Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Cub Reporter Is Beyond Cute

Broadcaster, Damon Weaver is only ten years-old. He has a simple request to interview President-elect Barack Obama. They had the gaul to turn down his request for press credentials!

Of course I’d like to interview Barack Obama too. I know Obama would not like me or my questions for him.

Bolshevik politics aside this cub reporter is not working on a hit piece like I would and I don’t think Obama has a choice in the matter now.

This video should make you smile.

For more on Damon read this!

Facing the New Year.

We are entering what may be the bleakest year in many decades. Jobs are evaporating along with income to keep the economy moving.

No experts have brought out some sure fire fix to reverse what’s happening. That is a really bad sign.

Our weak economy is sure to invite aggression from the enemies of freedom and liberty including those within our own government. I don’t expect real relief. We may see a period of political unrest and crime that our government is unable to control. These are the same kinds of problems that may enable someone like Germany’s Adolf Hitler to take total control of our lives.

Americans have had it soft and easy for a very long time. Most are just not prepared to deal with what may be ahead. The sight of millions of Americans dealing with food shortages, panic, and disruption in the flow of pensions and those routine government benefits will be horrific to say the least.

The normal evolution of all government in history takes them trough phases with serious population control. With history as a reliable teacher we are all in trouble. Be ready to protect yourselves, family and friends.

To my visitors I wish you all a safe, healthy and Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Somebody Give Me A Reason To Buy An America Car…

Los Angeles, CA—I’m trying to decide on a new car. I’m looking at Toyota and Volkswagen.

I’m afraid that if there is any bankruptcy of the manufacture of my car the service warranty would become trash. Also I don’t want to do business with a nationalized carmaker. That’s even more un-American than buying a foreign car.

I guess I will be ultimately influenced by a real bargain price. All things being equal the Japs will get my cash.

Blago Will Fill Senate Seat And They Can’t Stop Him!

Springfield, IL—I was wondering just when this would happen. Rod Blagojevich is still the governor and his power has not been interrupted so he will do exactly what the law allows.

The surprise is he is appointing a somewhat Conservative, old guard Chicago Democrat to the seat. The lucky winner is former state Comptroller and Attorney General, Roland Burris.

My own experience with Burris is that he has class and comes from the George W. Dunne, Richard J. Daley side of the party instead of the ultra Left Wing. Burris is however a reliable team player who has avoided scandal. For a Democrat he’s not a bad choice.

Blagojevich is having too much fun thumbing his nose at Barack Obama’s people and the US Attorney. I’m convinced this appointment is unstoppable. The downside for Burris is he may suffer the Blagojevich taint in the long run.

Currently Burris is on the roster of the Chicago law firm, Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP.

Of course if Illinois held an Election right now a Republican would win that seat.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My wife, Fiancé Is Missing Or Murdered

Los Angeles, CA—That happens a lot in a country of 300 million people. Of course police are going to zero in on me as a suspect just because that’s where these investigations always begin and too often end. You see we only kill the ones we love.

The police do their job investigating. Soon the media responds and they just love these stories. The legions of busybody crime buffs are glued to their TV sets as they transfer all of their failed relationships and emotional baggage into wild theories and excitement.

The first public reactions are showcased in comments that are usually connected to the visible reaction of the male side of this couple. No matter what these hapless potential suspects do the armchair detectives will characterize it as cold, unfeeling and suspicious. They never once forgive a fellow who does not want to share emotions in public. Don’t let the guy get caught on camera with a smile during a light hearted moment or a lynch mob will show up at his door.

Our police and justice system can work just fine without the interference and emotional response from the handwringing morons. They seem so worried about the celebrity victim of the week

The media has simply found a perceived need and filled it. There is a never ending supply of lowbrow slugs with way too much time on their hands that live for that garbage. Do they even have money to buy what the advertisers are selling? Somehow I don’t think so.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

There Will Be No Impeachment Over Blogogate.

Springfield, IL—The Barack Obama Whitewash is in full swing and US Attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald is currently in the Tank for the President-elect. My sources in Chicago claim Fitzgerald is now looking out for Obama’s interests. The deal has already been made.

Now Fitzgerald has made quite a mess and before it’s all over whistleblowers within his own office may spill the beans. The only way out is for a real sweetheart deal where Governor Rod Blagojevich, shuts up, resigns and escapes prison. No hearings, no trials and no risk of exposing Obama or his minions to sunshine.

The lawyers for Tony Rezko are also in on this deal making that’s not about cooperating with testimony but silence.

Defense lawyer Ed Genson already knows that Fitzgerald does not want the information Blagojevich can provide about major corruption that extends straight to Obama and several members of his team. The goal is to discredit and silence Blagojevich while getting him out of the way.

Illinois cannot impeach anyone without affording them Due Process under our Fifth Amendment. That means Blagojevich has the absolute right to subpoena witnesses, the right to confront and cross-examine accusers. Blagojevich also has the right to all related e-mails; phone records reports prior to any hearing. Despite posturing to the contrary they know that.

Nobody goes to jail and they all will live happily ever after…

Bad Santa Mass Murder Case Has A Familiar Ring

Click on poster to enlarge it.

Scottsdale, AZ—It was in April of 2001 there was another strange case of domestic Arson/Murder involving a fireman with a pristine background. That suspect, Robert Fisher is still on the run today.

Had the Bad Santa killer, Bruce Jeffrey Pardo not been seriously burned he too may have been on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List.

Like Pardo nobody expected Fisher to engage in such serious mayhem.

KPNX-TV asked me how difficult for someone like Robert Fisher to hide in plain sight and this is what I told them…

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bad Santa’s Flame Thrower Is Simple To Make.

Here is our Bad Santa’s flame thrower recovered by Covina, CA police.

Covina, CA—When Bruce Jeffrey Pardo went after his ex-wife and her family dressed as Santa Claus he had a homemade flame thrower. Pardo used racing fuel that is much more volatile than gasoline. The Internet is full of videos put up by kids fooling around with these devices that make ordinary firearms seem lame.

