Monday, October 30, 2006

Ghetto Rats Killed On Chicago’s Streets This Afternoon

One cop was shot and lost a middle finger in the furious gunfight that witnesses say involved as many as 50 gunshots. Two ghetto rats lay dead and a third is in critical condition in the aftermath of a failed gang hit plot on a rival.

Three gang members from the, “New Breed” were in route to murder a rival gang member. Our three tough guys were under surveillance for their suspected involvement in several recent West side killings.

Apparently the officers learned of the intentions through wiretapped conversations. As the trio approached Humbolt Park on Kedzie Avenue, the officers made a stop on the vehicle and the heavily armed occupants. A backseat passenger leveled an AK-47 rifle at officers who opened fire on the offenders. A 14-year veteran officer was shot by one of the offenders and lost his finger as a result.

The dead and wounded were removed to Chicago’s Mt. Sinai Hospital. Soon the hit men’s families showed up and tried to battle with the cops right at the hospital.

I always made it a practice to mislead the friends and family members of offenders sending them to the wrong hospitals. That’s beneficial two ways. One is to give them time to cool down and the other is to protect the cops and hospital staff from these kinds of confrontations.

Thankfully the officers followed their training and survived the gun battle. The streets of Chicago have three fewer ghetto rats to demonstrate that Chicago’s gun laws only endanger the law abiding.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Meeting Dead Celebrities In Los Angeles

Okay sometimes I’m a morbid guy and want to do the unusual. Saturday was the day to visit some dead celebrities at the Westwood Memorial Park located between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. This was a tiny and obscure cemetery until baseball great Joe DiMaggio planted his ex-wife, 36 year-old Marilyn Monroe in a crypt there. Today, Westwood Memorial park has more stars per square foot than any cemetery in the world.

They let tourists in with cameras and I of course brought in my video camera and tripod and was having a ball until an official with the park threw me, and the camera out when I was at Chicago’s very own, singer Minnie Riperton’s grave. I was invited to get rid of the video camera and downgrade to a still camera and return. Through the magic of desktop video editing you’ll see I didn’t miss much.

Before I was evicted, Marilyn Monroe and I caught some quality time with my video camera. Don’t ask me what it was but Marilyn’s resting place seemed to be healing. I was at in a special place for sure. Who can blame Playboy publisher, Hugh Heffener for shelling out the big bucks for the crypt next to Marilyn’s for his own ride to the hereafter?

Sit back for a few minutes and watch what I experienced during this adventure.

Here is original film of Marilyn's memorial service in Westwood.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

ABC News story tells the truth about guns

This story is already dated since several additional states have given law-abiding people the right to carry concealed firearms. John Sotessel pulled no punches with this hard hitting story. Please, share it with for friends and family.

The Most Radical Elected Official In America

Should the Congresswoman from San Francisco Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House she’d be appointed President after the deaths of our President and Vice President.

This woman is incredibly un-American and wants to have absolute power of Americans and their assets. Don’t let it happen. The Democrats want to create a new Bolshevik Republic to restore status to this failed form of government.

Insane Media Created Freak Shows Over Celebrity Adoptions

Okay, Madonna is really wealthy and can raise any child like a true Prince or Princess. She went to an impoverished land, found an older, motherless child in need and sought to adopt him. Adoptions are almost always really positive events.

That’s a wining deal for everyone involved! The child gets opportunities to realize any hopes or dreams he may have. Madonna gets a new addition to her family. The father of the child gets a guarantee that his boy will have a far better life with Madonna and her husband. The boy will always know who his real father is, and be able to visit his homeland. The boy also gains something else, a mother.

This adoption follows the highly publicized adoptions by actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. These adoptions have been turned into a freak shows by the celebrity driven news organizations. The media coverage has been nothing short of unwarranted prying into these people’s highly personal lives. I can’t understand why these adoptions are so newsworthy.

It's time to let these people alone as they raise their lucky new children. I can only wish these families well as they negotiate the difficult path through life.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your Reward For Electing Democrats! Video

California Shields The Past For Rapists, Robbers And Killers

California somehow manages to keep even the most vital government records secret from public view. Requesting records to facilitate investigation of fraud and waste in state or local government is an exercise in futility. Bureaucrats and politicians can easily hide their misdeeds under California’s records laws.

California’s records laws, offers nearly total privacy for criminals by hiding previous criminal convictions from public view. It makes it nearly impossible to determine the effectiveness of judicial and penal actions on criminals when the records are hidden from view.

The so-called Megan’s Law that identifies dangerous sexual predators came very late to California where Liberals fought taking the steps to protect our children for years. Eventually they relented to public pressure and joined the rest of the country.

One of the deterrents to a life of crime is having that ‘rap sheet” available for viewing by employers, media and neighbors. That enables thousands of small businesses to be gutted by thieves and forced into bankruptcy every year. Career thieves can easily find employment where valuables and cash are at hand.

Most of California’s court records are public but the pre-sentence probation reports in those records are not because they contain the criminal history of convicted defendants.

L.A. County District Attorney, Steve Cooley often released information to the media in connection with high profile suspects until a recent opinion by the California Attorney general, Bill Lockyer. Cooley will no longer be able to reveal that information because of the law outlined in the opinion.

Keeping secret government records worked well for the Nazi and Soviet style governments but in America we reject that. The problem is that California is only part of America when it comes to burning federal tax money.

That Attorney General’s opinion can be found right here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chicago’s Haymarket Riot Police Monument

I first became aware of this sacred monument when I was a teenager. It was located on the Randolph Street Bridge over the Kennedy expressway.

In the days of the Yippies, Hippies and Weathermen (1968-1970) it became a bombing target and was blown up and rebuilt twice. Rather than continue with 24/7 guarding of this site, the statue was moved to headquarters and later to the new police academy at 1300 West Jackson Street. It’s been out of the public’s sight for decades.

It was a horrible day May 4, 1886 when anarchists murdered eight Chicago police officers. The offenders shot at the officers and threw a bomb during a labor riot. Blood ran in the streets and before it was over 70 people were killed or wounded.

