Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama Insurrection At Grant Park A Certainty

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Chicago, IL.—At least some city officials have grave concerns about the plans for a huge celebration for Barack Obama at Chicago’s Grant Park. All the tickets for the event have been given out and Mayor Richard M. Daley gleefully invited "a million people" to come down and celebrate.

The biggest problem is a mathematical one. The 5000 or so police officers will be gravely outnumbered and placed in danger. There is no way to keep out thousands of armed street gang members or protect the thousands of businesses. The cops will be way out manned and outgunned. Police cannot use deadly force against looters because of a 1967 Illinois law.

Some officers I talked with are expecting to become targets of the unprecedented mob that will descend into the area. Once the mob gets control of the outdoor lighting any hope of security will be lost for sure.

There would be no way to protect the Loop. How much priceless art will be lost at the Art Institute? Will the brand New CBS broadcast Center be destroyed? I know a lot of cops that would look the other way as that place is looted and trashed.

The numerous buildings of every government level that house sensitive records will be in jeopardy. Imagine gang members getting into Daley Center court offices and destroying the records associated with pending trials.

The only good idea officials seem to have is to open the bridges along the Chicago River keeping mobs from spreading to the Gold Coast. The Chicago River is a great barrier and that will control mobs moving Northbound.

It’s too late to stop what Barack Obama and his energetic supporter Richard M. Daley has set in motion. The Genie is out of the bottle.

William Balfour Infamous Criminal Activities

Chicago Il. --William “Flex” Balfour is indeed a very dangerous criminal. His past is further exposed by the following documents that include a pre-sentence report prepared by a Cook County Adult Probation officer. That report was used by the sentencing judge to determine his punishment after the carjacking where he nearly murdered the victim. Balfour is a consummate ghetto rat, tough guy, gang member and fool.

Police are still trying to unravel the true motive for the carnage with the help of an inside snitch. Julia Hudson, her dead brother, Jason along with her son Julian’s Father Gregory King and William Balfour were heavily involved with the Gangster Disciples street gang and drug dealing. Julia Hudson has been misleading the cops about the motive for the killings to sanitize her own conduct.

Both Julia Hudson and Jennifer Husdon are skipping the public service. I guess they have no interest in answering any questions about drugs and gangs in the family members of the media may ask.

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson is incredibly lucky her talents took her away from her siblings and their risky lifestyle or she too may have been another murder victim.

The recovery and matching of that Sig-Saur, two-tone, P220, nine shot .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol to the crime is the clearest demonstration of the snitch’s credibility. The police had already searched the area but the snitch sent police back to the scene giving them a precise location and the weapon was recovered.

The sad part of the story was an innocent little boy surrounded with gangs, drugs and violence. Had he lived he may well have been just another Englewood hood rat.
Here are the records…

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mayor Richard M. Daley’s Role In The Chicago Police Torture Allegations

Chicago, IL—Over a period of time during the 1970s and 1980’s there was a firestorm of torture allegations by Chicago police Detectives under the Command of the retired and recently indicted, Jon Burge.

I’m not privy to what went on in those South Chicago interrogation rooms where the most violent cop killers and other notorious criminals confessed their deeds. As the defense attorneys began to compare the stories of their clients a pattern of similar allegations emerged.

Police were accused of beating, suffocating and shocking suspects until they confessed. I am convinced these criminals were not treated like guests at Chicago’s posh Ambassador East Hotel. But I also seriously doubt the claims of the accusers. No police agencies had or used video back then during interrogations so only the people in those rooms know what really happened.

You can believe the killers or you can believe the officers. I don’t care who is right or wrong here but both sides deserved a solid investigation. Torture by police is wrong and so is making false allegations against cops. Suspects make such allegations because often it’s their only defense that may keep them out of a lethal injection room at the Menard Prison.

It was in February of 1982 when John Raba, MD was treating cop killer Andrew Wilson at the Cermack Memorial Hospital located at the Cook County Jail. Dr. Raba found some superficial injuries on Wilson that seemed to back up his tale of police brutality. DR. Raba did the right thing and sent a report to the then Superintendent of Chicago Police, Richard J. Brzeczek.

Brzeczek had a peculiar dilemma since Wilson was on the fast track to death row for murdering two cops and a McDonald’s security guard. Brzeczek needed to follow the lead of the man who had investigative and prosecutorial jurisdiction over both Wilson and the allegations made against the cops. The man who had the duty, power and Independent resources to handle that was none other than the current Chicago Mayor, Richard M. Daley who was the Cook County State's Attorney at the time.

Brzeczek dutifully notified Daley in writing including a copy of Dr. Raba’s report. Daley chose to take no action whatsoever beyond winning a conviction and death sentence against Wilson.

Jon Burge and his men were entitled to a full and complete investigation and review by Daley’s Office of Special Prosecutions that handle police brutality and official corruption matters. The officers may well have been cleared or if guilty prosecuted. Instead these allegations have been hanging over the detectives for three decades.

Now the US Attorney is pursuing a perjury and obstruction of justice case against Jon Burge. To prove that case they will have to prove that the ancient allegations of torture are true and that Burge lied about it decades later in a deposition.

