Thursday, February 22, 2024

All Party Consent Laws to Record Conversations Only Protects Extortionists!

Phoenix, AZ—The Arizona Legislature is considering a bill to make recording conversations telephonic or otherwise without the consent of all parties a felony crime.  

One thing for sure is that there are no legitimate harmed victims of these types of recordings. However, these types of recordings have often saved people from wrongful criminal conviction, civil judgments and destroyed careers. 


Several states have adopted this kind of a law which only protects criminals.  How so you ask?  It is quite simple. A crooked politician or bureaucrat or their co-conspirator/s tells a person with a problem that they can be helped, but of course they first must make the appropriate “contribution”.  Of course common street criminals simply say, pay or die!


If you must first obtain permission to record a conversation from law enforcement it’s often much too late to obtain a repeat of the extortion demands.  


Actually, “One Party Consent” recordings exposed several members of the Arizona legislature in the 1989 “AZ-Scam” scandal. Politicians shamefully demanded money to help an undercover operative establish legalized gambling in Arizona. The recordings made were laughable, humiliating and downright disgusting.  Most importantly the guilty ones were adequately exposed and punished.


The intent of this current legislation is to prevent any outlawed recordings to be used in a court of law. This is EXACTLY WHERE THESE KINDS OF RECORDINGS BELONG. They are proof of what was said and what happened. 

So far, efforts to use artificial intelligence or in any way doctor such recordings are easily thwarted by sound technology experts.  When you have actual recordings in court, swearing contests end as solid evidence emerges. Why must our triers of fact be forced to guess who is telling the truth? 


I absolutely challenge anyone who supports this kind of legislation to provide even a single anecdotal example of how someone was improperly damaged by such a recording.  


As a lobbyist for the Arizona association of licensed private investigators during this AZ-Scam period, I too found myself shaken down by a convicted Arizona House member.  Bobby Raymond told me that, “If your private investigators want my help, you better start treating me like I’m alive like all the other smarter lobbying groups.  You’ve not sent me a single dime.”  We had no money to give Representative Raymond, so that was out of the question. 


As for myself and my colleagues, both in the private investigation business and TV news investigative I-teams have redundantly exposed extortion via one party consent recordings. 


I have gotten people out of jail, saved professional careers and have exposed perjury using such recordings in Arizona. 


Don’t let Arizona politicians pass the Extortionist Protection Act, House Bill 2038.  





Friday, February 02, 2024

Christina Pascucci’s California Senate Campaign is on Life Support.

Los Angeles, CA— Former TV news reporter and anchor, Christina Pascucci made a bold primary election run to fill the Senate seat of Dianne Feinstein.  She walked away from an anchoring job with the local LA Fox affiliate giving short notice in order to run for the Senate.

Her campaign centered around her previous reporting on the very problems plaguing California.  Of course, as a reporter she was precluded from suggesting solutions but was required to simply report the facts.  For the most part, Pascucci’s campaign didn’t offer any real solutions, only suggesting she would somehow do things differently as a centrist Democrat.  

She took a mean spirited blow from the Secretary of State that refused to publish her occupation on the ballot.  Although she is well known in Los Angeles, people outside the local News viewing area are unfamiliar with her name.  

The sad news is Pascucci was unable to garner beyond a single digit percentage in recent polls.   The Left Wing, Russiagate instigator, Adam Schiff seems to be the current front runner.  

Let me say that Pascucci carries no political corruption baggage and unlike the other two, has displayed a squeaky clean image.   I had really hoped that she would’ve offered some real solutions to the Democrat created crime and current humanitarian crisis.

I don’t know what’s ahead for Pascucci.  I expect her leaving her anchoring job with such short notice will make it difficult for her to return to TV news.  Pascucci is about to become a mother and that will keep her busy for a while.

Pascucci has much more to offer this world and I’m sure whatever she decides to do will bring success.  I sincerely hope she will not disappear into mediocrity.  

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Sex sells, just ask Michael Lacy founder of The New Times.

Phoenix, Arizona – – The prosecution began nearly six years ago and has still never ended.  The fall from Grace, was beyond epic for two self-made multimillionaire editors, Michael Lacy and the late, James Larkin.

The pair were founders of The Phoenix New Times and it’s 17 sister publication around the country.  The publications were legendary for their long form print articles that exposed political, police or government corruption and made lots of journalistic waves.  

