Friday, July 29, 2011

Truth and Treason—Can this Happen Here?

Hamburg, Germany—Young Helmuth Hubener was a typical Christian German lad but for being in the Mormon Faith. He joined the boy scouts and that progressed to the Hitler Youth in 1942.

Hubener obtained a radio and learned the shocking truth of what Adolph Hitler was doing to Germany by listening to BBC German language broadcasts. Getting caught listening to the forbidden broadcasts was a serious criminal offense.

The lad felt it was his duty to get the information out and did so with the help of two young pals and a typewriter. He got caught and at age 17 was brought before the notorious Nazi Judge, Roland Friesler at the People’s Court in Berlin (Today the modern Sony Center sits on the site of that terrible place) for a show trial.

Hubener’s fate was quickly sealed with a death sentence. He was brought to the execution chamber of Berlin’s Plotenzee Prison and beheaded by the guillotine for resisting the tyranny of the National Socialist Regime.

Young Hubener became one of thousands of good Germans that were arrested, tortured and murdered for revealing the closely guarded secrets of the Nazi atrocities.

It’s an undeniable fact that any government even ours could degenerate into a murder machine that the Nazis and Communists operated. We must zealously protect the Bill of Rights or live and die in a monstrous police state.

2012 will bring the premier of a film based upon the book by Susan Campbell Bartoletti called The Boy Who Dared. Haley Joe Osment (Sixth Sense) landed the starring role and if the trailer is any indication of how the film will play it’s bound to be a winner.

Watch the trailer below and after that is a video I shot this past March at the actual execution chamber where Hubener and thousands of other good German men and women was murdered by the Nazis.

Germany, Terrorism and Soft Targets

Berlin, Germany—Summer time in Berlin is always the right time to visit this city. Berlin has a blend or rich history, a modern skyline and no shortage of places to enjoy life. Berlin is truly an exciting city.

Berlin is also a soft terrorist target. Germany has never fully recovered from the stain of the Nazi period and any strengthening of their police resources raises eyebrows everywhere. Government is not nor ever been the answer to terrorism anywhere. Government is never up to that task anyway.

The Sony Center is probably the most vulnerable soft target in this metropolis. The place is loaded with law-abiding, unarmed people waiting to be victimized. The police would arrive too late and be unable to respond to a major crisis here.

What is a better solution to deal with terrorism here and for that matter anywhere? The answer lies within the ranks of those law-abiding potential victims enjoying their visit.

Government must demand that citizenship responsibilities include a commitment for the defense of our cities and way of life. Law abiding citizens must be trained, armed and understand their duty to defend self, family, neighbors and country.

If only 15 percent of the visitors to the Sony Center’s law abiding visitors were trained and armed anyone attempting to attack would most likely fail with minimum innocent casualties. The citizens would have a fighting chance to survive and no traditional government force could out-perform the citizens already on the scene.

We don’t need police states with shock troops to control hard corps criminals and terrorists, just ordinary citizens with a strong commitment to public safety and a sense of duty.

Citizens must begin to rely on each other for necessary protection. The terrorists will always be able to outsmart government. Terrorists have always counted on governments to make sure their potential victims are unarmed and defenseless.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Chicago Police Board Scam Has to End

Chicago, IL—The Chicago Police Board has more functions than punishing cops over allegations of misconduct. The reality is the board itself is a mystery operating in the shadows of City Hall. The Board has had a strong odor of major corruption for decades. It operates in total defiance of the principals of open government.

The board members are appointed and get paid handsomely whether they work or not. They only answer secretly, to their appointing authority. The board hearings are not publicly accessible, nor are the videos or transcripts of the proceedings.

The board is almost never present during discipline hearings and the Master of Ceremonies is a politically connected lawyer who is the appointed hearing officer. The hearing officer makes a recommendation and the board simply acts as a rubber stamp. The board members are supposed to view the video of the hearings at their convenience but there is absolutely no reliable evidence that they do that.

The board must come out of the shadows, be present at the hearings and act as the trier of facts.

Police Board decisions are too often reversed later in the courts because of denials of due process and the reality that they made conclusions that were against the manifest weight of the evidence. Millions of dollars in back pay must be unnecessarily awarded to exonerated cops for work never provided. That’s because the board consistently manages to violate the civil rights of the officers whose careers were on the Police Board’s carpet.

By the same token the politically connected officers with very troubling conduct histories get special protection from the board they don’t deserve.

The Chicago Police Board is a scam that exists only to give the appearance of a functioning organization to met out fair discipline and wherever else they have the authority over.

The board needs to be replaced with a new commission that operates transparently. The men and women of the Chicago Police Department deserve nothing less than a real commission staffed with dedicated members operating in the sunshine.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There is an Extraordinary Acting Coach in Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CA--Graham Beckel has been acting professionally for 40 years. He played a corrupt LAPD sergeant in Hollywood Confidential, an admiral in Pearl Harbor and hundreds of other roles. Beckel is a consummate pro, who’s always in demand for those special parts.

Savvy actors seeking to hone their skills all need a place to work their scenes and become primetime perfect. Beckel has created a great lab for actors and works with them from very young beginners to mature veterans.

Beckel’s goal is to help actors be all that they can be and he’s a really gifted teacher that will make that happen. Those fortunate enough to live near Santa Monica can visit the Santa Monica Playhouse on Tuesday nights, enroll in Beckel’s classes and experience the magic.

The details of Graham Beckel's acting class can be found at:

Between the student’s scenes Holly Gleason performs live music and last night Graham who was also blessed with a great voice sang a duet with Holly. I shot that number called L.A. Dawn which was written by Beckel with my video camera and placed it here for your enjoyment.

The Drew Peterson Prosecution May have Finally Ended

Joliet, IL—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson has been held in jail on a $20 Million bail bond for more than two years. He was charged with killing his third wife Kathleen Savio. She was found dead inside the bathtub of her locked home. Peterson and Savio were embroiled in an ongoing divorce at the time of her death.

Savio had hired a locksmith to change the locks and Peterson did not have a key. There was no forced entry found at this home at the time of her death,

Depending on whom you may want to believe, Savio died from an accidental fall or was murdered by an intruder. There is no physical evidence that ties Peterson to the death of Savio. Savio’s family members stand to profit if Peterson is ever convicted of killing Savio. That damaging hearsay evidence was blocked by the Illinois Court of Appeals yesterday from admission in the pending criminal case against Peterson.

