Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Did a psychic event solve a murder case in a desert town?

Chandler, Arizona—It was a warm Monday afternoon in May of 1995. As a private eye, I was assigned the case of a missing sailor from the U.S. Navy, 32 year-old, David Gugel.

Gugel’s family retained me to find this young father of two young boys and stepfather of two little girls. The demeanor my new clients, was unusually grim and subdued. It was obvious they all feared the worst. I unsuccessfully tried to paint a better picture for them with good statistics in similar cases.

I knew one thing going into the investigation and that was that the pending divorce between David and Karen Gugel that was not friendly. David Gugel had difficulties exercising his court ordered visitation of his children that he’d traveled to see from his Navy ship in Florida. The last that anyone had seen or spoken to David Gugel was when he rented a car and went to the house trailer in the Phoenix Southern suburb of Chandler, Arizona where his children were living.

I knew that detectives from the Chandler Police department had already been out to talk to Karen Gugel and her live-in boyfriend, Charles "Darren" Greer. I also knew they had canvassed the quite trailer park where this couple lived looking carefully for any evidence or information.

This was a missing case of an adult male subject and accordingly it was not a high priority but the sworn officers had worked it diligently under the suspicious circumstances.

It was late afternoon as I knocked on the door to the Gugel/Greer trailer. Where better a place to begin my investigation but this trailer? No vehicles were present and nobody was home. The same was true for the immediate neighbors. A strange sort of loneliness and melancholy consumed me as I began looking around the trailer and yard fenced with wire.

My attention was captured by a shovel sticking out of a mound of dirt in the back yard. Yes, my thoughts began to run wild, but soon settled down with the reality that the Arizona desert is not made of soft soil, but a formidable concrete like substance that would defeat any grave digger armed only with a shovel.

I began walking around the trailer. I could not stop walking and looking everywhere around this trailer and yard. Every time I got one of the corners by a driveway I felt the need to stop and look carefully at everything. I looked down at my feet and saw a round red spot about 3/8 of an inch. Was it blood? Was it paint? All I could find was that one red spot. Rather than try to guess perhaps we’ll let a crime laboratory tell us. For reasons I cannot explain, I kept walking around this scene perhaps 35 or 40 times before I finally stopped.

My imagination was working overtime. The whole thing was getting really creepy. It was like I was having conversations with myself. I needed a break. I needed to visit a bathroom and I was thirsty too.

There was a bar to the East of the trailer park. The bar looked really seedy and I was compelled to go in look around and use the men’s room anyway. I felt like I was being forced to stay even though I’m not a drinker and was the only one there other than the bartender. After a quick unhelpful interview of the bartender, I left that bar for a 7-11 store and a cold bottle of soda.

I was trying to figure out what I was going to do next. I knew I was not going to leave the area until after I had interviewed Karen Gugel and Darren Greer. I was wondering just how long I would have to hang around until that happened. I planned on talking to each neighbor whenever they got home too. I was guessing that it was going to be a long night.

I drove back to that lonely trailer park and saw no new cars but knocked on the door to the trailer to the South of the Gugel/Greer residence. An elderly lady answered the door. I flashed my private Eye ID and told her I need some help locating a young man as I showed her David Gugel’s picture. She seemed nervous and asked me to come inside. She took me away from the front door and told me almost in a whisper, “I saw it happen.” The woman went on tell me that she does not live there but she babysat for two little grandsons every Monday night. She continued to say that last week I saw the boys looking out a window at a disgusting sight. The man next door was holding the fellow down in the picture you have as the woman was hitting him in the head with a river rock. The woman then made her grandsons get away from the window. When the woman returned to the window the victim and his assailants were gone.

The disposition of David Gugel suddenly became obvious. Now I knew what that little red spot on the ground was really all about.

The woman told me that she was ashamed she did not call the police. She also neglected to tell her own daughter what had happened. When the police came by to do their routine interviews they missed the only eyewitness to what appears to be a murder.

In law enforcement the two most important words are probable cause. Probable cause allows for search warrants, seizure of evidence and arrests. This was indeed a golden moment. Failure to act now would allow the suspects to evade arrest, hide evidence and perhaps we may never find the young man's remains.

I informed the witness that I was going to get the information to the police detectives so this case could be resolved. That proved to be a difficult challenge.

I left the trailer park and went to a nearby location as not to attract police attention at the trailer park. I called the Chandler Police though the 911system. I’ve never been fond of the civilians police agencies hire and poorly train to answer their telephones.

I also knew before I made the call that this rather small department did not have detectives that worked nights.

I got one of their slower ladies on the line. I told her who I was and that I was working an active missing case and needed to get into contact with the detective and perhaps their homicide investigators. I also told her I located an eyewitness. With solid authority in her voice the 911operator told me that I’d have to wait until business hours in the morning. I then asked and waited several minutes for her supervisor. The supervisor was even worse if that was possible. The two 911 operators made a game out of telling this PI to get lost.

I then asked for a sworn officer and that was like throwing gasoline on the fire. They really became hostile even threatening to have me arrested after I told them I’d start breaking windows until they sent out someone, anyone.

Finally, a lone patrolman arrived who was a great deal smarter than the 911 ladies. He recognized the importance of what had happened and called out the cavalry from their homes to follow up on the smoking-gun evidence. The detectives involved had worked the entire day, and had little more time then enough for a meal before they jumped on these developments.

The suspects had not gotten home before the detectives had entered the trailer park, and re-interviewed with the witness. The plan was simple, arrest the suspects on sight for assault, and also get a search warrant for the trailer and any vehicles owned by the suspects. The scene was protected by several detectives as the others raced to the computers to get the warrants completed and then found a sleepy judge to sign them.

The suspects were arrested and a through search was conducted. Soon the key to David Gugel’s rental car was found in the ventilator over the stove in the trailer.

Soon the admonishments against self-incrimination were again read to the suspects as they were separated and placed in interrogation rooms. This is always the fun part. If all the people that are sitting in prison today were allowed to somehow take back what they told police our prisons would be nearly empty. Predictably they spilled their guts about the murder.

Darren Greer proved to be difficult as the sleepless detectives worked on him all night to tell them where he put Gugel’s body. Finally, the next day after driving around in the desert for hours Greer came clean and showed detectives a pile of palm fawns covering the murdered victim’s remains. Without Greer's cooperation, Gugel's remains would never have been found in this out of the way desert location.

