Monday, July 31, 2006

Jews Police Reports Forgiveness And The Mel Gibson Meltdown

Harvey Levin’s told the story of Mel Gibson’s arrest in Malibu, California by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies. It was a tale of bigotry and sexism by an admitted alcoholic while under the influence.

The words we say can too often hurt, insult and inflame others. The primary attack here was against Jews. Gibson's suggestion among others was that Jews were the cause of all the wars.

Anti-Semitism is as old as humanity. For some reason Jews have always been singled out for contempt by most other cultures. I’m no expert on this subject by any means but I have an idea for any and all Jews Gibson has offended.

The best way to show Gibson and all those who exhibit hate against the Jews is to take the high road. That is to openly accept Mel Gibson’s apology and show forgiveness for his outrageous conduct. Instead of trashing Gibson show him that Jews can be kind and forgiving. I would hope all Jews would extend their forgiveness, love and help as a real example of their own humanity and teachings.

Having been a cop and after looking over the debacle involved with TMZ’s so-called police report cover-up story angle, I concluded that TMZ assertions are incorrect. I must say that the four pages of a report published by TMZ was not up to normal police reporting standards anywhere in America.

On a DUI arrest officers are simply to establish probable cause for the arrest. That includes the driving behavior that led to the stop, the officer’s observations of the driver’s condition, level of impairment and all sobriety tests performed. Writing pages documenting every goofy thing that the suspect says is never called for unless they are criminal threats that bring additional charges.

If Harvey Levin’s accounts are true that the arresting officer was ordered to re-write his report that was no a cover-up but an effort to make sure the report is up to acceptable police agency standards. I suspect that a very offended officer that wanted to expose Gibson’s drunken statements for additional punishment wrote those published pages of the report. Cooler heads obviously prevailed at the Sheriff’s department.

Remember police reports are to document crimes. Drunk driving is a crime but dumb anti-Semitic rants are not.

Video taping of the suspect’s activities and statements is always proper so that a court and jury can later see for themselves the level of the suspect’s impairment in order to pass judgment.

A side note: Apparently the high profile actor also referred to a lady Sheriff’s sergeant as, “Sugar Tit’s” (please excuse me for grinning here). Why do I suspect that this poor gal will carry that new moniker throughout her entire police career?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Favorite Elton John Song And Video

This artist’s lifestyle is not my taste at all. The guy is definitely twisted. However nobody can deny that Elton John is a major talent. This song/video was written/performed shortly before the fall of the Bolshevik bastards and the Berlin Wall. The timing was incredible for sure. If you have not heard this or seen this video you’re in for a treat. If you’re old enough to remember this you know it rocks…

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lame Advice Handed To Frightened Phoenix Residents

Phoenix is caught up in a media sensation right now. There are two separate serial killers on the loose. One rapes and sometimes murders women. The other uses a small caliber rifle or pistol and shoots apparent strangers he sees or various animals. In any event your chances to win the lottery are still thankfully greater than becoming a victim of these criminals.

Media reports have put a rapist or sniper behind every bush. Along with the media’s fear mongering, and the requests by Phoenix Chief Jack Harris for residents to be watchful as the gadfly self-defense “experts” have come out of the woodwork. These morons are advising people to use their house keys like a knife and to blow a whistle to deal with an armed killer rapist and the serial sniper. These recommendations are beyond insane and will get people killed.

Simply get proper training and a reliable handgun to carry or go hide under your bed. Otherwise follow the advice of the cop's cop Jack Harris and report suspicious activity to the police. You'll never see Chief Harris giving people bad advice. Jack Harris is what cops call the "Real Police" unlike most bosses.

I’m trying to figure how the unarmed do-gooders from the Guardian Angels can have any effect on these crime patterns by parading around in red berets and white t-shirts. I don’t downplay their potential deterrent role in New York subway cars when no cops are present. Perhaps the sniper can zero in on a red beret in order to get more attention.

Unless the predators stop or go away on their own, this problem can only be solved if these offenders are caught in the act by a citizen or cop armed and trained with a firearm.

Read the silliness put forward in this news article

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Meat Market Killer offers to help police...

