Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Life Imitates Art For Actor Lane Garrison.

The star of the TV series Prison Break was sentenced to 40 months in the California State Prison. This was as a result of a plea agreement in connection to the drunken driving incident that took the life of 17 year-old Vahagn Setian who was a passenger in Garrison’s Land Rover when Garrison lost control striking a tree in Beverly Hills. Additionally two 15 year-old girls who were passengers in Garrison’s SUV survived.

Garrison had twice the legal limit of alcohol and cocaine in his blood. With good behavior Garrison will only serve slightly more than two years. Of course there are the civil penalties that are substantial that go along in these kinds of cases.

I fully expect this young man to face some real horror in prison. Young and goodlooking kids like Garrison are targets for extortion, beatings and the unwanted attention the Buga-Buga Boyz. There is a lot more to prison than simple loss of liberty.

When Garrison gets out there won’t be any Hollywood agents beating down his door signing him to those high paying acting gigs. Garrison will pay this debt off for the rest of his life.

When You Lay Down With Dogs You Wake Up With Fleas

Duane “Dog” Chapman has ended his television career with one short phone call. The ex-convict turned bounty hunter and TV star had a private moment with his son memorialized on tape and made public.

I’ve never been a fan of Chapman or his sordid business of hunting down bail absconders. At the same time, I don’t think Chapman’s private phone calls are or should be public business but accept that reality in the unforgiving world we live in. No TV network wants the baggage of a racist to deal with. Dog, you’ve been canceled.

Read more about this and hear the tape yourself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Indictment Claims California CCW Permits Were For Sale

The sealed indictment handed down by a Federal Grand Jury against Orange County Sheriff Mike Corona accuses the once rising star of a wide range of corruption allegations. None the least of the claims were that concealed weapons permits were sold for various favors and gratuities.

The right of self-defense for California’s citizens has long been something only for the rich, powerful and well connected. Politicians like gun-rights hating, Senator Dianne Feinstein are able to obtain the permits while shopkeepers and other folks with occupations that put them at risk are denied. The costs of California’s CCW permits are often campaign contributions or simple bribes to those who least deserve them.

The right to protect yourself from muggers, rapists and killers comes with American citizenship. It’s not some privilege for politicians and their appointed bureaucrats to withhold, dole out or sell. Of course in California the permits often provide incumbent protection for those who enjoy absolute power.

California needs to join the rest of the nation where the right of self-defense is freely given to those who are law-abiding, sane and sober. Denying the right of self-defense gives California’s felons real protection rather then their victims.

Read more about the Carona indictment here.

The actual Indictment his here

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Why I love Hollywood

Hollywood has its very own version of the truth. When they go back into time their leading ladies playing women from centuries and even eons ago get plastered on the silver screen with the sexiest outfit, stylish hair and modern makeup. The reality is the women characters they play would have dirty hair, hairy legs, facial hair, zero eye makeup and of course B.O. Any modern woman would not be caught dead without mascara and eyeliner on a public street and neither would our Hollywood starlets!

The 1960 film made from H.G. Wells, The Time Machine is a great example of Hollywood’s truth/entertainment. Here you see the stunningly beautiful, Yvette Mimieux looking like she just stepped out of a Hollywood makeup chair because she did!

I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but the very hot Mimieux is 65 years old as of 2007.

Friday, October 26, 2007

An Update On The Washington D.C. Handgun Ban Cases

There are two cases under consideration by the Supreme Court, District of Columbia v. Heller (07-290) and Parker v. District of Columbia (07-335). We can expect that on November 9 the court will determine whether or not they will grant review. That determination will be published on Tuesday November 13. If the court grants review the case or cases will be heard around February or March 2008. A decision one way or another could settle America’s gun control debate for the future. Either Americans have a right to keep and bear arms or they don’t. My Money is on freedom and liberty.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

How America’s Bolsheviks wrecked home ownership.

