Friday, March 31, 2006

McKinney Sinks Deeper And Deeper…

Arrogance is taking its toll on Cynthia McKinney as every indication of a looming prosecution; perhaps for felony assault hangs over this Congresswoman.

McKinney found out what millions of Americans deal with every day. Those ineffective, intrusive and demeaning warrant-less searches conducted on people who must do business with their own government.

As in one celebrated case, a disenfranchised litigant was able to get his revenge at a federal judge’s home. The offensive and un-American searching only provides very limited protection for a price Americans cannot afford, the loss of their freedom, privacy and dignity.

McKinney really had her rights as an American stolen under the frisk policy. That should never have happened! McKinney claims race as an issue here. If she’s right guess who suffers the most in the name of security? Minorities of course!

If there are to be these programs of wholesale warrant-less frisking, than nobody should be able to avoid the indignity especially the politicians and judges that authorized them.

McKinney and her supporters need to attack the problem itself. End all funding for programs that search, frisk and fondle Americans under the excuse of terrorism and public safety. Freedom and Liberty was lynched in America the day we tossed the Fourth Amendment away.

Earlier story.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Government Buildings and Civil Rights Outrages

Bureaucrats and politicians have become increasingly heavy handed over the last three decades. These government officials tax more, confiscate more and tread on Americans with ever increasing efficiency.

All this government muscle flexing has caused these same officials to become panicky of the citizens whose lives they change. What’s the solution to their angst? Americans entering the buildings are searched just like criminals without a warrant or probable cause.

The officials ordering these un-Constitutional outrages are quick to exempt themselves from the indignity as they waive their government identification cards as they bypass the checkpoints. Such is the case within the Halls of Congress.

I had to chuckle when I read about Georgia's 4th Congressional District's own Representative, Cynthia McKinney’s latest scuffle with Capitol police at a search checkpoint. McKinney reportedly ignored an officer as she whizzed by as he called for her to stop. When the officer grabbed McKinney by the arm she struck the officer with her cell-phone. This time McKinney will visit with a judge as she faces an assault charge.

This was not an isolated incident. In August 1993, during her first term in office, a Capitol Hill police officer did not recognize McKinney and tried to prevent her from bypassing a metal detector. That rhubarb was so nasty that the Capitol cops plastered her picture at the searching checkpoints. It seems McKinney does not like wearing her Congressional ID pin.

A few years later she passed a checkpoint when the cops mistook a White helper as a Congresswoman as they briefly detained McKinney. The fallout from that made news again, as the politician was quick to scream racism.

I have to take sides here with McKinney. She should not be subjected to this kind of humiliation. Neither should any other American. If the politicians are so afraid of Americans perhaps it’s time to repeal a few laws and return some freedom.

Lets eliminate the search checkpoints and bring back the Bill of Rights.

McKinney's Statement about the latest event.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fred Hampton way blocked by Daley?

Give me a break! Daley has shown he does not have the courage to speak out and do the right thing here. The final vote to rename a street after a disgraced, dead urban terrorist thankfully did not happen because of a courageous Alderman (I hope my brothers in blue at the CPD are watching out for his safety).

So the ex-convict, Chip Off The Old Block son of the still dead, felon Panther leader Fred Hampton and Bobby Rush are whining as they blame Daley. That’s just too rich for me! If Hampton and Rush’s allegations were somehow true it would win more votes for Daley.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A 40 Caliber Nightmare Is Caught On Tape.

So you’re confident that that .40 caliber S&W service round will keep you safe. Maybe you’ll have second thoughts after you see this video. One hot summer night in 1994 Tempe and Mesa Arizona police were involved in a pursuit with this suspect who ran into a stranger’s apartment to hide after being shot TWICE in the chest. He was shirtless and you can see the blood pumping out of those two wounds. What’s really frightening is just how agile this fellow is as he struts to the ambulance. If he was not handcuffed and had a knife or a gun, ask yourself if he could still hurt you, your partner or a hostage? If your jurisdiction demands that officers carry either the 9MM or the .40 Caliber S&W it’s time to show this video to your bosses and lobby to have the .45 ACP round authorized. The switch may well reduce the screaming by self-appointed community activists about how many rounds police had to use on a suspect. The really talented and courageous video journalist, Karen Kelly, shot this tape. Karen was always in trouble with the cops for getting too close to the action. Tapes like these exonerate cops from bogus allegations far more often than incriminating them for misconduct. My advice to all cops dealing with photojournalists is to let them get as close to your prisoners as possible. Chasing them away is really dumb. They can well document that the suspect is not injured. Letting the news bunnies ask questions is another gift when the suspects lie or implicate themselves. Remember Miranda vs. Arizona does NOT apply to questioning by reporters. The prosecutors always love showing tapes of wisecracking or deceitful suspects to juries during trials. A note: I edited the tape to display this suspect’s fabulous strut to the ambulance twice. Learn from the tape and please pass it around in the interest of officer safety.

