Friday, December 02, 2022

Were the University of Idaho student murders the act of a Charles Manson style cult?

Moscow, Idaho-The shocking November 13 stabbing death of four students here has a familiar ring to me.  It’s the Southern California murders by the Charles Manson Cult some 53 years ago that were equally as depraved and gruesome.  Is there another cult out there with deranged followers behind this? 

I think everyone seems convinced that there was only one killer involved.  However, is there any evidence that supports a one killer scenario? 

One thing for sure and that’s the killer/s are still at large and conceivably planing the next crime.  Cops called this a targeted attack.  However that assumption must come with suspects and motivation behind this brutal slaughter.  Police apparently are nowhere near solving this horror show. 

My thoughts are that this police “targeted” theory is only an effort to prevent the gun buying panic that happened  after the Manson crimes and before their apprehensions.  Also frightened parents pulling their kids out of that school was and is no small concern. 

Nobody but me has suggested that a group of killers were involved.  That would indeed be rare but certainly possible considering the efficiency of the massacre. 

There is good news in this because as in all cases involving multiple criminals things unravel.  That’s because someone usually begins talking betraying his or her comrades.  

If anyone has information they are waiting for the call at 208-883-7180

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The Media Canonization of A Predatory Mutant Monster


The Media Canonization of A Predatory Mutant Monster


The Nazi Minister of Propaganda and Enlightenment, Josef Goebbels, said it best, if you tell a lie often enough it will become the truth.  Most of us laugh that off thinking we are above that kind of influence.  Advertisers, journalists and experienced politicians all know this is a fact.


George Floyd was a bully, armed robber, police fighter and general monster.  He used a gun pointed to a pregnant woman’s stomach as he put his hands inside the woman's bra forcibly taking the $800.00, she had to pay her rent.  


Who could possibly think of a more cowardly act than that vicious crime committed by this very large, muscular ape like thug?


Floyd was a drug addict, with a history of abusing every illicit drug available including the very deadly fentanyl.


Floyd used a poorly made counterfeit $20 bill to make a purchase at a local store. The manager did not take kindly to this deceptive crime and called the police. Arriving to the scene were four cops including Derrick Chauvin.  


The officers conducted a quick investigation and had probable cause to arrest Floyd who was on probation and knew he’d be going back to prison.  Floyd knew that if he could break away, he might be able to hide out for a while and continue with his drug addiction.


Officer Chauvin and the three other rookie cops began to take Floyd into custody however Floyd would have none of it and fought vigorously complaining that he could not breathe and that he was claustrophobic.  Those were both absolute lies because Floyd was simply being removed from one automobile to another and it is impossible to talk if your oxygen is cut off.  After much fighting the officers were finally able to get their handcuffs on Floyd but they still couldn't get him into the police vehicle, and he wound up on the ground. Floyd was every bit a serious threat to the safety and lives of the officers.  While Floyd was on the ground, he had to be kept still and officer chauvin put his knee on the shoulders and head of Floyd. Floyd had calmed down, but was he playing possum?


While this was going on a small mob of Passersby began to yell and insult the police. Not only did the officers have to worry about Floyd but the possible imminent assault by people interfering with the arrest.  They called for an ambulance and Chauvin continued to hold Floyd down four some nine minutes.  and he died in connection with his highly toxic fentanyl and affixation.


One could certainly blame George Floyd for his own death and there was an additional person involved by the name of Charles Darwin.  George Floyd was a classic example of a human that was unfit to live.


Soon the shrill voices of the race baiters like the Reverend, Al Sharpton and that bottom feeding lawyer, Benjamin Crump.  The race card was in full play and the media begin to demonize the police and at the same time canonizing George Floyd as a Saint.  


As unbelievable as it sounds George Floyd was given a solid gold coffin, three separate televised funerals fit for royalty and soon memorial murals appeared all over the United States bearing Saint George Floyd who is now the patron Saint of Fentanyl.  


I'm sure soon they will be naming schools and streets after this despicable creature.  George Floyd should be the last person that any child should look up to as a hero or civil rights icon.


In the year that it took to try officer chauvin and the three other rookie cops the media screamed over and over that George Floyd was a victim who died at the hands of brutal cops that deliberately murdered him.  They used every buzzword they could and redundantly sang the misleading chorus with that infamous, nine-minute line.  