To say this case involving White police officers and African-American suspects/convicted criminals has been a divisive burning issue in Chicago is an understatement.

It’s Chicago’s African American community that has elected Daley to his positions as State’s Attorney and Mayor. They keep electing him despite irrefutable evidence that it was Mayor Daley that covered up the allegations. The available evidence shows that Daley is even more culpable than Jon Burge.

To absolve himself of misconduct Daley, through The Cook County Board handed two long time political pals a king’s ransom ($7.2 million) for what became a Cook County Special Prosecutor's 292 page whitewash.

I’m trying to understand why the media and the so called community leaders have given Daley a free pass on this outrage. It seems to be very corrupt to me on its face.

Recently U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) resurrected Daley’s Cover-up and malfeasance as State’s Attorney. Gutierrez is considering a run against Daley for Mayor in February 2011.

Read Superintendent Richard J. Brzeczek’s letter to Daley and Raba Report.

Here is a copy of the Cook County Special Prosecutor'e Daley whitewash trying to make a scapegoat out of Richard J. Brzeczek:

The Final Nail In Obama’s Political Coffin?

Here is a shocking video of a Marxist dictator who was and is publically supported by Barack Obama. Redistributing the wealth, genocide, Islamic Law is the platform supported by both men…

An Obama Grant Park Insurrection Could Be Stopped By Plain Water

Chicago, IL—Mayor Daley seems proud that as many as one million Barack Obama supporter will invade Chicago’s Loop and Grant Park on Election Day. A total disaster is predictable.

Thankfully, the Windy City has more than one gift from Mother Nature, the biggest is Lake Michigan. November 4th may bring cool or even cold temperatures. The combination of those factors could save the city from a lot of carnage.

The best tool law enforcement and building security people can use to suppress a major insurrection during cool or cold weather is water.

I recall watching a small cool weather, anti-war riot in Frankfurt Germany in 1969. The police utilized a water-cannon on the troublemakers. The somewhat cold weather (around 55 degrees) made water an incredible weapon. I watched as the wet goons were shivering in misery and were immobilized. They had little choice but to go somewhere warm, dry off and get new clothes or perhaps suffer from hyperthermia.

The colder the weather the more effective the water will become.

Firefighters may well prevent a lot of violence and bloodshed. Building owners should have their security people prepare for using this kind of defense from the rooftops and other vantage points.

Using water instead of clubs and guns would bring a lot less criticism and subsequent Civil Rights litigation. Water is a lot cheaper than tear gas.

I know Chicago has no water cannons But they can take steps now to borrow or rent some with Obama’s campaign money.

Fireboats and firefighting helicopters could be used to drench troublemakers with the nearby lake’s precious liquid gold.

Here is a demonstration of a water-cannon. This is not your kid’s Supersoaker!

BATFE To Get New Funding And Power To Victimize Gun Owners

Washington, DC–Come January with Barack Obama leading the new unified Socialist government there is one thing you can count on. They will give every resource to BATFE so they hire thousands of new profesional snitches looking to snag gun owners, manufacturers and dealers on the most technical and confusing gun law violations.

The problem with professional snitches is that they lie and exaggerate under oath as a normal course of business.

Of course the same kind of enforcement will never be used against the career violent criminals. You will not get a second chance to fight this kind of evil. Get out and Vote—NOBAMA!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ALERT! Illinois Forbids Deadly Force To Stop Burglary or Home Invasions During Riots.

Chicago, IL--Because of the upcoming Grant Park Obama Election Day Insurrection I remembered a peculiar Illinois law that forbids anyone using deadly force on "looters" during disturbances and riots. This is a really crappy law that was hastily put together after the 1967 riots when the Liberal Illinois politicians were revolted by the number of young looters shot as burglars.

It’s the called Looting law.
(720 ILCS 5/42 1) (from Ch. 38, par. 42 1)
Sec. 42 1. Looting by individuals. A person commits looting when he knowingly without authority of law or the owner enters any home or dwelling, or upon any premises of another, or enters any commercial, mercantile, business or industrial building, plant or establishment, in which normal security of property is not present by virtue of a hurricane, fire or vis major of any kind or by virtue of a riot, mob, or other human agency and obtains or exerts control over property of the owner.
(Source: Laws 1967, p. 2598.)

Of course police and citizens can always use deadly force to stop a deadly assault involving weapons or disparity of force. The same is true to stop typical crimes during riots such as sexual assault, kidnapping, arson, attempted murder, robbery either armed or strong armed.

If you have to use deadly force remember four simple words, "I want a lawyer” Do not try and justify your actions by saying anything. Cops don't really have rights against self-incrimination like ordinary citizens. Don't ever surrender your rights!

This looting law means is the police will stand by and watch the looters do their deeds.

Crimefile Comes to Chicago Radio!

On Sunday evening, 2 Nov 08 @ 5:00 PM (Chicago time)I will be talking about the city planed Barack Obama Election Insurrection on Wind 560 radio. Inviting a million Obama supporters to Grant Park is beyond incredibly dangerous and fool hardy.

