Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Curbside Justice Trumps Due Process

Venice, CA—It was a nice morning on September 19, 2010 when a woman here was walking from her car to her place of employment. Soon a large Hispanic, cowardly thug exited a van and began savagely beating a woman in an attempted Robbery. The monster is caught on surveillance video viciously punching the helpless woman after he knocked her down on the ground.

It’s really just too bad there was not someone armed and determined with a gun that could have put two shots in this creep's chest and one to his head.

This sub-human ran away from the crime and you can be sure this dangerous predator will injure or kill innocent people whenever it’s convenient.

Due process is how we fairly sort out guilt or innocence after arrest and investigation. It’s unfortunate a 1911 .45 ACP was not in the right hands to dispatch this mad dog on the spot. That would be the proper and just application of Curbside Justice. Lives would be saved in the process.

The LAPD would like to hear from none who might help them find this asswipe.

Meg Whitman’s Campaign torpedoed By Bottom Feeder Gloria Allred

Los Angeles, CA—Meg Whitman is a billionaire who has so far spent around $120 million to buy the office of Governor. Whitman had not voted in nearly three decades before her new political career. Whitman’s gubernatorial run is fueled on pure narcissism.

Whitman knows well the power of persuading simple minds though massive advertising. Whitman has placed her name and face everywhere so no voter could escape from it. Of course there are Whitman’s typical sky-high and impossible political promises relentlessly hammering the airwaves.

Whitman is a big-government loving, gun rights hating Liberal running as a Republican. Whitman is just another typical RINO pretender in a state where Marxism reigns supreme.

Whitman’s non-stop campaign commercials and ads have done wonders for the revenue coffers of every form of media in California.

Her political opponent, former Governor Jerry Brown is a known quantity. Yep Brown is a radical Liberal but has a saving grace in that he has never been an enemy of gun rights. Unlike Whitman, you don’t have to guess where Brown stands.

Whoever wins the Governor’s race, it won’t be the taxpayers.

In an 11th hour surprise Whitman got cross-ways with her $23.00 an hour house keeper and nanny. Whitman canned the woman because she was a certain liability to her campaign being an illegal alien.

Whitman should have sent to woman back to Mexico with a few million dollars in a trust to insure silence. Whitman was just not thinking. We can now watch Whitman get publicly humiliated as she loses the biggest gamble I’ve seen anyone make in a long time.

Whitman broke the law by hiring an illegal alien. It’s always cheaper to hire illegal aliens than lawful residents or American citizens, that’s until you get caught. Whitman has now been caught.

The Supreme Sleazy California Bottom Feeder, Gloria Allred signed on Whitman’s criminal alien housekeeper of nine years as a client. The primary claim is that Whitman knowingly employed the trespasser.

Today at Allred’s news conference, she sensationally alleged that the housekeeper was "exploited, disrespected, humiliated and emotionally and financially abused" by Whitman. These claims are pure hogwash, since this Allred’s client should have simply gone back to Mexico and avoided the alleged abuse rather than staying on the Whitman payroll for nine years.

The housekeeper should be jailed immediately and deported but of course our government officials can be counted upon to simply Obstruct Justice and do noting instead. Additionally, Whitman should be charged with a crime.

Why can’t Mexico reclaim California? The other 49 states should simply agree to that provided we put up a huge border fence up first.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Favorite Blogs

Perhaps it’s time that I let my visitors know about the blogs I visit every day and why. Blogs are the new, news media and they are here to stay.

Blogs are a terrific way to learn what’s going on in our world. Blogs are as different as they are similar. Some create their own content and others simply link you to their idea of the news you can use.

I have targeted my readers from the ranks of the politically conservative. I cater to lawyers, news reporters, cops, gun rights advocates, gun collectors and those Libertarians. Crimes, courts, criminal justice and government is my playground.

Most always, I create my own content or voice my opinion on burning newsworthy issues of the day. I try to use text, images and video with as much artistry as I can muster without adequate funding.

I don’t limit my stories to any one subject matter like a one trick pony. I scour the earth looking for content that I think will interest my visitors. I’m limited by geography and budget. Thankfully I travel quite a bit and that’s allowed me to do stories from major American cities, Europe and even India.

The sites below are by no means the only places I go but the most important ones. I go to cop run sites, entertainment news sites and numerous local news sites across the country every day. I cannot attack the Liberals unless I know what propaganda they are spreading.

1. Drudge Report

The Drudge Report is the grandfather of all bloggers. Matt Drudge and his staff find the most important stories in the world every day and simply link them. Drudge never creates his own content and can be counted upon to find stories politically Conservative readers need to know about. Smart liberals bloggers need to read Drudge too so they can spot those important stories and try to discredit them or spin them in another direction. This site is simplicity at it best avoiding graphic art but for a few pictures.

2. Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is the Liberal’s answer to the Drudge report. I must read it to keep my eye on the Leftist enemies of freedom who can all be found here. Technically it’s a great site that integrates text, images and video the way it should be done. Bloggers everywhere should learn from this site. The site is pleasing to the eye perhaps because of a woman’s artistic touch.

3. Second City Cop

This site is the product of an anonymous person who claims to be a Chicago cop. My best guess is that he or she is the real deal. SCC has obvious inside knowledge of the inner workings of the department and police work that takes years to acquire.

SCC creates most of their own content but often links to local media sites that have published department related news. Sadly SCC is challenged on photos and video. SCC’s real draw is that thousands of Chicago cops are chatting in the comment section. They expose newsworthy information that keeps cops alert. SCC will never miss a chance to expose or embarrass deserving bosses and politicians for their misdeeds.

There are plenty of trolls and pretenders that try to misinform in the SCC comments section. So verify the information independently before you believe anything. SCC is a wealth of information for those who need to know what’s going inside the CPD.

4. Detective Shaved Longcock

This site is the product of yet another anonymous alleged Chicago cop. Shaved lifts and links his content rather than creating his own. He does chime in with opinion and sometimes mildly offensive humor.

Bar none, Shaved is the most racially insensitive and sexist blogger found anywhere in police circles. Pointing out the over abundant Black on White violent crime in Chicago and other misdeeds is his specialty. With no pun being intended Shaved always calls a spade a spade.

I don’t think Shaved is racist per se, but he’s very unforgiving to the African-American culture of, entitlement consumption, corruption and senseless violence in Chicago.

Shaved attacks deserving police bosses and politicians whenever he can, with over the top ridicule and wicked humor. Shaved is a marked man. When they find him they will kill him.

Shaved is stumbling through as he learns the use of Adobe Photo Shop to give his visitor the best possible graphics. On this effort he improves his artwork through doing it.

Shaved is learning through experience as we all are. Shaved is steadily winning visitors by putting in all the content he can.

5. John Lott’s Website

John Lott is a master statistician who discovered through hard and cold research that the more guns in possession of citizens actually reduces crime. That concept is the opposite of the flawed but conventional wisdom we have believed for decades.

