Friday, January 29, 2016

“Crazy” Ted Kaczynski Was Not Insane! He was Clairvoyant!

Lincoln, MT—In 1978 a two-decade bombing campaign began that untimely took three lives and maimed some 23 people.  Ingeniously hand constructed bombs were delivered, mailed or otherwise planted targeting people involved with advanced technology.  It was an effort to intimidate those involved to obstruct and discontinue their efforts.
I worked on this massive investigation myself for among others, ABC News.  The FBI dubbed the bomber as the, "UNABOM" (UNiversity & Airline BOMber).  Their agents meticulously reconstructed the bombs in their investigative process that consumed many of their entire careers.   
Everyone was trying to guess the reasoning behind this frightening serial killer’s actions.  The New York Times received a somewhat strange letter on April 24, 1995.  The author promised "to desist from terrorism" if the Times or the Washington Post published his manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future (also called the "Unabomber Manifesto"), in which he argued that his bombings were extreme but necessary to attract attention to the erosion of human freedom necessitated by modern technologies requiring large-scale organization. 
That manifesto eventually led to the unmasking of the man responsible, Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski.   Kaczynski was a genuine Harvard educated egghead with a PhD in mathematics.  Kaczynski was so beyond brilliant he did not fit into our society.  He shunned anything involving technology including automobiles.   He took up residence in a tiny shack and spent countless hours at his local library. 
Friends were elusive to Kaczynski who limited his human connections to two women in the small hamlet of Lincoln.  One was the librarian and the other headed the local Chamber of Commerce.
Kaczynski was not pleasant to be around primarily because of his lacking personal hygiene and unkempt appearance.  Most people avoided this eccentric fellow.  Once Kaczynski’s own brother David tipped off the FBI the so-called UNABOM suspect’s mad world came to a halt. 
This was a huge news story at the time and I was once more working with ABC News network reporter Bill Redeker.  I worked with Redeker before on the Oklahoma Bombing case and on both of these stories and our reports came way out on top.
A picture of Kaczynski soon emerged and the consensus was that he was simply crazy.  His redundantly re-published manifesto was anything but an easy read.  However to me Kaczynski’s message was clear and hauntingly ominous.
Technology was about to strangle all of society in a world far worse than George Orwell’s 1984!  Both Orwell and Kaczynski were absolutely right in their prophecies.  Government and select corporations now have the massive power to see and hear whatever they want almost anywhere they want. There is no privacy and there is no escape from those in power.  Between Google, the NSA and thousands of smaller government contractors we are in a police state that would make Adolf Hitler a very jealous man.
Right now in Oregon there are some brave men that are challenging the federal government’s authority to seize and control public land.  Decades of family business are at stake.  Now the government is about to crush this protest just like the BATFE, FBI and our military unlawfully did to the men, women and children in Waco, TX during the Branch Davidian Massacre.
Already in Oregon the Feds have compromised cell phones, deployed listening devices and drones to selectively locate, ambush and even kill one protester so far. 
The question remains as to how far this kind on tyranny will continue.  Will the federal enforcement agents follow their oaths of office or remain loyal to tyrannical government bureaucrats instead. 
We have learned from history that despots like Hitler maintained control by allowing his thugs to seize and keep citizen’s personal property, money, businesses and land.
Keeping government enforcers on the side of the citizenry always fails under despotic regimes.  Corruption always rules.  Today we have a totally corrupt government and our elected and appointed leaders are controlled by greed for power and money.  They don’t give a rat’s ass about the people that elected them.
Kaczynski saw the power that technology would give politicians and had the vision to understand that eventually life, as we knew it was on a track straight to Hell.  Kaczynski unsuccessfully tried to stop this but nobody would listen.  
Our Second Amendment to keep and bear arms has been completely hijacked.  It was meant to give the people defense parity with our government.  We allowed this important right to become meaningless.   The government has the power and technology to murder far beyond anyone’s worst nightmare.  The small arms we have are no match for our government’s current killing tools.
Kaczynski was a lot of things, but crazy he was not.  His warnings went ignored as we laughed him off.  I for one am not laughing anymore.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

DJI Drone Warrantee Repair a Disappointing situation

Los Angeles, CA--I had my somewhat pricy DJI Inspire 1 camera drone for five months.  

I love the product and it never gave a bad moment.  Well not quite.  

DJI has an update policy from Hell.  They suddenly announce a firmware update.  You can't fly until you get to good internet service with a computer, download and install the update.  

That is a disaster when you drive to a location for a shoot and everything stops.  

Okay that sucks but while attempting my last update for the cold weather battery fix things went to Hell.

The camera stopped retaining the little SD memory card spitting it out! 
There suddenly was a second problem with the coupling of the camera and gimbal to the drone.  Contact was somehow lost.  

Technical support was sympathetic and told me to take it to Fedex and provided several explicate pages of instructions on shipping it back.

