Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parking Meter Rebellion Has Mayor Daley On the Ropes!

Chicago, IL—Chicago patriots have been destroying meters, boycotting parking on city streets and the private company can’t deal with their nightmare. Mayor Richard M. Daley is on the ropes for this terrible corrupt parking disaster.

Now is no time to soften up! As long as there are still working meters the extortion against residents and visitors of Chicago will be standard operating procedure.

Making war on the meters will cause the contractor to fail and void the contract. I hope this is only the beginning of taxpayers saying no to government. A good hammer, lots of Crazy Glue, slugs and eye protection are the weapons of this war. Cordless drills, saws and heavy trucks work really well to strike at this enemy.

Remember Chicago, don’t snitch on meter vandals. If you ever get jury duty for a meter vandal the verdict is always NOT GUILTY! Keep up the good work!

Here is an instructinstructional video on how to fix Chicago's parking meters.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mexico Won’t engage In joint US Border Patrols Why Should We Help Them?

Mexico City, Mexico-- Mexican President Felipe Calderon has ruled out joint patrols to stop smuggling and violence along the US-Mexico border.

It’s very simple; Mexico has only exported violence, narcotics and poverty to the United States. This worthless banana republic deserves no aid and all of their trespassers returned at once. Corrupt American politicians will never let that happen.

Mexico is corrupt through and through and unfortunately so is our own government.

Americans have no choice but to take control of their own government by demanding the sealing of our border to prevent further spread of the Mexican Drug War onto our soil.

To set an example we must demand the resignations and removals of the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Christopher Dodd, Arlen Specter and the others deeply involved in America’s financial failure. We also need to oust anyone in government promoting violation of American immigration laws.

Things Go Better With Coke! VP Joe Biden’s Daughter Caught on Tape

Wilmington, DE-Last month somebody claimed to have used a video camera to capture the Vice President Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley Biden snorting lines of white powder that was allegedly cocaine. That photographer is looking to peddle his prize for some big cash.

This scandal is being ignored by the dying Leftist media who are lockstep with the Barack Obama Administration. Remember the shabby media treatment VP candidate Sarah Palin received because her 17 year-old, unmarried daughter was knocked up? I thought the use of an illegal narcotic drug was much worse; it is after all a felony. Getting knocked up is no crime unless your mom is running for office against a Leftist sacred cow like Obama.

Perhaps it’s because their Bolshevik hero, Barack Obama describes his own cocaine use in his autobiography they are ignoring this criminal act.

Remember that picture of swimming champ Michael Phelps taking a hit from a marijuana bong? He was crucified over a soft drug but Ashley Biden get’s a free ride. I guess if you’re connected with the Obama Administration things do go better with coke!

An Update: So far no news agency has paid for or published this video. The lawyer assisting the seller has quit. Now it’s reported by Radar Online that the woman in the photo was someone that looked like Ashley Biden and that the allegation was false.

If this is the case I look for this creep to face federal charges for wire fraud for trying to scam the news agencies.

Glen Beck And His Message

New York, NY—Fox News has showcased the talent of a 45 year-old modern version of Paul Revere. Glen Beck is warning America that the country is under an attack by Communists seeking world domination. The problem is a whole gang of them have been elected and are in at least temporary command.

Beck is energizing Americans while reminding them that they, not elected officials are in charge. That’s the way our government was designed. Beck is simply telling Americans to make their voices heard.

Make no mistake; Beck is an accomplished showman who makes a lot of sense. To the likes of Barack Obama, and his merry band of Bolsheviks, Beck is a serious threat. Beck will be targeted for removal any way they can make it happen. Beck is shaking up the airwaves on both radio and television.

Getting Americans unified and empowered so they can keep their freedom and liberty is no easy task. The IPod and Xbox generation don’t realize their wealth and comfort came from the blood of millions of brave Americans defending the freedom they enjoy. Freedom has been under attack in every society since the beginning of the human race.

Communists need walls to keep their population from voting with their feet to escape that form of slavery. If there is a single Communist world government with no place to escape they know it will be easier to control the population with an iron fist.

We need more Glen Becks, but can Americans handle the truth?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano Is Obstructing Justice

Washington, DC—It’s usually a serious felony to obstruct a federal officer in the performance of his or her duty. Nobody changed the law but the former Arizona Governor, Janet Napolitano is taking the law into her own hands to satisfy her own personal anti-American agenda. This lawless director has halted ICE raids on suspected illegal aliens.

I can’t imagine why this woman with zero law enforcement or military experience has been given the job to protect our homeland. Napolitano is a run of the mill lawyer and former US attorney whose best qualification is being a Democratic politician.

If government agents don’t like the laws they must wait until they are changed by Congress or struck down by the courts before they can ignore them.

Any law enforcement officer that refuses to adhere to the oath of office they took upon appointment should be removed and is this case of actual obstruction should be charged with a crime.

Read more here.

Lana Clarkson’s Life and Death OnThe Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Venice, CA—In a tiny cottage here lived Lana Clarkson. She was a great looking glamorous lady. She sought work as an actress/entertainer with limited success. In Hollywood you either have an agent or you are unemployed. Agents are difficult to obtain even for very talented people. Clarkson needed an agent.

Lana Clarkson was not particularly talented but talent is not a requirement to make it in this town if you have the looks. There is no formula, but getting famous before your famous helps a lot. Hollywood was the birthplace of the publicity stunt. The trick is to pull one off without getting arrested. Actress and comedienne, Carol Channing was always a champ of the PR stunts.

Lana Clarkson had one B-movie, starring role and little to brag about or more importantly, pay the rent. I know many like Lana here in L.A. that are emotionally hurting while waiting to fulfill a dream.

Hollywood is unforgiving about age. For women it is doubly true. Clarkson turned 40, a milestone of old age for any actress. For an actress that has not achieved the desired career it is devastating.

Clarkson had another problem that destroyed her hope and that was a horrible fall that fractured both of her wrists crippling her for months in the recent time frame before her tragic death.