The extreme Left Wing politicians who call themselves Democrats never met a tax they did not like. Nor did these tax and spend advocates like any income tax deductions. In the runaway tax train they created was the elimination of the ability of Americans to write loan interest off of their income tax. Interest on home loans was and is still deductible.

Americans began to borrow money in creative ways that tied personal, credit card and even car loans to their mortgages. The downside risk with these loans is the real possibility of forced foreclosure on borrower’s homes. Credit card debt and car loans were never tied to mortgages until the Bolsheviks made this change. Now debtors lose their homes when they default on the loans that really have nothing to do with their mortgages.

Losing a job, catastrophic illness or simple bad money management not only brings an end to home ownership, but also eliminates any future tax advantages conveyed to homeowners. This way the poor get poorer and we all know that the poor vote for Democrats!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Firearm Marketing And Gun Haters

There is a strange fact about firearms the experts just don’t understand. There has not been a single major advance since the cased cartridge and smokeless powder was invented. The state of the art handgun is the venerable Colt. 1911 .45 ACP. It’s a century old now! The same is true for rifles and machineguns. The long dead designers John Browning and Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim small arms have never been surpassed in effectiveness. The promised Buck Rodgers Ray Guns have never come along to replace the simplest of handguns.

Modern times have brought slightly improved ergonomics and cosmetic changes. Ammunition has been repackaged with names like Black Talon, Silver Tip and sold with lots of “magic bullet” hype. Today there are laser sights, night sights and various optical sights and none have allowed an poorly trained or undisciplined shooter to be more dangerous. Quality optical sights are also a century old.
Our gun hating advocates and their politicians react to every marketing gimmick and scam firearm and ammunition companies have produced. They cite the exaggerated claims of the makers in an effort to bring more bans. The marketing folks know that as the gun haters scream about the products sales always ride the campaign. Free advertising beats paid advertising any day.

The Politics of California’s Firestorm

Dry conditions and the Santa Anna winds are a constant in Southern California. So are the politicians who thrive on increasing the tax base with more development and the power that onerous taxation brings. The more homes built means the Kingdom grows along with the ambitions of the powerbrokers. It’s an old and invariable story about how power corrupts.

Wildfires are a natural occurrence. Add humans to this mix and soon the non-natural act of arson is an absolute. Developers and their owned politicians also brought in the arsonists. Splash in a dash the latest real estate crisis where lenders loaned billions to those who were unable to repay. Arson is a convenient way to get out from under a mortgage as long as the arsonist evades discovery. Dry conditions, high winds, hard financial times and arsonists will always produce the conditions for the perfect firestorm.

If there is a moral to this story avoid building or buying your home where there are fires, floods, hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes. If you don’t mind the risk of building or buying in these areas please don’t hold your hand out for money from the rest of us. Please avoid spreading that kind of insurance risk with the folks who live in places where these kinds of disasters are very rare.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Home-Schooling Teacher Accused Of Having A Boy Toy

Van Nuys, CA—40 year old Meredith Johnson Vincent is accused with sodomy and oral copulation of a person under 16, unlawful sexual intercourse and sending harmful matter.

The "victim" is alleged to be an un-named, very lucky 14 year-old boy who claims to have been tutored in more than just the three-R’s by a delightful looking woman.

I have a serious problem with any 14 year-old boy who feels the need to cooperate with police and prosecutors in going after this woman even if she did the acts for which she is charged. My natural inclination is to disbelieve such an allegation because any normal red-blooded American boy would be proud to get those kinds of lessons and keep his mouth shut.

This story has a serious odor to it. I hope they never find a jury that will convict this woman of anything. This is just another big waste of money. If Vincent did what she’s accused of, so what? There is no victim other then hard working California taxpayers forced to pay for this silly prosecution.

Today Ms. Vincent if free pending trial on more than a half-million dollar bail bond. She faces decades behind bars should she be convicted.

For the record I’d be more than happy to take on this lady’s criminal defense investigation.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Newspaper Publishers Arrested For Story About Grand Jury Subpoenas

Phoenix New Times Executives, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested last night in their homes by members of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s threat assessment team over their published article.

