Sunday, June 25, 2023

Supreme Court Rulings Are Arrogantly Ignored by Some of Our Politicians!

Washington, DC—I have two major examples where politicians obeyed the High Court rulings without question. Miranda V. Arizona 1963 and Roe V. Wade 1973.  

When the Miranda case was ruled upon, police everywhere were immediately required to read the constitutional rights against self-incrimination to any suspect that they were about to question.  There was absolutely no legal push back or resistance to Miranda.

A decade later,  then Roe V. Wade ruling landed and without a whimper, thousands of cash up front abortion mills sprung up all over the nation without any legal interference.  

It was a decade earlier than Miranda, when the case of Brown V. Board of Education desegregation case ruling came down.  The legal pushback by Democrats was nothing short of epic and it took an excessively long time for our schools to become desegregated.

This month we have celebrated the first anniversary of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association V. Bruen ruling. That was the Supreme Courts 135 page declaration that as many as 20,000 local state and federal gun laws are unconstitutional and unenforceable.  Since then, government agencies at every level have been ordered by their Democrat political leaders to disobey the high court’s ruling.  

As the Democrat politicians aggressively and unlawfully resist Bruen, they continue trying to legislatively pass even more unlawful Gun bans.  

In a hotly divided nation, unlawful gun ban enforcement may well spark deadly gun battles as various government agents that  refuse to obey the law of the land.  

Taking guns from citizens by armed police for mere possession is nothing short of armed robbery, even with a warrant.  Most every state allows for deadly force to be used to stop such crimes. Wearing a police badge does not give anyone a special authority or immunity to break the law of the land and they may be killed in the process.  After the Bruen case why are these  politicians unnecessarily risking the lives of our cops?  

The next Randy Weaver or Waco style raid may bring on, Armageddon…


Saturday, June 24, 2023

Firearm Technology Advances Make Them More Dangerous!

Los Angeles—This lie is is accepted without question.  The truth is there are only two major firearm advancements accomplished in well over a century ago! In 1808 the first fully self-contained cartridge was invented by Jean Samuel Pauly. It had a copper base with primer powder.  The first semi-automatic pistol was created by Joseph Laumann in 1892. But the Borchardt pistol of 1893 was the first automatic with a separate magazine in the grip, and this remains the defining feature of the breed.  That’s it, not a single additional’ development has changed the power or function of firearms in well over 130 years! All firearm improvements since were limited to ergonomics, cosmetics and sighting devices.  

During the early 1960’s wood stocks of military rifles were replaced by modern plastic products that were both cheaper and lighter.  The preferred color was black giving a somehow more menacing appearance.  Of course the same changes were made for civilian semi-automatic rifles.  Wood is still available but at a premium price.  Rifles with wood stocks like the Ruger Mini-14 stayed off the gun haters radar simply because it was pretty. 

The perception of modern firearms by the uneducated are massively exaggerated by Hollywood’s movies.  A weapon’s power is assumed by the mere appearance of a firearm by the ignorant. Hollywood’s gross depiction of damage caused by bullets often defies every rule of physics with their film artistry and special effects.  Films and TV  shows are no small influence on lawmakers.  There are no magic bullets.  -

Gun rights haters call any firearm a, “weapon of war”.  Some banned or heavily regulated fully automaton firearms are used in war.   Certainly not the semiautomatic firearms available for civilian ownership even if they look like the military grade weapons. 

We know that with today’s emergency medicine improvements over 85% of the people who are shot actually survive the experience.  Ask any emergency room physician and they will tell you that surviving a knife wound is more less likely than a gun shot wound.  

Our mentally challenged President recently made this crazy claim, that a plastic wrist brace added to a pistol would give it a higher caliber! 

Thursday, June 22, 2023

The Truth Behind Hunter Bidens Gun Law Crime Plea Agreement

Delaware—Let’s begin with the gun violation.  This Federal law was born within the Gun Control Act of 1968 after the assassinations of the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King.  Of course, guns were blamed for these murders by the hand wringing, gun right haters, much more so, than the killers.  