Lott is an author, speaker and expert who has offered a lot of statics backed opinions on the insane economics position of our current majority of Socialist politicians.

6. Of Arms and the Law

This site is run by Tucson gun rights lawyer and advocate Dave Hardy. Hardy monitors gun legislation and court opinions from across the country. Hardy also produced a compelling gun rights documentary film. Hardy’s site contains lots of linked articles by he also writes well and generates a lot of his own content.

Other sites.

Every day new bloggers appear on the net and others abruptly vanish. One thing for sure they are getting better every day. Blogging is the ultimate exercise of American, First Amendment Freedom.

On my right hand side bar there are a lot of additional sites I visit. Click on any of them and take a quality ride in cyberspace.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Only Birthers Care where Obama was born!

Washington, DC—Our founding fathers cared about the nation’s highest office since they were fresh out the Benedict Arnold Scandal. They required our Presidents to be Natural Born Citizens and there has never been an attempt to get the 2/3 majority of America required to amend that provision. We are, after all, a nation of laws to which even Barack Obama must submit.

Obama has steadfastly refused to produce his birth certificate or any pertinent records that would put this question to bed. Instead he’s spent well over $1.5 million litigating this issue in various lawsuits for some two years. It’s obvious that his birth documents don’t reflect his campaign’s claim of Hawaiian origin or he'd simply produce them. Obama has yet to say officially where he was born. The closest he came was when he told NBC's Brian Williams he can’t keep the birth certificate plastered to his forehead.

Once his foreign birth is exposed Obama can be counted upon to make a somewhat plausible claim that was never sure where he was born because he was a baby when that happened. That will not save his Presidency or legacy.

If Obama is not qualified by birth he’s simply gone for good. This is not a case for Impeachment. Along with the nullification of his Presidency, every official act or appointment he has made will be invalidated. For starters there will be two brand new openings on the Supreme Court for Joe Biden to fill.

The Birth Question Candle is now burning at both ends. The pending litigation is slowly grinding forward to force disclosure and now the real threat of Congressional subpoenas once the Republicans gain control of a single house of Congress.

With the exodus of so many key Whitehouse staffers exposure of the birth issue is very likely the catalyst for their sudden departures. Who wants to be associated with a fraudulent administration? This will be very humiliating to say the least. Bailing out before half of Obama's term was completed is a sure sign of something big and nasty happening.

I suspect that Obama’s political zombies somehow felt that their Socialist hero would be so popular by the time the birth certificate saw daylight that nobody would care. They now realize that Obama’s popularity is dropping at critical mass speed. There will be one sad reality and that’s because big city, African-American, entitlement addicted folks will absolutely boil-over with anger when their Messiah is removed.

The hard corps Socialist revolutionaries will only see their idea of an American dream through force and violence. I for one would have no difficulty helping in the extermination Socialist revolutionary parasites on our streets. Perhaps these folks need to emigrate to North Korea or China where they would be happier.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Obama’s Staffers Bailing out of the Whitehouse over Expected Revelations?

Washington, DC—With the crucial departures coming less than halfway through Barack Obama's four-year term I have to ask, what’s going on?

With Obama’s Chief of Staff, Propaganda Minister and Tarp Czar running for the exits something big must be brewing. They all know there will be a blizzard of Congressional subpoenas in January when these Bolsheviks lose control of the House. Whatever it is, the threat must be much closer than January. These guys can’t get far enough away or out of there fast enough.

Has internal Whitehouse strife motivated staffers to defect and blow the whistle? I expect an October GOP-Tea Party surprise of revelations that will write the last chapter of the Obama Administration.

Obama’s visible mood over the last 30-45 days has been melancholy at best. Even Michelle Obama shows little interest in spending time in the Whitehouse lately. Whatever it is we are about to find out.

Standby folks some interesting history is about to be made.

The How and Why of Criminal Defense Investigations

When crimes occur, the police move in quickly when they become aware of the event. They investigate, search once probable cause is established and make the arrest/s.

Far too often there are the suspects, who with their friends and family lie to the police as a form of “insurance” that they don’t get charged. This is usually the beginning of a criminal justice system disaster. The lies are nearly always exposed by police and the value of any future testimony is zero.

Of course total silence is the cure for this from the accused and his witnesses. Police cannot make anyone talk. A witness however can be compelled to testify before a Grand Jury or a court but that never happens anytime soon. Why would anyone ever talk to the cops?

The sad truth is innocent people lie to police every day as a way to avoid trouble. Instead it brings much more trouble and too often leads to a wrongful conviction. The lesson here is to save your stories for your defense team.

The best police investigation is far from an exact science and errors, omissions and corruption of every kind stand in the way of a just resolution. No police investigation is perfect and the majority of them rely at some point on wrong conclusions. Thankfully most investigations don’t snag innocent people but it’s all too common for the properly accused to be overcharged by prosecutors.

Thankfully we still live in a somewhat free country with a Bill of Rights that protects all charged with crimes. The right to counsel also includes the right to investigate and test the evidence. That’s where I come in.

To maximize my effectiveness it’s best that I be brought in as soon as the event occurs, or at least immediately when the police are involved. There are the “golden hours” to locate and interview witnesses along with examining the presumed crime scene. Police too frequently blow off witnesses and physical evidence that does not support their theory of the case.

If I’m able to find exculpatory evidence before there is a formal Indictment or finding of Probable cause through a Preliminary Hearing the case may end. The accused may be saved as much as a million dollars in future legal fees as well as being held in jail without bail for a year or more. Once there is an Indictment prosecutors never let go no matter what. It’s not fair but that’s the way it is.

As the case proceeds the prosecutors must turn over all witness statements, documentary and physical evidence for examination and/or testing by the defense. Unfortunately this has become a game, of hide and seeks as cops and prosecutors routinely obstruct the discovery process. A qualified investigator should know what to look for, like missing property documentation or laboratory reports. If things are missing there is nearly always a nefarious reason for that.

Witnesses routinely lie to police and investigators. Repetitive interviews and interrogations can cut through the deception because most people can’t keep their lies straight. Comprehensive background investigations of the witnesses must be made by the defense to uncover credibility concerns and any motivation to mislead.

There is all that new technology that will provide iron clad alibis for the innocent. Much will be lost without timely collection. I’m talking about those, time and date encoded surveillance video cameras that are everywhere. There are those debit cards and preferred customer tabs we have on our key rings even when we pay cash. Getting the data and video from the businesses is not complicated by anything but time. Video can routinely be erased within a week or less.

Those cell-phones all leave a data trail that documents where we’ve been along with those text, picture and video messages and calls.

Cops love to rely on the technology to implicate suspects but are too often reluctant clear them especially after they’ve made the big arrest and flooded the media with those self-serving press releases.