There is a serious lack of evidence now and trying Peterson now would result in an acquittal. It would be a waste of time and tax money to prosecute this case. The real damage of trying Peterson is that should they ever find any compelling and admissible evidence they would be unable to re-arrest or try Peterson again.

Peterson fourth wife Stacy Peterson suddenly vanished after telling a friend she wanted to disappear in a plan to escape her unhappy marriage. In that case there is no evidence of any kind that would shed light on where she might be or her condition.

The true crime aficionados have set the gossip machine in overdrive with theories about these unsolved mysteries. Their prevailing opinion is that Peterson is a double murderer that deserves maximum punishment. Thankfully these people cannot dictate away our Bill of Rights.

I’ve said before that I’m not clairvoyant and tell you for sure that Drew Peterson did not kill anyone. Nor can any known witness tell us what really happened to either of Peterson’s wives.

The only reasonable thing to do is release Peterson until there is some genuine evidence of his having killed someone. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

Peterson with have anything but an ideal life once he is freed until this mystery is solved clearing him. I don't see that happening during his lifetime.

This may however place some Hollywood film producers into a litigation quagmire if they continue on with their project that appears to be labeling Peterson as a murderer. Profiting on Peterson’s name and likeness will suddenly become very risky at this particular juncture.

Here is the Court’s Opinion:

Peterson Appeal Opinion

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama Administration’s Criminal Gun Running Scheme Leaves Gun Ban Advocates Speechless

Washington, DC—The Brady Violence Center is usually never quiet about guns being placed in the hands of known criminals. The same could be said for the Congressional Black Caucus along with a small Army of Leftist politicians that have demanded gun bans for decades.

Of course, when the gun rights hater they anointed to sit in the Whitehouse got caught using tax funds extorted from hardworking Americans to arm violent criminals they are speechless.

Yes, the Obama Whitehouse deliberately set out to create a gun violence crisis to bring world-wide disdain and condemnation of American’s right to keep and bear arms.

Operations: Gunwalker and Fast and Furious were set in motion to do nothing less than to engineer massive carnage by criminals using guns from American gun dealers. The problem is the Obama Administration got caught in the act.

Obama has made no secret that he wants to amend our Constitution by signing a United Nations civilian gun ban treaty. Somehow I don’t recall a legal way for America’s politicians to attack the Bill of Rights and negate any of them by signing a treaty. Despots throughout civilized history have never cared about liberty or freedom.

With two recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings (Heller and McDonald) reaffirming the second Amendment, Obama sees the UN treaty as a way to make an end run around our freedom and liberty.

Eric Holder involved at least three if not more federal law enforcement agencies in the scheme by knowingly and intentionaly allowing the illegal sales of thousands of firearms to dangerous criminals who were trafficking them to Mexican drug cartels and Central American criminals.

So far two the guns the Obama Administration knowingly delivered to criminals were used to murder two federal agents.

This has gone far beyond a simple mistake and has made the Obama Administration an accessory to murder. There is no legitimate excuse for this nor is there any plausible explanation that would convince any reasonable jury that Gunwalker along with Fast and Furious was somehow merely a clumsy attempt to prevent crime.

The Gun rights haters will scream if some person was convicted of pushing their domestic partner decades earlier, wants to own a gun today.

The silence by the gun ban advocates on the Whitehouse gunrunning allegations reveals how they are far beyond being disingenuous.

We need to appoint a special prosecutor now to bring the Obama Administration criminals to justice. The families of the foreign victims of Obama Administration criminals also need to file wrongful death lawsuits against Obama and his henchmen.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Power of Video Production Skills

Los Angeles, CA—As television, magazines and newspapers completely reinvent themselves for the newer and more versatile webcasting platforms video has become more important than ever.

Every smartphone, IPad, or computer must be fed lots of exceptional video. There are screens in your pockets, cars as nearly every business displays large screens that are all demanding viewers.

Creation of video was always nearly impossible for anyone without the financial assets of a small nation. Today for a few thousand bucks and the discipline to learn the art of shooting, writing and editing you can create and control the content of what’s on some of those screens.

Today even the smallest of business need watchable and entertaining videos to showcase their products and services at least for their own websites.

Today every businessman or woman should be able to deliver a quality video presentation by a click of a mouse to any potential customer or client in the world. If they can’t do this they will forfeit their business to someone who can.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fighting Fat With Crimefile!

Chicago, IL—We all must maintain super-hero figures to effectively fight crime. I have a guaranteed weight loss system for the hardworking men and women that work in 012.

The same system will work in every district if you apply the same secret formula with other fine establishments.

Amy Winehouse Has Died

I don’t what turned me off the most, her drug use, smoking, tattoos or the hair and eye makeup out of an Ed Wood horror film. For me Amy Winehouse had no relevance until now. Until I ran across her rendition of, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? Winehouse’s voice is a divine gift.

Now I'm saddened to hear that this gifted young woman has died. She had a lot to offer this world but is just a sad memory now.

She lived and apparently died in a world of alcohol and drugs like so many well off and talented folks

I had to put her version of Will You Love Me Tomorrow on my Ipod along with The Shirells, Ben E. King and Carole King’s versions of that great song.

This is now a sad song:

Norway’s Death Toll on Par Our Own 1990 Happyland Social Club Murders

Oslo, Norway—So far the horrific and indiscriminant killings attributed to 32 year-old malcontent, Anders Behring Breivik are on par with the terror attack at a Bronx nightclub in March of 1990 that claimed 87 lives.

That’s despite the extraordinary ability of Breivik to masquerade as a policeman, employ firearms and six tons of explosive fertilizer to inflict his carnage.

Unemployed Cuban refugee Julio González simply used a single gallon can of gasoline to incinerate 87 people at the Happyland Social Club in his attack on a former girlfriend. Most people are simply beyond ignorant just how explosive and volatile gasoline really can be.

Hollywood has elevated the firearm to having magical levels of destruction with those awesome special effects. Filmmakers have somehow brainwashed the entire world into believing that there’s no more effective weapon than a gun.