Lana became dependent upon pain killers for her emotional pain as well as the physical pain. Alcohol was also a big problem but still Clarkson tried to cope in an untenable situation.

Clarkson was forced to take a minimum wage job serving the people that she hoped were her peers. The earnings for that job were insufficient to pay for her cottage, a car with insurance, her utilities, food and her Vicadin addiction.

Clarkson had the looks and appeal to be a great porn star but sidestepped that temptation. That to me shows she was making a better choice.

Her job as a hostess at the House of Blues put her face to face with aging music legend Phil Spector. Clarkson did not know Phil Spector, but joined him at his home after work. I’m convinced this was an opportunity to supplement her income with a low profile act of prostitution. There’s no question Clarkson needed any money she could get.

I don’t condemn Clarkson for doing what she had to do in order to try and survive. It should have never been a matter for public consumption. Hollywood is full of part-time hookers that later became stars. Many wanted to be stars but wound up as hookers and porn stars instead.

There are other unflattering things that came out about Clarkson. She often raided medicine cabinets of her friends in search of drugs for her addiction. She swindled several friends out of as much as $60,000.00 to finance a vanity film she wanted to use as a demo to showcase her act. The demo tape was an entertainment disaster. I’m sure she expected her stalled career to move and she’d pay back her friends in full. It just did not happen.

Clarkson’s hopes and dreams evaporated. A 40 year old woman with no marketable skills was out of luck and money. That left her even more despondent and hurting. This is incredibly sad but often repeated scenario in Hollywood. If someone could have whispered to Clarkson before she left school, “Lana, don’t quit, stay in school.” Maybe there would have been a much better ending.

While very drunk in Spector’s home Clarkson found a gun. I’m convinced horseplay began and an accident or suicide resulted. There were no witnesses. People are left to guess, speculate or wonder what really happened.

Found by police on a sink, were a pair of false eyelashes. On Phil Spector’s Scrotum Saliva belong to Clarkson was found. On one of Clarkson’s breasts Spector’s Saliva was found. This supports the prostitution angle since she was a stranger to Phil Spector.

Clarkson’s friends and family have been in immense pain. They blame the record producer just because he’s an easy target. The evidence for murder or manslaughter is just not there. Lana Clarkson is not coming back. She’s dead.

I grieve for Clarkson’s mother and sister. They did not deserve their loss. There is nothing for them to do but move on and make the best of their lives. We are all in this together and none of us will be leaving this world alive.

I hope people can still smile about some good times with Lana Clarkson. I’m sure there must be some great memories.

Clarkson should live on in an image she created of the hopeful starlet that had beauty and worth even though she was never properly recognized on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Could A Conservative Republican Mayor be Elected In Chicago?

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Chicago, IL—Impossible you say? Not really, the city is such a total mess right now it could be the only hope.

Imagine a new mayor who will offer two thirds reductions on taxes while ripping out those extortionate parking meters to bring needed businesses back into the city?

Imagine a mayor who will lower sales taxes below the suburban areas to bring new shoppers, life and wealth into this once great city?

How about a mayor who would allow a developer to bring back a larger and better Meigs Field Airport to the lakefront and the revenue it once generated?

How about a mayor dedicated to seeing all of Chicago’s dangerous, slums civilized and gentrified.

How about a mayor that would facilitate the return of horses and affordable stables to the Chicago Park District?

How about a mayor that would offer significant financial incentives to film makers so they locate or bring their business and jobs to the city? (I know one film I want to make in the Windy City!)

How about a Mayor looking for every possible way to reduce taxes and make Chicago a good value as a city rather than the Socialist Hell it’s become.

How about a mayor that would return a larger and better Lincoln Park Gun Club to the Lakefront?

How about a Mayor that would encourage concealed weapons permits for the law-abiding making Chicago hostile to muggers, rapists and killers?

How about a mayor who will dismantle the worthless and expensive city gun registration system duplicated by the state firearm licence required of all gun owners?

It’s time for a mayor that will return Chicago to its rightful place as the City of Broad Shoulders poet Carl Sandberg wrote about.

It could happen! He or she should be Conservative, young, vital and look good on Youtube!

If this happened Chicago would be the greatest city in the world!

Legalization Of Narcotics Will Destroy Criminal Organizations

Let me apologize for the gruesome and graphic photo here. This is one of hundreds law enforcement officers have sent me to show just what’s going on in our border towns. I used this photo because it’s of poor quality compared to the other photos and videos that show this sickening horror fueled by our American Drug War. If you are shocked, that was my intention because we as a country have the power to stop this carnage. We must stop this now.

Washington, DC—With so many hundreds of billions of dollars wasted on the so called Drug War America’s addiction for narcotics is stronger than ever.

The forced treatment programs for those addicts arrested just don’t work. For treatment to work it must come as a result of desire by the addicted to get cured. Prison has proven to be counterproductive since all the likeminded addicts are together and exchange ideas on furthering their drug activities.

The real victims are not the addicts. They are the thousands murdered every year by criminals committing crimes so they can pay the Drug War fueled extreme prices for the banned substances. The other victims are the taxpayers, businesses damaged by crime and the vast underground cash drug economy.

The worst people from the drug countries invaded our borders to profit, murder, and exploit the conditions the Drug Prohibition has delivered.

The Drug War is a solid example of how good intentions bring unexpected results. The only people that benefit are the Drug Lords and Drug Czars.

Because of government failure Mexico needs the Drug War for their economy. Mexico would have failed long ago without the constant flow of cash and jobs related to narcotics. At the same time American government officials have profited handsomely with government contractors who are also political campaign contributors raiding our treasury.

Narcotics not used for under the direction of medical providers should be deregulated. The cost to addicts will drop to that of sugar or coffee. The bloodshed will end, and the criminal organizations will fold. The flow of criminals into the United States will dramatically decrease without the illegal drug trade.

Narcotics enforcement here should simply be through zoning laws and existing laws for protection of children, public intoxication or impaired driving.