The greatest lawyer in the world can do little without a decent defense investigation. The lawyers can’t do their own investigation since they cannot be a witness in the case they are defending. Defense investigators are routinely called as witnesses during trials.

You can hire me early and save a fortune in cash and time behind bars. The same is true for hiring a lawyer so they can head off a wasteful trial.

You are entitled to a public defender if you don’t have the funds but the rub is horrible. They only get involved after you’re arrested and make your second court appearance. There is no defense investigator to dispatch for those golden hours. Be prepared to sit in jail for a year or longer, lose your job, car, home and frequently your spouse along with the kids. Once your acquitted they will return your soiled clothes and the cash you were arrested with and simply let you out.

I have a saying I live by, “If justice happens it’s usually by accident and for all the wrong reasons.” This is the reality, not that crap you see on television or the movies.

Here is a video that explains my world:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Government Forced Drug Treatment is a Scam

With the ill-conceived and ill-advised Failed Drug War came the Nanny Jobs Program for the drug rehabilitation industry. Drug abuse treatment is big business and politicians made lots of campaign contributors, millionaires by creating the system of forced drug rehabilitation centers.

The treatment industry’s payroll is huge and their success is limited to making obscene profits. It’s a huge scam that’s been ripping off taxpayers for nearly 40 years.

Substance abusers can be helped but that help is limited to the addicted that seek treatment on their own. From time to time windows open and the addicted voluntarily desire to kick the habit. These windows are precisely the only moment that rehabilitation programs do anything at all.

Forced treatment is strictly a tool that addicts employ to lessen jail or prison time. The addicted prisoners must pretend to be helped or lose their liberty for longer periods. Everyone plays along with the scam.

The politicians behind the Nanny State Concept want everyone in some kind of taxpayer funded treatment. This is all about ignorance or simple fraud.

I have no objection to taxpayer funded treatment but it must be limited to voluntary application. Drug addicts are in far more danger posed by the Drug War than suffering an overdose. The claim that the government is somehow saving lives is pure BS.

The Drug War should end along with the forced drug treatment scam.

Over the last 40 years every time an addict sought help from me, I worked the phones for them. I tried to find treatment covered by health insurance policies or paid for by government. The answer was always the same. The patient must be arrested and sent there by the courts unless he is very rich. Please, someone explain to me how that’s good government policy.

The drug treatment industry likes things exactly the way they are. Politicians take their advice because they are the “experts”. I guess nobody ever considered the obvious and glaring conflict of interest.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Did I Waste My Life? A Confession

In 1968, I somehow found myself in the most exciting and meaningful job ever quite by accident. I was drafted into the Army, trained in Light Weapons Infantry and by a fluke wound up as a medical corpsman. Instead of being sent to Viet Nam, I had the incredible good fortune of going to Germany to fight Socialism in the Cold War.

Taking a crash midnight course with the Army Corpsman Manual helped me get assigned to handle a busy treatment and surgery room. There was a shortage of school trained medics in Germany, so I was accepted for on the job training on the basis of good testing scores.

During this stint I delivered babies, sutured hundreds of wounds and performed miracles on seriously injured or people suffering from critical medical conditions. The military skirts the licensing requirements. Of course I did most of my work under direct supervision of talented physicians but there were lots of those times when no doctors were available.

Thankfully I was taken under the wing of a career military nurse coming to the end her 30 years of service. Her name was Major Hoppe whose advanced age by my standards made her irrelevant to me until I discovered what a gold mine of training and information she was. I was in serious competition for my treatment room position and had to be the best or get reassigned to a lesser spot like an ambulance driver. Major Hoppe began training me with protocol, sterile procedure and absolute cleanliness of my work area.

I learned how to take simple X-Rays mostly skull series because GI’s had a bad habit of whacking each other in the head with beer bottles. Additionally I also had to learn how to fill prescriptions and label them properly for patients. I became proficient at the application of plaster casts to immobilize fractures. I was the local champ of using the marvelous Ace elastic wrap bandage.

Emergency medicine is akin to being a plumber. You must stop the leaks of blood and air on people rather than objects. Of course it was more complicated than that and mistakes were out of the question. I remember well the very first injection I ever gave was a .05 cc of Epinephrine, inter-muscular application to the thigh of a five-year old girl suffering from a critical asthma attack. Moments later the sight of this little girl breathing normally gave me a real thrill.

I soon had a marvelous offer from a military physician and wonderful mentor I was lucky to have worked with by the name of George A. McCarty, MD. Dr. McCarty and his physician father were going to partner up at their OB/GYN practice in Royal Oak, Michigan when he got out of the Army. They were willing to put me through whatever college I needed to finish and on to medical school. The deal was that I would work with them.

Stupidly, I wanted to be a cop instead. I also had a serious aversion to advanced mathematics and was deathly afraid of failure in that area. There were no calculators back then, but there was an instrument of the devil called a slide rule. It damn near took an engineering education just to learn how to operate that blasted thing.

Without the advanced math knowledge, chemistry and biochemistry was impossible. I feared the slide rule more than armed criminals on Chicago’s streets. I took the coward’s way out instead.

Being a mathematics coward and having the immature desire for adventure as a cop derailed my entire adult life. I can’t do it over and the older I get the more I regret making that terrible mistake.

Instead of being brought up by two responsible parents, I had a dysfunctional, single mother who let me raise myself. I was on my own since I was 14 years-old. I can’t really blame it all on her but I ask myself if things might have been better with real parents.

Being a cop and later a private detective and investigative TV news producer gave me some satisfaction and quite a bit of adventure. Now it all seems so hollow and frivolous in hind sight.

I must admit now that my military service that included 18 months as a corpsman in Germany was the most excellent adventure of my entire life. I even found time to learn how to speak German.

Lindsay Lohan, Show Pony for a Police State

Beverly Hills, CA—Like most Americans I hate recreational drugs and the damage they do to productive lives. However, I hate the ill-advised and failed Drug War much more.

Lindsay Lohan
fell under a DUI conviction and was placed on probation for three years. They’ve doggedly perused Lohan as she stumbled and fumbled her way through the Hollywood VIP club scene and publicity machine. Lohan fell under the spell of the Happy Dust with the enthusiastic enablement of trusted friends and advisors from Hell.

Lohan’s problems need treatment, not non-stop Police State sponsored humiliation and exploitation.

The judge in this case, Elden S. Fox violated Lohan’s right to reasonable bail and due process. The judge also knows getting a hearing before the Court of Appeals will take longer than the month Lohan will be rotting in jail pending the next courtroom, television extravaganza. There’s no point in appealing Judge Fox’s rulings if she can’t be sprung from the Lynwood Gulag.

I challenge anyone to find a single physician who is not on a government payroll that will support our out-of-control and insane Drug War.

This is not about crime and punishment but raw government power. Lohan is getting the “star” treatment that will not do anything but satisfy the ego of government thugs.

