Thursday, July 31, 2008

Century City Stabbing Murder Investigation Takes A Sudden Turn

Century City, CA --The L.A. Times is reporting that the FBI is involved in an investigation of James and Pamela Fayed's gold trading business. The investigation was underway at the time of Pamela Fayed’s murder.

In high octane divorces such as Fayed’s criminal accusations by one spouse against the other are common. My obvious thought’s go to a really nasty betrayal giving rise to an incredibly volatile motive for murder.

James Fayed has retained Los Angeles Criminal lawyer Mark J Werksman and it's safe to say Fayed is no longer answering any questions posed by law enforcement.

If there is the slightest amount of probable cause for criminal fraud you can count on law enforcement pulling that trigger and arresting James Fayed just to lift his passport if for no other reason pending any trial. Let me go out on a limb and predict that a quick arrest unrelated to murder is in the cards.

Updated! Click here for the very latest information on this investigation

Here’s what the L.A. Times has to say.

Trial Number Two For Phil Spector May Have Only Limited TV Coverage

Los Angeles, CA.—This time it will all be a lot different. The second murder trial of Phil Spector may not be continually broadcast. Court TV is no longer covering high profile trials under their new direction and name, Tru-TV. Other TV news outlets are very unlikely to provide full-time trial broadcast crews.

One reason is local and national news directors feel the public does not really care about these high profile trials. Another reason is the budgets for such coverage no longer exist since TV viewers have fled the medium in droves.

Court TV provided a cheap Internet Feed of the first trial to KTLA-TV and KNBC-TV. With the help of a streaming video broadcast both KTLA -TV and KNBC-TV were able cover the entire trial on their websites. The KTLA-TV effort was anchored by veteran reporter Marta Waller and various lawyers used co-anchors. KTLA-TV also ran a Court TV style Internet forum that became more of a gossip outlet for those who hated Phil Spector.

Over all KTLA-TV and Marta Waller did a much better job of covering the trial than KNBC-TV or Court TV.

It’s almost certain that there will be only limited trial coverage of the second trial for regular news broadcasts. There will be sporadic coverage throughout the trial and of course closing arguments and the verdict.

I think the best we can hope for is that the news outlets may send bloggers to give a running blow by blow description of the trial for their Internet sites. The result will be few pictures and video.

There seems to be some TV interest in having bloggers favoring both the defense and prosecution side to give their impressions of the trial to a TV audience.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pamela Goudie Fayed, Century City Mall Area Murder Mystery

Century City, CA—Pamela Goudie Fayed, 44 of Camarillo in Ventura County was stabbed to death Monday evening in an nearby parking structure of the Century City Mall. Witnesses heard the victim’s blood-chilling loud screams that echoed throughout the mall until her last breath.

Century City Mall area is a place where crime is the exclusive province of some upscale shoplifters and a few dishonest store employees. This is as safe a place as can be found around any trendy mall. These types of crimes are unheard of where the high fashion ladies spend huge amounts of money so they dress and look wonderful.

I can’t help but wonder what Fayed needed for that extraordinary look for a special event in her second coming as a divorcee? The mother of two children was there for a reason. Maybe she was there for something more mundane. She was at a building located at at 1875 Century Park East, that houses officers for lawyers, accountants, movie producers and others. Perhaps Fayed was there to take care of her many business ventures. By now police know this answer for sure.

Who was the killer? Witnesses reported seeing a man fleeing inside a red SUV. It’s difficult for anyone to remain inconspicuous in any red vehicle. I think the red vehicle is a red herring perhaps driven by someone afraid of being victimized like Fayed.

Was this a professional hit or the personal act by her killer? That’s just what police are asking. With today’s motion pictures even amateur killers can do a somewhat professional job. CSI and Law and Order always reveal the latest ways police locate evidence and solve crimes.

Police have all but ruled out robbery and are focusing in on that old story of the high end nasty divorce gone wrong.

The widower, 45 year-old James Fayed’s life is about to change over the killing of his wife and it may be far more then he may be able to stand. Together the couple owned Goldfinger Coin and Bullion Sales and a second Internet business, e-Bullion.

Fayed is related to the owner of Harrod's Department Store In London, UK.

The couple was in court having a difficult time equitably dividing tens of millions of dollars in assets. The money involved is an obvious motive for murder.

There is no time like the present for the hapless widower to be unavailable to police and the LAPD interrogation confessional as he follows the advice by a great criminal lawyer. The widower’s troubled brother, Anthony Fayed had his own bad blood with the murdered victim and he too will need a lawyer of his own.

Both men will need a top notch defense investigator to uncover the woman’s activities and to find others she may have had conflicts with.

I strongly suspect that Pamela Fayed’s Killer also knew where and why she was visiting the Century City Mall. I’d hope the LAPD has examined her car, home and computer for surveillance GPS equipment, keystroke collection programs and bugging equipment. This stuff is frequently employed by spouses trying to gain advantage in divorce proceedings.

The family of Pamela Fayed may well need their own private investigator to do a little fact checking and some things the LAPD can’t or won’t do in pursuit of a solution to this troubling case.

I believe that the widower has the ability to return to or settle in a country that may not honor extradition. This is a case that may well provide major roadblocks and landmines that will inhibit those normal solutions.

Police have not formally announced either a suspect or person of interest in this crime.

Stayed tuned folks this will be yet another case waiting to be tried by media gossip long before the facts are discussed in any courtroom.

Updated! Click here for the very latest information on this investigation

Drew Peterson Gun Charge Dismissal Effort Nixed By Will County Judge

Joliet, IL--In a ruling handed down this morning by Will County, Circuit Court Judge Richard Schoenstedt he refused to dismiss a felony Indictment against retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson for, Unlawful Use of a Weapon.

