Monday, November 30, 2009

Breaking News—Suspected Mass Cop Killer Surrounded In Seattle

Seattle, WA—SWAT teams have surrounded a home in Seattle's Leschi district at East Yesler Way and 32nd Avenue South where Maurice Clemmons, the man sought by police for questioning in the Lakewood police shooting, is believed to be hiding.

The entire area has been shut down by police. Presently there is an armored vehicle and cops are attempting communication with Maurice Clemmons with a loud speaker.

Shots have been heard along with grenade reports.

According to information police obtained from a relative Clemmons is suffering from a gunshot wound. It was believed that the killer may have himself been shot during the assault.

It certainly looks like we may soon see a climax to this sad event.

Tacoma, WA.--Those murdered officers were identified as Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39, and officers Ronald Owens, 37, Tina Griswold, 40, and Gregory Richards, 42

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Shoppers Beware And Be Armed

This morning’s cold blood attack and murders of four uniformed Lakewood,WA police officers in Tacoma, Washington are a clear message that our homegrown Muslim terrorists can be expected to act out with extreme and pointless violence.

It’s really very simple, many Muslims are on a mission from God to kill us all.

They know that most every shopping mall in America is protected by untrained and unarmed guards. They also know that malls in many cities are so called “Gun Free Zones”. The unarmed guards no protection whatsoever.

Personally I do my Christmas shopping on line. But sometimes you may feel the need to visit a mall. If you must, bring a gun and extra ammunition as a prophylactic measure. At least you may have a fighting chance if the unthinkable happens.

I will tell you to ignore gun laws since our Constitution allows us not only the right to keep arms but to bear them too. If you do become involved with the police for any reason don’t talk to the police without a lawyer present.

Black Suspects Ambush And Murder Four Cops

Tacoma, WA—The Forza Coffee Shop near McChord Air Force Base was the scene of cowardly attack where at least two Male, Black suspects opened fire and killed four Lakewood police officers who were working on their lap tops and having coffee prior to reporting for duty around 8:30 AM.

At least one of the dead Lakewood officers is a woman.

The suspect/s fled and Pierce County Sheriff’s deputys have taken jurisdiction of the crime scene.

A manhunt for the killers is underway and a $10,00 reward for information leading to the suspects was immediately offered. People with information should contact authorities at 253-591-5959.

Update: Police now believe there was only one gunman. They are looking for a career criminal and mental defective but are not yet calling him a suspect. They also beliebe that the gunman may have been wounded by the return fire of one of the dead officers.

From The Seattle Times:

Maurice Clemmons, man wanted for questioning, has long criminal history
By Seattle Times staff

Maurice Clemmons, the 37-year-old Tacoma man being sought for questioning in the killing of four Lakewood police officers this morning, has a long criminal record punctuated by violence, erratic behavior and concerns about his mental health.

Nine years ago, then-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee granted clemency to Clemmons, commuting his lengthy prison sentence over the protests of prosecutors.

"This is the day I've been dreading for a long time," Larry Jegley, prosecuting attorney for Arkansas' Pulaski County said Sunday night when informed that Clemmons was being sought in connection to the killings.

Clemmons' criminal history includes at least five felony convictions in Arkansas and at least eight felony charges in Washington. The record also stands out for the number of times he has been released from custody despite questions about the danger he posed.

Clemmons had been in jail in Pierce County for the past several months on a pending charge of second-degree rape of a child.

He was released from custody just six days ago, even though he was wanted on a fugitive warrant out of Arkansas and was staring at eight felony charges in all out of Washington state.

Clemmons posted $15,000 with a Chehalis company called Jail Sucks Bail Bonds. The bondsman, in turn, put up $150,000, securing Clemmons' release on the pending child-rape charge.

Clemmons lives in Tacoma, where he has run a landscaping and power-washing business out of his house, according to a police interview with his wife earlier this year.

He was married, but the relationship was tumultuous, with accounts of his unpredictable behavior leading to at least two confrontations with police earlier this year.

During the confrontation in May, Clemmons punched a sheriff's deputy in the face, according to court records. As part of that incident, he was charged with seven counts of assault and malicious mischief.