The officers who were killed included Patrolman Mathias Degan, Patrolman John Barrett, Patrolman George Miller, Patrolman Timothy Flavin, Patrolman Thomas Redden, Patrolman Nels Hansen and Patrolman Michael Sheehan. Patrolman Timothy Sullivan succumbed to his wounds two years later, on June 13, 1888.

The suspects were rounded up, tried and were sentenced to be hanged. One suspect blew himself up cheating the hangman but the others danced at the bottom of the gallows located at Hubbard and Dearborn Streets.

Learn more about the murdered officers here.

Learn more about the event here.

Maywood IL K-9 Officer Murdered While Sitting In His Patrol SUV.

Maywood, IL-Last night a 37 year-old patrol officer was shot to death while sitting in his marked K-9 vehicle. Officer Thomas Woods was pronounced dead at Loyola University Medical Center before midnight. Officer Woods, leaves his wife and five children.

The K-9 was uninjured in the shooting.

My long time friend and reporter Kristyn Hartman tells the story for WBBM-TV in Chicago.

You Better Learn To Kiss TSA Worker’s Asses Or Face Fines

Flying commercial aircraft these days is even far less fun then you thought. A little known fact is that should you bring your toothpaste or lip gloss in your carry on luggage and are discovered with that contraband the TSA can arbitrarily fine you for some really vague violations. Those fines are triggered if you act offended when the TSA trolls confiscate your property from you.

The power of the TSA has gone way too far. In Phoenix, Arizona in 2005 the TSA levied $77,420 in fines against hapless passengers.

Read more about this outrage here!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Private Eye Ernie Rizzo Dead At 64

Chicago area private eye, Ernie Rizzo was a unique character. He began his career as a Franklin Park, Illinois cop. One day they fired him but he sued the village and won reinstatement with back pay. The department hated that and rather then let him work they assigned and paid him to stay at his home and actually checked to make sure he was there. That went on for a while until he opened his detective agency.

Rizzo hung around another Chicago area PI, Tony Pellicano who is now awaiting trial for wiretapping and racketeering allegations after doing time for possession of a hand grenade and C-4 explosives in L.A. Rizzo and Pellicano pretended to be rivals at times when they were really collaborators.

Rizzo is no stranger to wiretapping and took a fall for it a while back. Rizzo’s license was revoked but that did not even slow him down. Rizzo’s wife ran the agency and hired Rizzo as a consultant. The Illinois Department of Registration and Education soon learned that they had no control over that move. I don’t have a clue how it happened but eventually Rizzo was again licensed as a PI.

Rizzo was effective at getting information but he consistently grandstanded at the expense of his publicity shy clients. Rizzo never met a TV camera he didn’t like. I guess it was good for business.

I was told long ago that the reason that Michael Jackson was able to Moon Walk away from child-molesting charges more than a decade ago was because Rizzo worked one side of the case and Pellicano worked the other. These two had arranged that 21 million dollar settlement that kept the victim away from the witness stand. They brokered the deal for the lawyers involved. Nobody ever looked back, but Rizzo and Pellicano both got a bundle for that case.

With Rizzo dead and Pellicano in a federal lock-up the field is open for replacements for these sleuths. I just can’t imagine another pair of PI’s replacing these two guys. The exploits of these two private dicks could start a feature film franchise that would rival The James Bond films.

Rizzo died in a Chicago hospital of heart problems. Rizzo’s wife of 43 years, a son and daughter survive him.

Why Be A PI In LA LA Land?

If you think being a PI in Hollywood is glamorous, think again! It’s not, The same people are always wanting you to do the same crap they do everywhere. Here’s a better idea!

Our Federal Law Enforcement Officers At Work

Reading this story you’d think it could have only come from the files of the Gestapo or KGB. It all began with the murder of Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Wales, a leader of the gun ban movement in Seattle, October 11, 2001.

Wales was shot in the basement of his home in Seattle's Queen Anne Hill neighborhood on Oct. 11, 2001. Allegedly, ballistics tests revealed the murder weapon was to be a Makarov pistol outfitted with an after-market replacement barrel. The FBI went on a quest looking for every one of owners of the known 3,500 barrels ever made.

That quest brought the FBI to Belleview, WA gun collector Albert Kwan’s home. The bureau agents wanted to borrow and test fire Kwan’s Makarov pistol they believed was outfitted with an after-market replacement barrel. Kwan refused the request because the gun was new and unfired. Kwan’s reasoning was that this would destroy the value of his property.

The bureau agents really fixed Kwan for his refusal. They obtained a search warrant, kicked his door down and seized every firearm in his home. Kwan legally owned 100 machine guns along with some run of the mill semi-automatic firearms. The Agents took one of Kwan's rifles, a Springfield, semi-automatic M-14 copy, remanufactured the receiver, and installed new parts turning it to a machine gun! Since that Springfield was not registered as a machine gun the agents charged Kwan for the federal felony under the National Firearms Act of 1934. Now that's what you call, being creative!

What the agents really wanted was to “create” a witness to testify against another suspect they're trying to implicate in the Wales murder. Since they have no other evidence, the FBI set out to destroy Kwan’s life.

Read more about the story here in this KOMOTV posting

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The City Of Scottsdale Has Rejoined America!

SCOTTSDALE, AZ-Citizens doing business in Scottsdale’s City Hall will no longer have to submit to being frisked like criminals should they enter the property. In 2004, his city followed the lead of too many other cities throwing away Liberty and Privacy for a false sense of security.

Woeful Mayor Mary Manross said she is, "Too afraid to allow citizens free access for anyone or everyone just being able to walk into the building." Perhaps Ms. Manross should try and remember just who owns that City Hall property. I wonder what this lady thinks of all the grocery stores, fast food restaurants and shopping malls that, allow citizens free access for anyone or everyone just being able to walk into those places. If it’s so risky perhaps this Mayor should never leave her home.

The City council debated and then by a 5-2 vote ended the un-American frisking practice. The council then opted to hire three armed security officers replacing the unarmed metal detector guards. The two candy asses that voted to continue the warrant less frisking were Mayor Manross and Councilman Wayne Ecton.

The majority of the City Council members chose to vote for Liberty and Democracy. Crime is always a risk in a free society. Our founding father’s recognized that fact as they crafted the protections of the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution.

