Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vester Lee Flanagan, II or Bryce Williams was a Hateful and Racist Narcissist

Roanoke, VA—Most of my readers know that aside from being a private eye,  I’m also a freelance investigative TV news producer and have an extensive history working in this field. I’ve been blessed to work with some pretty terrific and talented people over the years.
TV news people are a special breed that thrives on creativity to show their viewers what’s going on in their world.  TV news hires a diverse selection of people where race, gender, sexual preference is controlled by strict efforts to reflect Liberal ideals. They strive to meet strict diversity quotas rather than simply finding the most qualified candidates. Thankfully in the end it all seems to work out.
Saying that I find the minorities they hire to be dedicated and gifted professionals that simply enjoy doing news.  I’ve been on the receiving end of kindness, lifetime friendships and the privilege of simply knowing like-minded people that are different.  We’re not really different because at the end of the day we are all human.
We all watched in horror the endless replays of the live, on air murders of two young members of a smaller market TV news crew doing a routine story yesterday.
Who or what shall we blame?  Political lines were quickly drawn, as Liberals refused to let the victim’s bodies get cold before they beat their Gun Control drums suggesting gun bans would somehow have prevented this.  Really?  From where do those shallow, simplistic and ignorant people come?  Gun rights haters never miss an opportunity to dance on the graves of murdered people.  This is not about guns; it’s all about narcissism, hate and that twisted sense of entitlement.
I think I understand this more than most people.  I’m a white male that never enjoyed that so-called “white privilege”.  I was raised by a variety of caregivers that included my incredibly dysfunctional single mother.  I know abject poverty, evictions, hunger and being embarrassed at school for the large holes in the soles of my shoes.  Necessity forced me to lie about my age, get a job at a local hot dog eatery and an apartment at age 14 in Chicago.   This life experience made me the politically conservative Libertarian that I am today.
If my humble origin sounds miserable and challenging it was.  However it was also an adventure that I survived.  I’ve been blessed with meeting some great friends, mentors and unexpected kindness along the way.  The most important thing I learned is we are not all equal.  Life is not fair and it will never be fair.
Some of us are physically more attractive, richer, smarter and healthier.  Some of us have incredible life challenges and can never escape poverty, hunger, rejection and misery.  
Along with other challenges comes hatred and for some the belief that even the most despicable criminal acts is their birthright to address the wrongs in their lives.  
Vester Lee Flanagan, II was raised in the San Francisco Bay neighbor of Oakland, CA.  Communists, Socialists and militant Gays politically run this area.  Oakland is the birthplace of the Black Panthers.   Avowed Socialist Jim Jones and his People’s Temple mass suicide infamy began in the East Bay too.
The most hateful and violent African-Americans anywhere can be found in Oakland.  The African-Americans here have morphed into a bankrupt, violent, narcissistic and racist culture.  Children raised here will have challenges far beyond other impoverished Americans. Hate is actually programed into their DNA. 
Raising children to avoid personal responsibility and blame anyone or everyone else for failure is the Oakland way.  Using the so-called race card has replaced achievement, competition and positive self-respect.  The males in this society see themselves as race warriors because they’re goaded on and encouraged by local Socialists and Communists.   
Vester Lee Flanagan, II somehow got enough education to seek out a TV journalism career.   Like everyone else this lad began but never progressed out of the “training ground” of small market television.  The pay here is low however the opportunity to learn and hone required story telling skills are great.  Reporters learn here and then move up to the next market.
Flanagan never made it out of the TV news minor league.  He failed redundantly because of all the crap he was fed in Oakland. Having a overblown sense of entitlement will never help a reporter or anyone to succeed.  Playing the race card after failure is professional suicide.  Flanagan made himself unemployable. 
A very telling sign of Flanagan's lack of even simple TV skills was his own video recording of the shooting.  He failed to hold his camera or cell phone horizontally to properly fill TV screens!   
Flanagan snuffed out two promising lives as well as his own.  He changed the life of the Chamber of Commerce woman by shooting her too.  What did Flanagan achieve yesterday?  He gave us more division, hatred and blight. 
 We as a nation must rise above this and demonstrate simple and sincere kindness to each other.  Is it rally that difficult to treat others they way we want to be treated?  Does race, sex, sexual preference or religion really matter?  We all simply need to toughen our skins to deflect insult and learn how to smile spread a little joy around.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Flying Drones Over Private Property and Asking Permission