The fact is and has been that well over 60% of people shot survive. Chicago’s weekend violence statistics show firearms being incredibly ineffective as scores are wounded for everyone that’s actually killed.

Modern emergency medical treatment probably deserves the credit for reducing the homicide rate because most urban area shooting victims get prompt treatment.

I’m still amazed that not a single terrorist has bothered to use a weed sprayer with gasoline. Imagine what two or three maniacs with weed sprayers could do in a crowded airport, shopping center or nightclub?

I doubt that anyone but me would look twice at a Mexican carrying a weed sprayer in Los Angeles.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Police “Perp Walks” are Dangerous to American Freedom

Los Angeles, CA—On March 31, 2011 Brian Stow a SF Giants fan traveled to L.A. to cheer his favorite baseball team on at Dodger Stadium. Stow was savagely beaten by two Hispanic male offenders simply because he wore a Giant’s jersey to this game. Stow may never fully recover from his injuries.

Naturally the LAPD quickly established a Dragnet for the low-life suspects. A call came in from a parole agent suggesting a possible suspect named, Giovanni Ramirez of Los Angeles. Ramirez was a convicted robber loaded with jail style tattoos who matched the composite drawing police obtained with the aid of eyewitnesses at the scene. On May 22, 2011 They stormed the Ramirez’s residence and recovered a handgun that the felon was barred from possessing as they arrested their prime suspect.

Because of the gun found in Ramirez’s possession he was held on a parole violation and returned to prison for a ten-month period.

Giovanni Ramirez quickly tried to explain his whereabouts to police and the fact he was not involved in this brutal assault. His plea fell on deaf ears as the LAPD delightfully informed the press and public that they caught one of the vicious criminals responsible for this despicable act. There was just one huge problem they arrested the wrong thug.

Ramirez was cleared not by solid police work but by our new surveillance society. His digital images were captured far away from the crime scene and there was a trail of data making their prime suspect’s participation in this crime impossible. Additionally he took and passed a polygraph test.

The LAPD had dug their heels in with their big announcement as they facilitated a “Perp Walk” for their “Usual Suspect”.

Today they are announcing the exoneration of Giovanni Ramirez and the subsequent arrests of two new suspects. That, as Ramirez stays behind bars because of that little problem of getting caught with a gun during his takedown by the LAPD SWAT Team.

The police and prosecutor's press releases and the suspect Perp Walk always endangers the accused’s rights to a fair trial. Today no suspect arrested by police in a high profile case can escape the hate. As always the media can be counted upon to smear the suspect with their, Mark of Cain.

Laws precluding cops and prosecutors from issuing press releases or making comments to the media about arrests they’ve made or evidence they plan on presenting in court would never endanger the rights of the free press.

Prosecutors and cops need to be muzzled at least or until after these cases are fairly tried in a courtroom.

The sad truth is that it's not always some convicted thug with a long rap-sheet that takes a fall for a crime he didn't commit. If they can do this to Ramirez, they can always do it to you or someone you love. We need to end the Perp Walks now and forever.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Need Cops In Chicago? Here is a Novel Solution that Includes Funding!

Chicago, IL—The Windy City needs to give their police department some serious CPR. The department is undermanned, out-gunned, demoralized and dysfunctional because of miserable management and political shenanigans.

They can continue as they have and things will deconstruct to the point of anarchy. They can apply a Band-Aid but that can’t and won’t stop the public safety hemorrhage.

The city should auction off a prime parcel of lakefront property with the proviso that it be used for a small business commuter airport like the one Richard M. Daley destroyed in the middle of the night a few years ago.

Next they could do the same with another small stretch of property for a world-class gun range, training facility and pro shop to replace to old Lincoln Park Gun Club they shut down decades ago. I think it is abundantly clear to Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy that the Illinois gun carry ban is about to end. The right way to deal with this is to invite the public to learn how to use the weapons properly, safely and justifiably. Perhaps one could be established on the North side, and another on the South Side.

The city could also get really serious about making Chicago the place to make feature films and TV series. Leasing out city buildings like abandoned police stations and courtrooms to filmmakers would put them to good use. Also, film permits need to be granted to students and such with minimal red tape and cost. Today’s film students are tomorrow’s major directors.

The catch is the money is to be used only for police resources. The funds could be used to hire back seasoned officers that have already retired. The savings in training costs alone would be quite substantial.

Next officers need to be encouraged to provide their own serviceable carbines and shotguns, as they must do now with their duty side arms. This will help level the playing field between the officers and the heavily armed street gangs.

The political hiring, assignment and promotion of cops must end. The department must use proven civil service, personnel management that fairly and equitably rewards officers for excellence. The phone calls from clout heavy reverends and ward healers must go unanswered.

Finally there must be a solid policy to criminally prosecute people that make phony allegations against our cops. The policy has been to never prosecute the people that routinely cause a huge waste in investigative resources with malicious allegations against cops.

If these things were accomplished over the next year there would be a new attitude within the ranks of our Thin Blue Line. After a while we could phase out the retired hire back program for traditional police recruits.

The Fear Pandering Brady Campaign/Center is on Life Support Today

Washington, DC—They’ve been around for over four decades changing their name and goals like most people change their underwear. Today it’s the Brady Campaign that has been trading on the name of former presidential media spokesman, Jim Brady wounded by a madman.

I have the most fun with Brady grading states on what they’ve been calling sensible gun laws. Gun laws, is misleading because it’s only gun bans this organization will fully support. As for the list, the states with the most restrictive gun bans are also the most violent ones. The states Brady has flunked are always the ones with minimal rates of violent crime. Of course the most violent cities rate Brady’s A or A-plus rating. The violent cities of America all have Leftist mayors the Brady folks support and love.

The Brady people were experts at misleading the public with their propaganda. They re-invented a whole class of firearms by redefining the title of Assault Weapons. Assault weapons are select-fire military rifles or carbines. The Brady people abused the term to include anything looking similar to an assault weapons. The ignorant media was sucked into this deception and they still misuse that term today.

The deception led to that failed ten-year Assault Weapons Ban we saw passed by a single vote. Today it is expired and there is little interest outside of some diehard gun rights haters to bring it back. The hated ban simply had zero impact on violent crime.