You don't need to undergo a background check to get what you need to incinerate your own neighborhood.

These devices can cremate you and your entire family within seconds without the sound of gunshots. They can be assembled with simple items you can buy at your Home Depot. How will the gun Control lobby deal with these?
Homemade Flamethrower using Weed Killer Sprayer

Why I don’t Trust US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald

Chicago, IL—What Patrick Fitzgerald has is golden, a way to implicate or clear Barack Obama of wrongdoing. Fitzgerald can name his own price for results favorable to Obama. Prosecutors sell out all the time and get away with it since prosecutors never indict other prosecutors.

Fitzgerald has already asked the Illinois Legislature not to issue subpoenas for the highest members of Obama’s team involved in Blagogate. The Democrats running the House Impeachment Committee of the Legislature called for impeachment while forgetting due process details that would potentially destroy their darling President-elect.

They are all desperate now to avoid that at all cost. You can’t impeach anyone with affording then due process so impeachment is going to be off the table at least for now.

Demanding Subpoenas was the right move by lawyer Ed Genson. His plan has seemed to have worked. Right now they are all in a stalemate.

Fitzgerald made it too easy for the controlling Democrats by saying subpoenas would hurt his investigation. I say that’s hogwash. The damage would come as the Obama staffers all declined to testify citing the Fifth Amendment. That would create an instant Constitutional crisis for Barack Obama and this country.

We need to deal with this mess and if it brings down a budding Whitehouse criminal conspiracy, so be it.

What Fitzgerald needs to win the golden parachute of his life is a surgical strike that only takes down Rod Blagojevich and any other troublesome Democrats while making a saint out of Obama.

The real problem will be Rod Blagojevich himself who won’t stand to be a patsy and simply fall on his sword. I place Blagojevich at the very top of the Dead Pool if he continues to refuse to cooperate.

If this investigation somehow continues without shenanigans Obama is sure to be incriminated for the business as usual of Chicago’s criminal Democratic Organization.

If on the other hand Fitzgerald is on the Square and takes down this entire criminal cabal he could be elected President himself.

I Lost Yet Another Remarkable Friend…

Paradise Valley, AZ—When I wanted to audition for my first acting role in the play, One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest for A Scottsdale theater I could not find a copy of the script anywhere. I just didn’t know where to look. Frustrated, I decided to try and find the author. I am, after all a private investigator.

The author of that great play was a man named Dale Wasserman. I was happy because with such an uncommon name he’d be easier to find than his script. I fully expected to find him in Los Angeles or New York. I was shocked to find him living only a few miles from my Phoenix home. I quickly obtained his unlisted telephone number and called him.

Dale turned out to be a delightful fellow who understood my difficulty and invited me over to pick up an extra copy of his script. Wow!

When I arrived Dale invited me into his large home office decorated in, “Man of LaMancha” motif. Yes, he wrote that huge international hit play too. Dale handed me a copy of the play and I could not resist asking him to autograph it for me. Dale suggested I read for Bromden, the Native American role.

I took the script home, studied it and came to the audition and read for it. I did not get the part. I did however get picked for the role of Dr. Spivey the psychiatrist. I went on to be in that play that sold out every night and was twice extended. I was hooked on acting.

Soon I was in Man of LaMancha too as a muleteer. After that, came more roles and membership in the, Screen Actor’s Guild, and later AFTRA. I have still paid more in dues than I ever made as an actor.

Dale later called me for a small business problem over some property he owned and I helped him in kind.

Dale offered to read the first script I wrote and then helped me by completely trashing it. He urged me to continue writing and confided in me that the royalty checks for his works have never stopped coming to his mailbox. His writing skills served him well. He put me in the right direction and you cannot buy that kind of help.

We became friends. Soon he invited me to audition for his play, A Walk In The Sky. How could I refuse? I went, I auditioned and was promptly rejected for that singing role.

I did however find a rare vintage photo of Dale’s friend, actor, Kirk Douglass, put it in a frame and gave it to Dale as a small present. Douglass was standing in front of the Broadway marquee where Cuckoo’s Nest was playing. Dale directed Douglass who created the role as the first R.P. McMurphy in the play. Douglass bought the rights and his son Michael produced the wildly successful movie that starred Jack Nicholson. Dale loved the present as he laughed and complained about Douglass being such a hard bargainer.

Dale had several Tony Awards in his home on display and chucked that they all came by UPS since he did not do Award shows. I think he enjoyed being a no show where others, more notable than him had to accept the awards on his behalf. Dale pulled that stunt nine times!

Dale told me he was a train hopping hobo as a youth. He never finished high school, came to Los Angeles started as a lighting assistant and wound up writing 100 or so published works. His first major film script was, The Vikings that starred Kirk Douglass, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Dale was a mentor who taught me about the craft of screen writing. Without Dale’s influence there would be no script for Come Friday, written by me to tell the great story of Chicago policewoman Ann Leybourne.

It was congestive heart failure that took this giant of a man who was 94 years-old. Wasserman is survived by Martha Nelly Garza, his wife of 30 years.

See video of Dale in his home office here.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Retail Business Tank While On Line Sales Soar

Los Angeles, CA—America’s retail establishments are in deep trouble. I can understand why in places like Chicago and Los Angeles that insist on taxing retail customers to death. sales have soared to the best year ever with a 17% boost in 2008. It’s really simple the local jurisdictions need to end their extortion that the public can’t afford.

Lowering sales taxes encourages more not less sales. Chicago has done their best to run every business out of town. Simple math says you can tax at a rate of 100% but 100% of nothing is nothing. Local jurisdictions need to compete because people can drive to places with lower tax rates or shop on line.

Taxation is out of control in America along with wasteful government spending. Productivity must be rewarded and not punished or we won’t have anything to produce. Fewer goods are made and sold causes our jobs to hemorrhage. The answer by our government is still more extortion.