A portion of that 1968 Johnson Administration, federal law dealt with making a requirement that anyone purchasing a gun from a licensed gun dealer had to truthfully fill out what is commonly known as a 4473 form


The 4473 form asks a lot of questions including if you’re under indictment or been convicted of a crime that carries a prison penalty of more than a year. Additional questions involved mental health status and citizenship.  Later, questions involving Red Flag, domestic abuse and restraining orders we're added to this form.  


More Recently the FBI got involved in doing background investigations that became an expensive nightmare because of name similarities, refusal of mental health agencies to provide access to records and massive clerical screwups.


The key 4473 question Hunter Biden falsified was, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, common narcotic drug or any other controlled substance?”  This was considered a very serious felony crime carrying a punitive ten-year prison sentence.  


Now the rub.  The younger Biden will be allowed to enter a diversion program and this specific crime will be completely wiped off his record provided he successfully completes the program.  He may have to do some public service like working for a food bank. For Hunter Biden there is no probation, jail term nor is there a criminal record under this agreement.


Was this portion of the plea agreement a sweetheart deal?  Or was it an absolutely necessity considering the United States Supreme Court Bruen decision of a year ago and The Big Guy?


President Biden has been screaming for gun bans most of his lifetime political career.  He got a serious Bruen ass kicking with the invalidating  some 20,000 local, state, and federal gun laws. 


There can be no doubt that the younger Biden would have to use Bruen to beat the gun form deception crime.  The reality is that criminal cases get through the appellate system much faster than civil cases especially when people are sitting in jail.  The Whitehouse certainly doesn’t want to see the Biden name attached to some case invalidating any portion of the now castrated 1968-gun Control Act. 


The resulting massive amount of new gun law court challenges has taken the wrecking ball to gun regulations all over the nation. 


Bruen also destroyed requirements outlawing Interstate gun sales and these 4473 forms.  Gun Registration and Serial number requirements are also rapidly on their way to the unconstitutional trash heap.  


The Bruen decision held that the founding fathers did not create loopholes allowing gun rights impairments in 1791. 


Modern public safety concerns can’t be used as an excuse to impair the Second Amendment.  The only factors that can be involved in making a gun law according to Bruen must be rooted in text, history, and tradition when the Second Amendment was promulgated in 1791.



As for the two charges connected to Hunter Biden’s tax fraud, I think the Biden run DOJ had to get Hunter Biden’s lawyers to agree to sidestep fighting the gun violation.   So to sweeten the pot, he gets to avoid a free ride to prison on that too.  


George Orwell said it best in his book, Animal Farm. “All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.”


Take that, Wesley Snipes!  I guess Democrats have a two-tiered punishment system that seems to have a racial overtone.  The Biden name is clearly, by far the best kind of White privilege ever!


Thursday, June 15, 2023

Disingenuous Immigration Whitehouse Policies


Washington, DC—Democrats have pretended their open border policy is one of kindness and humanitarianism. That’s pure bullshit.  

We all know that poverty breeds more Democrats.  Stuffing Southern states with illegal aliens will soon turn those Southern  Red States, Blue.  Yes, Democrat politicians are using these unfortunate souls as a tool for purely political purpose.

The reality is, the southern states have had the unfair burden to provide humanitarian needs, along with medical and educational assistance to the illegal aliens. 

The Blue State politicians have, put in place every form of welfare to control their own unemployed, unemployable, impoverished, uneducated, unskilled and chronically lazy people that will vote for them.  It’s all about total control. They don’t need more Democrats in Blue States. 

If the Democrats really cared they’d welcome their new illegals with open arms and provide for them.  Instead they have been strangling and bankrupting those Southern states with these unvetted invaders. Keeping them far away and trapped in impoverished border towns is their goal!

Helping these illegals relocate to the Blue States give them substantially better resources and a real ability to pursue the American dream would be much kinder policy. 

Would you rather start your new job as a dishwasher in El Paso, Texas, or in a trendy Martha’s Vineyard, restaurant where you’d get triple the pay.  We all know the answer to that one!

Governor Abbott of Texas is doing the right thing helping these people relocate to where the money is.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Gun Control Laws in America are on Life Support.