This unprecedented event will be unfair to the men and women of the Chicago Police and Fire Departments. It will be unfair to the local businesses and hospitals. It will be unfair to the Cook County Medical Examiner too. Chicago's taxpayers will be suffering over the destruction for years to come.

If you do't live in Chicago you can hear this show over the WIND radio Internet site.

Julia Hudson’s Emotional TV Plea Doubted By Some Investigators

Chicago, IL—Based on numerous inconsistent statements made by Julia Hudson some investigators now believe that when that impassioned press conference was held little Julian King’s mother already knew the truth. That he was already dead.

Sources close to this investigation have raised several doubts.

Julia Hudson, her murdered brother Jason Hudson along with Gregory King and William Balfour were involved in the selling of drugs. Julia Hudson has known the motive for the killings all along but has misled investigators about important facts.

Police have obtained the cell phone records that reportedly tell a much different story that Julia Hudson gave police.

Police have made inroads with at least one of these players that has turned snitch giving police information including the actual location of the murder weapon.

Is Julia Hudson a better actress than her Academy Award winning sister Jennifer?

Snitch Gives up Location of Hudson Family Murder Weapon

Chicago, IL—Police acting in information provided by a participant in the Hudson family bloodbath recovered what’s believed to be the murder weapon. The weapon is a Sig 220 two-tone .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol.

Identifiable fingerprints are rarely lifted from handguns. DNA is another matter since sweaty hands load and handle these weapons. DNA matter can be caught in the numerous nooks and crannies located on pistols and their magazines.

Police already had searched that area but returned in force this afternoon based on the new information.

Cooperation from a co-conspirator and participant of this crime will lead to a quick resolution.

Has Julia Hudson Been Misleading Chicago Police?

Chicago, IL.--Police detectives investigating the murders of American Idol and Actress, Jennifer Hudson’s family have been getting inconstant statements from Julia Hudson. Cell phone records are proving to be very helpful in this triple murder and kidnapping case.

Police have been analyzing cell phone records of calls made along with the approximate locations of the calls in relation to area cell phone towers. The phone records being examined include are that of every member of the Hudson family including those of Jennifer Hudson.

A source close to the investigation has told me that they believe that the trigger man and central suspect is William Balfour. They are also looking at alleged criminal activity that Jason Hudson, Julia Hudson, Gregory King and William Balfour were involved with and how that led to the killings.

William Balfour’s talkative mother, Michelle Balfour has accused Jason Hudson of dealing drugs. I’ve been told that despite the new wealth of Jennifer Hudson she has not been supporting her family beyond their home and taking care of her mother’s needs. Hudson’s siblings were having serious money problems of their own.

The conduct of members of the Hudson family and Julia Hudson statements to police will be fertile ground for Balfour’s defense attorney’s to plow. Stay tuned!

Another bedtime Story With A Happy Ending!

Photo: Donicio Arrindell,22,deceased armed robber.

Plantation, Fl -- A customer who happened to be a retired United States Marine with a valid concealed weapons permit, John Lovell, 71 put a sudden end to a stick-up of a Subway sandwich shop.

Police said two men entered the Subway at 1949 Pine Island Road shortly after 11 p.m. Wednesday with guns demanding money from the clerk behind the counter. When they tried to force Lovell into the bathroom, he pulled out a gun and shot both men.

Donicio Arrindell, 22 was shot in the head. Arrindell died a short time later at a local hospital. The second suspect Fredrick Gadson, 21, was shot in the chest and was captured by police hiding in nearby bushes.

Gadson's grandparents bitterly complained to local news reporters that Lovell was wrong for taking the law into his own hands and shooting these boys.

Lovell saved his own life and probably that of the Subway employee. Crimefile salutes Lovell and offers him a very a loud, SEMPER FI!

Here is a Local TV video news story.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Julia Hudson Knows Who Killed Her Family.

Chicago, IL today Julia Hudson posted a personal message of sorrow and hope over the savage murders of her mother brother, and young son on her My Space page. The message has one glaring passage that's a clear accusation directed at her former husband William “Flex” Balfour. That passage reads, “NOW BECAUSE I CHOSE TO DO WHAT WAS NATURAL TO ME AND LOVE SOMEONE , IT COST ME MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY MY WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL LOVING SUPPORTING MOTHER DARNELL, MY TRUE BLUE BABY BROTHER JASON , I LOVE U BIG BABY ...”

Julia Hudson faced up to the difficult reality that she brought the killer to her family. She will need a lot of help dealing with sad fact.

Often police share confidential portions of their investigations with homicide victim's survivors. It is clear Julia Hudson is now satisfied that no strangers committed this horrible act but the man she brought into their home.

My sources in Chicago tell me they are tying up loose ends and are very close to bringing murder and kidnapping charges against Balfour. They probably will seek a Grand Jury indictment. The homicide dicks handling the case will travel to Stateville prison in Joliet and pick up their suspect.

Balfour will be brought back to the Area One Detective Division and get booked for a morning court date. He will be held without bond, have an additional DOC parole violation hold on him and be housed in the Cook County Jail until his trial concludes in the next couple of years.

I expect these things will take place before the murdered Hudson family members are finally laid to rest after a star studded funeral service.

I do have one difficult question, why is Balfour still carried as a friend on Julia’s My Space page? Maybe she just forgot.