David Gugel’s rental car was parked right behind that seedy bar I was compelled to visit. It was mid-day on Tuesday before any of us returned home. The Chandler officers sought nor got rest until they finished this job.

In court, Karen Gugel was given a 20-year prison term. Darren Greer was handed an 18-year term. David Gugel was buried with full military honors. All four children were placed into the loving custody of David Gugel’s mother, Phyllis Seedle.

Had this crime gone unsolved, David Gugel would have been wrongly declared a military deserter, two murderers would have gone free and four children would have been brought up under the worst possible conditions.

I had a lot of special help that May Day so long ago. David, rest in peace, the children are safe because of you.

The killers of Davis Gugel:

Sour Grapes For Chicago Alderwoman Madeline Haithcock

The effort to rename a portion of Monroe Street, “Chairman Fred Hampton” is dead, just like the murderous Black Panthers, Mark Clark and Fred Hampton.

The children of Chicago won’t be looking at the evil deeds of that murder inciting, felon as a way to be honored by their government.

The majority of Chicago’s City Council had the courage to do the right thing by not giving support to Haithcock’s insult to the men and women charged with keeping the people of Chicago safe from crime.

Chicago Tribune Story

Monday, April 24, 2006

Beth Holloway Twitty Needs A Pound Of Flesh And Her Own TV Show.

It’s become a time worn story. 18 year-old, Natalee Holloway was allowed to go on a trip to Oranjestad, Aruba. Minimal supervision was a part of this trip as the teenagers were allowed to drink in the local bars and get into adventures that make most parents’ blood run cold.

Natalee got drunk and left a bar late at night with three strange young men. As we all know, Holloway vanished.

People these days need not accept personal responsibility for their bad judgment or behavior. That certainly has been the case for the “crusading” mother, Beth Holloway Twitty. Twitty has assigned the entire blame on the government of Aruba and the United States for not supervising Aruba’s sovereign investigation of the disappearance.

By American justice standard there is still no evidence that any crime has occurred since no blood, body or witness of a crime has surfaced. The collective brains of Americans have been washed in the assumption of a gang rape, and murder has taken place. What really happened can only be a matter of wild speculation. The fact is that perhaps the only person who really knows is missing.

That never stopped Beth Holloway-Twitty from declaring her daughter dead claiming she was raped and murdered. Twitty’s non-stop slanderous allegations against anyone interviewed by authorities were given continual air time and newspaper space. The media organizations quickly became willing accomplices in the smearing of potential suspects and local government officials.

So many parents of famous victims capitalize on the misfortune of their own children. They create new, high paying and high profile careers for themselves such as John Walsh and Max Klass. Now Holloway’s father, Dave Holloway, has gotten onto the gravy train by writing a book called "Aruba: The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise.” Somehow I doubt Mr. Holloway got a book deal because he was already an established writer.

Beth Holloway-Twitty has never missed a chance to mug for the cameras, spout her demands and slander. She appears to be auditioning for the next TV victim’s advocate.

I don’t want to seem callous or uncaring that Natalee is missing. Whatever happened is unquestionably a tragedy. Beth Holloway Twitty’s activities have been a far greater hindrance than help. It’s clear Twitty wants her pound of flesh and does not really care where it comes from.

Mrs. Twitty, please, your 15 minutes are over.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Crimefile Weighs In On The Endless Exploitation Of Marilyn Monroe And What Really Happened To Her.

I watched yet another “investigation” into the death of sex icon Marilyn Monroe. This poor woman will never rest in peace as each new book author rakes in the cash with the offer of each new conspiracy theory. This time it was Peter Van Sant and the CBS show, 48 Hours. Much of Van Sant’s help came from a book author whose book is suddenly in demand because of the news magazine’s “new” story.

1962 was a different world when it came to physicians routinely prescribing medications to stay awake, lose weight, or get a night’s sleep. Addiction and dependence was understood even less than it is today.

Monroe was a beautiful and talented lady who was plagued by a bizarre childhood, and entertainment career. Monroe was deprived the luxury of any sense of a life that most people would describe as normal.

Like all of us, Monroe needed to belong and found some solace among Communists. The lure was the romance of clandestine meetings with these people who were out to change the world. The FBI classified Monroe as a security threat after Jack & Bobby Kennedy became enamored with her. FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover kept a sharp eye on Monroe and actor Peter Lawford.

Monroe’s life took a bad turn as she skipped work on a film to sneak off to sing Happy Birthday to Jack Kennedy. Monroe was becoming a somewhat of an indiscrete pest in the lives of these “happily” married brothers. I really can’t blame the Kennedy boys for wanting to take a few spins with what some still claim was the sexiest woman on Earth. But in August of 1962 enough was enough for the Kennedy wives. The Kennedy/Monroe chapter was over.

I would suggest that the night she died Monroe felt reduced to a sex object with little other value. I believe Monroe over-medicated herself in an attempt to get on with her unfulfilled life. She may well have been depressed, but I would think far short of suicidal.

Was there a cover up? Why did phone records and police records disappear? That opens a Pandora’s box of conspiracy theories to be offered by an army of Hollywood cash-hungry, nut-jobs.

What happened that night? Crimefile offers an asswer and insight into the reality of 1962. This so you can all save your money from being wasted on yet another conspiracy book.

The FBI had an open file on Monroe under the umbrella of NATIONAL SECURITY. Evidence seems to suggest that Bobby Kennedy was with Monroe on the day she died. The effort by Kennedy must have been to end the embarrassment and tabloid fallout with some kind words and a goodby.

Monroe was upset, distressed and suffered an accidental overdose. The FBI was monitoring Monroe’s home and telephones because of their open investigation. Eunice Murray who was Monroe’s housekeeper was contacted and muzzled by the FBI. I'm sure Murray understood that silence was the right answer. The death scene was examined, and Hoover’s agents acting in NATIONAL SECURITY interests dutifully purloined all of the Kennedy ties evidence including any diaries.

Back in 1962 the words NATIONAL SECURITY meant something. Today that just not the case. Cover-up? Sure. Murder? Unlikely.

Marilyn Monroe would be 80 years old if she were alive today. Let’s enjoy what she left for us in films and those pin-up photos, but please, let Norma Jean rest in peace.

Bush Polls And Illegal Immigration.

The latest FOX News-Opinion Dynamics Poll has President Bush at his lowest ever approval rating at 33%. FOX News further suggests that the war is what’s behind the falling numbers.