I somehow predicted it would or should come to this. Convicted Meat Market killer, Bill Bradford now wants to help police with the now famous photo leads that languished in boxes for more than two decades before getting deserved attention. However he’s getting the cold shoulder from authorities that perhaps rightfully claim that Bradford’s help would be self-serving.

Bradford is on death row but in Liberal California that’s almost meaningless. His chances of getting executed are almost no better than winning the lottery. So what do the cops have to lose? He may never get the hot needle or when it happens he’ll be too old to feel punished.

The need to gain closure for victim’s families must outweigh the desire to kill Bradford. My God, if the cops won’t I’ll go up to San Quentin and get the information from him myself!

If Bradford has left bodies lying around and can close those cases, the state can save millions in further appeal and trial costs. Bradford through his attorney, Darlene Ricker can agree for him to spend forever behind bars without the death penalty. Bradford is not in Texas where they operate an efficient killing machine.

Trying Bardford for new crimes is truly beating a dead horse. The appeals from the new cases assuming he was convicted would take many more decades and the cost to the financially strapped state would be staggering. Remember taxpayers are picking up the tab for the defense as well as the prosecution. I’m sure the lawyers for both sides would disagree with me what I say it’s like burning huge stacks of money that could take care of children, seniors or help crime victims.

If Bradford can’t put cases to bed then there’s nothing to give him in return. What do we have to lose?

Here's the history to this post.

The Official Crimefile Review of MIAMI VICE

Fellow Chicagoan, Michael Mann took the concept of an elite unit of Drug War soldiers and made a great TV series. The series made fashion, music and art history as the salt and pepper teem of Crockett and Tubbs mixed business with pleasure. The series was pure entertainment despite some of the far-fetched episodes.

I confess to hating the Drug War even more than the blight drugs bring. Without the Drug War the Drug Czars from both sides would have to get honest jobs. Miami Vice is the only good product of this failed war.

The film was great and really far-fetched as the old heroes, now with new faces, those of Collin Farrell and Jamie Foxx. Michael Mann’s shoot-out scenes are as real as they could be. I almost felt the need to duck and grab my own gun! Isabella, played by Li Gong proves to be quite a distraction for the crime fighting, Sonny Crockett.

The cars, boats and planes were as fabulous as you’d expect.

Michael Mann himself wrote the script, and I fully expect at least two sequels from him down the road. Of course, I want a role as a crook or an inept police boss in the next one! Do you hear that Michael? Oh and before you ask, I have a card from The Screen Actor's Guild!

This was worth the price of the ticket and I’ll want to own the DVD when it hits the street.

View the trailer and official site here.

Great story but a really Lame interview

Last night KNBC-TV did an “exclusive” interview of an ex-wife of serial killer suspect Bill Bradford. That woman is Cindy Horton. Instead of reporter Ross Becker getting the real information he copied the style of Oprah or Jerry Springer. Becker went for the emotions of that failed marriage instead of asking Horton about Bardford’s habits, lifestyle and the other women in his life. The questions Becker could have but never bothered to ask:

Did Bradford ever tell you he killed anyone?

What places did you live together (with at least street intersections).

Did Bradford use drugs?

Did you ever see Bradford victimize anyone else?

Did he ever allow anyone else to victimize you?

Did he involve anyone else in crimes that you knew about?

Do you know any of the other women in the photographs?

There was a telling portion of Horton’s interview when she volunteered to Becker that she was asked by the cops to pretend to be on Bradford’s side and try and get him to incriminate himself. If true, that act by police was absolutely unlawful. Bradford was in custody and as a police agent; Horton had the duty to again inform him of his right to remain silent. If Bradford had a lawyer at the time this would have had an impact on the case itself. Any statements by Bradford to Horton would have been kept from any trial jury. My question to Bill Bardford's appeal lawyer, Darlene Ricker is, would this new information from ex-wife Cindy Horton become yet another appeal issue?

Here’s the KNBC-TV reports and video.

Crimefile News' other Bradford stories are all here.

Taking a baby hostage is not a good idea.

I don’t know where this happened but it looks like Europe judging by the Beretta machinegun and the police uniforms. This guy was holding a nasty looking knife on a small child. I think this was a little too risky but it looks like a good result. Warning this video is not suitable for all viewers.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

L.A County Sheriff’s Press Conference regarding 54 Photos Of Potential Victims

Here is the unedited and entire 35-minute news conference with questions and answers held on July 25, 2006 at the LASD Homicide office in Commerce, California. This is where the now famous collection 54 photos of women found in convicted killer Bill Bradford’s possession, more than two decades ago were unveiled.

