Sunday, November 02, 2008

Will An Obama Election Loss Spark A Hollywood Kool-Aid Party?

Hollywood, CA—The Leftist major media has already declared a victory for their hero, Barack Obama. Hollywood’s leading Lefties like Robert Redford , Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand and Susan Sarandon have all reneged on their vows to leave the USA if George Bush was either elected or re-elected.

I suspect there may still be some surprises on Tuesday. There’s talk of the Bradley Effect where the polls don’t accurately reflect what voter will do in the privacy of the voting booth. Tom Bradley, an African-American former Los Angeles mayor was predicted as a sure winner in the California Governoer's race. Loads of voter’s deceived pollsters later voting against Bradley. White voters did not want to be perceived as bigoted so they feigned allegiance to Bradley who lost the election.

Increasingly White Americans are realizing that Barack Obama with his Marxist admiration and leanings will enslave them through wealth redistribution. That reality may cause the Bradley Effect to get a brand new moniker for Obama.

Hollywood has sent hundreds of millions to the Obama campaign. These wealthy Liberals will not be able to cope with another Republican as President, even an established Liberal one like John McCain.

That leads me to ask what’s next for the Hollywood Elite if McCain wins the election?

Perhaps these disaffected Hollywood idealists can hold another Obama fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Hilton and donate the proceeds and their entire estates to charity. They could cap off the gala night with a toast with People’s Temple, Jim Jones’ special recipe Kool-Aid.


Anonymous said...

I understand that the pollsters are not making public the fact that they get approx. 80% "refuse to answer" responses while conducting their polls......that alone tells me that the polls are meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations,you made the English press:

Anonymous said...

Let's hope it does spark a Kook-Aid Party. Hence, we no longer have to see the hubris moron's again.