The issue is the length of the barrel on Peterson’s Colt, AR-15 rifle he used in connection with duty on the department’s SWAT Team. The Illinois State Police claimed the barrel was 3/8 on an inch too short of the required 16 inches for civilian ownership. Apparently the judge did not agree with defense lawyer Joel Brodsky’s position that a federal law in fact allowed such possession.

The ruling came after a motion made last month by Peterson’s lawyer to dismiss the allegation based on a federal law that allows such weapons to be in possession of police officers.

Now this case moves into the discovery phase and it’s expected that the defense will seek to have Peterson’s rifle examined and measured by a firearms expert. I have repeatedly reported that it’s really unlikely that the barrel is 3/8” too short. Nobody would go to the trouble of cutting that small amount of steel and re-machine the threading. There is no possible benefit to the owner of such a weapon.

Judge Schoenstedt set a pretrial hearing on this matter for August 28.

It seems clear that the judge avoided making a final dettermination and is simply allowing the case to move forward. It looks like the defense request in not by any means dead.

Here is the Judges ruling:
Read this document on Scribd: LEOSA Opinion[1]

L.A. Government Is The Ultimate Nanny

Los Angeles--The L.A. City Council has stepped in to control the diet and nutritional choices for residents of certain poor neighborhoods. The council was concerned about obesity and all those diseases that are enabled through poor nutrition. Yesterday, they banned new fast food restaurants in or near poor neighborhoods.

I’m trying to figure out why only folks in the poor neighborhoods are worthy of having the food police? Perhaps the concerned folks on the City Council could bring more laws that would mandate good table manners and brushing teeth after every meal while they’re at it.

What makes politicians believe they must interfere with absolutely every aspect of our lives? Where in the Constitution did they suggest America’s free enterprise needed to be strangled by red tape, regulations and outright bans?

With the unlimited lawmaking ability of city councils, county, state and state federal government we will soon have killed every tree in America to make enough law books. Is this really what our founding fathers wanted?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock And Roll Without Music---EARTHQUAKE!!!

Los Angeles 11:42 AM.–Being in a multiple story building while the building begins shaking is unsettling. I’m always prepared for any emergency but felt foolish that I was wasting time looking for my wallet, keys, cell phone and gun so I could escape a potential disaster. Quick! I need my laptop and cameras! There’s no time! Had this been a big one I was toast and knew it.

The building went up and down numerous times before it began to rock back and forth. It seemed like little more than 2 minutes but soon the quake slowed down and stopped and that gave me hope.

I also knew the odds were slim that this was going to hit really big. After a deep breath and a quick phone call I went outside and saw the wide smiles of people, mostly UCLA students that were glad to be alive and not dealing with property damage.

At this time we all seem safe and things are getting back to normal. I can’t help but wonder how they weathered this quake at the downtown L.A. pre-trial hearing of record producer, Phil Spector that was most certainly going on during the quake. Now that hearing and results will be a small news story being pushed aside for our seismic excitement. I know from my contact there that the trial has been pushed back until early October and most serious defense motions have yet to be ruled on. I don’t think that new date is set in stone either.

Just when you think you’re in control of your world Mother Nature and God can send you a message.

Update: The quake did not strike until the Spector hearing was over and he was out of the building. I thank my kind source for that tidbit.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Birthright, The Fifth Amendment

We in America were protected by our brilliant founding fathers better than most will ever realize. We have a Bill of Rights that most folks don’t really know about or think are only protections for serial killers.

A regular visitor to this blog was just sworn in as a citizen. He is a refugee from the United Kingdom. He sought citizenship because he admired our freedom that exists in few countries on this planet. He sent me a link to a Tucson, AZ blog link, Disloyal Opposition.

I got a lot of questions as a firearm instructor about cooperating with police after someone justifiably shoots another in self-defense. I put an entire half-hour into my presentation to cover this subject. I always get lots of argument about my instructions to students about the four words I tell them to say, “I want a lawyer.”

The emotionally charged critics of my advice tell me, “No! Tell the cops you shot him because you were in fear of your life!” Confession to the police that it was you who shot that man may be good for your soul, but too often for the police it’s a rock solid confession. The cops are not psychic and until you told them they could only guess who shot who.

These critics of my advice to stay silent quickly counter with, “You have to trust the police!” Then I hear another familiar refrain, “If you got nothing to hide you can talk to the police!”

Most prosecutors in big cities hate gun-rights and self-defense and will enjoy putting you on trial for your life for killing even the most vicious criminal. To avoid being jailed for one to three years and being bankrupted you really have no choice but to shut up.

That jail time and monetary loss will happen even if you’re found Not Guilty! I have seen many of my clients walk out of jail after an ordeal like that destitute with their family shattered by divorce and a dark future. Your life will have changed.

Don’t take my word for it but that of a really dynamic speaker, Professor James Duane of the Regent University School of Law.

When you finish Professor Duane’s video it’s time to watch a long time police investigator George Bruch of the Virginia Beach Police Department explain the reality of Professor Duane's message.

Unfortunately the good professor and detective left an incredibly important point out of their presentations. Anything you say to anyone other than a spouse, physician or lawyer can also be used against you.

Parents, children, siblings, friends, co-workers and cell-mates will be subpoenaed to testify about those things you may have told them. It gets to be fun for prosecutors when your own loved ones try to help you by exaggerating or mistakenly repeating whatever you may have said to them in front of a jury.

Don’t talk to police or anyone but your lawyer about anything at all while you’re under investigation.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The “N” Word And Other Insults

We Americans are so candyassed and super-sensitive about such terms as Nigger, Kike, Slope, Wop, Spick, Polack and Mick.

You can call people the most vile of insulting names and nobody cares until race is involved. The question I have is who is more ignorant, the person using the words or those reacting or more often over-reacting to them.

I’m not sure why that too many African-Americans use the ‘N” word on each other but absolutely go bananas when they hear that word said by members of other races.

Fighting words? Hardly, just pure and simple bad taste. Civilized folks avoid those words. These are only words and we give these words and those who use them raw power they don’t deserve.

