Monday, March 31, 2008

What Will It Take For The TSA To Retire The Holster Padlock?

Under poorly thought out directives this padlock shackle must rest across the trigger of every flight deck officer’s service pistol. This lock clearly causes accidental discharges.

No trigger lock maker has ever made a device for use on a loaded gun. Using this padlock as a trigger lock was a poor and dangerous idea for anyone much less pilots of our air carriers. Requiring pilots to lock and unlock the padlocks on airplanes is very risky. The locks turn the FFDO's defensive weapon into a deadly booby-trap.

Must someone be killed first? This is really very simple to correct by recalling the padlocks and ordering the FFDO pilots to quit using them.

The proper way to insure that the pilot’s guns stay safe and secure is for them to keep them in a belt or shoulder holster at all times. That would end the unnecessary handling of the firearms altogether. It’s such a simple concept even a TSA director should be able to understand.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Training Of Federal Flight Deck Officers (Armed Pilots) And the TSA Spin Doctors.

The TSA public relations spinners are out in full force defending their deadly, booby-trap FFDO holster design. They want to suggest that the solid week of intense training does not qualify the pilots to carry and retain guns like other federal officers.

One weeks training is shorter than agencies like the FBI but pilots don’t need the additional training on criminal law, evidence collection, rules of evidence and investigative functions. The actual FFDO firearm and tactics training is equal to that of any other federal officer’s.

I can’t even imagine a real firearms trainer teaching FFDO pilots to use any piece of equipment that allows or invites a foreign object like their “safety padlock” to come into contact with the trigger of a loaded firearm. Any self-respecting trainer would walk off the job first. The only reason this danger was not leaked to the public and press sooner is because the TSA classified the procedures as National Security. Nobody wants to risk prison. Pilots and trainers were all quietly holding their noses and going along with a dangerous and unworkable program.

Any self-respecting law enforcement firearms trainer would want the FFDOs to carry their weapons concealed and handle them only in an emergency just like any cop. The TSA's insane locking and unlocking procedures with a dangerously designed and unproven “safety padlock” was asking for a failure.

The FFDO holsters are otherwise well constructed but the padlocks must be recalled and used elsewhere. FFDO rules must change so they can carry their firearms while at work and commuting. This will also reduce thefts and the loss of the pilot’s weapons along with accidents.

Watch the video of the recreated accidental discharge...

We get Letters!

I got this comment on my TSA booby-trap holster video and it was too good not to share with all of my readers.

I guess the fine folks at the TSA don’t like the First Amendment any more than the others in our Bill of Rights!

Mr. Huebl.
Your disgraceful and insulting remarks about the fine men and women who keep you safe at the TSA should be a federal offense.

Releasing classified information as you have is a serious offense.
I think you should be taken to Guantanamo Bay detention camp and water-boarded until you confess just who provided you with that TSA Flight Deck Officer’s, gun, holster and safety padlock.

You and your gun-slinging pilot pals all need a long vacation in a federal cooler for treason.

The FAA and TSA have been doing a fine job of protecting Americans from the National Rifle Association.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spector’s Trial Specter Is A Long Way Off

After Judge Larry Paul Fidler was forced to declare a mistrial at Phil Spector’s murder trial he beat his chest and told Spector and his lawyers he was going to force the re-trial to begin in 60 days. I was wondering just what the good judge was thinking when he was making unreasonable time requirement demands on a man who was on trial for his life.

Lawyers can’t prepare for a trial where the evidence and its interpretation is of such a highly technical nature on any kind of fast track. You have to balance the monumental tasks assigned to the lawyers and their experts against their professional schedules.

In addition to a pending 44 page defense moition seeking to oust Judge Fidler for his continually demonstrated bias, Spector’s lawyer, Doron Weinberg said he was filing a separate Writ sometime today.

At some point in the coming months the challenge to Judge Fidler’s continued participation in the case will have to be fully briefed and argued. Of course a ruling must follow.

A September trial date was discussed but that’s not realistic either. Perhaps in December or January the stars may align for The People Vs. Phil Spector-Take Two.


I have followed this case since the day Lana Clarkson died from that inter-oral gunshot wound. Until after the first trial I was never acquainted with Phil Spector or any of his lawyers.

I have made myself available as a licensed private investigator for defense purposes because the evidence indicates Ms. Clarkson died by her own hand. To date they have not utilized my services.

Most defense attorneys won’t work with an investigator they don’t know. Defense teams can be infiltrated by people really working for clients other than the accused. That, in fact happened already to Phil Spector during this investigation and litigation.

I strongly belive that Spector only became a suspect after Alhambra Police unnecessarily resorted to shocking Phil Spector, a senior citizen twice with Taser stun gun.

The subsequent indictment against Spector did cloak the City Of Alhambra with immunity from any lawsuit.

I make no secret that I ardently support Spector as a man wrongfully charged with murder because of a flawed investigation and prosecution.

I’m not now nor have I ever been Spector’s employee, friend, public relations flack or investigator. I’m simply an investigative blogger demanding that Phil Spector gets a fair day in court.

I’m keeping my options open to help with the defense of Phil Spector in any future civil or criminal proceedings.