Is Bill Bradford an incredibly prolific, serial killer who stalked his victims in the West Side L.A. meat markets from 1975 through 1984? As of today at least half of the women depicted in Bradford’s photo collection are now purported to be alive and well.

Why am I somehow convinced that some of these women in the photographs are even on Bill Bradford’s visiting and pen pal lists at San Quentin? Stay tuned…

The women’s photos are here
Previous Crimefile News article 3
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Previous Crimefile News article 1

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Basic Transportation from Honda

Okay, I confess that I have a connection to the Man of LaMancha and the Impossible Dream. I have had that dream unrealized for far too long. This video is definitely for a dreamer.

This Cop is really in the doghouse!

I’m talking about the four-legged cop. Somehow I suspect that pup knows something about that cop he’s biting that we don’t. Over the years I’ve learned to trust the judgment of our K-9 friends.

When A Prosecution Expert Witness Lies Under Oath To A Jury…

A life without parole sentence stemming from a guilty verdict against Andrea Yates for drowning her own five sons was overturned because a government expert witness lied under oath. The request for new trial could have gone either way but for a fair-minded ruling that gave this case to a new and untainted Houston, Texas jury.

The second verdict speaks for itself. I can’t imagine anybody thinking what Andrea Yates did was not a clear and solid sign of total madness. The poor woman was bonkers and being punished for what she had no control over. Justice was done today. Get well Andrea.

As for the perjuring expert witness, when will his perjury prosecution begin?

Who Is In Prison Today For This Man’s Crimes?

I can’t help but believe that languishing in some prison death row cell an innocent boyfriend, husband or admirer of a woman murdered by handyman and photographer Bill Bradford. Bradford toured the country in his Pace Arrow motor home killing women along the way. Bradford reportedly told the jury during the penalty hearing portion of his last trial, “Think how many you don’t even know about.”

Here is the very latest!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Meet the L.A. Meat Market Killer.

An unassuming young man toured California, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Louisiana and all points in between. Our boy traveled in a Pace Arrow motor home and rode on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. His local California fashionable haunts were alive with pretty women dancing to disco music. The Pink Elephant and Burning Tree-Chestnut Room bars in Santa Monica were loaded with women seeking their dream of an entertainment career. What some of the ladies found made Mr. Goodbar seem in hindsight like Mr. Right.

William “Bill” Bradford was a freelance photographer and handyman with a special talent to meet, photograph pretty women and get them to shed their clothes. They’d pose in sexual positions sometimes with other strange men as Bradford snapped the pictures. Soon the unfortunate women would be found raped and strangled or simply disappear.

This was all going on before DNA profiles and the data advances of computers to sort information. 1975 through 1984 brought on a spree by what may now be the record holding serial killer.

Today Bradford is 60-years old and safely behind bars for nearly a quarter century on Death Row in San Quentin for the murders of Shari Miller, 21 and Tracy Campbell, 15. One body was dumped in an L.A. parking lot and the other in a Northern county desert area. There’s no rush to bring Bradford to Justice since he’s more likely to die of old age than a lethal injection in the California criminal justice system.

To date L.A. County Sheriff’s detectives claim to have three solid new cases and are soon to solve more. Detective Dickie Adams retired only to find himself brought back to work on cold cases. Adams soon discovered all the photographs and loose ends in the Bradford file. Noting advances in data collection and DNA he dusted off boxes of evidence and spent nearly a month to bring us to today’s revelations.

The other jurisdictions where Bradford spent time have yet to be notified this early in the current investigation. There’s certainly no rush to do more than figure out who these women are and where the bones are buried. Bringing closure to victim’s families seems to be the only real mission now.

Since Bradford is going to die of old age and the new cases have not even begun it would make more sense to make a deal with Bradford getting him off of Death Row in exchange for cooperation from the man who told the members of his jury that they had no idea how many more victims are out there.

In each and every case considered solved the victim’s end began in a trendy hot meat market.