If people would stop programming themselves to be offended and remember the, Sticks and Stones” rhyme instead the nasty racial epithets those ugly words would soon disappear.

Am I For Or Against Drew Peterson?

Los Angeles—Yes, I do serious criminal defense investigations along with other endeavors. When I’m retained to work on a defendant’s behalf I’m on the side of exploiting reasonable doubt and mitigating despicable acts that people do. I prefer the matters where a client is innocent any day and there are an abundance of them to handle.

If I’m retained on a criminal case I cannot also blog about it. No defense lawyer would allow that and when it was discovered any judge would impose one of those rare gag orders. The defense attorneys would be very unhappy about that.

As for those high profile criminal cases I showcase here are for the most part matters where reasonable doubt and serious questions of innocence are very real.

Private investigators like me exist for one simple reason; people lie and do so freely even while under oath in courtrooms. That includes government witnesses and people designated by police as victims. Our job is to learn the truth for our clients so it can be exposed to civil and criminal juries.

Whose side am I on when I write about retired police sergeant Drew Peterson or record producer Phil Spector? That’s an easy answer. I’m on the side of the presumption of innocence, Due Process and fair trials. That in no way makes me a political Liberal. I subscribe to the concept that it’s better that we let a dozen killers go free rather than destroy the life of one innocent person.

Every day in America, prosecutors have been getting more frightening laws passed that make convicting innocents easier. They are done under the bogus disguise of “Victim’s Rights”. Closer examination reveals there is little for victims but sneaky ways to admit hearsay evidence or to inhibit or prevent solid defense investigations.

Victims and witnesses have no stake in the outcome of criminal trials. The accused have their entire lives on the line even if they face only a few years behind bars.

Criminal trials are held for only three reasons. One is the defendant is innocent and demands his day in court or two, that the state has a really week case. The third is where the prosecution has demanded the maximum penalty such as death or life without parole and the defendant has nothing to lose by making the government prove their case at a trial.

Most criminal cases are settled in plea agreements with the defendants getting a bargain in the process. Criminals could shut down the whole system in a single day by all demanding a trial in unison. The entire system would collapse and never recover.

I’m on the side of Freedom where the Secret Police can’t just arrest people and make them disappear. I’m on the side of Liberty where we don’t punish everyone for the criminal acts of a few.

Many people would rather hold trials by gossip. Whoever screams the loudest or puts on the best show wins. That worked for the Taliban but it won’t work for me. I refuse to apologize for my support of our entire Bill of Rights.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Len Wawczak Responds to Crimefile News

Bollingbrook, IL--I received a comment from one of the Illinois State Police self described informants, Len Wawczak. Wawczak claimed that he and his wife used Illinois State Police eavesdropping equipment during a seven month period to somehow implicate, retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson in the mysterious disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson.

For obvious reasons I can’t reprint his remarks for the libelous statements and gratuitous profanity contained in the response.

Here is an excerpt from his comment where Wawczak defends his Bankruptcy with an explanation that is in no way supported in the official court records.

Here is the excerpt:
“I would like to talk about the bankruptcy for a few though , if anyone knows anything about filing bankruptcy then you would know that my case was filed May 11th 2004 and dismissed July 14th 2004 ( 2 months later ) that's not even long enough to do a chapter 13 which by the way is a pay-back plan ( so I had plans on paying everyone back ) and not chapter 7 where the creditors get nothing . At any rate the case was DISMISSED two months later because I had worked out a deal with the creditors on my own and seen no reason for me to pay a court appointed trustee extra money every month to do what I could do on my own . The reason I was so in debt is because my mother had come to live with me and she was very sick ( I didn't want to send her to a nursing home , the thought of that made me feel horrible ), we had home hospice coming in a few times a week and her doctors worked with us as well . We took care of my mother in my home for years and as you all know insurance company's don't pay everything, so between that and my mothers prescriptions it just ate me up money wise ( money in the bank - gone - refinanced the house 2 times , etc ) will I deny that I filed bankruptcy 1 time ? No I wont , I chose to do the right thing which was take care of my mother in her last stages of life so if this makes me a terrible person then I guess I am .”

Here are additional documents that should set the record and Mr. Wawczak’s personal credibility straight.

Read this document on Scribd: bk motion and order]

Why Victimize Drew Peterson’s Innocent Children?

I have wondered what it would be like for Drew Peterson’s Children to be caught in the middle of the investigation and search for Stacy Peterson. I think we can all agree that no child deserves punishment for what their parents are merely suspected of doing. With respect to Peterson’s children the government ‘s conduct must be reigned in somehow.

I personally take no position on the guilt or innocence of Drew Peterson for any crime. America’s presumption of innocence is something that I’m thankful about. It’s the hallmark of a free country along with free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

If police can establish a crime and probable cause to make an arrest that is their mission that we all must respect. A suspect’s Due Process rights to a fair trial will follow. Proven guilt will be punished under our justice system.

During an interview with Peterson's lawyer, Joel Brodsky he expressed concerns about continuing police conduct and the emotional damage that's being inflicted on the children. Brodsky wrote his own appeal for for Peterson’s children and I have his permission to publish it.
Read this document on Scribd: broadsky letter

Friday, July 25, 2008

Breaking News! Drew Peterson Attacked BY Police Informant!

Click on scene picture to enlarge.
Bolingbrook, IL.—Self -described Illinois State Police informant, Len Wawczak is in custody of Bolingbrook police after he was arrested for battery on Drew Peterson outside the Hydrogliphics barber shop on Schmidt Rd in Bolingbrook just walking distance from Peterson’s home, The attacked happened shortly before 2:00 PM.

Witnesses claimed to have seen the "wired" informant attack Peterson while Peterson's back was turned. Reportedly neither Peterson nor his attacker required emergency medical treatment. Wawczak should be eligible for release on the standard $1000.00 bail after he completes the booking process and his fingerprint clears a standard warrant check.