U.S. Airways Pilot In Gun Mishap ID’d By TSA Bungling

TSA officials released pilot, James Langenhahn’s name to the media by accident. As they were redacting sensitive information they left his name visible on a police report provided to the Charlotte Observer.

The TSA is working hard to evade their own responsibility and turn the career pilot and Air Force veteran into a scapegoat for the accident. The video I made shows just how a FFDO following the goofy TSA gun handling regulations can have a deadly accident.

The TSA and the other opponents to the armed pilot program are spinning this incident to absolve the agency and destroy Langenhahn’s name and career.
Read the news story here.

See Crimefile’s video here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Video of the Dangerous Firearm policy of The TSA

This video will show you the obvious cause of the accidental discharge of a Federal Flight Deck Officer's Service weapon. The cause was a flawed and dangerous policy requiring redundant and unnecessary firearm handling by the pilots and an equipment design disaster. You don’t place foreign objects next to a trigger of a loaded gun!

The AIRLINE PILOTS SECURITY ALLIANCE Reacted to the Gun Mishap on That US Airways Flight

They’ve echoed what I have been saying all along.
Read the APSA Press Release here.

I’m No Fan Of Gloria Alled Or Nipple Rings But… is reporting that the Queen of Legal Bottom Feeders is finally going after a worthy target on behalf of a client. It seems that the weenies hired by the TSA forced a woman to use pliers in order to remove a pair of nipple rings before she could board her flight.

I say this is just another horrible example of millions of unnecessary privacy invasions that the TSA loves to get attention for doing. It’s their twisted public relations move to convince the flying public that we are somehow safe through their serious Fourth Amendment violations

Sic’em Gloria!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

TSA and Their Dangerous Mismanagement Of America’s Airline Security.

Historically Vessel and Airplane captains are the chief law enforcement officers on their ships. The powers of the captains were absolute when it came to insuring the safety of passengers and crew. That’s no longer been the case since the FAA and TSA desk bound bureaucrats have taken over taken over total control.

9-11 would have been just another day in America if the pilots were simply trained and armed. Pilots were disarmed decades earlier by the political patronage hacks within the all powerful FAA.

Instead of allowing the captains on their ships during emergencies to decide their own course of action the FAA bureaucrats issued strict and inflexible regulations to cooperate with terrorists and hijackers. We all know how a bunch of small and skinny but well trained Muslim terrorists easily defeated the FAA’s billion dollars plus security program.

Instead of turning the sensitive security duties over to cops and pilots our politicians created the TSA jobs program filling the positions with the very same bureaucrats that presided over security before 9/11.

The public made demands on Congress to arm our pilots after the TSA rejected the concept altogether. The Congress passed legislation that became law overriding the embittered TSA administrators. The TSA’s response to the law of the land was constant obstruction and interference.

The TSA is still engaged in foot-dragging as they created absurd policies and rules for pilots who chose to endure the gauntlet of obstacles and become Federal Flight Deck Officers.

An FFDO may only carry and have access of a firearm within the confines of the tiny cockpit of the plane. Before the FFDO can remove his handgun from his carryon baggage he must be in the cockpit. The gun must be contained loaded in a holster secured through the trigger guard by a padlock until the cockpit door is locked. Next the FFDO must remove the padlock and put the holster on his strong side. Each time the FFDO leaves the cockpit for any reason he must remove the holster, and relock the padlock. Of course at the end of each flight he must go through this involved protocol.

The downside of this silly ritual is repeated and unnecessary handling of the firearm along with serious safety issues. The padlock lock actually touches the trigger of a loaded gun! That explaies only too well just how an FFDO's gun discharged on that U.S. Airways flight.

Pilots are and should be responsible for their entire ship not just the cockpit. Pilots should carry their firearms concealed in conventional holsters from the moment they are inside an airport.

An example of a security hole is the tarmac area of nearly every airport where pilots must inspect their plane. Pilots should be able to react to an attack by terrorists should that happen. The FFDO pilots are well trained and capable to handle these responsibilities.

Americans have been judging the quality of airline security by the rude privacy invasions by thousands of baggage and passenger screeners. The passenger screening is nothing more than a fraudulent and ineffective way to protect Americans.

Real security must begin with the placement of all passengers flying with passports from unfriendly nations on the No Fly List.

Every off duty peace officer with proper credentials should be allowed to fly while armed as they were allowed to do until recent times. There were two disarmed cops killed on separate hijacked 9/11 planes. If they were not disarmed by FAA bureaucrats many lives would have been saved.

The TSA has done nothing but hidden their incompetence and general failings by classifying their deeds and policy under the cover of National Security. Yes, I have written about things the TSA would strenuously object to me publishing. The First Amendment is a wonderful thing when it uncovers waste, fraud and bad government.

More information about the TSA padlock holster can be found here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Help SECOND CITY COP Save The Chicago Police Department

I must say that the City of Chicago has lost most its luster. Crooked politicians and their contractors have bled the city bone dry as they magically escape criminal investigation or Indictment. . Chicago has become the most unattractive place to live and work for all but the super rich or government freeloaders.

The once proud police department has been decimated through affirmative action and the massive lowering of hiring standards. Clout provides sub-standard officers promotions and a job for life or at least until age 63. Clout always was a help but most officers needed at least a little of their own merits to succeed. Not anymore.