Here is some more information on Balfour.

Chicago Fire Déjà vu All Over Again

Chicago, IL—It was 137 years ago this month inside a DeKoven Street barn that Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over the lantern that began the Chicago Fire. Before it was over there were more than 300 dead and most of the city was destroyed. It was a terrible accident.

Now Chicago is planning the riskiest event ever in its history. An election night Barack Obama Rally is planned for Grant Park located adjacent to Chicago’s downtown. Today, Mayor Richard M. Daley happily announced that he’s expecting as much as a million people to attend. The attendees will be Barack Obama’s supporters, young angry Blacks looking for “change’.

The city has asked for as much as two million dollars from the Obama campaign for handling and clean up required for this unprecedented event. That meager sum won’t begin to cover the easily predictable explosive inferno that group would cause. The cleanup will take years, not days.

The city will need a huge supply of body bags on hand and the hospitals will never be able to handle the carnage this orgy will generate.

The sad truth is that the officials know what’s in store for this city and are proceeding anyway. God help the cops that are dumb enough to report to work that day.

Is America Ready For Socialism?

It’s really been here for a while in a limited sport of way. Now with the nationalization of Wall Street, banks and soon the automakers it will be complete under Barack Obama. Obama has always had a fascination and admiration for Karl Marx and his failed form of government.

The cornerstone of Marx’s Ponzi Scheme is the redistribution of wealth that Obama wants to bring into the USA.

The saddest thing is a large percentage of our voters don’t have the slightest clue who or what Karl Marx was.

With our vote next Tuesday we can destroy our two-party system and opt to have only admirers of Karl Marx running our lives with an iron fist.

The only difference between Socialism and Communism are elections. Socialists like Fidel Castro come in promising elections and never go away. They either abolish elections altogether or change to a retention system with no other names on the ballot. They get the ultimate incumbent protection as Communists until some patriot or patriots kill them.

Look for individual rights to be replaced with collective rights. That’s Socialist for no rights. Of course the already lame Left Wing media will be nationalized too with a single voice.

Barack Obama made no secret of his close associations with Communists, Anarchists, and Socialists. Obama’s close friends are the most extreme sort of Anti-Americans. Obama is devious, deceitful and dangerous. Obama can be counted on to find any excuse to suspend our Constitutional rights. Say what you will, but after 20 years of being a follower of that thuggish Rev. Jeremiah Wright It’s obvious Obama is just like him except with a softer voice. Have we forgotton how sweet the Big Bad Wolf Sounded when he impersonated Granny in that story Little Red Riding Hood?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet Zo of Macho Sauce Productions.

He’s young and Black and wise beyond his years. He has a message about this election and he’s not going to vote for Barack Obama. The lad is as entertaining as he is wise. His message is clear and straight forward.

The News After Obama Wins The Election

You wanted change? Here ya go Pilgrim!

A Marked Man

Joliet, IL—William “Flex” Balfour is inside one of America’s toughest prisons, Stateville. The population of this infamous Big House is mean and Black. Balfour is there on a parole violation and is entitled to the presumption of innocence.

The problem is that American Idol and Oscar Winning actress, Jennifer Hudson’s picture hangs in many cells there. I know that people suspected of killing children don’t normally do well in prison. I also know that the presumption of a child killing suspect’s innocence does not have much meaning to the nastiest inmates at stateville.

Balfour would not last ten minutes in any kind of group setting without catching the business end of a shank, garrote or other exotic improvised prison weapon.

Here is William “Flex” Balfour latest mug shot taken this morning and in it he does not look unconcerned.

Joe Biden Does It Again! Oh What Fun!

It seems that Joe Biden can’t deal with those questions About Barack Obama’s Marxist plans to redistribute the wealth. He cut off yet another TV news Organization from covering their campaign.

William Balfour Is At Stateville Prison Awaiting Parole Violation Hearing…

Joliet, IL—The person detained in connection with the triple murder and kidnapping of Actress Jenifer Hudson’s family, William "Flex" Balfour is on ice at the venerable Stateville Correctional Facility. He is awaiting a hearing on allegations of parole violations. Balfour is ineligible for bail. Parole officials have a much lower standard of proof needed to revoke his parole than in a criminal court matter.

The longest they can keep Balfour incarcerated is until May 2009 when his entire carjacking, attempted murder sentence expires.

The FBI became involved but now lost jurisdiction because it’s evident no state lines were crossed. Chicago police now has the time to gather their evidence without fear of their suspect fleeing. The FBI may assist police with analysis of the forensic evidence that is abundant.

Stateville drom the outside:

Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew Found Murdered

Chicago, IL—On Chicago’s West side police made the grim discovery of Jason Hudson’s 1994 Chevy Suburban with a male child’s body inside that is consistent with that of the abducted seven year-old, Julian King.

The vehicle was found in the 1300 block of S. Kolin Street. The Cook County Medical Examiner is on the scene. Formal identification is not expected to be made for several hours. Under the circumstances they will painstakingly examine the vehicle and contents with the child’s remains inside. Once that task is finished the remains will be removed to the Cook County Morgue for the standard post mortem examination.