I, for one, wish Lohan a speedy recovery from her drug demons and the government sponsored torture she is receiving. I want Lohan to succeed and be all that she can be. I hope she can somehow still pull off a victory.\

An Update!
Like I said Lohan was entitled to bail. Judge Patricia Schnegg, Assistant Supervising Judge for the L.A. County Criminal Courts has reversed Judge Fox's ruling and set bail for Lohan in the amount of $300.000.00. That bail will require Lohan to pay a bondsman $30,000.00 in cash in order to be released. Lohan will never see that 30 G again but she will be free until further action by the court.

Watching the Death of a Treasonous Presidency

Washington, DC—Less than two years into his term, Barack Obama has staffers jumping ship at an alarming rate. The latest leaving is none other Obama’s campaign architect and Propaganda Minister, David Axlerod.

Insiders like Axlerod know just how toxic the Obamas really are. They know too many of the secrets that will ultimately disgrace and destroy this administration and they want to be far away when it happens.

This is the period of quiet, before the storm of the midterm elections. They also know that after January the Congressional investigations will be in full swing. It will be raining subpoenas like never before in this country’s history. I don’t expect Obama can survive the purge even long enough to complete this four-year term.

Conduct like halting the Black Panther Voter Intimidation Probe may lead to a Special Prosecutor and Obstruction of Justice charges against various officials.

That nasty Birther Issue will finally be at the forefront and the truth will be exposed. I suspect that along the way issues of massive payoffs will also be exposed. The result here would be the termination of Obama as President and reversal of everything he illegally authorized.

Obama and his cronies took over this government like every victorious Socialist, after a successful revolution. They endlessly plundered. The ever present Socialist goal to reinvent the election process to a tightly controlled retention vote will not materialize. To keep power they must either have popular control over the media or nationalize it. That may well be impossible.

Obama thankfully has many more obstacles than Adolph Hitler ever had. For one, technology has changed and controlling the information with our Internet is nearly impossible. Obama knows there is a well-armed, Conservative civilian power-base that despises Socialism along with the majority of patriots in our military.

Obama can only wage a war on America with United Nations' or troops from Socialist nations. That would be the greatest bloodbath this nation has ever known.

Hitler had huge advantages. The German military was dramatically reduced in size and neutered by the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Hitler created his own shadow military of lightly armed civilian thugs in brown shirts known as the SA. As the SA gained too much power Hitler created a competing group operating under the Death’s Head symbol in snappy black uniforms called the SS. Both of these paramilitary groups were despised by the professional soldiers in the German military. Thankfully, Obama’s promised civilian force never materialized.

Hitler had actual control over the new mass media of radio. Timing is everything and this new technology was in nearly every household. It was Adolph Hitler’s radio, non-stop for every broadcast hour. Hitler endeared and seduced the German people into the cult of National Socialism. Adolph Hitler became a wildly admired celebrity throughout the land because of radio with only one voice.

Hitler was Germany’s new Messiah that promised to deliver them from starvation, unemployment and give Germans Hope and Change. Unlike Obama, Hitler was able to deliver his promises, especially with newly conferred absolute power.

The National Socialists blamed Germany’s problems on the Jews that predominately controlled financial infrastructure of the industrialized world during Great Depression. In Germany the Jews still had visible wealth despite everything that had gone wrong. They were easy targets for the wrath that followed. Of course the German people were only aware of Jewish “re-settlement”, not the mass extermination program by the SS. That was a guarded state secret.

It was the vast Jewish wealth that Hitler and his Third Reich redistributed to the German population keeping them employed and fed. There was lots of new and very lucrative employment within Hitler’s SA and SS who became the muscle of the Holocaust.

Obama’s hope for a true American Socialist revolution can only be enabled by the total destruction of our economy. To accomplish this nearly every American must be forced to depend on the Socialist state for food and simple survival.

Directing the Cult of Marxism as a new and charismatic leader with God like political power is the wet dream of every Socialist politician.

Timing is everything. The Internet blogs, talk radio and Cable television has kept our population alert as we have predicted every step Obama and his minions have made. The American military is way too large and loyal for Obama to turn against the U.S. Constitution and the people.

It’s beginning to look like the tools left for us by our founding fathers are protecting us from a despot dictator. LET FREEDOM RING!

Thursday, September 23, 2010 for Prisons and Jails

Los Angeles, CA--Managing prisoners is no easy task for any warden. Phone privileges are used as management tools. Also telephone providers make a financial killing on providing recordings of inmate phone calls.

If you’re familiar with you know that it’s free and will give you video of both sides of the conversations. Software to record is also cheap and available for the prisons and jails.

Prisons are located in geographically challenging places for families to visit inmates. Skype can close the miles anywhere in the world.

Inmates with family ties and outside mentors can do better that those with none. Utilization of Skype for well-behave inmates can make a difference. Often it is a real hardship for loved ones to travel sometimes hundreds of miles to visit inmates.

Perhaps 20 minutes per week on Skype per inmate could reduce violence and other misbehavior. It won’t cost much to find out.

Prosecutions with Reluctant Victims and the Police State

Los Angeles, CA—Nearly every day cops working busy beats are sent to disputes that have gotten physical. They involve fights between strangers, friends, lovers and spouses. Most of these cases without visible injury are resolved without arrest if peace has been restored.

There are those cases with injuries to one or both combatants. Sometimes the injuries are quite serious. In the days before America became a Police State, victims to assaults told police they did not want to prosecute and the case was cleared and closed.

Today police, prosecutors and judges force victims into court through coercion.

A horrible by product of this kind of prosecution is that the person arrested may be totally innocent and the reason the so-called “victim” does not want to prosecute is that the original accusation was a lie. Fearing arrest for making a false report a person in this position is pushed into a wrongful prosecution.

There are those that argue that serial wife beaters have escaped justice and forced prosecutions are the only way to protect their victims. I say, “Hogwash!” This concept is un-American. Reluctant victims have all kinds of reasons tom not cooperate. Some are legitimately afraid and government’s responsibility should end when these victims refuse intervention and protection.

Government should provide temporary emergency shelter for any spouse to afraid to return to a residence where they claim they are in danger.

Being a cop and later a private investigator I had hundreds or perhaps thousands of cases and found that the classified victim was the cause of the problem.

Sometime there are people that just don’t want to subject themselves to police questioning and multiple court appearances. Their rights need to be protected, not to prosecute.

Orders of Protection.

Many of these orders are obtained in good faith but they are a waste of time when a domestic partner is in real danger. The only way to protect someone is to get them far away from their abuser. These orders don’t accomplish anything in that regard.

These things are far too often a nightmare for the innocent. Frequently they are only sought to give one spouse the ability to loot a home of possessions, and give a spouse an advantage in divorce and child custody settlements. These fraudulently obtained orders are public record and cause people to lose jobs or business relationships especially when they involve celebrities.