In another instance, Clemmons was accused of gathering his wife and young relatives around at 3 or 4 in the morning and having them all undress. He told them that families need to "be naked for at least 5 minutes on Sunday," a Pierce County sheriff's report says.

"The whole time Clemmons kept saying things like trust him, the world is going to end soon, and that he was Jesus," the report says.

As part of the child-rape investigation, the sheriff's office interviewed Clemmons' sister in May. She told them that "Maurice is not in his right mind and did not know how he could react when contacted by Law Enforcement," a sheriff's report says.

"She stated that he was saying that the secret service was coming to get him because he had written a letter to the President. She stated his behavior has become unpredictable and erratic. She suspects he is having a mental breakdown," the report says.

Deputies also interviewed other family members. They reported that Clemmons had been saying he could fly and that he expected President Obama to visit to "confirm that he is Messiah in the flesh."

Prosecutors in Pierce County were sufficiently concerned about Clemmons' mental health that they asked to have him evaluated at Western State Hospital. Earlier this month, on Nov. 6, a psychologist concluded that Clemmons was competent to stand trial on the child-rape and other felony charges, according to court records.

Clemmons moved Washington in 2004, after being released from prison in Arkansas, state Department of Corrections records indicate. That would mean he had gone five years or so before landing in serious trouble with authorities here, according to a review of his criminal record.

Clemmons started Sea-Wash Pressure Washing Landscaping with his wife, Nicole Smith, in October 2005. The license for the business expired last month.

Long history of trouble in Arkansas

News accounts out of Arkansas offer a confusing — and, at times, conflicting — description of Clemmons' criminal history and prison time.

In 1990, Clemmons, then 18, was sentenced in Arkansas to 60 years in prison for burglary and theft of property, according to a news account. Newspaper stories describe a series of disturbing incidents involving Clemmons while he was being tried in Arkansas on various charges.

During one trial, Clemmons was shackled in leg irons and seated next to a uniformed officer. The presiding judge ordered the extra security because he felt Clemmons had threatened him, court records show.

Another time, Clemmons hid a hinge in his sock, and was accused of intending to use it as a weapon. Yet another time, Clemmons took a lock from a holding cell, and threw it toward the bailiff. He missed and instead hit Clemmons' mother, who had come to bring him street clothes, according to records and published reports.

On another occasion, Clemmons had reached for a guard's pistol during transport to the courtroom.

When Clemmons received the 60-year sentence, he was already serving 48 years on five felony convictions and facing up to 95 more years on charges of robbery, theft of property and possessing a handgun on school property. Records from Clemmons' sentencing described him as 5-foot-7 and 108 pounds. The crimes were committed when he was 17.

Clemmons served 11 years before being released.

News accounts say Huckabee then commuted Clemmons' sentence, citing Clemmons' young age at the time the crimes were committed.

But Clemmons remained on parole — and soon after landed in trouble again. In March 2001, he was accused of violating his parole by committing aggravated robbery and theft, according to a story in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazzette.

He was returned to prison on a parole violation. But in what appears to have been a mistake, Clemmons was not actually served with the arrest warrants until leaving prison three years later. As a result, Clemmons' attorney argued that the charges should be dismissed because too much time had passed. Prosecutors dropped the charges.

It appears that Clemmons remained in trouble with Arkansas authorities even after moving away. This year, while Clemmons was living in Washington, a warrant was issued for his arrest, accusing him of being a fugitive from Arkansas.

More home grown Muslim Terrorists? We will soon find out.

Global Warming Hoax Is Falling Apart

They now call it Climategate. The bogus theory that the earth is in real danger and that global warming will bring doomsday. That is unless we earthlings throw away billions in cash and give up energy consumption, planes, trains and automobiles.

This pseudo-science is the darling of the left wing American politicians. This really ties into the larger consorted revolutionary effort to make America weak and incapable of stopping the in-progress Communist takeover.

I don’t suggest for a second that limiting pollution, and looking for renewable energy sources is not important for our quality of life. We simply need to exterminate Green politics for the unworthy distraction it has become.