Whatever Happened To Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

I guess our Bill of Rights is in dire need of CPR. United States Representative Tom Delay who has been the victim of a Democratic vendetta prosecution has had his concealed weapon permit suspended even though he’s been convicted of nothing.

The Law and Order zeal of too many of our politicians have written punishment into our laws regarding people accused but not convicted of any crime. I guess we now punish first and try them later these days.

Delay’s lawyers are readying their appeal of Justice of the Peace Jim Richards’ order suspending Delay’s permit. Let’s hope the Bill of rights and fundamental due process wins this one!

Malibu Ferrari crash figure house of cards is falling apart.

It seems that Swedish ex-con Stefan Eriksson's wife Nicole Persson, 33, was driving around in Beverly Hills sans a driver’s license and valid registration for her hot little, 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

The car was impounded by police for investigation of theft. Perhaps now the various law enforcement agencies will now have probable cause to obtain search warrants to snoop through Eriksson’s home, offices, storage facilities and garages to find out more about his life of fraud, fast cars and intrigue.

Here’s what the L.A. Times has reported.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Novel Approach To End Most State And Local Firearm Bans.

THE HOBBS ACT -- 18 U.S.C. § 1951 is an anti-racketeering statue that bars any interference with interstate commerce. This statue was successfully used by the Justice department to convict several Chicago police officers they claimed interfered with alcoholic beverages destined to be delivered to barroom drinkers.

Firearms are almost always shipped in interstate commerce and some cities and states have enacted various gun bans that clearly interfere with delivery to qualified consumers.

My question is can people victimized by gun bans seek relief from the federal courts under the Hobbs Act? Let’s call in the GANGBUSTERS!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Protesting Immigration Laws And Proposed Laws

The millions of alien criminals, yes I said criminals are now protesting any laws that involve immigration law enforcement. Some of the protesters proudly carry Mexican flags. What’s that about? They voted with their feet to leave their own corrupt Socialist homeland yet they waive the Mexican flag on our soil? I’m sorry I just don’t get it.

The American Liberals cant seem to decide if they want strong unions or the labor free-for-all with the alien invasion. They can’t have it both ways.

Instead of these disenfranchised Mexicans invading America, they need to take back their own country and demand a free market system. They need to send their Mexican politicians at gunpoint into exile instead of fleeing here. The Mexican government’s only effort has been to export their crime, poverty and ignorance North of the border and that must stop.

The United States needs to send a message to Mexico telling them they have all of the natural resources we have and they need to change or lose all American aid and tourism .

The Bolsheviks, Communists, Socialists and Liberals will never admit their ideal government cannot work. It’s failed everywhere it has been tried.

Bush’s anti-labor, “Guest Worker Program” is only a prescription for more blight and a weak national defense. Enough is enough!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

You saw that Knife Vs. Gun Video Now See the Graphic results!

You saw that Knife Vs. Gun Video. Now See the all too graphic results! The good news is that he was only slashed and not stabbed!

These three links are not for the squeamish!




The Mugger Protection Act Was Repealed In Kansas Today!

As of July 1, 2006 the law-abiding citizens will be able to carry a concealed weapon for defensive purposes. At the same time the job related hazards that come with rape, robbery and murder increased for criminals.

The Kansas Legislature steam-rolled over that Bolshevik Governor who vetoed the bill that was passed earlier. Hopefully that governor will also be sent by voters to permanent retirement from public office.

Now it's time for the ever decreasing handful of Bolshevik states to follow the leaders back to the Constitution.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Welcome to The United Police States of America!

I don’t think our founding fathers would be too pleased about what’s going on in Kansas. It seems we’ve paid so much in taxes that our politicians and the bureaucrats they’ve appointed can waste our money on the newest Big Brother technology to keep us citizens under tight control.

They have made everything including freedom illegal and now comes the big hammer. Whenever the police make a traffic violation or other street stop they’re going to take our fingerprints and electronically submit them to that giant fingerprint database in the sky.

I guess as technology improves we can all have RFID tags so we will never be lost again! Why bother just keeping tabs on sex offenders or people out on bail awaiting trial when everyone can join that club!

Of course there are those people that feel the Bill of Rights is only something to protect criminals rather than a way to keep government out of our personal affairs. They will think this is wonderful.

Ted Kaczynski is sitting in a tiny super-maximum prison cell because he saw this abuse of technology coming. He wanted to stop this the only way he could with deadly bombs and that long, nearly impossible to read Manifesto.

Every year our government sells us some new way to control absolutely every aspect of our lives. We just don’t know how to say no.

I can’t help but believe that the “Mad UNABOM Bomber”, Ted Kaczynski was not really all that mad.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Are They For Cops Or Cop Killers?

We’ve got a serious question for Mayor Richard M. Daley and his appointed Superintendent of Police, Phil Cline. We are waiting for these two leaders show a little spine and decide what side of this street naming insult they have taken.

They are free to agree with naming a street after a convicted felon who was awaiting trial for kidnapping and torturing someone while advocating the murders of cops at the time of his well deserved death.