At the heart of this arrest is a decade old Arizona law that makes it a crime to publish the home address of a peace officer or certain other public officials on the Internet. The law has never been challenged and may well be in conflict with the First Amendment to our Constitution. That same protection applies to nobody else and may in itself violate the 14th Amendment with respect to equal protection. Because home addresses are often public records they can be found on the Internet and certainly in the files of many government agencies.

The Phoenix New Times published copies of the secret Grand Jury Subpoenas served upon them and informed their readers that the subpoenas invaded their privacy by demanding information that would reveal other sites they visit before and after the New Times.

The self-proclaimed, “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is at the heart of this case because of a large number of articles critical of his administration. The New Times also published Arpaio’s home address. That’s the same address listed on public nominating petitions he’s required to make public each time he runs for office. Of course the address is in plain view of the thousands of voters that must sign the petitions.

Both Lacy and Larkin were released from the Maricopa County Jail after posting bail on the misdemeanor counts. A throng pf reporters greeted the two newspaper men as they left America’s Toughest Jail.

You are about to see a giant litigation slugfest unfold. The Players are two lightening rods of Arizona law enforcement, County Prosecutor, Andrew Thomas and Sheriff Arpaio along with two Arizona newspaper publishers. Stand by while we soon learn if the First Amendment still exists in Arizona! My money is on Freedom of The Press.

UPDATE: Today a red-faced County Attorney, Andrew Thomas announced an end to the investigation and prosecution of the New Times, Lacy and Larkin. Thomas cited numerous mistakes as his reason to drop all charges in this matter. Phoenix lawyer, Dennis Wilenchik of Wilenchik & Bartness PC has been acting as a special prosecutor on behalf of Thomas’ office. As of today that relationship has been terminated along with the Grand Jury investigation that was instigated.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Award Winning TV Reporter Suspended Over Story

Dallas—KDFW-TV reporter Rebecca Aguilar had a unique story to flesh out on her beat for the Fox affiliate. It seems that twice in just three weeks 70-year-old James Walton, owner of Able Walton Machine & Welding in West Dallas has killed a burglar. Just as Walton was putting a brand new Remington riot shotgun is his car Aguilar caught up with him to do an interview. Apparently this was an ambush style interview of a distraught elderly man who has been let down by law enforcement’s failure to protect him and his property.

I’m clearly on the side of Mr. Walton who I’m so glad to see alive after two encounters with dangerous criminals. However I can’t find wrongdoing on Aguilar’s part.

The best part of this story is that two young criminals will no longer be out victimizing anyone ever again. I can only hope this story sends a clear message to other criminals that they should ply their trade in places like Washington, D.C., L.A., Chicago or New York where criminals are protected by gun bans that keep law-abiding folks defenseless and totally vulnerable.

This is a great story the public needs to know about. I’ve known Aguilar for years from her days in Phoenix at KPNX-TV. The suspension is an over-reaction. The real truth here is that without government interference even senior citizens can refuse victimization by thugs. Give that man a medal!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clark County DA Wasting Tax Dollars On O.J. Simpson Prosecution.

Las Vegas—A bunch of thugs had a get-together at the Place Station Hotel. Felons, dealers in stolen property along with former double-murder suspect O.J. Simpson all find themselves in great company of their true peers. There is not one sympathetic figure involved in this mess. Secret recordings were made and sold for serious cash. The best part of this story has yet to be told!

It will all boil down to which thugs will the jury believe. So far two snitches have emerged telling prosecutors what they want to hear in exchange for sweetheart plea deals. This is truly a case of making deals with the devil in an effort to knight one prosecutor as the one who got O.J. Simpson.

This won’t be a trial but an unprecedented circus. Trying this case will make a total mockery of our criminal justice system.

Perhaps they can put all of these clowns in a gala gladiator battle until only one thug is left standing. Don King could promote this with worldwide pay-per-view! Hundreds of thousands would converge on Sin City dropping lots of cash into the coffers of the brothels, cab companies and even the shoeshine boys. The record-breaking profits from the sports books would be nothing short of staggering.