If there was any data at all that showed the Drug War reduced demand by Americans there might be justification for this crusade. The exact opposite is true as the demand and prices have increased along with the Drug Holocaust happening today along the Mexican Border.

A side note: For those who don’t remember or never knew America West Airlines exists today because of the drug smuggling efforts and invested profits of four founding airline pilots. They were apprehended and sent to Club Fed but their airline continued.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Spector Jury Under Cutting Edge Defense Investigation Scrutiny

Los Angeles, CA—Jurors are on a four day holiday until Wednesday when they return to Judge Larry Paul Fidler’s jury room to determine the fate of legendary record producer, Phil Spector.

What the jury does not know their Internet activities have been closely monitored for violations of the court’s order to avoid conversations along with any form of publication involving Spector and any witnesses.

Cutting edge surveillance devices have already exposed some jury Internet surfing and e-mails. The involved jurors will only have to face the music for this behavior should Spector be convicted.

If there is a conviction on any count the defense will move for a mistrial and present their evidence. A single incident will be sufficient to obtain a mistrial and a third trial would be likely. Should Spector be acquitted or the jury hangs, the defense will not need to reveal whatever they know about jury misconduct.

Any members of the jury exposed for misconduct will have a serious problem with Judge Fidler. Considering the cost of Spector’s trial it will be understandable.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barack Obama Is Public Enemy Number One!

Washington, DC—As the Obama Administration is raping our free market system; his staffers have floated their incredibly outrageous, dangerous and destructive ideas endangering the way of life and safety of Americans. .

The Secretary of Treasury is open to the idea of discontinuing the dollar and adopting a new world currency issued by a totalitarian Communist nation. The Attorney General is planning to bring the most onerous infringements on the right to keep and bears arms ever in America. The National Intelligence Director now wants to release dangerous Guantanamo inmates trained to kill Americans on our own soil and give them free money. Americans are being taxed beyond the level of extortion.

This was not the platform Barack Obama expressed during his political campaign. Had he expressed these ideas Obama would never been elected. His true colors are showing now. Now that it’s too late to take back those votes.

Barack Obama clearly wants to see America weak, defenseless and broken as a nation. If this miscreant holding the office of President is not stopped cold we will all become prisoners, slaves or be killed. Had any American politicians or officials engaged in this kind of behavior at any other time in our history they’d have been arrested, tried and executed as traitors.

Frankly I’m wondering just what will be the last straw be that will cause Americans to use force and violence to stop the treason by Barack Obama and his administration?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taxpayers vs. Crooked Politicians—Chicago’s Parking Meter Revolt

Chicago, IL—Chicago’s politicians are little more than organized crime bosses anymore. Instead of serving the people Chicago’s politicians have simply become extortionists. They’ve taxed, squandered and stolen to the point of chasing taxpayers out of the city.

Businesses remaining in the city are victimized by every kind of tax scam that politicians can dream up. If potential customers and clients can’t drive or park anywhere business will be boarding up and moving somewhere else.

Recently the City of Chicago gave a 75 year contract to a private company in New York, LAZ to handle all of Chicago’s parking meters and collection. The rates doubled but the anger of Chicago’s citizens has gone through the roof.

Vandalized and inoperable meters are everywhere. Missing from the streets are the automobiles of people patronizing local businesses. A death blow has been dealt that spells disaster for Chicago.

I want to gleefully accept responsibility for some of the vandalism since I have encouraged it on this blog. Rather than show remorse I am overjoyed that spray paint, hammers, and crazy glue are being used to remedy this parking meter extortion conspiracy.

Rank and file Chicago cops I talked to have no plans to discover or arrest meter vandals, since they have lost all respect for the city government and they too are victimized by the parking scam.

We can only hope taxpayer rage will present itself at the polling places during the next city election. In the meantime I hope to see the company taking over the meters, LAZ file bankruptcy and vanish from Chicago. As for Chicago’s meter vandals I say, keep up the good work! Don't snitch on meter vandals!

There is a website that has explored the Chicago parking meter experience has lots of information and photos.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will Hate Or Real Evidence Decide Phil Spector’s Fate?

Los Angeles, CA—The parade of jilted former girlfriends and disdain for Phil Spector’s wealth and celebrity have all been used to fan the fires of a lynch mob. Prosecutors were on a mission to convict Phil Spector no matter the evidence and have enjoyed judicial free rein throughout two murder trials.

The current jury has been getting too much of their evidence the same way most juries do these days, over the Internet in violation of court rules. At least one blogger is believed to be spewing daily hate and misinformation on behalf of the family of Lana Clarkson who are hoping for a conviction that will enable them to loot Phil Spector’s estate in their pending civil action.

The scientific evidence to murder is simply not there. Since there were no witnesses Judge Larry Paul Fidler has allowed the jury to be swayed by allegations spanning nearly four decades concerning Spector’s prior relationships. Never in Phil Spector’s 69 year history has he ever physically injured anyone.

It was a drunken, destitute and despondent Lana Clarkson who had both of her own hands on the gun that killed her. The only rational explanation for Clarkson’s presence at the Spector home was to engage in an act of unlawful sexual commerce.

Can the jury see past the propaganda to the only reliable evidence and do the right thing? No jury Guilty verdict should be the product of a guess. Having to guess means the defendant is Not Guilty. Will the jury do the right thing? Time will tell.

The prosecution and defense are wrapping up final arguments and with jury instructions pending the case may be in the hands of this jury tomorrow (Wednesday).

One thing for sure, Judge Larry Paul Fidler did absolutely everything he could to deny Phil Spector a fair trial. If convicted Spector would win a new trial but it’s doubtful at least to me that Spector will live long enough to benefit from any appeal of a conviction. This jury is the court of last resort for Phil Spector.

Senator Benjamin Cardin Won’t Let Newspapers Die

Baltimore, MD—Career Democratic politician Senator Benjamin Cardin has introduced a bill to save newspapers called the, Newspaper Revitalization Act. Never mind that Americans are less literate than ever and advertisers and readers have been rejecting this form of media in favor of other news sources for the last two decades.

