Monday, November 03, 2008

More On The Planed Grant Park Obama Insurrection

This is one disturbance in the gentle American community of Lincoln, Nebraska that demonstrates the high emotions of the African-American Barack Obama supporters when it comes to tomorrow’s election. This is a small group of troublemakers. Just what will happen if Daley’s wish comes true and he get’s a million Obama supporters roaming downtown?

Please someone, anyone tell me how 5000 Chicago cops will be able to handle only 100,000 angry celebrants? Next tell me how they will handle a million? Please send body bags to the Windy City, they may need lots of them in the next 48 hours.


Anonymous said...

This is NO joke, this occurred in Lincoln,Nebraska; just wait until you see what occurs in Chicago.

Be Prepared,Be Safe!!!

Just do what LAPD did in the Rodney King Riots, let it all burn. Turn your backs on it, let the Dems have their Utopia!!!

Anonymous said...

Blacks are fighting fellow peons. Fight the big boys..Richard Haas, George Soros, Michael Swenson, Josh Birnbaum..hit the players. The fat cats sit back and laugh at the cops and blacks busting each other in the street. Or are the videographers plants, agitators? Come on now. The billionaires are killing America. Cops wake up and call in sick. Quit protecting the rich scum destroying the country!