The morale of the department is reflected in the overall lousy appearance of the officers. The officer’s grooming and image today is beyond saddening.

The FOP is only a group of yes men for the politicians collecting inflated salaries forked over by working cops. The rank and file can’t seem to overcome residency requirements, mediocre pay and little hope for respect or any improvement at all.

One day along came an anonymous blogger who created a first rate communications system for all officers to be able to penetrate and expose corruption, favoritism and bad management.

Every boss knows that stepping out of line will get him or her some well deserved attention. Second City Cop has given the street patrolman real power. 7000 people a day visit the site to find out what what’s going on and just how they may be affected in their professional lives. Officers commenting can reveal things that their bosses seek to cover up.

If the rank and file officers are to ever have pride again in their city and job it will because of Second City Cop and the other likeminded officers.

A concerted effort to get rid of Ed Burke, his puppet mayor and a truly worthless city council has to begin. Next their political hacks, and their cronies need to be removed. If all the cops would follow their oaths and expose the politician’s deeds they know about a great change would take place and the city may be a place working people would want to raise their families again.

Robert Cooley was a cop turned crooked lawyer turned white knight. He brought down a lot of slimy officials. If there were only ten Robert Cooleys instead of just one, we’d still have Meigs Field, far lower taxes and money to improve life in a dying metropolis.

Second City Cop is a true hero.

Secrecy Laws Protects TSA from Exposure of Their Incompetence

Saturday’s Federal Flight Deck Officer incident involving an accidental discharge was the result of administrative bungling rather than a case of a Barney Fife “quick draw” accident.

The first reaction of people to an accidental discharge of a firearm is the perception of deadly horseplay. The problem here is the public and press is being kept in the dark by the TSA, Federal Air Marshall Service and The FAA.

What they won’t tell you is how the TSA forced the specially trained FFDO pilots to use a piece of equipment that is defective in design to secure their side arms.

Any pilot would be fired and worse if he or she are caught talking to the press about the FFDO weapons, equipment or procedures. The TSA has “classified” the information and their stupidity as a national secret.

In the continuing TSA and FAA war against Congress’ law requiring some armed pilots the TSA created every roadblock to safe and effective implementation of the program. Such was the ridiculous padlocked holster that is inherently unsafe to use.

The FFDO procedures require that a combination padlock be placed inside the trigger guard of a loaded firearm. The problem is that the pilot can’t even see the trigger as he places the shackle through the small hole in the holster. If the gun is shifted even slightly the padlock can cause the trigger to be pulled. The holster has to be locked and unlocked every time the FFDO enters or leaves the cockpit. The unnecessary action increases likelihood of a tragedy and an end the FFDO program.

The TSA is not a law enforcement agency like the FBI or Marshall’s service. The TSA is a only political patronage outfit filled with dead end bureaucrats instead of cops.

The only beneficiaries of the bizarre and unorthodox TSA procedures are the enemies of America.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Gun Accident In U.S. Airways Airliner Cockpit Was TSA Engineered!

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—It was only a matter of time before there’d be an accidental, non-negligent discharge of a Federal Flight Deck Officer’s weapon. Saturday a U.S. Airways pilot’s gun discharged on Flight 1536, which left Denver at approximately 6:45am and arrived in Charlotte at approximately 11:51am. The Airbus A319 plane landed safely and thankfully none of the flight’s 124 passengers or five crew members was injured

The insane procedures required by the TSA demands that our pilots to lock and then un-lock their .40 side arms was and is a solid recipe for disaster. Did the TSA deliberately create this bizarre and unconventional Rube Goldberg firearm retention system hoping for this result? The sordid history of the FAA and TSA’s total resistance to the concept of arming pilots to protect Americans is in itself a scandal.

Putting a gun into a holster and then threading a padlock through the trigger and trigger-guard is required every time the pilots enter or leave the cockpit. This kind of silliness has never been forced on any law enforcement or security officers anywhere in the world until now. Before this holster padlock procedure pilots with guns were forced to carry them around in a cumbersome 22 pound vault. The vault caused problems in the confined space of most cockpits.

FFDO pilots need to carry their side arms in conventional concealed holsters and there is no reason for the unnecessary handling of their firearms in the cockpits.

More information can be found here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Chicago Police Officers Look Like A Major Train Wreck!

Photo “borrowed” from today’s Sun Times…

On the mirrors at the old O'Brien Street, Chicago Police Academy and in all districts there was a slogan, “Does your appearance command respect?” I don’t recognize this dirty dozen but they look like the vagrants I used to lock up for safekeeping.

There’s nothing uniform about these officers except their shameful appearance. J-Fed needs to do what former Superintendant O.W. Wilson did and crack down on the officer’s personal image.

Protective vests should be under the uniform shirts or be less obvious. Those tragically and beyond ugly ball caps would make minimum wage security guards look bad if that's possible.

The proper Chicago Police field cap needs to return to properly groomed heads.

I believe that it’s long overdue for all Chicago officers including supervisors to wear dark blue shirts. Light blue and white shirts stand out like brightly lit targets at night.

I would ask that all the individual officers to please do what the department won’t make them do and clean up this mess on their own.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Penn & Teller Say Gun Control is BULLS*%T!