The days of when only rich men or syndicates could own the huge machinery and infrastructure required for printing newspapers or broadcasting are over. It’s possible today to publish a multimedia blog with equipment that costs less than $5000.00. It’s possible to publish worldwide using publically owned computers at your own local library. They call this form of publishing the New Media.

Everyone has the largest news stand on earth at their fingertips today. Every newspaper employee from the delivery boy up to the publisher if facing a hard cold fact, they are obsolete. Live video broadcasts today are cheap and simple to deliver and are giving journalists big and small equal footing with established television broadcast networks. Whether all of us like it or not this is progress and new technology as was the cotton gin and the horseless carriage.

Instead of letting free enterprise work and displaced workers adapt to a new marketplace, Senator Cardin’s answer is to throw our tax money on this bonfire. Please don’t let me forget Senator Cardin’s plan also carries with it a muzzle precluding the traditional political endorsements newspapers are known for. In addition to interference in private enterprise comes an unconstitutional provision to curb free speech.

It’s so sad that a monumental jerk like Senator Benjamin Cardin can propose this garbage with a straight face. This Communist plan is as wrong and un-American as he is. Please Senator Cardin, let the newspapers die with dignity.

Boob Jobs And Crime

Phoenix, AZ—Some years ago I was sent out to investigate a an embezzlement from one of the leading commercial property management firms. My investigative leads were two ladies who recently left their jobs at the bookkeeping department.

I simply knocked on the door of the rented home where these usual suspects lived. I used my trademark introduction, “Hi, my name is Paul Huebl, I’m a licensed private investigator and I’ll bet you know why I’m here?”

In no time these two attractive young women confessed to me and my hidden tape recorder how they siphoned off $50,000.00 from their former employer to fraudulent companies they created. The two offenders offered me a very plausible reason for the theft.

It turned out the two gals were unhappy with their breast size and wanted that porn star look. Both ladies took their ill-gotten gains to a talented Las Vegas surgeon who had them both ready for showgirl auditions in no time at all.

The two suspects lived together in the rented house and agreed to sign a, “consent to search” of the premises for fruits of the crime. While searching I came across the before and after pictures later entered into evidence to a Grand Jury. The result of that Las Vegas physician’s work was fascinating to say the least!

The two now well endowed embezzlers repeated their confessions to the late Phoenix police forgery detective, Mike Butler, were indicted, pled guilty, served time and both re-offended later. There are many unforgettable stories in my career and for these two show stoppers, I say thanks for the mammaries!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon—Not Your Father’s Pharmacy

Westwood Village, Los Angeles, CA—Right across the street from UCLA is a new business. They are selling quasi-legal cannabis sativa, the polite term for marijuana.

I say quasi-legal because there is a conflict with federal law about the medicinal application for this journey to the Twilight Zone. These places get busted all the time. However now they’re banking on our admitted cocaine abusing President, Barack Obama to end the drug prohibition.

I hate drug abusers and non-medical use of any intoxicant. However I want our government completely out of the drug business unless it’s regulating what is prescribed by physicians for legitimate treatment. Ending the Drug War will save lives and hundreds of billions of dollars every year. It will also put the Drug Lords in a business with a meager profit like the people get that sell coffee and sugar.

The only exception to regulation is zoning. This kind of signage should be zoned away to Afghanistan or at least to an industrial area. It’s sickening to see this joint across from UCLA and so close to too many students.

The point is moot we better get used to these kinds of places because it’s part of the impending decay of our society.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Four Good Cops Murdered In Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA—In this cesspool of a Bolshevik run city where African-Americans openly hate cops there was an explosion of murder today. Four cops were murdered. A wanted parole violator was also shot to death and he has been named as the killer. I fear the worst is yet to come.

Will there be 1960’s Black Panther inspired ambush attacks on cops by racist Black cowards? It’s time for cops everywhere to take more precautions than ever. Don’t race to calls without adequate back up.

Carry no less than four extra magazines instead of two. Bring an extra box or two of ammo in your gear bags. Make sure your body armor is not outdated and keep a ballistic helmet handy.

Don’t risk your life in the neighborhoods that support politicians that don’t support cops. Don’t give anyone a chance to hurt you or your partner. Let those hot calls cool off a little before you go in.

Three of the four dead officers were sergeants. This investigation will take a few days to sort out. One offender was identified as Lovell Mixon, 27, of Oakland who was on parole for assault with a deadly weapon. Police said. He had no-bail warrant for his arrest for violating parole. He has prior convictions in Alameda County for grand theft and possession of marijuana.

Crimefile is shocked and saddened by the cowardly acts committed by pseudo-humans not fit to breathe our air. I know that every other officer will surround and protect the families of our dead and wounded heroes. Be sure to give your own family members extra hugs before you go on duty.

The great state of California is set to unleash ten of thousands of prison convicts shortly. We can count on so much more violence.

Here is an earlier report on this incident.

Will Phil Spector Be His Own Best Witness?

Los Angeles, CA—Record producing legend Phil Spector, is on trial for his life in connection with the death of Lana Clarkson. A huge question for Spector and his lawyers is whether or not to have him testify.

The conventional wisdom says no. However there are circumstances present that change that scenario. First it may open the door for testimony from people that hate him. The hate campaign in the form of a bimbo parade of spurned but otherwise uninjured lovers already tainted the jury and it can’t get any worse now.

Spector will have to withstand cross-examination from prosecutors. I think Spector won’t have any real trouble here. He is the only living witness that knows what happened. He can tell the world what he knows and settle the facts. The only serious problem is that Phil Spector mumbles and will be difficult to hear. He’s also had surgery that further obstructed his voice projection abilities.

To me it’s very conceivable that Clarkson, who had a habit of stealing from her own friend’s medicine cabinets, would have opened the drawer where the gun was found and began some drunken horseplay that ended in her tragic death.

Only Phil Spector can tell the jury what he told that limo driver. That driver did not understand Spector. That will show Spector was personally convinced that the driver had summoned help from paramedics and the police. It’s very understandable why Spector did not make the 911 call himself if he thought his hired help already did that.