Blind Support Of Government Authority Can Net You Prison Or Worse

Imagine being a young man who answers a military recruiting poster, goes off to training, combat and follows orders. That sounds so patriotic and wholesome. That is until the government you serve is later found to be a criminal enterprise.

That’s exacting what happened to Heinrich Boere. Boere was living in s suffering economy and needed a job with a future. The lad would also would win a snappy new uniform the young ladies would admire him for wearing. Of 100 applicants, only Boere and 14 others were selected.

That was back in the Nazi occupied Netherlands in 1940. Among the the promise to the new recruits was that they would earn German citizenship and a chance to become a police officer after military service. That was not a bad deal considering he’d be well fed during a difficult economy.

Boere won a coveted spot in a Waffen SS unit. Among his known assignments were, the killing of three Dutch civilians involved in resistance activities. Boere carried out his duty faithfully. Being a soldier and doing your duty in time of war is never fun. You must risk your own life while you’re expected to take other’s lives.

The war ended and the new world authority vested in the USSR, United Kingdom, France and The USA began searching for and punishing various agents of Boere’s fallen government.

Soon Boere was arrested, tried and received a death sentence that was latter reduced to life imprisonment. Boere somehow managed to escape that Netherlands POW camp and flee to Germany. After successfully hiding for nearly seven decades, Boere found himself again arrested, and on trial this time in Aachen, Germany.

So far these are some of the facts that were revealed at Boere’s trial. The trial is in recess until it resumes on December 2. Boere faces the rest of his life in a German prison.

Being an American soldier, cop, judge or other public official does not excuse conduct that one day may be judged by others. The defense of, “I was only following orders.” was shot down by the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial precedent. Today that is the law of the so-called, Free World.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The People’s Court Dispensing Justice

For over 230 years our lawmakers have made law after law to regulate and control Americans. Today our government is so over-grown and bloated, few Americans can escape a day in the People’s Court anymore. It may be technical violations of obscure laws or modern robot cameras bringing more and more Americans before our courts.

Our courts have become a source of government operating revenue and they have gotten way out-of-control.

The kindly and seemingly wise Judge Joe Wapner or that somewhat sexy Judge Marilyn Milian are the exception for the American judiciary. Unfortunately, many wise and wonderful lawyers ascend to the bench only to become pompous asses.

We have too many laws and too many exceptions to our Constitutional rights that have been made by lawmakers and our Supreme Court. We lose more freedom and liberty every day that we live.

We have to demand that our judges be reasonable or risk our courts engaging in wholesale tyranny.

More and more American judges have taken on the persona of Judge Roland Freisler. Had Freisler not been killed in an allied bombing raid that hit his courtroom he would have made the “A” list of celebrity defendants at the Nuremberg War Crimes trial.
Freisler presided over the trials of over 5,000 people in Germany charged with offenses as trivial as speaking out against the Nazi regime to distant or close involvement with plots to kill Adolph Hitler. Freisler’s verdicts and punishments all ended in execution. But because these killing was all sanctioned by a court, it gave the appearance of due process.

See and hear Hitler’s most notorious jurist in action:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Barack Obama Fooled His Supporters

Washington, DC—After a disastrous eight years of George W. Bush (of Course his Democrat opponents were horrible too) Liberal Americans bought into the Hope & Change campaign of a mysterious fellow, Barack Obama who has accomplished little other than getting elected.

Those Liberal Obama supporters all wanted:

1. Our troops out of Iraq
2. Our troops out of Afghanistan
3. The insidious and evil Patriot Act repealed
4. The right of Gays to marry
5. To believe Obama's promises of Government Transparency
6. To believe Obama's promises that no American earning less than $250.000 per year not see their taxes increase by a single dime
7. An end the barbaric and unnecessary federal death penalty

Of course Obama has done nothing his Liberal supporters had hoped for.

Obama’s supporters really did not want and were less concerned about:

1. The Cap and Trade Taxation Scam
2. Nationalization of American businesses
3. The Hostile government takeover of health care
4. The cozying up with hard corps foreign Communist leaders
5. Destroying our National Defense CIA Intelligence program
6. Demoralizing American soldiers in harm’s way
7. Allowing Chinese and Russian officials access to our nuclear facilities
8. The runaway printing of money and the destruction of American currency
9. Moving dangerous foreign terrorists to American soil and providing free lawyers and all rights reserved for accused Americans
10. The control over media and their commentary

Even with a stacked Congressional deck of a super majority, Barack Obama has not given his Liberal supporters anything they hoped for.