The repair facility is in nearby Carson but they demand it be shipped by Fedex even if you are located across the street!  Same with the return!  Two full days are added to the repair time and DJI eats the unnecessary cost! 

They fiddled with my drone and returned in in just over two weeks.  I put in the memory card without a hitch. However when I fired up the drone to move the landing gear for camera attachment it failed.

The ink was not dry yet on the FedEx receipt and I had a new problem!  After a 45 minute wait for technical support another sympathetic support agent quickly advised me it had to go back once again.  

Thankfully I had another copy of my original sales receipt to put in the shipment or I be paying for the repairs!

Just to make thing interesting they give you a 25 digit number to write in several places that begins with RMA.  I'm sure only God can help you if you screw that up!  

I know that everyone that crashes their DJI products blame the products for their own failures.  DJI must have a repair staff of people dealing with customers from Hell.  

Both legitimate and bogus claims must be difficult to deal with.

My repair return is complicated further by travel issues. I must now have it shipped to an address somewhere else!

Yep, I got the DJI double repair whammy.  What's going to be my next DJI misadventure? 

When it works I love it! When I'm in warranty jail I hate it.   

There's got to be a better way! 

I shipped the drone to DJI after the tech support guy said it needed to go back when the landing gear was apparently stuck in shipping position. 

They returned the drone to me in Las Vegas and upon upon trying once again the landing gear wouldn't budge. I called tech support and was told to send it back again. 

Suddenly it struck me that perhaps my radio controller was no longer coupled with the drone.  The lights went on in the tech support Guy's mind and he talked me through re-coupling and that was the issue. Now I can fly once more! 

The tech support guy was not as sharp as he should have been.  


Hans Gruber, A Masterful Movie Villain is Really Gone Today

Los Angeles, CA—I’ve always been sad that the greatest Villain of the Die Hard film franchise, Hans Gruber was killed off and has never returned.  I wanted so much to see a rematch that was impossible after the wild Gruber death scene.
Now it’s even sadder to report that the actor, Alan Rickman has left our world at age 69 from cancer. Rickman was an incredibly versatile actor that could play anything marvelously. 
Hans Gruber was a challenging role for Rickman playing the cunning, educated, suave and nasty terrorist/robber in the original Die Hard film.   Rickman mastered a German accent.  Gruber’s weapon of choice was a classic HK P7-M13, 9mm pistol with a suppressor.  It’s a very rare, highly dependable and undeniably expensive pistol to say the least.  I have the blue steel version terrific gun sans the suppressor.
Actors sometimes have the privilege to die more than once! This was Ricman’t lot in life.
Rickman’s death in the Die Hard film was exciting to say the least:

Monday, January 11, 2016

Massive Government and Media cover up in Progress of European Islamic Terrorism?

Berlin, Germany--Now there is little question that bringing in upwards of one million Islamic "refugees" to Germany was a grave and perhaps irreversible error. 

Are they really refugees or military invaders? They are mostly men of military age. We will be finding out as this story unfolds. 

The German media has been acting like Chancellor Mutti Merkel's lap dogs by dutifully under reporting despicable crimes committed by Islamic monsters.   Of course the American media has been doing the same here.  

However, unlike Europeans, Americans have plenty of firearms and are more inclined to put a halt to the horrors we are seeing in Europe. 

All over Europe there is an apparent tsunami rape and robbery crisis as a result of the immigration fiasco.  

As for the information I obtained on my recent visit to London and Germany it was from a number of cops in different areas in and near Berlin.  Cops told me it's getting worse by the second.  Cops also tell me they can't begin to deal with the sudden crime increase. 

There is the additional problem of Neo-Nazis agitating the Muslims.  Cops are wondering if a civil war is brewing now.  Are the cops exaggerating?  What could possibly be their motive to lie?  

German politicians are starting to react calling for a reduction of future refugees.  It remains to be seen just what happens.  

Europe's huge tourism industry is at risk as the dangers of Islamic terrorism and crime become evident.

If the media cover up is dangerous as I've been told uninformed people will not take safety precautions.  Victimization is sure to become much worse. 

Stay tuned as this ugly mess continues. 