I found this video again and am reposting it for my readers who have not seen this enlightened examination of gun control

Sara Jane Olson Has Been Returned To Prison!

Days after being set free for 35 year-old crimes connected to her and her terror group, The Symbionese Liberation Army, Sara Jane Olson is back in prison.

Olson who was formerly known as Kathleen Soliah, spent decades on the run and started a new life and family quietly in Minnesota. Olson was captured without incident, entered into a plea agreement and served time as a model inmate.

Olson’s release hit a sour note with LA police officers and the family of a woman murdered during an SLA bank stick-up. Olson was connected to an unexploded bomb placed on a police cruiser.

Corrections officers had prevented Olson from boarding a plane at LAX last evening but she was allowed to return to Palmdale for the night. Olson was re-arrested this morning by corrections officers.

Corrections officials blamed a clerical error that inadvertently reduced Olson’s sentence by a full year. She now won't be eligible for release until March 17, 2009, officials said. I guess the folks on our government's payroll can't do simple math.

I can’t seem figure out how another year will protect us from this 60-Plus year-old woman or do anything more than waste tax money.

Drew Peterson’s Secret Gun!

So a guy convicted of nothing who may be a suspect may have had a gun police missed while serving a search warrant. Peterson’s former friend made that “shocking” claim recently.

Peterson, an honorably retired career cop is under the media and law enforcement microscope because his young wife is missing. There is no probable cause that Peterson has done anything wrong. No evidence of any crime connected to peterson has been uncovered.

The so-called Secret Gun is a tiny and ineffective,.22, offering from North American Arms. . It’s a single action novelty item that’s a lot less deadly than a good knife.

Why was this silliness newsworthy?

Los Angeles' Backward Approach To Protecting Children

Like in other big cities Los Angeles street gang’s members are young. They hang out and recruit new members from schools. They also know school zones are the safest places to kill rivals.

Those kids that resist gang influence can always be found and targeted for retaliation at or near schools. Too many kids have been murdered at or near school property over the years. Murder and armed assault carry huge penalties that don’t seem to slow down the killing.

L.A. City Councilmen Ed Reyes and Jack Weiss are going out of their way to make sure parents and school staff members can’t protect the children with firearms. They want to make sure that mandatory jail terms are given to anyone carrying a firearm in a 1000 foot school zone. What about the fact that there are already serious Federal Laws that are in place duplicating this silliness?

The result of this well-intended foolishness is that the kids in these now enhanced, Gun-Free Zones are softer targets than ever. Gang members who never fear penalties, won’t need to fear some retired cop bringing his or her grandchildren to school stopping an armed assault. Armed criminals love soft targets.

Friday, March 21, 2008

VH1’s,”I know My Kid’s A Star”

I can’t think of a more qualified person to host this show than former child star, DJ, adult actor and now show host Danny Bonaduce. As a kid he seemed to have it all at least while in public view. The kid made us laugh and sometimes we wanted to smack his wisecracking character. We only wanted to smack him because he was doing his job really well. It turned out the kid was smacked around way too much for far too long.

After The Partridge Family, Bonaduce went on to do an episode of Joseph Whambaugh’s Police Story. He was great as a Joey, a confused lad with an empty gun. Bonaduce got work later doing occasional similar guest spots on other shows and then it all slowed down to a trickle.

Not really trained to do anything more than be an actor/performer times were hard. Bonaduce’s money was not well managed and hard times visited this fellow while he was still young. There was never anything wrong with Bonaduce’s acting. He was always a pro.

We all know the hardships Bonaduce had and his brushes with the law. When you’re famous you become a huge target for cops and prosecutors who get their own moment of fame for overly aggressive efforts to run any celebrity through the criminal justice system.

I worked Bonaduce’s defense investigation when a career liar, thief, and transvestite prostitute falsely accused him of felony aggravated assault and robbery. The tabloids had a field day trying to destroy bonaduce.

During my investigation I found a young woman who told me Bonaduce’s accuser savagely attacked her in woman’s restroom breaking numerous bones in her face. The day before the incident with Bonaduce the accuser had lied under oath on an application to obtaine a fraudulent New Mexico driver’s license. The accuser’s Arizona driver’s license had been revoked for repeated DUI convictions in Phoenix.

Bonaduce was allowed to plead out to lesser charges and get probation after the accuser’s credibility was gutted. Phoenix lawyer Richard Gierloff and I worked tirelessly to get Bonaduce a fair day in court. As things happen so often in Hollywood Bonaduce’s second celebrity career got a big publicity boost from that transvestite hooker, Darius Lee Barney.

Bonaduce had horrific problems most of his life. Adjusting to his marriage, normal society and professional demands were huge obstacles. I’m convinced he was a victim of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I quickly learned that Bonaduce would do anything to help any of the other emotionally wounded former child stars.

One thing for sure Bonaduce will give the children and parents on this reality TV show some valuable insight. There’s no question that Danny Bonaduce can see himself in every one of the children’s eyes on his new show.

I have only two words, Bravo Danny!

Another Shotgun For Your Collection

Break out the popcorn and watch this movie! The AA-12 combat shotgun is perfect for any stubborn criminal that can’t or won't take a hint to get lost…

Blogger Wanted!

