Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Killed Michael Jackson?

Los Angeles, CA—Conrad Murray, MD is on display in a Show Trial being broadcast internationally. Prosecutors are grandstanding like peacocks as tongues of every gossip-mongering pundit are furiously wagging.

Witnesses have testified that Dr. Murray removed “evidence” and sought to remove even more in anticipation of police investigating this predictable death. I find the testimony of the Jackson compound folks too well rehearsed. I think we should at least wait until the defense has an opportunity to either offer evidence or testimony before buying this stuff as dogma.

Michael Jackson was an enormously talented fellow that bought everything including friends and children with the unimaginable wealth he was able to gather during his lifetime.

Jackson unlike most of us on earth never had to hear the word, “No.” Jackson was surrounded with well-paid yes men. The members of the medical community seemed owned the moment Jackson became their patient.

There was no shortage of plastic surgery for Jackson in his quest to shed his biological race and create his ambiguous sex. There was no shortage of physicians willing to medicate Jackson into the stratosphere. Were the doctors corrupt, or was it the patient that dictated the course of his own treatment?

Jackson was addicted to plastic surgery, drugs and little boys. His wealth enabled his mortally dangerous conduct with those addictions. So many people overlooked those socially unacceptable activities because they were in awe of Jackson’s celebrity, talent and wealth.

I hate the circus show trial of Dr. Murray. I hate the people that don’t have a life becoming a modern day lynch mob clamoring for a guilty verdict.

The jury should have been sequestered by the judge and cameras barred from the courtroom. There is no way the jury can or will avoid those things ordered by the court.

Maybe Dr. Murray broke the law and maybe the state lacks sufficient evidence to convict him. Maybe Dr. Murray was trying to desperately find a way to wean Jackson off drugs? It’s clear that Dr. Murray asked for at least one additional physician, be brought in to treat Jackson as he obviously tried to protect the doctor patient confidentiality.

Dr. Murray obviously needed help in treating Jackson. It’s clear to me, he recognized Jackson had a life threatening disease and felt he could not handle this alone.

In the end it was excess that killed Michael Jackson like so many others in the music business. The fact is that living until age 50 under the circumstances made Jackson a real survivor considering the ages of so may others fallen because life in the danger zone.

Dr. Murray deserves a fair trial but won’t get one. Even if he were to be acquitted what I see happening is wrong.

I consider Jackson a patient that dictated his own medical treatment with the promise consistent with the theme of his last concert tour, “This is It!”

Michael Jackson murdered himself. Dr. Murray was in the middle of a medical nightmare but that’s exactly why we have doctors and they get the big bucks. Was he helping Jackson or simply enabling him? I think the answer should remain part of the sacred doctor patient secrecy.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How About a Death Penalty Compromise?

Phoenix, AZ—Putting convicted killers to death is wildly popular in the United States. It’s the final retribution and deters future criminal conduct, at least by the condemned prisoner.

Let me be the first to say I’d much prefer to see many more justifiable homicides by Americans fighting crime where they live and work.

Our justice system is a mess. Jurors get way too much outside influence and despite court rules they are busy surfing the web and social networking sites before and during deliberations.

There are so many cases these days where the guilt of the accused is arrived at by simple guesswork and probabilities. Most troubling are those cases where medical examiners can’t even provide the cause of death! Murder is assumed and even though there are no witnesses, prosecutors can make the jury hate and convict the accused. That is beyond scary and un-American.

Because of Constitutional guarantees imposition of a death sentence take from 10 to 30 years as appeals grind through the courts. What people need to know is taxpayers fund both sides of the appeals and when the death penalty is involved those cases cost several million dollars each!

People sent away for life don’t get the financial resources that are available to the condemned. The life sentences that are handed out as a result of plea agreements are rarely seen in appellate courts. The death cases are always litigated up and until the very last second.

Most people on death row are career criminals who are really guilty. Being a habitual criminal invites suspicion and arrest with the thinnest of evidence. Some times just being known by police in a crime infested neighborhood will get these people caught in the police dragnet after a serious crime.

There are an amazing number of people sitting in condemned cells with no criminal record, other than their current conviction!

I hope there is nobody reading this story that wants innocent people strapped down to a table and killed for crimes they did not commit. It happens and you or someone you love could suffer unimaginably when our justice system fails.

There is something simple that can be done to preserve the death penalty and yet end forever the frightening specter killing an innocent person.

Simply changing the government’s burden of proof from beyond a reasonable doubt to, beyond a doubt before imposition of a death sentence. A second higher hurdle for death cases would save hundreds of millions of dollars and take the guesswork out of killing people like Troy Davis.

With fewer death penalty cases clogging up the courts, the process can be speeded up for those that deserve the ultimate punishment.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Obama’s Objective is to Incite Class Warfare or Worse

Los Angeles, CA—Barack Obama is heading here Monday for more fundraising and campaign functions. He can’t take the hint the polls provide that soundly reject his idea of Hope and Change. I’m convinced he has no desire for the humiliating loss at the polls he’s sure to get. Obama has a really dark option to maintain power or better yet absolute power.