What’s the real reason? I say it’s really Bush’s controversial “Guest Worker” amnesty program for illegal aliens. A majority of Americans want our borders protected, and those who trespassed to get here simply removed.

The shameful neglect of border enforcement and tacit approval of law breaking by our government has become a huge threat to our economy and national security. Still nothing is being done as hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal drugs and human traffic slithers into our country.

The Left leaning media organizations along with big business interests for cheap labor want to wish the entire illegal immigration problem away. Will our politicians do their job to protect this nation? Apparently not if they can continue to ignore the will of the people.
The Republican that will take the no nonsense approach to immigration can also be the next President of the United States. Perhaps that Republican may be Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona.

Friday, April 21, 2006

American Views On Laws Slavery Civil Rights Assaulting Cops and Communists

How can Americans so quickly forget those horrible images from the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre? Yes, I mean in that Communist Chinese nation that murders and enslaves its own citizens for mere anti-Communist thought or words. Apparently there has been no human rights progress in that country where neighbors are paid to spy on neighbors.

When our own Black and Left Wing American politicians took up the cause of ending Apartheid in the formerly White ruled South Africa, that government was brought to its knees with severe sanctions. Some Americans found trading with that country were imprisoned for violating those sanctions. South Africa did not have or use slaves they just did not allow Blacks equal access to goods, services or allow then to do more than work in certain areas of that country.

China is on the other hand a Communist country. That makes China near and dear to the hearts of too many of our own elected officials and bureaucrats. As a result we as a nation embrace all that they do. We trade with them and buy the goods made by their slaves. We also buy the goods that they pirate from our own inventors and artists.

It’s all very simple Communism cannot exist outside a totalitarian society. Government guns, gates with checkpoints and house-to-house searching make Communism possible. Freedom, elections and dissent don’t exist and will get you jailed or killed. Knowing all this we somehow tolerate our politicians dealing with this hideous Chinese Communist government.

We ridiculed Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin when in 1950, he told us that we had Communist traitors in our government. Can it be any clearer that McCarthy was absolutely right?

This week Wang Wenyi, 47, a reporter with The Epoch Times, an English-language publication strongly supportive of the meditation movement that is banned in China dared heckle Chinese President Hu Jintao over human rights during his Whitehouse visit. Ms. Wenyi was immediately arrested and now faces a six-month jail term for disorderly conduct. I guess our freedom of speech is not so free anymore. I can’t help but believe whatever Ms. Wenyi shouted at President Hu Jintao was in fact true anyway.

Was that heckling of President Hu Jintao somehow a more serious offense than Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney’s physical assault on a uniformed Capitol police officer? Are we really a country where all men are created equal? I guess that’s not the case.

We are no longer a country of laws. We’ve become a really schizophrenic country were we can ignore laws that Liberals don’t believe in like immigration or assaulting uniformed cops. To quote from George Orwell, “Some pigs are more equal than others.”

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Video Advice For Those Living With Handgun Bans.

Some Americans live in cities that have banned handguns. I ask why give in and protect criminals by remaining unarmed? There is a better solution that will decrease the chances of survival of those that would dare try to hurt you or your family.

Simple to use, yet highly effective! This is my little Benelli-HK M3 Super 90 .12 gauge shotgun. It’s a semi-automatic that can also be used as a pump action. I suggest using both slugs and 00 buckshot.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Government Raid Of A Gun Collector In The Bolshevik Republic Of California.

UPLAND, CA. – A smorgasbord of cops from every possible level of government have been patting themselves on the back for taking 900 high dollar collectors firearms from a local man.

In the mix were hundreds of engraved cowboy action six shooters along with exotic WWI relics. There were allegedly machine guns and silencers in the collection that may be worth more than a million dollars.

Collectors generally don’t sell transfer firearms except to close friends and other collectors. Of course the cops are claiming that the six shooters were being provided to local gang members. Okay, I refuse to believe that bogus story I’ve heard so many times before.

The cops arrested a homeowner, Robert Ferro; a 61-year-old retired Army Special Forces officer. I always thought that kind of military service was a rather honorable asset? I guess not in the Bolshevik Republic of California. I almost forgot about getting eggs thrown at me as a young Army draftee during a parade I was required to march in the city of San Jose back in 1968. I'll bet those egg tossers are now California's elected officials.

It turns out that in the 1990’s Ferro was caught up in a plot to overthrow that Communist Dictator of Cuba. I would like to think that all real Americans that love this country would consider that an honorable effort. That program bought Ferro a two-year prison stretch and a felony conviction. Along with that came a lifetime ban on the possession of firearms.

I think it would have been a better idea for Ferro to deal with the over-population of Communist politicians in his own state before taking on Castro. California's Communist politicians are a much more significant threat to the freedom in America anyway.

The cops spent hours taking the firearms out of their boxes and laying then all on concrete for a media gun-haters- love-in-photo-op. The raiding cops made it clear we were all in grave danger until their heroism made us all safe.

Had the United States Supreme Court done their duty to uphold the Bill of Rights with the Second Amendment a raid like this would not be allowed to happen in America.

What’s next for Ferro? Enough gun violation penalties to take away his liberty for all of what’s left of his life. The Ferro family will be bankrupted and destroyed.

The courts could do the right thing here but the judges were appointed by the Left Wing, gun-rights hating politicians. It just won't happen. This is yet another government action that makes me ashamed to be an American.

Update: Aug 27, 2007


A Friday night stick-up and shooting in Brooklyn at Vinnie’s Style, a clothing boutique was interrupted when one of the brothers who own the establishment used an unlicensed handgun in legitimate self-defense. The gun was unlicensed because Paul and Jacob Parris could not get a handgun license in that Bolshevik Republic.

The brothers escaped with their lives only to both be arrested because they dared Keep and Bear Arms in America! Clearly New York is out of step with the rest of this nation and its Constitution.

I guess it can be said the inmates have taken over the asylum in Brooklyn…

This is what the NY Post had to say.

Monday, April 17, 2006

That Swedish Ferrari-Felon Was In An L.A. Court Today

In an appearance before a judge in Division 30 Of the L.A. County Superior Court Prosecutors brought their complaint forward charging, Bo Stefan M. Eriksson, 44, with three counts each of Theft and Embezzlement. He is also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. In addition, Eriksson faces two counts misdemeanor, driving under the influence that are related to that spectacular crash in Malibu last February 21st.

The former Tiger Telematics Europe and Gizmondo executive has been held in custody or jail since April 13th.

L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Steven Sowders said that Eriksson removed three valuable leased cars including that crashed Ferrari Enzo from the UK. The involved bank’s lease purportedly did not allow Eriksson to move the cars.

The firearm charge may be difficult to prove without either testimony from a witness or and admission from Eriksson. Since Eriksson is not the only resident of the home where the handgun was recovered prosecutors may have to prove possession and ownership.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is still conducting a forensic examination of the data contained the computers seized from Eriksson during service of search warrants. Eriksson’s business activities will face certain scrutiny as all the information is shared with the IRS and other law enforcement agencies.

So far conviction on just the current charges may bring Eriksson as many as 14 years behind bars.

Attention Blog Readers!

I want to take a moment to recognize an excellent blog that deserves special attention. Gun Law News provides a great service keeping up with all the latest happenings that affect our Second Amendment rights. That undertaking requires lots of work and the dividend it yields is that politicians and bureaucrats can’t just quietly further dismantle gun rights. Gun Law News keeps us informed!

Crime, Guns and Video Tape shamelessly posted a donation button. So far I can visit McDonald's about three times from the donations I’ve gotten. It’s only a labor of love, not profit. Exceptional bloggers need and deserve some support or their blogs may vanish with little incentive to continue.

Gun Law News only has a store for goods and Gun Law News gear. I think it’s worthwhile to visit that site and buy something from their store. We need to keep them around.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Plea Deal In The McKinney Assault Prosecution

We were all told by the media organizations that McKinney’s recent assault on a Capitol police officer was going to be investigated by a Grand Jury this past Monday. Where’s the Indictment you ask? Wonder no more! I have the answer!

A Grand Jury presentation on this matter would take less than an hour and result in a felony assault Indictment. Any second-year law student could get that indictment against McKinney. Since that did not happen I had to find out just what is going on. I have a special talent for that!

Gazing into my crystal ball I saw some hot and heavy negotiations between McKinney’s lawyers and the Justice department. Negotiations made because this suspect and her lawyers see the end of her career in Congress looming and are trying to head that off. McKinney’s lawyers are engaged in some major butt-licking right now in order to save their client’s ass. Oops! I meant seat (in Congress).

It is in fact a felony to strike a police officer but absent serious injuries a misdemeanor plea deal is what we can expect. No trial, no felony record and only token punishment such as probation, fine and public service would be the result. Of course I’d want to buy a ticket to see McKinney picking up trash with a work crew of convicted miscreants along the Beltway.

If McKinney insisted on playing hardball and standing trial she’d most certainly experience a felony conviction and be run out of Congress. I predict a much more subdued McKinney giving a more genuine apology inside a courtroom and agreeing to a plea deal while admitting the crime of misdemeanor assault.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Winners of Wars Get To Write The History Books.

Such was the case of our Civil War and one of the most malignant presidents this country ever had. The president that made war against the Southern states was a tyrant that destroyed freedom, murdered women and children while sending thousands of Union soldiers to their deaths.

Did Abraham Lincoln really give a rat’s ass about Negro slaves? The real truth was his Emancipation Proclamation was enacted only to cripple the South’s economy to get a military advantage. His own writings make it clear Lincoln was not fond of giving slaves equal rights.

Had the South won that war they would have gotten simple independence from the North. The Southern states would have enjoyed the same form of government without meddling by people hundreds of miles away with different interests and goals. People could have simply voted with their feet when determining where they want to live.

John Wilks Booth was a patriot and a Southern hero. He killed a man who suspended the Constitution he swore to uphold, defend and protect. Lincoln deserved his fate.

I’m certainly not defending slavery, that was wrong, but it was not even a small part of the reason for that awful war. I believe that slavery would have ended soon because it was the right thing to do.

Hate, carpetbaggers and a need for the Klu Klux Klan to protect people from unchecked Black on White terrorism marred the post Civil War reconstruction.

It’s ironic that as the Blacks migrated to the North the first gun control laws were made to keep the newly freed slaves disarmed. That concept was bolstered by the Dred Scott decision from the Supreme Court that showed the North’s real attitude about the freed slaves.

We really only learned two things from that horrible war, might makes right, and the winners get to write the history books any way they want.

The Union was saved. I ask, saved for whom?

Friday, April 14, 2006


After Hurricane Katrina ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi there was only one uplifting story from that entire disaster. It was the heroic story of a young New Orleans resident, a then, 20 year-old, Jabar Gibson. Gibson had to escape the rising floodwaters and saw a huge school district parking lot filled with what later became destroyed buses.

Gibson, a quick-witted lad took it upon himself to “borrow” a school bus, fill it with as many people he could and get them all safely to the Houston Astrodome. Necessity made use of the bus a lawful act even though he had no permission to do that. Gibson reacted swiftly, decisively and saved those lucky enough to find their way on the renegade bus.

Gibson seemed to do what FEMA, the state and local governments could not do. Gibson exercised leadership, took decisive action and brought needed and quick relief to as many as 70 victims of that disaster.

I knew his story was suitable for a movie of the week. I immediately went on a mission to find Gibson, get him to L.A. and work out a movie deal. With the help of someone in Houston I was able to accomplish that mission.

The courts record systems in Louisiana were down and my ability to do a background examination was hampered. Gibson did confess a stolen car, joy riding conviction. I did not expect he’d be a saint since he came from poverty and perhaps the most depressed school district in America.

Interest in making a film about Gibson came from Kelsey Grammer, Mike Farrell and Spike Lee. That all ended when Gibson, who had returned to New Orleans got himself arrested with drugs after a police chase on November 25th. Now nobody wanted Gibson’s image for more than a police booking photo. The hope for the financial rewards and a new life for Gibson as a result of a film were for all practical purposes ended.

Gibson got out of jail on bail pending that prosecution and then got himself in yet another jam on January 7th, when he was again arrested carrying 1.7 grams of cocaine, an undisclosed amount of heroin and a Tarus .357-caliber revolver by New Orleans narcotics detectives and federal agents.

Thursday a federal grand indicted Gibson for cocaine and heroin trafficking and possession of a gun while dealing drugs. Gibson made it big, but not in the way I’d hoped.

An Update:
On April 1, 2008 Gibson was released from federal prison. Let's hope he can behave himself and somehow salvage his life as an ex-convict and convicted felon.

Yet another update:
This worthless scumbag got himself in the jackpot again with the feds. Guns and crack netted this loser lots of years when he was sentenced yet again! So long asshole!

OCTOBER 27, 2010
APPEARANCES: Edward J. Rivera, Asst. U. S. Attorney
Valerie Jusselin, Counsel for Defendant
Jabar Gibson, Defendant
Case called; all present and ready.
Deft sentenced to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons for 120 months as to each of Counts
1 and 3 of the Indictment to run concurrently with each other and concurrently with the
sentences imposed in docket nos. 06cr114 and 05cr323, and 60 months as to Count 2 of the
indictment to be served consecutively to Counts 1 & 3.
Upon release from imprisonment, defendant shall be placed on supervised release for a term
of 8 years as to Count 1 and 3 years as to each of counts 2 and 3, all to be served
See J & C for special conditions, etc.
Deft remanded to U. S. Marshal.
Court adjourned.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ralphs Supermarket Filthy Shopping Carts Part II

Click on the photograph to enlarge!

I said I’d give a progress report on the Ralphs Supermarket located at 910 Lincoln Blvd, Venice CA. I’ll let the picture I took today tell it all. It looks like they took two steps backwards and Ralphs has no interest in protecting their customers from the loathsome bacteria coating their shopping carts.

The bits of plastic and string you see are where the vagrants tie additional garbage pickings when they run out of room in the carts. That’s proof that the carts are in no way cleaned or sanitized before they are returned to service. I guess they need to be shamed into cleaning up!

Who would want to to the food intended for the family dinner table in these nasty shopping carts?

Here's the earlier story with video...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The End Of America As We Knew It…

As our lawmakers debate the alien mess, the stampede of unskilled illiterates illegally crossing our borders has greatly intensified. The logic is simple as a few million illegal aliens waive Mexican flags protesting action against them, the guest worker-amnesty program is sure to happen. American politicians have been intimidated into surrendering rather than deal with riots that will surely happen if any effort is made to secure the borders and deport these economic refugees.

Our health care system will quickly collapse. Social Security, which is in trouble anyway will receive its final deathblow. Low paying jobs for marginally skilled Americans will evaporate. Our schools facing the new burden of millions of additional children will never be able to cope. The prisons will have to let dangerous criminals out to roam the streets because they will have no room. Chaos, lawlessness and a major depression can be the only result.

Either our politicians can protect us from this or they can destroy our way of life. When the Senate returns history will be written. Perhaps the American experiment was destined to fail just like every government system that came before 1776.

Is The Duke University Witch Hunt Winding Down Yet?

Political correctness demands that today’s “victims” never have to exercise personal responsibility. Such is the case of the whore hired to service the lacrosse team’s off-campus party. Yes, I did mean to use that politically incorrect word. The facts seem to support that notion. Twanna Brawley is the standard for a phony hate-crime-rape allegation and it’s beginning to reproduce itself in old Durham town.

The past criminal conduct of the accusing whore is in fact what she is all about. They’ve made a folk hero out of the slut-for-hire in the community as they demonized the entire 47-member lacrosse team.

Grandstanding prosecutor, Mike Nifong has adopted this case to be his re-election campaign showpiece. Why should he pay for advertising when the media is so willing to give Nifong so much free face-time? Why would anyone want a prosecutor who prosecutes his cases in the media instead of a courtroom? Nifong’s barrage of statements about the team members were both libelous and outrageous.

One thing for sure the lads at the party are following strict legal advice by claming up during this which hunt. The DNA evidence speaks for itself along with the suspicious claims of the hooker.

As Sol Wachtler, the former New York State chief judge once said, district attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that “by and large” they could get them to “indict a ham sandwich.” That’s sad but true, but to convict, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard. Are we going see a huge waste of tax funds and the retirement money of the team member’s parents on a trial that goes nowhere?

Mike Nifong has painted himself so tightly into a corner he can only save face by forcing someone, anyone to stand trial for these allegations no matter how weak or fabricated they turn out to be. I just can’t envision Nifong doing the right thing at this juncture.

But Mr. Nifong, what about this report?


Britney Spears Is Under Investigation!

That headline conjures images of the Pop Princess wearing handcuffs and doing the “perp walk” with a police escort. It’s also a cheap way for sleazy news organizations to lure viewers and readers.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family services sent social workers and Sheriff’s deputies to do a routine investigation of the circumstances or the skull fracture suffered by her seven month-old son, Sean.

A state law mandates that hospitals make notifications to the welfare agency anytime a child is injured under parental control prompted the investigation. The investigation proved once again that children are made of rubber or none of us would have ever become adults. No wrongdoing was discovered.

It’s got to be traumatic enough to deal with an injury to a child, get treatment and deal with the welfare bureaucrats. I can’t imagine what it must be like to deal with the speculation, innuendo and hype generated because Britney Spears is a Pop Princess. In the absence of criminal conduct this is really a non-story.

Tourism Industry Damage because of Terrorism Hysteria

We all take vacations to get away from stress, aggravation, and pettiness of our every day life. But if our vacations involve air travel, the programs of the TSA and FAA have taken the fun out of travel for too many people. The result is an industry damaged, perhaps beyond repair.

American news organizations have really aggravated the problem by frightening Americans through countless news stories about security holes in the air travel system. The TSA and FAA respond by annoying passengers with their silly and ineffective petty security procedures. Using highly visible pettiness and inconvenience tactics against passengers to create an illusion of security is the apparent mission of the TSA.

Searching the cargo of airplanes would go unnoticed by millions of passengers and that’s the reason it has never been a priority for the TSA. Airline security has evolved to mere showmanship. The TSA puts on a show for the passengers while squandering tax dollars.

I’m sorry I just can’t swallow a security program fueled by the sensitivities of political correctness rather than profiling potential terrorists. I loathe air travel anymore and so do many of my friends. Any excuse to avoid flying anywhere will do.

One thing for sure fear, lucrative government contract corruption and media brainwashing have taken its toll on the business of air travel. The more people travel, the more they will look to avoid it in the future.

The biggest hit tourism has taken is from international travelers. The USA now has the air travel system to avoid. Here is an article that reflects some of the the loss.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Drugs And Gun Added To Woes Of Swedish Ex-Con after that Malibu Ferrari Crash…

L.A. Sheriff’s deputies reportedly seized a gun, suspected cocaine, several computers as well as vehicles from the Bel-Air home of 44 year-old Stefan Eriksson.

ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency) is also engaged in a full-scale investigation of Eriksson over visa issues and the importation of the believed stolen exotic automobiles.

We can expect that the hard drives of Eriksson’s computers will be carefully examined for any and all evidence into his business affairs, lifestyle and sources of money that he had control over.

In addition we can anticipate that ATF will trace the gun found in Eriksson’s home to determine where and to who it was sold by any dealer and how it wound up in an alien, ex-con’s possession.

All the information eventually will be shared with European law enforcement agencies and Interpol for whatever interest they may have in Eriksson’s activities.

Here's the latest from the LA Times...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Malibu Ferrari Enzo Crash Case Figure Arrested!

This never ending saga that began with the spectacular 162 MPH crash of a rare million-dollar Ferrari Enzo last February in Malibu CA has taken yet another wild turn.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Swedish ex-convict Stefan Eriksson, 44, at his Bel-Air home Saturday night. Detectives also served a yet to be determined number of search warrants on property under control of Eriksson.

L.A. Sheriff’s records show that Eriksson was arrested Saturday night in Bel Aire at 9:50 PM. The charges remain unclear but he’s being held without bail. In addition there’s a no bail, USIM Immigration hold on Eriksson should he be released from any local charges.

Eriksson was booked into the Men’s Central Jail just after 9:00 AM this morning. There is a court apperance set for April 11, 2006 @ 8:30 AM in Division 30 located at 210 w. Temple Street, Los Angeles.

An evening update from the L.A. Times...

Saturday, April 08, 2006

You Shot Someone In Self Defense Should You Call 911?

Decades earlier the only person allowed to answer emergency phone calls at a police agency was a trained cop. The cities learned they could save a lot of money by hiring civilians to do that job. It was not a good move because the operators had little training and were never up to the task. Frankly too many of these people lack enough basic intelligence to do the job.

Here is how it all works these days. You call 911 and an operator answers the call. The operator then types in basic address information for the dispatcher and the officer’s digital mobile terminal (car computer). The operator tells the dispatcher what’s going on. The dispatcher then tells the officers in the field the information from the operator. The officers only get third hand information to do their job.

The 911 operators are trained to give the simplest of first aid instructions but the juiciest part of the job is drawing out the excited utterances of the callers as well as full confessions. Miranda and the Fifth Amendment don’t apply in this area.

They record every call and those recordings are often a large part of the evidence used to put someone in prison. The 911 operators are rewarded for quickly asking those 20 incriminating questions. Unfortunately the intrigue of this part of the job changes the focus from helping people to encouraging them thoughtlessly babble their way to jail during some crisis.

This 911 call came from young a Phoenix Arizona woman who was living with a local violent felon. The goon made a habit of beating her and threatening her and her children with his Chinese SKS rifle and several handguns he illegally possessed.

A Phoenix homicide detective was investigating the thug for a murder. This frightened woman wanted to tell the detective what she knew but was legitimately afraid to do so.

This night the thug was high on methamphetamine, violent while waving his rifle at this woman and her two children. It ended when the rifle wielding drunken felon was shot in the chest. The woman called 911 asking for that homicide detective and help.

Before it was over the victim lost her job, apartment, car, clothing, all belongings and children while sitting in jail for a year waiting for her murder trial. She was acquitted and set free with only the dirty clothes she was arrested wearing a year earlier.

Sit back and relax as you listen to her call to 911 and ask yourself if making that call was a good idea…

Will The Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree Doctrine Spoil The Pellicano Wiretap Prosecutions?

Certainly not for those who took sweet plea deals to become snitches. Pellicano and the other holdouts may yet find themselves freed because of tainted evidence. The evidence here may have been infected by law enforcement personnel exceeding legal limitations of the laws and rules of investigative searches.

When the cops raided Pellicano they were looking for evidence of threats or extortion involving freelance reporter Anita Busch. The search warrants used were like all warrants. They had to specifically detail what evidence they were going to find and where it would be located.

Searching Pellicano’s files related to other clients should have been off limits for a couple of reasons. For one the investigator’s other files were work product from litigation investigations protected by the lawyer client confidential privilege. The other is that they don’t have a link to the Busch case. These are not insignificant issues.

Was the motivation of the additional fishing expedition searching and computer encryption code breaking beyond the scope of the original warrant? Were the law enforcement raiders tempted to stick their noses into a gossipmonger’s treasure trove of salacious Hollywood cases? That’s a question that will have to be answered by the judge assigned to this case.

There will be Motions To Suppress Evidence on this issue and we can expect a huge fight to over the searches that may prove to undermine the entire case.

Pellicano may have limited funds to litigate these days but there are plenty of other defendants in this case with the deep pockets needed to pay for whatever is required to overcome the scope of the damaging searches.

Should the Judge rule that there is one simple violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment that led to the Indictments, it will all become fruit of the poisonous tree. As such all evidence uncovered by the misconduct must be suppressed. The prosecution will be over. Should that happen there would be those that say, they beat the case over a technicality. Our Bill of Rights is no technicality.

More Information On That Double Justifiable Homicide in Chicago…

We now have the names criminal histories and street gang affiliations of the two dead thugs. They were Kenneth Elrod, 31, of the 5400 block of West Waveland and Demetri Centera, 31, of the 4700 block of North Kenneth in Chicago.

Elrod and Centera were proud members of the Latin Eagles street gang. They were both career criminals. Elrod was a burglar and drug offender that has been twice sent to prison. Centera has a rap sheet listing no less that 26 arrests for a wide variety of crimes including drugs, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

It turns out that this event began at the Magic Touch Club located 5728 W. Belmont when Elrod caused a disturbance with another man and was removed from the club by the off duty officer. Elrod went home and came back with Centera, guns and extra ammo to exact revenge. They waited for the officer to leave the club and then ambushed him with drawn guns at Belmont and Kilpatrick.

Both offenders committed serious new felonies by possessing firearms because of their past criminal records. The incredibly stupid decision to harm their victim cost these two criminals their lives.

The Albany Park District tactical officer was lucky to be armed, well trained and somehow capable of surviving this deadly assault. The officer’s actions were carefully reviewed by the department and were ruled to be justifiable and proper under department regulations. One thing for sure Chicago is a safer place without Elrod and Centera roaming the streets.

As for the two dead men this seems to be yet another sad example that validates Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Music Producer to plead guilty today in the Pellicano case

Robert Pfeifer, one of the defendants in the Pellicano wiretap case, is scheduled to appear in a Los Angeles federal court this afternoon at 1:30 PM before Judge Fischer to plead guilty.

According to prosecutors Pfeifer threatened in e-mails to flee the country or kill himself rather than face charges and disgrace.

This is yet another indication of a deal to cooperate in the prosecution of others in this growing Hollywood eavesdropping scandal.

When Pellicano sees that he will never get out of prison, many like me believe he will betray all of his clients. Pellicano will then enjoy his retirement in the witness protection program...

3:50 PM an update:
The following is straight from the U.S. Attorney:
This afternoon, before Judge Fischer, Robert Pfeifer pleaded guilty to wiretapping.
Judge Fischer scheduled a sentencing hearing for June 26.
The maximum sentence for the offense is five years in federal prison.

Following the entry of the guilty plea, we agreed that Pfeifer could be released on bond. Judge Fischer subsequently set bond at $1 million. However, Pfeifer will not be released until next week because he must deed over his house to secure the bond.

At today's court hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Lally read the following into the record to support Pfeifer's guilty plea:


In July 2000, defendant retained Anthony Pellicano as a private investigator in connection with litigation against his former employer, Z-Axis. Beginning no later than August 2, 2000, Pellicano used an electronic, mechanical, or other device to conduct an illegal wiretap of the telephone of defendant’s ex-girlfriend Erin Finn, who had given a deposition adverse to defendant in the Z-Axis litigation. Defendant was fully aware of the wiretap and discussed with Pellicano the interception of Finn’s telephone calls, including calls between Finn and her attorneys, and the information that Pellicano was obtaining from the wiretap. Between July and December 2000, defendant paid at least $125,000 to Pellicano, which he understood would be used in part to finance the wiretapping of Finn.

At approximately 12:30 a.m. on June 23, 2003, while the federal investigation of defendant and others was ongoing, defendant telephoned Erin Finn. Defendant asked Finn if she was a “snitch” and stated that he would disclose that fact. Defendant intended by these statements to influence Finn in connection with her status as a witness in the investigation.


Nikki Finke tells us abut Pellicano’s “Telesluth” program and how the feds cracked the encryption to examine the evidence that led to the wiretapping indictments.

For me that raises serious Fourth Amendment issues. The cops were not looking for wiretapping evidence when they raided Pellicano’s offices. They apparently believed that he was wiretapping and took encrypted evidence without knowing what it was. I see a big test ahead for whatever the prosecutors try to introduce as evidence. This case is far from a done deal as I see it.

Nikki’s article

Chicago’s Mugger Protection Act Somehow Failed Last Night..

Two men in their 20’s were apparently driving in their pick-up truck on Chicago’s Northwest side in the wee hours. They spotted a Hummer at a stoplight. I guess envy and greed took over as the two pointed guns at the driver of this exotic looking vehicle.

The frightened Hummer operator happened to have a gun of his own and knew how to use it. He quickly opened fire, fatally wounding the driver and front-seat passenger in the truck.

The Hummer operator was lucky enough to have the special privilege to carry a gun for self-protection in Illinois. A permit you ask? Why there’s no such thing! The lucky fellow happened to be a yet to be identified Albany Park District tactical unit officer for the Chicago Police Department.

Both of the not so lucky would be carjackers are dead today. They proved once again that Darwin rules. The off duty cop followed his training and was thankfully uninjured.

Perhaps it’s time for the politicians to rethink their Mugger Protection Act and allow the law-abiding folks the protection they need and deserve. The Illinois plan was to make sure only the criminals were armed. That law failed today. We all all safer today as a result.

Here's the latest information on the shooting as of 04/08/06.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

13 Year Veteran Cop Facing Jail Disgrace And The End Of His Career.

You’re a cop and you have the tools to investigate people and know how to use them. But now you want to find out about your strange neighbor, the person that cares for your children or that scumbag that made false allegations about you or your partner. What do you do? If you access the department computers you may find yourself in real trouble like Phoenix police detective, Juan H. Rivera.

There is a solution that won’t get you in trouble. You simply find a retired officer who has a second career as a private detective who can access the motor vehicle records and get you what you need.

You can always get the public information about someone’s criminal background from the courts and never face criticism from anyone.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Penn & Teller Weigh In On Gun Control

I have to give a hat tip here to The Liberty zone and John Lott for this little gem.

Singer Gene Pitney dead at age 65.

The 1950s and 60s brought us a new era of music called Rock and Roll. A true icon of that time was then a young man of considerable talent, Gene Pitney. Pitney released a string of unforgettable hits that I grew up with.

I always lamented that I never got to see him in person. That is until about two years ago when he put on a marvelous show in Las Vegas. Needless to say I did not miss that opportunity. Pitney was fit, fabulous and looked like he had another 20 years left to tour before he would retire. I got to meet him and shake his hand afterwards. Pitney also produced a DVD of that show that I own.

When the Beatles hit our shores Rock and Roll was pushed to the side. Later, Disco would rule American tastes. Too many artists like Pitney found themselves in forced retirement. Instead of retirement, Pitney explored and found new audiences in Europe and Australia and New Zealand. Pitney spent his time where the money was instead of brooding at home.

Gene died while touring in the UK. Another great one is in Rock and Roll Heaven. Rest in peace Gene…

Monday, April 03, 2006

Star Struck Congresswoman steals tax funds to hob-knob with a Celebrity?

If this story is true the thief needs to be put in chains. It seems Cynthia McKinney used our tax money to fly Isaac Hayes to her Georgia Congressional district. Yes, she’s the one who likes surrounds herself with black celebrities. She just brought in two Ebony Hollywood types to stand by as she gave her, “I Can’t Talk Because Of My Lawyer’s Advice”, press conference last week. This is not about ethics but about theft.

Her alleged assault on a Capitol police officer and her subsequent attempt to smear the working cop for protecting her and the other members on Congress is really disgusting.

I hope she’s soon shown the exit door of the Capitol building and the entrance door to Club Fed.

There Is Yet Another Fish Caught In The Pellicano Government Dragnet.

Today the US Attorney unsealed an Information charging film director, John McTiernan with making false statements to the FBI. It’s alleged that on February 13, 2006, that McTiernan misled FBI agents about hiring disgraced former private investigator Anthony Pellicano to conduct a wiretap of film producer Charles Roven in order to intercept his telephone conversations.

An Information is a charging document in lieu of an Indictment that strongly indicates a deal has already been struck between McTiernan and the government in exchange for information and testimony. Attorneys John Carlton and Arnold & Porter are representing McTiernam.

In better days McTiernam and Roven collaborated as producers in the 2002 film, ROLLERBALL.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Danger There Is An Unchecked Biohazard At A Ralphs Grocery Store!

Click on the photos to enlarge them and look at the filth...

We all know and accept that shopping carts at our local grocery are some the least sanitary items we come into contact with. After all, they're used by countless strangers who may be coughing or sneezing as they shop. With our humanity and its diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV this place is unhealthy to say the least. Indeed grocery shopping carts can host unseen biohazard landmines.

Somehow I suspect that the supermarket employees who actually handle food within the meat, fish and deli departments also must handle those disgusting carts. They are required to wash their hands after using bathroom facilities but how about after pushing those carts?

There is a special place in Venice CA where the problem is beyond epidemic. Aside from all the disease issues Ralphs’ carts are truly visual stomach turners. The Ralphs store located at 910 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 may well be the dirtiest store in the entire Ralphs system. Starting with the check out counters where the cash registers show a murky film of dirt and grime. The counter areas are not up to the standards of other grocery stores including the other Ralphs.

To be fair Venice has a large population of Spanish speaking vagrants who invade everyone’s alley garbage cans looking for recyclables to sell for cash. The offending Ralphs store has a recycling center right next door that obviously contributes to the problem. The vagrants sell their wares to the center and the carts are immediately returned to service at the store. This store has apparently not done much of anything to combat this unhealthy blight.

The vagrants find that despite the theft laws they can take the shopping carts from Ralphs and use them to collect and sort the proceeds from thousands of area garbage cans. The Los Angeles Police Department can’t or won’t enforce the theft law to protect the store’s property. Ralphs has apparently not hired security people to round up the carts and arrest the offending vagrants.

So when the carts find their way back to the store they are covered with filth, slime and perhaps residue from soiled baby diapers or worse. Ralphs does not have their cart cleaning equipment on premises.

The store manager would not go on camera citing company policy but told me they have a crew come in once a month for that purpose. Apparently it’s all too little, too late. The manager was kind enough to inform me that there were sanitary wipes at the entrances. I asked her to show me where they were and she discovered what I already knew, they were completely out of the wipes. She then offered that the vagrants must have taken them for their own hygiene needs.

I will post any response from Ralphs and report on any visible efforts to correct the problem that I notice. Look for more pictures and video to be posted here...

An update 4/5/06: Here is an e-mail response fron Ralphs on my story. I'd say after reading this that their "investigator" needs glasses.

Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2006 10:39:54 -0700From: "Kelly Bradshaw" To: Subject: RE: Complaint of Ralph's Market @ 910 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
RE: Complaint of Ralph's Market @ 910 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

An investigation was conducted at Ralph's Market located at 910 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 on 4/4/06. An accumulation of trash and debris was observed on the south side of the parking lot. Sani-wipes were observed to be available at the entrance door for use after handling the shopping carts. An accumulation of dirt was not observed on the grocery carts, however, it was raining at the time of the inspection. According to the store Manager, the check-out counters are detailed weekly, one each day. The check-out counter available for inspection had no accumulation of dirt on surfaces.

An inspection report and compliance date was issued to the store to remove the accumulation of trash and debris from the south side of the parking lot by 4/11/06.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call. My office hours are 8-9:30 am M-TH.

Thank you,
Kelly M. Bradshaw


Venice Shopping Cart Thieves Caught On Tape!

I caught two Venice CA Vagrants in the act of the theft of two grocery carts this afternoon. Okay I caught lots of others by they spoke no English so I was unable to obtain their confessions.
The Blue cart is property of Albertson’s and the chrome cart on the right is from Ralphs.

I’m wondering if these two gentlemen are some of George Bush’s “Guest Workers”?

I told these two vagrants that I was doing a story about recycling. Here’s what they had to say…

Editor's note: I will continue to follow up on this story...

I have a partial solution to this chronic problem with the vagrants and the carts...

Every grocery store in Venice seems to have the same problem with these cart thefts and the mess. At times there are shortages of carts for paying customers.

Since enforcement by the LAPD is not likely, the area grocery stores need to hire a licensed private investigation agency to aggressively locate carts, arrest the offenders in possession of them for theft and arrange for recovery of the carts. The recycling centers owned by the stores should refuse to pay anyone for recyclables brought to them in stolen carts.

I suspect that some people may want the vagrants to have some carts to engage in this business. Perhaps carts can be supplied by the stores that wish to dispose of their old ones that are rusty, too old or no longer suitable for service in the stores. They can be painted or have distinctive markings that allow for lawful possession by the vagrants.

I see carts from Ralphs, Big Lots, Von’s, Smart & Final and Albertson’s being used by the local vagrants. These stores might collaborate on such a project
The vagrants will quickly learn to not use the wrong carts

Saturday, April 01, 2006


There are people put on this earth who have a great purpose. Such a man was Gerry Cullity, the first director I worked under as an actor. More than a Scottsdale community theater director, Gerry was a teacher and someone who inspired me at age 50 to dream the impossible dream.

I auditioned for Gerry in his production of; ONE FLEW OVER THE CUKOO’S NEST. I was cast as Dr. Spivey, the psychiatrist who was Nurse Ratchet’s wimpy boss.

Gerry was a classically-trained musician, with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the prestigious Mason Gross School of Fine Arts He built an impressive list of credits as an actor, director, playwright, lyricist and musician, holding residency status with numerous companies, including the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, The Whole Theatre Company, La Mama and New Mercury Theatre Company. Gerry with his wife Laurie and mother Joan Thompson founded Desert Stages back in January 1997.

Primarily Desert Stages was a children’s theater where the luckiest Arizona children could train as actors, singers and dancers. This New York trio of transplants worked incredible magic with anyone and everyone who passed trough their open doors. Some of children barley old enough to walk and talk was taught roles by Gerry and Laurie in shows such as ANNIE and OLIVER TWIST.

I was reading the news wires from Phoenix a little more than a year ago while I was spending some time in India. I read a shocking and heartbreaking story of the sudden death of 51 year-old Gerry Cullity from a heart attack.

I found this tape of a rehearsal I shot when we were getting ready to put on the Dale Wasserman play, MAN OF LA MANCHA. Gerry played the lead. Sit back and enjoy a scene while under construction.

Gerry’s spirit is sill alive in anyone who he’s ever taught, worked with or directed. Desert Stages is in good hands as Joan and Laurie carry on the legacy. Gerry and Laurie’s son Ian Cullity has grown to become a successful actor, singer and dancer carrying on the family tradition.