Saturday, June 30, 2012

Could Barack Obama Face murder Charges in the Death of Brian Terry?

Washington, DC—Today there are millions of government employees and government contractors engaged in various roles serving taxpayers. Some of them have inside information that is about to change the course of American history. Today our government is more than ever, unaccountable and out-of-control.

Many agencies operate like third world dictatorships where corruption of every kind is a way of life. Frustrated workers want to blow the whistle and turn to the news media. That happens all the time. Unfortunately too often the mainstream media won’t do their job because they are politically in bed with government wrongdoers.

Such was the case when BATFE agents shocked by the Obama Administrations intentional delivery of thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels tried to expose the program. That deadly operation was called Fast and Furious, and Gun Walker.

These whistle-blowing agents were ordered to hand over government stimulus tax money to known criminals who would buy firearms from various gun dealers. The Obama Justice Department deliberately short-circuited the FBI unit created to do background checks of every gun purchaser in the United States. The FBI knowingly cleared their selected felons and misfits who were barred by law to buy these guns.

The whistle-blowing law enforcement agents have risked their careers and lives to expose a deadly and frightening scandal reaching straight to the highest levels of our government.

At least two two of the involved guns have been linked to the murders of two of our Border Patrol Agents. The same hold true for many other guns since linked to the murders hundreds of Mexican Nationals.

There was only one purpose for this operation. It was to simply manufacture a crisis through engineering of statistics that would show that American’s gun rights were somehow responsible for Mexico’s unprecedented wave of drug violence.

This simply was a Obama Administration propaganda operation to garner support for reauthorization of the so-called 1994 Assault-Weapons Ban that had expired.

Despite the expiration of the ban and nationwide loosening of gun carry laws, violent crime has dramatically gone down in the US along with gun accidents.

The political Left’s gun control philosophical cornerstone had been debunked as ineffective, incredibly expensive and counter-productive.

Now the Obama Administration was caught red-handed, creating a crisis to make gun control politically popular. Additionally the Obama Administration wanted to circumvent the Second Amendment by signing on to a United Nations Treaty that would end civilian gun rights in America. In theory, it was a much easier way to amend our hated Constitution. Yes, that’s the same Constitution every public official including Obama and his minions are sworn to uphold, defend and protect.

The mainstream media did everything they could to ignore this deadly scandal. It was America’s bloggers that took this outrage and made it public. Bloggers relentlessly posted and published in every possible form of our new Social Media to wake up America. Finally, members of Congress had to act and begin asking questions about the program.

The Obama Administration simply began spreading lies, stone-walling as they began a massive and on-going cover-up.   Now Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has been caught in a web of corruption and perjury. He’s been declared to be In Contempt of Congress for continued withholding of subpoenaed documents.

 Barack Obama has invoked Executive Privilege in an effort to somehow legalize the stonewalling. Yes, that’s exactly what Richard Nixon did to cover-up a non-violent Watergate Hotel burglary where government sponsored spies were seeking damaging political information and intended campaign tactics. The difference between the Nixon Watergate scandal and Obama’s Fast and Furious shame is that two American law enforcement officers have been murdered. That along with hundreds of Mexican nationals.

Unfortunately for Obama, government insiders are still blowing their whistles to bloggers and now congressional staffers. Secret wiretap transcripts exposing the roles of senior government officials in this vast conspiracy have been delivered to bloggers and some congressional offices. Now bloggers and patriotic members of Congress have been able set a massive perjury trap for these rogue officials. 

Obama has placed himself above the law repeatedly and redundantly. He has become a criminal and a despot. He must be purged from office and held accountable.

Now let’s cut to the chase and talk about what’s really involved here. In America when anyone gives a weapon to somebody they reasonably expect will use in a crime they are guilty of that same crime as an accessory.  Every government official involved in the Fast and Furious conspiracy could and should be facing murder charges.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stolen Valor Designated by the Supreme Court as Free Speech

David Grove, Fake War Hero
Washington, DC—Most true heroes I’ve met are somewhat slow to talk about their exploits to strangers. Okay, I will make an exception for decorated politicians. There are cemeteries filled real heroes. There are lots real heroes that have never been recognized for their selfless acts. 

We give medals, admiration and our thanks to those who risked life and limb to save others. Then there is the valor thief who brags about dangerous missions and exploits that never happened. These are total jerks that con their way through life. They do this to get employment, trust and attention from potential sex partners. There is usually some kind of ill-gotten gain involved. 