The Brady people nearly succeeded in convincing the entire nation that gun bans would somehow keep them safe. However, the experience was radically different. Gun laws are only obeyed by the law-abiding and as a result of the bans violent criminals are assured unarmed and unprotected victims.

The Brady people railed against returning law-abiding their right to arm themselves with a concealed weapon for self-protection. State by their hysterical campaign of fear-mongering failed. The Brady people predicted the streets would run red with blood and these armed citizens would be turned into armed zombie killers.

States began keeping accurate statistics and learned that the permitted gun packers were incredibly well-behaved. A tiny percentage of permits were suspended or revoked after a holder would use deadly force but they were soon reinstated once these shootings were ruled justifiable. I’ve yet to see a case where a criminal committing a violent crime actually bothered to get a permit to carry a firearm to some crime scene.

The carry bans have fallen so far in all but one state, Illinois. Litigation appears to be forcing Illinois to fall in line with the Second Amendment. Various courts have ruled the Second Amendment guarantees not just the right to keep arms but to bear them as well.

The Brady Campaign’s days of peddling fear are all but over. Americans in many places have spent over four decades unarmed and vulnerable to criminals.

Americans have learned that magazine capacity is more about dealing with cowardly criminals that travel in groups. Americans are rapidly learning they need not submit to urban terrorism enabled by ignorant politicians who bought into the defective Brady philosophy.

It’s Time for Another Conservative Broadcast News Channel

Los Angeles, CAFox News is in need of competition since it stands somewhat alone in a world of Leftist propaganda. Without competition Fox News is stagnating in a rut of mediocre content. Without the hot babes they sport as anchors I find little to enjoy there anymore.

Bill O’Reilly
tries to pass himself off as a Conservative because he’s at odds with the Looney Left. Being at odds with Barack Obama, Barney Frank and the rest of the Liberal firebrands hardly qualifies as conservative credentials. O’Reilly is little more than a big government loving control freak. There will never be enough laws restricting freedom to satisfy this pretender.

Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee are two more examples of almost Conservatives. They seem more interested in keeping their political images polished rather than digging past the phony façade of America’s politicians.

There are very few bright lights at Fox News like Judge Andrew Napolitano. For the most part Fox News does not have a real Conservative image. Glen Beck showed a lot of promise but seemed constrained at times due to Leftist efforts to silence him through advertisers.

Why Fox News employs that has-been Leftist gadfly, Geraldo Rivera escapes all logic. Rivera is as empty as his deflated decades old TV special on Al Capone’s vault.

What’s needed is another Conservative themed TV and web news organization. Competition would Improve Fox News giving it new life. The new contender would have to work hard to win viewers from Fox and the leftist propaganda machines. You’d have two news sources that would decimate what’s left of mainstream broadcast media.

Competition breeds excellence instead of the malaise Fox seems to be generating these days.

I’d give a top-notch news director type six months and a lot of cash to assemble a new news player with bureaus both here and in Europe. It would be more about news gathering and reporting than chest beating by personalities.

The way that ABC, CBS and NBC have kept viewers is that they do more than disseminate their political slant. They primarily still do news. Fox News has been notoriously weak on providing actual news content.

I see a goal is to establish a new breed of reporters that ask the politicians those tough questions that even Fox News was too timid to ask. The purpose would be to hold government accountable through constant digging into suspected government corruption. That’s just not that difficult in a nation where there has never been a shortage of politicians fleecing taxpayers.

As for the campaigns to silence Conservatives delivering news, they can be derailed if there are more than one or two targets for their wrath.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chicago Cops Handling Justifiable Shooting Incidents.

Chicago, IL—We all know that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez hates Conservatives, cops and gun owners. We also know that she will indict anyone for murder that uses deadly force that she can despite reasonable justification.

Most experienced officers can early on read the signs of a righteous shooting. We need to give taxpayers the benefit of the doubt when they have shot up some young thug whose mother will avow he was just turning his life around.

The patrol men and women responding to that kind of a shooting should start their investigations with enhanced Miranda warnings even before the point of accepting a shooters statements or excited utterances. Most people involved in justifiable shooting want to make a case of necessity to you on the street out of presence of a lawyer. It is most often very difficult to shut them up because of all the excitement. Please, do them the favor of stopping them cold.

Tell the shooters that you and the detectives that follow up the shooting will not be making the decision to charge them with a crime. That as we know will happen on the whim of some ASA dancing to Alvarez’s depraved music.

Advise these folks to say nothing without a lawyer and quickly tell them they won’t be arrested if they invoke their rights with you and the dicks. Tell the potential shooter you’re not psychic and without a confession you’d not have enough evidence to arrest anyone.

The passage in the case report is always best read that, “Reporting officer asked (blank) what happened and he invoked his rights to remain silent and asked to have an attorney present.”

Your report can then reflect a whodunit angle since people refused to talk. Alvarez’s hands will be tied.

You simply give people their rights a little early in the game and save them from spending a couple of years in jail while they wait for a judge or jury to free them.

I’ve yet to see a CR get issued for handing out Miranda warnings too early in an investigation.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Appeals Court Shuts Down TSA’S Naked Scanners!

Washington D.C.—After the TSA unceremoniously subjected travelers to naked X-Ray scans there was an uproar over the invasive process and the unknown long term health effects of the Equipment used.

The TSA implemented the program and bypassed required public input and normal comment periods. Today the D.C Court of Appeals spanked the Homeland security and the TSA. They ordered theTSA to follow proper comment procedure.

I guess the TSA will have to settle for massive groping of our junk. Perhaps it time to stop bathing before we fly. Let’s all make the TSA swine as miserable as possible.

Here is a copy of the opinion right of the court clerk’s press:
TSA Naked Scanners Shut Down

American Criminal Trials for Fun and Profit!

Pictured above, actor Rob Lowe and sergeant Drew Peterson

Joliet, IL—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson has sat in jail on a murder charge for well over two years waiting for a fair day in court. Our founding fathers were wise enough to give him and all of us the presumption of innocence. That presumption has been hijacked, at least from Peterson long ago.

