Friday, August 30, 2013

Was a Phoenix Ex Convict, Baby Daddy Really Smoking Weed While His Baby Cooked To Death in the Car?

Phoenix, AZ--Daniel Gray is what you might call a real Marijuana Aficionado.  Between 2003 and the present he’s been arrested and convicted four times for felony marijuana related charges.  He took a bigger fall more recently when he went down for Aggravated DUI in 2010 and served time at the Arizona State Prison.
Along the way Gray garnered several misdemeanor convictions for Driving While License Suspended, Reckless Driving and False Reporting.
After his release from prison in 2012 Gray hooked up with Rebecca Hillary and made a baby three months ago who was named Jamison Gray.   Police say that yesterday apparently Daniel Gray used Hillary’s 2003 Oldsmobile to take a ride with the infant over to BT Sports Pub on North Scottsdale Road in order to smoke some weed with a new employee.  
It was a typically hot summer day and the baby was left in his car seat for over an hour with no air conditioning while dad sat on the car getting stoned. The predictable happened and the baby perished in the heat.
It turns out that Gray and the infant’s mother do not share the same domicile.  So far Rebecca Hillary has not talked to the media.  I suspect that the mother will have a lot to say after she has learned just how her baby died.   
Today Daniel Gray is in jail held on $100,000 bail and has a status conference scheduled for September 5th.   Gray is charged with one Count of Reckless Manslaughter and one count of Reckless Child Abuse
The horror of this story is unimaginable, unforgivable and disgusting.   I think that Daniel Gray will be come the underclass of whatever prison he’s sent to for this incredible crime. 

Guerilla Filmmaking, Film Permits and Extortion In Southern California

California Film Permit Czar
Los Angeles, CA—The great film director Werner Herzog advises young filmmakers to forge film permits!  The permits require hefty fees, expensive liability and workman’s comp insurance that aspiring filmmakers simply cannot afford.   The result is lost art and missed opportunities as government tyranny once again raises its ugly head. 
The minimum permit fee weighs in at $1,000.00 and when you add in additional requirements making films in Southern California is extraordinarily difficult for all but well-financed studios.  Of course the studios are smart enough to film anywhere far away from the L.A. Film Permit Nazis
Film permits are required even if you’re shooting inside your own home!  The cops will be sent out to shut down no budget productions and to cite these dangerous criminals.   This is just another sad example of government excess. 
I think every filmmaker understands that if streets must be shut down and dangerous stunts are filmed there are legitimate issues of cost and public safety.   But a tiny production by hobbyists, film students or beginners does not deserve the boot of government on their necks. 
Steven Spielberg made his first films as a child in Arizona.  He never had to fear that cops would shut him down.  Imagine what would have been lost had that legendary filmmaker been deterred by extortionate government thugs?
In Los Angeles the aspiring artists resort to what we call Guerrilla Filmmaking.  They hide their movie making activities and shoot scenes with a sharp eye out for the cops.  We’ve seen the government clamp down on children’s lemonade stands in recent times and this makes about as much sense. 
The cost of film equipment has plummeted, as the quality has been better than ever!  People are learning the magic of making films and the quality that amateurs are accomplishing is astounding.
Whatever happened to the First Amendment?  When did we began to tax expression, art and thought?  
More importantly if you kill filmmaking productivity through tax extortion and over-regulation normal income taxes won’t be realized either.  The result of this insanity is that a huge percentage of film production has run far away from Southern California. 
The politicians don’t seem to understand that the people left behind are the non-productive, imprisoned criminals and those addicted to entitlements.  Does the City of Detroit mean anything to anyone?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Unintended Dangerous Consequences of Immigration Amnesty