Photos from Bill Bradford’s collection can be found here

I have the unedited half hour news conference given by Sheriff’s Homicide Division Captain Ray Peavy loading up for placement on this blog. No filters, no spin, just the whole enchilada for you to chew on. Stay tuned!

More from The L.A. Times: The L.A. Times

More from The Daily Breeze.

More from The Los Angeles Daily News.

Here is the very latest!

54 Women Murdered On The West Side Of L.A. And Nobody Noticed?

Breaking News

The women disappeared from 1975 and 1984 from Santa Monica, Culver City,West Los Angeles and Venice.

Right now L.A. County Sheriff’s detectives are being tight lipped about the crimes other than to say the investigation got a kick start tip pointing to convicted killer of two women and Death Row inmate William Richard Bradford, 60. Apparently Bradford kept a photo collection of his victims that’s been located.

Bradford must have been very creative in disposing of the remains of his victims. Polce believe he disposed of them in Northern Los Angeles County. Look for a press conference today at 3:30 PM where more details will be released. The information is being released because police hope to learn more information from the public to identify and locate the women in Bradford's photographs.

If these women were in fact murdered by a single killer he’d hold the record for any serial murderer in the United States.

Here is information and photographs of the victims...

Here is the latest AP story...

Here is the very latest!

Technical Virgin Fired from PBS Kid's Series

Young Kid’s TV show host Melanie Martinez was fired in a New York second after telling her employer of two-spoof videos she had done as the virgin.

The show she hosted for PBS is called, "The Good Night Show" designed to get toddlers ready for bedtime.

"PBS Kids Sprout has determined that the dialogue in this video is inappropriate for her role as a preschool program host and may undermine her character's credibility with our audience," said Sandy Wax, network president.

You never know what can destroy a career. Sit back and relax as you watch both of these exciting video shorts that was a really bad idea.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ass Kissing Award of the Week

Washington DC-- On July 10 police commander Andy Solberg spoke to residents who had gathered to express concern about the slaying of Alan Senitt.
That sounds simple enough right? It was until Solberg spoke frankly about yet another horrible murder in the Murder Capital of The United States.

A White campaign worker Alan Senitt, 27, for former Virginia Gov. Mark R. Warner was robbed and had his throat slashed as he and a female companion returned from a movie. Police said the attackers then attempted to rape Senitt’s companion in the upscale Georgetown area.

Who could guess the race of the killers? Deadly senseless violence in Washington DC is nearly the exclusive province of African Americans.

I can’t and won’t apologize for that sad truth. We can argue about the social issues but that’s not going to change the fact that African Americans are behind nearly all the bloodshed and mayhem in our nations capitol. Of course the African Americans thugs don’t let their own neighborhood boundaries stop them from better pickings in nearby fashionable Georgetown.

The good police commander had a lapse of the reality of overly sensitive residents of The Murder City. He let this quote pass his lips: "I would think that at 2 o'clock in the morning on the streets of Georgetown, a group of three people one of whom is 15 years old, one of whom is a bald chunky fat guy are going to stand out. They were black. This is not a racial thing to say that black people are unusual in Georgetown. This is a fact of life."

Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey reassigned but today reinstated Solberg after taking "corrective action.". That corrective action included the offending police commander’s big smooch on the asses of the overly sensitive African-Americans.

So now we have yet another quote from the hapless commander, "I was wrong, the remarks were insensitive, and I have learned a lot in the past few weeks," he said Monday. "Anything like this should certainly give rise to some serious self-examination ... and I'm doing that."

He learned all right! Solberg learned how to kiss overly sensitive African-American asses really well.

Condi Rice Is No Gort

I’m trying to figure out just how Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice can be of help in the quest of ending the current Middle East crisis. The ball is in the court of the Hizbullah and they arn't moving. Of course Israel can turn it’s back on the three kidnapped young soldiers and stop fighting but that's just not realistic.

Can some African-American woman influence the Hizbullah? These guys are Muslim religious fanatics that believe all women are mere beasts of burden or baby makers.

Condi is no Gort and any accomplishment at all I’d recognize as a total miracle. The only thing Condi can really do is pay ransom or bribes with American tax funds. I hope that does not happen but that’s what we do best since Truman dropped the BOMB.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Story About A Gun You Didn’t Hear!