One case that stands out was when I got an emergency call from a lawyer late in the day to meet him and his “client” at court after hours at nearly 7:00 PM. I arrived to find a very concerned lawyer that just obtained an Order of Protection on behalf of a young attractive married woman. The Order was granted to evict the husband from the home. The lawyer told me he was fearful his client would get a beating if I did not get the husband served right away.

I went out to a very plush Scottsdale home where I contacted and served the husband. Normally I leave once I hand over the order but this fellow insisted on telling me his side of the story. Under the circumstances I felt I should listen for two reasons. One was to determine his mental state and dangerousness and the other is to let him blow off a little steam.

The story was indeed intriguing. The man’s wife was getting her car serviced so he drove her to work at a law office. They man had a scheduling problem that would affect his picking his wife up at 5:00 PM telling her he’s not arrive until around 6:00 PM. Things changed and he was unexpectedly able to be there at 5:00 PM.

The husband arrived to find the front door of the law firm locked. So he went around to the back door. He passed a large picture window to the conference room where the mini-blinds were ajar on one side. He saw movement and it was his wife having hot sex on the conference room table with the lawyer who instigated the Order of Protection!

To get the Order the woman had to say she had been either assaulted or threatened by the husband and that never happened. Not one but two divorces followed. Yep, the lawyer’s own wife learned of the affair.

Designated victims should always have the right to refuse prosecution and that should be the end. Prosecutors complain that victims are bought off by the offenders. Can it be so wrong that a person resolve his prosecution by paying his victim rather than the government? The victims would be far better off if they could be compensated for injuries and damages without government or taxpayer involvement.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Socialist Coercion Techniques Against Families

"Alle 10 Jährigen zu uns" which means "All 10 year olds (come) to us.".

Washington, DC—I want to warn my visitors of the despicable and frightening way Socialist governments abuse children to enforce and establish absolute control over the population.

The Socialist state indoctrinates children in vital youth programs. They all emulate the highly successful, Hitler Youth. The idea is to create a sense of cult-style loyalty to the government or political leaders above and beyond that of the child’s parents.

The properly indoctrinated child will be rewarded for “helping” their parents by informing on them. The children are programmed to spy on their parents and their parent’s friends. The children are encouraged to inform on the reading material or broadcast viewing habits of their parents along with things like weapons ownership or plans to escape from or otherwise defeat Socialism.

Parents that cause discomfort to politicians and bureaucrats by political activity or an expressed desire to flee from the Socialist state get a visit from the local social service agency and police. The parents are deemed unfit to raise children and they never see them again. The kids are sent for adoption or orphanages that groom them for government or military service.

Innocent children have been duped into sending their parents to firing squads, gulags, concentration camps and torture chambers in every Socialist nation. Yes, it can happen here too.

This form of punishment was a common practice by the East German Communists during the Cold War against people believed trying to escape to the West. It was also used by the National Socialists against all parents in the countries they occupied during World War Two.

School teachers are rewarded for their ability to get children to tattle on their parents under Socialist regimes. Socialists hate the concept of private schools and any form of home schooling because it removes children from Socialist indoctrination that’s absolutely necessary to keep power.

The Socialist’s abuse of children is popular because it works so well.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Why Chicago Can’t Succeed in our Lifetime

Chicago, IL—After decades of rule by the Daley/Burke Crime Families Chicago cannot recover it’s once proud character. The city and its productive taxpayers have been plundered to death by the crooked local government officials.

The vast majority the inhabitants of this city are ignorant, drug and entitlement addicted zombies. They will vote only for someone who promises more handouts. They don’t care about jobs, education, or self-reliance.

African-American voters won’t cross skin color lines for Mayoral candidates without their tribal leader’s demands. The tribal leaders are the local reverends and Aldermen. The Daley/Burke Syndicate had this down to a science. They bought off the sellout tribal leaders with perks and cash long ago.

The second large voting block is the Liberal Lakefront Liberals. These are Jewish voters with a special love for Marxists. Remember it was the Bolshevik troops that freed the Eastern Europe Nazi Concentration Camps at the end of World War Two. Additionally the Lakefront Liberals have been brainwashed by the socialist college professors and never developed minds of their own. The Lake Front Liberals will blindly vote the Socialist ticket every time.

No Mayoral candidate with an agenda for jobs, commerce, and productivity of any color will get serious consideration from the majority of voters in this Bankrupt metropolis.

Police and fire services will continue to degenerate until the entire city is a, dog eat dog jungle. The Lakefront Liberal may ultimately fill the dietary needs of South and West-side cannibals.

To change this horrible direction only dis-incorporation and a total gutting of every entitlement program could bring change. The able bodied must work or starve. Breeding for entitlements can no longer be the primary occupation of Chicago women.

Chicago has three major industries in the ghetto, entitlement breeding, drug pedaling and prostitution. Ending the Drug War will put a lot of Chicago’s criminals out of business. Prostitution should be legal while pimping should remain a crime.

Eventually in some future, lifetime education, self-reliance and civic pride will be valued and a new Chicago can emerge from the ashes.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let’s Hang Dr. Richard Kimball!

Los Angeles, CA—Most of us remember the TV series or at least the Andrew Davis film, The Fugitive. Kimball comes home to find his wife murdered, get’s arrested, tried, convicted and sent to Death Row. He was innocent because the killer was a mysterious one armed man who simply got away. In the end the one arm man is captured and Kimball goes free.

The concept for The Fugitive was based on a real case where a young Cleveland Osteopathic physician, Dr. Sam Sheppard who was falsely convicted of murder in a media Trial Orgy. We have not learned much from the Sheppard case or the thousands of convicted people cleared through DNA evidence.

We’ve turned newsworthy crime stories into a sick form of entertainment over the last three decades. People who don’t have lives of their own want to become a part of high profile missing persons or murder cases.

There are those professional victims like John Walsh and Marc Klaas that have capitalized on the murders of their own children to become celebrities. Then there are the wannabes like Beth Hollaway Twitty looking to cash in as they seek fortune and fame. Of course there are those crime infotainment presenters like Nancy Grace and Geraldo Rivera who rush to judgment as they gleefully smear anyone under suspicion with a vengeance. We have a newer element and they are bloggers that now jointly ride the True Crime Smear Wave.

The cases ripe for infotainment exploitation all are strikingly similar. An attractive woman or child is missing or murdered. Tabloid producers rake the muck as they put their thumbs on the scales of justice. They sensationalize the cases putting cops in the limelight adding significantly to the pressure to make an arrest.

The missing and murder cases all follow the same direction. The boyfriend, husband, jilted lover of the victim is always the first person to be grilled by police. Interrogations usually yield incriminating results and mysteries are solved.

When there is no confession the audience of the crime infotainment purveyors take charge of the case. They mount a hate campaign just to be part of the action. These are the True Crime Harpies that believe they are doing something important.

They flood the Internet and call in programs with their vile and baseless opinions. What they are doing is poisoning the jury pool for whenever a suspect is charged with that crime of the week.