Parking a car in Chicago costs more than some people pay to rent apartments. How is that good for any business? Please tell me who is dumb enough to want to shop or work in a city with no place to park? Who wants to run a business where they, their customers and workers can’t afford to park?

Chicago’s politicians demand tax money for unneeded public works projects to generate pay to play extortion. This vicious cycle needs to end. Since they won’t end pay to play perhaps it’s time to stop paying extortionists. Maybe we should simply kill them instead? Otherwise it will only get worse.

Electing a politician does not grant him or government a license to tax citizens unreasonably. Perhaps politician's terms can be shortened with a hangman's noose. We have done that before and we can do that again.

Santa Maniac Questions remain

Covina, CA—The pristine background of the Santa Claus Killer now known as, 45-year-old Bruce Jeffrey Pardo provides no clue for his deadly commando assault on his ex-wife and her family.

Pardo was a well-educated engineer who regularly attended a Catholic church, lived in a nice home, had friends and a faithful dog. People who knew Pardo never saw a hint of the anger and desperation leading to the unleashed terror.

Pardo did not need to use his guns since his homemade racing fuel fed flame thrower quickly reduced the home he attacked and people inside to mere ashes. Police say that Pardo himself suffered third-degree burns from the back-blast. His Santa suit actually melted with his skin.

Divorce is difficult for anyone and being a Catholic carries addition problems because the church does not accept divorce. There was no fight over children but the wife got the dog in the settlement and that is no small loss.

Pardo did lose his job but was living the American dream and would soon find new employment.

This event is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This is beyond rare. I’ve seen lots of senseless violence but in the vast majority of cases there are signs and signals. When people hurt they complain and if the stress becomes too severe for them they act out in far less destructive ways.

We will have to wait for two things, a total drug screen and a psychiatric autopsy on Pardo. I wonder what if anything could be done that would have allowed this fellow to move on with his life and perhaps even find a new and more desirable wife then the one who left him? What cause a rational and successful man to this kind of ending?

We know so little about insanity and the actual culpability some killers. I believe that nobody deserved to be in this holocaust including Pardo himself.

New Years and Gunfire

Celebratory gunfire at New Years is a tradition worldwide. People fire guns into the air simply to make noise. Is this dangerous? It could be. This can be a big problem when the shooters are also drinkers. Accidents can always happen around loaded guns, cars, boats trains, airplanes and alcohol increases that possibility.

The danger to people outside if the immediate vicinity is way overrated. If the gun is discharged in a steep angle to the ground the bullet falls to earth at terminal velocity and that speed is determined by weight. Unless that fired bullet lands on a crowd hitting a person is incredible rare. If the bullet hits someone at terminal velocity the likelihood of injury is small.

Shooting into the air is stupid, wasteful and frightens people. To say its bad for gun owner’s public relations for is an understatement. The discharge a gun around people who are without ear protection could permanently damage hearing. Why do that to your friends and family?

Laws have been passed in nearly every city of any size prohibit this activity. Don’t do this and discourage your friends from this activity. There are still plenty of places were shooting is reasonable and expected.

This kind of behavior is acceptable only by ignorant jerks. The most dangerous flying object on New Year’s should be a Champaign cork.

K-9 Kriminal’s Kaper Kaught On Kamera!

Murray, UT--Surveillance cameras never sleep! When a larcenous mutt hungered for a John Wayne sized rawhide chew he knew just where to go. He slipped into his local supermarket went directly to the correct isle and stole what he wanted.

An alert store manager tried to stop the Krooked K-9 during his daring escape but did not want to lose a pinky or two in the process. I think this k-9 Kaper will hit America’s Most Wanted with a big reward.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Crimefile’s Official Review of Valkyrie

Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA—Being a history buff and having a special bond with Germany and its people seeing this film was mandatory for me. After serving as an Army medical corpsman(1968-1970)in Germany, I nearly stayed there to live. I should at least obtained employment with a government or company that would have given me equal time on both sides of the Atlantic.

I also have a special bond of sorts with actor and Valkyrie star, Tom Cruise. His “mother”, Janet Caroll, from the Film, Risky Business is my friend. Janet’s father was a Chicago Police officer and district secretary. She also has several police bosses in her immediate family. Janet was successfully acting and singing in both Los Angeles and New York. Janet has recently returned to Los Angeles where she has made a second life for herself as an ordained minister helping others.

Operation Walküre was a German government plan for martial law in event of a breakdown of law and order or revolt during World War Two. It was even approved by Adolph Hitler but I don’t think he had it in mind being used as a tool during a Coup d’état against his dictatorship.

The name, Die Walküre comes from that great Richard Wagner opera. The last time I remember that music being used in a movie was in Francis Ford Coppola’s Viet Nam War epic, Apocalypse Now for Colonel Kilgore’s (Robert Duval) Second Air Calvary helicopter assaults on the Viet Cong. Kilgore played Die Walküre over loud speakers as he and his troops chased VC gooks to frighten them while controlling their population.

The original word use was Norse. The Vikings called maidens who served their God, Odin as choosers of slain warriors, Valkyries, who were taken to reside in Valhalla

MGM publicists billed Valkyrie as a thriller. I’m not sure why since everyone who was not raised in a shoe knows the story. This was a drama and a very good one at that. The heart pounding moments were expertly detailed throughout this film.

This film was based on the most famous of the 15 plots to kill Adolf Hitler during his reign of power. It was bungled when, 37 year-old, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg who lost a a hand and two fingers from his remaining hand in combat could not assemble more than 50 percent of the explosives he brought to do the job. Hitler, while wounded continued in power for nearly a year before he was defeated and committed suicide.

Film critics, especially those working today hate war films. I did not expect they’d have much good to say about this MGM masterpiece. They are all too young and way too Gay to appreciate a good war story.