Update: Bolingbrok police have asked the Will County State'sAttorney for approval of felony charges. If they are approved the bail must be set by a judge in Joliet before Wawczak can be released.

Second update: Bollingbrook police have infact charged Wawczak with a single count of misdemeanor battery on the signed complaint of Drew Peterson. Peterson has left the Bolingbrook police stattion. After processing Wawczak may post his bail if he has the dough.

Drew Peterson’s “Friends” are Deadbeats.

Bolingbrook, IL.-- Police informants Len Wawczak and his wife Paula Stark are no strangers to courthouses. Their credibility may well rest with their past endeavors.

I’m still looking for additional documents to post here on the couple who claim to have bugged Peterson for seven months in an effort to solve the case of Stacy Peterson. These are record summaries from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and the Wiil County Circuit Court In Joliet, Illinois.
Read this document on Scribd: Len WawczakLitigation

Read this document on Scribd: Peterson snitch fed

Police Administrators Going After Critical Police Bloggers

Memphis, TN—Police officers across the country have quickly discovered the power of information.

Today’s technology has given individual officers the power to unwrap their own agency’s dirty laundry and questionable practices. The tool is a simple blog. Unlike my blog, most police blogs not run by the agencies but are authored by anonymous officers. They are sure to become the object of wrath if their identities are discovered. There are several such blogs listed in my sidebar. Most I listed are located in the Chicago area.

The two most widely read police blogs are Chicago’s Secondcitycop and New York’s, NYPD Rant. The Rant editor was uncovered and quickly fired. Secondcitycop’s fate has been better, so far.

Memphis police officials are trying to uncover the authorship and readers of MPD Enforcer 2.0.

That popular site has brought sunshine to an otherwise secret world angering city officials and police administrators.

The Memphis Police Department has started a fight by trying to subpoena the names of the site’s authors, contributors and readers. This fight goes straight to the heart of free speech and privacy of all Americans.

Taxpayers can find out about wasted public funds, events by administrators that bring costly and unnecessary lawsuits and misdeeds by officials that they could cover up in the past.

Some police officials complain that officers use the sites to conspire about unlawful job actions like work slowdowns or to libel them personally.

Read more about the Memphis police blogger case here.

Phil Spector’s Retrial and The Second Bimbo Parade.

Los Angeles—Lawyers for both sides are setting the stage for the second trial of legendary record producer, Phil Spector on the charge of 1st Degree Murder. This is in connection with the tragic death of Lana Clarkson.

Lana Clarkson a total stranger to Phil Spector, agreed to leave her job at the Hollywood House of Blues and go to Spector’s home spending the night.

Clarkson’s false eyelashes were left on a bathroom sink, and there is solid DNA evidence that she willingly engaged in sexual activity with Spector.

Sometime in the morning hours Clarkson who was addicted to and clearly under the influence of narcotic pain killers and alcohol suffered an intra-oral gunshot wound and expired in a chair.

The real question is, how did she get that way? I have extensively written about this case from the beginning and believe as does the defense that this wound was self-inflicted and not a crime. The absence of blood and tissue spray on either sleeve of Spector’s white dinner jacket tells the real story.

Some have painted a persona of Clarkson, a failed actress as angelic when the contrary was the case. Clarkson was a deeply troubled woman, who like most actors failed in Hollywood. Actor or not, substance abuse has never helped anyone’s career.

Clarkson was manipulative and conned her friends out of money as she raided their medicine cabinets in search of drugs for her addiction. On the night in question Clarkson seemed to be engaged in an act of sexual commerce with Phil Spector.

I suspect that Clarkson’s death was as a result of either suicide or her own drunken horseplay with a loaded gun. The horseplay angle makes the most sense to me personally.

In Spector’s life there were women, lots of them. Because Spector is a wealthy and famous record producer that attracted too often gold diggers, scam artists and many shady ladies. Spector has an absolute demonstrated weakness for the sexual power women enjoy over men.

That brings us to the Bimbo Parade. Over many decades Spector has had encounters with some women that were never worthy of sustained police investigation, prosecution or criminal conviction. These events did not cause any civil court to weigh in on claims against Spector. Some incidents led to unflattering articles in the gossip rags and unauthorized biographer's work products that cover Hollywood.

California passed a heavily lobbied law sought by prosecutors that’s been rejected by most other states. That led to the creation of 1101(b) in California’s evidence code. It allows prosecutor’s to bring in any testimony from anyone that alleges similar conduct involved in a current prosecution. There is no requirement of timeliness negating statutes of limitations, or any independent evidence.

1101(b) created a way for prosecutors to force defendants to stand trial for additional crimes never charged or that have never met the minimal required burden of Probable Cause. During the first trial these 1101(b) witnesses testified about accusations from more than 30 years ago. The most bizarre part of their testimony was that they were threatened by Spector with guns and continued to work for and sleep with him until Spector lost interest in their company.

Was being jilted or fired by Spector what’s really behind these claims? Perhaps it was the cash some received from tabloid publications that encouraged these women to disparage Spector’s character.

If the charge is murder I ask how a past event that did not even result in injury should now be placed into evidence as a suggestion of similar behavior to murdering? Judge Larry Paul Fidler allowed such material to taint, confuse and pollute the jury’s fact finding process.

One woman from the first trial, Diane Ogden has since died of a drug overdose and videotape of her former testimony will be played as the jury is kept in the dark about her drug use and mental condition we now know existed.

Spector’s lawyers have filed their strongest motion yet to eliminate this testimony that’s grossly unfair to Spector. The problem is that Judge Fidler has made nearly every court ruling he could against Spector and seems to do everything he can to convict the defendant. I don’t expect Judge Fidler will do the right thing now either.

Here is the 1101(B)related Defense motion now under consideration by the Judge:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Driving Drew Peterson Into The Confessional

Bolingbrook, IL—Stacy Peterson is still missing. Drew Peterson is suspected of somehow causing or assisting that reality.