The Fake News Media had completely succeeded in brainwashing most of our population, the jury and anyone within earshot with the lie claiming George Floyd was murdered by police.  In the end it was obvious that Josef Goebbels was correct in his assessment about repeated lies. 



Sunday, January 09, 2022

Don’t look Now But the F-Bomb has Become a Mainstream Word!

Los Angeles, CA-- It was once a non-word until it became officially a simple but vulgar noun.  It was basically the act of human courting process for pleasure and or procreation. The activity is not evil and almost always associated with love.

Polite people never used that word.  In my Catholic upbringing simple use of the word was considered a Mortal Sin!  Millions of children have had their mouths washed out with soap by concerned parents trying to discourage such language. 

The Federal Communications Commission is still quick to punish broadcasters for using the F-Bomb and six other “dirty words”.

Times have changed and the pejorative F-Bomb is no longer just a noun, it is more often used today as an agitative!  It’s used to describe something as distasteful.  The word is also used in a variety of crazy applications.

Today even polite people blurt out an F-Bomb or two at least occasionally out of sheer frustration. 

This nasty word is used today in normal conversations and nearly as often by women as men.  I was most surprised when I was drafted into television news to hear the beauty queen, news anchors and reporters with the big hair freely dropping the F-Bomb on an un-lady like, regular basis. 

These news people are hired specifically because of their linguistic creativity and extensive vocabularies.  We always heard that people who swear have a limited vocabulary. Apparently that was all a lie! 

Webster finally put the F bomb into the dictionary but only as a noun, so far: fuck noun

Definition of fuck:

1 usually obscene : an act of copulation

2 usually obscene : a sexual partner

3 usually vulgar : DAMN sense

usually vulgar —used especially with the as a meaningless intensive what the fuck do they want from me

4 usually vulgar : FUCKER

The late comedian George Carlin, Had a lot of fun in using those seven prohibited words in his routine.  The seven dirty and FCC prohibited words that Carlin first listed in his 1972 "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” Monologue.  These words, in the order Carlin listed them, are: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits.

I can also remember in the 1960’s when the late comedian Lenny Bruce had a special audience when he appeared at Chicago’s,  Gate of Horn nightclub on Rush Street.  It was several members of the Chicago Police vice squad. The cops sat and waited for Bruce to drop the F-Bomb and then they proceeded to shut down the show and take Bruce into custody for public obscenity.

I say let’s stop pretending and just accept the reality Fuck is here to stay.  

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Sitting in Jail for Doing a Public Service Really Sucks!



You’re happy that the horrible Orange Man, was defeated and deposed to the political scrap heap.  You watched your favorite politicians ridicule and openly show their vile hatred for this mean tweeting, has been.  Most of all you believe that the China-Virus crisis was somehow mishandled by that arrogant pussy grabber with the funny blond hair.

Now you’ve really been vindicated, facilitated, enabled and finally empowered to help those politicians you love the most.  Especially your most popular and legitimate (incontinent)President in history.  


Every news organization you watch has redundantly told you that the wearing of cloth masks, vaccinations and abject social deprivation will make the pandemic go away.  So now you feel the need to report to duty as the MASK POLICE!  


That’s right you’ve been appointed to enforce the mandates your favorite politicians have dictated!  You now have the power to tell all those mask scofflaws to mask up!  The law is now on your side and your handy cellphone is ready to speed dial 911.  You know the cops will come to your aid with lights and sirens blazing away. You are now the hero that’s on the side of right out saving the world! 


The sad reality is you’ve only become a useful idiot for the forces of Dr. Fauci and his Chinese Communist friends that unleashed this weaponized and rapidly mutating virus on the world. The TV news propaganda has turned you into a delusional fool.  


The reality is street cops are overwhelmingly, political conservatives that hate the mask mandates more than anyone.  The cops will look for any excuse to put you in handcuffs, if you’re lucky.  If you’re unlucky you’ll approach some dangerous parolee, and he will simply send you off to the hospital or even the local morgue.  


The truth is most people have reached their mask wearing saturation point long ago and simply do what they please, including myself.