The costumes and props were incredibly accurate for the period. As for the acting I saw no weak players in this ensemble cast or anything to detract from the story. If there is a downside of this film is that there are no surprises since this attempted assassination and Coup d’état after all was and is well-documented history.

Tom Cruise has come a long way since, Risky Business. I will see this film moer than once and so should you.

Visit the official site

More about Janet Caroll.

The Guns of Valkyrie:
There are a lot of my readers with questions about the guns used in this film. As for the small arms represented was the Walther PPK pistol War issue in the popular (at the time) .32 caliber cartridge. That gun was issued to party bosses and Generals. They’d have all been better off with Walther P-38s or the Luger in 9-MM.

The standard Mauser duty rifles of the Bundeswehr are everywhere in the film. There were a few MP-40 9MM machine pistols in the film too.

Blagogate Witness Subpoenas Sought

Springfield, IL—Lawyer Ed Genson is demanding subpoenas for witnesses as part of his impeachment defense on behalf of Governor Rod Blagojevich. Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Jessie Jackson, Jr. and Barack Obama . I don't think these folks are looking forward to answering Genson’s questions under oath anytime soon.

The conventional wisdom is that the Democratically controlled Illinois Legislature would bend over backwards protecting Obama and his minions. The problem is they can’t have their cake and eat it too, meaning they can’t impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich without affording him due process. Democrats may live to regret their rush to impeach the beleaguered governor.

Okay, I’m laughing at the dilemma and am pleased to report that Emanuel, Jarrett and Jackson have hired their own criminal lawyers. I can’t wait to see these impeachment witnesses taking the Fifth and refusing to testify.

Mermaid Captured and On Display at Sydney Aquarium & Wildlife World

Her name is Hanna and she is part of the aquatic wildlife at this aquarium down under at Sydney Australia. I can see lots of daddies with newfound interest in sea life taking their children to study nature with Hanna…

“Santa Claus” Murders Three, No Make That Eight, No, Now it's Nine, Wounds Two At A Christmas Party

Covina, CA.--Police say a man dressed as Santa Claus opened fire with a handgun at a Christmas Eve party. Three people were killed and two others including an 8 year-old girl were wounded by gunfire.

When police responded to the scene they found the home on fire. Firemen could not immediately respond because of reported gunfire. The bodies were found once the fire was extinguished.

Police believe that the attack came as a result of an ongoing domestic dispute. They are seeking a man they are calling a person of interest, 45-year-old Bruce Jeffrey Pardo. Police say Pardo is the estranged husband of a person who may have been at the party.

Update: 9:10 AM Covina police now say their person of interest Bruce Pardo has killed himself. Pardo's body was later found at the home of his brother near Slymar, CA.

Second update: Police are now saying "several more bodies" have been found in the burned out crime scene. I will update this with full details when available.

Third Update: The body count is at nine. Our Santa used a pressurized flame thrower on the victims. Read more here at KTLA.

Two Boys, 7 And 10 Critically Beaten, Man Arrested In Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ—Two little boys were found unconscious, and near death at a park located at 93rd Avenue and West Elwood Street. The boys, Jesse Ramirez, 7, and Edwin Pellecier, 10 were badly injured by what has been determined to be blunt force trauma. At this hour the the boys who are cousins are not expected to survive. The boys were discovered on Wednesday.

Police arrested 36 year-old, Joe Sauceda Gallegos a man with a history or erratic behavior. Gallegos was observed walking away from the scene with a baseball bat on surveillance video. Police are unsure of any motive for the attack on the two boys.

A subsequent search of Galegos’ home led to the seizure of a bloody T-shirt and an aluminum baseball bat.

This is video from the Maricopa County Superior Court bail bond hearing:

There is more on this story from KTVK-TV in Phoenix, AZ.

Update: 12/26/08 sadly both little boys died this morning. It's expected to see charges upgraded to two counts of murder against Joe Sauceda Gallegos.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

To my visitors:

I know we are in for some difficult times ahead. Somehow we wound up under the control of the worst possible politicians. Our economy is tanking and those of us still working for government are facing far less desirable working conditions.

I hope the New Year brings wisdom and sense to our elected leaders. We are all Americans that want safety, prosperity, good health and a reason to keep smiling. That will be our future if we stick together and fight for that.

We will never all agree on everything but in the end we have more in common than we disagree about.

Here is my favorite Christmas experience as a cop:

I could not top this Christmas story from so long ago when I was a young cop. I am republishing this because it’s really special to me and I hope everyone else that reads it.

I remember working every Christmas of my life when I was a cop. I never really minded that because it was always an easy day.

One such Christmas, We received a disturbance call and responded to a rat hole apartment building on Chicago's Roosevelt Road. We came in expecting trouble but found no disturbance. The problem was that the mom and dad of the house could not operate their brand new Polaroid camera.

The apartment was modest, but clean and tidy with fresh cake and cookies on the table. Our mom and dad were both unable to read the camera instruction book. There were five kids with their presents that needed to get their pictures taken next to their Christmas tree. That was a quick fix. Before we left we took pictures of the whole family all smiling and happy.

One thing more, there was a cross and the wall with a picture of Jesus Christ. In the middle of poverty there were some lucky children being raised by two parents that had some dignity and pride. That made my Christmas a little more enjoyable.

Crime, Guns and Video Tape wishes all our visitors a wonderful Holiday Season!

Obama Cleared Himself! Thank God It’s Over!

Chicago, IL—I was so worried that Barack Obama and his transition team might come back with a finding of impropriety or even criminal conduct in the Blagogate matter. Whew! They were able to clear themselves!

I guess Obama must think the whole world is as dumb as the dopes that voted for him. I wonder how many other crooked politicians would have gone away to Club Fed if they too were allowed to investigate themselves? Hell if Obama gets to investigate himself Governor Rod Blagojevich should being entrusted with the same ability to clear himself! Let’s play fair.

I can’t help but consider Obama’s self-serving-self-probing is anything less than laughable. Where are the telephone and e-mail records? Records? We don’t need no stinkin’ records!