His increased unpopularity makes him a target for patriots that consider this Marxist President a traitor. Frankly I’m waiting for a serious attempt to assassinate Obama, perhaps by a loyal American Secret Service or other federal agent with the means and opportunity few others have. Imagine some agent recently diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal form of cancer with nothing to lose doing his idea of a final good deed.

I strongly suspect that Obama and his un-elected and un-vetted Czar Cabinet have been engineering a massive insurrection through their wildly successful efforts to destabilize our economy. Once the riots begin Obama will declare Martial Law and suspend the Constitution.

I suspect that the Nazi bitch that Obama placed in charge of Homeland Security will mobilize those misfits and sub-humans working for her TSA. They will be soon given firearms to use against Americans. She is sending them out right now any place she can to abuse the rights of Americans such as NFL football games.

At some point I fully expect to see foreign troops perhaps from China on our soil helping Obama “restore peace”. The claim will be that this is necessary for public safety.

I see nothing ahead but a Civil War for this totally divided nation. We have a huge population of Entitlement Zombies that are demanding wealth redistribution to them. We have another huge population of Mexican and Central American trespassers who think they’re entitled simply whatever they want.

What’s left, are the hard-working taxpaying citizens that are being victimized by those who contribute nothing but poverty, drug abuse, and crime to society. They will have to fight for their lives or simply become robbed, raped and enslaved. Frankly these are the very people that don’t have a clue how to protect themselves, their families or there country.

Thankfully there lots of loyal America cops, military members and veterans that will never bow to Obama or Socialism. They can be counted upon as always to give their precious blood for freedom and liberty.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Was It Murder or Suicide? What Loved ones Need to Know…

Los Angeles, CA—When person is found dead from either a gunshot wound, cutting, hanging or from a toxic substance the question of foul play must always be thoroughly examined and ruled out.

All police departments and medical examiners are not created equal. Some do great work and some are not up to the task. Wealth of a community often times is a hindrance rather than a help to finding the truth.

Homicides are very rare in affluent jurisdictions and that too often means inexperienced investigators are in control of these cases. A really well-known example of unqualified cops botching an investigation was the 1996, Boulder, CO murder of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey.

The Bolder cops had little more than police academy training that at the most included only one field trip to a medical examiner’s office. The so-called Boulder detectives were barely qualified to provide security at some shopping mall. They were arrogant as they jealously protected their turf from outside assistance. They loved the spotlight until their gross incompetence gained worldwide attention.

Because of the mess the Boulder cops made, the case will never be solved and justice was denied. The sub-standard evidence collection and preservation rendered physical evidence as unreliable because of contamination. The total lack interview and interrogation skills of these cops prevented them from doing more than bullying the parents until they called their lawyers and refused more questions.

On the other hand big city cops working crime-infested ghettos see lots of murders every day and quickly gain needed skills to solve murders. When the crime-free affluent areas have murders they really have no choice but to immediately bring in outside help. Foolish pride and inflated egos will derail quality investigations more often than not.

On the subject of suicide I must caution loved ones that denial and guilt too often cloud otherwise good judgment in evaluation of an unnatural death. This is especially true of deaths of young men and boys due to auto-erotic asphyxiation. It is very rare that a case for murder can me made after a reasonable death investigation indicates suicide.

The scene:

Quality photographs must be taken by, experienced forensic photographers. Video is also important. Death scenes are not weddings and certain things need solid documentation.

Any and all signs of a struggle must be documented. A messy residence will sometimes create confusion. Looking for blood and bodily fluids must be exhaustive and may have come from the killer/s rather than the victim.

The victim’s fingernails hands and forearms must be painstakingly photographed for any defense signs or wounds. Broken or cracked fingernails, are a sure sign of a struggle especially when a well-groomed victim is involved. DNA unseen by the human eye can be found under fingernails, collected and matched with a suspected donor.

Here is where solid interviews are important. If your suspect denies ever being at the crime scene or touching the victim his fingerprints, DNA or clothing fibers being found on or near the victim would become damning evidence.

Mental status and intoxication:

When there is the slightest hint of suicide, a psychological autopsy should be conducted by a qualified physician. Drugs legal or otherwise along with alcohol and the victim’s known history need examination. Past bouts of depression, financial difficulties or health worries are not small issues and must be factored into these investigations. Of course disputes, litigation and other business issues need the attention of investigators.

Failed or unrealized relationships sometimes end in suicide for some really educated and otherwise well-adjusted people. Broken hearts do kill. On the other hand broken hearts and bruised egos become the motive for murder.

Investigators must get inside the heads of their victims to find the truth. If the police jurisdiction shows any signs like Boulder, CO in 1996 you need to bring in a well-qualified expert. I suspect today, a murder in Boulder would be handled differently and include some experienced outside investigators.

Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL Go To Hell!

I have watched my last NFL game. Not only will I stay away from their games and won’t watch those candy-asses on TV!

I have been avoiding stadiums and events that frisk people preferring to skip the indignity and humiliation of being searched like a criminal just to attend a game.

Today because of the NFL’s un-American frisking policy I will be skipping any viewing in any form of this pussy outfit. I will also skip buying any products sponsoring the NFL.

I will gladly take my chances with foreign terrorists over accepting my own country being ruled by the kind of iron fist we have fought so many wars to stop cold.

I ask that every red-blooded American let the NFL pansies dance to their own music as they fondle and frisk each other. They won’t be doing that to me.

It’s Time For Barack Obama, Resign or Face Certain Impeachment.

Washington, DC—Barack Obama’s Hope and Change is anything but what was envisioned especially by his most ardent supporters. He gave the crooked bankers, Wall Street moneychangers and failing automakers nearly our entire treasury and as every politically Conservative expert predicted things only got worse.

Obama and his Congressional super-majority plunged the nation into hopeless debt until the mid-term election upset slowed down the reckless and massive waste and outright government sponsored theft.

Our open style of government became one of locked doors. Behind the scenes un-vetted, unelected Czars made public policy. As former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass the healthcare bill to find out what’s in it.” That ridicules statement gives total insight to the disastrous terminal plight of America, as we knew it.

Never have we seen a political party trying to distance themselves so fast from their standard bearer. There’s now open discussion among the media giants that just a few moths ago were in lockstep with the Obama Whitehouse suggesting that their choice for president was the wrong one.

The Obama Administration’s very disturbing scandals are beginning to boil over and are overwhelming the media cover-up efforts that now seem to be ending. The media is beginning to recognize that Obama has sent the goals of the Democratic Party into an abyss. They now are desperately trying to promote Hillary Clinton as the Commander in Chief. Obama’s popularity is sinking faster than the Titanic and he’s doing even more damage to the Party’s image every day.

One thing for sure Obama’s dubious new Job’s Program is nothing more than a sickening continuation of massive waste and theft. What amazing arrogance for Obama to include billions more taxpayer funds for that criminal enterprise called ACORN!

The handwriting is on the wall. Obama must resign or face impeachment and even possible imprisonment. The jig is up!

Charlie Sheen and Two And A Half Men Must Reunite

Los Angeles, CA—I don’t watch television beyond some news programming. Most television is total crap especially with all the poorly contrived reality programming.

I got hooked on Two and a Half Men after seeing it on several airline flights. The show is hilarious and the original cast is wonderful. The writing is top notch and Charlie Sheen has proven himself to be a gifted actor and comedian.

No group of humans can create an entertainment masterpiece without a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes people become unreasonable and also very hurtful. We can guess what happened between the show’s creative geniuses, Lee Aronsohn, Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen. They had a falling-out that appeared to be beyond nasty and Sheen began a journey into an abyss.

I was hoping the hyped meltdown was just a clever Hollywood publicity stunt. That seemed unlikely when they cast Ashton Kutcher as a replacement for Charlie Sheen.

Kutcher has obvious entertainment chops and a fan base but he does not seem to fit into this dysfunctional group of characters. The show must go in with the terminally edgy Charlie Sheen or it’s over for good.

The rest of the cast and crew deserve to continue on without the premature death of Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper. That can only happen by CBS and this group of entertainers arriving at a decision to bury old garbage and give their audience what they want. If that happened the show would be more popular than ever. That would simply translate into cold hard needed cash.

As for Kutcher he was caught in the middle of this mess and there are contractual issues to deal with for sure. That’s something that can be dealt with later.

Charlie Sheen may have been a disappointment to people in a lot of different ways but as an entertainer he’d only disappoint by failing sharing his entertainment gift. Charlie Sheen needs to continue wearing those ugly shirts and doing what he does best. Charlie Sheen, CBS and Chuck Lorre need to write more television history by catering to their audiencce.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama’s Popularity has Tanked Within the Democratic Party

Los Angeles, CA—The latest poll in this land of, Liberal giants has Barack Obama’s approval rate below 50%. That’s quite shocking when you consider the incredible strong showing he made here just three years ago. Of course Obama’s nationwide approval ratings are much worse and reveal doom for his rapidly falling star.

Yesterday’s two special elections to fill House seats were especially humiliating for the Obama Camp considering that NY spot has not fallen to a Republican since 1923!

The facts are not good. Obama led the charge, plunging the nation into a terminal fiscal quagmire of inescapable debt. He bailed out every crooked banker, Wall Street money- changer, and failed carmaker. The hemorrhage of jobs, productivity and hope has continued unabated.

We certainly got the Change Obama promised but that Hope thing went straight to Hell. The change was anything but positive.