I have asked every physician that I know which is nearly a dozen the same question, “Is there really a scientific basis for the masks?”  They, to a one, look away from me and say some think they work”.


They all immediately disavow the silly cloth masks as useless.   They readily admit they are forced to wear them by the hospital administrators. Some have said that those expensive respirators do however show some promise. 


The only truth to this entire pandemic is that the large pharmaceutical companies have made ungodly profits with vaccines developed at “warp speed” that apparently don’t work.  That, and the politicians pushing all the mandates are furiously printing and spending money that’s backed with nothing.  

Thursday, December 16, 2021

The Kim Potter Crucifixion

Brooklyn Center MNPolice officer, Kim Potter was a respected cop for 26 years.  Apparently she was an officer that very rarely used her police equipment, specifically guns and tasers.  She had no history of excessive force whatsoever. 

The dead thug, Daunte Wight on the other hand had a substantial criminal history that included flight, failure to appear in court and violence against police.  The judge has precluded that very important evidence from being published to the jury.  

Looking at the very poor condition of Potter’s utility belt to me it’s obvious she didn’t consider her weapons nearly as important than her verbal skills to defuse violent confrontations. 

Suddenly when this wanted suspect pushed Potter aside and jumped in to his car in an effort to flee and simultaneously endanger her and fellow officers he was shot and killed. 

This is really more about, Charles Darwin and not about excessive police force. 

Kim potter chose mentally to use less than lethal force on that suspect.  In the very split seconds she drew her gun instead of the taser screaming the word taser three times as she was taught. However she had her Glock 9 mm in her hand fired one shot and was horrified to find out she did not have her taser in her hand.  

The extremely corrupt and woke politicians then sought to crucify Officer Potter with a malicious Indictment simply to satisfy BLM and ANTIFA terrorists.  

This was number one, accidental but number two at the same time it was a justifiable homicide. This woman should’ve never been charged with a crime and I believe she deserves to keep her job. It is so obvious that she suffered greatly from the very beginning until the present. As for the dead thug his history and his own criminal conduct is what killed him.  We shed far too may tears these days on un-redeemable thugs rather than their intended victims. 

Apparently forgotten in this attempted crucifixion by defense lawyers is that both the taser and that Glock pistol are fired using a trigger and an index finger.  That actually makes understanding this as an accident and not a crime much easier! 

Cops don’t look at what’s in their hands at such a close distance, instead they are watching their suspect and his hands. This is not the first time this kind of accident has happened. Perhaps it would be a better design if tasers were triggered perhaps by a thumb rather than an index finger. It might save a few lives along the way.

I hope that The jury understands and gives this woman the benefit of the doubt and that is indeed a reasonable doubt.  This should be a not guilty verdict.  

It is my understanding that Officer Potter resigned however apparently the department was not willing to except her resignation so she may have a rare opportunity to return to work.  Of course she is eligible to receive her pension so she can simply retire and move on to a second career or simply enjoy her remaining years.

Thursday, December 09, 2021

The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers.

The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers.


Phoenix, AZ--William Shakespeare’s famous quote from Henry VI may have been intended as a joke when he scripted, Dick the Butcher’s famous line.  I must confess; however, today I feel a certain ring of understanding as to what that quote was about. 


I’ve been told often that I must write a book.  I have had an amazing career as a cop, private investigator and a TV journalist who received, on the job journalism training. I’ve written a couple of screenplays that have gone nowhere.  Perhaps because I’ve written them to myself as an audience. This time it will be different, and there will be a book!


It all began in early December in 1989.  I was just conscripted to help the then CBS-TV affiliate (now FOX) in Phoenix, Arizona as a freelance investigative producer.  I was assigned to my first big story.  


Two men and one women were arrested for killing that women’s four year-old son, Christopher Milke.  Producer, Jim Lemay called and asked me to go to the jail and interview the woman, Debra Milke who was the mother of the dead child.  I used a hidden tape recorder and interviewed her in the intake section of the Madison Street jail known as the Horseshoe.  


Milke was shocked and angered when I asked her, if she told the police that she was involved in the death of her son.  Milke’s denial was strong and emotional as she stared into my eyes.  There was a complete absence of any ambiguity. 