Vote For Your Favorite Police Blog

Cyberspace News Flash—There is a poll out where you can vote for your favorite police related blog. I voted for myself a half million times but not one vote registered! Is the fix in?

Vote early, vote often!

Crime, Guns and Videotape is halfway down the list!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why Am I Not Surprised Obama Reneged

President-elect, Barack Obama promised us full disclosure on his and his transition team’s communications with embattled and accused Senate Seat Seller, Rod Blagojevich.

What we know now is that Obama reneged and full disclosure ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. No memos, phone or e-mail records will ever see daylight. This is hardly a great start for the, Administration of Change that has not even begun yet. Is this a sign of things to come?

Why am I expecting a cover up that would even make Richard Nixon roll over in his grave? The really bad news for Obama is the rats that surround rats can be counted on to eat each other. It’s only a matter of time…

An Actor’s Strike On The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Los Angeles, CA—As a long time member of the, Screen Actor’s Guild, I’m watching the movement toward an actor’s strike.

In Los Angeles acting is a tough game. Unless you are closely related to, sleeping with or have decapitated some Hollywood big shot's prize horse and put put that trophy in his bed your chances of making a decent living are really slim.

It’s the agents who control who does or does not work. For the unemployed or underemployed actors there are auditions with endless driving, waiting and all manner of roadblocks. For example you must pay for your own parking during auditions. Hundreds of actors are submitted to producers for nearly every single role.

I know may actors that are lucky to get five tiny parts in an entire year. For that they are compensated at $759.00 per day for speaking roles. The Internet and related new media threatens actors on any residuals. The Internet has no control and actor’s products are subject to perpetual play.

Yes there are a small percentage of actors that are multi-millionaires That’s not a reason to not pay the lesser exposed actors who after all make these films possible.

Actors I know are always one step-ahead of the bill collectors, landlords and starvation as they live hand to mouth. Too many of these SAG members are reduced to prostituting their services to non-union producers just to eat. Too many lives have been shattered on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams by poverty.

Even during these hard times I’m in favor of a strike. Entertainment always has done well even during the Great Depression. With a zero percent interest rate investing in movies seems less risky and handsome returns can still be made. To the producers I say Pay up or do without.

Santa’s Helpers Disable Red Light Cameras In Phoenix!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause!

Oak Park Illinois Latest Most Wanted Criminal

Oak Park, IL-This quiet, progressive and wealthy town was the location of an armed robbery. I can’t understand how that could happen since the Village of Oak Park politicians have done their best to make laws banning guns for simple self-defense.

As one man was putting gas in his car, two other men decided to try and rob him of his leather coat. Instead of handing over the coat the intended victim drew a gun and shot one of the robbers twice and quickly left the scene. Of course leaving the scene of the shooting is not a crime anywhere in America.

The wounded stick-up man had some very nasty but non-life threatening injuries. So far police have arrested nobody but a dragnet has been cast for the intended victim.

I just hope the lucky fellow who survived the robbery attempt is smart enough to remain absolutely silent and demand a lawyer if they ever catch up to him. Thankfully this fellow put his own life at a higher priority than blindly obeying unconstitutional Illinois gun laws.

The spirit of Paul Kersey lives in Oak Park! This is yet another bedtime story with a happy ending!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Certain Paid Sex Is Legal In America

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievence."

—The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

First let me say it’s a great country we live in. As difficult times approach new business opportunities may be rare. I have an idea suited for some to help bring home the bacon.

It’s really quite simple, making films and paying actors to engage in on-camera adult consensual sex acts is constitutionally protected activity.

For example a woman offered to produce either still pictures or video of herself and a willing partner that’s not a crime. Likewise that same woman would be allowed to sell or rent to you a camera for your very own Cecil B. DeMille, close-up encounters of the sticky kind.

Of course that camera with instruction may cost $500.00 for an hour film making session. The person renting or buying the camera would have full publishing rights to the images along with the actual camera or media used for the session.

May I suggest the new and inexpensive, high definition Flip Camera pictured above?

The only involvement for the government is to collect sales tax of the camera rental or sale and income tax. Otherwise this is just another film making venture. Also a proper statement must be filed that the actors were over the age of 18. I hope I have helped spark some new commerce.

Want To Make Money? Open A Gambling Casino In Your Town.

Anytown, USA—I don’t see what the problem is. Government allows certain types of betting in certain places. Native Americans have gotten filthy rich with casinos, why can’t I do the same?

It’s very simple some Americans are more equal than others. Equal protection under law is a total myth in America. The government’s refusal to grant me a license is a solid denial of equal protection under law. Someone please tell me why I’m wrong?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Our Politician’s Tax Stimulus Rebate Money—I just don’t get it…

Washington, DC—Those people we sent to Congress want to have the Treasury Department send out checks to taxpayers as a way to stimulate the economy.

I would expect thousands of checks will be obtained through criminal means. The government has to do the accounting, prepare and send checks and that in and of itself will cost millions.

My thoughts are that it makes more sense to suspend withholding tax from American’s paychecks. They could also suspend small businesses from sending in quarterly reports. That would stimulate the economy without including so much unneeded bureaucracy and additional cost.

Of course the downside is people who don’t work or pay tax won’t get the free money. Perhaps that’s incentive for the folks that don’t work to take a job, any job. I guess that’s not a downside after all.

I guess I don’t understand the teachings of Karl Marx and need to spend time in a government re-education camp.

Domestic Violence and The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

During a documentary interview the late TV journalist, Jessica Savage posed a question to author and police trainer, Massad F. Ayoob for a PBS Fronttline Piece:

Q. Should a man who beats his wife be allowed to have a gun?

A. A man that beats his wife should not be allowed to have a wife.

Washington, DC—That’s the very issue before the United States Supreme Court in, U.S. vs. Hayes.

