Friday, May 26, 2023

Is Obtaining a Gun for Self-Defense a Political Choice?

 Los Angeles--Self-preservation should never be a political issue.  It’s one of our most primal and basic instincts.  We were born to always feel the need to protect ourselves and loved ones from injury and death. 


However most governments are afraid of their own people and have made significant efforts to propagandize and convince people that their benevolent government will competently take over these responsibilities.  As we should know from history, Democide by government is the most prolific form of murder ever conceived. 



Even under the best of circumstances our police are dispatched only to arrive in time to clean up the mess and make reports.  They may or may not, apprehend the killers later.


We’ve also learned shocking lessons from both the Columbine High School and more recent Ulvade elementary school massacres that police refused to confront the deranged killers until long after our precious children have bled out from their wounds.  Even under the best conditions we’ve learned that police were unable to, or simply refused to do what’s expected of them. 


Another problem is that should the police arrive interrupting in-progress crimes they are not clairvoyant and within split-seconds they must figure out just who are the good and bad players.  Far too often police make tragic mistakes during this process. 


Hollywood has bombarded us with thousands of stories where the police arrive instantaneously, never make mistakes, the bad guys are arrested or killed, and the good guys live happily ever after.  Most every American has grown into believing this is somehow reality.  


Ineffective police work is not the exception but the norm.  It makes no difference who should be blamed politically.  The fact is we live in a dangerous world where thousands of criminals and mentally ill people are out there waiting for opportunities to inflict harm on innocent victims.  


If like many people you’ve lived your life in relative safety, thoughts self-defense or fear is not part of your life.  Fortunate people live in safe neighborhoods traveled in nice automobiles to safe places where you attended school or work at your job.


Because of today’s superior public transportation the crime plagued ghetto has suddenly found its way to even the best neighborhoods.  Internet chat has brought like-minded criminals together where they plan and conspire to commit crimes.  Today they are also much more likely to work in teams rather than alone. 


Because of current prevailing political attitudes dangerous prisoners are being released from prisons by the tens of thousands.  People arrested and accused of crimes are allowed to remain free without posting cash bail. 


At the same time government has shut down mental institutions leaving the mentally ill on our streets left to their own devices. 


You now ask, what can you do?  There is no simple answer other than you must become your own first responder. Yes, you must take the law into your own hands because there may be no one else to do this for you.  


You are not Superman, nor do you possess any significant extra-terrestrial powers. You are a mere mortal and without weapons and training you are basically helpless.


Government sometimes, not always offers you non-lethal weapons like pepper spray or electric stun guns that have various defense capabilities. Frankly, most of these things will get you into much more trouble and danger. 


Lethal weapons however, somewhat level the playing field.  If properly employed they will either interrupt an attack or stop it cold.  But first you must make the commitment to use deadly force without hesitation.  Never forget Your goal is not to kill, but to simply stop any further harm being waged against you or your loved ones.  


Yes, let there be no doubt that should you shoot or stab somebody, death can result.  What most people don't know today is its modern emergency medicine save nearly 90% of the people who are shot by various firearms.


By now you're deciding whether to take advantage of your Constitutional Right to possess and carry firearms.  It is a heavy choice, followed by a commitment that you will get the proper training and develop the skill to effectively use a firearm.  You can trust me when I say this is not going to be a difficult learning curve if you pay strict attention to your trainer. 


The only thing I implore you to do, is to never allow politicians to interfere with the basic survival of you and your loved ones.   Survival always trumps obedience to the gun bans of our land.  Either you will give yourself a fighting chance to survive or not. 



Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Yes Tina, We Loved You

 Küsnacht, Switzerland—Tina Turner was born under humble beginnings in Tennessee. She crafted her talent like so many others in a church choir. 

Her talent led her to a platonic relationship with singer and performer, Ike Turner.  Ike Turner has his own hits and success.  He immediately recognized Tina’s talent and passed on whatever he could to her about the music, business.

Before long, in the 1970s, they got married but unfortunately they fell into a stretch of cruelty and domestic violence that forced an end to that marriage.

Tina, however came back, as a magnificent Phoenix rising from the ashes with incredible new material, poise and confidence. Tina soon turned out hit after hit. 

Eventually the USA lost its luster to Tina with the change in politics and loss freedoms.  Tina soon learned to speak German proficiently and she sought and earned citizenship in Switzerland. That enabled the ex-patriot to leave the plantation. Thankfully her music is international.