I learned some four days later that the lead homicide detective, Armando Saldate claimed in a report that Milke had confessed to him just hours before I interviewed her.  Milke had no conversations with anybody but cops until my interview.  That report had a foul odor to it and I believed that Saldate  pulled that confession, right out of his ass.


Because of a 25 year odyssey of horrific legal malpractice, Debra Milke wound up on death row in solitary confinement waiting for her turn to die in the gas chamber.


The Court appointed a lawyer, Kenneth Ray who had only limited DUI experience to defend this woman in this high profile capital case. He had the assistance of a private investigator with limited experience because he came from the ranks of the Drug Enforcement Administration. They just don't do homicides.


Ray admittedly blundered his way through the trial.  He had a tough job ahead but none of the tools that he needed.  It was a recipe for disaster and injustice.


Detective Saldate did a great job of poisoning the media along with Milke’s father, mother and sister against her with a narrative he knew were filled with lies.  Milke was suddenly estranged from her mother for the next 10 years.  


Finally Milke’s divorced and remarried mother, Renata Janka got wise and became her daughter’s best defender.  The mother managed to rase thousands of dollars and hired a somewhat respectable lawyer, Anders Rosenquist


Rosenquist was put on notice by me about some serious phony evidence submitted to the jury by the prosecutor.   This when I was asked to produce a follow up news story that was reported this time by, Mike Watkiss with KTVK-TV.  I learned that information from a juror that told me they were split 50/50 for acquittal until they found the phony evidence in the pile they were to examine. Suddenly the vote was unanimous, guilty on all charges.


Rosenquist dropped the ball big time by failing to do adequate legal research.  Not to worry because Rosenquist was dumped and replaced by the esteemed criminal lawyer, Michael Kimerer.  


What could possibly go wrong now?  Kimerer went forward and litigated Mikle’s appeal for another13 years.  finally at the stage of a habeas hearing before Judge Robert C Broomfield in federal court I was subpoenaed to testify.  I was specifically asked about my conversations with Milke in regards to the TV news stories that I did.  I was not asked however about the phony evidence slipped into the jury room.  


I had to go to Chicago to work with a fabulous lawyer, Jed Stone.  While working on that case I asked stone about this evidence and the way it was handled or, not handled. Stone told me he had a similar case once and won a new trial for his client.  Soon Stone handed me several appellate court and Supreme Court cases that indicated clearly that Rosenquist and Kimerer failed to do the simple legal research and were dead wrong.  


I immediately forwarded those published opinions to Kimerer who sternly told me to butt out and get lost.  He never once raised the phony evidence issue in any legal pleadings.  This was not some shoplifting case but about a woman whose very life was hanging in the balance.


Kimerer got very lucky because the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had just ordered a new trial for Debra Milky because of prosecutorial misconduct.  The evidence chicanery had suddenly become moot.


Debra Milke was finally both cleared and freed.  Next on the agenda would be a lawsuit seeking millions of dollars for the Mother of all Nightmares Milke had been put through.


Because of spite, Kimerer made sure that I would not be involved in any authorized book publishing of Milke’s story.


Kimerer had given the story rights to a journalist that I knew well who always believed that Debra milke was guilty.  That was ,Jana Bommersbach who had very limited knowledge of the case.  

On the other hand I had lived this case for 25 years, read every court pleadings personally spoke with every witness and didn't have to do any researching through any lawyer's files.  Unbelievably, Kimerer opened up every file on Milke to Bommersbach.  She dutifully did her job and wrote the book that was translated to German and published first in Germany.  


However there was just one little problem. Kimmer suddenly waived Milke’s right to her attorney client privilege.  And now the attorneys representing all of the defendants involved in this malicious and wrongful prosecution could and did demand every piece of paper in this lawyers file.  


Apparently according to court documents, Debra Milke began to destroy some of those documents primarily private love letters between herself and various men.


As a result, Milke’s civil case was dismissed with prejudice from the federal court.  Debra will be collecting nothing and the government thugs she had sued will get away with everything.


There is so much more to this story but at least through a book I can to a point hold a few shitty lawyers accountable.  



Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Alec Baldwin’s Second Biggest Mistake

Santa Fe, NM—We all heard that actor, Alec Baldwin cocked a loaded Colt Single Action Army . 45 Revolver, aimed it in the direction of two human beings and fired the gun. He killed the cinematographer and wounded the assistant director. 