They can also do the right thing and not be a party to creating a new icon for Chicago’s children under some “martyred hero”, twisted image. That would not be fair to the children or the families of cops murdered and maimed during the Black Panther reign of terror during the 1960s.

Daley, Cline where do you stand?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Proper gun grips will help keep you alive.

Long ago I was a young police recruit with a fondness for firearms. Gun shows were always an enjoyable experience for me. On day I met a gentleman who stood out from the “redneck” crowd exhibiting at the show. He was a Sikh from India complete with the trademark beard and turban that produced some exotic handgun grips. By trade and education this immigrant was an engineer working for the State of Illinois. This was an additional way for him to make a little extra money to support his wife and three young children.

The grips he had on display were unusual, beautiful and functional. For starters they were rosewood and ebony wood. I bought a pair from him for my S&W model 60 .38 five shot revolver. Later I’d see the man at other gun shows and we became good friends.

One day that man, Harbans Singh quit his full time job jumping into the grip business with both feet. Singh called his company, Eagle Grips. I soon found myself meddling in research, product development and design for this new business experiment. I’d suggest countless design ideas some of which actually worked quite well. A fringe benefit was that I’d get the “brother-in-law” price on any grips I wanted!

Soon I found myself adopted into this family that tolerated me even after they learned I couldn’t deal with Indian food! I’ve been their guest twice in India (thank God for TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays and McDonalds of India!). Harbans’ children have all grown, gotten married and have children of their own. Today, the eldest son, Raj Singh, once the Grip Prince is now the official Grip Maharaja!

The grips I’m most excited about are the Secret Service compact model for revolvers I designed myself. I was fortunate enough to have a pair on my S&W .38 Bodyguard when I was forced to respond to an attack by a drunk with a Colt. Gold Cup .45 semi-auto. I escaped with my life having the confidence during the shooting since my revolver was equipped with a rare pair of Secret Service grips in Sambar Stagg. Despite near total darkness all my shots found their target and I survived.

Check them out here!

Retired De Paul Basketball Hero Coach Ray Meyer Has Died At Age 92.

It’s with a heavy heart I write this story. It’s my tribute to a personal hero.

The last time I spoke with Ray Meyer was in 1955. I was a first grader and was attending his wonderful basketball summer camp in Wisconsin.

The reason I was at his live-in summer camp was so my mother could hide me from my father who she hated and divorced. My mother paid a small deposit and never paid the tuition for the camp. Yes my mother stiffed Ray for the balance due.

Ray Meyer still treated me like a young visiting prince. When a construction crew working at the camp left a tar vat unattended. A couple of us boys soon got into a tar fight. This kind and understanding father figure cleaned us off carefully with gasoline, and then he hosed us down. He laughed and had one of his daughters take our pictures during the clean up.

Canoe trips, horseback riding, overnight camping, watching old black and white serial films, great food and of course basketball made this something I never forgot. More than that, I will never forget, Ray Meyer, his family and their kindness that made a huge impression on me.

It was always easy for me to understand why Ray Meyer was one of the best coaches ever in sports.

Ray, I have no doubt that you’re in heaven tonight. Thank you Ray!

Ray Meyers Boys Camp is closed today but it was located at 1019 Reed Rd Three Lakes, WI 54562

See the WBBM-TV report here.

Anatomy Of The Defense Side Of A L.A. Rape Case And The Methods Of Hollywood PI Anthony Pellicano

The L. A. Times did something rare today. They actually fleshed out a good story from court records and exhibits. The story provides a rare inside view on the methods of disgraced former Hollywood PI, Anthony Pellicano.

This information and audio recordings were obtained from the publicly available items that involve the accused "limousine rapist" John Gordon and his 1998 trial. That defendant was acquitted. Too many reporters just don’t know how to cover a court related story. This story is a good learning vehicle for journalists.

Most or all of the things Pellicano did here were lawful and proper. There is a hint that Pellicano crossed the line by obtaining criminal background information on the alleged victims. The fact is, the most important thing any private investigator can do is learn about the people who make serious allegations against an accused client. For a PI not to carefully examine the backgrounds, habits and prior allegations involving a victim is unforgivable malpractice.

The reality under our system of justice is that people designated as victims and witnesses on any side of any criminal case can fully expect that their past will be found and exposed in a public forum. That’s always what happens unless the defendant avoids everything with an early guilty plea.

Unlike the trial of Saddam Hussein, in America the victims or witnesses are not, nor should be concealed from the view of the public or defendant and have their names kept secret.

Read the story here and listen to the attached audio files.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Bad News About The TSA Bombs And Airplanes

I have complained from the first day the FAA began searching passengers like criminals. It’s ineffective, intrusive and violates the Fourth Amendment that outlaws unreasonable searches absent a judge’s warrant.

Americans are such cowards they seem to support whatever they’re told might keep them safe. The problem is that this safety is only an apparition in their minds.

The civilians at the FAA and TSA who no nothing about crime or police work have rejected the only methods that can really work. The methods that can work are to begin with a strong police presence at the airport. That’s followed by behavior profiling of passengers and small talk interviews by the officers. Add to that armed pilots, off duty, armed police officers and the Federal Air Marshals.