We fought so hard for the liberty and freedom we have left in America. I cannot understand why people can’t just let the cops and prosecutors do their jobs.

If our Bill of Rights was up for a vote tomorrow the True Crime Harpies would be working overtime to destroy every aspect of a fair trial. The Presumption of Innocence is dead in America.

I have no problem with reporting on a crime case but excuse me if I leave the issue of guilt or innocence to our juries.

Our trial system is not broken. The vast majority of people arrested plea bargain their cases. Of those who are not offered plea agreement deals and those who are innocent stand trial. Of those people actually tried over 80 percent are convicted.

Our punishment system on the other hand is broke where ever Liberals run government since street thugs are able to quickly use the revolving prison and jail doors redundantly. Liberals don't support fairness in trials, just lifelong government sponsored enabling "treatment" for thugs.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Need to get Out of Lindsey Lohan’s Personal Life

Los Angeles, CA—Actress Lindsey Lohan is a talented young lady with personal problems that need to stay personal. She may need help but what she’s getting from the public, press and the government is simple torture.

Lohan’s has been turned into a Los Angeles Superior Court show pony that receives punishment in an ongoing, bizarre entertainment news freak show. Do we really need to know the contents of this woman’s urine?

Lohan is partially a product of the ill-advised and insane Drug War. We have no business jailing anyone for simple drug use. If Lohan can be helped it won’t be by some court ordered treatment but something she seeks on her own.

I’d like to see Lohan and so many millions of other Americans freed from addiction so they can lead productive lives. The failed Drug War needs to end.

Lohan needs to deal with her demons. Right now the public, press and government have Lohan on a fast track to major depression. Do we need to see Lohan hanging from a noose in her apartment before we learn?

I’d love to see the media have the decency to end the unnecessary coverage of Lohan’s and other celebrities’ addiction issues.

As for Lohan she bears responsibility for her problems and needs the privacy to work them out or not. There have been some great musicians, artists and even physicians with life-long drug addictions that have avoided the kind of humiliation Lohan has suffered in her short life.

Welcome to the Chicago Park District Gun Club!

Chicago, IL—When I’m elected Mayor I will put out to bid a contract for a world class gun range on the lakefront.

Chicago’s new gun range and club would be placed where noise would not pose a problem for local residents. There would be a year around, well ventilated, indoor pistol range with 200 positions. There would also be an outdoor trap & skeet range where the lead could be collected and recycled.

Of course there needs to be a pro-shop with a staff of instructors. There would be a restaurant for the shooters. The range could also be used by police agencies and security companies during off peak hours.

There was that Lincoln Park trap & Skeet range at Diversey and the Lake that the Lakefront Liberals shut down long ago. It was a busy range and gave the lakefront character. Today there would be legitimate concern of lead contamination of Lake Michigan if the shooters were constantly spraying lead into the water.

The Cook County Forest Preserve could also operate two such ranges, one North and one South.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Toy Guns in America’s Schools

I’m reading today how an 8 year-old boy was suspended from a Florida school for two years for getting caught with a toy gun in his backpack. The Zero Tolerance by this school’s administrators tells me that the child is better off anywhere else but at that school.

Americans don’t have to surrender to or accept that kind of silliness from our tax dollar, sucking educators. They are free to find employment somewhere in the private sector.

Guns are a part of world and American history. We have established a Constitutional right to keep and bear them. Toys and toys and children possess them. All toys should be equal in that a yo-yo or a doll is no different than a toy gun even at school. The children deserve their toys for fun during recess.

As a fifth grader I remember packing a water pistol to class for some serious combat during recess periods. I remember how on Boy Scout uniform day we all had out Boy Scout knives hanging from our belts. We all lived through those dangerous times somehow.

At Senn High School in Chicago we drilled with genuine .30 Cal M-1 Garand rifles in our Junior ROTC class. We also had close up and personal exposure to the Browning automatic rifle and the .30 caliber carbine. Chicago’s public high schools with ROTC all had indoor 50 foot small bore rifle ranges.

As a member of the ROTC rifle team, I had my own Springfield M-2 .22 caliber bolt action rife and commuted on two CTA buses with the rifle in a case with a box of ammunition in my pocket every week. I brought it to the ROTC room where Sgt. Ketzner would put it into the vault for me during the school day. At the end of classes I’d take the rifle home again on the CTA. Today that activity would be a national news story and I would be banished to some Gulag for life.

When I was drafted a few years later my ROTC training was a huge help in facing basic training and the specter of deadly combat in Viet Nam. I served in Cold War Germany as a medical corpsman instead.

We have allowed pathetic, frightened Socialists to run our schools. ROTC and its important training for national defense, has been expelled. Our country is weaker as a result. There is no evidence that the now decades old wave of anti-gun rights hysteria has made anyone safer in our schools.

Can we please return to the days when men were men, women were women and we celebrated our freedom?

We need to purge the intolerant, un-American, Socialists from our soil before they purge us.

A Prediction, Gold Sale and Possession Will Be Banned Once Again in the USA

Washington, DC—A wild card for the banking industry is the competition with gold in addition to land and of course the stock market for our investments. The Obama Administrations hates anything being traded as currency beyond the dwindling and over-produced American paper dollar.

Taking a cue from Franklin Roosevelt’s Administration, Obama can be counted upon to destroy the gold investments predominantly made by politically Conservative investors with a ban.

The Liberals are quick to point out that it’s nearly impossible to collect any income tax on the earning’s of gold as people sell or barter gold among themselves.

The government will create an artificial low currency price for gold and demand that all bullion privately owned be turned into the government. Remember when government dictated that gold was only worth $35.00 per ounce?

Can silver be far behind this time?

Roosevelt and Obama both share a love for Marxism. Roosevelt got us half the way and Obama wants to finish the job.

A good Communist is a dead communist.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surreptitious Recording of Conversations in Illinois and the Law

Chicago, IL—Illinois has had a criminal law on the books for many decades that bars the recording of any conversation public or private unless all parties to the conversation give their consent.

The statute itself has never been changed, despite the reality that the law was all but gutted in a 1990 decision by the Illinois Appellate Court in, Illinois vs. Jansen. Jansen is still the law of Illinois today.

The current state of affairs is that most people are unaware of their rights under Jansen. The court ruled that the use of a recorder is merely enhanced note taking when the recorder, is not a government agent.

That means that any and all video or audio recording accomplished in a public place within your earshot by private citizens is legal. That also means recording telephone conversations is also legal as long as they are conversations you’re participating in.

Since 1990 at least in Illinois you should smile, because you could be on Candid Camera!

This does not cover potential civil remedies that may exist should the recording be used in a way intended to cause harm or unnecessary embarrassment. Civil remedies are generally not available for people recorded making threats, harassing or engaging in fraudulent or other criminal activities. You may have a rather nasty civil problem when you sell that sex tape you avoided telling your girlfriend you shot on the sly.