Alec Baldwin’s Second Biggest Mistake


Make no mistake Baldwin, not the gun caused the mayhem. I really don't care about Hollywood gun handling protocol. However, I do know that it is always the obligation of the gun handler to make sure there are no live rounds in the gun unless of course you intend to have it ready to use in a defensive situation.  The safety rules absolutely preclude taking someone's word that the gun that they just handled you is unloaded.  


In the very best possible light, we can only conclude that Baldwin negligently discharged his weapon that took the life of a promising and innocent young mother.  That is in fact a crime in every jurisdiction of the United States.


Let me inform you, that I’m a court certified expert witness in the functionality and operation of firearms. I am also a certified law enforcement firearms instructor.


Additionally, as a licensed private investigator I specialize in criminal defense, in the subcategory of self-defense cases where deadly force is used. 


Baldwin’s second biggest mistake:


When people are accused of wrongdoing, they often want to justify their actions they have caused harm. The media can be counted on to make the defamatory statements that impugn the character of the accused.  In America we have a marvelous constitutional right that allows us to remain silent.  but for some reason most people accused can't wait to tell their side of the story. They waive their constitutional rights even after being advised that they do have those rights blabbing away.  The most amazing thing of all is they ignore their own attorney's advice to keep their mouth shut.


Celebrities on the other hand have public relations “experts” then advise their clients to engage in damage control.  They often want their clients to explain to the media how they're innocent of wrongdoing. This of course is rarely if ever sanctioned by defense lawyers.  The reason for this is that anything said by the accused can be become prosecution evidence at trial.


It may be true that Baldwin has not been charged with a crime, yet but he is absolutely and positively under criminal investigation and should really keep his mouth shut until the statute of limitations has expired.  Frankly, I fully expect an Indictment and arrest of Baldwin at any moment. 


Baldwin in this regard chose to go where no man should ever go and that was to, George Stephanopoulos to spread his impossible story far and wide.


First starters, the result was that every person with similar Colt revolver and video camera or cell phone couldn't wait To post YouTube videos showing just how preposterous Baldwin’s claim that the gun somehow fired itself is an impossibility.


I can promise you that Baldwin's obvious lies we're not lost on Santa Fe’s investigators and prosecutors.  Baldwin's arrogance here may very well have sealed his fate to a prosecution in prison term.


It is true that others may have contributed to this needless killing and wounding. Anybody who brought live ammunition to the film set will be held accountable provided they are discovered.


In any event I fully expect to see Justice unfold in both a criminal and civil courtroom. These things often take years to resolve.    

Monday, December 06, 2021

Crimewave in Los Angeles and every major city run by Democrats

Los Angeles, CA:  Since the political Left was hellbent on freeing over 100,000 felons from California's prisons alone Americans have never been in more danger.  Major crimes in Southern California are nearing double the rate as before.  Instead of single criminals they have been running in packs of between two and 40 thugs with many armed.  

This is happening while the same politicians propose more gun bans.  The ban of firearm magazines holding more that 10 rounds may not be a bother with one dangerous criminal but the rising popularity of the rats running in packs makes the prohibition absolutely unreasonable. 

Most carjackings involve two thugs at a minimum.  The tactics of the criminals have changed.  So must ours to defeat this deadly threat.  

While we wait for the Supreme Court to re-legalize the bearing of firearms we have little choice but to ignore the prohibitions.  We still have the Fourth Amendment(though it be in tatters) to protect us from unreasonable searches.  

We also have the Fifth Amendment that allows us to say nothing to police after we use deadly force to protect ourselves and loved ones.  That's really helpful until you waive that right and blab like an utter fool. 

I'm showing you a street robbery in the fashionable Melrose District of L.A.  Three armed offenders (one is driving the getaway car) attempt to rob a man and two women in broad daylight with cameras everywhere. 

The tactic I might employ in such a situation is to immediately throw my wallet on the ground several feet from the thugs.  When they are distracted I'd simply open fire on them without warning. Warnings are great for TV shows but not necessary to stop armed criminals in commission of their foul deeds. 