Encouraging police officers that have met exacting training standards to fly standby for free or half-price is so simple that it screams for implementation. We’ve had cops flying our airplanes while armed since the first passenger planes without any problem.

I’m not going to provide anyone with a primer here on bomb making, but the new electronic sniffers, x-ray machines or physical searches won’t detect explosives that will bring a plane down. The people that know chemistry and explosives will also know how to defeat these expensive placebos the TSA has forced us to buy.

The TSA and FAA refuse to concentrate on real security and would rather rely on smoke and mirrors. I guess they think the public believes their propaganda.

Here’s the latest NBC sensational report about explosives detection and TSA failures.

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day To You All!

Cornelius O’Mooney and Crimefile wish all our readers a great day anyway!

There was no place like Chicago to celebrate this wonderful holiday! Well at one time it was a “take it anyway” holiday in that everything would shut down early in the day. I mean everything! The parade would begin at my old residence, Marina City and cross the river Southbound on State Street. The green beer was everywhere. The wonderful corned Beef and cabbage was worth waiting all year to enjoy. The best part for me was that ALL the women let their hair down along with their unmentionables and a good time was had by all!

Then came those “other” mayors. State Street was shut down for a huge ridiculously expensive failed mall project built by those contractors who know how to fund Democratic political campaigns. A decade later the mall was again turned back into a ridiculously expensive street by, you guessed it, those contractors who know how to fund Democratic political campaigns.

The parade was moved to some Saturday by the pagans who hate our Saint Patrick and Chicago will never been the same.

A question… Why did they call police prisoner wagons, Paddy Wagons?

Here's a video for you!

Okay, Crimefile Was Absolutely Right!

Just like this clock, Crimefile is right twice every day. In January cops everywhere were worried about the spread of the ACLU, Catch A Cop On Camera program. If you’ve not read that story, read it now!

In Richmond, VA they were livin’ large and doin’ it hard all on tape! Are we clairvoyant or what? Are these videotapes going to Sundance I wonder? I want distribution rights please…

This is the way to make stand-up!

This is the way to make stand-up!

For my friends who don’t work in TV news a stand-up is that portion of a news reporter’s story where he or she gets some face time. You really want to make your stand-up memorable when ever you can within the bounds of decency and decorum.

This lad was reporting in Afganistan. He wins the Prize for being a reporter/photographer with more balls than brains. Okay, this report was spectacular, informative and gut wrenching.

I’m glad he survived; he’s earned a place in broadcast television and Internet vloging.

View the video HERE!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Macho Talk May Return To Haunt You Officer!

Most cops have been with a small group friends, perhaps had a beer or two and suggested clever ways to help with population control. You may have made some silly remarks about dispatching criminals like mad dogs and such to a girlfriend. Of course most copper’s relationships with women were not made in heaven and far too many of us have left a few scorned women along the way. (For some reason this only seems to happen with male LEO’s)

Then one day you are in a life-threatening situation, shots are fired and the facts become a swearing contest in some courtroom. That after some prosecutor yields to relentless demands that you be charged with a crime. You find yourself fighting for your life again, this time in a defendant's chair. You may find yourself outnumbered in court because the jerk you shot has a dozen family members or “BOYZ FROM THE HOOD” that will lie under oath and say they saw you murder that suspect.

Your lawyer will soon hand you witness lists filed by the prosecutor with names you’d expect to see. Just maybe you’ll see some names on that list you’ll wish never heard those macho comments you made in jest. Should you hear those words repeated to a jury their verdict may not be a good one.

Deputy Ivory Webb Shooting Report Released To The Media…

There’s an article in the L.A. Times this morning that provides details from the San Bernardino County sheriff's report of the January 29 shooting of a vacationing Air Force Security policeman by Deputy Ivory J. Webb Jr. Statements attributed to Webb are in direct conflict with what the video seems to show.

I don’t think anyone involved in a violent chase and shooting is capable of accurately describing such a traumatic event immediately afterwards.

Every American except cops have a right not to make statements involving the circumstances of a police investigation under the Fifth Amendment protection against forced self-incrimination. Cops have a special requirement to cooperate in such investigations or lose their jobs. It would have been a lot better for Webb if he were allowed to get nights sleep and consult with an attorney and have him present during such cooperation or not cooperate at all like any other citizen.

This case is going to hinge on intent and Deputy Webb’s state of mind. The event is now going to be second-guessed by a criminal court jury and again by a civil court jury.

Anyone with information on this case should contact Webb's defense attorney:
Michael David Schwartz, Esquire
Silver Hadden & Silver
1428 2nd St
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone Number (310) 393-1486
Fax Number (310) 395-5801

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Running from the cops is not always a good idea.

No I don’t know the story connected with the video below. This obviously did not happen in the USA. This young man thought he could do what I’m sure he’s seen others do in the movies. Don’t believe a man can fly like superman. Fleeing from police is a really bad idea sometimes.