The case against Peterson for murder is based on what’s always been inadmissible hearsay evidence in any American courtroom until the Illinois Legislature made a special law just for him. The untested law would allow the second and third-party gossip of the very people profiting from the death of Peterson’s third wife to be admitted to a jury.

The problem with the Peterson case is the use over-hyped and sensationalized trial material for fun and profit. Tabloid court news spinning organizations like that of Nancy Grace’s win big ratings and cold hard cash bringing viewers on board to watch Peterson get totally trashed.

Now a film based on a very poorly researched and written book is in production. Hollywood plans to tell America that Drew Peterson is a scoundrel and murderer before any jury is ever seated. Of course the pre-trial publicity has made Peterson the scorn of the true-crime addicts that don’t have lives. This is the same group that can’t seem to get enough Casey Anthony hate out of their system.

Countless Americans have died on battlefields so we could have a fair criminal justice system. Today too many Americans want their favorite media celebrities to tell them who is guilty, based on unsubstantiated chitchat and hateful sound bites rather than vetted evidence in a court room. This process turns any high profile case into a perverted sporting event for a large population segment of dysfunctional true-crime addicts.

As for the Peterson trial itself assuming that ever happens, thankfully Nancy’s Grace’s cameras are barred from all Illinois courtrooms.

Making a film and lots of profit after the trial would be fine. Making a film based on the outcome of a fair trial would be reasonable. Portraying Peterson as a cold-blooded wife killer before a jury has a chance to weigh and test the evidence is outrageous.

Making profit on the name and likeness of a private person who has simply been accused of a crime is dead wrong. Making a reasonably truthful film reflecting the trial outcome after the fact based on public record is another matter altogether.

As for the profit of Peterson related material reasonableness suggests that if Peterson would be convicted he’d have no right to any portion. If he’s acquitted or a court rules that indictment was improperly brought by a defective hearsay statute Peterson should have his right to profit from his name and likeness protected.

As for the gossip-mongering true-crime swine, they will only be satisfied with a trial by Tabloid TV along with the public torture and execution of Drew Peterson.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Liberal Media Protects Obama from a Major Gun-Running and Murder Scandal

Phoenix, AZ—Okay we all know that the vast majority of journalists working for the major publications and TV news outlets are very Liberal. We know at best they make only a lame effort to hide their Socialist politics. They are for the most part deeply in love with Barack Obama and won’t report anything that ever casts him in an unfavorable light.

By comparison simply look at how the same media treated former President Richard M. Nixon when some burglars tried to find political fodder believed hidden in the office of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate complex.

There is a vast difference here in that The Obama Justice Department intentionally and criminally conspired to move thousands of weapons from American gun dealers to drug cartels of Mexico and the notorious MS-13 Murder Gang of Honduras. Loads of serious state and federal laws were violated in the process.

The only possible purpose of the conspiracy was to create a major violence crisis and blame it all on American’s gun rights. They wanted the world to condemn America’s gun freedom and gain political points in Obama’s goal of signing away the second Amendment in a United Nations treaty that would ban gun possession by civilians.

So far at least two federal agents and untold others were murdered the with guns unlawfully trafficked by Obama and his pal Eric Holder.

The criminal conspiracy is now under Congressional investigation. The very same news organizations that brought down Richard Nixon avoid this very toxic and shocking gunrunning story. So far the Obama Administration has successfully stonewalled and obstructed every effort to uncover the truth.

Thankfully there are BATFE agents and others that have exposed this frightening scandal at great personal risk.

Perhaps some of these lame media organizations need to visit the halls of Congress and look at the thousands of documents that have been captured. Perhaps at the daily Whitehouse news briefings a question or two could be asked.

These outfits that claim to be objective news providers only see their role as Leftist propaganda generators committed to the re-election of Barack Obama. They will protect Obama no matter what.

Nixon was not a willing accessory to the murder of federal agents yet he was only saved by a Pardon from President Gerald R. Ford. Obama’s conspiracy was much worse because innocent people are being murdered. If Obama is ever forced to answer for this conspiracy the Leftist media can be counted upon to be nothing more than Whitehouse apologists.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama Threatens Grandma!

Washington, DC—Barack Obama and his Merry Marxist Czar Cabinet forgot they lost the House of Representatives in the last election. They also forgot that phony campaign promise that taxes would not be increased a single dime for Americans.

Does Obama threaten the illegal aliens that they will be cut off from any government benefits? Does he suggest that the assets of PBS and NPR be placed on the auction block and threaten the Left with an end to their taxpayer provided Socialist propaganda? Does he dare suggest that all funding to ACORN, Planned Parenthood and other questionable or optional organizations be slashed? Does he suggest ending the misguided and failed Drug War? Does he shut down the BATFE after decades of abuse like the WACO Massacre and now the arming of Mexican drug cartels and the MS-13 gang of Central America with thousands of deadly firearms now being used to murder Americans?

Why no, Obama tells America’s grandparents that they won’t be getting their hard earned Social Security checks.

Obama wants to play the terror and extortion game. This pathetic piece of Socialist garbage must be removed from our Whitehouse at once.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chicago Thug Kills a Woman and Cops Will Get the Blame

Chicago, IL—West Side thug, Marquis Harrison, 16, stole a nice Range Rover in Old Town. He was observed by police zipping through a stop sign and rather than quit Harrison tried to run the cops over and recklessly fled leading police on a wild chase.

Harrison was loaded up with vodka and Ecstasy as the deadly weapon he drove broadsided Marciea Adkins, a police dispatcher on her way to the safety of her home after working the graveyard shift killing her.

Now Harrison is facing a Murder beef as well as a host of other felonies. The bad news here is he probably will escape being tried as an adult for his adult criminal acts.

Soon we can count on hearing from those that will blame the police for the murder saying it was their chasing of Harrison that caused the young thug to kill Adkins. We will probably hear that the police stop was a case of racial profiling made by racist cops looking to ruin the life of some poor Black kid.

Welcome to Chicago…

Barack Obama and the Murder of a Federal Agent

Rio Rico, AZ—Last December, Customs and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, 40 was gunned down as he interrupted a gang of heavily armed Mexican robbers preying on Illegal immigrants.