I’m looking for a blogger who has a prosecution slant on newsworthy real life murder mysteries and trials. If you’ve established or will establish a blog right now that will take an opposite view of mine you may be the right person. This is about really good money!

1. Must be able to write.
2. Must use your own name on your writings.
3. Must have good knowledge of criminal legal system.
4. Must be able to appear on national television and Internet video to express your position.

If you think you’d like to try this leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and telephone number. Simply click on my profile and send me an e-mail.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Victimless Crime’s Punishment Victimizes Dying Little Girl

After making nearly 1000 drug arrests as a cop I learned the only folks that benefit from tough drug laws are the people involved with every aspect and side of the business of drug trafficking.

Let’s face it too many Americans are using or are just plain hooked on drugs. I have zero sympathy for anyone with a drug habit they themselves created. Today I say the time is long overdue to end the Drug War and put them all out of business in a single day.

Now we have the tragic and heart breaking case of a convicted drug trafficker who’s 10 year-old daughter, Jayci Yaeger is dying from brain cancer. Her father is serving the last year of a five year federal prison rap. Jason Charles Yaeger can’t get a furlough to see his child fulfilling her last wish on this earth.

This is not about mercy for a drug dealer but mercy for his innocent little girl. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has simply denied the request. The court of last resort is President George W. Bush. I say a Commutation is in order for the most compassionate of reasons, a dying child needs her daddy.

You can let President Bush know how you feel by sending an e-mail here:
Put “Please help Jayci” as the subject.

Emergency Self-Help Saves Lives, 911 Is A Killer

Americans have become dangerously dependant on calling 911 for protection against violent criminals. Rather than recognizing their own responsibilities to protect themselves and families they expect the impossible from their government.

In many large cities it could take several minutes before you can even get connected to a 911 operator. Once that happens your emergency has to be digested and transmitted to a dispatcher who in turn must relay the information to patrol officers on the street. Patrol officers must next commute to your location which may be hampered by mistakes and misinformation within the chain of no less than four people.

Assuming the police can get to your home or business within ten minutes from the time you picked up the telephone a violent criminal could end a lot of lives and be long gone. That’s exactly what happened recently at the Tinley Park, IL, Lane Bryant store where five women were murdered and one more was critically wounded by an armed robber.

Yesterday morning In West Covina, CA Hsia Hsu, 45 called 911 about a burglar in her home. The burglar shot several times and killed her while she was on the telephone trying to summon aid. Needless to say all police could do once they got to her home is clean up the mess.

We’ve allowed ourselves to become dangerously dependant on others to do what we must for ourselves. We’ve have equated self-help with vigilantism or a wrongful act of taking the law into our own hands. Self-defense is neither! Defense of family and self is first and foremost, our duty!

Americans need the tools and training for self-preservation. Last on the list of emergency essentials is that telephone. Is it too simple to remember that all you get once the police arrive at your door is a good guy with a gun and some training? Once the police arrive they must determine who is who and they are not clairvoyant. Deadly mistakes have been made by police once they have arrived.

In an emergency involving violence it’s you that needs the training and a gun! In the vast majority of cases if you are reasonably trained and properly armed the violence never happens. Cowardly criminals won’t risk taking on armed victims.

I don’t understand how Americans automatically think of these self-defense scenarios only happening in their homes. Generally homes are safe places. We have locks, bars, dogs and often multiple family members are present. The most dangerous places are those mean streets and parking lots. That means you need your training and defense tools more than ever when you’re away from the safety of your home.

In the violence prone larger cities run by the most Liberal politicians where law-abiding Americans really need guns. These are also the places where their rights to obtain them are obstructed the most. Waiting periods, permits, permissions, background investigations, outrageous fees, political and peer scorn are used to keep law abiding people from exercising their rights to keep and bear arms.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Special Treat For My gun Loving Friends

I’ve had a long association with Eagle Grips that began around 1971. In case you don’t know Eagle grips are the most fabulous, high end, after market custom gun grips around. I have the most fun with this company as I travel around the country to attend various shows and exhibitions.

Earlier this month Wild West Mercantile’s, Winter Range was held In Phoenix, Arizona. The Single Action Shooting Society holds cowboy matches at the Ben Avery gun ranges. There are the standard pedestrian shooters, and then there are the specially skilled mounted cowboys and girls that ride fast and hard as they shoot their six-guns from the saddle.

I was amazed to see the World’s Women Champion Mounted Shooter do her thing. She is well beyond her 14 years on this earth. Most of the socks in my dresser drawers are older than Melissa!

Sit back and watch the multi-talented mounted showgirl do her thing! Yes, those are real single action .45 Long Colt, Ruger Revolvers. Melissa Dagroo is one Cool Kid!

The Supreme Court DC Gun Ban Arguments Were A lot Of Hot Air

The lawyers stepped up to make their arguments over One hour and 37 minutes. The Justices as always took the wind out of the lawyer’s sails by interrupting them with questions and stealing time from their arguments. We can only hope the justices are really reading the mountains of briefs filed in the case.

The pro-gun rights plaintiff’s lawyer arguments contained a message that the Second Amendment somehow meant the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be UNREASONABLY infringed. The pro-gun rights argument was far behind the tone of the published opinion of the DC Court of Appeals that upheld our Second Amendment rights.