Of course the, Lautenberg Amendment covers simple assaults of anyone who shares a dwelling with someone he has been convicted of assaulting. A person convicted of even to the most minor assault is barred from owning firearms for his or her entire life.

These types of crimes are never recorded by video surveillance cameras or observed by independent witnesses so far too many convictions here are flawed for two reasons. People lie and courts too often error on the side of conviction because the popular conception is conviction with probation or other punishment will prevent a second such accusation therefore the peace will be kept.

The major flaw is anyone convicted of even an inconsequential domestic assault is branded for life even though the so called victim never even wanted a prosecution in the first place. Our modern domestic violence laws don’t allow the person determined by police to be the victim to withdraw from the prosecution of the accused.

If the assault was serious enough where any injury requires medical attention felony charges along with that standard prohibition against gun ownership has been the law for many decades.

The Lautenberg Amendment was merely a tool used by the confirmed gun-rights hating author to bar thousands of non-dangerous Americans from their Constitutional right to possess firearms.

Guns in domestic violence matters are nearly meaningless because the offenders are physically capable of killing or severely injuring their victim with mere hands and feet. Of course every household holds every manner of deadly instruments from kitchen knives to fireplace pokers. That being said not having a firearm has absolutely no impact on domestic murder.

We will soon have an answer from our nation’s highest court on the sheer folly of the Lautenberg Amendment.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Sobering Story for Everyone

From a reader:

For those Americans that think things are tough right now with our failing economy your troubles are less than they could be. That and the fears of the horrible onset of Socialism replacing our freedom and liberty with wealth redistribution and collective rights will be overshadowed by this little heartbreaker...

Here’s an Important Blago-Gram Flash Message!

Chicago, IL—Here is an important Blago-Gram Flash Message for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich!

Should We Allow The Dropping Of Criminal Charges With A Civil Settlement?

Los Angeles, CA—In the worst case scenario pop legend Michael Jackson paid off a child he molested for $21 million dollars. That caused outraged prosecutors to demand and get a law change preventing that type of settlement making it a crime like in most other jurisdictions.

Were prosecutors outraged because they felt that settlement did not serve justice or was it that thousands of prosecutions would end and endanger their job security?

The upside is a molested child has his future secure and won’t suffer from need of treatment for his ordeal. I have seen many victims driven to collect government welfare after crimes. That need not happen.

There are many thousands of criminal cases that could be settled through offenders paying victims for their injuries and other damages. For most this is the only chance they will ever have of being compensated for their victimization. If the victim agrees why should anyone care?

The benefit is that taxpayers need not pay for criminal trials, incarceration and medical care for offenders that have paid debts to the people they’ve hurt. As long as the offenders pay, what’s the problem? Of course the victim’s must agree and when they are silenced by murder this kind of settlement could never apply.

In tough economic times can we really afford unnecessary spending? Would this not not speed up the recovery of victims traumatised by crime?

New Trial Ordered In High Profile Las Vegas Murder

Las Vegas, NV--In 2001 Margaret Rudin, now 65 was put on trial for the murder of her 64 year-old husband Ron Rudin. Police say Rudin was shot to death in his sleep and his body dumped near Nelson's Landing at Lake Mojave in southern Nevada.

Margaret Rudin was vilified by her wealthy husband’s family. They may have been motivated by greed in their quest to get the widow prosecuted and away from inheriting any portion of either the martial property or his estate worth $11 million.

Prosecutors overwhelmed the defense by turning over some 60 file boxes of discovery material to use in trial preparation. The problem is the trial court refused the defense sufficient time to read or investigate the material. Rudin’s defense lawyers, Michael Amador, Tom Pitaro and John Momot were handicapped and could not give their client a sufficient defense under the trial courts time restrictions.

Rudin’s lead lawyer, Michael Amador was criticized for sloppy legal work and making deals with various publishers for family photographs and book rights.

Important witnesses that should have been but were never called by the defense because their names were buried somewhere inside the 60 boxes of discovery material.

At least one original trial juror later said that although she felt Rudin was innocent the other jurors coerced her into going along with a Guilty Verdict.

Rudin languished in prison until her appeal finally found its way into the federal courts. There District Court Judge Sally Loehrer ordered a new trial.

The trial became sensational since Margaret Rudin was in her fifth marriage and was labeled as the Black Widow. Rudin fled Las Vegas after the killing and was profiled on America’s Most Wanted. There was some evidence that Margaret Rudin had an affair with an Israeli man at the time of the murder.

Somehow I don’t think prosecutors will succeed in a second trial. Perhaps it’s time for a plea agreement in exchange for time served. That would save taxpayers a whole lot of money.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Rush To Judgment Has Hit A Big Snag In The Caylee Anthony Case

Orlando, FL—It turns out that the meter reader who just happened to find the body now suspected to be that of little Caylee Anthony called police three times last August with tips. The utility worker redundantly directed police to the very sport where the remains were found. This cadaver finder’s story has a very foul smelling odor to it.

The police have already invested themselves into a theory accusing the girl’s young mother Casey Anthony of murder. Police will not change course now no matter what evidence they must deal with. That’s a huge failing in our entire criminal justice system.

The police and prosecutors have allowed this tragic case to become a world class circus.

Police can be counted on to avoid giving the meter reader polygraph tests or putting him through the repeated search warrants and other tools used against their already targeted suspect.

Any jury will be looking at this new evidence with a jaundiced eye as they become disenchanted with the police investigation. This will raise a huge specter of reasonable doubt.

This rush to judgment came as a result of a scared young girl’s inconsistent statements to police about the disappearance. Perhaps there was a period where the mother failed to supervise her child and was negligent. The mother understandably would be afraid that cops would arrest her and steps would be taken to take the child away.

There are many reasons for people’s lies and omissions to police. Not talking to police is a right we all enjoy but instead most people tell the cops what they think they want to hear. That's alway the rub. Once someone is caught in even an insignificant lie it may lead to an arrest, indictment and conviction.