Thankfully today there are military databases that list those who have won distinguished awards that can be used to expose some of the fraudsters. 

I served my country as an Army Medical corpsman in Cold War Germany somehow escaping combat in Viet Nam. Frankly the only danger I saw came from fellow soldiers that like to get drunk and fight. I don’t know how to explain this, but I’m as proud of my service as I would if I’d have won the Congressional Medal of Honor

I have to admit that I do sometimes think sadly about those brave young souls, my peers, who died perhaps in my place. The Viet Nam War was my war. I was drafted because of it and believed in the concept that our precious and rapidly evaporating freedom was earned at a heavy price. Lady Luck or the Good Lord was looking out for me. 

The Broadway hit musical, Miss Saigon that recreates the fall of South Vietnam tears at my heartstrings whenever I see it or listen to the soundtrack. The Leftist cowards in our Congress double-crossed the people of South Viet Nam and facilitated the holocaust at Pol Pot’s killing fields. I can’t help but imagine the abject terror of those trying to escape on overloaded helicopters sent to evacuate them from the roof of the US Embassy. 

I can’t imagine having such an empty worthless life that making crap up could ever be considered an option. I guess some jerks feel little or no shame being exposed as a valor thieves. The use of stolen valor or for that matter any lie for financial gain should always be a serious crime. 

I also think of an old friend, Joe Foss. Foss was a WWII flying ace that redundantly risked his life in the Pacific in mortal air combat with suicidal Japanese fighter pilots. President Franklin Roosevelt placed the Congressional Medal of Honor, around his neck. Foss went on to become the AFL commissioner, Governor of South Dakota and President of the National Rifle Association

Before Foss died a several years ago he was publically humiliated by one of the incredibly ignorant douchebags employed by the TSA. The TSA screener deemed the pin on the back of Foss’s medal to be a deadly weapon and confiscated it! Foss, who was then in his 80’s, had to summon local police to intervene and retrieve his award. 

Foss was bringing that hard earned medal to a speaking engagement. Joe Foss was more than a hero. He was a patriot, a leader and someone I’m very proud to have known. Speech is protected in this nation, as it should be. However, I admit I’d be the first to look away if a valor thief was getting the beating of his life.

 Learn more about the late and great hero, Joe Foss

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

America’s Healthcare Crisis was a Created Disaster

Washington, DC—Despite claims of open government and transparency the Obama Administration put a bunch of unelected Left Wing lunatics in charge of reinventing healthcare and insurance.  They had a lot of things in mind bout none of them were about the rights of all Americans under our Constitution.
The Obamacare project or that Socialist conspiracy was passed into law by a congress that had admittedly not even read the massive legislative package.  The bill was passed on pure partisanship and 'faith'.  That alone should invalidate the whole mess.
Our Supreme Court will weigh in on this monster Thursday and it already looks as though it’s in for a well-deserved, massive rewrite. 
Now back to the real healthcare crisis at hand.  I said we have a created crisis.  We must examine just what we did that deprived Americans of affordable insurance and healthcare.  
The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed primarily during the last four decades when we through non-enforcement invited millions of criminals, poverty refugees and assorted trespassers to ignore our immigration laws. 
In America no hospital emergency room can turn the sick or injured away because they can’t pay or if they are illegal aliens.  That includes pregnant women about to give birth.  All of Central America knows this and have enjoyed free medical care for decades at the expense of all Americans.
Every medical bill sent to patients or insurance companies must be and is drastically inflated to cover those loses and to insure enough profit to keep hospital doors open. 
The other problem is that we insist upon treating the sick and injured that refuse to cease their sometimes incredibly risky behavior and health habits.  We just won’t say no to anyone.  It’s not fair to force insurance companies to cover drug addicts and violent criminals.  Of course we have a percentage of the population that is horrified of any thought of requiring personal responsibility.  
We must begin by returning Central America’s trespassing medical freeloaders back where they came from. 
I’m not anti-immigrant nor am I a racist.  Hundreds of thousands of aliens have earned their citizenship through military service.  I would not be opposed to a program that would allow the illegals to return to their countries of origin and apply for legal visas and eventually citizenship.  The ability to read and write English on a sixth grade level would be a reasonable entry requirement.  It’s legal immigrants that have made this country great.  
Our telephone systems also need to change.  Press one for English, or Two to get deported.
We should give serious preference to immigrants that can demonstrate skills and abilities that would keep them off the welfare rolls.
As for the so-called Dream Act concept of legitimizing those smuggled into America by their parents I am inclined to consider letting them stay based on school performance and excellent behavior.   Their parents on the other hand should be located and deported.  A Green Card and the path to citizenship must also come with a price such as honorable military service or some similar public service.
The open border Leftist propagandists have, deceptively redefined Immigration Reform.  We need reform all right, which is to reform our enforcement efforts, as Congress originally intended them.
As for American healthcare policy, we cannot begin to deal with this until after we reverse the damage done by millions of impoverished and ignorant trespassers.
Socialism can only exist with a massive percentage of the population being kept ignorant, dependent and poor.  It’s the Socialists that have infiltrated our government that are constantly engineering the failure of our free market and Capitalism.