Our Drug War Is Nothing More Than Foreign Aid And An American Jobs Program

We all know we can’t keep recreational drugs out of our country any better then we keep them out of our jails and prisons. Aggressive drug enforcement only drives the prices and profits even higher. The economies of many third world countries depend on drug trade because their people can’t or won’t learn new ways of trade and commerce.

We could instantly punish everyone involved in the drug trade simply by legalization of the poisons that can be just as deadly as the liquids we store under or kitchen sinks. Legalization would instantly reduce the cost of these intoxicants to the price of tea and sugar. The addicts will continue to put this garbage into their bodies and new addicts are born every day. This behavior can’t be stopped or even slowed down.

Is the real reason for the Drug War a hidden form of Foreign Aid? We’ve made a huge industry on both sides of the Drug War that would leave millions of America’s residents unemployed or underemployed by legalization. The benefit of the Drug War is pure profit to all but the taxpayers.

The American Drug War is nothing more than a huge fraud victimizing the very ignorant American public.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Musical Retro-Journey

When you reach my age the reality is that there are more good days behind you than in front of you. The year I want to visit is 1969 when I had a month to spend in Chicago on my Army furlough from Germany. I was old enough to go to that upscale Chicago singles bar, Butch McGuire’s on Division Street. The girls were beyond heavenly and the music rocked.

On the jukebox was some great music from that year I will share with you. Yes, I’m in a time warp trying so desperately to recapture my youth. You will recognize this great Laura Nyro song sung by Marilyn McCoo and the 5th Dimention!

What’s Next For A Fugitive Recaptured After 35 Years?

Pulaski, Tenn—38 years ago Linda Darby, then just 27 years-old apparently murdered her husband. She was sentenced to life in prison for her crime.

Fate had another plan for Darby when she jumped at an opportunity for freedom by
scaling a barbed-wire fence at the Indiana Women's Prison in Indianapolis in March 1972. The manhunt for the fugitive came up empty handed for no less then 35 years.

New computer technology was put to use as the Indiana Department of Corrections began a new Fugitive Apprehension Unit provided the resources to find Darby quietly living a law-abiding life under the name, Linda Joe McElroy in Tennessee.

Darby spent more than half of her life looking over her shoulder while reliving the event that suddenly changed her life forever.

As for the crime of killing a spouse we all know there is nobody on earth more capable of evoking emotion or pushing our buttons more than a spouse.

Darby was convicted in a Lake County, Indiana court of shooting her husband in their Hammond home. Additionally a kerosene fire was started. Darby has steadfastly said she was innocent. We all know that the state of forensic examination was anything but terrific in the early 1970’s when a jury convicted her.

You can say she beat the system to be living free all these years. I don’t think living the life of the fictional character Jean Valjean was not a huge price to pay for this crime.

Long time neighbors and local cops were shocked to learn of Darby’s status as a fugitive and convicted murderer.

Okay, I’ve grown soft in my old age and would love to see this woman’s sentence commuted if for no other reason then her serving nearly three years behind bars and her obvious rehabilitation.

Here are some “facts” about Linda Darby’s murder conviction:
1. Linda and Charles Darby were estranged at the time of the killing.
2. Charles was hit with a shotgun blast, wrapped in garment bags and set on fire.
3. On the night of the killing Linda Darby stayed in a Valparasio motel where police found a similar shotgun hidden behind a nearby soda machine.
4. Gas station attendant claimed to have sold Linda Darby Gasoline that night.
5. Darby’s 9 year-old daughter, Terri Dixon claimed that her mother warned her about talking with police.
6. The couple had financial problems that led to the break-up.
7. There was no surveillance video, DNA evidence or witnesses to the killing.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A truly fine Act By An American Military Veteran In The Land Of Sen. Harry Reid

Here is a story I would have overlooked but for my friend at Rue St. Michael. Sometimes Americans must take the law into their own hands. This hero braved possible arrest on charges of Criminal Damage To Property and Theft in order to send a strong message. I salute this hero for his loyalty to the United States of America.