I guess Manross and Ecton have forgotten the millions of American Servicemen and women that fought, were wounded or died defending the freedom that these two politicians want to discard like garbage.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Another very cool Music Video

Boz Scaggs wrote and performed one of my favorite songs, WE’RE ALL ALONE several years ago. Nobody doe it better. Enjoy!

A Special Guy From New Jersey Has Left The Stage

There was only one Frank Sinatra and thankfully he left lots of recordings and videos. Sinatra came to a Chicago Police Recognition Ceremony at McCormic Place. We all loved this guy.

Long ago he sang this sondheim hit, Send In The Clowns. Enjoy.

New Technology Crime Fighting Tools In Chicago

There are more new tools than just Ghettocams. Of course all this stuff has to be operational as advertised. George Orwell’s clock was just running a little fast when he wrote, 1984.

The first video can be found right here

The second video can is below:

Why I Don't Miss Being A Cop In Chicago…

I was looking for videos on You Tube and I found a heartwarming one featuring little neighborhood filmmakers expressing themselves!

Where Did The Telephone Booth Go?

They used to be everywhere, but not anymore. Today people with cell phones rudely share their conversations with anyone within earshot. If we brought back the phone booth, I bet people would like them and use them.

Its time for the restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses to bring these things back along with a little civilization and class.

We need to give Superman a break while we’re at it. Watch the below video...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Weller Guilty Verdict came from the paranormal

Let me first make no secret that I hate American juries. There are supposed to be comprised of our peers but they never are. The people ultimately seated are the factory and government workers who don’t have lives and don’t lose money for their duty. The others present are the fools who are just not smart enough to get out of serving. They don’t want to be there. The most frightening juror of all is the one that actually wants to be there. I call him or her the avenging angel that wants to help the cops and prosecutors put defendants away.

During the selection process it’s impossible to guess which jurors will be fair or at least leave their biases outside. One thing I’ve learned is that jurors too often lie under oath when answering the questions from the lawyers during the Voir dire.

Today the jury in the George Weller case convicted him for 10 counts of Vehicular Manslaughter With Gross Negligence. The 89 year-old man now is facing 18 years behind bars as a result of the conviction. Weller is in poor health and was not even required to face the inquisition beyond the opening statements.

The charges came as a result of that horrible accident killing ten and also maimed 63 others at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market three years ago. Experts agreed it was caused by, “Pedal Error”.

To find Gross Negligence, the jury would have had to been able to read George Weller’s mind. The prosecutor’s twisted Weller’s statements of remorse and sadness about the carnage into a confession. The jury bought the prosecutors’s theory and rejected their own common sense. Even when juries do the right thing it's almost always for the wrong reasons.

The jury was bombarded with the most ghoulish pictures and video the prosecutors could find. Yes, the results of the accident were as bad as it gets. The Guilty Verdict won’t bring the dead back or cure the poor bastards that were crippled.

It’s unlikely that Weller will live to see all of his appeals run or his conviction finalized. The jury has added some killer stress to Weller’s remaining time on this earth. The door is now open for the litigation parasites to loot Weller’s estate for every dime he has. They want to insure he gets a pauper’s funeral when that time comes.

Who ever said all men were created equal or that life is fair lied. My advice to everyone is to stay out of court.

October 21 update: The L.A. Times gave this story a lot of coverage and you can see it here.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trunk Monkey Series Re-Dux

I have some repeated requests for the Trunk Monkey videos. Here they are!

A Pair Of Guns For Concealed Carry

Click on picture to enlarge.

Here are a couple of my favorites. On the left is a Sig-Sauer #P-245 .45 ACP. The pictured Sig has the short six shot magazine or you can used the extended eight shot version. This is a wonderful defensive handgun for your pocket or a suitable holster.

On the right is that little Smith & Wesson, Model #340 PD, five shot .357 Magnum with a great pair of Eagle Grips, genuine buffalo horn grips. This is light as a feather to carry. Don’t expect a lot of performance from the .357 round out of this tiny barrel. That little thing is so light it’s easy to forget your carrying a gun. That’s not so cool if you are about enter a TSA checkpoint at the airport!

All things being equal, I’d rather have the Sig in a tight spot any day. The Sig is equipped with fabulous night sights.

ABC Newsman Bob Woodruff Returning To News

I was getting very concerned that this ABC announcement would never come. But my friend Bob Woodruff is returning to reporting and will soon have a book out dealing with his life and injuries.

I wish Bob, Lee and their children the best as life gave a rare second chance to a talented lawyer turned gifted newsman.

NBC Universal Setting The Trend Of The Future

With 700 NBC Universal employees being paroled to the streets of America during the next year. Big changes are coming. The truth is that every established media company in America will be dumping employees at an equally fast and furious rate. The broadcasting world as we knew it is changing even more rapidly than anyone could have imagined.

I expect great Internet blogs, vlogs and video sites in Cyberspace. The quality of what we called mainstream news will be bottoming out soon. That, while the blogs and vlogs improve with more resources and talent. Operating a blog or vlog gives a journalist complete freedom to do whatever story’s desired. The days of pitching a story at morning or afternoon news meetings are over! The new bloggers will be independent business people responsible for promotion and selling advertising.

It’s clear that America has reduced their attention span to watching mindless, three-minute, really lame videos on You Tube rather than read books, newspapers or watch TV news.

Look for a new group of Internet personalities and celebrities to emerge thorough the age of You Tube. Here is a sad example of what you can expect:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Brush With Crime

This morning, the good Mayor’s driver was beaten and carjacked by a pair of fine New Jersey citizens. They dumped the Mayor’s car in New Jersey where it was recovered.

Perhaps after the Billionaire Mayor gets a first hand account of personal violence from his own driver he may rethink his stand to strip law-abiding citizens of their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Does Bloomberg really want the law-abiding people defenseless?

It’s time for right to carry concealed weapons permits in New York too.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Official Crimefile Review of, FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS

When I saw, Saving Private Ryan, I thought no World War II picture could top that. I was wrong. The biggest difference in this film was waiting for those familiar handsome major stars to show up but they never arrived. What I got were well established but lesser known actors who were probably cast in the best roles so far in their careers. Ordinary faces were cast to play ordinary young men

This is not so much a story about heroes but about American politician’s use and abuse of symbols and showmanship to lead the country in their desired direction. Such was the case for three of six ordinary young men who had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That place of course was Iwo Jima and their deed was being in Joe Rosenthal’s famous flag raising photograph taken Feb. 23, 1945. Rosenthal was an Associated Press photographer who took that Pulitzer Prize-winning picture. The three surviving boys' reward was being recruited help sell war bonds through an elaborate dog and pony show during the darkest time of the war.