Obama promised transparency, withdrawal from our mid-eastern war adventures and the most ethical Whitehouse ever. What he delivered was government by a secret and un-vetted Czar Cabinet along with some outrageous scandals. Under Obama yet a third war theater was added to the mix.

Federal agents were murdered with guns purchased with stimulus tax money by criminals working with the Obama Justice Department. These government-sanctioned gunrunners supplied thousands of guns to drug gangs in Mexico and Central America. The motive was simply to fuel Obama’s anti-gun rights demonization propaganda machine. Obama wanted to justify suspending our Second Amendment through signing a United Nations civilian gun ban treaty. Obama wanted to show that it was American guns responsible for all of this third world carnage. Outraged BATFE whistle blowers exposed these secret shenanigans unexpectedly.

Then there was that little$528 million loan to Obama’s political contributors over at Solyndra's solar energy project. Obama personally put the pressure on to make that loan despite massive red flags over solvency concerns months before the loan was approved, Solyndra's bankruptcy filing along with probable cause of criminal activity brought on an FBI raid just last week.

We cannot ignore the millions of African-Americans that were promised what Obama could not deliver. Whether their expatiations were unrealistic will be the subject of debate but one thing for sure all that cash was handed out to anyone and everyone except the middle-class and the poor.

Under Obama the poor got poorer and the nation is falling into an economic abyss. That kind of liability would be fatal to the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party now knows it must excise the Obama cancer or face serious consequences. I’d look for expanded investigations supported by Democrats and the likelihood of impeachment in order to cull Obama out of the 2012 elections.

Democrats are rolling their eyes as they shake their heads when asked about Obama. They are beginning to slowly circle the wagons around Hilary Clinton as a replacement for Obama on the Democratic Presidential ticket.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Elite Leftist Politicians Love to Call the Middle Class, the “Rich”

Washington, DC.—America’s middle class work hard and are only a heartbeat away from financial devastation and bankruptcy. It is all they can do to stay a step ahead of mortgage lenders and very real needs. These are the very people being squeezed to death by Tax Tyranny.

The super rich will always be insulated by creative accountants, tax lawyers and the lobbyists that own Congress. They don’t pay taxes and never will because they are so well protected and because they fund political campaigns. Of course their political donations are tax-deductable. Despite promises politicians make of taxing the rich they provide more tax loopholes because they know not to bite the hand that feeds them.

When they say rich they mean parents that struggle to keep their kids in college and paid up health insurance. They mean the people being bled to death by an Entitlement Society. The entitlement addicted, are guaranteed Democratic voters and keeping them dependent is re-election insurance for power-mad despots. Our elections have become a sham.

Middle-class people are generous, caring and responsible. They help their neighbors and donate to charity. The middle-class has become enslaved, abused and relentlessly punished for productivity. At some point they will draw a line in the sand and revolt. A tax revolt or waging war on a corrupt government can’t be far away.

We must remember those that govern us no longer live on the economy they create. Just check out the cost of the Obama, his and hers vacations. Nancy Pelosi’s taxpayer funded expense account could float a small nation.

If the middle-class does not begin to fight back they will become extinct. They must realize the raw power that have to vote by withholding taxes and by vigilante style tactics to combat despotic politicians. They have no choice but to change their docile and sheep-like obedience to government.

Being a tax and spend politician must become a very dangerous occupation or the middle class and the American way of life will die.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The Real Reasons behind the Secrecy of the TSA “NO FLY LIST”

Washington, DC—What’s the big secret about the No Fly List you ask? If you’re thinking national security your dead wrong. It’s all about government intimidation and control over airline passengers.

The TSA wants any and all resistance to their policies and procedures stopped cold. They created the list as a way to intimidate airline passengers from expressing their opinions for fear of winding up on that dreaded list.

The TSA has taken arbitrary power onto itself to deny anyone from entering commercial aircraft. You only learn of the TSA action as you begin the boarding process.

The TSA knows full well that anyone can file a court challenge once they learn they’ve been banned from flying. By keeping the list secret, no matter what they will inconvenience you and cost you money before you can get help from our courts.

The TSA punishes whoever they please without any Due Process. Provided you present no threat to the public the TSA will be ordered by the courts to remove your name from the list. There has never been a court action against the TSA defeated with respect to their list.

If the TSA No Fly List was a public record as it should be we could check our names and get any confusion cleared up before we fly. The TSA hates that idea entirely.

The real truth is that there has never been a terrorist stopped from flying inside the United States because of the existence of the bogus No Fly List.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Love My Country but I’m So Ashamed of It…

Los Angeles, CA—I sadly watched the 9/11 memorial gatherings and watched politicians and their bureaucrats cashing in on some TV face-time. It’s downright disgusting to imagine we have become such a cowardly nation in the last few decades.

The holster you see above for those that don’t know, it is the required Federal Flight Deck Officer’s holster adopted by the TSA. If it looks useless, you’re right it is. That holster represents a symbol of the new America to me.