Dumb Laws In Chicago and Los Angeles.

There is a better way.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Meet The The Dean Of Arizona's Death Row

He's 92 years old! Convicted of murder and sent to a Utah prison he escaped and did it again at age 66. Viva L. Nash is exactly why the death penalty is so popular. This guy will die of old age before he will ever see the hot needle. I'm not fond of the death penalty but this case is not one I'd use to argue against it.

This guy was stopped by an armed law-abiding heroic Phoenix citizen.

I think we all wish we could make it to 92 and look that good! Many of my retired cop pals only in their 60s are in poor health and look older than Nash. I somehow don't think this was from clean living.

The following was taken from records of The Arizona Department of Corrections where this fellow is on Death Row:


While serving two consecutive life sentences for murder and robbery in Utah, Nash escaped. Three weeks later, on November 3, 1982, he entered a coin shop in north Phoenix, demanded money from an employee, Greggory West, and then shot Mr. West three times with a .357 Colt Trooper. Another employee, Susan McCullough, was in the line of fire but was not hit. As Nash fled, the proprietor of a nearby shop pointed a gun at him and told him to stop. Nash grabbed the weapon and the two men struggled over it. Police officers soon arrived and arrested Nash.

Presiding Judge:Hon. Rufus Coulter
Prosecutor:Gregg Thurston
Defense Counsel:Art Hazelton
Start of Trial:May 25, 1983 (submission)
Verdict:May 25, 1983
Sentencing:June 27, 1983

Aggravating Circumstances
Prior conviction involving violence
Grave risk of death to others
Pecuniary gain

State v. Nash, 143 Ariz. 392, 694 P.2d 222 (1985).

UPDATE: September 14, 2009 Arizona Republic Report:
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday sent the case of Arizona death-row inmate Viva Leroy Nash back to a lower court to determine whether he is mentally competent to assist in his appeals.

Nash, who turned 94 last week, has a criminal record that dates to the 1930s.
He spent 25 years in prison for shooting a Connecticut police officer in 1947, and he was sentenced to life in prison for shooting a man to death in Salt Lake City in 1977.

Nash escaped from a prison work crew in October 1982, and a month later, at age 67, he shot and killed a Phoenix coin-shop sales clerk named Greg West. Nash was sentenced to death for that murder.

Nash's attorneys argue that his diminishing competence hampers his ability to communicate on legal matters.

On Friday, a panel of judges at the 9th Circuit ruled that he was entitled to a competence hearing.

The case was remanded to the U.S. District Court in Phoenix

Update 14 Feb 10: The Arizona Department of Corrections reported that Nash died of natural causes today. Nash is no longer the Dean of Death Row. At 94 Nash outlived the hangman but having spent decades on Death Row was no bed of roses.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

TSA Is Keeping Americans At Risk Through Pretend Security

The next terrorist attack at an airport on American soil will happen this way. A suicide bomber with a three large bombs will buy a ticket, not check baggage and find himself in the middle of a screening line with hundreds of travelers. He will have a large backpack and two carryon style suitcases full of enough explosives to destroy the terminal and everyone in it.

As I have said on this blog so may times. We must stop letting people fly on our planes carrying passports of countries that are at odds with the USA. We need to bring back the Fourth Amendment and stop searching Americans, What we really need are trained, armed professional cops profiling passengers from the point they enter any airport for behavior issues.

These poorly trained TSA workers are part of the problem rather than the solution

14 Year-Old Armed Mutant’s Killing Rampage In Another Gun Free Zone

Gun laws, and an all important gun fee zone again made mass murder all to easy for a twisted 14 year-old killer in Cleveland, OH yesterday. When will we learn that these gun prohibitions only affect law-abiding people and not those who rob, rape and murder? Soon we will know just how many feel-good gun laws were broken that enabled Asa Coon’s, two-gun rampage.