These boys were revered as heroes not for their sacrifice and suffering but for raising the flag. The following outstanding young actors played the flag raising heroes:
Ryan Phillippeas, John "Doc" Bradley
Jesse Bradford as Rene Gagnon
Adam Beach as Ira Hayes

The most complex character of the film is the alcoholic and troubled, American Indian, Ira Hayes. I fully expect an Academy Award nomination for Adam Beach’s effort here.

I have to say that the period costumes and props were a realistic work of art. No expense was spared bringing the audience to Iwo Jima's ring-side seats.

The screenplay was first rate and the story perfectly told by those master film makers Clint Eastwood and Steven Spielberg.

Of course I fully expect too many of the politically correct mainstream reviewers, who hate war films to color their reviews with their personal baggage.

Yes, I recommend this film as one of the better offerings Hollywood has produced in the last several years.

You can find the trailer and additional information here

Acquitted Taxi Driver Alexander Terminassian Will Never See Justice

52 year-old taxi driver, Alexander Terminassian just woke up at the end of a year-long nightmare. This all began when a drunken illegal alien assaulted Terminassian nearly a year ago in Hollywood. Terminassian fearing for his life used a Kahr 9MM to end the vicious assault, shooting his attacker in the abdomen. The attacker survived and Terminassian was jailed despite strong evidence that he was the victim of the crime.

The case finally worked its way through the system and after a week long trial a jury acquitted Terminassian of all charges this past Friday. Is this the end of this story? Not by a long shot. Terminassian spent a horrible amount of time in the L.A. County jail where he was held because he was unable to post the ridiculously outrageous bail that was demanded.

Before his arrest, Terminassian had to drive a taxi and worked two additional jobs in order to support his family. The ability for Terminassian’s wife to pay the rent, medical costs and other expenses ended while her husband was suffering in jail for using lawful self-defense.

Will Terminassian be able to collect his damages from anyone? I don’t see how. He could sue and get a whopping judgment against the criminal alien that attacked him but collecting that judgment will never happen.

Terminassian was clearly victimized twice, once by a criminal and once more by a flawed criminal justice system.

Here is my original story on this case.

Let’s try an experiment on gun laws

We got by in this country with virtually no gun laws for nearly two hundred years. I say that gun laws don’t make any difference in violence or crime.

Let’s take a one-month period of time where we suspend every gun law. I’m convinced that there would be no abnormal rise in violent crime because gun laws only impact the law abiding.

Does that sound absurd to anyone? If you think I’m wrong just look at the State of Vermont where there are no state or local gun laws. If gun laws really impact anyone or anything Vermont would be the most violent state in America. They have a low crime rate despite no laws controlling firearms. Think about it!

ID’s Not Required To Buy Guns Or Vote!

Court after court has ruled against legislative attempts to make sure only citizens who are actually qualified to vote, vote. Today such a ruling was made by the, The Missouri Supreme Court who’s 6-1 ruling struck down the state's new voter identification law Monday that would have required voters to show a photo ID at the polls.

Long ago the courts also ruled that poll taxes were un-Constitutional. Okay I accept those decisions by those courts. If the logic of these courts is correct that the government can’t make you qualify for or pay for any Constitutional rights.

If the courts are correct about nullification of ID laws to vote, why am I forced to qualify to keep and bear arms? Why must I show ID and wait for a background check before I can possesses a firearm? Why am I forced to pay a fee for my permits?

LAPD Officer’s New Home Is A New Beginning

When LAPD hero Kristina Ripatti chased down that desperate armed robber, 52 year-old James Fenton McNeal she took a bullet for all of us. This brave woman is in recovery and therapy these days so she can rebuild and keep her life meaningful. Ripatti has the kind of spirit that won’t let this roadblock stand in her way. Kristina Ripatti is a natural winner.

It was the politicians and judges under the Left Coast’s Liberal influence allowed that dangerous predatory criminal with a 33-page rap sheet loose to threaten, injure or kill. They were also the all too willing accomplices to the shooting of Officer Ripatti.

Ripatti’s story got the attention of the producers of the reality TV show, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition". Ripatti became their new project as they are in a race against time to build her a new home that would accommodate her wheel chair and other needs. It’s being built by a combination of fellow cops and many gracious volunteers from the community. Of course we will all be able to see the result on our TV’s soon. We all hope that this will boost Ripatti’s spirit and speed her healing. Just as important it will help this young mom raise her children.

I’m watching with excitement what new professional opportunities will exist for Kristina Ripatti. Of course I want to see her continue as a sworn officer perhaps in another capacity other than patrol. She’s pretty and well spoken. Perhaps the LAPD can create a special public relations position for her. The LAPD needs all of the good PR it can get these days.

Perhaps some enterprising TV producer can pitch a new network TV show hosted by our lovely hero? Whatever Ripatti chooses to do I know it won’t disappoint anyone. Of course I’m hopping for a medical solution allowing her to walk and run again soon.

Side note:
This new home is being built on the site of Kristine Ripatti and her husband, Tim Pearce’s existing home that they already owned and are paying a monthly mortgage to keep. The home had to be destroyed and rebuilt to make it wheelchair friendly. Their mortgage obligations have not changed.

In the mean time here is the information where donations can be made to help our hero and her family:
Officer Kristina Ripatti
C/O Los Angeles Police Department
Southwest Police Station
1546 West Martin Luther King Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90062

Police Officer Kristina Ripatti Trustee Donation Account
C/O Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union
16150 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91410

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oprah Zombies—Who Are These Women?

The house that Oprah built came at a time of social change in America. Affirmative action and political correctness were coming into vogue. The limited programming of early 1970s television created a captive but massive audience that had very little to choose from on their television dials.

Somewhere around 1972, I met a pudgy young Oprah Winfrey who was standing with a cute girl I was trying to pick up in the lobby area of Marina City Apartments, where I used to live in Chicago. They were both going to a Women In Broadcasting meeting for wannabe broadcasters. Looking at her I would never have envisioned Oprah’s success in a million years.