That decision is made by the Defense Commander, attorney Doron Weinberg. You can't argue that it’s really up to the defendant because a defendant must obey the wishes of his lawyer. Lawyers generally don’t want their clients to testify.

My guess is that Phil Spector would have everything to gain and nothing to lose by telling us all what happened.

It will be very sad for Phil Spector if he never gets the chance to let the truth set him free. Will the jury break the rules and punish Phil Spector if he does not testify? Stay tuned…

Friday, March 20, 2009

Prosecutors Hope For A Compromise Verdict On Spector Murder Trial.

Los Angeles, CA—Prosecutor’s know they have a paper thin case against music legend, Phil Spector in connection with the death of Lana Clarkson. The facts in the way of a conviction are that the woman was a drug addicted, alcoholic with the weight of the world on her despondent shoulders and the fact that the science of this case exonerates Spector.

The trial has been a non-stop hate campaign and character assassination of the producer by a lifetime's collection former jilted girlfriends. Then there’s the illegal alien limo driver who got a free Green Card for telling the cops what they wanted to hear. He claimed to have heard a “confession quote” from a distraught mumbling Phil Spector.

Prosecutors fought tooth and nail for a lesser charge because they know a lesser conviction is easier to obtain. That’s a disingenuous reason to say the least. Judge Larry Paul Fidler has done all he could do to help prosecutors convict Spector. Now the judge included an uncharged Involuntary Manslaughter count to allow the jury to compromise rather than acquit. A compromise by jury members is wrong. Either Spector is a murderer or he’s not.

Under our system of law it is better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be convicted, except in the court of Judge Larry Paul Fidler.

The jury will struggle with a guess as to what they think really happened and arrive at a verdict. A guess is wrong since there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt. I stand convinced that the filing of charges in this case was a travesty.

If Spector is convicted of either charge he will die in prison. That fate should be based on more than a guess.

Rent-A-Cops Proposed To Patrol Chicago Streets

Chicago, IL—Some members of Chicago’s City Council are obviously hooked on crack. They want to give poorly screened, trained and armed security guard special police powers and let them loose in high crime neighborhoods replacing cops.

I can see armed street gang members in guard uniforms legitimizing their extortion, intimidation and control over the neighborhoods.

The real police will come in on invitation only. The security guards will be given limited arrest powers and will be engaged in revenue generating activities like writing various court citations.

I’m not sure just how the city plans on skirting laws that require proper selection and training of people enforcing laws. They need to learn about P.O.S.T. and what that’s all about. Cops are sworn to their oaths of office, security guards are not. It is permissible to resist the arrest of a private person but not the police.

There are too many problems to mention here. That’s not to say private guards cannot be hired to handle limited security functions for courthouses and government buildings. Enforcing laws on our streets is no job for amateurs.

Generally the people who become security guards do so because they can't qualify to be police officers. There are simple reasons such as age but more often their disqualifications involve background troubles, low intelligence, competency, or physical incapacitations.

As for the Aldermen proposing this idea there is help available for them at Cocaine Anonymous.

A TV News Photographer Shoots The President!

Los Angeles, CA—Never let it be said that I’m a fan of Barack Obama’s. However because I serve the news business as a freelance producer and have a blog, Barack Obama is a newsmaker and must be accurately covered.

No, I don’t want Obama to succeed in his Marxist quest. However, I would love nothing more for this fellow to, save our economy; protect all our freedom and liberty while maintaining respect for the producers and taxpayers.

KCBS-KCAL TV photojournalist Bryan Frank had that duty and related his experience and posted several photos he took along the way on his blog, BeFrank.

I got a chuckle from something this straight shooter wrote:

“Ooh, here's a little tip. The Secret Service and everyone in charge of the President's media access is much friendlier if you word your request correctly. Always be specific in your phrasing. I'd like to record video or I'd like to photograph the President is always, always, always, always, always, always better than saying, I want to shoot the President. Trust me on that one, brother..”

Pay a visit to this BEFrank story and pictorial…

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Obama Administration Pollutes The Environment and Wastes Money

Washington DC—The Obama Gun Seizure Machine is gearing up for real War On Gun Owners. They’ve now banned government contractors from recycling spent ammunition brass for the civilian market. This is just another hateful display of, “we won the election and will do whatever we want”.

Not only are these Communist whack-jobs wasting millions they are causing the wasting of energy and unnecessary pollution of the environment as manufactures now have to create new casings from raw brass. Sooner or later this foolishness will weaken our national defense, not that these enemies of America care.

Someone please tell me how this Obama policy helps do anything constructive or enhances public safety at all. Maybe all Americans should follow Obama's lead and stop recycling altogether. Will these Communists learn what, “From my dead Cold hands” means? It means that any politicians, bureaucrats or government agents involved in taking guns from Americans better get their personal affairs in order.

An update: A reader sent me this from another blogger. It seems this news item was spun out-of-control and has been reversed. We will be watching all futher devlopments.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Huge Phoenix Arizona “Straw Man” Gun Case Tossed Out Of Court

Phoenix, AZ—Attorney General Terry Goddard has always been a gun rights hater. It was no surprise when he indicted Phoenix gun store owner, George Iknadosian, of X-Caliber Guns on 21 counts ranging from fraud, to money laundering.

The root of the case involved the sale of some alleged 700 weapons Goddard’s office claimed found their way to a Mexican drug cartel. Apparently Arizona citizens who were lawfully entitled to purchase firearms and had no trouble passing the federal background check required of all gun purchasers and bought guns from this dealer.

The "Straw Man" gun buyers had apparently not revealed that their intent was to export the guns to others either unqualified to purchase or export the guns to Mexico.

All of the buyers involved had previously pled guilty to various charges in connection with this case.

Today Judge Robert Gottsfield issued rare directed Not Guilty verdicts before the case ever got to the jury. My long time lawyer friend and client Tom Baker representing Iknadosian simply made a routine rule 20 motion that ended the case on the spot. Judge Gottsfield is known as a fair but tough judge whose been on the Arizona bench for decades.