Los Angeles, CA—Many people consider the airspace  above the property that they own or lease is theirs.   Some have actually used firearms to shoot at drones somehow thinking that was somehow justified.
Federal and state laws universally ban shooting at aircraft.  There are heavy penalties for shooting at drones or any aircraft, even UFOs.  
Many drone operators operate on ignorance and have bought into the idea that there is or may be private ownership rights to airspace above private property.
The law is simple, our airspace is shared public property.  Exclusively, the FAA regulates aircraft including drones operating in our airspace. 
State and local governments cannot make or enforce laws regulating aircraft in our airspace.  Many local jurisdictions have tried out of the simple ignorance of their lawmakers.  Those laws they have already placed on the books are unenforceable due to the FAA preemption.
Have the helicopter and fixed wing pilots ever asked permission to fly over land occupied by people?  We all know the answer to that.
Are those little camera drones somehow different?  Other than they fly at lower altitudes there is no difference.  Okay, the helicopters and fixed wing aircraft carry much heaver and more sophisticated cameras than the little drones. 
It would be both wrong and even criminal to use a drone to harass or stalk anyone.  Use of a drone does not insulate anyone from those criminal and civil penalties.  
However. flying over property to shoot video or obtain still photographs is constitutionally protected and genuinely established First Amendment activity.
When should you obtain permission?  Flying at or near airports requires permission for obvious reasons.  The same applies to any FAA “No Fly Zone”.
How about your neighborhood?  If you’re standing on property posted with No Trespassing signs or you’ve been asked to leave there could be an arrest and criminal conviction in your future.  Here you need permission. 
It will be a lot easier to get if you offered the property owner a copy of or a YouTube link to your work.  Most people would really want to see how their property looks like from your drone.  
If your launching your drone from public streets and sidewalks asking permission invites a meaningless refusal and coveys your rights away unnecessarily.  That also sets a bad example and precedent. 
Be kind and friendly to those that express concerns about your flying your drone. 
I’ve learned that it’s best to fly over residential property during the week when people are at work and commercial property on the weekends when they are closed.
Privacy laws are simple.  We all have a right to a reasonable expectation of privacy provided we are inside our homes and businesses.  Should we decide to skinny-dip in our own outdoor swimming pools there is no longer such an expectation.  Using someone’s image for commercial purposes is another matter.  
People have become accustomed to satellite, news choppers, fixed wing aircraft taking images.  Today they think nothing of surveillance video cameras everywhere in populated areas. 
The drones are a new phenomenon and a state of Drone Hysteria have taken over some people.  They need to calm down and enjoy the stunning images. 

There are drone operators that have appointed themselves as Drone Police and have tried to impose their own ideals on other rather then allowing the law of the land to sort it out.  Unfortunately most of those vigilantes never bothered to learn about existing law and our Bill of Rights.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why Donald Trump Will Be The Next President

Los Angeles, CA--Those with less than honorable motives have distorted real public opinion on the immigration issue for decades.
Now comes Donald Trump.  He has vowed to remove all the immigration trespassers. This will bring him a landslide of votes from both parties.  For sure he will get the Conservatives that have not had a candidate worthy of voting for, for decades!
When you examine the issues like I have you will see why Trump can’t lose! 
The single largest offender has been the major media that took the route of faux political correctness aiding the political Left. 
Communism and Socialism can only survive with an unproductive, ignorant and needy majority lower class. Needless to say without out those votes those two evil political cancers would die.
The obscene profits of large businesses are somewhat protected by a massive force of cheap labor.  Job competition always depresses wages. Big business supports the political campaigns of every pro-Amnesty Republican.  Money talks and nearly all of our whore politicians are listening.
Why does Immigration Amnesty seem to be the only solution anyone can think or talk about to deal with this problem? 
That answer is simple, Congress knows only too well that the voters don’t support a change to federal immigration laws! 
Illegal immigration has brought us massive, ignorance, poverty, illegal drugs, violent crime and diseases that we had eliminated on our soil long ago.  There is just no getting away from those facts.
Our jails and prisons are loaded with immigration trespassers that have committed really despicable crimes. We really can’t afford this.
Health care: 
Our entire healthcare system has been undermined and destroyed by many millions of border trespassers.  Their diseases, massive childbirth explosion, violent criminal activities have inundated emergency rooms everywhere. 