The location where the Suburban was found is very close to where William Balfour was picked up for questioning about the murders at his new girlfriend's home on the 1900 block of South Spaulding Avenue.

This will bring police much closer to making an arrest for what’s now a triple murder and kidnapping.

This tragedy has brought untold grief to singer and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson. Crimefile wishes the surviving Hudson sisters well under these horrific circumstances.

Wow! October Surprise! New Obama RADICAL Tape Surfaces!

Chicago, IL-- A 2001 Chicago Public Radio audiotape of Barack Obama surfaced and in it thie Presidential candidate laments that the Supreme Court under former Chief Justice Earl Warren did not go far enough to help African-Americans.

Obama said that the Supreme Court should have decided that government should have redistributed the wealth to African-Americans. This removes any and all doubt about Obama’s Pure Marxist agenda. Barack Obama is a dangerous subersive who must be stopped!

Hear this solid Marxist express how he really feels!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

$100,000.00 Reward for Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew

Chicago, IL—Singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson’s publicist said a $100.00.00 reward is being offered "for the safe return" of year-old Julian King. The sad truth is that the little guy is the only witness to the murders and his chances of being alive are non-existent. That reward will never be paid.

What will be found is Jason Hudson's White 1994 Chevrolet Suburban. Perhaps that will lead investigators to the little guy’s remains. We also hope it will lead to solid evidence against the killer.

The plate that belongs on the vehicle is Illinois X584859. People need to look at every white suburban closely because the plates may have been taken off or switched. Chicago criminals like to dump vehicles in rivers, canals or crowded parking lots.

I Love This Scam!

States like California run by Liberal do-gooders think they’re doing something wonderful. They put a punitive refundable tax on beverage containers encouraging people to return them for recycling.

Entrepreneurs have answered the call for recycling! They collect the cans and bottles in the sates with no such tax and unload them in the Socialist Utopias. They’ve been making millions from those well-intentioned governments. They are paying far more in refunds than they have collected for the imported containers out-of-state. That's what you call success!

Don’t let anyone tell you that we don’t live in a great country.

Get in this while you can, learn more here!

When You Lay Down With Dogs You Wake Up With Fleas

What would possess a woman to husband shop at the Illinois Department of Corrections? What woman would expose a young boy to a dangerous criminal in her own household?

The answer is Julia Hudson whose mother and brother were shot dead in what Chicago police have described as an act of domestic violence. Hudson brought a terrible plague upon her family and neighborhood.

An additional heartbreak is the apparent abduction of Hudson’s seven year-old son, Julian King. Young King is the only known witness to the killings and it’s highly unlikely that he was allowed to live knowing what he knew.

A violent man convicted of Carjacking and attempted murder generally does not make the most eligible bachelor list. That did not prevent Julia Hudson from endangering her own family by bringing a predatory creep into her family’s home.

One family member who escaped the carnage was the gifted singer and Academy Award winning actress, Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson had already moved to a much safer, Near North Chicago high rise apartment building.

William “Flex” Balfour has not been charged with this new high profile crime so far. Balfour should have served at least triple the time he got for his last despicable act of violence. Illinois residents should be mad that this mutt was allowed to return to the streets.

Illinois and Chicago politicians Mayor Richard M. Daley and Barack Obama think the cure for violent crimes like this is gun control. Keeping criminals like William “Flex” Balfour behind bars will do a lot more than any gun law. This is precisely why today Chicago is the Murder Capitol of America.

There are some difficult lessons to learn here both for women who like bad boys and American politicians entrusted with lawmaking.

There is no question that Balfour is the leading suspect here. If Balfour was left behind bars for his last terrorist act we would not be suspecting him for the new crimes and presuming his innocence under our laws.

If there is good news it's that Balfour is about to be returned to prison for violating his parole. They can keep him locked up until next May with no new charges.

We Are About To Create A New Bunch Of War Heroes

I’m a hero. That said, all I have to show for that is a simple National Defense Medal I won for simply showing up when my country drafted me during the height of the Viet Nam War.

My actual military service was as an Army medical corpsman in the treatment/surgery room largest dispensary in Germany. I loved that job that never once placed me in danger. Anyone, including me who honorably answers his country’s call to military duty is like me, a hero. There are after all great honors for protecting our way of life.

Let me say I am as proud of my service as if I had the Congressional Medal of Honor. The price of my little National Defense Medal was the sacrifice of two years of my life for my fellow Americans. Unfortunately my government’s politicians quickly sold out all the sacrifices made by everyone who served during that period.

Our Congress simply reneged on the promise we made to protect the South Vietnamese from Communist domination. Then the same Congress stood by and watched the horrific, non-stop Communist bloodletting in the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

The heroism by the servicemen of our country was and is incredibly overshadowed by the disloyalty and political corruption of our own politicians

My government had lost its way and has not found it since. Now we are embarking on an election that may well give the Far Left Fringe full control over our lives.

The biggest threat to America Freedom and Liberty is right now, here at home. Voters are more ignorant then ever as they head to the polls. They will vote after being solidly programmed by Left Wing educators and major media organizations.

Will voters in America accept the kind of government policy we fought major wars to protect ourselves and others from enduring?