Barack Obama has divided this nation pitting the government entitlement sucking population against hardworking taxpayers. Obama has rewarded corrupt businesses and organizations with billions of tax dollars and done nothing for the small businesses that employ vast amounts of Americans.

Will Americans discover the Communist attack on our country by that criminal cabal in our Whitehouse in time to stop the destruction of our way of life that has made America the envy of the entire world?

Barack Obama is no Liberal, he’s a genuine Communist despot on a mission. That mission must be stopped and its leaders arrested, tried, convicted and severely punished for their High Treason.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Scottsdale Lad Vanishes In Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany—It’s cold in Frankfurt right now and that great city can be a lonely place for any American that can’t communicate. Most educated Germans speak English but might not be as helpful to an American lad as they could.

Twenty-two-year old Devon Hollahan has been missing since Saturday where he was last seen at the Frankfurt train station.

Youth Hostels are generally safe, reasonably clean and inexpensive. Sometimes intrigue and criminal victimization is a young traveler's companion. Frankfurt’s underbelly includes Turks, Russians and former Eastern block Communists.

Unfortunately Frankfurt’s uneducated criminals somehow think Americans are great ransom generators. These guys need to check out just how week the dollar is right now. Usually young women can become sex trade slaves so I suspect this case is different.

To my German readers please look at the video and call the Frankfurt police if you can be of assistance. Please watch the video below.

Here is more from KTVK-TV

Sophie Scholl And The White Rose

Munich, Germany—On my recent trip to Switzerland and Germany, I spent some quality time at the Bendlerblock military complex in Berlin. This was the origin of that failed internal military, 20 July 1944 bombing plot to kill Adolph Hitler at Wolf’s lair in East Prussia.

Today Bendlerblock is still an operational military facility but it also houses the informative, German Resistance Memorial Center. This museum utilizes the very offices of the key players in the most notorious plot against Hitler. Standing in these rooms is an incredible experience.

The museum honors the entire anti-Hitler/National Socialism resistance movement, not just the Valkerie bombing plot.

For me it was a somewhat emotional experience because I see the same conditions of the old Weimar Republic in our own country that enabled Adolph Hitler.

I’ve been captivated by the shocking and heartbreaking story of 21 year-old, Sophie Scholl. She was an unlikely hero and martyr of a Nazi era, peaceful resistance movement called, The White Rose.

Scholl and others in the movement learned about the summary executions of Russian POWs and the mass killings of Jews and began an effort of peaceful resistance against Hitler’s idea of Hope & Change. Their weapon of choice was writing, printing and distributing leaflets critical of Hitler and National Socialism. That was a death penalty offense.

The wartime atmosphere saw Scholl, her brother Hans Scholl and another member, Christoph Probst arrested and tried by Nazi Judge, Roland Friesler. Friesler convicted the young trio of High Treason and sent them to the guillotine that very same day.

The kids were beheaded in the Stadleheim Prison that's still being used in Munich today. The graves of Scholl and the other two can be found next to the prison.

There has never been an English language film about the White Rose and it is long overdue. I wish I had the funding to produce and make that movie.

Every government on earth is only a heartbeat away from sudden metamorphosis into unimaginable horror. Today, our very own government is on the very edge of tyranny. Americans must be ever vigilant and ready to forcefully fight any curbs on any freedoms for any reason.

Optimism, patience and trust did not protect a single victim of the many holocausts that have stained this earth. Peaceful resistance like that of the White Rose did nothing to stop a despot and restore freedom.

America, please learn from history and don’t let a corrupt despot seize our freedom or tax us into slavery! History is a teacher for those who will pay attention and recognize tyranny is redundant throughout human civilization. Optimism, patience and inaction are killers.

Bendlerblock German Resistance Musuem Today In Berlin!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Alarm, We Are In Danger!