The Press awards the pair collected were indeed in the thousands. Of course, they made enemies along the way like the late Senator, John McCain, and his wife, Cindy, who was a convicted of stealing narcotics from her non-profit organization to feed her addiction. 

The New Times ran story after story, exposing serious corruption within the Phoenix Police Department, Maricopa County Sheriff, Maricopa County Attorney and the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  

On the back page of their publication were the ads.  The World Wide Web soon hosted those ads that were somewhat sexually suggestive in character, but were carefully crafted to avoid the elements of prostitution crimes. 

Technology and the internet came along and changed everything.  The world’s oldest profession is practiced by people of all ages, sexes and perversions.When it comes to the sex trade, unfortunately the pimps, madams and sex traffickers invite themselves into the profits.   There are victims in that children are no small part of the sex trade.  Adults make their own decisions on what they are willing to do to pay their rent and put food on their tables. 

The First Amendment to our constitution, generally protects publishers and writers.  However, there are a load of ambiguous, vague and complicated legal decisions that limit the constitutional protections.  

New Times, founders, Michael Lacey, and James Larkin, followed the success of, Craig’s List to get on the profits by letting anyone and everyone post their ads on Back Page. 

The conventional wisdom seemed to provide a path to publish the carefully crafted ads avoiding any direct message that sex could be purchased with cash.  That to most people would indicate running the ads seemed legal. If there was to be a crime, it would occur later between the customer and the advertiser after they met.  Seems simple enough, right? 

In the end it all depends upon the appointed Moral Authorities, and their personal, religious and what their government raw powers dictate.

Does any prosecution also involve the government officials that were exposed by Lacy and Larkins publications? Personally, I can’t see a stronger motive to destroy the powerful New Times publications. The entire prosecution reeks of revenge for the accused pair’s exposing corruption.

In April 2018, a swarm of federal agents, raided the homes and offices of both Lacey and Larkin.  An indictment followed, charging them with at least 100 offenses related to the suggestion that Back Page was nothing more than a sex trafficking tool and cash cow.

Lacy and Larkin faced hundreds of years in prison.  They were released on $1 million bail each and forced to wear ankle monitors.  

They were eventually tried, but jurors were unable reach a verdict.  So the government geared up to try them again. James Larkin eventually folded into the disease of depression, and shot himself to death.  Michael Lacy chose to continue the fight. He was only convicted in the second trial of a single count involving supposed money laundering. Left hanging were 98 counts where the second jury could not reach a verdict.

The single count conviction carries with it a 20-year prison sentence.  Since Lacey is now 75 years-old It is unlikely he may ever see freedom again. Lacey has not yet been sentenced, nor have the post trial motions been adjudicated.  The question of retrial on the 98 counts is still an option, being weighed by prosecutors. 

This prosecution cost taxpayer many millions of dollars and the defense costs were also record setting.  In the nearly six years that have past, the Michael Lacey of today can only be a shell of the man he once was. 

My thoughts are that it is time to end this mess without further punishment or wasted funds.  Back Page is long out of business.  The reality is that the involved sex workers have found other sources of advertising and are still selling their bodies doing business as usual.  The world’s oldest profession continues on non-stop despite the best efforts of the, Moral Authorities. 

Mysteriously gone today, are any meaningful investigative press  reports of government crime, or corruption.  I guess the news organizations have learned a lot from Lacy and Larkin.

Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Christina Pascucci is running for the California Senate to replace Dianne Feinstein but she refuses to take a single position

Los Angeles, CA— Former television news reporter, Christina Pascucci is running her campaign to replace the late Dianne Feinstein.  Pascucci has a pleasing appearance, voice, and speaking ability.  After all she is accomplished, TV, news reporter.  Apparently she’s running on that alone.  

So far, Pascucci’s platform has been to tell us to California has problems, and she intends to fix them. But that is exactly where it all ends.  She refuses to tell us just how she’s going to fix them and how much it’s going to cost us.

She is not taking a position dealing with the illegal immigration invasion. She won’t tell us how she intends to deal with mental illness, homelessness, crime, gun rights, and for that matter any issue at all.

It appears that Christina is running on her smile and we’re supposed to believe that she is going to do all the right things. She says she’s a Democrat.  But is she an insane crazy left-winger or is she a conservative Democrat. 