I for one feel that Barack Obama’s plans to re-distribute wealth just as Karl Marx would do will bring us a second Civil War. If the new, American Marxists in control of our government can’t dominate the population they will seek and get help from the military of other Marxist nations.

Folks, we may be in for a really rough ride. Our own new government is about to turn their guns on us.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let’s All Pretend Barack Obama Is Not A Marxist.

Orlando, Fl—It was indeed a rare sight, a TV news journalist asking a major Liberal candidate tough questions. That was the case with WFTV-TV Channel 9's Barbara West as she asked simple questions of Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden that every journalist should have but instead avoided asking,

Of course the questions involve Barack Obama’s candor about the application of the cornerstone of Marxism, redistributing the wealth when he was talking to the now famous, Joe the Plumber.

Barack Obama is a true Marxist but is too ashamed to stand up and be proud of his obvious indoctrination. Obama must think he can convince Americans that his “change” is somehow not what Karl Marx brought to so many infamous countries. It’s the same change that that brought misery to Russia, Cuba, China, Viet Nam, Cambodia and North Korea. It’s an old story where people are enslaved and productivity is enforced by the barrel of a gun rather than rewards.

Watch the interview that caused the Obama/Biden campaigns to blacklist WFTV-TV Channel 9 from future interviews.
Sit back and watch a few really simple questions threaten Joe Biden’s bad hair transplant.

Will Chicago Police Find Killer’s DNA On Spent Shell Casings?

Chicago, IL—Right now, police are painstakingly investigating the murders of Academy Award actress and American Idol, Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother. They are also conducting a grim search for the only known witness, seven year-old Julian King. Police may get help from evidence only the killer could have left at the crime scene.

Chicago police are hoping that the killer’s skin cells and sweat were deposited on the shell casings from the murder weapon.

Ammunition must be first loaded into spring fed magazines before semi-automatic pistols can be fired. Sweaty fingers must make contact with the cartridge cases and sometimes minuscule biological material can be found trapped in the rim areas of the shell casings.

DNA sampling may well lead police to the killer. Obviously the police must be able to find the killers DNA profile from a database or by taking a sample from a suspect. Testing like this takes weeks at a minimum.

Major Obstacles In Hudson Family Murder Investigation

Chicago, IL--Chicago police have located and taken into custody ex-convict, William Balfour who lived with the murdered victims and the missing child. That complicates and compromises any forensic examinations.

So far Balfour has not been charged with the killings. Since he’s on parole, I’m almost certain police found some technical parole violations they can use in order to hold him at least for a while.

Balfour’s fingerprints and DNA will be found everywhere in that home simply because he lived there.

Police have detained and questioned other people associated with Balfour, but none have been arrested.

Police will need a witness, confession, the murder weapon or other items actually found in Balfour’s possession.

Since seven year-old Julian King is still missing and probably knows what happened, that made him an undeniable and certain murder target. Sadly I’ve given up all hope that he will be found alive. Police are working against the clock to find the boy’s body in order to find a preserve any evidence.

Finding both vehicles associated with this case may be helpful but again, finding Balfour’s fingerprints or DNA in vehicles he uses or has been in the past a legitimate passenger is also meaningless.

The Chicago police detectives from Area1 have their work cut out for them. This may well turn into one of those cases that go unresolved that we hear so much about.

As for Jennifer Hudson, she will have to deal with this nightmare. Hudson does not live in her mother’s home but in a near North side high rise building. She and her sister will be dealing with funeral and estate issues in the coming weeks.

Update: 8:55 AM Officer O’Brian of Chicago Police News Affairs would not officially confirm Balflour’s arrest or interrogation. He did say a number of subjects were interrogated and so far no arrests have been made. O’Brien did say officers are working several promising leads at this hour.

William Balflour has a My Space page with lots of pictures right here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Suspect In Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother's Murder Identified

Breaking News! The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Balfour is in custody and being interrogated by Chicago Police, Area 1 detectives at this hour (9:30 PM Chicago time). The missing child has not been found. I've been told that the interrogation ended when Balfour demanded a lawyer. He will have a court appearance in the morning for bail purposes. This is where they will appoint an attorney for him and by the afternoon he will be in the Cook County Jail. I suspect even if he’s not charged with murder he will not be bondable because of various parole violations.

Chicago, IL--Chicago police are seeking William Balfour as a suspect in the killing of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother. Balfour is also suspected in the abduction of seven year-old Julian King.

Balfour should be considered armed and dangerous. He is believed to be driving a white 1994 Chevy Suburban with license plate: X58-4859 or a teal or green Chrysler Concord with a temporary tag with a left front headlight hanging out and scratches on the left side of the vehicle.

When Balfour was last seen he had his hair in "Buckwheat" style braids.

Balfour is the husband of Jennifer Hudson's older sister, Julia. He was a resident of the home where the killings happened.