As usual we really can’t draw conclusions as to the court’s direction based on today’s session. We have to rely on the usual benchmarks and hope we have a five to four split on the predictable political leanings of the justices themselves.

I can only see an opinion that says the Second Amendment is and individual right. I don’t see the court suggesting that the right is somehow limiting through 25,000 gun laws that are on our law books. Keeping and bearing of arms by the people is either a right or it is not.

Over the next three months we will hear the court speak.

Associated Press Investigating Their Inflammatory Fake Gun Photo And Caption

The AP has opened an investigation into this photo after they received numerous calls from my readers. How does the AP retract their inflammatory fake photo after it was splashed on the front pages of newspapers all over the globe? Did the phony photo and caption influence any members of our Supreme Court?

Original story is here.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Will The Supreme Court Protect Freedom and Liberty?

When the case for and against the District of Columbia gun ban is argued before our Supreme Court tomorrow, gun owners and gun hating zealots will be on pins and needles. It’s not so much about what the intent of our founding fathers may have been anymore.

The trend in America has long been to take rights from Americans rather than protecting and defending their liberty. The Drug War, terrorism fears and drunken driving enforcement have totally gutted the Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizures.

Numerous recent changes to the way we hold criminal trials have terminally damaged American’s Fifth Amendment Due Process rights. America today incarcerates more of our own citizens than any other country including Red China.

But for abortion and pro-pornography rulings our courts at every level have destroyed any hope of returning to the days when there was respect for freedom, liberty and privacy. Roadblocks and checkpoints for frisking citizens was the kind of thing millions of Americans shed blood to prevent. Now this kind of "security" is here rather than only a part of the most horrible and repressive governments on earth. Repressive government aided by unlimited taxpayer funding and technology’s lightening speed expansion can only bring doom to the way of life we once had.

That Unabom, mad genius, Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski was so concerned about the government’s misuse of technology he conducted a futile decades long deadly bombing campaign in an effort to stop it. Was Kaczynski all that crazy or just really smart?

The narrowest possible Congressional vote brought us the now expired, so called Assault Weapons Ban. That and the Clinton/Reno Administration's Waco Massacre spawned the Oklahoma Bombing by Timothy McVeigh. Had there been no federal gun ban and the slaughter of so many innocent children by Bill Clinton and Janet Reno’s murderous orders, McVeigh would have never retaliated.

The Waco assault was nothing more than a gross violation of the Posse Comitatus Act when the Clinton Administration sent military troops, tanks and helicopters to attack the people inside the Mt. Carmel Church. These folks were murdered because they simply refused to leave their church building and surrender their rightfully possessed firearms to an out-of-control government.

If the United States Supreme Court Rules against American’s rights to keep and bear arms this country can’t last long. Freedom loving Americans will lose their love and allegiance to just another rogue government and loyalty to the American dream will end. All the soldiers we sent to fight and die over the last 230 years did it for naught.

Los Angeles Times Runs Fake Photo As A Pro-gun Ban Propaganda Machine

In today’s L.A. Times they ran this inflammatory photo with a story about the D.C vs Heller case being argued before the United States Supreme Court. The photograph is a fake! The “illegal handgun” is no more than a toy.

The picture was credited to Jacquelyn Martin / Associated Press. The caption is as follows: “A 14-year old who asked not to be named had this illegal handgun on him in southeast Washington on Tuesday, March 11, 2008. Under a 31-year-old law in the nation's capital, ownership of handguns is barred for nearly everyone except law enforcement. The ban is up for review in the Supreme Court.”

The picture is of a German made RTS tear gas delivery device that uses a small amount of gunpowder to deliver CN powder to an attacker. The gun and several like it were manufactured in the early 1960’s in Germany. These guns were no longer made or sold when aerosol spray cans were found to be far superior tear gas delivery system to these tear gas pistols.

The RTS was never considered a firearm by ATF It was freely imported, unrestricted and sold by mail and available in American novelty shops. Needless to say nobody made or sold the ammunition for this obsolete gun in several decades.

The RTS was far less capable of converting to fire ammunition then a ball point pen.

The whole L.A. Times Story can be found here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Overdue End Of Osama-Bama

For a long time our young, inexperienced and smiling presidential candidate has been keeping a secret. Obama belongs to, supports and worships in a church that preaches hate and has aligned itself with America’s enemies in the Muslim world.

We’ve all seen the quotes caught on tape of Obama’s church leader, spiritual advisor and Pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright spewing religious hate. Some of the gems quoted are, “African-Americans should not say "God Bless America," but rather "God damn America" for "killing innocent people"? Then there is that little zinger, “ 9/11 was a case of "America's chickens coming home to roost."

Wright’s anti-White and anti-Jewish hate was never a secret to any of his parishioners including our would be President Barack Obama. Barack Obama prays to a deviant false God of hate.

Of course ever since the information was exposed, our Commander in Chief contender wants to distance himself to the message of hate and that he was an important contributor. This was no different than former KKK Wizard David Duke telling America he became a moderate and should be our President.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mayor Richard M. Daley Has A Plan For America…

What’s not to loathe about this little un-American? What person in their right mind would live in, pay taxes in or do business with the City of Chicago? This city is my birthplace but is now a place to avoid while under control of this dictator.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Elliot Spitzer Is A Typical Democratic Politician

Like all of them Spitzer wastes money as fast as it can be printed.