Eventually, Tina had to face her approaching expiration date. I don’t care how long you live, death and declining health is never fair.  

Tina passed away today at 83. Her image and music will be with us forever. Yes Tina, we loved you. 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Absolute Wisdom of Fleeing the Scene of Justifiable Shooting

You’ve just become a victim of a violent crime. You survived by shooting your attacker and now seconds later, what do you do? 

Many firearm trainers will tell you to call 911, telling them you were attacked (robbed, raped,kidnapped, carjacked or faced an attacked by a greater force or by multiple thugs).  I say this is usually a terrible idea.  

First, whatever you say to the 911 operator is NOT protected under your Fifth Amendment protections and is always recorded.  

Rather than get you police help the operator will ask you unlimited trick questions hoping to hear your admission to shooting, giving police a huge piece of the probable cause needed to arrest you.  

Today, violent crime trends are different. You are more likely to be attacked by multiple criminals working together than by a single thug.  It can happened at ATM, supermarket parking lot, gas station or for that matter anywhere.  This is not about somebody invading your home, which is much more rare.  

Today the actual scenes of shootings are nearly all loaded with empty shell casings, because criminals like police have switched to semi automatic pistols firing lots of shots.  You can often see these crime scenes on television news all the time and the shell casings are laying all over the place.  In the past, most shootings only involved two or even three shots.  Those days are gone.  

We are living in a time of police defunding, where some prosecutors, politicians and the media love making victims out of monstrous career criminals like George Floyd.  That makes my advice more important than ever.  

Many people will hate you, your gun rights and that you overcame a violent attack by use of deadly force.  They can be counted on playing the Race Card whenever possible.  

What do you do now?  Because of your sudden trauma you are going to be in the worst possible emotional state to be saying anything at all.  Having been there personally, I can promise you that you are going to be a bit confused as to time, space and important details of what just happened.  

First, of because of the extremely high potential that your attacker or attackers, may even have more accomplices nearby, perhaps in a nearby automobile, quickly get away from the scene.  If at all possible retrieve any weapons the left at the scene for your’s and the public’s safety.  These weapons will most definitely disappear if you don’t.  They may well contain DNA evidence belonging the thugs that will later protect you.  It’s very rare that usable fingerprints are ever recovered from guns. 

If you shot someone during this altercation he’s going to need medical help.  You’re not qualified to pronounce death so never suggest that’s the case! It’s important that you make an attempt to notify emergency services that there is a bleeding man or men that need help.  If you can, persuade someone else to make the call, that’s the best. 

If you make the call and they begin to ask you those tricky questions you can tell them quickly, you don’t have time to answer questions, implore to them they’ve got to help these men now! Give them the location and END THE CALL.  Never answer when they call back! It will be difficult for prosecutors to criticize your call in a courtroom. You are the one that simply set the priorities rather than accept theirs. Never be hesitant or cagey when taking to 911 operators because that will never be well received by a jury. 

If and when you’re contacted by police, they can lie to you and trick you to defending or even, over-defending your actions with exaggerations.  You MUST only identify yourself and give them four simple words, “I want a lawyer.”  

You now need a criminal lawyer that understands self-defense and the function of firearms.  They will all claim they know even when they don’t have a clue.  

Never forget that most all lawyers are bookworms that have zero combat, military or police experience. Get the name and contact information for your chosen lawyer now.

If you can, give any seized weapons to your lawyer.  He or she should know what to do with them.  Don’t overlook lady lawyers, many can actually own a courtroom.  

Obtaining CCW insurance is very tricky! Make sure your policy covers your bail and actual criminal defense.  Read all of the details carefully! Some of these outfits are deceptive and just want your money. 

Legal defense is always very expensive and lawyers will demand everything upfront. Their fees could easily exceed the value of your home. 

You definitely want me investigating on your behalf immediately, at the scene of the event.  Whenever possible, I will grab footage from nearby surveillance cameras, find witnesses, especially the ones that the police don’t want to talk to. I will locate and preserve evidence missed by police. Mostly shootings take place at night, and I will be looking at and photographing the scene in broad daylight having a better advantage. 

It will take perhaps as much as three, four or even many more months for prosecutors to turn over police reports and crime lab testing results. Your lawyer needs that information and material NOW, not later.  

The worst case scenario is that cops arrest you and you’re actually forced to stand trial.  If you keep you mouth shut you will have a much greater chance of sleeping in your own bed and never facing charges in a courtroom.  