Here is the Illinois Department of Corrections history of this suspect:

Amber Alert Information:
Abducted Name(s): Julian King
Date/Time Abducted: 10/24/2008 Between 8am and 3pm
Location of Abduction: 7019 S Yale, Chicago, IL
View/Close Details

Originating Agency: Chicago Police Department
Contact Person: Area 1 Detective Division
Phone: 312-747-8380
Fax: 312-747-5372

If available, photos are posted at

Description of Abduction:
The Chicago Police Department have a confirmed child abduction that occurred at 7019 S Yale, Chicago, IL. Julian King is a male black, 7 years old, 4 feet 11 inches, 130 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes, wearing a brown polo shirt with stripes and khaki pants. Suspect vehicle is a white 1994 Chevrolet Suburban, Illinois registration, X584859. Anyone with information should call 9-1-1 and advise they have an Amber Alert report. This concludes this Amber Alert issued by the Illinois State Police.

Additional Details:

My question: What was the Illinois Pardon and Parole Board thinking when the let this mutt go? A source has informed me that Jennifer Hudson appeared on his behalf before the board or at leasst wrote a letter for him.

There is an update here.

Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Murdered In New Murder Capital.

Photo of Jenifer Hudson with her mother Darnell Hudson Donerson.

Chicago, IL—Two bodies were discovered in a home owned by American Idol singer, and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson's mother. Early reports indicate that Hudson’s mother, Darnell Hudson Donerson and an adult male identified Jennifer Hudson’s brother Justin Hudson were shot to death. The home is located at 7019 S. Yale on Chicago’s South Side.

Officers of the Chicago Police Department are investigating this as a double homicide. I will have details about this crime later as the investigation unfolds.

These two deaths are just more for the newly crowned Murder Capital of America.

Update: Police are also reporting that a child, believed to be Jennifer Hudson's 7-year-old nephew, Julian King, is missing. Police are actively searching for an SUV that was seen in the area, a 1994 white Suburban, Illinois license plate number X584859

Here is information and photos of the suspect.

Another Tawana Brawley has surfaced

Pittsburgh, PA—That McCain volunteer who claimed she was robbed and mutilated has not rung true with this investigator. Ashley Todd, 20 told the story that the robber carved the letter B on her face.

The biggest problem I have is the "carving" is so superficial and was made by numerous small and minimal scratches rather than real cutting.

In this world we have pathetic people that need attention. This story smelled to me from the beginning. I suspect that before the ink is dry on the police reports this allegation will be debunked.

The good news here if there is any is that Todd has not implicated some real person for this attack.

Why There Are Long Voter Lines…

What’s the solution? Voters need to read and mark a sample ballot before they get to the polling place.

Ballots are often long and confusing to some voters. Those ballots include bond issues and propositions. It is a lot of reading material. More importantly too many people are really dumb. Voters don’t bother reading anything sent to them by their election commissions including the sample ballot they send out.

It’s evident that most voters have seen the ballot for the very first time once their inside the voting booth.

Poll workers should be handing sample ballots to voters standing in those long lines but they seldom are smart enough to do that. Additional real problems involve the pathetic literacy skills of voters. Bi-lingual ballots don’t help if people can’t read their native language either.

Voters should be in and out of their booth in less than one minute.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More On Obama's Gun Ban Efforts

This is the latest ad from the NRA that exposes the real Barrack Obama. The story they are talking about happened in Wimette Illinois and involved Chicago restaurant owner Hale Demar. Obama wanted Demar jailed and given a criminal record for the rest of his life because he defended his family. Another reason for NOBAMA!

Prosecutor Beating His Chest In Missing Wife Cases

Joliet, IL-- Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow has a miserable life these days. He’s been hounded for more than a year to indict two men for murder with no evidence or even a body. The targets for prosecution are retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson and private investigator Craig Stebic.

Is it the families of the missing women ranting a raving for impossible prosecutions? Not really. Instead it’s a bunch of pathetic true crime story junkies that want to somehow be a part of these cases. These people don’t have a life and have way too much time on their hands. These concerned citizens troll the Internet consuming and spreading the worst kind of gossip. They think that they are somehow helping police and the potential victimized families.

The Illinois State Police and prosecutors are the object of wrath. Wrath facilitated by the Internet ramblings of the true crime busybodies. The officials can’t allow themselves to be seen as ineffective or unconcerned so they spin their wheels and beat their chests to convince the world they can convict people with paper thin or no evidence. The danger is that it’s way too easy to indict anyone for anything.

The Internet has created a new and just as ugly form of a lynch mob. Their hero is that washed up prosecutor who found new life by pandering to the dysfunctional busybodies and television addicts, Nancy Grace.

Prosecutors are political animals who don’t want to become targets for these inquiring minds.

Now James Glasgow has issued a press release to convince his constituents that he’s still alive and really earning his wages. Read his two page release here:

Sarah Palin’s $$$ wardrobe…”Sarah dahling, you look marvelous!”

Whatever Sarah’s cool threads cost it was worth it! Sarah Palin is a fashion plate and she rocks!

Truthfully, when in American history have we had any politician at all that rang our bell so well?

In the late and great actor Fernando Lamas’ words memorialized by comedian Billy Crystal, “Dahling, you look marvelous!”

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mike Mette Is Back In His Police Uniform!

Chicago, IL—Second City Cop is reporting that Chicago police officer Mike Mette who is fresh out of that Iowa prison has been attending classes at the academy. That means he was given his star, shield ID card and new pile of training materials.