Enjoy my video report: 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

My blog has finally returned

Chicago-First let me say that my blog has been missing just shy of a year.  I’ve been finally able to recover it along with well over 3,000 posts, but now it’s rather than .com.  It’s been an very interesting 15 years for me and I hope my readers. 

I want to devote more of my time posting videos rather than just text.  It’s much more labor intensive but I enjoy shooting, editing and posting visual material.  I also want to deliver less chit chat and more  news.   

I still must deal with other issues but hopefully you’ll be seeing compelling content!  let me say that my blog has been missing just shy of a year.  I’ve been finally able to recover it along with well over 3,000 posts, but now it’s rather than .com.  It’s been an very interesting 15 years for me and I hope my readers. 

I want to devote more of my time posting videos rather than just text.  It’s much more labor intensive but I enjoy shooting, editing and posting visual material.  I also want to deliver less chit chat and more  news.   

I still must deal with other issues but hopefully you’ll be seeing compelling content! 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Katie Hopkins, the Conservative media personality the political Left loves to hate...

Beverly Hills, CA--Media personality, Katie Hopkins loves the USA and our freedom. She’s an avid shooter and has actually joined the National Rifle Association. Hopkins has led an exciting life. Not yet 50 years old and she’s trained with British Royal Forces and she’s been hired and fired from numerous high profile media positions. 

Currently in the U.K. Hopkins’ opinions are considered to be somewhat in the political minority. Hopkins has proven that can raise the blood pressure of any Liberal that is within 100 meters to dangerous levels. 

Hopkins detests political correctness in any form and is a rabid free speech advocate. She’s a critic of forced multiculturalism because it results in so much unnecessary violence and difficulties. Particularly she's objected to the importation and financial support of millions Muslims into the UK. The resulting culture clash has devalued the way of life there. In reality we cannot deny horrific Muslim Terrorism any more than we can deny the Nazi Holocaust

Hopkins has an unquestionable sharp tongue that does nothing more than to provoke much needed debate. She is a very talented speaker and a gifted comedian. 

Hopkins weighs in at 110 lbs soaking wet with all her clothes on.  She deliberately gained and lost 42 lbs to show that diet and exercise actually works. That, after being criticized for her numerous fat shaming remarks. 

Currently Hopkins is traveling the USA speaking and lending her support to President Donald Trump

I’ve met her twice now and admit that I’ve fallen to her considerable charms. 

I’ve always believed that free speech and debate is not nor should be considered hate but a tool to work out those issues that separate our diverse cultures. In the words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along ?” 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Democrats are Trump's Greatest Campaign Aides!

Los Angeles CA--In the last several months we’ve seen organized Democrats displaying no limits to their violence, lies and incredibly appalling behavior.
Donald Trump supporters dare not wear hats or other material supporting Trump without fear of beatings and worse. The Democrats have clearly shown that they are both unAmerican and absolutely dangerous to our children, seniors, peace and well being.
Voting for these traitors will only cause their useful idiots to level up their terrorism.
They want gun bans and to have police removed from our streets so their thugs can have absolute power over everyone. Democrat Politicians have opened the gates of our prisons letting their new combat troops loose on an unprepared society.
Come November, all these monsters must be soundly defeated at the polls.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pam Zekman, A Chicago Legend Retires

Chicago, IL—Okay, retirement was the wrong word to use.  It was obviously the reality that CBS was going trough lean times and Pam Zekman took home a King’s Ransom sized paycheck.  They laid her and a small busload of newsroom faces off in this drastic economy move.  

After a half-century as Chicago's top investigative journalist, Zekman is wealthy and earned herself a dream retirement package.  Don’t shed a tear for this legendary, Queen of the Ambush Interview, she is now off to new adventures! By the way, Zekman influenced me too, more than she will ever know!

The more difficult job falls in the hands if WBBM-TV’s News Director, Jeff Harris.  He must find a leaner, meaner version of Zekman to fill her shoes.  

I know just the top gun investigative reporter and a kick ass producer, perfect for the Chicago market.  The ad revenue has to perk up a bit.  CBS2 knows it must move on and compete.  There is no alternative.  Harris has both the guts and savvy to make the right decision.  Like me, Harris knows that being number one is never enough!

Here is my Happy Trails video for Zekman: