Monday, December 31, 2007

Gerald Ford’s Would Be Assassin Freed from Federal Prison

Dublin, CA—One of Gerald Ford’s Would-be killers walked out of prison today after spending over 32 years behind bars. It was September 22, 1975 when Sarah Jane Moore raised her five shot .38 caliber, Smith & Wesson Model 60 revolver, aimed and got one round off as a disabled former Marine interfered with Moore’s attempt grappling with her. Secret service agents quickly took Moore into custody.

Mooer hated Ford for his pardoning of former President Richard Nixon. Moore was influenced by far Left political idealisms.

Less than three weeks earlier, a Charles Manson follower, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromm tried killing Ford with a Model 1911 Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol. Thankfully Fromm was unfamiliar with her weapon and secret service agents stopped her before she could fire any rounds. Fromm is still in prison today.

Sarah Jane Moore is 77 years-old now and has denounced her actions long ago. My bet is that Moore lives her life out peacefully. After spending so long in prison adjusting to living in a free society today may well be the biggest challenge of her life.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Road Rage Solution Found In Colorado

I can only imagine the huge hullaballoo that would result in Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago or Los Angeles if cops saw this vehicle in those jurisdictions. News helicopters would be flying overhead as the big city cops arrest the vehicle’s driver at gunpoint. Prosecutors in those places would be demanding a very stiff prison sentence even though this gun nor any like it have ever been used in a crime in America.

The sight of this vehicle on a public street would put most big-city Liberals into cardiac arrest. The fact is this .50 caliber machinegun is perfectly legal in a lot of states.

Who owns this little toy you ask? An outfit in the Denver area called Machinegun Tours. I spotted this little gem outside a gun show in Denver while on an assignment there yesterday. They use this Hummer to promote their business. It pays to advertise.

Friday, December 28, 2007

TSA Arrogance Threatens Safety Of Air Travelers-Classified Information

I’m about to expose “classified information” about some internal workings and policies of the Transportation Security Administration. This is being written with the hope that the Flight Deck Officer (FDO) program will be taken away from the TSA and placed where it belongs, under a real law enforcement agency such as the United States Marshall’s Office.

Classifying government information was intended as a way to safeguard vital information from falling into the hands of our enemies. The TSA seems to only classify information to cover up their own ineptitude, ignorance and incompetence.

As a certified law-enforcement firearms trainer I have more than a passing interest in this type of activity, laws and policies.

The FDOs are airline pilots who have been specially screened and trained so they can carry firearms in order to protect the cockpits of their aircraft. Under TSA rules the FDOs are forbidden to take any action outside of the cockpit to protect passengers and crew. Limiting the FDO’s control over their aircraft enables rather than restrict terrorist attacks. Our Pilots are under absolutely insane micromanaging and regulation while terrorists are free to do whatever is necessary to destroy and kill whatever they wish.

The bureaucrats and political hacks of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the newly formed TSA are not trained as law enforcement officers and are absolutely unqualified to regulate the quasi law-enforcement function of airline security. Despite the serious nature of aviation security these unqualified people have been given absolute control over security by our politicians.

The FAA and TSA bureaucrats have fought tooth & nail any arming of flight crews. They lost that battle but continue to impede the safety of Americans by their obstructionist antics. These schemes included making pilots lug around a 22 pound vault for their side arms. The idea was to make sure the pilots can’t have access to their weapons until they are locked in their cockpits. Only then are the pilots allowed to open the vaults in this very confined space.

The vault requirement was and is bizarre and unworkable. After much criticism the vault requirement was lifted in favor of yet another screwball idea. The padlocked FDO holster was born. That’s right a holster with a combination padlock on it! At this point I have to ask if it’s the right time for mandatory drug testing and psychological examinations of TSA officials.

None of the law enforcement firearms trainers I’ve talked to view this padlock holster as anything more that a hazard to all but terrorists trying to kill and injure Americans. These trainers are baffled to learn of the holster lock and unlock procedures that I won’t disclose here.

The TSA Air Marshalls and the federal law enforcement officers cleared to carry firearms on airliners are trained in the area of weapons retention. The pilots are capable of safely controlling multimillion dollar planes carrying hundreds of passengers, are they incapable of retaining their side arms?

We need to force the TSA and FAA to allow trained FDO’s the ability to carry their side arms in the tried and true manner law enforcement officers have been doing for a very long time. At the same time the obstacles that inhibit pilots from joining the FDO program have to be eliminated. Will we have to wait for yet another senseless tragedy before we fix a problem? One thing for sure, the TSA is the problem here.

Side note: If the terrorists don't have bolt cutters this Youtube offering show just how to defeat the TSA mandated locks...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Arnold “Kennedy” Schwarzenegger’s Christmas Present For Us

California’s spendthrift politicians including Governor Schwarzenagger figured out a way to save money! Are they cutting some of the billions of dollars worth of services provided to the millions of illegal aliens? Not a chance!

They have agreed to layoff at least 4000 prison workers and simply unleash 20,000 felons on the streets! Of course this is in a state that denies law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves through unreasonable gun bans.

My question is a simple one, how much are the taxpayers now going to have to spend cleaning up the death and destruction the 20,000 released inmates will bring to us over the next year?

Arnold has been in bed with a Kennedy for far too long, Do you think we’d be better off if the Terminator got himself a Conservative girlfriend on the side like Ann Coulter or Zelda McCorville?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Death Penalty Abolished In New Jersey

Most of Crimefile’s regular readers support the death penalty. Many want this extreme punishment expanded to other crimes such as child molestation and sexual assault. Yes, too many criminals don’t deserve to live and are a real threat to all of us.

Make no mistake, Crimefile strongly supports the use of deadly force by citizens in defense of self, others and even property. Pacifism is an invitation to non-stop victimization as it endangers friends and neighbors. We only get one life and the instincts our maker gave us to survive is a gift that should never be wasted.

Retribution, revenge or what we call justice is meted out by our vastly over-rated criminal justice system. Over-rated because it too often relies on government snitches that are bribed with freedom for their own despicable deeds. That along with witnesses that lie for a smorgasbord of nefarious reasons or are simply mistaken puts countless people in prison or death row.

Governments with the power to kill their own citizens have a horrible track record of mass murder sooner or later. Giving that power to the politicians most of us don’t like anyway is a terrible idea.

New Jersey’s Legislature has just abolished that state’s death penalty. Governor Jon S. Corzine just signed the measure into law. Yes some really horrible killers will escape death while they grow old and rot like caged animals. Death seems easier by comparison.

New Jersey has the right idea. Hopefully our Supreme Court will end the practice with the cases up for review this term.