Washington, DC--It all but went unnoticed in June of 2022 when the Supreme Court of the United States decided in a six to three decision that declared some 20,000 local, state and federal gun laws as unconstitutional.  Frankly, the mainstream media that religiously supports gun control and did not want to publicize or talk about this at all.  

The case is titled, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association vs. Bruen.  It was a 135-page opinion that returned the Second Amendment into meaning exactly what it said.


Since the Bill of Rights was promulgated in 1791 the Second Amendment has evaporated.  The most damage was done during and after, Post Civil War Reconstruction.  Politicians made numerous laws that precluded newly freed slaves from owning firearms.  In the infamous Dred Scott case, the Supreme Court went so far as suggesting that they were horrified of the idea that these former slaves might possess firearms. 


The politicians suggested that public safety demanded curbs on gun possession and carrying. That mindset continued, until finally the High Court lowered the boom.  The High Court for over two centuries has had very little to say about gun laws until the last decade.  Today those, “what about the children” and “we are all going to die” arguments are no longer relevant.  


The Heller, McDonald and now Bruen case has absolutely changed everything. 


The Bruen case was about the refusal of New York to simply issue concealed weapon permits to law abiding citizens.  The court held that New York was being arbitrary, capricious and totally unreasonable with their handling of the permits.


Particularly in the past 50 years lawmakers have restricted gun rights claiming that modern public safety demanded such action.  They've made every excuse that they could to ban every type of weapon possible.  Until now our courts have done a very poor job of protecting American’s gun rights. 


Just to put the militia argument where it belongs you need to understand that the militia was never part of the government. The militia is, we the people. As for the government they already had a robust ability to keep and bear all the arms they wanted including nuclear bombs.


In Bruen the court held that only 1791 era text, history and tradition could be used to impair the right to keep and bear arms. 


Laws and requirement for serial numbers, registration, red flag seizures, accessory prohibitions, age restrictions, carrying arms in public, out-of-state firearms purchases, gun dealer licenses and federal or state gun purchase forms did not exist and therefore were and are unconstitutional today. 


There was a half dozen other gun cases that the High Court accepted jurisdiction over including so called assault weapons, ammunition magazines.  The court simply reversed earlier court rulings and remanded them back to the trial courts with the instructions that they must make new rulings that conform to Bruen.  


You need to know that most American lawyers have not even read the Bruen case because they practice family law, bankruptcy, contract disputes and other matters not involving criminal law. 


The gun rights hating politicians, prosecutors and judges that know about Bruen are doing all they can in a futile effort to slow down the demise of their precious gun laws.  However, they can be facing State Bar problems along with being named in malicious prosecution lawsuits.


We are seeing various federal and state courts following the law of the land every week rendering decisions consistent with Bruen. 


Even Governor Newsom of California finally recognized that the only way he can succeed with gun bans, is to repeal the 2nd Amendment with his idea of a 28th Amendment.  That effort will never succeed in our lifetimes without a successful war. 


Perhaps now we can toughen up soft targets like schools, deal with mental illness and keep those cruel and dangerous criminals in locked cages.   

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Was the UNABOM Killer, Ted Kaczynski a Psychic? He’s dead at 81.

Evanston, IL—It began here and I suspect Ted Kaczynski figured out what was going on well before1978 when his first two bombs exploded in the month of May.  

The bombs injured a Northwestern University campus cop and later a grad student. This was the beginning of a two decade long terrorism investigation involving numerous bombings from coast to coast. 

The certified genius and Harvard grad, must have been a psychic because he knew what to expect from developing technology.  He somehow knew that technology be would be weaponized and abused by rogue governments unleashing a massive Shit Show on all of us.  

Did he also predict the weaponization of the coronavirus that was unleashed upon us by China?  We still must wonder if our own government was involved in that depopulation effort.  

The deception and bad acts by the political Left has killed millions. The only people that got real immunization were the criminals pumping out ineffective vaccines at warp speed for staggering profits.  It looks to me, like a massive, Snake Oil scam to say the least. 

Everything Kaczynski predicted in his manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future has so far come true!  Whistle blowers, Julian Assange,  Edward Snowden and Chelsea (Bradley) Manning revealed just how our own government’s abuse of technology and unlawful spying programs invaded the privacy of every man, woman and child in America.  Not only has nothing changed by these revelations, it’s actually gotten worse. The only ones punished to date were the whistle blowers!