I’m sorry,  I just can’t find a single reason to vote for her. I’m looking for a somewhat conservative Democrat.  Is she crazy like our Governor Gavin Newsom Or the other worthless Democrats that are holding office despite their persistent and massive failures?  

Christina, you should at least show enough courage to tell us how you will  handle the of the job of United States Senator.   Hiding behind your smile, it’s not cutting it, please tell us who you are.


Pascucci has responded to me personally about this article I wrote. She’s not happy with it and I can understand that.  She tells me that she has posted material on her positions, but I have just not been blessed with seeing them.  I have asked her for links, and perhaps she will send some and I will update further.

What she has called positions are rather vague. For example, her position on gun control is her trap sport shooting & Seeming to enjoy it, but that doesn’t tell us what she feels about concealed weapons requirements for permission, slip permits, or the so-called assault, rifles, and magazines.  She must support the second amendment or not. If she wants to change the second amendment to eliminate certain gun rights, we need to know that too..

This wasn’t intended to be a hit piece but just a way to learn about her solutions.  Whatever her solutions are, whether I agree with them or not I want to thank her for her personal response during this incredibly busy time for her.

Friday, December 29, 2023

The presidential election of 2020 was nothing less than a bloodless Communist, coup d'é·tat.

Washington, DC—Because of the China virus, the normal minimal safeguards for election integrity were taken down by unprecedented mail-in ballots.  The normal safeguards to prevent fraud were removed along with any meaningful transparency.  

Unfortunately, the heaviest fraud was in the blue and swing states.  Since their local Leftist judges refused any and all efforts to allow transparency such as ballot inspection the election tampering was successfully covered up.  

Was it a Communist coup d'é·tat you ask?  All you have to do is look at the installed, communist puppet and his treasonous policies.  The most egregious act that allowed many millions of unvetted and economically motivated illegal aliens to enter our nation.  These people when given the ability to vote like they have in New York City, will only vote for the politicians offering of free housing, EBT cards, Obama phones and medical care.  They’ve now allowed illegal aliens to become cops giving more military strength to the Communist conspirators.

We all know from history, that Communism can only survive with a huge ignorant, poor and easily manipulated population.   That has been fully accomplished. 

The installed China puppet has been free to mandate whatever his coup conspirators dictated.  Virtually every act by the dictated be puppet’s handlers has bankrupted and weakened America, allowing for a total Communist takeover.  Every appointed military general is easily corrupted by the Communists appointing them.

The January 6 patriots simply wanted transparency in the 2020 election and pushed back when that was not forthcoming.  

Our country is a serious crossroads. Any election that mirrors 2020’s mischief will and should be met with a very bloody Civil War.  

Our elections must be free from fraud and totally transparent.  The lack of any legitimate identification requirements and signature matching, facilitated by mail-in or drop off ballots must be ended.  The China virus created “election rules” must end now.

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Government Control


Los Angeles--Artificial intelligence is here to stay, like it or not. This incredibly powerful tool obviously can outthink any human and solve essentially any problems at all.  I reasonably suspect that diseases like diabetes, cancer and ageing will eventually be cured by this exciting new technology.


Artificial intelligence has the potential to make anybody a lawyer physician, accountant or virtually any occupation if they know how to use its powerful tools.  


Frankly many of our politicians are absolutely terrified because of the power it will give to, we the people that they may have serious difficulty controlling.  I suspect that the politicians want to frighten everyone into surrendering control of this amazing tool to them exclusively.


We don't yet know all the potential of artificial intelligence by a long shot. I fully expect to Continue to be amazed in the next decade. 


Artificial intelligence may prove to be more powerful than even the Second Amendment for Americans to use defending themselves from the government.


The only logical thing for Americans to do is to stop all attempts to let the government control Who can use or access artificial intelligence.  We know we cannot trust government and in fact you can research it by simply getting the question answered of what percentage of governments on earth become repressive, evil and incredibly corrupt. I think the answer is 100% if you look at the history books.

Monday, November 20, 2023

LA County Sheriff Robert Luna is a Classless Thug

 Los Angeles, CA—It was anyone’s worst nightmare.  Vince Ricci arrived home to be attacked by two armed intruders Hell bent on a home invasion.  Ricci had previously qualified for a carry permit by completing all of the strict and patently unconstitutional hurdles designed to keep him unarmed by actually getting the carry permit.  