The cell on the right looks like a better place to be than what this mope chose.

Enjoy the video!

Can You Say No Chance In Hell?

Robert F. Kennedy's convicted assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, comes up for parole again this week. He’s been in a cage since 1968.

Can you imagine a parole happening in a state where the Governor is married into the Kennedy family? Even if Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is taken out of the chain because of the obvious conflict our assassin won’t be making traveling plans any time this century.

If the Liberal Robert F. Kennedy was contacted wherever he is he’d surely agree to let Sirhan Sirhan out of the jug.

Gun vs. Knife

So you think because you carry and know how to use a gun that you will be able to protect yourself from a knife or cutting instrument attack with ease?

For those people that think guns are more dangerous than knives, think again. More than 60% of all people shot with firearms even multiple times survive the attack. Cutting and stabbing victims don’t do nearly as well. Bullet wounds self-seal because of the elastic nature of human tissue. Knife cuts lay open and bleed profusely as the veins and arteries are opened wide.

Then there are those laughably ignorant people (too many are politicians) who want cops or civilians confronted by knife wielding criminals to either shoot the knife out of someone’s hand or just shoot to wound. You’re about to see that such an effort will get you killed.

Watch this video and you will see the knife can easily beat a gun in any contest.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bring back the CPD policewoman uniform please!

The late Ann Leybourne Biebel, seen here was a fine example of an officer that did great work in both uniforms. I admit I had a difficult time adjusting to this petite and feminine woman’s change to wearing pants, and replacing her cute little beret with the O.W. Wilson, checkerboard hat.

There was a time when men were men and women were women. That’s all changed now and I was sorry to see that concept go away. Women were belatedly integrated with men for regular police work. I have no problem with this other than for too many women a loss of their femininity. Women have proven themselves up to the task for the most part.

Not all female officers are in patrol. Many work desk duties, or are involved with academy training. These gals don’t need to cross-dress as men to perform their duties like what’s required in patrol.

I say it’s time to bring back those policewomen uniforms for those ladies who are assigned to wear uniforms outside of patrol.

Roseanne Fitzgerald, Cindy Kane, Sue Luther and Marie Murphy are some of the ladies pictured here.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

16 Blocks—The Official Crimefile Movie Review…

I’m blessed to have a wonderful voice coach. She’s the world-class soprano and Emmy Award winning, Sue Ann Pinner. Sue Ann enjoys cop themed films and told me that 16 Blocks is a must see film. I wisely took Sue Ann’s advice.

I’m not sure how it happens but I never saw a Bruce Willis film I didn’t like. Willis nearly always plays the unlikely hero of a heavy action film with an improbable script that he somehow makes believable. Willis predictably didn’t disappoint me. The film also stars two fine actors, Mos Def, and David Morse. I have to confess as a SAG actor, I’d die and go to heaven for a part in any Willis film. (Hey Bruce! Did you hear that!)

Willis plays aging and alcoholic cop who gets assigned the task of escorting a motor-mouth witness (Def) from a jail cell to a Grand Jury. The witness turns out to be involved in a nasty corruption case and nearly everyone wants him (the witness) dead. It’s a long 16 blocks to the courthouse. I give 16 Blocks 16 thumbs up!

See the trailer

Cops moonlighting as private eyes…

There’s been some recent controversy about cops working as private investigators. All because a couple of cops were giving criminal history and motor vehicle information to a disgraced former Hollywood private investigator, and convicted felon, Anthony Pellicano.

I argue that most of the National Crime Information Center’s records should be made public and placed on the Internet for all to see. Certainly the records involving the criminal conviction and stolen property databases can be opened. The truth here is politicians and bureaucrats that make the NCIC policy and I have never agreed on much of anything. They’ve managed to maintain a secret government just like the old Soviet Union’s KGB. It’s an expensive pain in the butt but we private eyes can still get subpoenas to get the NCIC protected information.

The silly “Maxwell Smart” NCIC policy opens the door to corruption as some clerks, data processors and law enforcement personnel have turned the policy into a cottage industry. Modern safeguards have ended most of the abuses.

Most private eyes view having cops in the business is unfair competition. The PI’s that complain the most have no law enforcement training or experience and are generally lousy investigators. I disagree with that because I view experience and training of cops as a real asset. It’s wrong to assume that cops will abuse their NCIC peeking privileges if they work for as a PI.

These days, there are solid safeguards in place to discover record snooping by cops in material that’s not germane to their ongoing law enforcement work. If in doubt simply ask the two “Pellicano” cops facing being fired, losing pension rights, disgrace and prison.

The only conflict I see is moonlighting cops doing criminal defense work. Bodyguard, civil case investigations and insurance fraud matters should be wide open for off duty officers.

The LAPD is now reviewing their off-duty police employment rules. I expect, as usual they will do the wrong thing.

Friday, March 10, 2006

“Fatal Vision” Prosecution And Conviction Never Made Sense…

A new trial is on the horizon for Dr. Jeffrey McDonald. I never believed for a moment that the physician, Army Green Beret, husband and father, Jeffrey McDonald killed his wife and two daughters back in 1970. Dr. McDonald did everything right in his life to achieve his wonderful success as an Army surgeon. Murder just does not fit into that picture.

