Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Actors handling Guns As Props

Here is gun-rights hater Sly Stallone in Action…

Los Angeles, CA—I have heard the horror stories of actors handling firearms. I have seen it first hand in projects I’ve been involved with.

It begins as an actor sees a gun on a prop table with a "Do Not Touch" sign. You hear the actor say how he or she hates guns and the next thing you see is the actor with the gun in hand with a finger on the trigger!

In too many cases the unnecessary gun handling escalates to horseplay and someone gets hurt. Such a case unfolded as a young Utah stage actor shot and killed himself with a blank round designed for theatrical use. At close range blanks firing simple gun powder without bullets can be deadly. Deaths, burns and eye injuries are very rare but do happen on movie sets

For unknown reasons, putting, “Do Not Touch” signs of gun props don’t help. Of course there are actors that know firearms and safety rules. The movie companies generally provide so called gun wranglers to manage set gun safety. The slightest lapse of vigilance by a gun wrangler can bring an accident.

Some really dumb actors have a habit of treating expensive firearms like cheap toys. A percentage of actors love to throw them onto concrete or gravel during rehearsals. They aren’t smart enough to wait for the gun wrangler to set up a pad to capture a fallen or thrown weapon.

There are two major prop houses that supply firearms to film producers of every description. The collections of these suppliers are as good as it gets. I’ve been in these places and have found them run by real pros that are constantly fighting inane gun laws.

As the prop houses fight for the continued ability to make realistic movies as the writers, producers, actors and directors are supporting every possible restriction on firearms. These anti-gun rights, entertainment activists all consider themselves experts because they’ve handled a few guns under the watchful eyes of gun wranglers.


Anonymous said...

good observation

Anonymous said...

That was actually stallonareli's worst movie; he even had to have his trollop in it. I quit paying to see his movies after that "epic".
He doesn't like guns or owners? Ya
just never know........

Anonymous said...

You mean Stallone? No, it can't be... The same Stallone who glorifies guns and killing in all his "Rambo" and Cop movies ? He has always been just a little sawed-off Dago Hypocrite, and always will be.