Within milliseconds the attackers rushed Ricci and  pointed their guns at at him but Ricci quickly drew his own gun and began furiously fighting for his and his family’s lives.  Ricci fired shots and the cowardly gunmen quickly retreated.  Nobody was physically injured.  Ricci acted in lawful self-defense.  As for the two thugs they escaped and will remain free until they get caught doing this to some other hapless victim. 

The incident was caught on surveillance video so we need not guess how this violent crime went down.  You can imagine the immediate emotional state Ricci was going through after such a traumatic event.  The Sheriff’s reaction was to suspend/revoke Ricci’s gun permit!  

Now Sheriff Luna responds that Ricci can reapply for a permit and of course go through all the steps as he waits months for a reapproval that may or may not come.  

Luna should be sued for violating Ricci’s Civil Rights including the denial for Fifth Amendment Due Process for not proving a hearing for Ricci on the matter.

In the meantime Lunatic Luna has strongly and vindictively advertised to the would be home invaders that Ricci and his family can be murdered now without resistance.  Luna has purposely placed these innocent lives is serious danger.  Luna’s malicious conduct here is beyond disgusting, despicable and reprehensible.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

SHOT Show 2024 Reminder SHOT Show 2024 Reminder

Yes, the SHOT Show will be coming once again to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  There will be Miles of aisles loaded with the latest and greatest firearms, hunting gear and outdoor equipment of every description. 

The real emphasis on firearms is changing rapidly, where every gun is a work of art.  From the design of the metal to the grips it’s going to be beautiful.  No, it’s not to heyday of the 70s with lots of engravers.  Things are changing and a lot of the new firearm art is computer generated and or laser engraved.  Color is everywhere now and the amazing new finishes on firearms  are bold and exciting.

If you’re in the industry, come join us in Las Vegas.  If you’re just consumer, don’t fret, there will be lots of videos all over YouTube including ours! 

Industry Day At The Range.  This is a select portion of the shot show where we will be out of the range, shooting the latest firearm offerings.  We will share that experience with our viewers!  

Monday, November 13, 2023

Did the Israel/Hamas War instigate a homicide in Thousand, Oaks, CA? Congressional candidate Bruce Boyer is investigating.

Thousand Oaks, CA—Paul Kessler, 69 was with others peacefully protesting the incredibly depraved October 7th Hamas attack on unarmed civilians that took, 1,400 innocent lives in Israel. Kessler was carrying an Israeli flag and was allegedly killed by a pro-Palestinian activist, Loay Alnaji, 50 who teaches computer science at Ventura County Community College.   

According to witness, Jonathan Oswaks,  Alnaji and others were conducting surveillance on Kessler.  He further said that upwards of 40 adult, pro-Palestinian men allegedly surrounded Kessler while Alnaji struck the elderly, Paul Kessler in the head with a heavy megaphone.  The presence of the other men made it difficult for Israeli demonstrators to see the attack.  As a direct result of the blow, Kessler fell striking his head on the sidewalk.  Kessler died a few hours later at a local hospital.  

The matter is currently under investigation by the Ventura County Sheriffs Department, and the Ventura County District Attorney.  Officials said that both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian groups gave conflicting accounts of the incident.

Sheriff’s investigators obtained and served a search warrant on Alnaji’s home seizing his electronic devices and other evidence. They’re obviously looking for communications between Alnaji and others to determine if there was any planning or collusion.  

Republican District 26 Congressional Candidate, Bruce Boyer has taken on his own investigation of the attack.  The FBI has given specific warnings for us to expect Hamas sympathetic terrorist acts on our soil and Boyer wants to know if this crime related to that warning. 

The key questions Boyer said that need answers are, was this a criminal homicide that included a Hate Crime and felony Elder Abuse? 

Boyer said he’s preparing for Congress as a proactive lawmaker with his finger always on the pulse of District 26. He feels must stay informed to properly tend to the needs of the voters.  

Boyer interviewed kessler’s companion, Jonathan Oswaks and here is that unedited interview. 

On November 16, Loay Alnaji, of Moorpark, was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 69-year-old Paul Kessler. Alnaji's bail will be set at $1 million, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. No mention was about a hate crime or elder abuse charges.