The suggestion that Dr. McDonald strayed from his marriage as all too many young men do, caused him to murder his 26 year-old wife and daughters, ages six and two is beyond weak.

There never was a motive presented that made sense. The case was re-opened years later after Army investigators suspended it for lack of evidence or a tangible suspect. The catalyst for re-opening the case was McDonald's now deceased father-in-law. He went from supporting McDonald to condemning him to every politician, reporter or bureaucrat that he could get to listen.

There is now word of new DNA evidence that gives doubt of McDonald's guilt. You'd never guess from the slanted story ABC put on today's wires. That article talks about a hair from McDonald found in Colette MacDonald's hand. My God! McDonald lived there and his hair would be found everywhere! That's totally meaningless. What's not meaningless is the testing of another hair, under the fingernail of Jeffrey MacDonald's youngest daughter, showed that it came from an unidentified person, someone who did not live in the household.

The resources of the Army to investigate that case in 1970 were primitive at best. When the FBI came along whatever evidence they did have was made unreliable by the Army CID. This became a whodunit where a jury got to guess their way to a conviction.

Prosecutors have ridiculed the idea that Macdonald is innocent. Prosecutors also know that the destruction of a young, handsome rising star physician's life by injustice would cause a civil jury to give McDonald a tremendous cash payout. This in light of brand new allegations made by a deputy U.S. Marshall of witness tampering by a prosecutor during McDonald's trial.

I wish the best for McDonald who has grown old in prison and watched his skills as a physician flushed down the toilet. His life is even more tragic than that of Dr. Sam Shepard who was wrongfully convicted a little more than a decade earlier. McDonald has suffered even more than Shepard.

There is reasonable doubt and that must be the standard to acquit this man

Here is an information web page put out by the McDonald defense. You can argue that it’s self-serving but what choice does he have but to get the information out to the public?

Humane Self-Defense For Women Who Live Alone…

I came across this video that demonstrates a humane method of self-defense for women. This technique came to Crimefile from a progressive thinking Salt Lake City, Utah Company. I especially recommend this method for women who live in cities with out-of-control crime like Washington, DC. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Sit back and learn from this short video…

Scroll down a bit and press the play button I know the screen is black…

A fun video game for my readers…

I’m not a fan of video games but I really like this one despite the fact it promotes those vile handgun magazines that hold more than ten rounds. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

They Call This A TV News Investigation?

A friend e-mailed me this TV news story and I thought it deserved some attention on my blog. This came from Miami-Fort Lauderdale’s CBS4. It’s a typical “sweeps story” designed to boost their February ratings. I’ve seen this same story done in other TV markets and it always seems to yield the same results.

The deal is they send in some junior producer with the sneaky-cam into a police station and have him ask for a form to make a beef against a cop. Most departments simply ask what happened and forward the preliminary information to internal affairs. For these stories the producers act squirrelly and I’m sure the officers notice suspicious bulges in the producer’s clothing from the hidden camera equipment.

The truth is people with real complaints against officers are seldom afraid to complain and answer any and all questions put to them. This behavior by the producer would not seem right to any experienced officer for someone with a complaint.

The asking for a form is truly bogus since each and every department will initiate an internal investigation on the simplest of written letters. It’s the practice of nearly every police department in America for the officers to collect the information and write all reports instead of the citizens.

This story was a cheap way to hype their investigative prowess and get more viewers. I find that the story is inflammatory and misleading.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ferrari Enzos, Guns and Do It Yourself Law Enforcement Agencies!

That probe of the Swede ex-convict, Stefan Eriksson the owner of that million-dollar Ferrari Enzo destroyed in that now infamous Malibu crash keeps going and going.

If you want to be a cop and can’t seem to get hired, simply start your own police department!

The L.A. Times has an article about the “law enforcement agency” connected to Eriksson. It’s a good read.

Update 3/9/06 Patt Morrison suggests it may have been more about looting federal funds...

Politicians, Schemes and Concealed Weapons Laws

Why haven’t the Liberal politicians figured out that only the law-abiding folks want the right to get a permit to carry a firearm for self-defense?

Criminals have never cared about gun laws and enjoy the freedom from random police searches because of the Fourth Amendment. Most folks don’t know that felons are not required to register their guns because of rights under the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. These same criminals don’t care about laws against robbery, rape or murder either.

Unfortunately, punitive laws eliminating the right to possess or carry firearms cause people to look for a back door to regain the rights politicians took away. In California the wealthy can make generous campaign contributions to Sheriff’s re-election campaigns or simply bribe various public officials for the right to carry a firearm for self-defense. Does this sound corrupt? It’s not under California law!

In Illinois, there are no permits to issue so the wealthy visit their local Sheriff or Coroner and simply get deputized again via that simple but legal form of corruption. In Illinois that also provides full police powers to anyone given a deputy’s star.

Other people desperate for a way to lawfully protect themselves and families opt for more creative ways such as forming animal control and law enforcement agencies. They do that just to get around unreasonable laws and regain the right to keep and bear arms. Again the granting of unnecessary police powers is involved.

Nearly the entire nation has adopted simple laws that allow the law-abiding to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense. Forty states have the "shall issue" permit systems and two other states; Vermont and Alaska allow carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

It’s common knowledge that CCW permit holders have universally demonstrated good behavior. Many politicians warned us of the shootouts at every traffic accident between permit holders that never happened. Too many politicians simply hate guns and gun rights and legislate them away whenever they can.

California Concealed Weapon Permit applications are off the charts when it comes to privacy invasion and nonsense. The 20 page CCW applications are longer than what’s required of applicants seeking employment as a police officer!

Then there is that ugly issue of racism in California’s corrupt CCW permit selling program. The minority citizens are last to be issued permits.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Drive by shooting Video found in L.A. suspect’s possession…

The following video is making it rounds in the Internet. Is it a real crime or a scene from a film? So far nobody has connected this to a real crime. It looks and sounds very real to me but I’ll save my judgment until I know more…

Deputy In Videotaped Shooting To Face Felony Charges.

That January videotaped shooting of an Iraq war vet by a San Bernardino deputy Sheriff, Ivory J. Webb IV, 45 will become task for a jury to decide. Today the San Bernardino San Bernardino County District Attorney, Michael A. Ramos said today that Webb would be charged with Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter.

The videotaped shooting sparked a firestorm of controversy because Iraq war vet, Senior Airman Elio Carrion, 21 was shot three times by Webb. The grainy video seemed to show the unarmed Carrion complying with orders get up by the deputy who then fired the shots.

The confrontation happened after Carrion was a passenger in a Corvette involved in a high-speed police chase. Carrion, who is recovering from his wounds has not been implicated for any crime.

I look for this case to turn into a courtroom battle of the experts. Issues of the physical effects of a police pursuit on the officer and how the confusion during such a conflict may have negated evil intent are sure to be a large part of the defense.

There can be no doubt that police trainers everywhere will examine this case. Video cameras are everywhere quick to provide that instant replay to exonerate or implicate the players of such events.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Rare Ending To An Armored Truck Hold-Up!

I’ve heard a lot of armored car stick-up stories and most all of them have ugly endings. Yesterday morning this crew in Long Beach, CA followed their training and foiled a deadly heist involving several offenders with shoulder weapons. No guards or bystanders were injured, no money was taken and one offender was sent to life support.

Read the story and watch the video.

Pay Per View Ghettocams Coming Soon?

Why aren’t Chicago's Ghettocam images broadcast on the Internet for all to see? Many people in Chicago’s crappy neighborhoods could watch their own homes, cars and business from anywhere. Knowing that Chicago’s politicians never met a tax they didn’t like, you'd think they’d be smart enough to charge a fee for access.

There’s an interesting story in today’s Chicago Sun Times: "I don't even sell drugs. I got a job ... I just like hanging out," said a construction worker from South Shore who asked to be identified only as Chris. The young black man standing near 71st and Paxton said he fears police retaliation. "They're watching us right now.... The cameras make you miserable, man."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Support Your Local Blogger!

The established American media with its agenda distorted most anything involving politics. The big three networks and major newspapers somehow led Americans to believe that they somehow spoke for everyone when they did not. The most obvious sign was the identical messages from the major media players and their charismatic personalities as they pushed ever further to the Liberal Utopia. Seeing a Conservative political candidate get an editorial endorsement from any major news organization was an incredibly rare event.

Talk radio made the first serious dent in the media corporation’s armor and then came the Internet. Today an army of Internet bloggers has arrived with unrelenting questions as they cut through the Bolshevik propaganda. No longer can the media giants control the information made available to the public.

When the media giants did a story it nearly always went unchallenged. It was impossible to fight anyone who bought ink by the barrel. Those days are thankfully over as anyone can now quickly query information with an Internet search engine. Bloggers are posting their words, pictures, audio and video with ease as the media giants lose their audience and readers. The competition between bloogers is a free-market driven, American dream.

Friday, March 03, 2006

More Airline-TSA Silliness This Time In Las Vegas…

Dateline: Las Vegas March 2, 2006

Singer, dancer and American Idol celebrity, Paula Abdul, found herself mobbed by a group of fans at McCarran International Airport. Ms. Abdul was apparently late while trying to catch a flight to Burbank. A Southwest Airline official helped Abdul through a backdoor and bypassed TSA security along the way.

The panic by these low-wattage TSA morons quickly kicked in as they developed a plan to save us all from Paula Abdul. Once the plane arrived in Burbank the passengers were detained, arrested or kidnapped by TSA officials until they conducted a retroactive screening of the entire planeload of passengers. My God! Are we that screwed up that we allow for this kind of foolishness by government?

Will we now see the threatening and dangerous Paula Abdul’s name on the Terrorist No Fly List over this frightening security breech?