Los Angeles, CA—In addition to the felons and mental patients we know about there are some 11,000,000 people that are forbidden to possess guns in America.  Illegal aliens are currently in the class of prohibited possessors.  Most of them are from Mexico or Central America.  
Things being the way they are we cannot determine these alien's criminal histories in their home nations.  Try getting criminal and mental health records from any of our Southern neighboring nations.  Background checks in that regard simply cannot be accomplished.  
If our government grants Green Card status or citizenship to the illegal aliens they will automatically be able to purchase, possess and carry firearms.  We will have no way of knowing if they have criminal records for wife beating, robbery, rape burglary, drug trafficking in their own countries.  How about the dangerous mentally ill among them?  It only makes sense that once criminals are discovered they will want to relocate where their recent past is far behind them. Coming to the USA is an obvious first choice. 
It is the political Left that is demanding amnesty for those that have trespassed into America.  It is the political Left that's been demanding full background checks on gun purchasers.  Here these two philosophies are colliding like speeding freight trains in the night.
Remember the political Left long ago put in lifetime gun bans for people convicted of a huge laundry list of crimes.  Here the illegal aliens are set escape whatever crimes they committed in the past like they never happened.  If you’re a dangerous illegal alien with amnesty you will suddenly have total legal access to firearms.  Of course if you are a natural born American citizen you will never have gun rights if you did something regrettable even as a juvenile and you’ve lived a clean life for decades.
Remember what George Orwell wrote in his book, Animal Farm, (under Socialism), “Some pigs are more equal than others.” 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Can Al Jazeera America Be a Credible Source for News?

Los Angeles, CA-- Al Jazeera America has set up shop on our Cable TV programing.  They threw some serious money around to land some very respected TV journalists for their news offering.  Many people are fearful that Al Jazeera America will be slinging propaganda and disinformation to their viewers.  TV news is a powerful tool that brainwashes human minds rather well.
Need I remind anyone that NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN have been Barack Obama’s personal public relations team?  They never dare ask Obama tough questions and they always speak so glowingly of his Leftist agenda.  They hardly bothered to notice that Obama’s criminal machine unlawfully wiretapped them.  I have long suspected that Obama’s spying apparatus has gathered lots of embarrassing material on top journalists and their families and totally owns most of them today. 
Al Jazeera America is the new kid in town.  I suspect that they want to gain an audience and make money.  Advertisers have been scarce and we will have to see what they bring in the way of ratings.  
I have an open mind here considering what we already have in place is the kind of disinformation machine that would even make The Father of Broadcast Propaganda, Josef Goebbels green with envy. 
We will see in the coming months what Al Jazeera America will be doing.  Can it somehow be worse?  Will they push the Muslim religion or philosophy on viewers?  Many of their 13th Century customs are absolutely horrifying to most Americans.  Will Al Jazeera America stick to reporting the news or will this just be another propaganda effort?  
Let’s give them a chance to expose some of the scandals that the Obama News Network has hidden from view.   My hope is they will become a credible, reliable and important source for news.  Perhaps we should encourage them to do the task that they’ve undertaken.

If they are serious about doing hard news I'd be looking to do some investigative field producing for them!

Why Are Hollywood Casting Directors Allowed to Commit Criminal Extortion?

Los Angeles, CA—For those that don’t know this I am a member of SAG-AFTRA.   That’s the union that represents actors and other talent for motion pictures, broadcast and web related entertainment.  
My union has worked to fight extortion when it involves sex in order to work but they’ve failed miserably to prevent actors from being forced to pay cash.   Young actors are usually broke and desperate as they try and compete for various roles.
Only a small percentage of actors have agents and those without agents have to get roles before agents will notice them.   In order to get seen and considered actors must audition with casting directors for he less important parts.  If you don’t get the small parts you can never compete for the larger roles.
The problem is the casting directors have set up a criminal enterprise and gotten away with it.  Actors are met with solicitations the moment they enter casting offices for acting classes.  The classes just happen to be run by the casting directors!
For the most part the classes are simply a sham but those paying for the classes get parts and the others don’t.  If actors don’t pay the casting directors they simply don’t get to play! 
There are very serious civil and criminal penalties involved but casting directors have been escaping any and all scrutiny by law enforcement.  The most obvious crimes and torts involved are extortion, restraint of trade and criminal racketeering. 
I ask why is a demand for sex in order to win an acting role and different than a demand for cash?   Actors want to work and making waves by asking the casting directors to end their extortion will in effect blackball the actor out of business forever! 
Acting classes are absolutely necessary.   Actors must run through the repetitive process of learning lines, speaking them understandably and timing the dialog.  There are lots of issues that actors must overcome to avoid becoming caricatures rather than the characters.   However it should never be the casting directors running the acting schools!  That is an obvious conflict of interest.
I ask where has the LAPD, FBI and California Department of Justice been?  I know that is impossible for them to work undercover to dismantle this criminal racket without first joining SAG-AFTRA.   
The victims here are young actors that are often struggling to avoid homelessness.  They are understandably afraid to complain about the people that have the power to banish them from acting altogether. 
Law enforcement has not been effectively been able to deal with this institutionalized decades long crime wave.  Perhaps SAG-AFTRA and the talent agencies need to recognize their responsibilities in this area. 
The Los Angeles City Attorney, Mike Feuer is asking that actors come forward if they have paid for classes or acting workshops run by the casting directors.  If you’re an actor and have the courage to report the casting scoundrels send an email to Feur’s assistant at
The only way to stop this crime is not tolerating it in the first place!  Perhaps sending a bunch of these miscreants to Club Fed for a few years might send a strong message!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Law Enforcement is No Longer About Serving and Protecting