The Illinois State Police have the task of unraveling that mystery. With a lack of viable suspects Drew Peterson himself is their only hope to solve this case. That is of course only if he’s nefariously involved.

The ISP has slowly run out of options on this case. Their best hope was by the employment of two friends of Peterson willing to sell him out. That program failed as the two spies made a clumsy effort to out, themselves so book publishers and such would call. The spilled their guts to the Chicago Sun Times. The real problem is they have nothing to sell. No smoking guns or bodies were uncovered.

There is a new tool for the police and that is the Internet. There are a bunch of forums or blogs that operate like forums dedicated to the effort to find Stacy Peterson. For the most part these sites are visited by those people with too much time on their hands. They float theories back and forth loaded with misinformation thinking they are somehow helpful to the cause.

I have interacted with some of these people who follow several cases that I write about. For the most part they seem to be lonely introverts that don’t communicate like normal people.

These amateur detectives are emotionally wrapped up in these cases and they want the blood of every suspect. Their heroes are lawyers like Nancy Grace, Lisa Bloom and Wendy Murphy. To say I detest these pathetic women is an understatement. They make their living by subverting the criminal justice system.

The ISP and prosecutors love these forums because there is a cat and mouse game to be played. They know the suspects will visit these sites looking for information. The cats can cause the mice to believe that the jig is up and all the secrets are out.

The latest effort seems to surround planted stories that Peterson’s arrest is imminent. Perhaps this will drive Peterson to try and cut a deal by revealing the location of Stacy Peterson’s body for the most palatable punishment possible.

The plan is a simple one, drive Peterson straight into the police confessional and let him get it off his chest. The ISP knows every keystroke Peterson makes on his computer and can play on his weaknesses and emotions. I’m betting this effort will fail too.

If Peterson has murdered anyone, his information may well be taken to the grave with him when he dies someday. If Peterson is innocent, he has been tortured enough.

Peterson deserves the presumption of innocence up to when a jury of his peers says different.

Drew Peterson Case Is Cheap Entertainment

Bollingbrook, IL—It was 1968 when the late artist, Andy Warhol proclaimed that, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

I can’t imagine how the tragic case of a missing woman was become a way to fame and fortune for any and every opportunist. Anyone who can generate the most meaningless gossip about Drew Peterson automatically gets face-time in the major media.

Rather than wage a campaign dedicated to finding the missing mother of two, Stacy Peterson this has become another kind of war. The minor players are competing to see who can profit the most from or get enough attention as to make or advance a career for minor players.

I call this the O.J. phenomena, where even the most minor players and pundits got really rich. The only convicted felon of the Simpson case was a police detective who was indicted, convicted, disgraced and fired. Today he is a bestselling author and paid contributor for Fox News. Did I forget to mention that Mark Furhman is also a multi-millionaire?

Such is the case for self-proclaimed police informants, Len Wawczak and his wife, Paula Stark. They seem to have stolen the show with their sensational revelations of spying for the Illinois State Police.

The couple claims to have gotten a few somewhat nasty quotes from Drew Peterson over a seven-month period. No tape was produced or any arrest generated by the couple's activities. Forgive me if I don’t find their lame and unsupported story even slightly newsworthy.

Some of Peterson’s busybody neighbors have gotten in on this circus act like, Sharon Bychowski who never misses any opportunity to mug for cameras or show her hatred for Drew Peterson.

All of the gossip and media posturing has not gotten the police a single inch closer to solving the mystery of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

So far the Illinois State Police spokesman, Sgt. Tom Burek has declined to comment about the electronic eavesdropping claimed to have been done with their equipment by Wawczzak and Stark. Burek also refused to answer my questions about how much tax money was given to the couple. I can’t help but believe that poor Sgt. Burek was embarrassed by his department’s association with this salacious spy story gone wrong.

Drew Peterson and his attorney Joel Brodsky have been booked, not for a court appearance on criminal charges but for Thursday’s NBC and CBS morning news shows in New York.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Let The Obama Charade Begin!

Berlin--Barack Obama supporters are planning a huge party for Germany’s youth in Berlin. The party goers will be bused in from all directions to make merry and drink free beer. Rather than being a political event this will be nothing more than a giant festival. I suspect this will also be an unwelcome mess for the German authorities who already made the Brandenburg Gate off limits to Obama’s group.

Unlike Obama, the late President John F. Kennedy had a strong and welcome anti-Communist political message of support for the German people. Many Berliners still had vivid memories of the Russian Communists and their brutal non-stop rapes of Berlin's young women and children. Obama has nothing but free beer for his intended invitees.

Obama will speak for sure and one thing we can count on is that not a single word of that speech will have been written by the candidate. Obama is the quintessential empty suit. Obama can’t remember the length of the terms for the office he is seeking, the committees he sits on in the Senate and is a proven one-man gaffe machine.

Let’s ignore the fact that Obama comes from the political wing of Chicago's Mob or that he’s up to his oversize ears in corruption currently under investigation. Obama and his wife are disloyal, racists that are seeking to spread all of Chicago’s worst politics and blight on the entire country. Obama is truly dangerous for our country.

Guns, Airports And Good Intentions

Most Airports around the country allow for lawful or licensed carry of firearms up to the TSA’s Gun Free Zone where the searching of passengers begins.

Some lawmakers want to place the entire world in a Gun Free Zone but jurisdictional boundaries, the Constitution and armed criminals make that pipe dream impossible.

Because of simple crime private investigators like me are called upon to perform bodyguard duties. Often I do this for specific threats where the police can’t provide this service. Very often I bring to or pick up people I’m retained to protect from airports.

Because of the maniacal TSA regulations, I cannot accompany a client while armed on a commercial plane despite having numerous licenses and various gun permits. I am however entitled to drop off and meet clients at most TSA checkpoints or as they exit the airport’s Gun Free Zones.