Fighting Crime The Chicago Way!

Chicago, IL—In this city known for rampant corruption and cronyism the politicians know what to do with the money they extort from taxpayers!  Whenever possible taxes here are only used to support thieves, thugs and liars. 
Chicago’s ghetto violence is way over the top this year.  Whenever the temperature rises so does the body count.  Chicago's cops are undermanned, outgunned, underpaid and demoralized.  Their pensions are on the fast track to be part of certain future bankruptcy proceedings.  Imagine just what the working cops think of Chicago's latest anti-violence plan? 
The only way to deal with violence like this is hire, train cops and send the violent ghetto rats off to prison until they are too old to hurt anyone.   That works.
However in the “City That Works” any anti-crime or violence program is acceptable only if wastes lots of money and as long as it doesn’t work.   The Mayor and his merry men are going to once again show how theft and bad government still has the affection of Chicago’s voters.
Chicago’s politicians have agreed to hand over $1,000,000.00 to a group calling themselves, “Cease Fire".  They were founded simply to take city tax money and pretend they’re working on violence reduction.  Of course Cease Fire will be working in “secret negations” to make Chicago safer.  I’m sure the time and money will be easy to audit that way. 
Cease Fire is a group of, not so retired ghetto gangsters with significant rap sheets that are supposed to convince their pals not to kill each other, or innocent civilians.
They could hire, train and equip lots of cops that would have a positive result on crime reduction.  They only thing wrong with that idea is, that it works. 
Chicago is bankrupt and we need not wonder why for a second. 


Legalizing Drugs, the Right Way

Washington, DC—Millions of America’s inhabitants are addicted to chemicals that have been outlawed.  The list of banned substances grows every day as ignorant politicians try to enjoin pathetic people seeking new ways to escape reality and experience intoxication.  The police state constantly increases its grip on innocent people that don’t use or want drugs.  Then there are all of us that must pay for the massive failure called the Drug War.
The simple truth is that drug laws have not prevented those who crave illicit drugs from obtaining them.  The laws have not saved lives.  On the contrary the laws have resulted in thousands of killings related to drug trafficking.  Unfortunately many killed are not involved with drugs.  Thousands of lives have been shattered and destroyed by bad police work, botched drug raids and false imprisonment.
The very worst of criminals and corrupt government officials are being obscenely enriched because of the Drug War’s guarantee to keep drug trafficking profits at the highest levels. We have the absolute power to put these criminals out of business in a single day, by simple legalization.
How should we legalize drugs?  Some say regulate and tax them.  On it’s face, collecting taxes on the backs of drug addicts sounds great.  The reality is that continued regulation and taxing of the drugs keep opportunities for government corruption and the same criminals we seek to bankrupt.  There should be no regulation of drugs marked to feed recreation and addiction.  Consumers of the poison need to beware and find their own methods of quality control.   How is that somehow different that what’s going on right now?
Drugs sold for therapeutic reasons still need the FDA and quality control.  There should be no changes here other than to let physicians prescribe whatever drugs they see fit for their patients.  Heroin has a legitimate place in pain management and treatment of elderly and dying patients.  Physicians cannot now use it for any patient for any reason.   In this regard cops need to be removed from our doctor’s offices.
We need to end the arrest, searches and, prosecutions of anyone for mere possession, manufacturing or sale of drugs.  We can do this while keeping the violent behind bars along with those involved with government corruption and money laundering.  That same should hold true for those who have not reported or paid income tax on their ill-gotten gains.  
If we take these simple steps, we do know that street crime will drop to the lowest level ever.  There will be no more turf wars, between drug lords. 
Right now many addicts have habits that consume well beyond $1000,00 per day.  They can’t earn the money any other way than theft, burglary, robbery, sex commerce and involvement in the illicit drug trade.  The outlawed drugs would not exceed to price of sugar, coffee or tea without the prohibition.
If the Drug War had any success at all I guess continuing it would have some benefit.  However we all know the Drug War’s only benefit is to make rich criminals richer.  Why do we tolerate and continue feeding this disaster?
I would like to see the day that addicts seeking treatment to get well can simply walk into a medical facility to turn their lives around.  Instead we have created scam opportunities for bogus government drug treatment contractors that do nothing more than warehouse addicts simply to shave prison time off of their punishment.
Drug addicts are easily hated and demonized.  They are a desperate lot that will victimize or do the most despicable acts just to feed their habits.  Perhaps it’s the right time to help these sick bastards become healthy and productive. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicago’s Great Gun “Turn In” Scam