Chicago, IL—Once upon a time the local cops were there for you and your family.  If you heard something go bump in the night they came and you were glad to see them.  Those days are over.  You need learn how to lock your doors and to use self-help. 
The politicians have changed our cop’s jobs and duties and not for the better.  Today a visit with the police is nothing more than about government by extortion.  Sometimes it is as bad is it can get.
Today we have photo traffic enforcement cameras designed strictly to generate revenue.  The ultimate collection agency is always the local cops that arrest you and tow your vehicles.  Of course the cops are always armed and ready for combat.  This is not about traffic safety but local government funding all the crap we don’t want or need.  The happy contractors involved always fund those expensive political campaigns. 
An insult to injury on the government traffic extortion cams is that our courts are too often allowing hearsay evidence and we have millions of wrongful fines being levied.
The other monster is the out-of-control federal law enforcement agencies.  More and more Congress has given federal agents powers over ordinary street crime.  The problem is the training the feds just don’t receive.  They are never trained in local laws or residential law enforcement.   
Federal police only know how to make felony street stops.  They have no training about or authority over local traffic laws.  They are not even taught how to deal with a routine family disturbance call or handle a tavern brawl.   Understandably these can be very complicated events. 
The federal agents began decades ago to impersonate state and local police by wearing insignias that say POLICE.  Federal cops have jurisdiction over federal crimes and only have the power of Citizen’s Arrest over local crimes.  Of course the ignorant public does not really have a clue. 
The FBI has a perennial complaint.  When they announce their office to make arrests and enter property with search warrants people never believe them.  Unless that have combat SWAT gear or Raid jackets people blow them off as impostors.  Today initially they yell out, “police!” not FBI. The same is true with the other alphabet federal law enforcement agencies.
They have gone around their problems by forming joint operations.  That localizes the feds and federalizes the locals.  The not so fun part is when you get charged with the same violation in both the federal and state courts! 
Today anything more than a lost dog call, seems to be a SWAT operation.  This is not about public safety but law enforcement people and their bosses living out Walter Mitty dreams of being the fictional Hollywood movie SWAT commandos.  The amount of deaths and life changing injuries has never been higher during these senseless operations.
SWAT operations and hostage negotiations have their place just not on every home visit!
Law enforcement people have forgotten that they can do so much more with a telephone and kind words than with their bucket helmets, jackboots and automatic weapons.  Today there are tons of leftover combat crap like tanks, Humvees, and firepower from Hell being handed over to local cops. 
Serving felony arrest warrants seems dangerous right?  It will be for sure if you turn every warrant into a man hunting operation.   I was taught to contact the wanted subject’s mothers by phone.  I’d tell them their son was wanted on a warrant and the bail amount for release that was set.  Additionally I’d tell them if their boy shows up at my station at 9:00 AM with the bail cash he’d simply get booked for court and sent on his way. 
If the bond was too much I’d tell the mom that I’d get him in front of a judge quickly and the fact that he self-surrendered would go a long way to help the judge reduce the bail amount.   In the long run cooperation will help with sentencing issues.  If your boy has to serve some time he could be in minimum-security comfort or wind up on, “The Rock” based on how he responds to the warrant.
Needless to say every Monday morning I have a full house.  The rest I’d have to chase down or simply wait until they got caught on a street stop. 
I know there is still some cops someplace serving warrants with class by telephone.  However today any excuse to kick down doors and toss the cool and very destructive flash bang grenades seems to be the way of the “New Breed” of cops.   I guess the Old-Breed won’t make for an exciting reality TV show. 
I have to say there can be no question that many more lives are saved by telephone then by SWAT operations.
Frankly citizens need avoid contact with law enforcement whenever they can.   Don’t call 911 for anything more than fire or medical emergencies.  When the cops come they have to guess just who are the good and bad guys.  Trust me they don’t always get it right.   That goes double if the “victim” is emotionally upset for any reason.
Avoiding conflict and choosing your friends and lovers wisely is still the best way to keep the cops away.  When the cops visit you today it will cost for those old fines, bail bonds, lawyers and perhaps your job if you can’t show up for work. 
The feds have so many laws that I’d venture to say we break plenty without even being aware we are in violation.  Our Congress has armed the IRS, EPA, and every obscure federal agency with war weapons.  The federal building security guards they now call Homeland Security are out making petty traffic stops on federal property.  
United States of America is a full blown police state.   It will only get much worse.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The New Importance of Handgun Grips and the Aftermarket