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

My View of Women and Their Role in Society

Santa Fe, NM—Let me begin with the confession I love women.  I adore elegance, grace, beauty and brains.
Some believe that since I despise Hillary Clinton I must be sexist. I despise most every politician regardless of sex because they are all corrupt, freedom hating control freaks.
I’m beyond disappointed that women are routinely programed to be second-class.  They are the wives, mothers, housekeepers and they make magic in the kitchen. Because of technology and work saving devices women have much more time and ability to break out of that stereotype.
Women unnecessarily miss out on a lot of life’s fun and excitement because they think some activities are somehow not feminine or somehow too masculine.
Creating videos with drones is something enjoyed by less than three percent of women.  Why I ask?   It’s easy, fun and creative.  The women I’ve seen using drones are more skilled than the men.  
Things are changing since women are filling our medical, dental and law schools. I say bravo to that.
Actress Angelina Jolie said she would much rather play James Bond than a Bond girl. Why has Hollywood not expanded heroic and masterful roles for women? 
My all time favorite film is the World War II film Black Book.   In this film based on fact a very appealing Berlin Jewish nightclub singer hides out in the Netherlands from the Nazis.  She becomes an accentual member of the Dutch underground and a hero.
That film has an all around great cast that was led by Carice van Houten who absolutely rocked.  It was truly a role of a lifetime for a woman.  The film was far more realistic and much better those Mission Impossible or the James Bond films. 
Women need never lose their femininity or dignity to lead rather than follow men. 
As a firearms instructor I learned a lot about women.  Usually they shoot better then men simply because they listen to the instructors.  Men think that being macho is all they need so they don’t listen.   I always separate couples in those classes for obvious reasons.
The only thing holding back women are the women themselves.  I cheer on any woman that wants to break through.  
Any woman that can break out of the gender-programming mold is more attractive and sexier.   
Somehow many women juggle being wives, mothers and superheroes at the same time.  Why settle for second place?  My advice?  Don't take no for an answer!

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Germany’s Immigration Fiasco and its Frightening Consequences for all of Europe

Cologne, Germany—An irreversible political decision was made under the guise of humanitarianism to bring in one million refugees from Islamic nations into Germany.  The political Left did this like they always do to bring in people they believe will keep a majority of poor so the Socialist political agenda is realized and maintained. 

These predominately Islamic refugee immigrants cannot speak German or even English that’s widely spoken in Europe.  They have no job skills other than their cultural military killing related knowledge.  They hate the Western world, its culture, Christian religion and women’s rights.  With rare exceptions, these people can only survive from what they are given or forcibly take from the Europeans.

These Muslims are claiming that the suggestive clothing worn by German women is an excuse brutal rape and robbery.  The Islamists claim they can’t control their sexual impulsivity when women are not covered in Burkas.  Does anyone really buy that nonsense?   
It was New Years and as always in the larger cities German people gather outside to celebrate.  The young women are bundled up in warm clothing that’s hardly suggestive because of those harsh winters. 
This year was different because the crowds included large roving groups of newly arrived, primarily North African Islamic thugs that singled out young German women, surrounded them, ripped their clothing away, beat and gang raped them.  The women were also robbed of jewelry, cell phones, credit cards and cash. A night of planned fun became the worst night of these women’s lives.
The police were powerless to stop this depraved horror and investigating this after the fact in order to bring the thugs to justice is nearly impossible.  The Conservative anti-immigrant PEGIDA movement and some hateful Neo-Nazis accurately predicted this kind of conduct.  The government’s politicians did everything possible to mitigate and cover-up this massive immigrant organized atrocity.  Eventually however the cat was let out of the bag.
Now that hundreds of young German woman’s lives have been irrevocably shattered the German people are waking up that the PEGIDA movement needs massive support.  They know that Germany cannot absorb these savage and hateful parasites.  The quality of lives, property, and physical safety of the German people has been simply gambled away so the Left could maintain political control.
Making matters worse is that law-abiding Germans have no gun rights and few guns.  Understandably sales of those woefully ineffective pepper spray devices right now are through the roof.  The Muslims have already smuggled loads of military grade arms into Europe.   Of course when criminals and terrorists are involved gun control is no more effective than drug control.  Gun Control and the lack of training for Germans have placed them at the absolute mercy of Islamic thugs.
Wherever the Muslim refugees have been placed there have been massive reports of shoplifting, robbery and similar crimes.  The police cannot deal with this large scale mess.  As they evade arrest and punishment the Islamic thugs will only become more prolific and emboldened. 
Germany must immediacy rethink gun control and look to every nation that allows permitted concealed weapons.  The statistics are very clear that those people behave themselves very well.
Germany must beef up law enforcement resources by bringing in trustworthy well-trained American military veterans to assist local police.  Being a veteran that was fortunate enough to serve in Germany I know we can work well together and better protect this nation.
The German people are learning a hard and violent lesson here.  The political Left has fooled them once again.  The refugee invaders are a clear and present danger to Germany.  Angela “Mutti” Merkel and her allies in Parliament’s political futures are now dead.
Immigration from these Islamic nations must cease and everything must be done to remove at least the criminal element, back where they came from. 
The German people deserve the ability to be trained with and carry arms so they can be self-reliant.  Training must include the law and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force.       
Germany must make it clear that any and all immigrants are accountable to laws.  They must behave as guests learn the language and work.  Immigrants that refuse to assimilate properly or behave must be expelled if Germany is to continue as a leading nation.
The German people have a greater than ever reputation for culture and kindness.  These are not the same people that allowed the Nazis to dictate for 12 years and watch their nation get destroyed.  Germany emerged as a new nation with heart, conscience and well-deserved pride.