Mette is in what’s called a retread (as in used rubber tires) class held for officers who have been off for extended periods such as leaves of absence. I can’t think of another similar case where an officer was convicted of a crime, sent to prison and later cleared on appeal going back to work.

This training covers new laws and departmental rules and procedures and requalification on the firing range. Soon a personnel order will be cut sending him to his permanent assignment. It remains to be seen if he returns to Fillmore (011) or is sent elsewhere.

Crimefile wishes Mette the assignment of his choice and some much needed privacy to continue his life. Mette is going to discover the department has changed a lot since he last worked the mean streets. Stay safe Mike...

Chicago’s Grant Park, The Epicenter For A Planned November 4th Insurrection

Chicago, IL— The Barack Obama campaign is planning a massive rally inside Grant Park. Chicago police will never get motivated in today’s political climate to even attempt to control this group once they get out of hand and they will get out of hand. All of Chicago’s strongest supporters of Obama will be on hand to totally destroy that city landmark if McCain wins and probably destroy it even if Obama wins in their jubilation.

If I owned property anywhere near Grant Park I’d board up the windows and hire people for security and fire control until the crowd estimated to be well beyond tens of thousands vacate the area. Preparations to accommodate that anticipated huge crowd in Grant Park are already underway.

News organizations covering this event need to send their only oldest equipment and give their people helmets and protective vests. I expect to see TV satellite and live trucks burned. There may be a price to pay for members of Chicago’s media that have trashed rank and file cops in recent times. I just can’t imagine cops risking their lives for anyone who they feel hate them.

The low paid and poorly trained private security people hired by the Obama people will be unarmed and themselves part of the problem.

News organizations will not be able to use helicopters because of Secret Service demands for a wide no fly zone. You can count on overflowing hospital emergency rooms everywhere.

The job of the US Secret Service is a simple one. At the first sign of trouble they will evacuate Obama and get out of Dodge.

Anyone who can escape working that night will be really lucky. Those working need to plan a quick getaway to safety.

The results of this planed disaster will gut an already bankrupt city. Whoever dreamed up this really dumb idea will get as much fame as Mrs. O’Leary and her cow.

Chicago police can be counted to toss a little tear gas around while they stand back and watch the revelers do their thing. Police officers smart enough to avoid conflicts and clashing with the crowd in any way will never face criminal charges of violating people’s civil rights. Chicago cops are extremely tired of listening to Chicago’s African-American reverends scream and whine every time they do their jobs. Of course that will change in a hurry if the crowd attacks the officers. If I were on the job today in Chicago I'd be planing ahead with my physician to be on the medical role November 4th.

Mr. Blond In A Mental Facility

Los Angeles, CA—TMZ is reporting that actor Michael Madsen was removed from his home by Sheriff’s officers for signs of mental instability. He was placed into treatment on what California designates as a “5150 hold” that requires reasonable belief that Madsen is a danger to himself or others.

Madsen, a Chicago boy, may be best remembered for his frightening portrayal of Mr. Blond aka Vic Vega in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Madsen also played an all American dad in, Free Willy. Madsen has been very busy appearing in many films many of which are currently in production. The Internet Movie Database lists Madsen's participation in a whopping 167 films. I don’t have details but wish Madsen a quick rest and success with any health issues.

TMZ has their information here.

Race Riots Expected if Obama Does Not Win!

I don’t like the message that’s being spread around right now. At least one African-American columnist from the Baltimore Sun has tried to spread fear and racial divide. What I see is a lame attempt at extortionate intimidation to assure Barack Obama gets installed into the Whitehouse.

African-Americans can’t have that short a memory. When that happens in our country the death and destruction always becomes localized in the ghettos. The impact, damage and suffering is always heaviest on the African-Americans themselves.

A far better idea is move forward encouraging businesses and investors to create jobs. Too many people forget that no government can force anyone to create job opportunities. That only happens when people unite with purpose and energy giving confidence to the business community. That will never happen under Obama’s anti-business Socialist ways.

I have no problem with an African-American President. I have a huge problem with a Socialist President of any race. Barrack Obama is a socialist, who has tightly aligned himself with fellow Communists and Socialists. Obama has a terrible agenda for America that will cost millions their jobs.

Read about cities preparing for post election unrest.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Allowing Prostitution In American Cities.

San Francisco, CA—If some get their way in the City by the Bay, local taxpayers stand to save $11 million dollars a year not including courts and jail costs.

It’s on the ballot and It’s called Proposition K and it forbids the local authorities arresting, investigating or prosecuting anyone for sexual commerce between consenting adults.

I thought the Indian reservations were going to break ground with this idea like they did with gambling. It just has not happened, yet.

I know that prostitution enforcement and the defense lawyers generate as much commerce as the prostitution itself. But this may be a way for cash strapped local governments to save some real money.

Police could and should still enforce public indecency laws and preclude child prostitution and child exploitation. I don’t see any real benefit to trying to outlaw the world’s oldest profession.

I suspect that decriminalization would mean the hookers would rely less on pimps and panderers and be able to keep more of their earnings. This also may reduce other crimes associated with prostitution because they would interfere with a legal business.