Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Betty Ready For Primetime TV News!

Los Angeles, CA—I’ve seen the disintegration of TV news over the last decade. Audiences are getting smaller and ad revenues are shrinking. The news directors are desperate to do anything to attract viewers short of bringing them real news.

KTLA-TV has brought forward a story that is of obvious importance to those who want to know about the burning issues that affect all of us. It’s November sweeps time and they make a special effort to give us what they think we need and want.

KTLA-TV thought we all needed to know about, “getting your Betty ready”. Among the disappointments here is you never really get to see and meet Betty, she is left for your vivid imagination. I guess when TV executives are desperate, almost anything goes. I’ve seen a lot of total trash in my time but this takes the cake for all times.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this wouldn't have been a bad "news" story if they showed some attractive beaver in the video. But seriously, you are right. The mainstream media is in it's dying throes. It's obvious all journalistic integrity is long gone.