Spitzer could find a really hot $200.00 hooker almost anywhere in America but drops $5,000.00 instead. Why do I strongly believe that taxpayers funded Spitzer’s hooker escapades and the trips to visit them?

Democrats love to outlaw victimless crimes as part of their inability to enjoy life in keeping with their collective traditions.

Is this a vice or theft case? One thing for sure it’s a case of following the lead and style of the Clinton Administration he that he fit in so well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New York Girl Savagely Murdered

There was no Internet or Conservative talk-radio programing and the messages from the media were tightly controlled in 1964. America was still reeling from the organized destruction of a loyal American Senator by the same media. Back then television was so new and captivating to Americans they easily believed anything the news commentators said.

The good Senator from Wisconsin was deeply concerned about the Communist movement in America and its covert taking over our schools, media and government. He told us all but nobody would listen. We now have exactly what he feared, along with little freedom and a huge and unstopable monster of a government.

Life went on in the country and the change was so slow nobody really noticed. On March 13, 1964, Catherine Susan Genovese was just 28 years-old and was working as a manager at Eve's 11th Hour Sports Bar on Jamaica Avenue in Hollis, Queens. Like all single girls she had fears of muggings and worse on the mean streets of New York. Genovese lived with her young lover, Mary Ann Zielonko in an apartment building and left work for home after closing time at 2:00AM.

Winston Mosley was rapist and killer who also had a savage lust for necrophilia. He was a burglar and also a huge reason why Americans need to have meaningful self-defense tools and rights. Communists hate gun rights because arms would be used by counter-revolutionaries that would want to defeat their one world government dream. The Communists were and still are firmly in control of New York’s government. The Sullivan Gun Ban disarmed all but those like Winston Mosley.

Mosley was out on the prowl like any dangerous animal. That night Mosley selected his prey, and she was Catherine Susan “Kitty” Genovese.

New Yorkers know to mind their own business and hope they could somehow stay invisible to the empowered and well armed predators like Mosley.

When Mosley attacked, Kitty screamed for help. Many neighbors heard Kitty’s desperate cries for help but remained frozen with fear. Mosley’s stabbing, slashing and sexual assault lasted a full half-hour.

One neighbor yelled out to Mosley to leave the girl alone. Mosley knew that he owned the streets and continued his attack with confidence. Mosley knew any New Yorker who dared use any weapon to stop him would go to prison.

Thirty-eight fellow citizens witnessed some or all of the incredibly brutal crime and did nothing. Later the experts coined the new psychological phenomenon that became known as the "Genovese syndrome”. The phenomenon that created the climate of fear that killed Kitty Genovese already had a name and it was, The Sullivan Law.

Will A Dead “Witness” Haunt Phil Spector At A Second Trial?

Dianne Ogden-Halder, once dated and worked for Phil Spector. Things went sour and decades later Ogden-Halder vilified Phil Spector in court claiming he twice pulled a gun on her and tried to rape her. There was no follow-up police action, prosecution or corroboration to the alleged events.

Ogden-Halder died in her sleep at her Park City, Utah home on December 29, 2007 at the age of 61.

Despite credibility issues, a lack of substantiating evidence and the passage of time Ogden-Halder was allowed to testify in the totally unrelated Phil Spector murder trial. That testimony was recorded by a court reporter and video was captured by Court TV. Since Ogden-Halder was cross-examined by Spector’s Defense counsel I believe the next jury will hear and perhaps see Ogden-Halder testify from the grave.

I can’t imagine a more prejudicial event than to feed a second jury the words of the now dead witness. Ogden-Halder will never be able to change her story or undergo additional cross-examination. Any jury would be overly sympathetic and even possibly consider the dead woman as some kind of saint. Our society seems to treat the dead with much more respect than the living.

In Spector’s first trial Judge Larry Fiddler allowed Ogden-Halder to testify. California’s voters recently approved changes to court rules allowing for ancient allegations of a similar nature into criminal trials. I call the changes, unfair, outrageous and nothing more than a helping hand for lazy prosecutors.

In minimal fairness, Ogden-Halder should not have been allowed to testify at the first trial but bringing her into a second trial is beyond ghoulish.

Phil Spector is due to be in court for a pre-trial hearing on March 28, 2008. I expect to see a boat load of new Motions to have been filed in this case by the defense. Among the expected motions is the one already filed seeking to have Judge Fiddler remove himself because of his continual biased behavior against Phil Spector.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Do We Really Have A Right To Keep And Bear Arms?

We are about to find out when the United States Supreme Court rules on D.C. vs. Heller before the court's summer recess in June 2008. That of course is the case involving the 32 year-old handgun ban in the District of Columbia.

I really can’t see the court deciding that we have partial or restricted right to keep and bear arms. I see an all or nothing answer. You really can’t regulate or tax a right like you can with drivers and their automobiles. Driving and owning vehicles is not a right but a privilege.

Take free speech. There are no word bans or prior restraint on the use of words. Things like threats, extortion, libel and slander are all actionable once words are misused and people are victimized. Simple common sense dictates that the keeping and bearing of arms is the same. The misuse of firearms is what is and should be regulated and made actionable through law not the possession or carrying of them.