There is a new prohibition movement that would require my clients to be unprotected anywhere on airport grounds. This effort is a recipe for disaster.

We have enough hurdles such as L.A.’s premier celebrity protection agency, Gavin de Becker & Associates found out after one of their licensed, bonded and firearm permitted agents was arrested in New York at the JFK Airport. De Becker’s agent found himself on the other side of some prohibition technicality even the lawyers had a difficult time figuring out.

The private detective lobby is small, inadequate and too ineffective to fight any gun laws that affect them. I refuse to pay dues to private investigator associations because like CALI they encourage and allow government to endanger their membership with these dubious gun laws.

Licensed private investigators with valid gun permits should be allowed to protect their clients anywhere inside the United States of America. We need a federal law that would allow them to do their jobs as they cross state lines.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Drew Peterson Case Is A Primer For Really Bad Police Work

The revelations in tonight’s Chicago’s media publishing and broadcasting are about the former friends of Drew Peterson who became agents/informants for the Illinois State Police.

Len Wawczak, 42, said he and his wife, Paula Stark, 38, have known and been friends with Peterson for 16 years. That has now been changed forever. The cooperative couple wore police provided eavesdropping devices for months in an effort to snare Peterson in an incriminating conversation.

The real problem here is that inconvenient Bill of Rights. Since Peterson invoked his rights to not answer questions and has a lawyer, the police and their agents must first read Peterson his Miranda rights before that ask him questions. In fact, the police are not even permitted to talk with Peterson at all. This however does not prevent the police from arresting Peterson if they develop probable cause.

It’s abundantly clear that Stacy Peterson needs to be found and anyone involved in a criminal act should get all the services that the Will County Courthouse was constructed to provide.

This case has become a sad comedy of errors by overzealous cops, busybody neighbors and armchair Internet fueled, amateur detectives that don’t have a life.

Any real evidence and prosecution that ever surfaces in this case will be tainted by:

1. The unlawful and unnecessary revocation of Peterson’s FOID card.
2. The bogus arrest over a department approved SWAT weapon.
3. The use by police of civilian agents to violate Peterson’s rights against self-incrimination and unreasonable warrantless searches.
4. Police engaging in a constant war of harassment against Drew Peterson instead of doing a legitimate investigation.
5. The unreasonable deprivation and holding of Peterson’s personal property.

Peterson will simply make a claim that he’s being framed and a jury would see that must be the case. This has been all about getting Drew Peterson no matter the cost to our American Way of Life.

As for our heroic couple Wawczak and Stark, the book and movie rights won’t be worth anything unless they can also manufacture evidence that will convict Peterson.

Had this effort turned anything useful at all Peterson would be already locked up pending a trial. Instead all we got was a media circus to tantalize us with this sleazy police spying caper.

I’m not privy to what happened to Stacy Peterson or even have a clue if she is dead or alive. This tale is horrifically tragic as every child needs their mother and Stacy’s loved ones and family misses her dearly.

Drew Peterson is the obvious suspect and police are absolutely required to do a solid investigation starting with him.

This may well be a murder and the sad truth is more murders go unsolved than ever in our free society. That’s a small price to pay for our freedom and Liberty.

The most obvious questions I have for The Illinois State Police are:

1. How much money did they pay this couple for their services?
2. Did the couple go public because they’re service were ineffective and they were terminated?

Drew Peterson is a career cop and like all of us he deserves to have the presumption of innocence we’ve fought wars to maintain.

Here is information about the latest developments from Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson's lawyer.

Update: The ISP's official answer to my two questions was, "We have no comment on anything involving that Sun-Times article."

ISPEEVED is a blog site for Illinois State Police officers to express their opinion like tChicago cops do the Secondcitycop blog. They have weighed in on the Drew Peterson investigation and its latest turn into the abyss.
Read it here.

Obama’s Biggest Gaffe Yet…

Berlin’s 1864-1873 Prussian Victory symbol, Siegessäule will be the place where Obama will try to emulate the that great speech of John F. Kennedy where he proclaimed, “Ich bin ein Berliner!” That speech made JFK a hero in the eyes on many anti-Communist , West German families that displayed Kennedy’s picture in their home for decades after.

I view this effort as a sacrilege and a poor attempt to hold on to the coat tails of a dead American hero. Today, Obama wants to bring us the very same horrible ideals Kennedy fought as Navy commander during World War Two in the South Pacific. Obama embraces the teachings of Karl Marx that tore Berlin apart during the Cold War. Obama is no John Kennedy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Injustice On Top Of Injustice In Michigan For San Diego Soccer Mom Escapee

Detroit, MI-Wayne County Michigan Prosecutor, Kym Worthy announced that Susan Lefevrere now known as Marie Walsh will be prosecuted for her escape more than three decades ago.

Walsh now faces an additional five years in prison. As a first time offending teenager and college student Walsh was arrested in Saginaw for selling a small amount of drugs. Walsh pled guilty and got an unexpected maximum sentence of 10 to 20 years behind bars.

Walsh was placed in a Detroit area prison where the population was 90 % African-American and soon was the target of threats. Walsh fled with the assistance of her grandfather. Walsh married and raised a family of three children in Suburban San Diego. Walsh changed her ways and friends and never looked back, that is until a knock at her door by Deputy US Marshals.

Walsh was returned to that Michigan prison as her family, neighbors, friends and total strangers rallied around her begging officials for clemency. Walsh may have had the brush with the law but became a law-abiding and loved member of her community.

Walsh’s lawyer filed a motion in the original Saginaw court seeking a modification of the sentence and there was real hope that mercy, and fairness would see the original sentence vacated since it was so overly harsh when it was handed down on Walsh.

Filing an escape charge now against Walsh is both pointless and beyond cruel. Is there no decency in Michigan? What’s prosecutor Kym Worthy’s ugly agenda here?

Documentary Proof The State Police Weapon Arrest Of Drew Peterson Is Bogus.