I somehow thought after 9/11 we were going to be strong and united in our resolve to protect the freedom that has made America the envy of the world. I expected that we’d go and simply bomb Afghanistan back into the stone-age rendering them harmless while setting an example for the entire Muslim world.

Instead we took the fools-way out by surrendering our liberty and we have created a new and even more powerful government in Afghanistan. We did this with the members of a hateful and bankrupt culture that unilaterally rejects everything Western. We are also doing this in Iraq and now Libya. They will be soon using our own weapons we’ve foolishly provided them against us.

We began a Homeland Security program to rival the Gestapo and Stasi complete with an identical snitch policy. Instead of targeting the proven terrorist demographics, Homeland Security has shifted its focus to Conservative White, middle-aged males that don’t support the current Whitehouse Administration.

My fellow Americans dutifully line up for the human underclass hired by the TSA, just like frightened sheep. Half are unreasonably afraid of terrorists and the other half are too intimidated by the TSA to complain. Some Americans really believe we can’t be safe without first being made miserable and being excessively groped by the TSA swine. This is such a sad state of affairs.

We gave our politicians a blank check to our bank accounts to fight terrorism. Instead we got the absolute corruption that plunged a once healthy nation into bankruptcy.

We have embraced political correctness beyond the point of silliness. We have turned this nation into a pretty lousy place to live and raise children.

Yes, I will hang my head in shame until the brave, working men and woman seize America from the criminals, cowards, Communists and other evil agents that have taken control of our government.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Politics of This 9/11 Anniversary Have a Real Foul Odor

New York, NY—Every politician that can, does. They’re all mugging for the cameras and offering self-serving sound-bites to enhance their images. The ceremonies have little to do with the 3000 victims and their families. They have been lost in the sea of shameless politicians and their media flacks elbowing them aside for valuable TV face time and maximum political exposure.

I suspect that there maybe some ragtag Muslims around that want to throw a bomb or two. On the other hand legions of our creepy politicians love spreading the hype and reassuring us they’re doing all they can to keep us safe. Anyone who believes the politician driven terror related media hype is beyond help or hope.

This has been a week of pure political pandering on the grief along with real or imagined fears of Americans. This is all part of a larger propaganda effort to convince frighten Americans to forgo their liberty and freedom for the illusion of security.

Charles Darwin Suggests Choosing Life Over Your Company’s Anti-Gun Policy

Benton Harbor, MI—A Walgreen’s pharmacist is unemployed but alive today because he had the good sense to place the value of his own life above company policy. The pharmacist used his gun to protect him, and other store employees by successful thwarting a nasty stick up. The man was fired because he exercised his rights to live and carry and handgun for self-defense. Walgreen’s policy forbids carrying guns or resisting armed criminals.

The sad aspect of the human race is, contrary to those feel good philosophical statements made by some of our more famous leaders; we are certainly not created equal. Some humans have defective DNA and lack basic humanity and respect for life. Others simply lack ordinary intelligence and cannot appreciate the consequences of their behavior.

The reality is that murder in the workplace will exist because the savage predators in our society have uncontrollable urges to victimize others. What should be a simple, get the money and run stick-up often turns into horrible kidnappings, sexual assaults and senseless murders. We cannot predict what will happen but we know intelligent resistance will give you a fighting chance to survive these frightening encounters.

Then there are those employers like 7-11’s Southland Corporation and Walgreen’s that enable and actually invite dangerous criminals with well publicized policies that forbid resistance to the demands of robbers.

Rather than to hire armed security personnel most corporations rely on passive measures like security cameras to discourage the robberies and mayhem. We all know those cameras don’t discourage violent crime because we’ve all seen so many amazing videos that dramatically show brazen armed savages killing innocent victims. The cameras don’t arrest anyone and they don’t provide police with the names and addresses of those caught on tape committing crimes.

In the end, this all boils down to survival of the fittest. If you place irrational, un-constitutional gun laws and or company policy above your own instinct for survival you’re simply not fit to live!

Our creator gave us the gifts of fear, and the ability to make or otherwise obtain tools for survival. We were also given the instinct to survive. Whoever writes laws and or company policies are in no way superior to our creator.

I’m proud to say that I was a gun-rights advocate since my early high school years. I’m also alive today because some 24 years ago because I had the sense to ignore such an anti-survival and lawless government policy.

As a licensed PI, I also serve court process. Serving process in Arizona requires registration by the court and they had a prohibition against carrying guns for self-defense. The policy was neither enabled by law or a court order, but rather drafted at the insistence of the former Maricopa County Superior Court Presiding Judge, Robert C. Broomfield.

I sued the court for violation of my civil rights through the egregious policy and within a month a drunken, white-collar criminal tried to kill me as I was returning to my car after serving eviction papers.