Did the school have armed security or police present? Not a chance in yet another city run by gun-rights hating politicians. Had a teacher or security guard been armed this catastrophe could have been prevented or considerably minimized.

Asa Coon wore a Marilyn Manson T-shirt and that was more than enough information that young Asa Coon was headed for trouble. Asa Coon wore dog collars, back trench coats and nail polish. Where were his parents? Have we learned to tolerate and accept any bizarre and anti-social appearance demonstrations by our children? This child was a walking billboard that spelled HELP ME!

Any parent or school that wants to allow kids to dress so outrageously is inviting the other kids to tease, assault and otherwise victimize them. At some point these kids will have a case of full blown, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome from that abuse. Revenge and violence will surly result at some point.

America's schools have a very poor record when it comes to dealing with bully boys. Dealing with the school bully is a constant ugly part of going to school. School fights are always resolved by punishing all participants rather the the student who began an assult. That disposition clearly sends the wrong message to the entire student body.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Phil Spector Case Witnesses Wanted!

I’m looking for neighbors, friends, ex-friends, co-workers and others who have talked with prosecution witnesses in the Phil Spector trial. Judge Larry Paul Fidler has issued a gag order preventing any and all witness from talking about the case. I’m working under information and belief that many of these people have violated the gag order, lied, exaggerated their claims while seeking fame and fortune. There are many people out there that know the truth.

A conviction of Phil Spector would allow Lana Clarkson’s family to take all of Phil Spector’s assets in the pending civil case. How has that impacted the testimony of witnesses in this case?

I suspect that there are also issues within the ranks of the prosecutors, some cops and perhaps court officials to obstruct justice and manipulate evidence and witnesses.

Our system of justice requires that the truth be exposed to insure fair trials. The last trial of record producer Phil Spector was anything but fair.

If you or someone you know has information please forward that to me by clicking on my picture and sending me e-mail. You can also leave a comment that I will read but NOT publish. All replies will be kept confidential.

I will forward all information to the proper people to insure a fair trial for Phil Spector.

Thank you

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Last Man Standing For Phil Spector

That’s how Roger Rosen described his fellow Spector defense lawyer, Christopher Plourd to Judge Larry Paul Fidler as he and the rest of the legal defense team made their exit from further proceedings. Let me not fail to mention that bay area lawyer Dennis Riordan is still on board for the limited capacity of filing various motions. Don’t expect Riordan to make local appearances for Spector in the near future.

The purpose of this mornings proceeding's was to sort out the retrial of the legendary record producer who still faces a murder charge in connection with the mysterious death of Lana Clarkson.

Even Christopher Plourd has no clue what role he will continue to play in this pending case.

The very petite lead prosecutor, Alan Jackson has not bothered to shave since the mistrial. Jackson was looking like he’s back from a week long bender with Jose Cuervo.

Even Judge Fidler recognized that Spector will have a difficult time finding a qualified lawyer with a calendar that is wide open and free for the next full year it will take handle a second trial.

Prosecutor Alan Jackson wants to pick the new jury next week. That’s just not going to happen.

Also in court this morning was Donna Clarkson, Lana Clarkson’s mother. She has been strung along by this dubious prosecution now for four long years. She is the real victim who’s been mislead by both cops and prosecutors about Spector’s involvement in her daughter’s death. I’d like to think she’s not motivated by greed to loot Spector’s estate. She seems ever so lonely but maintains a veil of dignity. I know she’d like to scream at Spector, his lawyers and those jurors that refused to convict. Mrs. Clarkson has demonstrated strong character by her very proper behavior. I wish she somehow could have intervened in her daughter’s suffering while she was still alive.

Donna Clarkson would probably hate me and my blog but I wish I could somehow take the hurt away from her. Donna Clarkson lost her precious and troubled daughter. Lana Clarkson was every bit of the star she wanted to be in her mother’s eyes. The most natural thing for this mother is to assign blame and seek justice for what she believed to be a murder. There is no cure for this grieving mother’s sorrow.