Oprah had some kind of incredible business sense that enabled her to own her TV projects where her talk show peers merely punched a clock as workers. Who could guess what massive empire would result. Oprah really learned how to use her race as a weapon.

I’ve never figured out how such a lame talk show, built on political correctness could captivate the hearts and minds of millions of American women. Oprah’s fans seem to double every time Oprah started a new diet. The world’s dictators must be envious of Oprah’s hold on people. If Oprah commanded her legions to drink poisoned Kool Aid there would be millions found dead the next morning.

I’ve talked to these Oprah Zombies and tried to understand the Oprah phenomenon. If I could understand it perhaps that kind of massive wealth could come my way. I’m sorry. I just don’t get it.

Friday, October 13, 2006

An Unhappy New Year is in store for former Illinois Governor George Ryan

Having been convicted and sentenced in U.S. District Court, the trial judge, Rebecca R. Pallmeyer rejected Ryan’s request for his freedom pending the appeal of his case. Had the judge granted Ryan’s request he may not have lived long enough to ever see a prison cell. Ryan was ordered to report to prison for his 6 ½ year stretch this January.

Ryan will not get much sympathy form the cops and death penalty supporters in Illinois. Ryan freed every Illinois Death Row prisoner from execution. Of course that included a number of cop killers. I know a lot of cops that are cheering the latest judge’s ruling.

I, on the other hand can’t support the death penalty because of both the potential to kill an innocent man and that I don’t want our government to have the power to kill our own citizens. It’s a power that every government abuses sooner or later.

Ryan hated gun owners and their rights and that's another group that's cheering for Ryan's current fate.

Ryan’s corruption was outrageous and his conviction and punishment were well deserved.

West Side Story Weapons Of Mass Hysteria

Click on the picture to enlarge.

I have to laugh about better times in our country’s schools. Schools were never really a safe haven. There were always bullies and various threats that are really a part of life. In many American schools carrying a little insurance against a superior force was normal behavior. The gangs were always here. They’ve existed since the beginning of time. Until recent times We did not have a system to spread bad news quickly to every American.

That soon changed with radio and the television that followed. Americans learned the gory details about murders and soon copycat criminals emulated the media created celebrities who got caught harming others. Today there is no escape from instant media notification about every school kid with a bloody nose.

When I was a first grader I remember the corner candy store by my school. Prominently displayed on the counter was a cardboard sales rack with those gleaming, Italian stiletto knives. You know the push button variety where the blade flicked open with the help of a spring. These knives were no more dangerous or deadly, but they were impressive to watch as they flew open. School kids had them and they were no big deal.

Then came the 1960s and that damned Broadway play, West Side Story was turned into a movie seen by everyone. Young singers, dancers and actors formed the Jets and the Sharks on stage to choreographed gang fights and tragic death of the romantic characters.

West Side Story creators, Robbins, Sondheim and Bernstein brought that wonderful and poignant entertainment project to America sending legislative imaginations over the edge. I’ve seen and enjoyed the film version and a few plays over a period of time I don’t want to admit.

Within two years of West Side Story laws banning switchblade knives were passed in 47 of 48 states along with a federal ban on their importation. West Side Story brought mass Hysteria to America’s politicians and many parents.

Did the bans on these weapons in our high schools accomplish anything at all? The rate of stabbings and such simply went up ever since. Parents and politicians were satisfied with the false sense of security these laws brought. The kids with evil intentions still had whatever weapons they wanted.

Bolshevik Network Fails In Radio Referendum

The message of Liberal talk radio and news broadcasting network, Air America has fallen on deaf ears. A lack of listeners and advertisers has put Air America in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This bankruptcy move will allow Air America a little breathing room to continue with a plan to survive and begin profitability. I say it’s a lost cause for the financially strapped propaganda network. There are just not enough English speaking, Leftist radio listeners to keep this outfit afloat. Their next step? Chapter 7 bankruptcy and silence.

On the other side of the coin are the profitable Conservative broadcast organizations that have no shortage of listeners.

This phenomenon is a reliable sign of the America’s rejection of the Liberal political platform.

I do have a great plan for Al Franken and the other members of the Air America talent department. They can always sell their broadcast to folks suffering from insomnia as quick and cheap cure for their sleeplessness.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee Is In Hot Water Over Mel Gibson Arrest

I long suspected who and what was behind the publicity overdrive on actor Mel Gibson’s recent DUI arrest in Malibu. I could not help but focus my thoughts on the arresting deputy who happens to be Jewish as the source of leaked reports and perhaps a retaliation campaign to embarrass the tipsy actor. published a story today about a search warrant being served on Deputy Mee in connection of leaking four pages of an early report of Gibson’s arrest. TMZ’s Top Gun, Harvey Levin was the happy recipient of the unlawfully leaked records and proceeded to beat that story to death screaming about a Sheriff’s cover-up of Mel Gibson’s bigoted verbal tirade.

Harvey Levin is a lawyer and knows full well that racially insensitive speech, even made by a drunken driver is protected in America under the First Amendment. Since the insensitive speech is not a crime it’s incredibly inappropriate for a cop to include a four-page summary of the speech with in a report about a crime. That's especially true when the speech does not impact or somehow aggravate the crime such as in a physical assault.

It’s obvious that Deputy Mee was really offended to try and put all that crap in his report. I say that’s too bad because being insulted by arrestees is a real part of police work. If you don’t have really thick skin becoming a cop is a horrible idea. The issue was not drunken speech but drunken driving.

TMZ and Levin have criticized the L.A. County Sheriff's department, constantly clamoring that there was a cover-up to protect Gibson. If that were the case Gibson would never have been charged or convicted of DUI. Harvey needs loosen up but that would not bring needed readers to

As for Deputy James Mee, I hope he did not somehow profit from leaking information. If he did, I wonder if Harvey Levin will hire Mee at TMZ when he gets fired?

Here is the story.

You can see a video story put up by KABC-TV. It shows an earlier interview with Deputy Mee where he plays dumb about the actual copy of the leaked report. It seems he could not tell if he wrote it or not. Find it in Top videos here.