My assailant pistol-whipped me in the darkness with a .45 Colt Gold Cup pistol cutting my scalp open wide. I drew my little five-shot S&W Body guard revolver (pictured above) and pumped five rounds into him after he refused to drop his weapon and pointed it at me. Thankfully I survived that unthinkable horrible nightmare.

Soon the gun prohibition matter found its way to the Arizona Supreme Court and now registered process servers can carry all the guns they wish.

Only you can evaluate your risks on the job. In the end it will be your personal choice whether to ignore company policy by discreetly packing a suitable defense weapon. No job, especially a somewhat risky one is worth more than your life. It’s far better you collect unemployment than to put you loved ones into mourning because you chose company policy over them.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

An Airliner Hijacking With a Different Ending.

Los Angeles, CA--As we relive the horror of 9/11 and deal with the tenth anniversary of the murder of some 3,000 Americans we have to think about handing these threats in the future. I will tell you a long forgotten story that had a much different ending.

The only hijacker ever shot on an U.S. airliner, was on September 15, 1970 on board a TWA, Boeing 707 jet. The flight left Chicago for San Francisco, but gunman Don Irwin, 27, seized the plane just after an L.A. stopover. Irwin threatened flight attendants in the aft galley with his gun demanding the plane head to North Korea.

This particular plane was in no way equipped or even able to make such a journey. This hijacker was not quite as clever as he thought.

The pilot J.K. Gilman was informed of the hijacking and was aware that Robert Denisco, a Brinks guard was sitting in First Class wearing plain clothes. Capt. Gilman quickly used the telephone to ask a First Class fight attendant to tell Denisco what was going on and to, “tell him I said to go back and shoot that Bastard!”

I tracked down and interviewed Denisco, a Viet Nam combat veteran who was now living in Chicago just after the 9/11 attacks for ABC World News Tonight. Denisco’s saga was absolutely amazing to hear.

Denisco like everyone was horrified by the events and had a lot to say about the inability they had to deal with the attack. My interview with Denisco lasted well over an hour.

Denisco took the captain’s request seriously springing into action. He kept changing his seat slowly moving in the direction of the aft Galley. Stopping whenever he found an empty seat he look back and move a few more rows until he was right at the Galley. The gunman never noticed the Brink’s guard.

Denisco was thinking quickly and felt that he needed maximum cooperation from the passengers and flight attendants. So rather than to just jump up with his service revolver he did so yelling at the gunman, “Police Officer, drop your weapon!” Of course he was not a cop but under the dire circumstances who’d care.

The gunman suddenly spun pointing his gun in the direction of Denisco and the guard fired a single shot striking Irwin in the abdomen. Denisco quickly seized Irwin’s gun and the plane was able to make a safe landing. Through modern emergency medicine the hijacker survived the shooting despite being critically wounded..

The follow up to this story should have inspired a motion picture but that never happened.

The FAA immediately began construction of the first Air Marshall program. When they sought a person to lead this new agency they offered the job to the shy Brinks guard. Things were suddenly really going well for Denisco and Brinks did not want to lose their hero. Day’s earlier they brought him to O’Hare airport to a meeting or perhaps more of a gathering of various officials.

They brought Denisco to the podium where they had a speakerphone and took a call for him. It was President Richard Nixon calling and he wanted to talk to the hero!

Brinks loaned Denisco to the FAA for several years where he related his experience to trainee air marshals.

Things took a curious turn at the FAA. They decided that people like Denisco could no longer be trusted with firearms on airliners! They promulgated regulations that disarmed even sworn and trained cops! Pilots were disarmed and as expected only the hijackers and federal officers would carry firearms in the future.

Later the anti-gun zealots during the Clinton Administration were looking for any new ways possible to take American’s gun rights away. They started with anyone ever convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. Then they extended the lifetime gun ban for anyone convicted of childhood delinquent acts that constituted a felony.

This time they seized the gun possession rights of none other than the retired heroic Brinks guard because of a joyriding episode he was involved with a lifetime earlier. That deed put him in front of a strict Juvenile Court Judge.

Today our government has not made us even a littler safer. They have only had great success in waging a war of degradation, humiliation and tyranny on American travelers.

The TSA has not stopped a single terrorist event despite spending hundreds of billions. There were some attempts made by a shoe bomber and more recently the panty bomber. Those terrorist efforts were halted by ordinary citizens, not TSA or law enforcement officials.

What have we learned since 9/11, you ask? Not much.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Jobs and Tax Tyranny Don’t Mix--We Must Choose Our Sides and Fight.

Washington, DC—I don’t know for sure what Barack Obama was thinking when he and his Socialist pals in Congress, bailed out very crooked bank, Wall Street firm and failed auto maker they could. Who knows who these clowns thought would pay for their new reckless runaway spending orgy?

After their destructive tactics we have no economic growth, no jobs, and a bankrupt nation with no hope.

So many American businesses saw the handwriting on the wall and fled Tax Tyranny that was getting more extortionate by the second.