Kaczynski was absolutely desperate to get his “conspiracy theory” out to the general public. He wanted controls put on the  research and development of what he felt was a very dangerous race to technology.  As smart as Kaczynski was, the best plan he could come up with would be to target and bomb those who he felt had culpability.

The FBI painstakingly re-created every bomb that they believe Kaczynski assembled. I personally examined these clever duplications and actually shot video of them.  

I was transfixed on this case as an investigative TV news producer.  Suddenly, I got a call from the late producer, John Siceloff of ABC World News Tonight on April 6, 1996.  John assigned me to do whatever I could to shed light on Kaczynski and his arrest.   

This was all unfolding on the small town of, Lincoln, Montana. ABC News Reporter, Bill Redeker, and his photographer were racing to Lincoln to cover the story. I had to act fast.  Calling the local sheriff and the FBI was futile since no information was forthcoming and a long line of worldwide media were already  assembled at the doors of those agencies.  

I knew what to do! I opened up a database of the 200 or so  listed phones in Lincoln, Montana.  At the top of the alphabetical list was, AAA towing. My police experience paid off handsomely because I knew the tow truck outfits all have police scanners, and they work closely with police to tow the vehicles of people arrested, or for other purposes.  I made the call as I mistakenly thought that they would have towed any car belonging to Kaczynski.

For starters, when they answered the phone, I could hear the police scanners blaring in the background!  I talked to a rather accommodating fellow and asked if they towed  Kaczynski’s car.  The man laughed at me informing me that Kaczynski only had a bicycle.  He told me he could see it chained to his mailbox if he stepped out to the front of his shop. He informed me that Kaczynski actually lived in a tiny shack, smelled bad and was a very peculiar guy.

I asked the tow truck guy if he knew him and he said only slightly.  He told me he preferred not to talk to Kaczynski because of his poor hygiene.  However, what he told me next was purely golden!  He told me that Kaczynski was very close to the local librarian, and the lady that ran the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  Kaczynski went to the library everyday! I thanked my source profusely and put in a quick call to Bill Redeker!

It was already 3:30 PM and I immediately told Bill to quickly sneak over to the library and interview, that librarian! Then he should race to the chamber of commerce to capture the words of the lady running that outfit.  As a result redeker obtained two amazing and exclusive, interviews! That left every other news  organization empty handed and out in the cold for a full 24 hours! 

Recently, I wanted to pull another coup by interviewing Kaczynski again myself.  He was all but forgotten serving four life sentences at the Supermax prison in Colorado.

I checked only to find out Kaczynski was transferred to a medium security medical facility in Butner, NC!  At 81, he was in seriously declining health and getting a meaningful interview now would be difficult to say the least. 

We just received the news that Kaczynski was found unresponsive and his cell. They transported him to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The Charlotte Observer, reported an anonymous source claimed that he died by suicide.  

It is routine practice everywhere, that when prisoners die, that they receive a full autopsies, and toxicology screens.  I’m going to wait for the local medical examiner to report his findings.  

It’s now time to reread and carefully examine that UNABOM manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future.  

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Carrying a concealed weapon and the Necessity Defense.

Los Angeles, CA—it’s a crime here for an otherwise law abiding citizen to carry an exposed or concealed or loaded firearm in public places.  Does that violate the Second Amendment? Of course it does, but the well protected Democrat politicians of the not so golden state absolutely don’t care.

The same California politicians released over 100,000 inmates from the prisons and eliminated cash bail for most of those arrested.  Cruel crimes have skyrocketed, the current crime trends involve the thugs working in teams and they’re armed with semi-automatic firearms or worse.  When you see newsreel footage of crime scenes on TV, you see empty shell casings everywhere.   

That sets off reasonable fear and now we must take precautions.  Using Pepper spray as a defense will definitely get you killed.  To have even a minimal chance of survival you need solid training and a suitable handgun with sufficient magazine capacity to defeat even multiple attackers. What that means is that your personal safety absolutely trumps the desires of your politicians.