Perhaps It’s Time To “Off” An Alderwomen?

The incredibly stupid and racist Madeline Haithcock told the the Chicago Sun Times that the favorite slogan by her murdering Black Panther heroes, “Off the pigs” was only a figure of speech.

Perhaps sending the message that it’s a great time to off Madeline Haithcock will help make clear the kind of hate she is generating with her effort to name a street after the late, convicted robber and accused kidnapper, Fred Hampton.

Read the article...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yet More On That Crazy Malibu Ferrari Crash! Another Fantastic Update!

In the wreckage police found a loaded magazine for a .40 caliber Glock, semi-automatic pistol. I’d suspect that would be a huge problem if it turned out to be the property of the Swedish ex-convict, Stefan Eriksson, the car’s owner. His immigration status would also come into play if he were found in possession of firearms.

Now there is an investigation into evidence that The San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority may have established a law enforcement agency with the ability to appoint people as peace officers and bestow the power to carry guns and make arrests.

This would be highly unusual for a small transit company that move handicapped people around town. My guess is it’s a phony law enforcement agency created to give away badges and guns to police pretenders. It’s raised lots of questions that will be answered in short order.

Creating phony police agencies is most common in states like California, Illinois and New York where permits to carry firearms are nearly impossible to obtain. Criminals such as armed robbers never to go to such extremes to invent police agencies to facilitate their crimes. Of course felons and aliens are never granted the right to carry firearms.

The rub here is that Eriksson allegedly identified himself to Sheriff’s officers as a Commissioner with the agency. It just so happens that Eriksson's civil attorney, Ashley Posner, is listed as the chairman of the San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority.

One thing for sure, Stefan Eriksson’s answering questions for police has ended. That won’t however end the ongoing investigation.

There’s more here in the L.A. Times, and at KNBC-TV.

Were The Soviets Behind 1981 Shooting Of Pope John Paul, II?

According to a Reuter’s report, that’s the word from an Italian parliamentary investigative commission. It’s no secret that the collapse of the Eastern European Communist control had a lot of encouragement from the saintly leader of the Roman Catholic Church. The new report makes sense since the motive behind the assassination attempt is abundantly clear.

Pope John Paul II was a very real threat to the lifestyles of many Communist leaders facing forced early retirement, exile or worse. Nowhere was this more evident than in the Pope’s home country, Poland. Poland became the epicenter for the destruction of the failed Communist system of government.

I’ve grown very fond of Pope John Paul, II over the years. I’ve had some really bizarre brushes with this Pope and I’ve met India’s, late Mother Theresa another saintly icon of the Catholic Church. Mother Theresa once placed a gift of a medal bearing her likeness into my hand. I will save these two stories for another day.

By another coincidence I’ve become close friends with two women who until recently never new each other. Both women sang for Pope John Paul, II on October 17, 1987 at the Dodger’s Stadium on Los Angeles. One is the gifted actress, singer and dancer, Ann Jillian, the wife of former Chicago police sergeant, Andy Murcia and the other is, Sue Ann Pinner an opera singer and college professor.

I will say that I’m involved in the background of an ongoing secret project that will honor Pope John Paul, II in the near future.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A New War On Chicago Cops Is In Progress.

This story won't go away. Fred Hampton was every bit an urban terrorist when he openly advocated killing cops. Black Panther inspired murders of police officers created a very real war in Chicago. Beyond the officers that were murdered there were scores that were disabled for life as a result of Black Panther violence.

That December, 1969 raid was at a point in time where officer safety (at least to the cops) was more important than the lives of those such as Fred Hampton who were on record calling for the murder of cops.

There were two versions of that raid the cops and the murderous survivors. Both versions of events still exist. I suggest that if the cops were bent on a search and destroy that no Panthers from that Monroe Street flat would have lived to tell lies. If you chose to believe the surviving Black Panthers, you also have to accept the fact that Hampton was a criminal terrorist at war with his country and the police.

I have two really simple questions. Is there such a shortage of accomplished African-American role models in Chicago that they can’t find someone deserving of the honor? Why would any Chicago Alderman want to reopen this old wound and rekindle the hate that the Black Panthers represented?

If naming a street after Hampton is a good idea because he was a revolutionary, perhaps the next federal courthose should be named after Timothy McVeigh.

WMAQ-TV's Dick Kay weighed in on this issue with his report that includes old newsfilm of Frad Hampton and the raid scene on Monroe Street.

An update: The mood in the comments section of this story at Second City Cop is not good, There are suggestions of a job action to halt writing moving violation and parking citations should the city dare use tax money to honor the dead terrorist. Those officers have my full support to do whatever it takes to end the glorification of killing cops. If this fight really comes to City Hall I may just fly in to Chicago for this one.

Mayor Richard J. Daley would have used his own body to prevent this kind of insult. His son, the current mayor is not half the man his father was and can't be counted on to take a leadership role with Phil Cline his appointed Superintendent of Police.

As this is going on in Chicago, justice caught up with this Chicago Panther who murdered a cop 36 years ago.