When this morning’s hearing was over both Rosen and Plourd tried to answer every reporter’s questions once they left the courtroom. I can’t imagine what emotional journeys these lawyers are going through right now. They given three or more years of their lives to this effort they won’t get back.

We will just have to wait and see just who will sign on to this case for the defense. The new trial will be very different and at this point totally unpredictable. Of course a second trial is never a sure thing since here are issues that may prevent that from happening. Again, if there is a second trial let’s hope it’s fair and brings a fair disposition.

Some fine lawyer choices for Phil Spector:
Roy Black (FL), Gerald Schwartzback (CA), Richard Kibby (FL), Richard Gierloff (AZ),

007 Girl Lois Maxwell Dead At 80

Of all the James Bond movies I’ve seen there are two bond girls that stand out in my mind as the most fun. There was the incredibly sexy Honor Blackman who played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger and then of course Lois Maxwell who rocked in 14 Bond films as the flirtatious secretary, Miss Moneypenny. Maxwell in her 40s and 50s could always hold her own as well as any sexy Bond babe half her age. Maxwell, a Canadian born actress has died of cancer on Sunday in London.

The shock I have to get over is that Maxwell was somehow already 80 years old! My thinking was that she was never a day older that she was in her last Bond film in 1985. I will never get used to death and dying because it seems so unfair. I guess we have to accept that we’re all in this together and none of us are getting out alive.

Here is Honor Blackman in 1964 and the present. She looks great for 80!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Phil Spector Needs Time To Obtain A New Lawyer.

At least that’s what I predict. It’s very difficult to find a qualified lawyer to take over a murder trial that may take as long as seven months from the point of picking a jury. The better the lawyer, the busier he or she will be. Finding someone qualified with the time to prepare and try the case will be difficult at best. Judge Fidler is Hell-bent on taking advantage of Spector’s difficult position forcing him to trial even before he’s found new counsel.

The chances of one or more new lawyers filing a Notice Of Appearance in court Wednesday morning are zero. It’s only reasonable to assume the current legal team has made commitments to their other clients expecting the Spector case would have been over by now. Will Judge Fidler destroy Phil Spector’s right to legal counsel under the Sixth Amendment of our Constitution?

CA vs Spector is no case for an amateur criminal defense lawyer. This is a complex case that will make huge intellectual demands requiring the lawyer to be part scientist. Criminal law becomes more difficult for lawyers to practice every year with so many new ways to examine and evaluate physical evidence. Even the lawyers that want to take this case can't dump their other clients to handle this trial with out getting serious bar association complaints.

The prosecutors can whine about delays all they want but let’s remember it took a year before they could find a Grand Jury that would even indict Phil Spector for murder. You can’t blame Spector for that.

California’s Investigative Consultants Are Raking In The Cash!

I’ve learned some amazing facts about the California Private Investigator Examination. Of the people that can qualify to even take the test 85% fail the examination. Who are these failed applicants you ask? A high percentage of them are retired federal, state and local law enforcement officers including FBI agents! Many try to take the test again and still fail.

Having taken and passed the test I can say It was not a logical test and there were a few questions with more than one right answer. I have always had a gift for test taking and was disappointed to find out that the tests are only scored as pass or fail. I wanted to know what my score was and will never know.

These PI license applicants need not fear flunking the test because these guys simply set up shop as “Investigative Consultants” and rake in cash to do what they’re not licensed to do. The public and lawyers use these guys because they assume that they are somehow qualified. These rogue operators make excuses for their inability to get a license by simply saying they're retired law enforcement and don’t need a license. That kind of statement is just not true.

For every real licensed private investigator there are at least eight Investigative consultants working without a proper license who just can’t pass the test. Do you really need an unlicensed PI?

Monday, October 01, 2007

Surveillance Society And The Next Step.

