St. Luke's Hospital's  emergency room doors where I got out and upchucked in the driveway (that was much better than in the patrol car!)
Other officers made a hospitalization case report and I was given a prophylactic injection because of my exposure to that nasty river water.
The next day I saw my picture on the front page of the Chicago Tribune and the story accompanying it.  Somehow it did not feel good.  This came at the expense of the high profile exposure of a woman’s emotional troubles.  They had published this troubled woman’s name along with the distant photos they had her in the actual rescue.
Mr. McCauley was a district sales manager from Allstate Insurance.  McCauley was appropriately put in for a Carnage Hero Foundation Award and received it.  I received a Department Commendation and a second special award from the late Mayor Richard J. Daley.
As to what happened to the suicidal woman that’s the rest of this story.  Billie Gail Hubacher, 38 was placed in the psychiatric unit of the hospital after they tended to her self-inflicted wrist wounds.  Soon they released her for future out patient treatment.
I knew nothing else until this morning when I discovered she died just short of a year later at 39 years of age on May 1, 1977.  I can only assume that Hubacher finally succeeded in taking her own life. 
Depression can be so deadly.  I don’t know what demons Hubacher was fighting in her last year on earth.  Suicide at such a young age was certainly no answer to her problems. 
Hubacher was obviously an emotional train wreck.  She may have been pretty and well educated but I could never tell from that fateful encounter.  Did that really matter in the end? 
I can’t imagine what I could have done to help.  However in retrospect nearly four decades later I could have simply visited her at the hospital just to let her know I cared that she lived.  
I should have taken the time to tell her the truth that there was much better life and adventures still ahead for her.  
I am indeed my brother’s (in this case my sister’s) keeper.  Here I know I failed in my duty as a human being.