Terry was shot to death with one of two recovered AK-47 copy rifles intentionally made available by Obama Justice Department officials to known criminals. This case is under Congressional investigation and so far the Obama Whitehouse and Obama Justice Department has engaged in a massive cover-up. To say they’re stonewalling is an understatement. They are criminally obstructing justice.

In Arizona like ever other state, furnishing a weapon to a criminal who then uses it in a murder makes the person providing that weapon guilty of murder. There is no exemption for politicians, public officials at any level for this kind of criminal conduct.

The fact is, that the Obama Justice Department has knowingly and intentionally allowed thousands of high-powered weapons to be placed into the hands of criminals. The actual intent of these officials was to place the deadly weapons under the control of Mexican and Central American drug cartels.

When lower level agents of the BATFE became aware of the scheme they risked their jobs and possibly their lives to stop this scheme. They had no choice but to bring it to the attention of Congress and the media.

Unfortunately we may never learn what the final body count related to this outrageous crime may be before the carnage ends.

The State of Arizona has the absolute jurisdiction and duty to bring the matter before a Grand Jury. Indictments for Murder, Conspiracy, and Obstruction of Justice should be sought against any and all public officials facilitating the murder of Brian Terry.

The Arizona Attorney General as well as the Santa Cruz County Attorney has their work cut out for them. Let’s hope they do their job.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Is the Obama Administration Involved in a Massive Gun Running Conspiracy?

Phoenix, AZ—The embattled Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Explosives was given a massive infusion of cold hard “stimulus” cash by the Obama Administration. This agency is our, Secret Gun Police. What did they do with all that cash you’re asking? The answers are coming Fast and Furious in an unfolding criminal conspiracy.

The Obama Administration has operated a shadow government of un-vetted, unelected czars that make government policy as they operate in secret. Secrecy has been the most common ingredient and trademark of every rogue criminal government on this earth.

The Obama Administration exists today because of massive campaign contributions from the political Left wing that wants a one world Socialist state.

The Left with the assistance of the Socialist majority United Nations have been on a mission for global gun control. They seek to only have member governments armed and for nefarious reasons.

Resistance to Socialist government by oppressed people is impossible if you can keep them dependent, helpless and most importantly disarmed.

Every world despot on earth has eliminated civilian gun possession in the name of Public Safety. It’s a scam to say the least as these Socialist governments; all of them exterminated any and all forms of resistance. Genocide and mass executions have always been the primary tools of Socialists.

No government can ever have Absolute Power if their civilians can keep and bear arms. Make no mistake the United Nations led Socialists want Absolute Power. In the United States there is a massive effort to circumvent our Second Amendment in our Bill of rights through a United Nation's Civilian Gun Ban Treaty.

It will all be legal if Americans don’t resist and shut down this criminal government conspiracy. Our Leftist politicians have waged a four decade war on gun rights and finally seem to have lost their ability to end gun rights in America. Our Second Amendment is still standing, at least for now.

The Obama Administration makes no bones about wanting to sign on to the Global Gun Ban Treaty. To do so they need to show our nation’s politicians that were are under a public safety threat and that our gun rights are responsible for the killing of innocent people in other countries. They found a way to accomplish their mission. The facts are trickling out in the form massive criminal conspiracy our government secretly managed in what is being called, Gunwalker and Fast and Furious.

In Phoenix nineteen men and one woman are under indictment. Their crimes were to use American taxpayer funds provided by government agents to illegally purchase and export weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

The scheme became public when BATFE agents came forward to expose the government scheme. The Obama Administration has successfully muzzled most media organizations on this story but between bloggers and Fox News the lid has been blown off and members of Congress have opened their own inquiries.

Since Gunwalker along with Fast and Furious were leaked we learned that border patrol agent, Brian Terry was murdered in the line of duty on December 14, 2010. Two of the BATFE illegally trafficked weapons were recovered by investigators at the scene were linked to that horrible crime!

On January 19, 2011 Jamie Avila, Jr. and 19 others were secretly indicted for a host of crimes from, illegal gun-trafficking and drug peddling. These people are facing absolute life in prison if they are convicted. Are these indictments simply being used as a way to insure their silence?

The Obama Administration knows that they can shut up those indicted for the pendency of their prosecutions (at least the two solid years it will take these cases to grind trough the criminal justice system). The indicted defendants can be expected to invoke their rights to remain silent until they are no longer in legal jeopardy.

As for the government and the involved agencies there has been a stone wall of silence in place. They have obstructed every way they could and continue to do so. Of course keeping a lid on this would keep it out of the 2012 presidential election campaigns.

The only remedy here is to appoint a special prosecutor to deal with this grand mess since all fingers point to the Obama Administration and their Attorney General, Eric Holder.

A special prosecutor would have the power to grant immunity to those offering truthful testimony that would aid in prosecution of those government officials that are behind the criminal distribution of deadly weapons to criminals engaged in Mexican drug trafficking.

We need to force our government to appoint an independent prosecutor giving him or her, the necessary funding to investigate and prosecute these cases because the Obama Administration is embedded so deeply in this conspiracy.

Read the Secret Indictment here:


Friday, July 08, 2011

A Sad Day for Journalism, Voicemail Hacking Ends Careers

Los Angeles, CA—The shockwaves were felt everywhere because media giant, Rupert Murdoch shut down, News of the World. It seems that this sad turn of events happened because some overly aggressive and unethical reporters got and used information from hacked voicemail. This is a crime nearly everywhere in the civilized world. Journalists committing crimes to gather news casts a dark shadow on the entire industry. For my media friends in L.A. this is no small event.

Murdoch felt this conduct was so egregious he took it upon himself to end publication of this outrageously successful news organization. I can’t imagine the damage done to the workers and their families that were not a part of this troublesome scheme. They are all apparently only going to receive 90 day severance packages.

Nowhere on earth is the competition between news organizations stronger than in the UK. The competition is nearly always healthy and important in our civilization. Without a strong and observant media, government officials would never have to answer to anyone. A strong and free press is far more important than most people realize.

Spending time in Geneva, Switzerland with fellow journalists and documentary film makers this spring at the Human Rights Film Festival was a real eye opener for me. The journalists I met there routinely risked their lives around the globe reporting on government human rights abuses. They have all exposed horrible government secrets. The acts of a few rogues in the UK cannot be allowed tarnish the reputations of the thousands of honorable reporters, producers, photo journalists and news directors.