Surveillance cameras are everywhere these days but our friends across the Atlantic have led the way with unleashing Big Brother technology on their citizens. They have recently admitted that their cameras may record the actual crime but thousands of criminals escape detection simply because nobody is able to identify the perpetrators. The Brits are working overtime to find out ways to improve their ever growing crime problem that’s been fed by draconian gun bans that provided better working conditions for muggers, rapists and killers. We seems to follow every British trend since the day that the Beatles landed in New York.

What is the next step you ask? Why the National ID Card will soon roll out complete with RFID technology alerting every camera with the personal data of those within the cameras range. Of course this too will fail too as criminals make sure their ID cards are not in their pockets while doing their deeds. The fun part of this technology will be in the form of fines people will have to pay when police on patrol using sensors discover people without the mandated cards. What a great new source for revenue! Of course this will also fail and then governments will next try implants on their citizens similar to those used to locate lost pets.

American ID cards began with the first driver’s licenses and until about 30 years ago they did not contain photographs. Before driver’s licenses Americans simply used the cards that came with every wallet sold to neatly print their names, addresses and other personal information. Stores gave credit to their local trustworthy customers. In those days you’d never find an avalanche of credit card offers in your mailbox. Americans soon traded their privacy for credit convenience and now demand to wear the mark of Cain. As Karl Malden would say, “ Don’t leave home without it!”

Earlier wallets contained a place to store money and another place to keep a few family snapshots. There were no credit cards so slots for them were not needed. Identification was nothing more than the information to help honest people finding the wallets return them to their rightful owners.

Do you call this inevitable evolution of security measures far fetched? Liberty loss in any country can best be described as incremental as citizens are led to believe that the additional measures are necessary and only people up to no good would object.

We all lose a little liberty in the name of security as each day passes. Folks it’s really coming and as that Unabom fellow they called a mad genius, Theodore Kaczynski warnned us in his manifesto, it won’t be pretty.

Americans have gotten by just fine for the first 200 years without wholesale privacy abuse and it seems the more privacy and liberty we surrender the higher the crime rate climbs.

Governments have a history of plundering from and then murdering their own citizens. Sooner or latter every good government goes bad. Will Theodore Kaczynski someday say, “I told you so!”

African Genocide, Torture, Mayhem, Gun Control And The United Nations

The call made by many today is for genocide intervention in Darfur, Africa. Darfur is only an example of a much larger problem of what happens when governments have onerous and effective gun control laws. Of course rogue governments are far more successful when they have unlimited powers to search the homes of civilians in order to disarm them.

Constant, wholesale slaughter and genocide has been a reality in Africa. Many hundreds of millions of Africans have been tortured and murdered, too often by or with the help of their own governments.

If all African citizens had firearms this kind of carnage would be impossible to carry out. The Liberal American approach to bring an end to the wholesale murder in Africa is to involve United Nations and American troops. Who pays for that kind of intervention and with how many American lives? Doesn’t sending arms and a few advisors to teach vulnerable Africans who to use them in order to survive make a lot more sense?

Groups like the Genocide Intervention Network just don’t get the concept that arming the entire population of a country saves lives. The majority of the human races are good folks trying to survive and raise their families. Genocide is always the work of a well-armed minority of evil people who intimidate, control and murder as a way to gain riches and absolute power. Can folks like Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin really carry out their murderous agendas against well-armed populations?

Right now the United Nations is trying hard to bring about GLOBAL GUN CONTROL. Under this effort only governments will have firearms. Let’s all ask some questions. What’s the real motive and intent of the United Nations? Are the folks at the UN simply misguided and dumb or do they have really dark motives to take away the ability of people to protect themselves? Are governments somehow more humane and trustworthy than the civilians they control? Can we trust the United Nations where the majority of its members despise the American style of Liberty and a free market?

What’s both heartbreaking and laughable is how the gun-ban lobby always uses select statistics from other countries like Japan that banned civilian ownership of firearms for propaganda purposes. The same disingenuous lobby ignores the hundreds of millions murdered by their own governments across Asia, Africa and Europe where gun control efforts are even more successful. I say stop them before they kill more.