Chicago, IL—The Windy City’s Political Gadflies will be out in force once again.  They are hosting another so-called Gun Turn In for guns, bb guns and toys. 
People once again will be enticed with immunity from arrest and gift cards to turn in virtually anything that even looks like a gun.
These events bring people in from suburban areas, Indiana and Wisconsin who are able to sell Chicago some completely unserviceable and worthless firearms.  The truth is that area firearm dealers (remember Chicago has no firearm dealers) go out of their way to collect junk to bring in for substantial profits. 
Chicago's gun-rights hating political and religious advocates will all sing and hold hands while they convince each other that they are somehow saving lives.  The problem here is there exists no data whatsoever, anywhere that can even provide a shred of empirical evidence that a single injury or death is prevented by these efforts.
One thing for sure, is that anyone wanting a serviceable weapon can use the proceeds obtained at the Gun Turn In to buy a working gun and live ammunition. 
This is not going to lower the vast numbers of senseless shootings that almost exclusively happen in Chicago’s ghettos.  This will not save lives.  This is nothing more than a very extravagant and expensive effort at symbolism over substance.
This will however cost taxpayers a bundle for media ads, manpower and the cash paid out.  We can continue to wonder how many additional burglaries and gun thefts will take place because of this heavily promoted Chicago fencing operation?
As usual, Chicago’s worthless members of the media will ask no questions or talk to nobody from the NRA or Illinois State Rifle Association.  They will never ask who pays for this fiasco or how much it really costs taxpayers.   That’s because Chicago’s media has become nothing more than public relations agencies for local incumbent Democratic political campaigns. 
Chicago’s political incumbents can always count on lots of valuable face time courtesy of local media by simply repeating the same failed and money wasting programs like the Gun Turn In. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Call Me Mr. Fry—A Theatrical Review

Los Angeles, CA—In the City of Angeles they have the Hollywood Fringe Festival going on right now.  Live theater here is non-stop in this entertainment district. 
Standing out is a show called, They Call Me Mr. Fry.  Jack Fry is a real Los Angeles, inner-city, substitute, fifth grade school teacher.  This is about his first year in what would best be described as somewhat of a combat zone.  In fact the teachers get paid extra for the challenges there.
What Jack Fry does in his production is relive the culture shock, fears, hopes, and dreams along with the lives involved in his teaching experience for the audience.
Fry delivers a commanding performance as he takes you through school district’s bureaucratic political correctness gone bonkers.   Fry enters a world of gangs, violence, neglect, heartbreak and poverty to capture the attention of his students, long enough to teach them.  
Fry’s show has a similar theme to that touching 60’s film with Sidney Poitier, To Sir With Love.  The difference it’s Fry that becomes all of the characters in his story.  The laughter, anger, tears and joy are amazingly similar between these two theatrical works.
Fry is the natural target of everyone’s wrath, punishment and surprises.  Fry teaches these difficult children, but it’s Fry who learns the most important lessons. 

Fry realizes a shocking discovery that he spends more time with some of the children and knows them better than their own parents.
If I have a gripe about teachers is that so many of them duck, run and simply mark time until they retire.  They are not inspired and have no ability to inspire anyone else.