During the prosecutions presentation there was not a single case where it could be proven that the guns went to anyone unqualified to purchase firearms.

This case resulted from a joint investigation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, firearms and explosives, Phoenix Police Department and the Mexican government.

As for Phoenix attorney Tom Baker, he’s been a great gun owner’s advocate and lawyer for a a long time. I’m proud to have worked with him and his late father and law partner, Wallace, J. “Wally” Baker, Jr. for many years.

Why News Reporters Fail On Gun Control Stories.

It’s always the same. Some politician or media attention whore and whack job like Chicago’s Father Michael Pfleger sounds the alarm for some new gun ban. The news organizations come running to cover the carefully crafted media event complete with parents of young people killed usually while engaged in risky behavior.

The reporters grab video, interviews and then never go to the other side for opposing views. Instead they head to the nearest gun store where businessmen freely talk to reporters while enjoying free advertising. Gun dealers but for a select few exceptions are neither educated spokesmen nor experts on gun control. They are nothing more than ordinary men on the street with varied opinions.

If reporters want to get both sides they can always get interviews from the NRA leadership or any of the state gun rights organizations. Gun dealers don’t represent or speak for gun owners or their advocacy organizations.

Getting half the story on gun control or any story is always dead wrong.

Tax Money for Media Bailouts And My Personal Blog

Newspapers are in serious danger of extinction and it’s the same for Television news and news magazines. Cutbacks because of declining readership and viewers are everywhere. It looks like the fickle American public is no longer satisfied with the same old Liberal propaganda machines.

Waiting in the wings to take over for these, has been outfits that are unable or unwilling to give the public what it needs and wants is your favorite Crimefile News offering, Crimes, Guns and Videotape. I’m poised to bring something new to the face and scope of news. Yes folks, there is hope and change in the cards for the delivery of news and commentary but for government interference.

I will be enjoined by government from expanding into a commercial news provider as our politicians give your money to these organizations that Americans have already rejected as their news providers. I will never be able to compete for my piece of the American dream. As a journalist with a publication I have a right to the same amount of taxpayer money to fund my news business as the New York, Times, Chicago Tribune or NBC News. We all know that will never happen because under Obama's Marxist agenda some people will always be more equal than others.

Go ahead I dare someone tell me how I’m wrong about this?

AIG Bonus Mess Stems From Simple Government Interference.

Washington, DC—Our politician’s pretend outrage is laughable when under our free market system of government AIG should have collapsed except for un-American government free market tampering.

There would have been no sky high bonuses or golden parachute severance packages for any of the architects of that failed company, just well-deserved unemployment. Other healthier American companies would have rushed and filled the void created by AIG’s demise.

When our politicians used taxpayer funds to bail out this mismanaged train wreck they also had to accept their existing contracts including golden parachutes for retirees and those bonuses.

Those who voted for the bailout deserve a severe beating from the American public not the bailed out executives of a company that should have been unceremoniously laid to rest.

It’s my fervent hope that every American politician that voted for the bailout and that phony stimulus package be tried for treason.

Why J-Fed Failed As Chicago’s Police Superintendant

Chicago, IL—Twice in my lifetime rank and file Chicago cops have handed down a no-confidence vote on a police superintendent. That last time that happened was to former superintendent Matt Rodriquez, who was paling around with a notorious convicted felon.

The Fraternal Order of Police just took a vote and Jody Weis was invited to leave the department by the working cops of Chicago. This vote came after little more than a year on the job.

Jody Weis was a square peg in a round hole since the day the mayor appointed him. Weis was never a street cop and could not relate to them. His wearing a uniform he never earned was a big mistake as was his effort to model the department after weightlifting steroid using muscle heads.

The biggest problem Weiss had was the direction from City Hall. The mayor and influential members of the City Council wanted to give the more vocal local African-American reverends the ability to create police policy. Police work is difficult enough to do without creating a climate of fear causing officers to shirk their sworn duty rather than become whipping boys for police haters.

If Weis had any potential to be a good leader for the department City Hall obstructed any positive efforts. Weis is in a no-win situation. The people pulling Weis’ strings simply don’t want an effective police department.

Every cop knows if they avoid conflict with criminals they will never get fired, indicted or suspended over false allegations. There is little reason for cops to do more than to avoid all conflicts and actual law enforcement.

This no-confidence vote is really more about Mayor Richard M. Daley and Uber-Alderman, Edward M. Burke. Chicago’s ignorant voters keep reelecting these fellows and the voters got what they wanted and deserved.

These politicians relentlessly demand and promote unconstitutional gun bans that do nothing but reinforce the authority of Chicago’s armed criminals over the disarmed and defenseless, law-abiding citizens. They have managed to turn good cops into unresponsive props. The City Hall crime control program keeps the thugs, thieves and extortionists in power by design.

Chicago does not deserve the few taxpayers they have left. Many thousands of productive people just like me voted with our feet and left this once great city. Soon there will be nobody left in Chicago but a parasitic population feeding on itself.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama Is On A Deadly Collision Course With Americans

Washington, DC—Just two months into his Administration Barack Obama is headed for a huge conflict with the people of this country.

So far we have four major outrages:

1. The ongoing destruction of free enterprise.
2. A proposal that wounded veterans pay for their own medical care.
3. The ending of the Armed Pilots Program.
4. An announced War on Gun Owner's Constitutional rights.

Whose side is this Communist bastatrd on? Can Obama be stopped? Can a Civil War be far behind? Will American soldiers fire on fellow Americans? Will Obama see the error of his ways? Will our Congress follow Obama straight to Hell?

Monday, March 16, 2009

California’s New Effort To Reform Its Concealed Weapons Law.

Sacramento, CA—Excuse me for being a pessimist in this solid Land of Bolsheviks but I don’t think this bill has a snowball’s chance in Hell. California’s gun haters will spend millions to protect the state’s muggers, rapists and killers.