Washington, D.C-Barack Obama has not hidden the fact that he is a Communist while he has openly added proud Communists to his entourage of Czars and advisors. It is the general public and news media that has remained optimistic that Obama is somehow not a Communist.

Every single act of the Obama Administration has come right out of the Karl Marx Playbook, Das Kapital. What else must Obama do to convince us of his allegiance to Communism?

The American news media has fallen in love with Obama just as they did with Fidel Castro as he took power. The talk of the American media at the time was when, not if Cuba was going to become the 49th state in the Union.

That all changed when Castro and that rogue medical doctor, Che Guevara began executing thousands and joined the Soviets. Eventually Castro allowed the Russian pigs to aim nuclear weapons at the USA in Cuba.

How can we forget the murderous ways of Lenin, Stalin, Zedong, Pot, and Castro? Everywhere Communism thrives there have been horrific holocausts. Freedom is non-existent and poverty and deprivation rule. Adolph Hitler was a Socialist and look what he brought on his own people. At first things were a little better in Germany under Hitler for all of course but the Jews. We need to simply remember what punishment he brought to this earth.

Modern civilized humans are optimists even while they stand in line for firing squads, gas chambers and gallows. They refuse to believe that innocent people can be murdered by their own governments.

Barack Obama is a Communist and we have hundreds more of these traitors in our own Congress. Our optimism is allowing them to gain complete rule with false promises of their Utopia. We know from history what follows. We must recognize it is them or us while we are still alive.

Communism is the ultimate criminal form of government. The leaders force equality on the masses as the government officials gain unlimited wealth. George Orwell made it clear in Animal Farm with that quote, “Some pigs are more equal than others.”

We only have two choices stop them cold or risk enslavement or worse. Put your optimism aside for a brief moment and simply look at history. How will this somehow play out differently today?

Obama is deliberately destroying our currency and economy be recklessly printing money as the Weimar Republic did at the end of World War One. The destabilization of our country is sure to follow.

Like Hitler’s thugs burned the Reichstag in Berlin, what will Obama create as an excuse to take our freedom? Obama’s henchman, Rahm Emmanuel said it best we he suggested, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

We need more than those benign Tea Parties; we need forceful resistance before it’s too late.

Friday, November 20, 2009

UCLA Students Protest Radical Tuition Hikes

Los Angeles, CA-At the relatively quiet Westwood Village college campus angry students are protesting huge tuition hikes. Students are seeing a 32% increase along with disappearing after school jobs for those who must work to pay their way.

The reality is that this is a disaster sure to derail the educations of thousands of good kids.

The situation has been brought on by reckless spending on various pork, social programs and massive medical care costs for illegal aliens. California’s politicians have attacked productivity for decades and now the punishment is leveled at productive young adults trying to get an education.

Let me go on record saying I support the students and not the politicians. The politicians never make a single concession on their own salaries, benefits, or comforts as they victimize productivity and reward criminality.

This is a sign of what’s gone very wrong in America. Instead of voting for these Communist politicians Americans should be hanging them for treason instead.

Shameless Promotion!!!! A Special Report From Crimefile!

Chicago, IL—December 4th 2009 is the 40th Anniversary of the justifiable homicides of two dangerous Black Panther Party leaders in Chicago.

Crimefile News has uncovered some very interesting information about that ill-fated raid and will publish a special report. Be sure to drop by and visit on 4 December 2009!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Civil War In America And Wealth Redistribution

Washington, D.C.—It should be abundantly clear to all by now that Barack Obama and his cronies are Communists. Their actions rather than admissions prove that point.

Every day the Obama Administration takes another hard turn to the Left that I consider un-American and an intentional effort to destroy our economy. With a destroyed economy they think it will be easier to control Americans like me.

Hungry and dependant families seem to always cooperate better with a benevolent government.

Obama is seizing businesses and banks as he hands billions in newly printed cash to his supporters and crooked friends. At some point I expect to happen very soon, the optimism of Conservatives will end and a Civil War will begin.

I really expect that any day there will be a shot fired in this country that will be heard around the world. History rather than Conservative rhetoric tells us this will happen. Americans have been hoarding firearms and ammunition for over a year in anticipation of combat, not new gun laws as some would like to believe.