Ghettocams are coming to your block soon!

These cameras were fine when placed in high crime areas to watch the usual suspects killing each other. Now Mayor Richard M. Daley has promised that they will be installed on every block in the city.

Imagine the city bureaucrats in possession of video showing the only kind of action that goes on in Chicago’s safest neighborhoods, cheating spouses. The only benefit of these cameras would be to provide incumbent politicians and bureaucrats a way to spy on their rivals and potential rivals. Of course the taxpayers get to pick up the tab.

The nosy bastards running the City of Chicago should be forced to hire PIs for this spying out of their own pockets.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Why Only Indict Adam Gadahn For Treason?

The U.S. Department of Justice has announced bringing the first indictment for Treason in over 50 years against 28 year-old, Adam Gadahn.

Okay this little Southern California grown turncoat has turned on his own country and his on family’s way of life. Gadahn has given aid and comfort to our enemies.

Why are they only indicting Gadahn? What about all those past and present members of Congress that have done as much or even worse? What about all the rogue educators? Let’s not forget Jane Fonda and John Kerry’s contributions to disloyalty and treason.

Gadahn is merely a kid with zero influence or power. Gadahn has also seen American politicians take sides with our enemies without punishment. Gadahn is only following the example set by others. Even Adam Gadahn deserves equal protection that we’ve provided for all the other traitors in America. I say indict them all or none.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Fear Is A Gift, But…

We will soon be in that month long period of the November Sweeps. That’s when the news becomes even more sensational as they will do anything to make you watch a news show. Be ready for that out-of–control pandering to you fear. If you have no fear, don’t worry; they will do their best to make you afraid.

It’s still a month away but producers and reporters are busy dreaming up this crap to broadcast even when they should be sleeping.

Fear is the number one emotion exploited by the news media. They must think we’ve lost sight of the fact that we’re all going to die. If we live long enough we will get cancer or a host of other fatal ailments. That’s if we don’t die as a result of an accident or even a murder.

Do you want to create a national November news story? Just leave your lunch in a knapsack in a very public place. Stand by and watch the news media spend hours covering the bomb squad as they disarm that salami on rye sandwich and apple inside.

As the media covers health issues, terrorism, school shootings, bad spinach, bad lettuce, mad cow burgers, and fowl with the flu, our reporters never fail to find plenty of pathetic people to interview. They will ask them what they think about these hazards of life. The public’s answers are so conditioned. “It’s so scary!”--“It’s frightening!”--“I’m afraid for my children!”-- “We need new laws and help from the government!”

You never hear the sound bite where someone says, “I’m not worried, and I know how to take care of myself and my family."

What would we do without fear mongers in the media to remind us that we should stay in bed and never leave our homes? The explosion of non-stop 24-hour cable news has put every hazard of life under a microscope. Perhaps some day all the news directors will find something new.

Disclosure: I do freelance TV new producing and undoubtedly will be directly involved in this nefarious activity.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Can A Hero Become A Police Superintendent?

Most cops know that police superintendents and chiefs never seem to come from the ranks of working street cops. They are too often are administrative types who will do anything and everything they can to avoid police work. The types most likely to get the top spot almost always seem to have the least real police experience.

Today I had a sad revelation that far to little information is available about the former chiefs and superintendents of the Chicago Police Department. There once was an informational display in the lobby of police headquarters but it’s been since removed. Finding out who these guys were and what they did is shrouded in mystery today.

To help put this shameful mishandling of police history in perspective I will tell a story I know of the late Superintendent, James M. Rochford. Other than this story, I can’t tell you much more about this giant of a cop.

Hostage negotiations, SWAT teams or the Chicago Hostage Barricade Team did not exist when this story unfolded. Officers confronting in these kinds of events flew by the seat of their pants since police training never prepared anyone this kind of event.

At 9521 South Exchange Avenue on April 14, 1969, there was a horrific bloodbath that resulted in the deaths of Detective Jerome A. Stubig and Sergeant James R. Schaffer. Additionally six other officers and two civilians suffered serious hand gernade shrapnel and gunshot wounds.

It began when a 43 year-old, mentally disturbed former Marine, labeled as a “Mad Bomber”, Frank J. Kulak, barricaded himself in his home. Kulak began sniping at his neighbors who called police. The first two officers responding knocked on Kulak’s door and were met by fatal gunfire and tossed hand gernades.

The entire gun, battle and siege lasted six hours. Jim Rochford responded, climbed over the bloody bodies of his comrades, Schaffer and Stubig to make voice contact with Kulak. Using incredible calm, courage and negotiation skills, an un-armed Rochford took Kulak into custody ending the carnage.

Along with some deadly booby traps set at Kulak’s front door police seized 52 unexploded manufactured bombs, hand grenades, and various paraphernalia for the manufacture of explosives including gunpowder, pipes, cylinders, tape, and military-type fuses. Also seized were two carbine rifles, two shotguns and two pistols.

Kulak never faced criminal charges for his crimes. He was declared incompetent by a court and sent off to the Chester Mental Hospital at Menard for treatment.

James M. Rochford quickly rose through the ranks succeeding James B. Conlisk, Jr. as Chicago Police Superintendent where he served from 1974 through 1979. Rochford passed away in 2004.

Sergeant James Schaffer
Detective Jerome A. Stubig

Cops and Hotdogs

Cops and hotdogs go together. That was especially true in Chicago where there was a gauntlet of hotdog stands within a block of the old O’Brien Street police academy. The Vienna Sausage Company was also nearby flavoring the air. While getting a cop’s education you could not avoid at least several meals at these stands that were on the old Maxwell Street Market. As hotdogs go these were the very best found anywhere on our planet.

Chicago and New York are the hotdog centers of the Universe. Hotdogs were the original fast food and a natural for cops on the go. Nathan’s dogs from New York are a close second to Vienna and are another example of fine dog dining.

With your properly dressed dog you get French fries and a soft drink and I don’t mean the diet variety. It was easy for growing, baby coppers to down two of those torpedoes in one sitting.

Today, Jim's Original, the real grandfather of the Chicago dog sits on the land of the old O'Brian Street academy.

When I moved to Phoenix where there is a huge Chicago influence making it possible to find the real thing prepared in the traditional Chicago way. Chicago’s Luke’s franchise opened at Indian School and 12th Street.