When a killer with a gun go on rampages the Liberal mainstream media exploits the details and runs to the gun-rights haters for their knee-jerk reactions. The gun gets demonized every time. They almost never talk about the suspect’s prior convictions and how our justice system fails to keep these predators behind bars. The blame goes to all law-abiding American's rights to keep and bear arms.

Perhaps in passing you heard of a horrible incident in Memphis, Tennessee last week where a 21-year old nut case stabbed five co-workers with a knife.

What you didn’t hear was how the offender was stopped. The knife wielding psycho’s reign of terror was ended not by the police but by the manager of a financial services office in the same small shopping center who retrieved a 9 MM handgun from his car.

The violence was ended without firing a single shot. The hero manager is a fellow by the name of Chris Cope. Perhaps you’ve not ever heard or read his name before now because he demonstrated what gun owners know. Guns very often save lives without ever firing a shot. I guess Cope’s success and heroism was not newsworthy.

Here is the only news report I could find.

Perhaps Our Courts Will End Frisking And Fondling By Security Goons

At least one football fan has stood up to being searched like a criminal for merely going to a football game. A 60-year old high school civics teacher Gordon Johnston, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ season ticket holder has charged that the searches violate state and U.S. Constitutional protections against illegal searches.

His October 2005 lawsuit was filed in a state court. The judge ruled in Johnston’s favor ordering an end to the searches. Next an appeal was filed and the Florida Court of Appeals, which agreed with the lower court ruling. Then the Tampa Sports Authority was able to remove the case to the federal court where a ruling by U.S. District Court Judge James D. Wittemore is soon to be published and appealed by whoever loses.

In the past three decades warrantless and random searching of Americans have become popular with an endless list of government officials citing terrorism as the excuse to suspend the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The paradox here is that terrorism is what facilitated the very existence of the USA.

We quickly created a Bill of Rights to protect American’s Freedom and Liberty. Our founding fathers were well aware of the death and destruction that terrorism brings when they crafted the right to Keep and Bear Arms and the protections from unreasonable searches.

We like to say that we fight wars to protect our Freedom and Liberty. While we fight cowardly little bureaucrats and politicians dilute and destroy the same Freedom and Liberty so many heroic young American men fought and died to preserve.

The outcome of this case could very well end the frisking at thousands of government buildings, airports and sports venues. Before you panic about the falling sky try to remember that we all survived and got along for the first 200 years of our existence by limiting government frisking to suspected and convicted criminals.

My hat goes off to Gordon Johnston for being a real example to his students by protecting our Constitutional rights, Freedom and Liberty. There’s hope yet to keep government out of our personal possessions and papers.

Update: July 28, 2006 U.S. District Court Judge James D. Wittemore ruled against the searches! Now the case coes to the U.S. Court of Appeals... Let Freedom Ring!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Meet Two Pals Of Mine!

No they don’t belong to me. They are just new little pals of mine. Webster and Buddy and are both less than 10 weeks old. They are so cute…

Having Fun In Las Vegas Video

Imagine you’re in a Las Vegas and it’s a nice day out as you cruise down the strip in your brand new PT Cruiser. Suddenly you meet a fellow who is trying to impress someone with a video camera. I know scores of Liberal politicians that need to meet this guy in a dark alley where I’d think he’d even be more colorful. (Strong language advisory)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Desperate Young Marine Wants A Broken Leg Graphic Video

I found this video on Google. It purports to be the effort of some Marine trying to avoid going to Afghanistan. His “pal” is breaking his leg with a dumbbell weight. I’m not in any way t vouching for the truth to that story

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Multi-Million Dollar Mayor Daley Whitewash

Not even a day’s worth of dust has settled on the Burge Torture Report and things are abundantly clear. A couple of politically connected cowboy lawyers were paid a king’s ransom a to undertake a prosecution that they knew well in advance could never happen.

The rule is that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. In this case it’s Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley who was the Cook County State’s Attorney when all these cases went down. We all know who runs the Cook County Courts and it’s not the judges.

With Chicagoan’s tax money flowing into their bank accounts like a raging river these cowboy lawyers turned special prosecutors danced with everyone and anyone they could find. The longer the cowboys could drag out the investigation the more tax hikes and bond issues would be required to fund this dog and pony show.