*EXCLUSIVE* Bolingbrook, IL—Drew Peterson stands charged with a firearm law felony in connection to a personally owned SWAT duty rifle. The Illinois State Police claim the weapon’s barrel is 3/8 of an inch too short of 16 inches required for civilian ownership. Federal law provides an exemption for such weapons for sworn police officers but the authorities seem to have forgotten or chose to ignore that this rifle was Peterson's departmentally authorized SWAT weapon.

Allegations are always cheap but making them stand the test of the courtroom is another matter. Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson’s lawyer, Joel Brodsky did his homework and subpoenaed various records. Once the records were produced sure enough it’s clear that Peterson was in fact authorized to use the weapon and that he qualified with it.

Prior to 2006 The Bolingbrook PD had a special departmental form for secondary weapon qualification. Peterson’s Colt AR-15 rifle was clearly listed. Apparently after 2006 the department no longer utilized the secondary weapon qualification forms.

The rub here is that Bolingbrook Police Chief Ray McGury will be a little red faced when he answers questions about his earlier statements that Peterson’s rifle was never authorized. Now it’s clear that his earlier statements were not exactly true.

The judge has already taken Brodsky’s Motion to Dismiss under advisement but now the Motion may be supplemented with the newly discovered document. It will be a real head turner to see just what the prosecutor’s response will be.

Bolingbrook police chief a message to sent to Greta Van Sustren’s On The Record show and here is a transcript:
VAN SUSTEREN: We asked Bolingbrook police chief Ray McGurry for clarification about the gun charge against Sergeant Peterson. Chief McGurry sent us this statement. "We believe Drew Peterson purchased that weapon, an AR-15, from a third party. Drew Peterson was not authorized to carry that weapon and it is not registered with the Bolingbrook Police Department. No police officer is authorized to carry such a weapon. However, a SWAT team member is, but that weapon must be brought in and inspected by our firearms expert to make sure it doesn't violate any state or federal laws. The serial number must be recorded, and they must pass a qualifications test. Mr. Peterson did none of these. Because it was altered, this weapon is a clear violation of any regulations, and Mr. Peterson was not authorized to carry that weapon. I challenge Mr. Brodsky to subpoena our records, as he has threatened to do. He will find no record of this weapon."

In addition I have always maintained that the State Police must have measured the rifle wrong and gave erroneous information to prosecutors that the rifle’s barrel was 3/8 of an inch too short. At some point the rifle will be remeasured and the truth will also be revealed there too.

Instead of wasting time with red herrings perhaps now the state police will spend more time looking for Stacy Peterson.

You can read and download the documents that show Peterson’s approved SWAT rifle, right here:

Read this document on Scribd: 2005 Weapons Authorization[1]

Islamic Savages Must be Stopped

TEHRAN, Iran—Nine people including eight women aged 27 to 50 years-old are to be stoned to death for the capital crime of simple adultery.

They were convicted after Iran’s dubious version of a fair trial. They condemned prisoners apparently confessed while under Islamic interrogation.

The condemned face partial burial so they are immobilized during their killing. The women will be buried up to their necks and the man up to his waist.

This is a case where the accusers, government, religious leaders need to suffer this barbaric punishment much more than the people they will kill. It’s time to turn Iran into a giant burned out parking lot. The Islamic savages are much too dangerous to be allowed to live in this world. Let’s vaporize the bastards before they kill us first.

Read more here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bloggers Being Sued For Libel

Many of my visitors are fellow bloggers. If you are a blogger this article is for you.

This is no laughing matter. In America anyone can sue anyone for anything. When you get that court summons you must respond and deal with it or even the most meritless case will result in a judgment against you if you fail to defend yourself in court.

You have a right to publish an opinion and as long as the things you publish are true you’re generally okay. Saying things about public figures are often protected but saying the same about your co-worker or next-door neighbor is not. You can say just about whatever you want about the dead and never be sued.

The best rule is to restrict you publishing to only what’s true and provable. Bloggers need credibility and libel is the fasted way to lose it and perhaps your retirement.

An example of libel may be something a reader said that you failed to even see. Often I get cut and paste material on the comments that violate copyright laws. I have to toss those comments.

Sometimes I get comments that seem to be too hateful or even threatening to someone I wrote about. I have to toss those too. In three years of blogging I only got one comment so bad I reported it to law enforcement.

Most lawyers will never take a case against a blogger because there are no significant assets or insurance that would justify the legal expense of filing a lawsuit.

The people with assts like the few wildly successful bloggers (that cuts me out) make them targets for litigation. Knowledge about libel law is a big help and insurance provides protection.

Read more here.

The Untimate Fighting Knife!

Here's something that will put weapon hating politicians into a cardiac arrest! I'm sure we will see this knife in a Hollywood film murder scene any day now. The WASP knife pictured and seen in this video will give a helping blast of CO2 to your target bringing on some real additional trauma to those organs.

You can get you very own before they are banned right here!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cook County’s Jail Is Deadly and Disgraceful

Chicago—Sheriff Tom Dart has allowed the inmates to run the asylum. In a nearly 100 page report the Justice Department exposed dangers, appalling medical care and a mass violation of the civil rights of Cook County Jail's inmates.

Most people don’t care about jail conditions until they or a family member wind up there. What we fail to think about are the people who were arrested and awaiting their day in court. People never before arrested are too often there as a result of mistaken evidence or witnesses and are housed with the killers and rapists.

The sad truth is the jail is inhabited by 90% African-Americans. Young white inmates are routinely forced to submit to sexual assault by the African-American inmates. It’s always been that way.

I first found myself sent to the jail in 1967 to handle some nasty disturbances when the infamous Jack Johnson was warden. He used the Barn Boss system of letting inmates enforce discipline. Cash could buy an inmate anything including privacy with his girlfriends. I remember well the electric chair near the four, deluxe Death Row cells.