Strong, trustworthy and reliable journalists are needed to keep us informed about critical news happenings that affect our lives.

We are at a crossroads in America where the ruling administration has handed out uncountable billions calling it “stimulus”. I call it, abject corruption. Government needs watching more than ever. There is only one news organization that is watching our government these days and that’s Fox News. It is sad that they have no real competitor in that regard.

You don’t need to go outside the law to get information like those pretenders did at News of the World. You do have to pound shoe leather, the public records and lawful sources to expose crime and corruption.

I hope the competition always thrives in the news business and that reporters never act as burglars when they gather news.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Breaking News—Concealed Carry Comes to Illinois!

Chicago, IL—Okay, I told you so! After the U.S. Supreme Court laid down the law in the Heller and McDonald cases I said Illinois would have to pass a CCW permit law or see the ban lifted altogether. The Second Amendment has been applied to state and local governments too. You not only have a right to keep arms but to bear them as well.

Yesterday the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a U.S. District Court Judge and invalidated the Chicago ban on gun ranges. The language in the opinion opened a wide door for the issuance of a Preliminary Injunction Order invalidating the Illinois Concealed weapon ban.

Since despite a solid legislative majority, Governor Pat Quinn’s threatened veto sandbagged the proposed Illinois concealed weapon permit law. The ban was still standing, until now.

Today the Second Amendment Foundation applied for a Preliminary Injunction Order precluding enforcement of the carrying ban. The Judge will have to issue the injunction or get spanked again by the Court of Appeals.

The state has no permit law in place with training requirements and other controls. The rub here is that anyone with an FOID card will be able to carry concealed weapons at least until a permit program is promulgated.

I’d expect a special session of the legislature to quickly enact some kind CCW permit law with to follow perhaps with a training requirement.

This news will put former mayor Richard M. Daley, and others into a massive seizure for sure.

Chicago’s street thugs are in for a rude awakening or maybe commit their last cruel acts on this earth. Watch behavior improve for sure!

Here is a link to the lawsuit by scrolling down to # 13 and #14 you will find the application for the injunction.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Breaking News! Appeals Court Overturns Chicago’s “New” Gun Law

Chicago, IL—In a city that is fiscally destitute there has been no end to needless massive litigation costs fighting Chicagoan’s rights to keep and bear arms. Good money after bad has been wasted by Chicago officials.

The Chicago City Council has been working outside the law by enacting unreasonable restrictions designed to violate Chicagoan’s civil rights. This time it was the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals that has slapped former mayor Richard M. Daley and his lawless aldermen for their obstruction. Read the opinion right here:

7th Circuit July 6, 2011

Below is action taken today by Chicago's Aldermen:
Council_070611_direct Gun Release v4[1]

Casey Anthony Verdict Reaction Dangerous To American Liberty

Orlando, FL—A child’s death is always serious. In this case police, prosecutors and their experts could not explain the cause of little Cayley Anthony’s death. They could only suspect that the child was murdered and that her mother was the killer.

Casey Anthony lied to authorities in a troubling effort to cover up what the defense offered up as an accidental drowning. Covering up negligence is no small part or the American culture and so is deception. Corporations and every level of our government routinely cover up despicable actions by officials

Casey Anthony’s cover up was inspired by our modern cultural deficiencies. This deception was an act of, "Monkey see, monkey do.”

I see the behavior of Anthony after the death of her daughter including the partying and normal behavior of a young woman was nothing more than an attempt to pretend nothing was wrong. This was simply more deception rather than what some people perceive as celebration.

I won’t however dismiss the dark thought that this was a murder. Our most basic protection from abusive government is the Bill of Rights, the presumption of innocence and forcing prosecutors to meet the burden of proof. The system is designed to give some benefit of the doubt to the accused.

Without a cause of death, prior acts of child abuse or a single witness that could suggest a murder motive convicting Anthony would have been a horrible miscarriage of justice. The verdict was proper. I hope our Bill of Rights will always be more important than Casey Anthony.

The gossip-mongering court watchers and media celebrities went into total meltdown after the verdict. Bizarre emotional reactions by some people were commonplace. Internet polls suggest that 70% of those responding felt Anthony should have been convicted.

The people offended by this verdict need to take a deep breath and once again read the Bill of Rights. Then ask why we should convict people of murder when we don’t even know what caused the death in the first place.

This case became a tool for media organizations with sagging ratings such as Headline News to gain viewers so they vigorously went on promotional overload. They wanted Casey Anthony to occupy the lives of every person on earth. There were far too many Americans that don’t have lives that fell into the media traps.

What’s next? Prosecutors from nearly every jurisdiction will try to convince local, state and federal lawmakers to allow more hearsay evidence and other schemes to make winning convictions easier.

Finally, today only 35% of our homicides are actually solved. How could this single case be so important anyway?

We already have a police state and tampering with the Bill of Rights will make this a nation we won’t like. We soon may all be living in abject fear of our own government.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict Was The Right One

Orlando, FL—The sequestered jury was somewhat protected from the shrill voices of those wishing death for Casey Anthony. To return with guilty verdicts on the homicide related charges the jury would have had to guess their way through lousy evidence. The convictions for lying to the cops were certainly reasonable since that evidence was uncontroverted.

The fact is she lied in a world where lies roll of the tongues of Americans every day. Thankfully few liars are killers or we would have exterminated ourselves long ago.

I know the true crime buffs that live only for convictions in high profile court cases suffered a tremendous setback. Get over it since we are a country where the government has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Casey Anthony will easily be set free suffering the loss of over two years of her life for four somewhat redundant misdemeanor charges.

Aside from the acquittal I never bought the theory she knowingly killed her child. We live in a world were accidents and the thought of negligence bring enough fear to bring about the conduct we know Casey Anthony committed.

Today there were no blood thirsty shouts of joy outside the courtroom. Today justice was served.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Is This What Chicago has Become?

Chicago, IL—Occupants of an apartment on this North Halsted Street recorded some video last night of a mob of African-Americans that viciously beat and stabbed their victim.