In Los Angeles they don’t have a clue about a properly dressed Chicago hotdog. A few places dare to carry signs boasting claims to have them but they are a disappointment. Perhaps because the workers preparing them have never been closer to Chicago than Mexico City and just don’t know the way to do the dog justice.

I’m praying for the Chicago area chain Portillo’s to open a place in L.A. Of course my physician hopes that will never happen. I just don’t get his beef since they provide the four basic food groups, bun, dog, fries and soda.

In Los Angeles they all put ketchup on hotdogs (YUK!). In Chicago destroying a dog with ketchup is a part-one felony crime.

Portillo’s website
had good news for me today! Their new place is now open in Buena Park, CA! Well it’s still too far away… 8390 La Palma Ave, Buena Park, California-714.220.6400.

A quick update! One of my more distinguished readers informed me they renamed O’Brien Street to, James M. Rochford Street after the late, former police superintendent who led the department in the 1970’s.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

We Could All Learn From The Amish Folks

NICKEL MINES, Pa. - Little girls were viciously slaughtered by that 32 year-old madman, Charles Carl Roberts, IV last week in this humble little town. The vile details of Roberts’ intentions defy any logical understanding. That twisted soul had no prior criminal history and apparently just snapped. In all my years I never can recall a similar event happening anywhere.

Most of us live in a cold society where revenge, retribution and punishment are foremost in this age of Victim’s Rights. We have cheerleaders for punishment and hate in the likes of Court TV’s Nancy Grace and America’s Most Wanted creator, John Walsh. Anger and hate fill too many peoples’ lives these days. Hate does not belong in our justice system, but punishment does.

The Amish lost far too many of their precious daughters and their grief must be mind numbing to say the least. It's a faith and trust in God along with their way of life that brought these close knit people to forgive and move on. Perhaps their way of handling this unbearable grief is a gift.

The killer was buried today, and that did not prevent dozens of the area’s Amish folks from attending Robert’s services. More importantly the Amish people put their arms around the killer's innocent widow and children giving them their love and support at a time when they needed it most.

I learned a lot from these fine Amish folks. I think these people set a great example that will influence others for many years to come. These Amish people have my respect as I grieve for their loss.

California’s Jerry Brown's Dishonest Political Campaign

We know all about Jerry, he’s one of the most extreme Left Wing politicians in the country. Brown’s values are right out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. He is a lot of things but a loyal American is not one of them.

Brown is running for Attorney General of California where he’s been Oakland’s Mayor. Oakland was on the forefront of the fight to teach children the second language of “Ghetto Ebonics” in school a while back. I guess it’s a way to guarantee Oakland’s children stay mired in the Socialist quicksand of poverty and don’t become Conservatives as a result of success.

Brown’s campaign commercials are outrageously dishonest, in his attempt to exploit fear while falsely claiming the support of the rank and file of California’s cops. Police bosses appointed by gun-rights hating politicians support gun laws. The officers in the trenches hate laws that prevent the law abiding from protecting themselves and families from criminals. Real working cops know that gun laws only affect the law-abiding folks and not criminals.

Brown’s latest commercial displays a .50 Caliber cartridge claiming his political rival, Chuck Poochigian has an A rating from the gun lobby and has taken thousands of dollars from the gun lobby organizations in campaign contributions. Further claiming Poochigian has a record of voting against “sensible” gun laws. I’d say that “A” rating from the NRA is a badge of honor for someone that supports our Bill of Rights. I’d urge all California gun owners and rights supporters to send Chuck Poochigian a contribution.

Brown’s latest campaign propaganda piece shows an animation of the .50 caliber bullet passing through the doors of police cars. Okay, despite the .50 caliber rifle being legal in 49 other states no cop has ever been injured or killed by such a bullet. Perhaps it’s because the rifle that can fire this round weighs more than even the biggest criminal would want to carry around to hold up liquor stores and such. That of course along with the cost (upwards of $3,000.00) for this specialized firearm. Brown won’t let the truth get in the way of his fear mongering.

Will Jerry Brown fear tactics fool ignorant voters? Will Jerry brown’s outrageous lie claiming support from the rank and file cops be exposed in such a short time before an election? I hope not.

Here is that bogus Commercial! Rank and file cops my ass!

The truth is below in these clips:

Friday, October 06, 2006

In Memory Of The Late Hans Gruber, “Uber Terrorist”.

Fox Tower AKA The Nakatomi Building in Century City by day
Okay, I’m having too much fun with YouTube these days. I found this little project of a twisted mind to watch. Yes, someone is in mourning for the tragic death of Hans Gruber at the hands of NYPD officer John McLane.

If you never noticed before Gruber’s gun is the great HK-P7-M-13 rarely found in satin chrome. It was a fitting piece for the ultimate terrorist gentleman.

In Case Anyone Forgot About Lying Sexual Predators Holding Political Office…

In Case Anyone Forgot About Lying Sexual Predators Holding Political Office…

Here is our former Democratic Party Presidential office holder under oath during his a federal court deposition. Tell me again why he only lost his law license over this perjury?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Die Hard 4.0? John McLane is coming back!

Fox Tower AKA The Nakatomi Building in Century City
I drove by the Nakatomi building today in Century City and snapped this picture. It’s really the headquarters for 20th Century Fox and of course the location of the very first Die Hard film where McLane took on Hans Gruber and his merry band of bearer bond thieves.

Right now in L.A. and for the next several months they are making Die Hard #4 in the Die Hard franchise. It’s really titled, Live Free And Die Hard. This time our hero McClane is going to duke it out with Internet terrorists. Is he going to fight with a mouse instead of a gun? I don't thnk so.

I was hoping that the bad guy was a blogger and the title would be, Blog Free And Die Hard. Of course the villain would have to win this one! Somehow I don’t think that the screenwriter had my great idea in mind.

I don’t think I know a cop anywhere that would miss another Die Hard film. But please, this time give Mclane a real gun, a .45 instead of a wimpy Beretta 92F, 9MM.

Are You Worried That John Mark Karr Is Now Free?

That twisted soul has lived an odyssey for the last couple of months since getting the attention of various law enforcement authorities in connection to his made up confession of molesting and murdering Jonbenet Ramsey.