The rush to judgment convicting and condemning Casey Anthony has been beyond sickening. This garbage has been echoed by the likes of emotionally challenged bloggers and infotainment personalities like Nancy Grace that can’t wait for the completion of an investigation before they lynch the suspect in the court of public opinion.

It was far too early to caLL this case solved. First investigators must find the body, determine cause of death and eliminate or implicate suspects. That's the only proper way to a solid investigation.

I too want cases like Caylee Anthony, Stacy Peterson and Lisa Stebic solved, but never at the expense of the presumption of innocence, due process or a fair trial.

A Christmas Present For The Wife Who Has Everything

Another Bedtime Story With A Happy Ending!

Cape Girardeau, MO—A career criminal and convicted rapist invaded a woman’s home for the second time in a week and got a very rude surprise. The victimized woman had since learned a valuable lesson that Homeland Security began with the Second Amendment. This event happened during Halloween so this is a slightly different kind of Trick or Treat…

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Someone Get This Lady Back On TV

Chicago, IL-I’ve written about this single mother of two children before. Amy Jacobson worked her way up in TV news as a star NBC5 reporter until one story went sideways. There was no Libel, no injuries and no disgrace to anyone over Jacobson’s work. Jacobson hit a huge speed bump in the road and her career got derailed.

Jacobson is not a cheat, liar or sinner. She’s good at what she does and is in her prime. The ordeal she was fired over made her even more interesting and people flat want here around because she’s got real spunk.

It turns out Jacobson is a great interviewer and may better suited to do a TV talk show or even host a local TV news magazine. This six-foot Amazon’s looks and voice is a real broadcaster’s moneymaker.

Like everywhere in the U.S., Chicago’s TV news has lost its luster. The industry has not changed the way they present news in six decades. They keep trying to do the same crap that once worked for Edward R. Murrow only in high definition color.

Jacobson is a hot commodity and some station manager needs to creatively use Jacobson to bring back viewers and more importantly sponsors. The right use of Jacobson with her even higher profile may be a new lucrative beginning for Jacobson and her new employer. Rather than charity for Jacobson I see this the other way around.

Amy Winehouse Is A Major Paradox

I don’t what turned me off the most, her drug use, smoking, tattoos or the hair and eye makeup out of an Ed Wood horror film. For me Amy Winehouse had no relevance until now. Until I ran across her rendition of, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Winehouse’s voice is a divine gift.

I had to put it on my Ipod along with The Shirells, Ben E. King and Carole King’s versions of that great song.


Yet Another Reason Why Government Is Broke…

Los Angeles, CA—Despite common sense or reasonable fiscal management the Los Angeles County Board approved a request by Sheriff Lee Baca that would send 112 Sheriff’s deputies to Washington, DC in order to help police the Presidential inauguration over a four-day period.

Airfare, hotels, wages and benefit costs for the cops have yet to be tallied. Not figured into this mess is the liability for mishaps, injuries and the expected follow up litigation. There are of course local concerns that Washington should reimburse the county for at least a significant portion of the cost. Wasting local money or federal money is always wasting my money.

Let Washington’s officials hire private security vendors, or off-duty cops from surrounding states to deal with the event that will bring record-breaking crowds.

Originally this spendthrift local politicians, wanted to send 500 deputies in their extravagant feel-good gesture. This reduced amount is considered as some sort of compromise. Even is sound financial times, this kind of waste is what puts government on the road to bankruptcy.

I’m sure the money would do more good helping Los Angeles cope with military veterans or to help cover out of control medical costs of the uninsured. For now the money is simply flushed down the toilet. Never fear another bailout is always here, except of course for the taxpayers.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bringing Talk Radio To Crimefile

The software is here and nearly up and running. I will be having talk shows from time to time for my visitors. The shows will be live and the recording available. Tell me what you think about this idea.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich With Ed Genson For The defense

Chicago IL—The Governor turned Senate seat auctioneer, is facing many years in prison and unlike some are saying I know this fellow’s future freedom prognosis is very poor.

The primary problem is cook county Illinois is infested with a special species of two legged rats who have all been up to no good. They were part of Blagojevich’s inner and outer circle. Presently they are scrambling for their rat holes and lawyer’s offices. They all stopped talking to their former pal who overnight became a major pariah who is being stalked with all manner of media.

The rats have already begun to cut immunity and reduced sentence deals with the government in exchange for testimony. I understand that there is a real Snitchfest going on in the Windy City right now that will even snare some more rats inside the Obama administration still under construction.

You can’t have a conspiracy these days with several people and expect them all to withstand a prosecutor’s enormous pressure. The recent O.J. Simpson case was a clear demonstration. Most of the rats in that case cut deals as Simpson and one holdout went to prison.

This case is spreading like wildfire as the rats are giving information on this as well as totally unrelated events involving other public officials. I expect numerous indictments from the current Grand Jury that hearing evidence currently known. The government has 30 days to indict Blagojevich or drop charges. Of course the government will probably ask for and get several time extensions do to the complexity of the case. Indictments will begin to flow like a raging river.

Once Blagojevich is indicted the prosecutors have to turn over their evidence to the defense. Venerable criminal lawyer Ed Genson will have papers dumped on him
by the truckload. There will be a massive amount of defense investigation needed to wade through and find the weaknesses. Of course by then Blagojevich and his wife may re-evaluate their course and direction.

Will they fight this and stand trial? The track record for juries convicting politicians is usually 100 percent. That’s always a bad idea but the defense lawyers are always willing to collect a king’s ransom for a good fight. Genson will always put up a grand battle but he is also pragmatic and knows when to fold the cards for the good of a client and his family. I have known Genson for nearly 40 years.

Long ago I learned a special Cook County legal maneuver from Genson when he told a judge his client needed a continuance so they could locate a certain, Mr. Green who was an important witness. The judge granted the continuance with a smile. That was a secret code that indicated Genson was still waiting for his retainer.