Nobody in their right mind would live here and pay taxes. It’s too bad the person shooting the video camera was not shooting a .12 gauge shotgun at the savages committing this outrages crime. The use of that shotgun on the mob would have been legally justifiable for sure.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Are You Celebrating Your Freedom and Liberty Today?

Perhaps you flew to your favorite getaway for the Fourth of July weekend. If you did you posed for perhaps a hundred cameras, got groped and X-Rayed by the lower forms of life hired by the TSA. If you were lucky they were unable to steal your valuables or cash.

Your credit and debit cards left a trail for anyone to follow. They know what you ate, drank, where you slept and with whom. Privacy in America is dead.

If you drove you left your IPass trail at every tollgate and upon entering various jurisdictions had to stop for police checkpoints along the way. They were able to snap a picture of you or two driving through photo traffic enforcement traps. They know the route you took as you stopped for fuel and meals.

You used you cell phone so they know where you were and all about the calls you made and received. You text messages and emails are neatly filed away for future snooping.

You’re short on funds this year since you have been forced to pay for the medical care, welfare, incarceration and education of millions of illegal aliens. You also paid billions for government services and projects you never wanted or needed so your politicians could get kickbacks to fund their political campaigns.

Perhaps it will be this year when you discover you’ve been living in a Police State. If not it may happen as yet more new laws are created in Congress or you State Legislature.

Do you still feel like celebrating freedom? The sad truth is you’ll have to recapture freedom and liberty by fighting yet another war before you will have a legitimate reason to celebrate.

Watch here and see how the FBI put a GPS tracking device on a person’s automobile without a warrant.

The government argues this is procedure is somehow not a search. The U.S. Supreme Court will tell us next session if the government is correct or if it’s in violation of the plaintiff’s civil rights. Stay tuned.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Rahmm Emanuel Ends Fight over Gun Ranges in Chicago

Chicago, IL—Former Mayor Richard M. Daley was a master at throwing away good taxpayer money after bad. He felt his dictatorial ability trumped the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Daley insisted on violating the civil rights of Chicagoans even after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled twice overturning gun bans.

Daley spent millions and lost millions more when the courts ruled that the city pay the plaintiff’s legal fees. The dopes writing for the Chicago media outfits claim the city was ordered to pay the NRA. They seem to forget that the NRA was never the Plaintiff and that it was ordinary citizens of Chicago brought the action against their city’s tyranny.

How many police officers could they have hired and trained with the money wasted fighting Chicagoan’s right to self-protection? How many prison beds could have been funded for violent offenders with the cash?

Chicago’s new police superintendent put his shoe in his mouth at a lame attempt to revise gun control history. Garry McCarthy recently branded gun rights and the NRA as racist in a strange dance with the truth while speaking to a Black audience. McCarthy seemed to have lost sight of the Supreme Courts Post Civil War Construction Dred Scott Ruling wherein the U.S. Supreme Court Justices expressed horror at the thought of allowing newly freed slaves the right to bear arms arms.

Someone needs to tell McCarthy about the origin of the first American gun control laws that were enacted to disarm African-Americans. The practice went from the Deep South up the Eastern Seaboard later used by each ethnic group that gained a majority against their minority. New York’s Sullivan Law was not about crime control but simply racial and ethnic oppression.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel can mend fences with Chicago’s law-abiding folks by simply protecting their rights to meaningful self-defense. That means dumping redundant and expensive Chicago laws requiring gun registration and such. The Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card is plenty of control when you consider that the Supreme Court has twice ruled that convicted felons can’t be forced to register guns. Felons can’t be forced to fill out gun forms that would incriminate them because of our Fifth Amendment.

Chicago’s gun registration is meaningless, redundant and terribly expensive. The city registration laws also force gun owners to avoid reporting to police guns stolen by burglars. Why risk being charged with failure to register by reporting to police when your gun is stolen from you?

Mayor Emanuel has taken a baby-step in offering the City Council legislation to lift the gun range ban. Perhaps the mayor can do more and simply leave gun control to the layers upon layers of gun laws already in place at the federal and state levels. That would give relief to the city’s taxpayers for sure.

Chicago’s local gun laws have never assisted police in the reduction of violent crime.

Mayor Emanuel and the City Council can reduce crime in Chicago by redirecting their efforts from meaningless and unconstitutional gun bans and such to bringing back industry and jobs.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Crimefile Video is Undergoing a Makeover!

I get a lot of questions from fans of this blog about production on a shoestring budget. It’s not easy to take the time and commute to where the stories are and creating compelling content. At Crimefile News we are upgrading equipment so this is a great time to talk about this subject.

Today the costs are only a tiny fraction of what it took to accomplish decent video production even a decade ago. Better and cheaper equipment is available everywhere.


Blogging software: Free
Camera: $150 to $4,000.00
Computer (MacBook Pro) $1,400.00
Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X: $300.00
Blue Snowball Microphone: $60.00
Camera LED light: $100.00
Tripod: $50.00
Training: Free via YouTube contributors.

You can be in business for less than $2,000.00 or go whole hog getting a great camera like my JVC GY-HM100U, extra lights and a couple of good quality wireless microphones and still stay under $5000.00 in equipment costs.

The goal here at Crimefile News is to give the special people that are my visitors the best I can.

Illinois needs to expel Cook County or its other Counties Secede forming a New State

Chicago, IL—This city has been dictating to the entire state politically for far too long. The Windy City is controlled and run by diehard Socialists that have created their own Utopia. The problem is that love for this political scheme is not shared statewide. Cook County needs to be a separate state perhaps called Northeastern Illinois.

The political and social division between the other Illinois counties and Cook is staggering. It’s time that the other counties and Cook part ways.

The Socialists in Chicago can do what they want to themselves but should no longer be able to control the lives and property of the other counties that reject the un-American direction Chicago has taken.

This idea was unveiled in Southern California by Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone. He is spearheading a drive that may cause thirteen counties to secede for California and form the state of Southern, California. Stone’s goal is to secure the Southern border, balance budgets and improve schools while they create a pro-business climate that will create new jobs.

This concept is a treatment for all the nation’s larger cities that have favored Socialism. If their Marxist ideas are better these larger cities should rejoice at this idea. This may be a good treatment if not a cure for bad local governments.