It’s far too easy to frame suspects with phony fingerprint and DNA evidence. An astute professional killer can go through the garbage of someone he wants to frame and collect items such as cigarette butts, used condoms, and beer cans. Clever killers can do their deeds and deposit whatever they’ve collected at the crime scene after a murder. Simply calling in a phony tip to implicate whoever you want will do the trick. Of course rogue cops can and have done this type of evidence tampering while supposedly collecting and preserving evidence at crime scenes.

New Jersey will now save hundreds of millions of needed tax dollars on the non-stop appeals process that goes on for decades after every death sentence. Taxpayers always seem to forget that they have to pick up the cost of the prosecution, defense and courts involved with these cases.

We need to demand fair trials for our accused citizens. Perhaps it’s time to raise the burden of proof since juries guess their way to verdicts far too often. Conviction after a fair trial should bring violent or repeat criminals long-term confinement for one primary reason, to protect the public. Punishment is always a meaningless exercise. Incarceration ends victimization at least while a criminal is behind bars.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gun Rights Empower The Weaker Sex, Just Ask Nadine Teter

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. – On October 18, 2006 Michael Lugo and his mother, Cynthia Brandon drove to Nadine Teter’s house. The exact intent for the visit was not clear but this mother and son team were up to no good. Brandon stayed in the car as Michael Lugo forced entry into Nadine Teter’s home.

Teter was prepared to be anything but a victim of homicide, rape or other violence. Teter had a loaded handgun available and ready. As Lugo crashed through the front door Teter fled to her back yard. Lugo lunged at Teter and in an instant Lugo was wounded by three gunshots. The attack ended as the profusely bleeding Lugo vaulted the fence fleeing to his mother’s waiting getaway car.

Both Lugo and Brandon were convicted of charges related to the home invasion and are now awaiting sentencing for their crimes.

Nadine Teter is alive today because:
1. She kept a gun and knew how to use it.
2. She overcame her fear and maintained focus on simple survival.
3. She was self-reliant.

Today Nadine Teter has made it clear that she'd like to see law-abiding Californians regain their long lost right to carry firearms for self-defense purposes.

You can watch video and hear from Teter at KNBC-TV’s site.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Is There Life After Being Fired As A Cop?

When you’re a cop you can get fired over any allegation. The truth of an allegations is really meaningless in police internal investigations. It boils down to politics, behind the scenes deals, intrigue and even dirty tricks orchestrated by a host of provocateurs. Dubious motives such as making an end run to avoid or get criminal charges dismissed as favors are called in. The world of police discipline and internal investigations is far from perfect as the guilty go unpunished and the innocent and their families are victimized.

Fired Minneapolis Police officer Jeanne Assam suffered the extreme penalty for an offense far less than that committed by former President Bill Clinton. Clinton lied under oath about committing sex acts with Whitehouse Intern, Monica Lewinsky. Assam was fired and disgraced while Clinton went on to collect millions in speaking fees. I guess that does not say much for equality in America.

The incident that cost Assam, a four year police veteran, her job involved a public transit bus driver. She was accused of cursing at him in an act of typical copper’s frustration. Understandable and really minor but she was accused of lying about what was said. The outcome derailed her chosen career. Being fired by a police agency is usually a bar to ever working as a cop again.

Assam moved away, found another life in religion and avoided looking back. She found a home at The New Life Church in Colorado Springs. Assam found employment, shelter and acceptance within her religious community. She was trusted enough to be part of security efforts at this 10,000 member mega-church,

Sunday, Assam distinguished herself beyond her peers in her church security team and even the Minneapolis Police Department. She was way outgunned but managed to use all of her courage and training to stop the deadly assault of Matthew Murray on New Life’s parishioners. There’s no way of knowing just how many lives of men, women and children were saved since Murray carried over 1000 rounds of ammunition.

I only hope that Assam gets all of the financial and professional rewards that we give to our best rock stars and sports heroes. I’d love to see the City of Minneapolis make an official effort to reinstate Assam just because they can do it.

Yes Jeanne you have proven you were always worthy of being a cop and protector in the highest tradition. The citizens of Minneapolis lost a great officer indeed.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Video--This Cop Won't Get Laid By This Woman

I'm not sure where this tape came from other than I suspect it's for training purposes. They did not have this stuff in my academy class but did they really need it?

An Armed Hero Angel Prevented A Church Holocaust.

New Life Evangelical Church, Colorado Springs, CO--42 year-old, Jeanne Assam is an angel and a genuine hero that may have saved as many as 100 lives. Assam volunteered to perform security duties during services when 24 year-old Matthew Murray began his murderous Sunday assault on worshipers.

The plain clothed, security angel immediately sprang into action drawing her personal handgun, pursued and engaged the gunman killing him. Assam's heroic act ended any further injury or death.

Jeanne Assam is my candidate for Woman of The Year. I hope organizations such as The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission recognize our angel for her extraordinary courage and heroism.

As more information becomes available you will see it here at Crimefile News.

Heavily Armed Gunman’s Assault Stopped Cold AT The New Life Evangelical Church In Colorado Springs

Over 7,000 people came to worship here Sunday and the unthinkable happened. A heavily armed maniac with guns and explosives attacked people as they left the church. Four people were wounded when an alert female, armed civilian volunteer security guard quickly returned fire killing the gunman before more victims could be shot. Two of the wounded victims died later.

With thousands of potential victims in a seemingly soft target of this church the amount of lives saved is staggering. Thankfully this church was not operating with a Gun Free Zone mentality, as they made sure their parishioners were protected.

This clearly shows that armed resistance to armed criminals really works. I expect our lame national media to not make the comparison to similar tragedies like we had at Westroads Mall, Virginia Tech and Trolley Square.

The New Life Evangelical Church assault investigation will unfold and perhaps others may learn that soft targets need not be so soft by simply recognizing that guns in law-abiding citizen's hands do save lives.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Are Gun Control Attitudes Finally Changing In America?

We have had three mass shootings in the last year in established Gun Free Zones. Deadly and deranged gunmen invaded Westroads Mall, Virginia Tech and Trolley Square with mass murder on their minds. In those three cases our gun laws only made sure the killers met no resistance from the victims.

In the aftermath, talking heads for the gun control movement had little to say except for some level-headed requests for mental health agencies to make their records available for screening gun purchases. The amount of shrill demands for more gun laws and bringing back the expired assault weapons ban were heard barely above a whisper.

Of course the folly of the Gun Free Zone concept has been up for renewed debate. I suspect that more shopping mall gun prohibition signs will be coming down rather than being put up in the near future as our retailers come to their senses.

Americans seem to be learning that it’s better that the good folks have access to training and the tools of self-defense.

Let’s hope our Supreme Court can also use real facts and logic this session as they interpret our Second Amendment rights in the Heller vs. District of Columbia gun ban case.