If the court determines American have an individual gun-rights and not some collective right. Wait! A collective right is straight out of Karl Marx’s teachings! That collective right concept is un-America. No other rights in our Bill of rights is considered a collective right. If we have the right to keep and bear arms this is what would have to follow:

1. There could be no tax or fee for permits or registrations.
2. No person could be forced to take or pass a test in order to enjoy the right.
3. No waiting periods to obtain firearms could be enforced.
4. There could be no rationing programs like the one gun a month idea.
5. Any American other than felons or mental defectives could buy a firearm in any state.
6. The carrying of firearms outside of prisons could not be prevented.
7. Most or all of the 1934 National Firearms Act would be invalid.

Gun registration laws could still stand despite two Supreme Court opinions that made it clear that felons and others barred from owning firearms cannot be prosecuted for failure to register because registration in and of itself would force these people to incriminate themselves on the registration applications in violation of their Fifth Amendment rights. Gun registration bureaucracies have nothing to offer taxpayers except a huge tax burden for these programs that have no value.

Will our Supreme Court protect or destroy our Second Amendment? Whatever the court decides it will be final, but for amending the Constitution.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Historic Gun Rights Case Argument Is Set For March 18th

Our Supreme Court has scheduled arguments in the historic case D.C. v. Heller for March 18.

The current Bush Administration recently did a pathetic flip-flop by first supporting the Second Amendment then more recently withdrawing support. They’ve been granted additional time to argue their new position. This is a lot like when former President George H.W. Bush claimed to voters that he’d support no new gun laws then reneged when he soon administratively banned certain firearms from importation.

In any event the case for Heller and gun-rights supporters seems bullet-proof and destined to end gun bans in the handful of Bolshevik states that have continually violated their citizen’s rights to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court’s decision is due to land in June before the summer recess. Let's hope for the best.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dorothy "The Hat" Tillman Booked For Trespassing

MONTGOMERY, Ala.--Former Chicago gun-slinging alderman Dorothy “The Hat” Tillman was arrested and charged Sunday with trespassing in her native Montgomery.

Tillman pushed her weight around at a hospital where her aunt was being treated. After she created a disturbance she was asked to leave. When she refused police hauled her off in chains. She was soon bailed out by a local reverend and now faces a court date of March 31, 2008.

Tiltman protested being placed in handcuffs and leg shackles by the cops but I bet she was a real fashion plate. Tillman's booking photo is not up to her standards...

The Perfect Shooting Suspect Police Mug Shot.

This is 29 year-old Erin Holmes. She was booked for aggravated Assault by Tempe, Arizona police for shooting her boyfriend a local tow truck driver. Her jail booking photo will be used by the media during the one to three years it will take to bring her to trial. Her booking photo does not look like a typical police muug shot of a criminal. Holmes jury' or public opinions won’t be swayed in any sort of negative way by seeing this pleasant picture.

As in nearly every shooting there is a reason, perhaps a good reason such as self-defense or the shooting was the result of an accident. Here a jury will probably decide since she’s been arrested. If Holmes was smart enough to say absolutely nothing to the police convicting her will be difficult.

As a defense investigator this is the kind of case I love to handle.

The message here is simple, always smile for every camera!

Here’s the story so far by Arizona’s News Channel, KTVK-TV.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

It’s Time For A penny Revolt!

They get caught in you vacuum cleaner. Pennies suck! They are nothing but an everyday nuisance that needs to go! They are worth more per pound as raw copper then they are as legal tender.

Pennies may be legal tender but try unloading them to anyone including your own bank. Nobody wants them. Since the politicians won’t get rid of them, it’s time to melt them down. Businesses simply need to round off sales to the nearest nickel. In the long run it will save on labor costs.

A Dozen Easy Ways To Fix California’s Budget Crisis

These simple actions would immediately help any state or local government get their financial affairs out of the red. Why pay good money after bad with yet another tax increase?

1. Require every school child to provide proof of legal residency in order to attend any public school.
2. Develop high quality and accredited online schools in the most common languages to assist and encourage home schooling at every educational level. Every correctional institution needs to make these courses available to inmates.
3. Make school textbooks available in digital form for the online students.
4. Develop online English classes for immigrants in most common languages so they can function in American society.
5. Require every uninsured and non-paying hospital patients to prove legal residency for medical treatments other than lifesaving emergencies.
6. Put prison convicts to work picking crops eliminating the need for illegal aliens.
7. Confiscate and sell at a public auction every automobile operated by illegal aliens.
8. Extend all drivers’ licenses for 15 years reducing the need for hundreds of thousands of hours of MVD employee time.
9. Reduce fees for citizens that renew vehicle registrations or drivers online.
10. Eliminate the requirement for a front license plate on motor vehicles.
11. Require every vehicle on the roads be equipped with a GPS navigation device to reduce the numbers of vehicles driving endlessly while clogging traffic. The result will be fewer accidents, hospitalizations and lost lives saving taxpayers millions.
12. Require the courts establish virtual online courts where the parties involved in civil or criminal cases can deal with pre-trial matters over the Internet via webcams. The goal here is reducing the need for millions of miles of commuting by public paid lawyers and other government workers attending these hearings and such.