Karr has drawn scorn and hate wherever he’s been sent since his arrest in Thailand. He’s now free and doesn’t even have to register as a sex offender despite his very public fantasies of molesting and murdering children.

The purpose of sex offender registration is to aid in keeping tabs on creeps like Karr. Karr will never find another school district dumb enough to hire him and I don’t think he will ever be able to move anywhere unnoticed.

We’ve definitely not heard the end of Karr, because news reporters will follow him around for many years to come. Another serious issue is that Karr is marked for murder or at least some serious assaults by thugs wanting to get famous.

Karr has given himself a huge cross the bear for the rest of his life. Karr’s getting much more serious punishment that his misdemeanor kiddyporn capper could have ever brought him in California. For John Mark Karr there is no place on the planet where he can just disappear.

Is Los Angeles D A Steve Cooley Happy Yet?

In downtown L.A. the Manslaughter trial of 89, year-old George Russell Weller is winding down. Cooley’s prosecutors have been beating up Weller before a jury over the accidental deaths of ten unfortunate souls who died when the old gent became confused while driving at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market three years ago.

Weller made that common and well documented error of stepping on the gas pedal instead of the break pedal losing control of his Buick. It’s a phenomenon that often affects elderly drivers called “Pedal Error” and "unintended acceleration".

During this trial the best defense witnesses were some of the cops sent to investigate this horrible accident. Of course prosecutors never missed an opportunity to twist Weller’s, remorse, concern and heartbreak for the victims into some kind of confession to criminal wrongdoing.

At least the judge excused Weller from attending this grueling trial for other than appearances at the beginning and end of this circus. That decision by the trial judge was a humanitarian act.

The cost to the taxpayers and Weller for this pathetic persecution will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If Cooley can’t put Weller in prison perhaps he can simply kill him through stress.

Closing arguments are expected today and the case should go to the jury before the end of the week.

I’m hoping that the judge will have the courage to render a directed, Not Guilty verdict before the arguments begin, saving the jury from the trouble of laughing (or crying) this sad episode out of court.

KNBC-TV was not allowed to bring a camera into the courtroom but has provided a daily blog written by producer Cindy Vandor tracking this case. You can that blog read here.

Here is a computer anamation provided by the defense to show Weller's point of view as his car went out of control.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Watch Out Ladies The Heroes At The TSA Are Looking For This Weapon!

This is the latest item to create panic among the TSA and invite even more intimate searches of airline passengers. This is a real gun that shoots real bullets. They know just where some woman may hide this new terror tool.

I can just see sweating TSA goons waiting to explore your flesh in the name of NATIONAL SECURITY.

This little offering comes from a clever Swiss company.

No, I’m not the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby!

For the record, I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Smith!

Perhaps I should have given her a tumble. The lucky father can net a really tidy sum in child support especially after she collects the estate of that rich old geezer she married a while back in Texas. Of course you have to make a serious custody argument to the court.

Usually unwed fathers run like Hell to escape 18 years of child support payments, but now the boys are all wanting to ‘fess up to this deed.

Hey Anna Nicole, when do I get my hush money?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Childhood incident may have triggered Amish School shooting.

NICKEL MINES, Pa. - Whatever motivated 32 year-old Charles Carl Roberts, IV act of carnage happened when he was 12 years old. Roberts directed his revenge in a community of absolute pacifists that would never use any form of self-defense to survive even a deadly attack.

Roberts, a married father of three apparently wanted to kill himself and take innocent little girls with him. This local Amish school just didn't present even a minimal security challenge. This evil attack was truly like shooting ducks in a barrel.

The Amish people involved will write this sad chapter off as, God’s will and move on with their grief.

In a country with a population of 300 million people there are bound to be some highly disturbed people as well as too many violent criminals. Thanks to today’s media communications, these events are widely broadcast and published. The incidents of copycat assaults are a sad reality.

We’ve become a snitch society calling authorities on anyone who seems odd. Perhaps we need to lean more about empathy for angry people rather than scorn. Perhaps the simplest concern for Roberts by a co-worker or acquaintance could have prevented this horrible event.

It could have been much worse. Instead of using his gun, Roberts could have used a one-gallon can filled with gasoline after jamming the doors closed. There would have been no survivors.

I never considered being a truck driver because of that lifestyle of endless long and lonely shifts in some truck cab. Roberts drove his truck during long friendless nights. Perhaps Roberts had too many lonesome hours to brood about that 20 year-old event.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Democrats Are Waging A Desperate Hate Campaign to Win Control Of Congress.

Democrats seem to have forgotten the absolute lock they had on both houses of Congress for more than 50 years. It was under the ultra Left Wing Clintons and their war on American’s gun rights that brought about the change of power. Two later Presidential elections saw Democrats running Whitehouse candidates even further Left than the Communist Polit Bureau.

George Bush won because Republicans held their noses as they went to the polls to vote for this weak Liberal, Republican candidate over the only other choice.

Itching to tax Americans deeper into slavery the desperate Democrats are running the angriest campaigns ever. The Democrats have still not hatched a plan to deal with Iraq despite complaining about it for nearly six years.

The Finger Waging Clinton has emerged from his cave to mislead and deny to Americans his failure to pull the trigger on Osama bin Laden when he had several chances to do so.

Clinton’s bigger priorities were to destroy what’s left the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and our gun rights. National defense took a back seat because Clinton and his administration were fixated on a Waco church whose members collected firearms. Church members rejected new laws passed to ban firearms and deny millions more people their rights over ancient juvenile and misdemeanor convictions. We all watched in horror as our government vaporized these men women and children even though they had no history of plans of violence.

Clinton correctly blamed gun owners and the National Rifle Association for turning a large number of entrenched Democrats out of office. That happened at the first opportunity after that famous 51-50 Senate vote to pass that now expired and not renewed Assault Weapons Ban.

Bush is weaker than ever as he pushed his Guest Worker Amnesty Plan that would financially gut this country as our own poor get victimized the most. The Iraq war was another really bad idea considering we could have given both Iraq and Iran the nuclear bomb those outlaw enemy countries deserve.

One thing is happening for sure, the people leading this country are farther than ever from what American citizens want.