The whipping boy was easy to find. None other than former police superintendent Richard Brzeczek who clearly notified Daley in writing of the seriousness of the allegations. Only then Cook County State's Attorney Richard M. Daley had the power and duty to call for a Grand Jury investigation and it was Daley that blew that responsibilty off. The multi-million dollar cowboy whitewashers somehow shifted the blame to Brzeczek anyway!

The biggest gag of this report and its cost is the simplest of legal issues. Felony charges must be brought within three years or there is nobody to prosecute. It’s called the Statute Of Limitations. What really went into this report was nothing more than a shameless act of public masturbation by the cowboy special procecutors with their noses in the public’s multi-million dollar trough.

Why bother allowing this monumental waste of time and money you ask? Who needs the image polishing here? Who needs the support of the Black community in order to be re-elected? Why none other than the former Cook County State’s Attorney who dropped the ball, Richard M. Daley.

$7.2 million to protect Daley's image is nice work if you can get it!

The Chicago Police-Jon Burge Torture Report Is Right Here

I’m not going to rehash this nearly 300-page report. I’m sure it’s filled with lies of every description. We don’t really know what happened because these encounters were not videotaped.

Don’t get me wrong, Chicago police officers are known for their rude handling of violent criminals. Does that rise to the level of torture? I don’t think so. If the suspects acted up while in custody they quickly learned to behave.

In any event we can only guess what happened in the cases that were involved with the report made public today. The cops will side with the cops and the criminals will side with the criminals. The hand-wringing Liberals will side with the criminals too.

I’ve become a fan of video recording of each suspect’s every movement while in custody. I believe that would save countless law enforcement careers and millions of dollars if you can eliminate the guesswork.

I know one thing for sure. The suspects will still confess or incriminate themselves through lies at the same rate they always do.

Former Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek was trashed in this report. I simply refuse to accept that he would ever knowingly allow a cover-up on his watch.

Because the statute of limitations has expired long ago, thankfully we won’t see criminal or civil juries guessing what happened.

Read the report here and make up your own mind…

It’s Time For Your Suggestions

If you have story ideas, suggestions to make Crime Guns And Video Tape fill your needs or any ideas no matter who wild simply click on my picture and send me an e-mail. You can also make a comment.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

L.A. Gun Laws Are Really Effective, And Other Lies

I just received another press release from the L.A. County District Attorney’s office. This demonstrates why gun laws only punish the law abiding. Thugs like this fugitive don’t spend much time worrying about the technicalities and intricacies of the 20,000 gun laws in our country.

Just trying to understand why this predator was roaming the streets will make your blood run cold. You will also see that this monster was one of those "Guest Workers" that we allowed to violate our borders more than once.

It's time to learn that we need to lock up the criminals, not the law abiding folk’s rights to carry handguns for legitimate self-defense. This deadly creep is yet another reason why Americans need their Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms. The Liberals in La La Land are obviously to stupid to learn that fact.

Here's the DA's press release text:
July 18, 2006

Charges Filed Against Fugitive Gang Member Accused Of Wounding Two Little Boys.

LOS ANGELES -- The District Attorney's Hardcore Gang Division filed criminal charges today against a fugitive gang member accused of shooting and wounding two little boys in Boyle Heights over the weekend.

The complaint (BA 306052) was filed as an arrest warrant against Mauricio A. Jimenez, 26 (dob 8-10-1979). He remains at large and has been the subject of a widely published Los Angeles Police Department manhunt.

Jimenez was charged with three counts of assault with a semiautomatic firearm. Two of the victims, Jeremy Hernandez, 3, and his 6-year-old brother, James, were hit by the gunfire. They were hospitalized, but are expected to survive.

A third victim, an adult, was listed in the complaint, but there was no indication he was hit by the gunfire.

Jimenez additionally was charged with discharge of a firearm with gross negligence and possession of a firearm by a felon with two prior convictions. A misdemeanor count of brandishing a firearm also was charged.

The complaint alleged the defendant personally used a firearm to commit the crimes. It also alleged that the crimes were connected to street gang activity and that one of the victims, Jeremy, was under the age of five. It was alleged that both children suffered great bodily injury.

If convicted, the defendant would face a maximum state prison sentence of more than 30 years. Bail of $1 million was recommended.