Audio and video recordings take the guess work accuracy of testimony taken in courts. Should a witness testify to something inconsistent to a video or audio recording efforts will be made to admit the recordings to impeach and expose the deception.

The difficult part of this ruling is that it does not cover police recording civilians! Cops can be still be charged if they are doing it in their official capacity.

Ill Recording Law People vs. Jansen 561_N_E_2d_312-1

Name Chicago’s Cool Coyote

Chicago Animal Care and Control has been dispatched to a dog park at Huron Street and the Chicago River, where this coyote showed up today. (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune)

Chicago, IL
--This cunning and majestic creature deserves to be the Wind City’s new mascot. He deserves a special name and I will leave that up to my visitors.

Unlike a hapless mountain lion that showed up by Lane Technical High School a while back who was cut down by police gunfire, this critter is safe and sound and most likely on his way to re-settlement somewhere.

As for that rogue mountain lion police claim they found a gun not far from his paw. That was the cop’s story and they’re stickin’ to it! That killing was finally ruled as a Justifiable Homicide.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Citizens Recording Cops On Video

Like it or not cameras are everywhere and people are using them. Cops have the same rights to film citizens and their conduct.

The Conservative think tank, The Cato Institute produced this film with their position on cameras.

Cops can come off as tyrants or heroes on video recordings. The cameras are not going away and officers must learn how to use them for their advantage.

Watching My Fellow Bloggers Grow With Technology

As I write this I’m wringing my hands that I’m not in Chicago setting up a live video feed of the historic and unprecedented FOP march seeking the ouster of a police superintendent. At a minimum I’d like to put up a three minute video package that would accurately sum up today’s happenings.

Second City Cop
, Shaved and this outlet has brought text, photos and canned video. I’d like to say I lead the pack with the video production, but I’m acutely aware that the other blogs are operated by working Chicago cops who must protect their identities. Shooting video and getting interviews requires exposure and that’s the rub for any anonymous blogger. Crimefile News operates freely under my name and reputation.

There are those out there that know how to use cameras and that can feed video to any blogger without spending a nickel beyond the cost of the camera and laptop computer. On the other hand minimal funding for newsgathering assistance would solve the problem.

The blog readers are often out in the trenches and should capture video for their favorite bloggers. They can simply send their captured video the bloggers on those tiny flash drives. The bloggers can in turn get that video out to the masses.

Cell phone video sucks, but the cheap and tiny Flip Video HD cameras are terrific. The above photograph shows a Flip Ultra HD with a recommended Small tripod.

Bloggers must learn to shoot and edit video or be left in the dirt by competition. A $150.00 Flip Ultra HD camera along with a MackBook computer is that’s needed to get started. Any Apple Store offers free lessons on video editing with the free I-Movie software already on that MackBook. As the experience of the blogger progresses better cameras, microphones and lighting equipment will be acquired.

The Second City Blog is unique. It offers three simple stories per day of interest to Chicago Cops and their families. The excitement comes from the anonymous people posting comments. There is a huge amount of department gossip spread here. Journalistically it’s lacking in every respect but the banter opens the door for legitimate investigation of claims made by contributors.

Information left in the comment section has become very newsworthy on several occasions. One thing Second city Cop does well is casting sunshine onto questionable departmental policies and practices that imperil cops or the public.

Every blogger must strive to be accurate, honest and above all, get the best information to the masses.
Second City Cop
Here is a Flip HD generated video.

Chicago’s Media Shields Embattled Police Superintendent And City Hall Corruption

Chicago, IL—The Daley-Burke Crime Families learned long ago that owning the media insures incumbency protection. Today that ownership has never been more obvious.

Not once in recent memory has Chicago’s media undertaken an investigation of City Hall chicanery, their insider dealing or their violations of the Shackman Decree. Instead the local media editors and news directors are only doing, “puff interviews” of these miscreants serving instead as the Daley-Burke Public relations machine.

The local media welcomed Jody "J-Fled" Weis as they canonized him to Chicago’s Sainthood. Of course Weis had no real say in day to day operations since police operations are micro-managed by the Daley-burke Syndicate that serves its own nefarious agenda.

There was no way for Weis to succeed in public safety efforts under City Hall constraints. Weis was never equipped for the job by training or experience. Weis’0nly real job was to placate the local reverends and provide the media with meaningless doublespeak about crime control efforts.

The facts are that Chicago’s tourists are the most desirable targets for Chicago’s violent thugs because they never return to testify in court and the criminal charges are always dropped. Any arrests are rendered meaningless.

Chicago’s mass transit has been abandoned by police in favor of cameras. I guess cops don’t make campaign contributions to politicians but the selected camera vendors do. Cameras positively can’t identify or arrest anyone. Even the finest quality digital video of a crime without a living eye-witness is inadmissible hearsay evidence in court!

Cops themselves have been targeted because the thugs know they can’t summon sufficient help for back-up. The organized thugs have a wide selection of heavy weapons to use against the police. Most cops on the other hand are barred from carrying more than their underpowered pistols or revolvers.

There is only one proven cure for Chicago’s law enforcement troubles and that’s enough well-armed manpower to take the criminals to task.

Chicago’s media get’s there direction from City Hall’s political hacks rather than the experts. The real experts are the rank and file street cops who are forbidden by the department from talking to the media.

Chicagoans demand that cops to magically appear the second they press 911 on their cell phones. By the time a police communications worker can answer that call the crime is usually over and the offender has already fled. With any luck the victim is somehow still standing.

The citizens of Chicago have been forcibly disarmed by unconstitutional laws, and are at the total mercy of violent criminals. Instead of citizens struggling with cell-phones they should be drawing suitable defense weapons as the unceremoniously end the attacks. Thugs are notorious cowards and don’t want to face armed citizens.

Dealing with Chicago’s crime takes a combination of sufficient well-equipped officers, along with trained and armed citizens.

Chicago’s City Hall owned media is a part of the problem rather than the solution.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chicago’s Mass Transit Passengers Are Under Violent Attack

Chicago, IL—The robberies on CTA property are beyond epidemic right now. Many crimes are reported and many others aren’t. The public knows police can’t do much after the fact, so why bother making a report? Passengers have no choice but to provide their own security.

The criminals are targeting high tech gadgets, but purses and wallets are high on the list. The police can’t help and passengers are absolutely on their own. Over 95% of the CTA robbers are African-American and the remainder, are Hispanic. The victims are overwhelmingly White people.

These crimes will only increase until passengers arm themselves and refuse to be victimized. If you must take the CTA be well-armed and trained. You have the right to bear arms even in Illinois as their total ban on carrying is now unconstitutional and unenforceable.

With all the thousands of passengers there must be someone that will dispatch a thug or two. Simply blow the bastards right out of their Nike sneakers and flee for your own safety. Say nothing to police unless advised by a lawyer to do so. No lawyer will let you do that anyway. It’s very simple, shoot and scoot.