What our Communist leaders are not expecting is that their personal property and wealth will become the spoils of war. If folks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are lucky enough to be allowed to live they will be left homeless and destitute.

The property of members and supporters of the criminal regime will be simply handed over to patriots who have earned it by protecting the American way of life.

I don’t think it is realistic for our American born Communists to believe that our military and police will abandon their oaths to our Constitution and open fire on fellow non-Communist Americans. Instead they will be on the side of their families and neighbors.

Obama’s supporters will see redistribution of wealth but it won’t be the way they envisioned. Perhaps they should choose another direction while they still can. Politicians in our Congress can answer to the voters rather than blindly following a despot. In the long run it will be their wealth that gets redistributed first by American patriots.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Germany 40 Years Later

Berlin, Germany—It was 40 years ago that this draftee narrowly escaped combat in Viet Nam as a Light Weapons Infantrymen. I’d gotten orders to report to Oakland, CA for transportation to The Republic of Viet Nam. Miraculously that all changed when I got a new set of orders sending me to Germany.

40 years later I was invited to assist a film makker in Lausanne, Switzerland and traveled to Berlin and many places in between.

Somehow I wound up as an OJT medical corpsman in a busy dispensary. It was nice work for sure. I was clean, dry and happy for the rest of my military obligation.

Germany was still repairing damage from the war less than 25 years earlier. The fence around my barracks contained many bullet strikes that were still visible.

The exchange rate for a dollar was four marks and that made me very comfortable. Many Germans still did not trust the American occupying force. Parents were never happy to see their daughters dating American servicemen.

My fellow soldiers were not sensitive to the German culture and never bothered to learn the language. These young men were rarely able to land dates that were not bought and paid for with cash. The hookers for the most part charged $12.50 for their services.

I wanted no part of the hookers beyond voyeuristic exploitation. As an Army medic I gave more penicillin injections to my patients than I care to admit. Quell cream was the treatment I provided Africa-American soldiers who always got more than their share lice along with the SDTs.

I learned German immediately and went out of my way to understand culture and customs. That exercise paid off well in the form for delightful female companions. After a while I also gained the trust of the girl’s parents. Being able to read menus and communicate gave me special power my fellow American soldiers did not have.

I never understood why the Army did not require mandatory German classes for soldiers. In combat soldiers need to be able to communicate with the civilian population and helps in getting needed cooperation.

I loved Germany, the people and found their pride, work ethics and behavior was superior to that of my fellow Americans.

Today Germany has too much government, too many taxes and an immigration problem that rivals our own. Germans like Americans take the taxes and their own prosperity in stride. Gone are the jackets and ties every man wore all nearly all the time. The young women still dress to impress and they look so good.

In Germany the unwashed minority are the dreaded Turks. The Turks are gypsy like people who just don’t fit in the German culture. The Turks that immigrated into Germany didn’t seem to fit in Turkey any better.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism the former Communists miss their nanny government and free handouts. The former Communists have little respect for law and are prone to criminal activity.

Credit and debit cards along with technology have invaded every castle and hamlet. The same products sold here can be found there.

Now, if I only had independent wealth or a job that would allow me to spend my summers in Germany…

Was Chicago School Board President Michael Scott Snitching On Valarie Jarrett?

Chicago, IL—Was it a suicide or cover-up murder that took Chicago School Board President Michael Scott’s life?

Currently Chicago police are looking at every angle. Despite the Cook County Medical Examiner’s ruling of suicide the police investigation continues.

The area of interest was a corruption probe of Scott’s land acquisition in hope of a hugely profitable expected condemnation for the anticipated 2016 Olympics. Barack Obama insiders including Valerie Jarrett stood to make millions had Chicago been awarded the games. Jarrett is a senior advisor and assistant to Obama.

Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey took unusual steps to influence the Olympic Committee which turned down Chicago in the very first vote.

Not only did Scott have his personal fortune at stake he was under investigation over the conflict of interest.

One insider tells Crimefile News that Scott was cooperating with authorities in their probe and had given information on Jarrett and others.

The corruption trail leads straight to the Whitehouse. Unfortunately the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Cook County State’s and Attorney, Illinois Attorney General are all friendly to the Whitehouse. A special prosecutor needs to be appointed and given manpower along with funding to resolve this mess.

Chicago police homicide investigators have the ball in their court right now. It remains to be seen if this investigation will be shut down.

Somehow this story evokes the memory of Vincent Foster and Hillary Clinton. Did Hillary Clinton locate and destroy the Presidential Order to suspend the Posse Comitatus provision of our Constitution? Vince Foster reportedly had possession of the Clinton Whitehouse order to enable the use of the military against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Washington, D.C.—Citing the failure of state and local government to effectively run their own public transportation systems, Barack Obama has a better idea.

The plan is to seize control of all public transportation. The TSA will be in charge of security and eventually all riders must scan their national identity card to board. The illegal aliens need not worry because they will be issued the cards freely.

If you like the way IPASS works on toll roads, so does Big Brother since the databases store your movements on every toll road. The people using public transportation will be feeding their movement information into a vast new federal database too!

Obama’s says the mass transit takeover is for our safety. As I recall, the Nazis made a lot of creative changes for public safety too.

The TSA will be searching passengers whenever possible, again for our safety. Don’t you want to be safe???

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Killing A Nation’s Leader May Be Necessary

Berlin, Germany—On July 20, 1944, Aldoph Hitler’s idea of Hope and Change was nothing but death and destruction for the German people. There were still patriots around that put country before a politician.

Several military men including Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg knew their real duty was to kill a despot.

Stauffenberg planted a briefcase bomb in a room where Hitler was directing the war effort in Wolf’s Lair in East Prussia which is now Poland.

Things went wrong and Hitler though wounded survived. Over 200 people were implicated, many tortured but all killed in a legal bloodbath.

Today there is museum with an incredible amount of photographs and documents that shed light on this historical event. It’s is worth a trip to Berlin to see.

Let’s hope there are always brave patriots willing to risk it all for their fellow Americans.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Justice Phoenix, AZ Style—Caught On Tape!

Phoenix, AZ—The video is indeed shocking! Detention officer Adam Stoddard snoops at the defense table then swipes the item. He then hands it over to Sheriff’s Deputy Francisco Campillo.

This is a crime and the officers involved need to be made into an example. This is a clear violation of civil rights of both the defendant and the defense attorney.

Here is the KPNX-TV news story:

Here is the complete unedited video:

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Your right to remain Silent and Ernesto A. Miranda

Phoenix, AZ---Ernesto A. Miranda was an armed kidnapper who tried at least twice to kidnap and rape young women on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona.

One of the cases involved a young box office girl at the old Orpheum Theater downtown. After finishing work one evening she took the 7th Street bus North to Maryland Avenue and got off that bus walking along the gravel road to her home.

What the girl did not know was that she was being stalked by Ernesto Miranda who was following her in his old gray Packard. Miranda was armed with a knife when he jumped out and forced the girl into his car.

Miranda had a little problem, he could not get it up and commit the act so he let her go. She called the police and Detective Carol Cooley and his partner Wilford Young were assigned to this and another similar case that involved a somewhat retarded 18 year-old girl.

Soon Miranda and his Packard became tangled into the investigation. Miranda was arrested, didn’t talk and was placed in a line up. The victims viewed the line up but could not identify anyone as their attacker. Cooley was understandably disappointed but pulled out his handcuff key and was about to free his suspect.

Curiosity got the best of Miranda and as Cooley approached him asked, "How’d I do?” A quick thinking Cooley replied, “Not so good Ernie, they picked you out.” Miranda sighed as he slumped into his chair and asked advice from Cooley. Cooley suggested Miranda cooperate because it would look better in front of the judge. Miranda confessed and some serious legal history was made.

Miranda was tried and convicted. His confession I have attached here below was no small part of the evidence.

Years went by as Miranda served time in prison and the U.S Supreme Court ordered his retrial without the confession. That was because of the failure of police to give adequate warning about self-incrimination and a waiver of that right from the suspect. The late, great and colorful Phoenix criminal defense lawyer named, John Flynn'strial work was responsible for the ultimate success of that appeal.