Teachers must be first class showmen and women.  How else can you keep the attention of students long enough to transfer that all-important educational information? 
I challenge anyone to name more than a handful of teachers that were ever inspiring to him or her.  I personally view the American teaching profession as mired in a world of seniority, tenure, unions and abject mediocrity.
Fry’s students are indeed lucky because he’s a born showman.  He has a charismatic gift to hold his student’s attention to pass on the information they desperately need to break the chains of poverty.
This show is a, must see for parents, teachers, and politicians everywhere.
This summer Fry is again taking the show on the road to a city near you and has the details on his web site.
Here is a trailer to enjoy:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Has Redundantly Devalued American Citizenship

Washington, DC—With every new tax, restriction of liberty and now dictate to grant amnesty to the trespassers sneaking into this once great nation,  our citizenship is worth much less.
America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. Americans were once taxed at a lower rate than nearly any developed nation. 
We’ve allowed politicians to create a police state where Americans are groped while entering airports and government buildings.  Our telephone, banking and Internet activities have for all practical purposes become government property.
Today tax rates have caused corporation after corporation to relocate to Europe for relief.  That of course has taken millions of jobs from Americans.
Today our dictator, Barack Obama has granted blanket amnesty to Illegal aliens and that has officially added a huge number of people to our dire unemployment situation.  That will also place these parasites to the front of the government entitlement lines.
The value of our citizenship has been reduced to almost nothing compared to foreign nations. 
Of course the hardest hit by this outrageous amnesty will be Americas poorest citizens and the lawfully naturalized citizens that follow the rules.  They now must compete with a flood of trespassers for the few jobs we still had.
Any productive American that can flee the USA will be thinking hard of doing just that.  That is, until they place a Berlin style guarded wall to prevent our escape.  I know I am looking to find a way to spend my golden years in Germany or Switzerland.  Being an American is not fun anymore…


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicago Politicians Must Face Violence Crisis, Here’s a Solution

Chicago, IL—The Windy City has been off to a violent start of summer. They have a major shortage of officers to deal with crime.

There is a simple solution to deal with this urban nightmare. Ignoring this problem will have dire consequences affecting rental property, businesses and the quality of life for years to come. Chicago’s lost enough taxpayers to safer and less hostile communities.

There are several thousand honorably retired Chicago cops around. Loads of them are fit, trained and still have their uniforms and equipment.

They can be brought back to cover weekends and evening hours. These officers can be assigned, to less strenuous beats while the younger officers are sent to do the heavy lifting.

The retirees should not be forced to reside within the city because many of them moved upon retirement to the suburbs. This will not exceed the overtime rates of regular officers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chicago’s Media has Become the Public Relations Arm of Local Government

Chicago, IL—I’m going to single out WLS-TV 7, however this applies to every major news organization in the Windy City.
I want to begin with a quote from a late and great writer.  You should always keep this quote in mind when reading news stories: 
“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”
― George Orwell
There has been a racist war on white people primarily on Chicago’s North Loop and Gold Coast areas.  Those engaged in ongoing mob violence are exclusively young African-Americans.  The victims are exclusively white, affluent residents, visitors and tourists. 
These are the facts and the Chicago’s administration officials along with the media are well-aware of this but they are engaged in a conspiracy to hide the truth from the public.  The facts are frightening and the public should be warned.  White people need to be warned to avoid young African-Americans because their very lives depend on it.
Call them Hate Crimes or a crime trend.  Call this whatever you like but it’s real and it’s news and should be reported.  City officials and the news organizations are convinced that Chicagoans can’t handle the truth.  The media simply avoids the issue and refer to the African-America thugs as teens and teenagers even though many are adults.  It seems as if they are describing ordinary children out having fun. 
The motivation for these racial attacks is far more than theft.  This is wanton cruelty, sexual assault and worse.   These are hate crimes by blacks targeting white people.
Michelle Gallardo
I contacted two WLS-TV reporters, Evelyn Holmes and Michelle Gallardo, responsible for reporting half-truths about two of these recent attacks.  They responded back to me defending their failure.  Gallardo called informing the public about the race issues, “counter-productive.” Wow! Imagine that!
I put a call into the News Director, Jennifer Graves of WLS-TV and she has refused to return calls or comment. 
We cannot ever begin to deal with this race war without acknowledging that it even exists.  We can pretend as visitors are invited to come to the Gold Coast of an evening of good food, entertainment and fine hotels.  What they are finding is sheer horror and life saving trips to hospital emergency rooms or worse.
The police department is undermanned, demoralized and outgunned.  They can’t begin to guarantee safety for their own officers.  They can’t protect the public under present conditions.
As for Chicago’s media they have been doing a great job of public relations for Chicago’s mayors, police superintendents and assorted officials.  I understand that the news business is in trouble and the only place to go for laid off reporters is to the ranks of public information officers.  The reporters are simply too afraid to make Chicago politicians angry. 
Illinois needs to allow citizens their constitutionally protected activity to bear arms in self-defense.   People should never be denied meaningful self-help when it comes to protecting their own lives.  The police can only do so much and thugs avoid their dreadful conduct when the cops are on the scene.  As always in Chicago, there’s never a cop around when you need one.

And the WLS-TVcoverup continues with censored reports about new black mob attacks on white physicians near hospitals.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chicago’s Secret Race War

Chicago, IL—Let me begin by saying that African-Americans born and raised in Chicago have made important contributions to our military, public safety, medicine, arts, entertainment and business.  This is not an attempt to denigrate people on account of skin color.
Nobody knows the truth more than the productive and law-abiding African Americans that have tried to make the Windy City a better place.  This is more about misplaced sensitivities, dangerous and shameful denial.
As temperatures rise here African-American criminals commute from South and west side ghettos to stalk, beat, rob, rape and kill white people on Chicago’s Gold Coast.  This phenomenon is fueled by avarice, greed and simple racial hate.  If they can achieve sufficient numbers unstoppable flash mobs savagely swarm businesses and victims.  
Bank robber Willie Sutton said it best when a reporter asked him, why he robbed banks?  Sutton answered with a smile, “That’s where the money is!”   I won’t discount the fact that it’s no secret that lots of young, affluent white people either live on or visit the Gold Coast.   The Yuppies bring cash, credit cards, I-phones and their exceptional vulnerability that has become attractive thug bait.
Chicago’s predators were created by a racist and Socialist system that was designed to keep African-Americans, ignorant, poor, aimless, dependent and without hope.   That program worked beyond the creator’s wildest dreams.  An underclass exists now that will blindly support more Socialism that will keep them in power for generations.
Here the dangerous predators are all nearly exclusively African-American and their victims are all nearly exclusively white. There are virtually no cases of Whites victimizing African-Americans in similar fashion. 
City officials and local media have engaged in a conspiracy to hide the racial aspects of the Gold Coast’s violent crimes from the public.  Perhaps they don’t want to frighten tourists or damage patronage of hotels, restaurants and theaters.  They certainly don’t dare expose the failed social planning responsible for this untenable situation.   There is a race war going on that’s being kept secret but for various police bloggers that refuse to remain silent.
There are two huge problems that continue to contribute to this frightening metropolitan disaster.  A lack of sufficient police manpower and Chicago’s continued unlawful restraint of the right to meaningful self-defense and self-help facilitates this one-sided war. 
The African-American thugs know the city’s deliberate limitations.   They know they face little risk and the high probability they will escape interference and justice for their vicious acts.
The only way to combat this war is to properly warn the public, immediately increase police manpower through rehiring already capable, trained and equipped police retirees and to legalize self-defense.
The anti-crime plans offered by Chicago’s politicians and bureaucrats are supported and put forward only if they can’t possibly work.   

Les Miserables, the Musical is coming to the Big Screen!

Los Angeles, CA—Les Miserables is a book written by the late Victor Hugo. This classic novel was published during our own Civil War.  It’s about 19 years of events and a political climate that ended in an insurrection in in France in 1832.   The story unfolds around, a man Jean Valjean who burglarized a bakery for a loaf of bread.
Times were tough for this man who was arrested and imprisoned at hard labor.  His five-year sentence was lengthened considerably after numerous failed escape attempts. Valjean is finally released and briefly returns to crime breaking parole.

Soon Valjean sees the error of his ways and established a new identity and undergoes a dramatic change for the better managing to become a wealthy manufacturer and benevolent town mayor. 
Along the way Valjean winds up with a victimized and orphaned little girl, Cozette to care for and to raise as his own.  In the middle of this mess a revolution is going on and all Hell breaks loose.
All the while, the dedicated policeman, Javert, is relentlessly hunting down Valjean like a rat.  Valjean is discovered after an accident. 
There is a cast of rich characters with their own tragic tales that all unfold in this sad story.  It is a literary masterpiece that has been retold many times in film and in the theater.
In 1985, producer Cameron Mackintosh along with director Trevor Nunn and John Caird adapted the story into a terrific and wildly successful musical.  Claude-Michel Schönberg composed the music, and Alain Boublil wrote the libretto.
Now this musical has been adapted for the silver screen.  Okay, they now managed to have me spellbound and waiting with major excitement to see the film that is set for release this Christmas.  Needless to say they have an all-star cast.   Now, if I can only manage to get invited to the premier of the film…
The cast:
Les Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean
Russell Crowe as Inspector Javert
Anne Hathaway as Fantine
Amanda Seyfried as Cosette
Eddie Medmayne as Marius Pontmercy
Samantha Banks as Eponine
Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter, as Monsieur and Madame Thendardier!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Santa Monica Police Dragnet is in Progress for an Accident Involving Lindsay Lohan

Santa Monica, CA-Pacific Coast Highway is an incredibly scenic stretch of highway next to the ocean.

June 8th was a particularly nice morning for the somewhat troubled young actress Lindsay Lohan.   Lohan was either a passenger in or driving a black Porsche Northbound in the 1100 block on her way to portray the late and great Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic film.

Something unexpected happened.  There was a collision between a large dump truck driven by an African-American male and Lohan’s black Porsche.
Lohan and a male occupant of the Porsche were injured.  They were being followed by a SUV that stopped and rendered aid to the injured.  Aid was rendered and the insurance information was exchanged.  Once that happens no driver is required to remain at the scene for any reason including talking to police or proving themselves sober.
Santa Monica Police responded to a call by the truck driver.  Police checked all three occupants of both vehicles for impairment and found them all to be alert and sober.
As what routinely happens with vehicle accidents some drivers claim the responsibility was on the other driver.
Was this a simple case of an inattentive Porsche operator driving too fast and being unable to stop in time to avoid a collision with the rear of the truck?  Was it a case of the truck cut recklessly in front the Porsche causing the collision? 
Photos of the Lohan Porsche seem to support the cutting off theory since the damage is not from the kind of impact expected when making direct impact with another vehicle from behind. 
A young woman interviewed the truck driver on video and apparently sold her recording to TMZ.  In that interview the driver claimed that Lohan tried to flee the scene by entering the SUV that was following her.  He also claimed she was trying to hide a pink bag.  To the contrary the evidence clearly shows nobody attempted to flea anywhere.  
Both occupants of the Lohan Porsche were injured and required medical care.  That is more important than talking or arguing with the other driver.   The truck driver’s claim that Lohan was hiding a pink bag is beyond meaningless since if the bag existed nobody knows what may have been inside of it.  The truck driver went on to claim that Lohan’s people at the scene offered him money not to blab about the accident.  Did the truck driver attempt to extort money from Lohan and get rebuffed? I ask, who really cares about that?
The best part of this story is that Lohan and the other Porsche occupant have not been confirmed as the driver!  Police have yet to determine who actually was driving the Porsche!
So the Santa Monica Police Department have put out a press release asking for witnesses to come forward so they can determine what happened and most importantly who was driving the Lohan Porsche. 
Let’s review this for a second.  There is an accident with property damage and minor injuries.  Both vehicles are presumably insured and the injured in the Porsche don’t want to make claims.   This is only about a minor traffic accident and who may or may deserve a simple citation.  Does this deserve such a police dragnet?  Are they desperately looking for witnesses because it involved Lindsay Lohan?
Let’s say arguably that the truck driver was without blame.  He has not suggested that he was injured and the damages, if any involve the truck he was driving presumably owned by his employer.   Insurance information was exchanged for the vehicles and the insurers will deal with the property damage in a non-criminal setting.
Lohan never missed a beat, once she was patched up at the UCLA hospital facility in Santa Monica she reported to the set of her film.
As a long time cop and PI, I found that it’s rare that you cannot assign blame to the cause of an accident.  Most often the drivers can’t wait to tell their sides of the story to police. This appears to be one of the rare ones where police don't know who was driving. 
In this investigation the cops can simply suspend the blame due to a lack of evidence.  Lohan and her fellow Porsche occupants have an absolute right not to talk to police or anyone.  If before the Statute of Limitations expires they get enough evidence they can mail their summons to the driver who was determined to be at fault. 
What we all must understand here is, that police have not been able to clear the truck driver or the Porsche occupants of being responsible for the accident.  
Had this involved anyone other than Lindsay Lohan would anyone have cared?