World War Two Hero “Agent Rose” Readied for a Pauper’s Grave

Torquay, UK—Her name was Eileen Nearne and on September 2, she died without known relatives. Social workers discovered her amazing history through documents, photos and medals they found in her flat.

Nearne was exactly what screenwriters search for to make blockbuster films. However this humble and unassuming woman died in near obscurity, despite her incredible service to her country and demonstrated ability to repeatedly escape and survive.
They will now bury her with national honors.

My question is which, A List Hollywood, femme fatale will play Nearne in the movie?

Learn more about “Agent Rose” right here.

World War Two Hero “Agent Rose” Readied for a Pauper’s Grave

Torquay, UK—Her name was Eileeen Nearn and on September 2, she died without known relatives. Social workers discovered her amazing history through documents, photos and medals they found in her flat.

Nearne or "Agent Rose" as she was known was exactly what screenwriters search for to make blockbuster films. However this humble and unassuming woman died in near obscurity, despite her incredible service to her country and demonstrated ability to repeatedly escape and survive.

They will now bury her with national honors.

My question is which, A List Hollywood, femme fatale will play Nearne in the movie?

Learn more about “Agent Rose” right here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The FOP Marches To Remove Jody “J-Fled” Weis

Chicago, IL--It’s happening here Wednesday and it was not supposed to be like this. Superintendent Jody "J-Fled" Weis said early on that if he did not have the support of the officers he’d leave the department. They even had a survey completed and the results were kept secret. Of course it’s no secret that the officers openly talk despairingly about Weis’ inability to fit into the department.

The march will draw media attention as demoralized, out-gunned, out-manned officers openly display their disrespect for City Hall’s anti-police, Yes Man.

It is not a question of the popularity of Weis with cops, but his loyalty or lack of it to the simple mission of the Chicago Police Department. Weis has obstructed the mission in his zeal to kiss the asses of Chicago’s most corrupt politicians. Weis should be investigating and arresting those City Hall thugs instead.

Weis needs to simply walk off the job rather than pretend. Weis has dishonored the oath of office he took that supersedes the agenda of the crooks who appointed him Superintendent. Public safety and integrity must be the first priority.

Hanging a few cops for little misdeeds in the field while turning a blind eye to organized criminal behavior demonstrates nothing except his being a willing co-conspirator.

Mr. Weis, perhaps it’s time to enjoy your pension.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Actor Kevin MCarthy Dead at 94--YOU'RE NEXT!

As a youngster I saw a classic horror film that left a huge impression on me. It was, Invasion of The Body Snatchers. It starred Kevin McCarthy and a strikingly beautiful actress, Dana Wynter. This was one of my favorite films of all time.

The TV series Twilight Zone came along and my favorite episode was called, “Long Live Walter Jameson.” McCarthy played a history professor with a special gift. He could explain history just like he’d been there. That was because he had. Along the way he outlived a number of wives most of which he left when they aged and he didn’t.

McCarthy was in so many rolls working both live theater and films that spanned nearly 70 years. His good looks and commanding baritone voice never left him.

It was about six years ago that I had a chance meeting with McCarthy in Sherman Oaks, where he lived. McCarthy was a man who enjoyed life along with his family and friends. He still enjoyed making new friends.

McCarthy lived a full and exciting life that most people can only dream about. McCarthy will live on because his passion and life’s work is preserved by our wonderful technology. He may be gone now but he won’t be soon forgotten. McCarthy's greatest line from Body Snatchers was: “Look! You fools! You’re in danger! Can’t you see? They’re after you! They’re after all of us! Our wives…our children…they’re here already! You’re next!”—Dr. Miles Bennell

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Drug Test Politicians?

Washington, DC—We claim we’re fighting an all important War On Drugs. As a result, in order to qualify for most jobs, a urine and blood test is required to screen out criminal drug abusers. Somehow our elected officials and Czars they’ve appointed somehow escaped that scrutiny.

I’m convinced that a surprising and shocking percentage of the current occupants of the Whitehouse and Congress are themselves drug dependent criminals. Wouldn’t it be great if they were all tested? Their radio-active, drug laced pee could be a newly discovered source of energy.

We know today that Adolph Hitler was under the influence of a daily morphine IV cocktail. His judgment and conduct was shaped by his drug use and so many millions died as a result. .

If it is important enough for a mailman, fireman or bus driver to submit to drug testing why are elected officials entrusted with our precious tax money exempt from such testing?

An Anniversary of Infamy

Nine years ago today nearly 3,000 people were murdered and untold vast damages were suffered by hardworking and taxpaying Americans.

The result of the 9/11 attack instigated two separate Mideast wars that have cost us even more. Instead of burning Iraq and Afghanistan of the face off our earth we chose to do the impossible, separating the bad Muslims from the good. That will never work except to destroy the lives of American children we send to fight.

Hate is the byproduct of this entire conflict. Whether fueled by a twisted religion or cultural differences hate is our biggest enemy.

Unfortunately hate is bigger than all of us and the carnage will simply continue until every last human is dead.

We have no choice but to protect ourselves, our freedom and our families. We have allowed our own politicians to trade our own precious liberty and freedom for the vague promise of security. Today, we have neither freedom nor security. That is just as evil as any act committed by fanatical Muslims. The thieves of our freedom inside and outside of our country must be stopped cold.

Friday, September 10, 2010

It’s Time to Thank My Blog Visitors

This blog began when I suffered a profound hearing loss lasting seven long months. I was kicked of a film set as an actor when I could not hear the director’s commands. It was for a recurring role in a popular TV series and unfortunately, there was no second chance.

Talking on the telephone was nearly impossible for that period. Frankly I did the blog to fight any depression and feelings of helplessness the deafness brought. The blog really made that period bearable for me. Being able to avoid those mood chemicals was a huge benefit.

The doctors told me I had a blockage in my Eustachian tubes that would be temporary. They underestimated the time I’d be deaf considerably. My hearing has returned but with less volume and on some days it’s better than others. I’m very grateful for the hearing I’ve retained. I’m also grateful that I have missed an insult or two thrown my way.

As my readers know I have a strong Libertarian/Conservative background. I was intermittently raised by dysfunctional single mother destroyed by entitlement addiction in Chicago. My mother did the best she could but was shattered by the Nanny State. I was on my own since age 14.

In addition to the therapy and pleasure of creating this site along with debating, this blog has improved my writing chops considerably. Additionally, I am the editor and proof-reader.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my positions but I sincerely hope we provoke serious thought as we test our various philosophies.

I thank God for our hard won Freedom that allows me to express some pretty strong feelings.

In the future I want to report from as many places as I can. I want to bring forward more stories complete with quality video and images.

I serve you the visitor. I want to bring a broad variety of useful information to you. Please feel free to bring story requests to my attention as often as you like. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous visits.