The other and only option for Blagojevich is to join the Snitchfest and bring as many co-conspirators into the mix as possible. With any luck there will be vacancies at every level of Illinois political office as a result.

TV and Print Journalists Are In A Full Fledged Depression

Los Angeles, CA—Everyday I get a link to Shoptalk. It’s an informational blog for the entire TV news industry. It talks about management and personnel changes as it covers all manner of news affecting news, the way it’s reported and the people behind it. One thing Shoptalk has lacked this year was good news.

For the entire year of 2008 the news has been stunning and downright depressing. Layoffs after layoffs are reported along with cutbacks that affect content and quality.

Shoptalk also reports on the rush of TV news outlets to replace the reporters, video editors and video journalists with a single person to perform all those functions like you’d see in tiny markets. More news organizations than ever are sharing video and other resources with their competition.

The sight of educated and talented people who can’t do the work they prepared so much to do is awful. There is much more work involved than simply getting an education. The average pay for journalists in Los Angeles is now substantially less than that of high school educated guards hired by the state’s prisons.

TV news staffers all begin in small markets and move from city to city as they work up to their full potential. Their families are often in turmoil as they have to uproot, find new homes and schools for their kids. Once upon a time the job paid pretty well but that’s all changed now.

I’m at a loss to figure out the next steps for out of work news workers. The Internet has been the salvation for some but the competition for audiences here is Cyberspace is vast and unlimited unlike TV, radio and print news outlets.

In kind layoffs and cutbacks are affecting every newspaper and print organization in America.

In the late 1980’s there was a TV series called Max Headroom who was a fictional animated character who anchored the news. Unfortunately Max is a timely model for the bleak future of TV news.

Unfortunately I know far too many unemployed and under employed reporters these days that will have little to celebrates this holiday season.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Worried Dems Are Building A Case of Insanity For Blago

Chicago, IL—Have you noticed how local Democratic politicians, and friendly news media outlets are trying to paint embattled Senate seat seller, and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as mentally unstable?

I know they’re hoping that they can get a federal judge to rule that Blago is incompetent to stand trial. They know that would stop this scandal in its tracks.

This is because they want the world to reject the evidence he is about to unleash on Chicago political corruption. They know just who Blago will fry with truthful testimony. The crooked Leftist bastards don’t know whether to slash their wrists, or snitch themselves. My advice is that confession is good for the soul…

I’m Not Weeping For Some Of Pellicano’s Wiretapped Victims

Los Angeles, CA—Anthony Pellicano, 64, sleuth for the rich and famous is awaiting sentencing on 78 criminal counts related to some really despicable privacy invasions. He faces as much as another decade behind bars beyond the five years he’s already served on another matter and current pre-trial confinement.

Pellicano existed for one reason and one reason only, people lie. People victimize others trying to enrich themselves through litigation. Wiretaps uncover conspiracies and lies every day. Now some of Pelicano’s victims are whining about their lives after Pellicano’s deeds.

One woman who was married to a billionaire hounded her ex-husband for outrageous child support after splitting the sheets. The problem was the actual father of the child was a Hollywood producer with a much smaller financial portfolio. I guess she thought her wealthy former spouse was supposed to pay for her infidelity and her paramour’s parental obligations too.

An actress from a successful TV series laments being blackballed after she got in the middle of the litigation between a powerful talent agent and her actor boyfriend on his behalf. Since the litigation both actors’ careers have tanked. That’s not about Pellicano, but the agents who are the ones that control whether actors work or not. Pissing off agents is fatal to any actor’s career.

I’m not defending Pellicano or his appalling actions, but too many of his so-called victims were liars caught in the act through Pellicano’s illegal privacy invasions.

Excuse me if I don’t weep for some of these people.

Update: 12/15/08 Pellican received a 15 year term in federal prison today. He should be getting credit for two or more years he spend in custody awaiting trial. I’m not sure just when Pellicano’s current prison term will end. In addition Pellicano was ordered to pay a $7,800 fine, along with a forfeiture amount of about $2 million to be seized from Pellicano and other defendants.

Pellicano’s lawyer vowed an appeal on the sentence he felt was overly harsh under current guidelines.

How To End Pay To Play Government Corruption

Los Angeles, CA—Political campaigns are very expensive because candidates all strive to outspend each other. The one with the most contributions always has a tremendous advantage.

Political contributions have become the modern bribe for access and special interest consideration. These bribes work really well for Senate and Governor’s races or they would not draw millions of dollars. There are too many loopholes that allow politicians to use campaign cash for their personal benefit.

Ending Pay For Play efforts will never come from our elected officials. The personal financial benefits are too great a draw for too many politicians for them to end this vile practice. It’s up to the American voters to kill this beast. The truth is businesses are tired of the extortionist demands of politicians for contributions.

In places such as California and Arizona they have voter initiated legislation. Unfortunately that is not allowed in either the federal system or Illinois where it is needed the most.

The solution is really simple. We make it a felony crime for people or businesses doing or applying to do business with the government to contribute to political campaigns. The Pay To Play process would end for good. The extortion would end and political careers will no longer be attractive to thieves and whores.

Could you just imagine a Washington D.C. lobbyist’s influence without cash handouts for the lawmakers? Why legislation would have to survive on merit alone!

Saturday Night Live And Selling Illinois Senate Seats

SNL fans like a certain retired CPD dick warned me this would be coming. Here is the clip…

Inauguration Interrupted!

Chicago, IL—With more than a month before the installation of Barack Obama as President his world may yet collapse. This as revelations from Obama confidants, convicted fundraiser Tony Rezko and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich are being aimed at the President-elect.

I’m told other co-conspirators are now heading off their own troubles by providing information about Barack and Michelle Obama’s less than stellar corruption activities. The hemorrhaging has already begun and I don’t think there is a way to stop it now.

A reliable source from the Ogden/Roosevelt area is also telling me there is a Dead Pool on just who will turn up first in the Cook County Morgue over this desperate political mess.