With the pending release of tens of thousands of felons from California’s prisons California’s politicians would rather provide safer working conditions for carjackers, kidnappers and serial killers than allow for the meaningful self-defense of the law-abiding people.

None the less, contact those assembly members in your district as well as the following members and tell them to pass this important measure for public safety:

Jose Solorio

2400 E. Katella Avenue

Suite 640

Anaheim, CA 92806

Curt Hagman

23355 E. Golden Springs Dr.

Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Warren Furutani

4201 Long Beach Blvd.

Suite 327

Long Beach, CA 90807

Danny Gilmore

1489 W. Lacey Blvd., Suite 103

Hanford, CA 93230

Jerry Hill

1528 South El Camino Real

Suite 302

San Mateo, CA 94402

Fiona Ma

455 Golden Gate Ave.,

Suite 14600

San Francisco, CA 94102

Nancy Skinner

Elihu Harris State Building

1515 Clay Street

Suite 2201

Oakland, CA 94612

The Bill:
Bill Number CA Ab 357

Drew Peterson Grilled by Amy Jacobson, Geoff Pinkus and The Public

Chicago, ILAmy Jacobson once again proved her mettle as an investigative reporter when she went face to face with Drew Peterson last night. It was on Geoff Pinkus’ Livin’ Large Radio Show that Derw Peterson and his lawyer, Joel Brodsky answered those biting questions so many inquiring minds wanted answered.

Jacobson never missed a chance to hit Peterson with a skillfully crafted questions and great follow-ups. On the other side was an experienced professional cop/witness/suspect with 30 years of police work on his resume. I don’t know if Jacobson exposed any information that would solve the mystery but she followed the first rule of every investigator, she kept the suspect talking.

As for the interview in general it was timely, interesting and informative. It was great radio that showcased an obvious resurrection of news reporter, Amy Jacobson.

It was the strikingly similar case of Lisa Stebic, the wife of a private investigator, Craig Stebic in another Chicago area probe by Jacobson that sidelined her career. Jacobson caught some unjustified flack for her courageous effort to solve that case.

…And as for the, Will County State's Attorney… When Drew Peterson is answering questions, their investigators are always listening. A few wrong words and a criminal court jury may hear a recording of this and other interviews. Peterson is either very crazy or very innocent.

WIND Radio and Geoff Pinkus deserve a salute for giving their listeners a great show.

Podcast recordings of this “pinker’s” show of 3/15/09 show can be found here.

Outrage Over Marketing Of Fried Chicken

Germany—Some overly sensitive people are calling this racist. Others simply understand that nearly all African-Americans have a diet of choice that goes with the culture and has no race agenda. Watermelon and chicken have always been associated with African-Americans and to make that somehow an insult is both sick and twisted.

Is this unfair use of a name that just happens to be the current American President's? Since they only use "Obama" without the Presidents first name or likeness the association can only be in the mind of the observer.

A German company has drawn major criticism for marketing their tasty new “Obama-Fingers”. Because of the rhubarb, this company is now getting great free worldwide advertising. We know they will make more money than ever. Tyson foods should have dreamed this up here.

It’s okay to like fried, chicken, watermelon or any other food your physician will let you consume. Let me say that being a well-feed White guy I can attest to my share of consumption of fried chicken and watermelon.

I’m wondering now what I could market that would get this kind of free advertising since I need the money. This Obama-Fingers thing is just not that important. Excuse me while I put some leftover KFC in the microwave for a treat.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

On The Hunt for Lindsey Lohan, Fugitive from Justice

Hollywood, CA-As the cops are on the lookout for fugitive Lindsey Lohan. Lohan's new lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley is trying to get that arrest warrant quashed. That’s difficult to accomplish on a Sunday. Holley can be counted upon to plead her client’s case first thing in the morning in the Beverley Hills courthouse.

Let’s keep this story in its rightful perspective. Lohan was free on misdemeanor probation for a DUI offense. This is not armed robbery. She has a history of showing up for court but has been snagged for some technical violation of the conditions of her probation.

Lohan should be given the benefit of the doubt, her warrant quashed and instead she should be ordered to appear and show cause why her probation should not be violated. Should Lohan fail to appear an arrest warrant is the proper and legal remedy. I suspect that Lohan can find her way to court without guns and handcuffs.

That last thing that should happen is a repeat of that ugly and unforgivable incident where Paris Hilton was sent home by the Sheriff and ordered arrested by a rogue now former judge in the most humiliating display of unnecessary government force I’ve ever seen. Had they simply called Hilton or her lawyer and ordered Hilton to return to jail she’d have done that without that horrible circus.

I fully expect to see the warrant quashed tomorrow, a short court date set for Lohan and if the court finds Lohan violated her probation it will punish her. If there was a misunderstanding then Lohan will be directed to fulfill the requirements of probation or face the consequences.

Lohan’s life has been a soap opera for sure. Too many parties and an excess of bad judgment with displays of less than dignified behavior has clouded her career. Lohan is still growing up and just because she’s now famous does not mean she can’t succeed.

I don’t care about her sexual preference but Lohan needs to get into a stable relationship that does not involve legendary fights with broken windows. I think Sam is proving to be a career killer.

Update: 3/16/09 It was in the words of William Shakespeare, "much ado about nothing." The warrant was recalled today. Lrt's hope Lindsey can overcome this part of her life.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beating The Bail Bondsman

Looking at Lindsey Lohan’s latest arrest warrant legal troubles I decided to inform the less affluent working man or woman living in a failing economy a way to beat overblown and impossible bail settings on arrest warrants.

I hope you, or a family member or friend will never have to resort to this method but if you find yourself in a jam this will help. I see lots of arrests for various new Obama inspired gun bans on the horizon.

First determine what court, judge, and case number is involved with the warrant. That may require a phone call to the prosecutor’s office or the court clerk. Prepare a written, “Emergency Motion for Release on Own Recognizance or reduced Bail.” The motion should state how long you lived in the community and you’ve never failed to appear in any court. Further you should state that you are anxious to prove your innocence without going into any facts surrounding the case.