Phil Spector is Due In Court Today

Today’s graphic is from an emotionally charged courtroom during the turbulent times of Salem’s infamous Witch Trials. Has American’s right to Due Process and fair trials improved since those sad days? Perhaps we have fooled ourselves into thinking that we do this stuff better today.

The embattled legendary record producer still maintains his innocence as he prepares again to fight prosecutor’s unlikely theory that the troubled Lana Clarkson was murdered. The case has not gotten any better as all the government’s resources and raw power has set out to convict Phil Spector.

For the government this is a no win situation since the overwhelming physical and scientific evidence reasonable shows that Clarkson’s fatal wound was self-inflicted.
All of the tales from women Phil Spector spurned during his 67 years on earth can’t alter the real evidence.

We may find out today if Phil Spector has a new legal team in place to spend the next year preparing for and defending an innocent man at yet another trial (In case anyone forgot Spector is STILL presumed innocent under our laws).

As soon as I learn the current status I will update this post.

Update #1:
Here is the latest article from the AP’s incomparable Linda Deutsch that covers a recent civil court victory for Spector and yet more lawyer/client discord. High octane civil and criminal litigation is usually volatile and Spector’s various cases are no exception. You can read this here.

Update #2

It’s official now that Doron Weinberg will represent Phil Spector in further proceedings including any retrial. I will never suggest that this trial will ever happen because I expect a flurry of motions that may yet derail a second trial over things that happened in the first trial. The reality is that such a trial will in fact occur.

Weinberg has 35,000 pages of transcripts to read, all of the discovery material to examine and digest before he can begin to defend Spector. That’s no small task for anyone.

Weinberg told Judge Fidler that September was the soonest he could begin this trial. Realistically I don’t expect any retrial to begin until very late 2008 or even 2009. Fidler set the next pre-trial hearing in the Sprintime of 2008.

In the mean time the Spector Defense will re-investigate every prosecution witness as they re-evaluate every item of evidence. I call that a recipe for success.

Here is the latest from Linda Deutsch right here.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Metal Detector Society In America Is Here!

The bodies from the Omaha mall shooting are not yet cold and already the shills from security companies are out telling us hiring millions of new low wattage and poorly paid security workers are needed to screen all the shoppers of America’s shopping malls.

Thee frisking advocates say America has accepted the metal detectors as part of our culture and really won’t mind. I say these clowns are consuming way too much white powder up their noses. I just don’t see Americans lining up to be searched like criminals as they do their Christmas shopping.

They only mall I would visit under those circumstances is a virtual one located in cyberspace. The malls have already lost more than enough business with the advent of the Internet and I suspect will not warm up to the idea of losing more needed profits.

I avoid all possible commercial air travel and attending any public event where I have to deal with the un-American concept of waiving my Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. I avoid jury duty by simply refusing to be searched entering courthouses. I refuse to waive Constitutional rights in order to do any civic duty and am always excused by the Jury Commissioners.

The real answer is to eliminate the feel good, Gun Free Zones and encourage Americans to protect themselves, families and neighbors. I guess that a really radical idea these days.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Will They Get The Message This Time About Gun Free Zones ?

How many must die first?

We have another horrible story of mass murder. This time it was 20 year-old Robert A. Harkins, a convicted felon, deranged and suicidal gunman attacking a soft target rich with unarmed people to kill. No armed security or armed civilians with concealed weapons permits are allowed on the property. Any gunman or terrorist is reasonably guaranteed that no one could or would be able to fight back or provide any challenge at all.

Nebraska was one of the last states to allow law abiding residents to obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm. Of course when that provision passed places like the Omaha, NE Westroads Mall rushed to bar the permit holders through posted signs.

The Westroads mall management had in every way facilitated and abetted Hawkins during his violent rampage by making sure everyone was helpless and unprotected.

The armed 20 year-old whack-job was wearing camouflage clothing while armed with a stolen SKS .30 cal rifle. Hawkins was unstoppable until he decided to end his own life. Mall employees and shoppers had no choice but to run, hide and pray they’d somehow avoid being shot.

Malls or any institution that deals with crowds of people are ripe for similar assaults. They need a plan to deal with this kind of attack. They need experts to assist them and their local police agencies may be a part of the problem rather than a solution because they echo the sentiments of the gun rights hating mayors that run the larger cities. The police chiefs are told to promote the idea of more Gun Free Zones, to advise businesses to maintain unarmed security and to never challenge armed maniacs. I guess the plan is to dial 911 and then wait to die or if you’re in luck the maniac/s will simply run out of ammunition.

I guess we don’t remember that only one of the 9/11 hijacked planes did not strike its target. That of course was flight #93 where passengers revolted and made the attack impossible for the terrorists. Of course the revolt was too little and too late to have prevented the breach of the plane’s flight deck. That and the FAA made sure trained and certified local police officers could no longer carry guns on planes while off duty. Two such disarmed officers were on those doomed 9/11 planes.

America cannot afford another mass shooting in such environments as Westroads Mall.

For better public safety all event venues must:
1. Allow all off duty cops and people authorized to carry firearms the right to do that within the venue.
2. Hire only trained and armed security people.
3. Have a couple of .223 rifles available for accurate shooting over longer distances.
4. People entering these venues should be observed for behavior profiles.
5. Mall operators need to let the local cops know they are welcome whether on or off duty with their firearms.

To continue down the road of simply hoping that won’t happen here has to end and such places as Westroads Mall have to become tougher targets for violence.

Stand by now for the COPY-CATS and I don't mean some rock group!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Free Speech In Wisconsin Is Not So Free

WEST BEND, WI – The Long Arm Of The Law (West Bend police) grabbed a school teacher who’s nonsensical and politically incorrect remark was deemed to be a crime.

James Buss, 46 of Cudahy was arrested for his Internet posting on a Conservative blog. Police said a writer using the name, "Observer" wrote in to say the West Bend teachers' salaries made him sick, and said the killers in the 1999 Columbine shootings had the right idea. "They knew how to deal with the overpaid teacher union thugs. One shot at a time! Too bad the Liberal rip them; they were heroes and should be remembered that way," was the posting that led to the arrest.

Okay this posting was stupid, showed incredibly bad taste, was grossly insensitivity to the Columbine victims and their families but this is just another goofy opinion, not a crime!

I’m surprised to learn that Wisconsin has enough prison space for all the clowns who say silly, insensitive and disturbing things as they vent everyday frustrations.

I guess the West Bend cops are starving for crimes to investigate and people to arrest, fingerprint and photograph. I wonder just how much the taxpayers will have to shell out to cover the cost of the pending criminal case and of course the follow up civil case for violation of Buss’ civil rights.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Barack Obama Is Leading The Very Toxic Hilary Clinton

The polls in Iowa are showing Barack Obama is slightly ahead of Hilary Clinton in the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination. That says a whole lot about Clinton’s chances being over-rated.