A young deputy Maricopa county prosecutor was told to dismiss the case by his superiors but refused. That was my dear long time friend, Robert K. Corbin. Corbin felt either a judge or a jury should let him go no matter how weak the case was, Corbin was not about to let a confessed rapist go.

Corbin began to read the file and found something interesting. Miranda was married, well sort of. You see Miranda lived with a woman, Twyla Hoffman who was listed as a common-law wife. Arizona did not recognize common law marriages and Hoffman could be interviewed, subpoenaed and required to testify against Miranda in court.

Corbin quickly dispatched investigators out to interview Hoffman at their old home in Mesa, AZ. Hoffman said Miranda confessed to her too. Since Hoffman was not a government agent Miranda had no self-incrimination protection from his ex-common law wife. She testified about that confession at the retrial.

Miranda was quickly convicted again and actually served more prison time than he would have if he never appealed his case.

Eventually Miranda was released from prison and found gainful employment autographing Miranda Rights cards for cops and lawyers he'd approach on the steps of the courthouse.

On a quiet Sunday night in 1976, while in a seedy bar, Miranda got into a fight with a knife wielding illegal alien. Miranda was slashed and stabbed to death. Police quickly arrested the suspect covered in blood. The police got out their Miranda cards and recited the required warnings to their suspect. The suspect asked for an attorney and the questioning ended. They were never able to convict anyone for Miranda’s murder.

Of course I’d like to help produce this as a feature film and I have the records as well as know many of the players of that story.

Ernesto Mirands Confession

Donald Lang—A Study In American Justice

Chicago, Il-Donald Lang was a poor, African-American deaf mute. Lang was the subject of cruel jokes his entire life as he tried to cope and be self-sufficient. Lang did not know sign language, lip reading or how to read or write.

I met Lang during the period the Cook County Jail’s guard force went out on strike in the early 1970s. Lang appeared to be well adjusted and seemed to understand whatever it was I wanted him to do. I asked him when his next court date was and he’d point to a calendar date. Lang’s understanding was uncanny. Lang would grunt, groan and had the pantomime skills of the late, great Marcel Marceau.

I really enjoyed my time with Lang and found he was incredibly interesting. He truly seemed to be able to read other’s minds.

Lang was being held for a second murder of a prostitute that was attributed to him. He walked on one murder charge after making legal history. Lang was appointed a deaf lawyer, Lowell Meyers who proved to be a real hero in this saga.

The issues of Miranda rights, self-incrimination and police evidence gathering were well beyond all conventional wisdom’s solutions. Nobody in the American justice system was capable of dealing with the complexities of Lang’s case.

Lang was an incredibly strong and hard working kid who had no special education or guidance for coping in a hearing world. His existence and ability to survive was based on his comedy skills and what he could physically do to earn money. He had a tough job at the South Water market. Lang was reliable and very grateful to have a job.

Lang loved women but lacked traditional romantic skills. Lang was reduced to love for cash and carry. There were problems in that Lang’s apparent sexual appetite and ability were nearly super-human. The local hookers wanted his money but he was more than they could handle.

Unfortunately Chicago’s West side hookers were not all stellar women with a proper work ethic. They and their pimps sometimes resorted to robbery, even murder in their sordid and drug induced world.

We will never really know what led to the deaths of Lang’s two known victims. Justifiable homicide and self-defense seems plausible but impossible to investigate without solid and accurate information form Lang himself.

Lang seemed smart enough to know that officials wanted him to get training in sign language and such not to help him but to perhaps even kill him in the electric chair.

Lang was in a legal, No Man’s Land having beat one charge of murdering a prostitute only to be arrested again for a similar killing after his release from jail.

I don’t know where Lang is today. Lowell Meyers has long since passed away.

Author, Ernest Tidyman wrote a book, Dummy which was made into a well made 1979 movie staring Levar Burton, Paul Sorvino and Brian Dennehy. The movie was broadcast on CBS and never made it to home video and is never re-broadcast on television. I call it lost art.

Here is a CBS tease for this film that I found.