Those $20 aspirins and Band-Aids is nothing more than the insured and paying patients subsidizing freeloading illegals.
Primary Education:
The invasion of non-English speaking illegals has likewise devastated our public schools.   The quality of American education has been sadly diminished every year.  This is intolerable.
Nobody wants to see anyone homeless and hungry. Yes, our social agencies feed and house illegals.  Entitlement funding for our own poor was never intended feed the entire world. 
Who suffers the most from the invasion of illegal aliens?  Poor White, African-Americans and legal immigrants must fight for jobs and any entitlement scraps with the illegals.   This is usually a pro-Democratic voting block.  However they understand their plight and who is responsible for it.
Angry taxpayers, especially conservatives have really had enough of this immigration mess.  Republicans leaders have lied to them as the media has constantly fed them pure pro-illegal immigration propaganda. 
This is not about racism but law, structure and simply ending the massive hemorrhage of taxpayer’s money to trespassing freeloaders.
Our immigration policy has been nothing  less  than criminal obstruction of justice by public officials that have enabled this immigration disaster.
There is a solution to the immigration mess. Mexico is a corrupt and tyrannical government that has made an otherwise great country unlivable. That government must be overturned.  The Mexican people that want an American style economy and government must fight for it. 
We should support a Mexican revolution and then Mexico could succeed in building a great nation.  So great that they’d need a wall to keep us Gringos out!
One thing that would really help, would be by ending the Drug War.  Take the Drug profits away and that would destroy the current corrupt Mexican government in a day!
Many of the tresspassers will resist or hide but most will self-deport.   
I am in favor of allowing better legal immigration provided those allowed in have no diseases, criminal records and can read and write English.  No special preference should be given to Mexicans over those from other nations.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Local TV News Has all but killed Itself!

Los Angeles, CA—Television news has been a 60-year exercise in monkey see, monkey do plagiarism.
Today’s TV executives are playing to the lowest common denominator.  The unproductive and ignorant seem to be the current TV news target audience.   Does this serve the sponsors that thrive on financially sound viewer’s buying power?
Is this more about guiding the lame, dependent and ignorant to vote for the Liberal political ticket?  I have no doubt that’s too often the reality. 
It’s not the number of viewers but rather their spending power that counts in the end.  How can anyone sell new cars to brain-dead and impoverished underachievers?
TV news would have died long ago but for lucrative political ads during elections. 
My recommendations?
I will begin with the abuse of the Breaking News label.  Last night’s news is not breaking in the morning.  Are viewers so dumb they can be convinced yesterday’s news is breaking?
The overuse and abuse of silly live shots sending crews to scenes just to be there when nothing is happening is so lame.  Viewers would be better served by more comprehensive and pre-recorded video packages. 
Why are they always broadcasting those gossipy-nosy neighbor reaction interviews for crime stories?  Revealing the results of verified public record checks makes much more sense.  This also leads to finding great people to interview. 
Helicopters and drones are a must to gather images since all news is appearing on screens rather than traditional television.  Drones are much cheaper and in many applications superior and certainly always safer.
Television news must begin to simulcast news on the Internet and when they do their advertisers should be joining them.   Between broadcasts a menu of stories to watch makes sense.  Looking at viewing stats tells us just what stories viewers want to see. 
The overuse and abuse of redundant TV news identification graphics.   They far too often interfere with viewing the video.  A small watermark is more than enough.  
One of my favorite news directors ever developed a slogan her station wisely used, “Less Chit-Chat and More News.” 
I loathe today’s TV news organizations doing crime stories the most.  The reporters are sent out for live shots with police PIO’s that will only release self-serving and often misleading information.
Tracking down and interviewing the witnesses, the accused and their lawyers will tell the whole story.  Only getting that sound bite from the PIO’s makes using reporters unnecessary.  Only a photographer is needed to get the “official” filtered government version.  
Covering news conferences by law enforcement officials live on a big story is always a terrible idea.  The local politicians and the police bosses use the first 15 minutes congratulating themselves and each other while mugging for the cameras.  Too often these things degenerate into a campaign photo-op for politicians.
The most obvious red flag is seeing politicians in attendance at those news conferences.  Would the news audience be deprived if they didn’t hear some mayor droning on about his great leadership being responsible for the solving of a crime?  Let the politicians purchase airtime rather than simply give it away!
TV news unwisely jettisoned their field producers long ago.  It’s almost impossible for a TV reporter doing live shots to flesh out a news story alone.
Does every story deserve a live shot at the expense of content? The answer is greatly limiting the live shots opting instead for significant content.  Talking heads are no comparison to quality video with competent voiceover and meaningful witness interviews.  
TV executives must learn that their audience has already moved on to iPhones and iPads.  Only the elderly, handicapped and least affluent viewers sit in front of TV sets at home anymore.
It’s time for TV news to adapt and regain the viewers that fled traditional TV for the Internet.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

There is A Malicious Propaganda War Being Waged Against Multi-Rotor Camera Drones!