Carol Stream, IL—In the Western suburb of The Windy City stands a business called Eagle Grips.  I have had a personal association with this firm since it began in 1971.  Back then I was a young cop just out of the Army.  I always liked guns so when I could get off on weekends I’d hit local gun shows. 
Back then there were fewer gun bans and the gun shows were larger however the selection of available guns and accessories were limited by today’s standards.   Aftermarket gun grips were the made by a few companies and the pickings were slim.  That changed for me when I saw a Sikh Indian man at a table exhibiting grips at the then popular Waukegan Gun Show.
At the time gun grip materials were usually either made from walnut wood or rubber.  The choices were limited.  There are problems with rubber grabbing your clothes and printing out through your clothing with telltale signs that you’re packing heat.   Walnut wood is too soft and for grips and the material must be sealed with some type of varnish.  Walnut is such a bland looking wood that it hurts my eyes. 
The Sikh fellow was exhibiting really gorgeous rosewood and ebony wood grips.  The colors were much richer than what Colt, Smith & Wesson or Ruger was putting on their stock products.   I was so impressed I bought two sets from him.   That was the beginning of a terrific love affair with a company’s products and a lasting friendship with that Sikh man, Harbans Singh.
Singh learned I was a cop and asked my lots of questions in relation to law enforcement needs and product design.   Ever since I’ve been heavily involved on a part time basis with product development and design.  Additionally I handle public relations for the firm and attend several of the largest gun shows in the world each year.  That firm is, Eagle Grips.
Harbans retired and his son Raj Singh is now the President and CEO.    The younger Singh had grown up with guns, gun enthusiasts, firearms trainers, cops, collectors and firearms journalists.  Raj Singh has followed in his father's footsteps. 
Why do you need after market grips for your handguns?
Essentially every handgun other than the polymer frame guns like Glock come with grips from the factory.  They are generally well designed and attractive but why settle for the routine if you don’t have to? Additionally factory grips almost fit nobody's hands!  This is Where Eagle Grips has take the lead. 
Your handgun is an important part of you if you are like me and carry one.  It’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before going to sleep.   Your gun is a highly prized personal item and should be personalized to your needs, taste and style.  We are all different and now we can demand that our guns reflect our persona.  Once you’ve seen Eagle’s products you will want to banish walnut and rubber from your life.  
Eagle offers real ivory, Mother of Pearl, Sambar Stagg, Rosewood and Ebony Wood.  In addition there are some polymer and synthetic offerings that mimic the natural materials. 
Suddenly the game was changed when Raj Singh sought to bring color into the otherwise drab world of gun grips.  A new process was discovered to make the most durable and terrific grip material ever!  It is called Kirinite.  The colors are incredibly vivid and the selection is limitless.  The material must be cut, shaped and polished like gems.  The more you polish the material the more it adheres to your hands!  The material is not in anyway slippery.  Additionally it is impervious to scratching, dulling or breakage.
Knife makers just love working with Kirinite have take it to new heights.  Now you can have your gun grips match your favorite knife!  This truly the age  for the personalization of your security hardware.  You can order all of Eagle Grip’s material from their website at
Meet my dear friend Raj Singh:

Check out some Kirinite grips here:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New York’s Stop and Frisk Mess, the Case and its Cause, Cost and Cure

New York, NY—This is all about balancing freedom and liberty with the needs of public safety and using propaganda to frighten Americans.  Today millions of Americans really believe that the rights to keep and carry firearms and to be free from unreasonable searches will kill us all. 
Let me challenge anyone to show us where, Congress or the President has the power to exchange our freedoms within the Bill of Rights for public safety.   Every despot,  fascist and  despotic ruler that ever existed promised the population safety through freedom restrictions. 
Those that advocate trading hard won freedoms for the illusion of safety are woefully ignorant of history.  Our prisons are a perfect example that demonstrates that the trade does not work.  Prisoners have zero freedom and are constantly searched and observed yet inmates have drugs, weapons and routinely beat, rape and murder each other. If taking freedom in prison does not work how then can this   possibly help in a feee society? 
This Stop & Frisk related class action lawsuit is called Floyd vs. City of New York.   The court has found that the City violated plaintiff’s rights by violations of equal protection rights and by making thousands of unlawful searches.
Police have been ordered to aggressively pat down people at every opportunity.  Needless to say the cops have concentrated on those troublesome types, usually African-American males between the ages of seventeen and 35.
Before my more sensitive visitors go berserk we have to examine the realities.  Violent crime and those out robbing, raping and killing in every major city in the United States are African-American.  The vast majority of victims are also African-American.  If you check the race statistics every large city morgue you will find the murder victims brought in are incredibly disproportionately African-American as is the population of the local jails and prisons.
This is not about skin color but a bankrupt and violent culture.  For some reason politicians, scholars and policy makers are too frightened to even discuss this social disaster.  This same degenerate social malady does affect other impoverished minorities in similar ways but not nearly to the extent it does African-Americans.
The reason the African-American crime culture exists is because of misguided tolerance by society and the demands by African-Americans themselves.   We can start by Liberal run city entitlement Czars that encourage or at least not discourage absentee fathers.  How can millions of teen unwed mothers raise children alone without having the social mess that exists today?  The Nanny concept of government has created a condition of genocide in the African-American communities of every major city.
Whether searches by police are with probable cause and or with warrants they will impact African-Americans much more than the less violent white people in their communities.
When the founding fathers promulgated our Bill of Rights, they knew about the future tyranny America would face from elected officials.  They took every step they could to insure the people could control the government and not the other way around.  Political propaganda facilitated by media and academia has brainwashed America that our benevolent politicians can somehow be trusted.  They have taught us to ignore tyranny.
We have become desensitized to invasive government searching at government buildings, airports, transportation hubs, concerts and sporting events.  SAG-AFTRA members cannot even attend a film screening put on by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood without being frisked by security goons.  These searches are simply contrary to what America is all about.
These unconstitutional searches devalue and decimate our sacred citizenship.   More importantly we have gone trough to world wars, a civil war and numerous challenges without searching each other like criminals until this phenomena began about 40 years ago. 
The law of the land on searches is still Terry vs. Ohio.  It’s a profiling case if there ever was one.  A cop with over 30 years experience, Mark McFadden saw three suspicious men that appeared to be casing a Cleveland business and made contact with them.  The cop became concerned that the men were about to commit an armed robbery. 
One of the three fled as McFadden approached.  The other two, Terry and Chilton  remained but seemed very nervous and soon a frisk took place that uncovered each had man a loaded handgun.  McFadden made the weapons search because he feared for his own safety.  McFadden recovered handguns from both Chilton and Terry.   They were arrested, charged and later convicted with carrying concealed weapons.  
This became a 1967 landmark case decided by the Liberal Warren Court.  It was what launched  the term, Stop & Frisk became part of American language.   McFadden was justified to conduct a protective search after he saw suspicious activity.

The Terry case was very controversial in its day and what was going on in recently New York far more intrusive, unlawful and outrageous.  It should have been stopped long ago.  Taxpayers may be paying millions to victims of bogus searches because of the clear violations of Civil Rights.  It is something we really can’t afford. 
The rights of all Americans are under attack.   If we do not protect the rights of out troubled minorities who will protect ours?  The Floyd decision is a good one.  We must learn to depend on our own self-help to reduce crime and survive attack.  We don’t need any jackbooted thugs with quasi military uniforms to search us for our own protection.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Crimefile News Needs Reporters!

To my visitors:  From time to time I get requests to post the writings of others.  Unfortunately some of these people are really promoting their personal businesses rather than providing information suitable for Crime, Guns and Videotape.  I want more news in Crimefile News but I can’t be everywhere to do it myself.
This is where some of my skilled visitors come in. I want your stories.  They must be up to journalistic standards.  I don’t want rewrites of published news stories.  They should contain video or at least pictures taken by the contributors.
That means getting interviews of your newsmakers, vetting the information properly and avoiding libel.  Diligent use of public records is a must. 
There are few limits on subject matter if the material is compelling and interesting.  Submitting stories about government policies, crimes, courts, corruption or your latest gun are acceptable.  Perhaps the actions a local hero, or some inspiring person may be great material.  I’m not looking for commentary or opinion material from the contributors however I expect to see opinions pop up in provided interviews of newsmakers.
I want acceptable and properly edited video.  An iPhone can be used with iMovie can accomplish great things with minimal training.  May I suggest an E-book called iPhone Millionaire by Michael Rosenblum.  You can get this through Kindle, iBooks or It will give you a great deal of information you will need. 
The bad news is I can’t pay for your material.  The good news is your work will be seen and properly credited.  Additionally of this idea flies there could be money down the road. 
I don’t want discourage your quest to report news but there are roadblocks and speed bumps.  CNN has had iReport out there for years.  It’s been a colossal disappointment. I would hope someone would be able to dazzle CNN enough to hire them.  I call that missed opportunities. 
Occasionally excellent raw and unedited video has come in as news was breaking at violent events and disasters.  But for the most part all that came in was unwatchable crap.   If you’re at a news-breaking event get some interviews.  Most people will talk if you bother to ask them. 
For your video editing you need to put in well-written voiceovers.  iMovie has the tools for this.  Added voiceovers are much better than trying to narrate on the fly.  That’s how the people you watch on TV news do this.  You can also do a stand up where you face the camera to tell a small part of the story.
For my cop, paramedic and fireman friends may I suggest that you use a pseudo name to avoid difficulties with your departments?   This is a great way of exposing the truth that too many government administrators can’t handle.
Below is a simple video news package I did on the death of Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart’s death in the Brentwood neighborhood of L.A.   It contains a voiceover, graphics, an interview and a standup: 

Monday, August 05, 2013

Obama’s Terrorism Hoax is Simply a Tool to justify his Continued Tyranny

Washington, DC—I have access to intelligence material that’s been passed around to local and state cops as part of the recent terrorism warnings.  Frankly it’s all baloney designed to scare the public into thinking Barack Obama's suspension of our privacy, liberty and freedom is somehow necessary.
They have cited several prison breaks have occurred over the last five months in the Middle East and Indonesia.   A few of the 1,500 prisoners that escaped are supposed big boys in the terrorism business.  That’s really, business as usual since none of them ever did anything on our soil.
It is now the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.   Ramadan began on July 9 and ends on August 8, 2013.  Islamic extremist groups have allegedly have “chatted” their desire to conduct attacks during the last days of Ramadan.  They make that same chatter each and every year at this time. 
There is absolutely nothing different except the shrill cries by our politicians seeking ways to relentlessly grow the TSA and their very real threat to our freedom.   At the same time the massive political corruption has permeated the private contractors involved in the mercenary, spook and spy business is gobbling up our hard earned money.  The criminals in our Whitehouse, government and their financial supporters are bankrupting America. 
When we turned over national security functions to private contractors we opened the door to the massive corruption we have today.  We allowed for an additional
shadow government monster like or federal reserve system that controls our currency.
Frankly we need to exit the Middle East and let those nations sort out their own problems while we use our own oil resources instead of paying extortion to the Arabs we’ve empowered and made obscenely wealthy.
As for the current terrorism political fear mongering, don’t fall for this scam.