Please! Never forget that conflict avoidance is always the best defense.  Keep, your temper and middle finger in your pocket.  Treat your fellow earthlings with kindness whenever possible. However if you must protect yourself or loved ones do that decisively and effectively. Always follow your tactical training.  



Wednesday, May 17, 2023

A Malicious Prosecution Must End Now!

New York, NY—We have a problem in America, and that is too many people reluctantly except daily violence, refusing to do what is necessary to protect human life.  

Instead, witnesses act like cowardly lemmings, with a few calling 911 and expecting the “professionals” to handle it all.  The problem is that we all know that the professionals simply can’t get there in time.

Daniel Perry, 30 a former marine and current architectural student, restrained a dangerous, insane and suicidal man, Jordan Neely , 30 on a NY subway train on May 1, 2023. 

Neely later died in the hospital. Prosecutors chose not to wait for a medical examiners toxicology report that would a give us a much better picture of the actual cause and manner of death. 

The offender here, Jordan Neely was arrested more than 40 times in the past.  Among his deeds was breaking the nose and several other facial bones of a 67-year-old woman, where he delivered a sucker Punch. This was aside of scores of additional incidents where he was taken away for psychiatric help.

Neely preferred sucker-punching people when they did not expect it, sending them to the hospitals. Jordan Neely was a constant danger to himself and others who belonged not in that subway car but in a tightly locked cage.  

Daniel Perry was not a trained police officer, but a Marine.  I’ve been both an Army soldier and a cop. There’s a significant difference in training here!  Cops and military members both undergo choke-hold training but there is no similarity in that cops are trained no not use choke-holds except as a last resort when lawful deadly force is necessary and legally justified.  Cops are warned that choke-holds can kill!

Because of law enforcement related custodial deaths, cops are now taught extensively about potently deadly choke-hold and positional asphyxia. 

Our soldiers are taught to use the choke-hold often and  indiscriminately in actual combat assuming their guns and combat knives are unavailable. They are trained to apply it until the threat ends. They are not taught to worry about the health safety and welfare of the enemy they were fighting with those civil court repercussions like cops. Cops and soldiers has vastly different rules of engagement. 

This important point about the training differences must be presented to the Grand Jury in simple fundamental fairness or an indictment should not stand a basic pre-trial defense motion.  

Perry just knew if he didn’t step in Neely would seriously hurt someone because of his violent,  angry verbal threats and actions.  

Perry, by default became the first responder.  He did his duty as a human being with the minimal choke-hold training he had! I’m sure he felt he had the best training possible as a Marine. 

NY Prosecutor, Alvin Bragg has shown himself to be an ignorant, race-baiting, publicity seeker for his malicious and wrongful prosecution Perry for Second Degree Manslaughter. 

So far, Perry has received community support and $2 million in defense funds that will insure his case will be appealed to the highest court if necessary.  

Thankfully he’s out on bail and I hope’s being  protected since Alvin Bragg has singled him out as a racist murderer. 

As for Jordan Neely, that parasitic and dangerous thug was victimized not by Perry but by the government that failed to keep him safe from the deadly violence he brought upon himself. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Open Carry of Firearms in America, a good idea?

Phoenix, AZ—Let me begin by saying I’m a lifelong advocate of Gun rights.  I believe the Second Amendment and the Bill of Rights deserves protection to the point of spilling blood and death.  Politicians that advocate the abolition of any portion of our freedom belong on the gallows in my opinion.  There is a proper political way to amend the Constitution we should all respect.  That’s certainly not by a simple 50%+1 legislative vote in our Republic.

Nobody should disagree that when things go South and they do in a hurry, you need all of the tactical surprise you can get. If you think exposed carry is a deterrent you should talk to all the widows and orphans of the uniform police officers that were killed despite their exposed weapons.

There are a lot of Americans that want and demand the right to carry exposed and loaded firearms in public.  Although I too agree that this actually and already our right despite carry bans passed by some of our pathetic politicians.  

Carrying an exposed firearms lawfully even in a gun rights friendly state can earn you a permanent felony conviction, lengthy prison stretch, bankruptcy, loss of job and even family. 

Preposterous you say?  You are living in a fantasy world if you don’t believe that can happen. I have seen it happen with my own eyes numerous times in Arizona!

The story is always the same, someone sees you with a gun that either doesn’t like you, or they don’t like your gun and they simply call the police. They make a bogus claim that you pulled the gun and pointed at them in a menacing way.  The police respond and listen to the bullshit story told by your adversary, the police ask this clown to describe the weapon that he claims you used against him. 

Since you had your gun exposed, he can answer that question very easily.  Of course the cop is going to ask you for your side of the story.  You’re probably going to tell him that you never pulled your gun on the guy.

Then the cop simply takes you gun, places you in handcuffs and properly arrests you for Aggravated Assault with a firearm.  He has all the probable cause he needs because he has a complaining witness, and you possess the gun he described.  

You’re then booked into jail and brought before a judge (within 72 agonizing hours) that will set bail.  You’d better hope the judge is in a good mood and you can post the amount he or she sets. 

You now will need a lawyer that will demand thousands of dollars up front.  Prosecutors will offer you a felony plea agreement that gets you probation, lost gun rights for life, a fine and they will confiscate your gun.  Your lawyer will then suggest you take the deal because the risk for prison is far too great.  

You’re innocent, and you refuse, so now it will take over a year before you’ll be put on trial. The jury will hear the evidence and will simply take a wild guess as to who is telling the truth.  The jury is not told nor do they have a clue what the penalty for conviction will be.  The minimum penalty in AZ is five solid years in prison with no parole possible.  You could possibly win this court battle or not. 

Now I’m going to give you my six reasons why you should never carry an exposed firearm.

One:  Carrying concealed gives you a huge tactical advantage over your adversaries. Why in the world would you give that up?

Two:  Carrying exposed makes you a target for a larger thug seeking to strong arm your gun away.   

Three:  An exposed gun invites confrontations from mentally unstable people that may not end well.

Four: This too often attracts unnecessary attention and gossip you don’t want or need.

Five:  you may be falsely , arrested and convicted of a crime.

Six: Many people are unreasonably frighted by the sight of someone with a gun.  Simple kindness suggests we don’t cause them unnecessary stress. 

Let me also say for many decades Arizona only allowed exposed carry and the risk of carrying exposed outweighed the danger of being arrested for unlawfully carrying concealed, a simple misdemeanor.  

Never forget your Fourth Amendment protects you from unreasonable search and seizure.  Peaceable behavior and driving sober will do a lot to shield you and even your “unlawfully” carried concealed weapon.  


Friday, May 05, 2023

Correctional Departments are the Rectum of The Criminal Justice System.

 USA— Let me begin this story by telling you that our criminal justice system, and our correctional system is a total, dysfunctional disgrace.  We put people away based on the nebulous term, reasonable doubt. I don’t care who tries to define the term it comes out differently for everybody.  We have to face it that innocent people are convicted every day for a multitude of reasons, including corrupt police investigations.

Most people put in prison are there based on their own words.  These for the most part are dangerous and psychotic people that must stay in cages.  Our prisons are cruel places, particularly for the innocent. The clash of race and cultural diversity very often ends in extortion, robbery, rape and of course murder.  Prison guards cannot simply police incorrigible inmates. Many prisons let the inmates run the asylum and I say that seriously.  It’s much easier for the politicly appointed prison staffers to leave their work to the inmates. 

Our society is not smart enough to segregate our prisons, keeping those groups antagonistic to one another far apart.  Apparently, our politicians have no clue or simply don’t care what goes on in our prisons.  That as the corrections staffers release statistics that too often have more padding in them than my high school prom! 

Medical or dental care in our prisons is a continuing scandal.  The lowest bid medical contractors all seem to specialize in malpractice. A prison sentence is not intended to be the death penalty.  instead, we hope that people incarcerated somehow find redemption while they’re locked away from society.  

Let me be the first one to admit there’s no real treatment or cure for career criminals other than advanced age, major disability or death. Rehabilitation efforts are a redundantly proven to be a  lost cause. Public safety demands that criminals and psychopaths be segregated from society.  

There are plenty of non-profit organizations out there selling snake oil rehabilitation cures to our  government agencies.  The contracts are of course are then awarded most often with generous kickbacks for our beloved politicians. 

Accept in rare circumstances a child raised in a home with a bankrupt culture of ignorance, violence, theft, and substance abuse is doomed to become like his immediate elders. We choose to ignore bad cultural behavior for fears of being accused of racism.  Instead we created an absolute form of Genocide.  No race or group can escape from this.

Unfortunately we are doomed to repeat our mistakes.