Bring your motion and two copies to the courtroom of the judge that issued the warrant early in the morning. Waiting until late in the day may give the court time problems and little choice but to allow your incarceration.

The clerk will call your case and you tell the judge you will use whatever bail money you saved to hire a lawyer. You can always ask for a public defender at your next court date.

By doing this you will have proven to the court that you’re not a flight risk and can be trusted to appear in court. You probably will beat the expenditure of thousands of dollars and some very nasty pre-trial jail confinement.

Here is a sample motion for you:
Bail Motion

On The Lam With Lindsey Lohan

Hollywood, CA—She’s frantically looking for a lawyer and bail bond arrangements at this hour. This legendary lass would much rather bed with her “Daddy DJ” Sam Samantha Ronson then bunk with the ladies in the L.A. County Jail. The problem is a pesky $50,000.00 arrest warrant over a probation issue stemming from a 2007 DUI conviction.

Where does a more recognizable face duck the law? Will one of her paparazzi pals rat her out so he can snap that big money picture of this lovely lesbian in handcuffs? We all know the answer to that one. Fame has its price.

Where’s legal legend, Blair Berk when you need her? I bet she’s working overtime and already making nice for Lohan. Cold hard cash beats the Public Defender any day.

I hope Lohan takes a little effort to make that new booking photo look like her latest promotional headshot

A special request to Lindsey and Blair: Let this old PI in on the place and time of surrender so I can get that hot photo, I can really use the $$$!

Yikes! TMZ.Com has an update: "3:49 PM ET Three LAPD cops were knocking at the door, trying to get Lindsay and Sam to open it but they would not. One of the cops was pacing the property. The cops have left the front door but they're still in the area. One of the cars left the house but is parked up the street. Word is they may arrest Lindsay and take her to jail.

The cops now tell us they were called for a disturbance and not there to arrest Lindsay.

Sam and Lindsay have gotten into a nuclear fight at Sam's house. The police are trying at their front door to talk to Lindsay and Sam but they will not open the door. The two are definitely still in the house

We're told the police are trying to serve Lindsay her warrant"

TMZ,Com has more! "UPDATE: "4:20 PM ET Here's the latest. The cops have left the house. We're told the LAPD will not arrest Lindsay for the warrant, at least not now. Sources say Lindsay will not surface until the court hearing on Monday. If she does go out in public and cops see her she risks getting arrested. So it's unlikely she will show her face -- if she's smart -- until Monday AM."

Friday, March 13, 2009

The NRA Membership Has Ignored Minorities For Too Long

Pictured above, Freedom Fighter, Frederic Douglass and modern Civil Rights Leader and NRA Director Roy Innis. Innis marched with Dr. King for civil rights. Innis is also a founder of the Congress of Racial Equality

Chicago, IL--Fairfax, VA, is Ground Zero for the fight for our fundamental rights for survival. This is where our Second Amendment rights are guarded by the vigilance of several million members of the National Rifle Association. Something is missing and demands attention. The recruitment of minorities especially African Americans has been overlooked.

The history of American gun control began during post Civil War reconstruction to further victimize and control the newly freed slaves. The idea spread up the Northeast Seaboard to New York City. It was later used to oppress each new ethnic group entering the land of the not so free.

America’s African American politicians are lock step with the Ku Klux Klan. Overwhelmingly they support every kind of gun ban. They do that as the very people they claim to represent are at the mercy of thugs, the street gang culture and violent failed Drug War.

In my home town the ghetto schools are staffed by the most pathetic excuse for teachers. They inspire nobody and exist solely because of society’s mandate and a regular paycheck. They are supposed to inspire and set the standard for culture. Instead the African American’s are kept ignorant and under the thumb of government control either inside or outside the prison system.

In Chicago it’s not the Black man that runs the household but the single Black mother with too many children. Yes, it’s an untold scandal and under these conditions African Americans will always come in last for the gifts of a great society, good, education, jobs and wealth. They will continue to overload the courts and corrections system.

Buried in this sea of disenfranchised humanity are law-abiding men and women who are suffering. They must live in fear for their very lives and are frightened for their children they are forbidden by law to protect. This is wrong and this is un-American.

If the law-abiding African Americans understood they have the right to keep and carry guns for self-defense along with the information that government has violated their rights we’d never have to worry about gun bans again.

There is a solution. I’d love to make a documentary film about Gun rights and African Americans. This would cover the history of gun control, and also name the names of the African American politicians that are keeping their own Negroes in their place. Instruction of obtaining training and safe firearms would be included.

After the film is finished, I’d want to see NRA members distribute the DVD’s with a warm handshake and white carnation to every adult as they leave churches in those troubled neighborhoods. They’d also provide the names and phone numbers of their own elected officials so they could demand real hope and change.

Delivering books or putting information on the Internet won’t do much for African-Americans in Chicago. Unfortunately reading is not fundamental in Chicago’s ghettos and handing out DVDs is a must.

There is no better way to protect freedom. African Americans have also filled veteran’s cemeteries giving their lives for our freedom. Let that not have been in vain.

An important side note:
US Supreme Court--Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 19 How. 393 393 (1856)

"It would give to persons of the negro race, ...the right to enter every other State whenever they pleased, ...the full liberty of speech in public and in private upon all subjects upon which its own citizens might speak; to hold public meetings upon political affairs, and to keep and carry arms wherever they went."

This was the court's racist reasoning the cited as to why Dred Scott was returned to his former owner.

Even The Lawyers Need Food Stamps Now

Chicago, IL-Powerhouse law firm, Sidley Austin LLP has had to jettison 89 associates and 140 staff members. The law firms are obviously not immune to our economic fee fall.

Many other silk stockings law firms have dumped hundreds of lawyers and other staff members worldwide.

This kind of meltdown was always unthinkable in a society that has been litigating and fighting more contract and property battles than ever. I guess too many companies can no longer afford lawyers.

It looks like we will be seeing some well dressed folks in the breadlines. Hang on folks this is only the beginning.