Hilary may be popular with some Democrats as she rides on her part-time husband’s coattails. America has come a long way in race relations but never far enough that we will elect a Black as President no matter how well qualified. Obama is hardly qualified to take charge of the USA and his being Black has ended this election before it began. A Black president is not going to happen because it’s impossible. I’m enjoying watching Obama spin his wheels, as he goes nowhere fast.

Hilary Clinton is absolutely loathed by Conservatives and Libertarians. Clinton is not really that popular with the Left leaning Democrats either. She changes her position to suit the weather and has supported the Iraq war.

Seeing Obama ahead in Middle America is a clear message that Clinton is doomed to fail. Of course I’m no fan of either of these Bolsheviks and would love to see them both drown in a river.

God only knows who will be our next President. I would like to see both nomination slates cleaned and see a whole new list of candidates. None of our candidates seem to want what the American people want. The biggest example is immigration where 70% of Americans want the illegal aliens rounded up and deported. You’d think we’d have 70% of our candidates on board that idea.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chicago’s New Top Cop Is Announced

Chicago-Retired Special Agent In Charge of the Philadelphia FBI office, JP "Jody" Weis is Daley’s choice for the new Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. Although Weis has solid investigative credentials he was never a street cop and does not know the job. He will fly by the seat of his pants while he collects $300,000.00 a year as a South Michigan Avenue desk pilot.

Weis is a civilian and an outsider as was the late, great Orlando W. Wilson who had experience as a street cop in his youth. Under Wilson police salaries tripled within two years. The police communications hardware was reinvented. Other changes included new blue and white color schemes for the beat cars, the trademark blue overhead light/s and that great mechanical siren with the baffle in it that made a really unique and identifiable sound. Most Chicago cops today have never heard that siren wail. Wilson brought us that trademark checkerboard field hat that instantly made cops identifiable from security guards and other police agencies. Officers with college educations were promoted along with the clout heavy boys.

What made Wilson a great superintendent was that he not the mayor or politicians ran the department. That was the way it was for a while but soon the likes of Vito Marzullo, Parky Cullerton and Fred Roti were really running the department again instead of Wilson. Wilson retired and things soon went bad for the rank and file cops.

The real obstacle that the new superintendent will have is Richard M. Daley who will continue his lousy micromanaging job of the department’s day-to-day activities. I just don’t anticipate morale lifting for the working cop after being at an all time low

I will wait and see how this all shakes out but I won’t get my hopes up. Oh and a Post Script. The appointment is pending the automatic rubber stamp of Chicago's ethically challenged Aldermen.

Did Daley just buy himself a new friend from the Justice Department in order to have a little influence with his own ongoing federal investigations?

Drew Peterson Is Being Haunted By Phantoms And The Worst Kind Of Gossip

Thankfully our courts forbid most kinds of hearsay evidence. We don’t convict people basis of he said, she said. Now we have sensational double hearsay that will never be repeated in any courtroom. There are some exceptions to the hearsay rule but they don't apply here. You can add this to the growing list of non-evidence against retired Bollingbrook, IL police sergeant Drew Peterson.

Micheal Sneed of the Chicago Sun Times reported that an unnamed source claimed that an unnamed clergyman alleged that the missing woman, Stacy Peterson in an August 2007 conversation said her husband, Drew Peterson bragged to her and unspecified others that he killed former wife Kathleen Savio and made it look like an accident.

If this assertion was really true why weren’t authorities contacted in August? It sounds like someone needs attention as a national newsmaker perhaps for promotion of a possible book deal.

As this case progresses don’t be surprised to hear from a variety of freaks and flakes coming forward with more sensational publicity motivated fairy-tales.

I have not taken a position on Drew Peterson, or his roles if any in relation to these unfortunate events involving his wives. I do have a position that we investigate and present any real evidence if any should surface to a Grand Jury or other fact-finding

Until real evidence surfaces its time to let the publicity machine rest on this matter. Should Stacy Peterson surface alive somewhere there are going to be some very red faces.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Drew Peterson’s Blue Plastic Barrel Is A Red Herring

I really hate it when these murder mysteries are turned into entertainment for the dopes watching Greta Van Susteren or that really caustic harpy, Nancy Grace. The public has nothing to offer these stories but deception and confusion. Of course the credibility of these kinds of “news investigations” are hardly enhanced when media organizations use disgraced, former LAPD cop and felon, Mark Fuhrman as their “expert”.

Drew Peterson and his missing wife, 23 year-old, Stacy Peterson are the focus of an intense and media driven possible homicide investigation. Peterson is no more or no less a suspect in this disappearance than any other spouse in a similar situation. This investigation has not even brought forth the bare minimal evidence to establish probable cause for Drew Peterson’s arrest. Unfortunately, that does not prevent or slow the public’s seething hatred; presumption of guilt that surrounds this career policeman like a cheap suit.

As always happens in these high-profile cases, whack-jobs who are in dire need of attention surface and offer their unsubstantiated stories that send cops off on wild goose chases. The wild speculation of media pundits and TV news addicted, armchair detectives begin to build like a category 6 hurricanes. The problem is that it’s only a lot of hot air.

Local, state and federal authorities become overloaded with bogus tips from the likes of pseudo-psychics and well meaning fools with way too much time on their hands.

Now we have the plastic blue barrel tale from a relative of Drew Peterson. The claim is that on the day of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance our hapless suspect sought help moving this barrel, which could have contained a body.

Anyone who believes that a career cop would allow anyone to be a part of or witness such an event is a total moron. There would be no reason for Drew Peterson to involve a third party in such a task.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Putting Our Women At Risk

Here you see a pretty woman, no less than that hot, A-list celebrity who starred in a movie by that title. Manning this aircraft Mini-Gun is Vanessa Dobbs, a member of the 66th Rescue Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Dobbs is a gunner for the HH-60 Pave Hawk. That’s a serious and deadly business that she is both strong enough and smart enough to handle. She is the first such woman to fill this role ever. Vanessa Dobbs is a pioneer for sure.

Call me a sexist dinosaur or anything you want, I just don’t care. I’m the first to say women don’t belong on routine police patrols or military combat. As a man I view my role as a protector of the weaker sex. I hold doors for women and surrender my seat on public transportation so they are more comfortable. I don’t for a second ever think special treatment for women is not deserved.

Our women have many legitimate roles in both the military and police forces, just not in patrol or combat. Women in such auxiliary roles as nurses and policewomen have distinguished themselves in emergencies time and time again. That does not justify placing these women at risk of losing their limbs or their lives. The sight of young women maimed or dead on autopsy tables because they were placed in danger while doing a man’s job for me is twice as tragic as when a man suffers that kind of fate.

When a nation sends women and children out to fight its wars that nation is both barbaric and in trouble. We are definitely in trouble both as a nation and society. The fact that these women volunteer for such duty does not make any of this right. I am the first to have only the greatest respect for women who seek out this kind of adventure and service to their families, neighbors and country. We as a society have a duty to protect these women from their own courage and have failed miserably in that duty.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Was Wonderful For All Except…

Poor Little Tom (seen here in this photo). Tom just did not have any fun since he was unable to receive a Presidential Pardon.

Poor Little Tom's appeals ran out and he was executed without so much as having a Padre standing by to help him in his ride to the hereafter. Soon Poor Little Tom was in Paul’s oven and is now part of the reason Paul needs to shed some Thanksgiving pounds (or was that really because of all the potatoes, pie and ice cream?).

We all know Tom and millions of his cousins had a really tough time, but we hope our friends and Crimefile's readers had a great Thanksgiving.

Note: PETA members are invited to send generous cash donations for Tom's Memorial Service to Crimefile.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

U.S. Supreme Court Announces 2nd Amendment Shootout!

Washington, D.C. -- The high court said it will take up a case against the District of Columbia’s Draconian handgun ban. Yes folks, this is the first time case has come to this court in 70 years. A portion of the 1934 National Firearms Act was upheld in that deeply flawed 1939, Miller case where there was no attorney representing anyone but the government that sought to infringe on Miller’s rights to keep and bear arms.

There are two heavy factors that weigh in favor of ending the gun ban. One is that the law is abundantly clear on this issue and the other is that all but a handful of places in America don’t support such bans. The Second Amendment is in our Bill of Rights and most Americans are comfortable keeping that right.

The high court also knows full well that these bans have only disarmed the law-abiding and have facilitated Armed Robbery, Rape and Murder everywhere they exist.

The gun-rights haters claim that the 2nd Amendment only gives state governments the right to bear arms. Of course our articulate framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights conveyed the right to keep and bear arms to the people rather than some state government entity.

In any even they will hear historic arguments, vote and assign a majority member the duty to express the court’s opinion.

There are seven diversified plaintiffs who sought to have the gun ban overturned, including the now top billed, Dick Anthony Heller, 65, an armed security guard, who brought forth his action after District after it rejected his application to keep a handgun at his home for simple protection.

As for the courts decision we will be waiting until June or so to see if we have more or less liberty and freedom in America. We hope that only the people and not the court will ever amend our Bill of Rights.

Who Really Murdered Bob Crane?

The murder of Bob Crane occurred on a hot June night in Scottsdale, Arizona. Crane was bludgeoned to death as he slept The year was 1978 and Crane’s career was on the decent after scandal and two failed marriages. There is a rule in homicide, you only hurt the one you love. The spouses and love interests of a murder victim are always the usual suspects. Crane’s murder is no different.

I have my own ideas after conducting an investigation before the trial of Bob Crane’s friend, John Carpenter who was arrested and tried for the murder two decades later.

I had several extensive conversations with both Carpenter and his lovely wife before he went to trial. When Carpenter posted bail in Phoenix, I drove him to the airport so he could go home to California and prepare for the fight for his life. Carpenter had no money left to pay for lawyers or investigators and his case was handled by the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office.

The investigation by Scottsdale Police had little to offer because in 1978 they had limited experience and lousy tools to handle a major homicide case like Crane’s.

My usual suspect was the jealous and angry ex-wife. Her real name was Sigrid Valdis (her professional stage name was Patricia Olson). Just before the murder, Valdis showed up unexpectedly in Scottsdale while Crane was performing at the Windmill Dinner Theater. She was very angry that Crane was not giving her enough money and as always bedding the bimbos. Valdis had the motive, means and opportunity to kill Crane. She became a prosecution witness against John Carpenter and I believe she had an agenda to convict him taking suspicion away from her.

A trial was held and Carpenter was rightly acquitted of the crime.

After Carpenter’s acquittal, Valdis had Crane’s body removed from his Chatsworth, CA cemetery and re-planted in Westwood Memorial Park where Marilyn Monroe is on ice. Crane had a simple headstone and that was replaced with a much more elaborate headstone with that Name Hogan on it and Bob Crane’s image with that trademark flyer cap.

Valdis has recently died from lung cancer. Now Crane and this ex-wife will share the same gravesite since she had her name and picture also put on the new fancy headstone. Valdis now has the ultimate control over Bob Crane knowing where he is through eternity…

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Residency Requirement Puts Chicago Cop's Lives At Risk.

The excuse that various Chicago politicians use to demand Chicago police officers live inside the city limits is that they should vote and pay taxes where they work. Is that a real or bogus need for cops to live in the city? I say it's all bogus and may well be for a much more nefarious reason.

As part of my work as a private investigator I have to find witnesses, suspects and deadbeats that don’t want to be found. Local news reporters use similar tools as private eyes to find newsmakers or people to interview about newsmakers. These are also many of the same techniques police investigators use to do their job. Thugs and hit-men also know how to locate their victims. It’s not enough to just not want to be found, you must also know how to hide. Finding people is not nearly as difficult as you may think.

Government and utility records makes finding people a breeze. That includes cops who work undercover or those who have put many criminals in prison. The requirement for Chicago cops to live inside of the city must be supported by records of real estate, vehicle taxes and utility companies.

If an officer calls in sick he may find a sergeant dispatched to his home to make sure he did not attend a Cubs game rather than serve his city. I call that a juvenile form of micromanagement and a waste of tax money.

The truth is that because of the demand to know just where a cop and his family lives requires they become sitting ducks waiting to be murdered. Is this what we’d call good public policy?

It’s no secret that the Mob has had a strong level of control over the Chicago Police Department. Federal court records,TV news, and newspaper stories are rife with examples of this concept. Simply read former Chicago cop, Robert Cooley’s book, When Corruption Was King and you can see the value of keeping cops within reach of Mob bosses. Hoodlums have told many cops that dreaded phrase, “I know where you live with that nice little family of yours.”

Cops know how to keep their names out of various easily accessed public and utility records. Should they ever use the knowledge they have in order to protect their families they will lose their jobs.

Illinois law needs to be changed to protect the very men and women that protect all of us. There is a lot more at stake here than some cop playing hooky from work to watch the Cubs lose.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Vigilante Justice Texas Style?

We all know there’s never a cop around when you need one. We also know that criminals exploit every law enforcement weakness they can. Most burglaries are never solved and valuable property is rarely recovered. Burglary is a horrible violation of our personal and private space. The invasion of our homes by criminals is both frightening and leaves us with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Burglary too often leads to Armed Robbery, Rape, Kidnapping and Homicide as the perpetrators find that victims are present in the homes under attack.

The ivory tower politicians that make our laws live in the safest neighborhoods with the best locks and security systems. They are the least likely people to become crime victims.

Decades of criminal coddling and massive efforts to disarm law-abiding Americans have made America a far safer place for violent criminals than hard working and God fearing taxpayers. That pendulum is now swinging the other way with Right To Carry (firearms) and so-called Castle Doctrine laws. Texas has adopted both laws in recent years. In Texas they no longer support laws that protect criminals from harm.

Residential burglars are really dangerous criminals and there is a lot more at stake than a simple loss of property.

Along came 61 year-old Pasadena, Texas resident, Joe Horn. Horn saw his neighbor’s house being burglarized by two Hispanic men. Horn calls the cops and soon realized that police won’t be able to interrupt this crime and that the criminals were going to win this contest.

Against stern warnings by a 911 operator, Horn grabed a shotgun and dispatched both burglars on the spot. The operator redundantly suggested in vain that property is not worth the lives of the burglars. Perhaps someone should have given those warnings to the two dead desperados instead.

As for the two burglars who were convicted drug offenders, Miguel Antonio Dejesus, 38, and Diego Ortiz, 30, they were just not meant to live in a world where Darwin’s law rules. I for one won’t mourn their demise. We are all much safer with these two creeps in the hereafter.

They were both shot dead at close range in the heat of their crime in what can only be described as justifiable homicides. Joe Horn is not a vigilante; he’s a hero who overcame his own fear in order to end a home invasion.

Hear the 911 call here!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This Year Urban Outfitters Has a Special Over The Top Christmas Present for the TSA!

Urban Outfitters is that trendy, offbeat clothing and gift store in many major cities. Last year in Philadelphia a bunch of Liberals that hate guns and gun rights held angry demonstrations in front of this establishment. Why you ask? Because UO had Christmas tree ornaments made to resemble revolvers.

The ornaments quickly left the shelves because the free publicity had caused a run on these products by happy gun owners.

This year the revolver ornaments are back but if you think UO found a more politically correct ornament you’re dead wrong! Take a look at this picture and you will see regulation size World War II style golden hand grenades! They are enough to make a gun-hating candyass cry.

I can’t wait for some brain dead TSA weenie see one of these in possession of an airline traveler and evacuate an entire airport of holiday travelers!

Here is a picture and video from last year’s UO debacle.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

O.J. And His Las Vegas Preliminary Hearing

The standard of proof in a preliminary hearing is barely minimal to bring about a criminal trial. This was nothing more than a defendant’s discovery tool to learn what he must overcome to keep his freedom

Judge Joe Bonaventure was very tolerant and fair in allowing defense questions that challenged every witness called by the prosecution. At trial you can expect the prosecution to put on many additional witness but at least the defense has an idea just what to expect at trial.

The wild card is how many of these clowns will be will have created new versions of their stories or get in to new mischief before this case goes to trial.

Simpson’s lawyers and investigators will have a lot to work with in their efforts to discredit and destroy the purveyors of stolen property who claim to be victims. As for Simpson’s reprehensible, turncoat friends who became prosecution snitches to get deals will find they would have been better to hang together than to be hanged separately. I would not be surprised if one or all refuse to testify unless prosecutors sweeten their plea deals.

Simpson does have a real problem because he is likely to face an all white, Las Vegas jury eager to convict him not for this bogus robbery case, but for what happened in Brentwood over a decade ago

Monday, November 12, 2007

Suspect’s descriptions Broadcast by Media Sans Race Identification

In a really lame act of political correct insanity many overly sensitive media organizations refuse to publish the race of suspects wanted for violent crimes. They provide all of the information except the race of the fugitive being sought.

The police need help from the public in order to get dangerous killers and such off of our streets but too many in the media filter the information and obstruct the effort. There is no race on earth that does not have criminals. This silliness can’t possibly be about racism or discrimination?

By including the race entire segments of our population can be either eliminated or included for those people willing to look out for these suspects. If a media organization does not want to publish the race of suspects why bother to give any description at all?

I thought the purpose of the media was to keep the public informed.

D.C Gun Ban Supreme Court Action Tuesday Alert

The U.S. Supreme Court will publish its decision whether or not they will hear the Parker now renamed Heller case on Tuesday morning. If they’ve agreed to hear this case arguments will be presented but don’t look for an opinion until February 2008.

Let freedom ring loud accross America!

To read all the filings on Parker/Heller visit this link.

An Update!
The court passed on their determination to hear the case until November 26.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Crimefile News Salutes Our Keepers Of Freedom

May this Veteran’s Day brig us closer to the day when we have none of our boys and girls in harms way. Thank you for your service.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bollingbrook IL Police Sergeant Drew Peterson’s Now A Homicide Suspect!

Wow! That says a lot while police still lack Probable Cause to arrest him or anyone for anything. Our all-powerful government can indict a ham sandwich. Once that sandwich is indicted he will have to post bail or sit in the Will County Jail until trial. It will take serious evidence and a jury to establish the corpus delicti, and proof beyond a reasonable doubt before anyone can be punished.

Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy is missing but there is a police presumption that she met with foul play and is now somewhere such as in one of those vast Illinois cornfields rapidly decomposing. The reality is that she is still only missing.

Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio is getting her second autopsy after being found injured and drowned in a bathtub in 2004. It really is more than a little late to now go after Peterson as a viable suspect in this suspicious and already investigated death.

Calling Drew Peterson a suspect is nothing more than an effort by authorities to apply psychological pressure hoping that this will overload Peterson’s current emotional state with the threat of discovery, guilt and punishment. This was the kind of pressure that the celebrated Des Plaines detective, Joseph Kozenczak used to get serial killer John Wayne Gacy to confess nearly three decades earlier. .

Real suspects are always in custody or on the lam. Peterson is neither and he is educated enough to know that fact.

Nobody will be able to paint a picture of Sergeant Drew Peterson of being a model husband but they are far from branding this career cop as a criminal either. He’s been convicted of nothing and on the contrary has an entire career as a cop who we all like to call one of the good guys.

Even if they prove that two of Peterson’s unfortunate wives were murdered they are a long way from having solid evidence that Drew Peterson killed anybody. We will watch as the so called victim’s advocates demand justice for the dead and presumed dead women who were married to this so called suspect.

This investigation has and will continue to be a quest fueled by suspicion and hate rather than real evidence. I predict Peterson will continue to keep is mouth shut and not flee as he slips into his retirement. They will gossip about Peterson during most of the time he remains on this earth. If there is punishment in store for Drew Peterson it will be at the hands of his maker.

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Baby Judge Presiding Over O.J. Simpson’s Preliminary Hearing

Justice of The Peace Joe Bonaventure has only been a lawyer for three years. With the kind of luck you can only get in Las Vegas, Bonaventure is serving his first term on the Clark County Nevada Bench. Bonaventure also has the publicity driven O.J. Simpson case on his judicial plate.

I have been in hundreds of courtrooms and before hundreds of judges as a cop, private investigator and TV news producer. The high profile cases always seem to cause the judges to play to the publicity. Judges like Lance Ito, Larry Paul Fiddler are at their worst when in the limelight.

Here we have this lad in a black robe who shows no agenda, does not talk to simply hear his voice or look to crack jokes from the bench. He seems, attentive, fair and has a demeanor far beyond his years. Perhaps this young fellow has learned form the successes and mistakes of his father who is a long time District Court Judge.

The citizens of Clark County are lucky to have this young jurist. O.J. Simpson is lucky to have this fellow who is really a buffer protecting him from the government. Our Bill of Rights is only as good as the judges who are there to enforce them.

Terror Threats On Americas Shopping Malls

Malls are really soft targets begging for terrorist attacks. Many malls are designated GUN FREE ZONES where only violent criminals, deranged gunmen or terrorists can be found with weapons.

Our shopping malls are policed by poorly paid, trained and unarmed security guards. An unarmed security guard is nothing more than another hostage or victim. Citizens with real firearm training, and where allowed, concealed weapon permits are threatened with arrest should they shop while carrying a firearm for protection.

The only real protection malls have is use of the 911 systems and in Los Angeles getting a call through 911 is a time consuming challenge. Once a caller gets through the problematic 911 systems the wait for police response begins. That is compounded by serious tactical issues of police making entry to the mall that’s under attack.

Brain dead mall managers are never ready for the unthinkable and rely on simple luck as they hide from the dangerous terrorist invitations their Gun Free Zones present.

This holiday season I’d suggest that well trained Americans ignore the un-Constitutional local and state gun laws and simply carry a suitable defense firearm as an insurance policy. It’s better to have a fighting chance of survival than no chance whatsoever.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Secret Service And The Clinton Administration Secrets

In the Fall of 1993 I went to the Secret Service’s James J Rowley Training Center in Maryland and spent an entire week. This facility was beyond beautiful in its 550 acres that contain the best firing ranges and driving courses on earth. It was an unforgettable week spent with veteran agents there for in service training.

This was also during the first year of the new Clinton Administration. During breaks from various training exercises I was in the midst of many agents assigned to Clinton protective duties. Everyday I had breakfast and lunch with rotating groups of agents at picnic tables. The most frequent topic of conversation was the Clintons, their behavior and proclivities.

The agents all said they liked George Bush, Sr. but loved Ronald Regan. When it came for the Clintons the agent's dislike was an understatement. Some of the often repeated remarks by the agents.

1. The Clintons were always looking for ways to bring their girlfriends in and out of the Whitehouse without required security checks.
2. Many of their friends had rap sheets.
3. Hillary would sleep in the same room as her girlfriend guests where there was only a single bed.
4. Hillary was always excited when “Babs” (Barbara Streisand) was around and always slept with her.
5. Bill had an abundance of girlfriends who slept with him in the Whitehouse.
6. The Clintons were rude and condescending toward agents who were meticulous about doing their jobs and following Secret Service rules.
7. Hillary made a real effort to get several agents fired from the agency. Thankfully they were only reassigned to other duties.
8. The Clintons treated Secret Service agents like they were enemies of the state.
9. There were constant domestic squabbles between the Clintons complete with thrown objects.

These revelations were repeated to me by scores of different agents independent of each other. As these agents told their stories other agents would listen and not suggest that the information was wrong or exaggerated. During this week only one agent complained that that his fellow agents should not be talking about the Clintons. That agent quickly found himself alone at his picnic table during the meals.

I can’t imagine that these agent’s statements were anything less that candid and factual.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

O.J. Simpson’s Preliminary Hearing In A Las Vegas Criminal Court

Tomorrow Simpson and his lawyer will be in court as the prosecution lays out much of their case for Armed Robbery Kidnapping and the rest of the charges related to that little get together at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.

The prosecution’s burden is an easy one. They will put on just enough evidence to get this mess bound over for trial. There may be some limited cross-examination of suspects turned snitches and the victims. Hearsay evidence is admissible in this legal arena.

It’s a given that there will be a finding that there is Probable Cause to allow this case to go forward to a full-blown criminal trial that won’t happen anytime soon.

I just don’t expect this thug against thug mess to amount to much. The dark side of this case is that Simpson may get convicted not because of any other reason that people think he got away with a double murder over a decade in the past.

The truth here is that if the Juice was not involved this trashy case would have been dumped out with the garbage rather than clog an over-burdened court system.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Does Phil Spector Have A Lawyer?

The answer is maybe. This morning veteran San Francisco criminal lawyer, Doron Weinberg was in court with the legendary record producer before Judge Larry Paul Fidler. Spector and Weinberg are in serious negotiations for representation in the upcoming replay of that murder trial. The appearance of Weinberg who traveled down from the Bay Area to the downtown L.A. court was a testament to that reality.

Prosecutors Alan Jackson and Pat Dixon were also in court. Notably absent was Donna Clarkson who seems never to miss a second inside Fidler’s court for every proceeding. Clarkson’s civil lawyer was there on her behalf.

It’s no secret that Jackson and Dixon are bracing themselves for loads of new impeachment material and under-explored legal issues coming from the defense to destroy their already razor thin case. They can’t be looking forward to part-two and neither is Judge Fidler. I think they all know that this case will never end in a conviction.

The defense has no choice but to start fresh with a new investigation, legal research and reweigh whether or not to have Phil Spector testify on his own behalf. I don’t count out Spector testifying even though it would give the prosecution a lot more time at bat.

The areas that the former defense team left insufficiently protected can be bolstered by what the old team did not have, hindsight.

The word, “trust” came up in connection with talk of Spector's representation. There can be no doubt that Phil Spector has given many people complete trust only to be disappointed to learn the hard way too many people are just not trustworthy. Spector’s has way too much at stake and there is no room for another violation of trust. The people on Spector’s defense team will have this man’s life in their hands. That’s an awesome responsibility.

On December 7th, 2007 a lawyer, and I’m betting that Doron Weinberg will step up to the plate and file his Notice of Appearance. Weinberg is a close confidant of noted appellant lawyer, Dennis Riordan, already retained by Spector to deal with some of the more challenging court motions.

Phil Spector and his young wife looked refreshed, alert and looking forward to a new day in court to get the injustice of this prosecution behind them.

Doron Weinberg’s CV and biography:

Practice Areas: Criminal Law; Trial and Appellate Practice; Attorney Discipline; Legal Ethics; Professional Licensing.
Admitted: 1970, California; 1973, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court
Law School: University of Chicago, J.D., 1968
College: Cornell University, A.B., 1965
Member: The State Bar of California; American Bar Association (Member, White Collar Crime/ Criminal Litigation Subcommittee); California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (Chair, Seminar Committee; Member, Board of Governors); American Arbitration Association (Member, Dispute Resolution Panel); Association of Discipline Defense Counsel; National Lawyers Guild (President, 1974-1976); National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
Biography: Articles Editor, University of Chicago Law Review, 1967-1968. Instructor, Criminal Trial Skills at New College of California School of Law, 1977-1983. Instructor, Stanford University Law School, 1968-1969. Faculty: Hastings College of Trial and Appellate Advocacy, 1977-1978; National Institute of Trial Advocacy, Cardozo Advocacy Clinic, 1985-2000.
Born: Israel, September 13, 1944

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Here We Go Again A Missing Pretty White Woman

Bollingbrook, IL. —Stacy Peterson married a local police sergeant old enough to be her father and is now missing. This is marriage number four for Drew Peterson whose third young wife was found drowned in her bathtub. Neighbor's jaws are furiously flapping about that death in light of current developments.

Even though there exists no evidence of a murder society will ignore the real fact that this woman is no more than just another missing person.

When you have a case like this where foul play is possible you have to remember the number one rule about murder is that you only hurt the one you love. As the husband of the missing woman, Drew Peterson is automatically put under the microscope. The odds are great he is somehow involved in this disappearance. Of course now we hear of any and all real or perceived troubles this marriage may have had.

If Sergeant Peterson is involved and if this case is a homicide I fully expect the case to remain unsolved forever. The presumed person of interest here knows all the tricks and games to avoid detection. He fully expected to see search warrants served and exactly what police would be looking for. The cars, guns, computers would be taken for detailed examination. The floors and drains would be examined for trace blood and tissue. Land line, cell phone records and bank records would be sent out for analysis.

Of course everyone will argue that any running, ducking or other behavior cops and reporters don’t like are sure signs of guilt. CNN’s Nancy Grace will endlessly harp about this case just like she did with the still missing Aruba Spring Break Girl, Natalie Holloway.

Drew Peterson’s life is about to change for the worse this time even if this case remains unsolved. It’s time for him to retire and move far away from Bollingbrook or he will wish he had.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Cold Case Murder Solved after 43 Years

Santa Ana, CA—47 year-old hotel manager, Christine Wariner was sexually assaulted and then beaten to death in her apartment located on hotel property.

Members of the Santa Ana Police Cold Case Squad were able to implicate 67 year-old Charles Edward Faith, Jr. through modern forensic examination methods not available in 1964. Police arrested Faith at his home on an arrest warrant. Faith would have been just 24 years old at the time of Wariner’s murder.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life Imitates Art For Actor Lane Garrison.

The star of the TV series Prison Break was sentenced to 40 months in the California State Prison. This was as a result of a plea agreement in connection to the drunken driving incident that took the life of 17 year-old Vahagn Setian who was a passenger in Garrison’s Land Rover when Garrison lost control striking a tree in Beverly Hills. Additionally two 15 year-old girls who were passengers in Garrison’s SUV survived.

Garrison had twice the legal limit of alcohol and cocaine in his blood. With good behavior Garrison will only serve slightly more than two years. Of course there are the civil penalties that are substantial that go along in these kinds of cases.

I fully expect this young man to face some real horror in prison. Young and goodlooking kids like Garrison are targets for extortion, beatings and the unwanted attention the Buga-Buga Boyz. There is a lot more to prison than simple loss of liberty.

When Garrison gets out there won’t be any Hollywood agents beating down his door signing him to those high paying acting gigs. Garrison will pay this debt off for the rest of his life.

When You Lay Down With Dogs You Wake Up With Fleas

Duane “Dog” Chapman has ended his television career with one short phone call. The ex-convict turned bounty hunter and TV star had a private moment with his son memorialized on tape and made public.

I’ve never been a fan of Chapman or his sordid business of hunting down bail absconders. At the same time, I don’t think Chapman’s private phone calls are or should be public business but accept that reality in the unforgiving world we live in. No TV network wants the baggage of a racist to deal with. Dog, you’ve been canceled.

Read more about this and hear the tape yourself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indictment Claims California CCW Permits Were For Sale

The sealed indictment handed down by a Federal Grand Jury against Orange County Sheriff Mike Corona accuses the once rising star of a wide range of corruption allegations. None the least of the claims were that concealed weapons permits were sold for various favors and gratuities.

The right of self-defense for California’s citizens has long been something only for the rich, powerful and well connected. Politicians like gun-rights hating, Senator Dianne Feinstein are able to obtain the permits while shopkeepers and other folks with occupations that put them at risk are denied. The costs of California’s CCW permits are often campaign contributions or simple bribes to those who least deserve them.

The right to protect yourself from muggers, rapists and killers comes with American citizenship. It’s not some privilege for politicians and their appointed bureaucrats to withhold, dole out or sell. Of course in California the permits often provide incumbent protection for those who enjoy absolute power.

California needs to join the rest of the nation where the right of self-defense is freely given to those who are law-abiding, sane and sober. Denying the right of self-defense gives California’s felons real protection rather then their victims.

Read more about the Carona indictment here.

The actual Indictment his here

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why I love Hollywood

Hollywood has its very own version of the truth. When they go back into time their leading ladies playing women from centuries and even eons ago get plastered on the silver screen with the sexiest outfit, stylish hair and modern makeup. The reality is the women characters they play would have dirty hair, hairy legs, facial hair, zero eye makeup and of course B.O. Any modern woman would not be caught dead without mascara and eyeliner on a public street and neither would our Hollywood starlets!

The 1960 film made from H.G. Wells, The Time Machine is a great example of Hollywood’s truth/entertainment. Here you see the stunningly beautiful, Yvette Mimieux looking like she just stepped out of a Hollywood makeup chair because she did!

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but the very hot Mimieux is 65 years old as of 2007.

Friday, October 26, 2007

An Update On The Washington D.C. Handgun Ban Cases

There are two cases under consideration by the Supreme Court, District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290) and Parker v. District of Columbia (07-335). We can expect that on November 9 the court will determine whether or not they will grant review. That determination will be published on Tuesday November 13. If the court grants review the case or cases will be heard around February or March 2008. A decision one way or another could settle America’s gun control debate for the future. Either Americans have a right to keep and bear arms or they don’t. My Money is on freedom and liberty.