Los Angeles, CA—Officials here recently claimed that drone operators endangered lives by halting firefighting efforts.  Angry local politicians vowed prosecution and new legislation to remedy this “huge and life threatening ” problem.
Photographic evidence supporting those reports is non-existent.  You’d think the crew members presumably are all armed with smart phones would have captured images to help identify the drones to assist investigators.  There are no pictures because this never happened!  Needless to say there are no captured drones either.
As for those helicopter pilots making these reports they seem to forget that their massive propeller’s, prop wash would simply blow any little cameras drones away from their aircraft into oblivion.  A near miss happened? Really? 
The high cost of these camera drones makes their owners very protective of their investments.  If they are reckless and crash them, all the the fun is over. Accordingly drone operators police themselves better than any government agency.
New York police helicopter pilots reported a near miss and the follow-up investigation resulted in the false arrests of two youths with a DJI phantom drone on felony charges.
The charges were dropped when the malicious lies of the pilot cops were horribly impeached.  Among things they claimed was the drone was traveling at ridicules, impossible and dangerous speeds when that Phantom could go no faster that 35 MPH.
Cameras on the drones are the ultimate “black Boxes” that document the drones behavior and flight in real time.   The cameras have exposed lies of people claiming their privacy was invaded or lives endangered.  One sad example was the wrongful arrest of David Beesmer who was charged with using a drone to peep into dressing rooms at the Mid Hudson Medical Group building.
Months later after careful examination of the drone’s video debunked the claims of witnesses and ended expensive felony court prosecution.  Bessmer was cleared but only after he spent thousands of dollars for a defense lawyer. 
The drone operators I know can't wait to put their flight's video up on YouTube like I do.  It’s about art, fun, newsgathering, real estate marketing or other positive activities. Activities that are clearly Constitutionally Protected!
I use drones for investigation.  Wow! That sounds so ominous!  The reality is that I found that my drone can get great overhead shots of accident and crime scenes to help defense lawyers, prosecutors, judges and juries better see and understand the layout much better than diagrams and land based images. 
Drones can't see through window glare, curtains or walls. Surveillance is best conducted with much bigger cameras from conventional places on the ground.  Drones that can transport sophisticated telephoto cameras are simply too cost prohibitive. 
You can't get that close up, face shot from more than a few feet away.   
I used my drone in a missing person case to examine some rough terrain I was incapable of searching on foot.  I actually found some property that belonged to the missing subject with my drone!
Pilot after pilot has reported near misses with drones.  These sightings all share the same similarities.  Most glaring is there are no actual collisions, videos or still shots of these rogue drones!
The media needs these drones to slow down the rain of pink slips in every newsroom in America.  The single most expensive cost in any TV newsroom is for helicopter newsgathering efforts.
Are these pilots simply seeking attention?  Or could there be something more sinister involved? 
One thing for sure drones may not threaten pilots by they are sure to take their jobs away.  Why risk life with manned firefighting planes when drones can do these jobs without risking lives?
News and police helicopter pilots know safer drones that only cost a tiny fraction of conventional helicopters that will be replacing them!  These guys are understandably not exactly cheering on this exciting new technology.
Sadly there are those people that simply see a drone in the sky and can’t resist calling 911.  They don’t report airplanes or helicopters, just drones?  Ignorance, fear and loathing are in high gear spurred on by phony drone misconduct reports getting airtime on TV.
Below is a video that resulted in phony claims to police by a woman that a drone was actually peeping into her single story home’s windows!  Months later the woman apparently claimed she was nearly hit by the drone!  The video speaks for itself and is unedited.  The video is complete from take off until landing but for the addition of music on an audio track.
The police investigation and report actually cleared the pilot but local prosecutors charged him as a criminal anyway! 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Drone Report: Three Dead in North Hills DUI Related Accident

Los Angeles, CA:  This morning (Aug 9, 2015) LAPD has a triple fatal accident on their hands.  This was at Roscoe Blvd and Haskell Avenue in the North Hills area.  Riley John Holman,19  of Mission Hills was arrested on three counts of suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. 

Saturday, August 08, 2015


Washington, DC--Hillary Clinton's constant corruption has created an real opportunity for the Lame Duck First Lady to stay in the Whitehouse for as much as another eight years.

Suddenly the Obama Justice Department has begun an investigation into the Clinton e-mail activities thar clearly are at least technical violations of law.  Any prosecutor could present a case to a Federal Grand Jury and secure a multi-count indictment against Clinton in a heartbeat. 

That would creat an instant opportunity for the overly ambitious Mrs. Obama to step up and offer herself up as the party nominee.  Democrats will see it as a way of gaining two more terms of Omana rule. But would she actually do that? I say sure she would! 

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Drones as Distress Signals for Maritime Emergencies

Los Angeles, CA—Let me offer this lifesaving idea for the thousands of watercraft both large and small sailing the seas.
Drones are perfect as a backup to radar for observing watercraft in the area.  Drones won’t be affected by watercraft power failures.
Additionally the drones can be sent up with special flashing emergency lights.  Unlike sending up a flare drones can stay in the sky for extended periods of time. 
The only real issue is educating boaters about recognizing the drone distress signal indicating a boating emergency.