They set up a gun permit system that’s substantially inconsistent with the June, 2022, United States Supreme Court decision in, New York State, rifle and pistol association Vs. Bruen.  The program is incredibly slow, there are extortionate fees attached, your privacy is invaded and investigators will inform your immediate neighbors. It’s a deal breaker we need never tolerate.  Non-residents don’t qualify at all. 

Your salvation is the, Necessity Defense.  Yes, that’s real.  Will the judges appointed by the same lame politicians recognize and accept that defense? You won’t know until you are in front of these guys charged with a crime.  

There are other factors involved such as sex, size, age, incapacitation or simple disparity of force.  Fear and our basic survival instincts are God given gifts that is our real law. Despite our politicians demands, vulnerable people also deserve a fighting chance to survive.  That means that necessity should always rule.  Lawyers seem to forget this defense.  

Of course the justified self-defense use of even a banned weapon is always lawful.  While our courts and politicians battle out the very broad Bruen decision, I say avoid conflict and skip the permit process.  

Rely on the Fourth Amendment that protects you from unreasonable search and seizure by police. Discreetly carry a firearm and if you need it by all means employ it to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Afterwords, when the police come, you tell them four simple words, “I want a lawyer“ and keep your mouth shut.  Dont let your need to establish your justification or innocence cause you to say anything at all. Save that crap for the courtroom should you be later charged with a crime. 

Never forget rule number one, avoid conflict at all cost.  Rule two is keep your middle finger and your temper in your pocket. 

Monday, June 05, 2023

The Reality of Rehabilitating Criminals

USA—I’ve been employed within the criminal justice system since 1967.  I took two years off when I was drafted into the Army.  As a cop I’ve relentlessly chased criminals.  As a private investigator  I have conducted defense investigations for the innocent, overcharged and of course the guilty.  I’ve majored in Criminal Justice and Psychology at UIC.  

Since humankind graced this earth every conceivable effort has been tried to reform criminals.  Beating, torture, incarceration, drug experiments, hypnosis, kindness and forgiveness has been tried over thousands of years. If a magic formula existed we’d be using it.  Frankly it would provide these lost souls with a better, richer and more enjoyable lives.  There is no known successful rehabilitation cure for violent criminals.

There are those people that have little respect for law.  They hate government control and engage in victimless crimes.  They seem to function without too much difficulty. 

Then there are the petty offenders that lie, cheat and steal at various opportunities.  They occasionally get caught but continue on as nuisance offenders. They are a minimal threat to public safety.  We don’t really know if they go straight or just find better ways to escape detection.  

We must separate the two types of offenders.  Mala in se (the singular is malum in se) is a term that signifies crime that is considered wrong in and of itself. The phrase is Latin and literally means wrong in itself. This class of crime is contrasted by crimes mala prohibita, the Latin term for "wrong because they are prohibited."

The mala prohibita type offenders are no threat threat to public safety.  Their activities aggravate the the control freak politicians of our society.  The casual drug abuser, gambler, or even the guy that feels he’s above obeying gun laws since he values personal safety and rejects the law that sought to keep him vulnerable to criminals.  

The most troubling criminals are the ones that relish their  cruelty and the power over, children, the weak or elderly.  They are the violent ones.  I include residential burglars because they often rape, injure or murder the victims that discover these home invaders.  

We must quit fooling ourselves and end the wasted efforts on offender reformation. The only things that stops these people is keeping them locked away from society, old age, disability or death.  We know that criminals like everyone slow down as they age.  

Some politicians love giving contracts to non-profits that claim rehabilitation success.  Either the politicians are ignorant Pollyanna types or they’re getting financial kickbacks from the non-profit’s peddling snake oil. 

Unrelated to the rehabilitation fraud our drug laws only create crime, violence and public corruption.  Drug addicts confine their crimes to raising money to feed their addiction.  The reality of total legalization would put the manufacturers, dealers and  corrupt public officials out of business in a single day.  The illicit drugs cost no more than sugar or tea to produce.  It’s more than obvious that public corruption has been fueling the Drug War for decades. When alcohol prohibition ended America’s crime rates bottomed out.  The same will happen if we ever come to our senses and end the senseless Drug War.