It was only five years earlier when cop killer James Dukes got his final reward in the Cook County hot seat. I talked to an old reverend that walked many a man to his death in that chair. Fuhrman vs. Georgia changed all that and the chair was later sent to the Illinois Department of Corrections never to return.

After a major jail scandal Sheriff Joe Woods fired Jack Johnson and brought in Winston E. Moore to clean up the mess. The jail guards got a raise and the new misleading title of correctional officer. They were deputized and brought in under the Sheriff’s Merit Board.

In those days the Federal Metropolitan Correction did not exist and the Cook County Jail had an entire tier reserved for federal prisoners. Since most were white collar criminals or bank robbers it was the cleanest and safest part of the entire jail.

Just South of The Cook County Jail there were two facilities run by the City of Chicago. One was the Cermak Memorial Hospital which held every level of prisoner and the other was the Bridewell House of Correction that only held low level misdemeanor prisoners. These facilities were somewhat clean and safe and a better place to be held than the County Jail.

In 1970 Sheriff Joe Woods suddenly found the city jail facilities, prisoners and their guards handed over to him and that’s when the Cook County Department of Corrections was formed.

It was only a few years later when the Department of Corrections Executive Director, Winston Moore was indicted and tried for his own missteps as the old problems never went away. It was my old friend, former assistant State’s Attorney Susan Sherwin who prosecuted Moore who was ultimately acquitted.

Nobody in their right mind wants to be a jail guard so the jail is perennially understaffed and always over-crowded. Sexual assault is still realty. Jail rape is nearly always covered up because the victims face severe beatings or death if they complain to the guards. What man would ever admit getting the Buga-Buga by force in jail?

So now Sheriff Dart has inherited the problem and can’t really begin to deal with it because of the outrageously corrupt Cook County Board. No amount of deodorizer will fix this mess. Should Dart fight for the funds and tools he needs he will never see another term as Sheriff. The Cook County Democratic Party will dump him in favor of yet another yes man with missing testacals.

I wonder what pretend reforms are in store for the white inmates with the sore rectums?

Defining Constitutionally protected Firearms

In D.C. vs. Heller the court gave gun owners the gift of vague descriptions of firearms that are protected and therefore cannot be banned.

The Court avoided defining constitutionally protected weapons other than to say that, it protects handguns and other weapons "in common use." The court suggested that dangerous or unusual weapons may not be protected and sidestepped saying just what those were.

Weapons in common use applies to military and police weapons. That makes the case that the banned black semi-automatic rifles and pistols with large capacity magazines that are, in common use cannot be denied.

This has gotten interesting, because USA vs. Miller held military type weapons are protected. Now Heller says that gun possession is an individual right rather than a government or collective right.

I can only see one meaning here and that is a much broader assortment of weapons are now definitively protected including all semi-automatic and perhaps fully automatic weapons.

I take this to mean that neither states nor the federal government can ban the ownership of National Firearms Act weapons. Before you could only own these in states that allowed these registered class III weapons.

The bans on .50 caliber rifles and the high capacity, “black guns” can no longer stand.

We will wait as nearly every criminal defendant charged with various gun law violations and their lawyers wait for a turn at the Wheel of Justice. The slower civil cases brought by the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation may be moot by the time they are heard.

The bad news here that people are rarely arrested for simple possession of banned weapons. Those arrested are usually charged with assault, or a smorgasbord of other offenses. It will be gun collectors or others caught with these weapons by chance that will be testing the various gun bans in court.

California, New Jersey, New York and a few other places are going to see their penal codes shrink as these now invalid laws cease to exist.

I hope to hear from a few legal beagles on this posting.

Is Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate a Fake?

I’ve read the rumors all over the Internet along with the pro-Obama screams that this story is nothing but a smear. American Presidents are required by our Constitution to be an American by birth. Does Obama qualify? That should be simple to answer.

Okay, let’s put it to bed with a certified copy from the state vital records department once and for all. Where is it? I’m waiting…

Media News Filtering For What Agenda?

Chicago--A woman is robbed and shot outside a trendy restaurant while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. The police take the report and as always publically list the suspects' three easiest identifiers, sex, race and age.

This is done so that people that don’t possess these identifying characteristics can quickly be eliminated from suspicion. Broadcasting descriptions does help police solve crimes.

The media more often than not will list anything but race as they use their mass communication to hinder rather than help any search for suspects. Why do they even bother giving and description at all?

One only needs to look at the racial population of their jail and prisons to know that violent crime is most often a product from minorities. I guess the media feels Americans are unworthy of knowing the truth.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Chicago’s Perfect Genocide Storm

The Chicago Police Department has been turned into an undermanned, demoralized, observe and report security guard service.

The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the Mayor and City Council. Their Far Left politics and corruption are 100% of the problem.

The elimination of self-reliance and rewarding people for avoiding productivity creates droves of ignorant but loyal voters keeping the Bolshevik despots in power indefinitely. Too many of Chicago’s citizens are only too happy to turn personal responsibilities over to any nanny government.

Chicago’s politicians have made the entire population totally dependant on the police for protection and survival by violating both their gun and self-defense rights. The problem is they’ve put the handcuffs on the police and shifted the control of the city to the criminal element.

Gun control began in America during post Civil War reconstruction as a way to keep the newly freed slaves disarmed and that kept the Ku Klux Klan in solid control for nearly 100 years.

Today Chicago’s unconstitutional gun control enables street gang thugs to commit genocide. The facts are clear that nearly all of Chicago’s murder victims are African-American.

Even now the beleaguered new police superintendent is planning to resurrect the gun raid team whose only significant accomplishments were raiding the homes of middle-aged white gun collectors and grabbing guns never used in any crimes. The Supreme Court has recently made it quite clear this is constitutionally protected activity.

The police department has been neutralized as an effective crime fighting tool. It will take a total leadership change and decades before anyone wearing the Chicago police uniform will trust City Hall and appointed police administrators again enough to dare do the job they were trained to do.

Chicago has created conditions for the perfect genocide storm.