Some so-called Americans want to find ways to force Americans to keep their businesses and jobs here. Historically tyranny creates refugees that are compelled to flee. This is exactly what’s happening.

America has become hostile and now threatens business instead of protecting its very life blood. The change to Socialism has always created refugees why should it be different here?

The American experiment of 1776 has run its course with the likes of illegal aliens, career Entitlement Zombies and the others that have invested nothing at all in this nation. When the freeloaders can out-vote the producers the producers can either flee or become slaves.

I don’t see a solution that ends without Civil War for America. History has already written this chapter so many horrible times before.

Some of the luckiest survivors in the world fled their nations before these things began to unfold.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Charging for Prison Visits Should be a Crime

Phoenix, AZ—There is a movement in the Legislature here to begin charging visitors $25.00 every time they visit an inmate. I call that cruel and unusual punishment and its downright stupid.

There is probably not a psychiatrist on the planet that would endorse this terrible idea. Cutting off inmates from the outside world and their families would make them even more dangerous than they are already.

Visitation is not a right but a privilege and is in and of itself a behavior management tool. Inmates that want to receive visits have no choice but to behave. Taking this management tool away will cost lives in the long run. Immediately this bureaucratic brain-fart will create more fiscal problems than it will solve.

Prison officials complain that they must conduct expensive background investigations on visitors for security reasons. They claim they are looking for a way to reduce costs. I can help them in this area a lot by suggesting they take advantage of new technology that would eliminate and reduce their costs significantly. is a free telecommunication site that allows even international video calls to be made for free. Sometimes just the distance that the prisons are from civilization is a real hardship on prisoner's loved ones. would actually increase visits without requiring all of that labor-intensive screening, frisking and visitor crowd control.

Either the inmate is brought to a simple Ipad or the Ipad is brought to the inmate. The video call is made and they can visit as long as the prison will allow. Of course the prisons will want to take steps to insure the Ipads are not used for nefarious purposes. That’s easy to monitor. Additionally the audio from the visits can be collected and stored for prison investigative purposes.

I know of at least one inmate whose mother has to spend a significant amount of money to visit her inmate/child because she lives in Germany. Now that’s a hardship. calls are free.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that it still costs money for the prisons to maintain the equipment. Charging the prison visitor a small fee under $7.00 would prove to be much cheaper for prisoner’s families than paying current transportation cots with the high price of fuel these days.

The idea of punitive punishment for prison inmates will always be popular no matter how poorly these things are thought out.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Malaise and Depression is Hitting Obama Like a Brick in the Head

Washington, DC—He promised Hope and Change. Things have changed, but for the worse and his amateur Marxist methods have made things virtually hopeless.

Under Barack Obama we have more, not less war, a secret rather than transparent government and a full-scale Whitehouse war on our wallets and Liberty.

The hated Patriot Act has been expanded not reduced and the Obama Administration TSA thugs have been allowed to run wild. His Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano has not so quietly adopted many of the frightening methods used by the Stazi and Gestapo.

What began as a covert operation to supply a massive amount of guns to known Mexican and Central American criminals was exposed by whistle-blowing BATFE agents. Those agents became horrified when two American federal agents were murdered with those same guns. The body count related to Operation Gunwalker and Fast and Furious is still being tallied.

The motivation for the shocking criminality by the Whitehouse was to create a crisis of violence that would demonize American gun rights through a propaganda campaign. Obama has long favored amending our Bill of Rights, by signing a UN Civilian Gun Ban Treaty.

Obama actually told his friends at the Brady Violence Center he was working behind the scenes to facilitate gun bans. The Brady people were so giddy with excitement they spilled the beans about Obama’s stealth approach to gun control.

When anyone knowingly supplies a deadly weapon to a criminal and it’s used in a crime the person furnishing the weapon is always prosecuted for that crime whether it’s armed robbery or murder. Any day a special prosecutor will have to deal with that investigation and prosecution.

Local prosecutors in Arizona are certainly not precluded from presenting the facts to a Grand Jury and obtaining Indictments.

Obama’s worst political nightmare was well chronicled by Dr. Charles Krauthammer who said, “Obama Is President Zero - Zero Economic Expansion, Zero Jobs and Zero Ideas.”

I seriously doubt that Obama will be allowed to even finish his first term. Obama has proven to be a ruthless great divider. Obama’s lawlessness is about to finish his tortured presidency.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Approaching the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 and All We’ve Accomplished was the Surrendering of Our Liberty…

We were already a Nation of Cowards and too frightened to allow passage into our government buildings, airports without suspending our Constitutional rights. Instead we search each other like criminals. We didn’t trust the pilots that we count upon to safely transport us with firearms to combat airplane hijackings.

Had we allowed the pilots their right as citizens to carry a gun or for that matter those disarmed sworn police officers that were passengers on two of the four planes 9/11 would have been just another day.

The TSA program and other “safeguards” will never work to prevent mass murder and mayhem committed by terrorists. The government’s “fix” has been intrusive, humiliating, and un-American. Despite massive and lavish efforts they have yet to stop a single terrorist event.

The massive amount of cash we must hand over to support these liberty stealing security programs has gone straight down the toilet along with our privacy and freedom.

None the less most Americans feel so good after an exhaustive groping by some unemployable slug working for the TSA. Anyone that thinks the TSA program can have any effect at all on terrorism is nothing less than a complete fool.

Terrorists by their nature seek heavily populated, soft targets. They simply sneak in killing and destroying during surprise attacks. Even if you could protect one or more venues terrorists will always find another one to inflict their horror.

Somehow Americans seem to think that terrorists need sophisticated or exotic weapons that are difficult to obtain. Gasoline and explosive fertilizer are cheap, virtually impossible to regulate and incredibly deadly.

Attacking a crowded shopping mall, convention center or tourist magnet is hardly a difficult challenge. No amount or searching, snitch programs or government efforts could stop a motivated terrorist.

On the other hand armed Americans with minimal training could better deal with terrorists as they commence an attack. Calling 911 and waiting for the “authorities” to act will bring help too little and too late.

The best example of government response to a terror attack was when two twisted teens attacked Columbine High School. Responding to numerous and desperate 911 calls the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department sent their officers to parade around the school with the jackboots and bucket helmets until every last victim bled to death. The cops finally entered the school only after the two whackjobs took their own lives.

Had there been even one minimally trained and armed teacher, janitor or cafeteria worker in the school, lives could have been saved.

We have learned nothing about combating terrorism and have let politicians steal massive amounts our cash, along with our precious and hard won liberty.

I can’t help but despise people who willingly line up like helpless sheep and submit to anything the government tells them. I can’t help but think of how it took only a handful of Nazi guards to coral a thousand concentration camp inmates into the gas chambers.

Even more disgusting was the reality that other camp inmates would knowingly assist the Nazis commit mass murder rather than to fight for their own lives.

It’s really very simple once you study history enough to know that the greatest mass murderers on earth are always governments. Sooner or later every government in history turns on their own people.

The only way to insure survival is to ferociously resist any government attempt to take any liberty for any reason. The moment right to keep and bear arms, is suspended or eliminated you soon can expect to be on the receiving end of government terror.

Friday, September 02, 2011

There’s A New Kind of Television News. RIGHT THIS MINUTE Begins September 12

Phoenix, AZ—Television news has not changed much since it was pioneered by Edward R. Murrow in the 1950’s. It’s done now in color and with more video but little else has evolved. Today we are well into the information age however, things are finally changing as evidenced by at least one new show called, RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

The best brains I know in TV news have quietly put together their team that will explode RTM on the screens in more than 40 Cox, Scripps and Raycom stations from coast to coast.

This will be an exciting mix of social media, citizen journalists with only a dash of traditional reporting. They will bring you the latest news with stunning video from around the world in a daily one hour show.

News, entertainment happenings and those important events that change our lives will not escape RTM’s coverage. This show will change the way news is delivered.

I have had the pleasure to work with some of the incredibly talented people that are behind the curtain creating this groundbreaking project and I’m personally very excited for them. Magic Dust Television of Phoenix is out in front on this one.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Official Crimefile review of, THE DEBT

Los Angeles, CA—I refuse to write reviews about films that stink. I've seen far too many stinkers over the last several years. Today, I have a winner for you.

I don’t recall a bad film with Helen Miren or Tom Wilkenson. They are great actors that somehow cast in better films. The Debt is right there on top!

This is a terrific script brought to life by a superb ensemble cast. It’s a period piece that begins in 1966. This is ripped from the story or the infamous physician from Hell, Dr. Josef Mengele known as the Angel of Death (German: Todesengel). Mengele was a German SS officer and a physician inflicting horror at the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In reality the fugitive Nazi was nearly captured a few times but always slipped away. Mengele died on February 7, 1979, in Bertioga, Brazil, where he accidentally drowned or possibly suffered a stroke while swimming in the Atlantic.

This film is loosely based on a fantasy Israeli Mossad Aldolph Eichman style kidnapping operation that takes place in East Berlin in 1966. It fast forwards to 1997 as we watch the young virile agents find themselves middle-aged.

The story is thrilling and deeply explores those thoughts we all have about going back in time and undoing past mistakes. Of course you can’t go back but can you sometimes repair things later in life? The thought process of the writers is amazing as they bounced back and forth through time. The film sports a dual cast playing the young and now aged characters.

The Nazi fugitive is masterfully played by Jesper Christensen. Oh what I’d give to have his acting chops!

There are five phenomenal writers attached to this film, Matthew Vaughn, Jane Goldman, Peter Straughan, Assaf Bernstein and Ido Rosenblum.

I say spend the bucks and enjoy yourself!