The shooting occurred Saturday night when a gunman fired toward a crowd in the 400 block of North St. Louis Street. Police at a news conference Sunday identified the suspect as Jimenez, who they said is a member of a Boyle Heights street gang.

Authorities said Jimenez was deported to Mexico earlier this year after serving a state prison term for possession of a firearm by felon. That conviction was in case No. BA 277797, and another conviction, case No. BA 247692 for possessing a firearm near a school, were listed in the complaint filed today by Deputy District Attorney Joseph Esposito. A permanent prosecutor will be assigned the case once Jimenez is arrested.

What’s in a name, Pink Taco?

In Scottsdale, Arizona a Mexican restaurant was opened by a fellow who managed to get a million dollars worth of free publicity courtesy of some of the more Conservative and religious people in the community. Why didn’t I think of that?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Erin M. Smith Education Fund For Empowering Erin

My pal former TV newsman turned struggling actor Rich Skidmore just lost his brother and is asking for your help to help send to college a wonderful 18-year-old Pittsburgh girl who's lost both of her parents.

On June 29th, Erin Smith's father Gary, age 50, died from injuries he suffered when his motorcycle struck a deer on the Parkway in Pittsburgh. The deer crossed three lanes of traffic, jumped a concrete divider, and crossed two more lanes before reaching Gary's. He was on his way home from one of two jobs he'd taken to pay for Erin's college education.

Several years before this tragedy, another struck the family - Erin's mother, Jean, suffered a stroke at the brain stem while raking leaves in the front yard. Jean lost an arduous six-month battle to survive, passing at age 38.

Her Dad's accident caused Erin to miss her high school graduation ceremony and all the parties and summer fun that follow. Please help make sure she doesn't miss continuing her education at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, where she's enrolled for Fall classes.

At times like this, when seemingly insurmountable challenges arise, good people can step-up and help other good people meet them. Please help us to help Erin meet the challenge before her now!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for giving whatever you can. You're creating good Karma for yourselves, and earning friends who will forever be grateful for your generosity during this most difficult time.

Rich Skidmore is Erin's Godfather.
Please Donate Here

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Real Protection For Women Who Sell Real Estate

If you’re a woman who sells residential real estate you are well aware of the rapes, robberies and murders that are too often a part of the job. If you feel that your life and livelihood are equally important you deserve the necessary mindset and proper tool to insure your own survival.

I don’t care what you’ve been told; the only meaningful self-defense that’s obtainable is though a handgun. If you’ve been told otherwise the misinformation came from an ignorant person or perhaps police officials following the dictates of the gun rights hating politicians and bureaucrats that control them. If handguns were not effective the police would not carry or use them.

I don’t care what the local laws where you work prohibit. I don’t care what your employer and his insurance company have to say. Your employer or the local police are not there protecting you during that open house showing. If you can get a concealed weapon permit, do so. If you can’t get a concealed weapon permit carry a handgun anyway.

That said, your firearm is not going to be helpful without the training needed to use this lifesaver. Training is available most everywhere in the care, operation, safety, and laws concerning liability and the justifiable use of deadly force.

Don’t carry a gun in your purse because an attacker may capture it from you. Instead put in a holster under a blazer, sweater or jacket. There are great belt and shoulder holsters that work well on women.

Don’t carry tiny guns unless you’re hunting for mice. Only carry a .38 cal, 9MM or larger for effective self-defense.

If you have and use a firearm for legitimate self-defense the penalties you may face in some jurisdictions for possession or concealed carry are but a slap on the wrist. You can’t be punished for defending yourself. Your life is worth more than that of some politician making public restrictive gun rights policy from his or her well-protected ivory tower.

If you have to shoot someone call a lawyer instead of 911. Let the lawyer call the cops for you. What you tell a lawyer can’t be used against you but what you tell the cops can. Only talk to your lawyer and who he or she tells you no matter how nice the cops are to you.

Support your own right to exist and be safe by demanding your politicians protect your right to keep and carry a gun for self-defense.

The Rocketboom Video Blogging Money Tree Phenomenon

I found the technical side to video blooging to be simple. The cost of the equipment to do this is really cheap these days.

On Crime, Guns and Video Tape, I hope I have content my audience enjoys. The promotion side of my blog needs serious help.

I was too busy to notice a quirky three-minute daily video blog, that has taken the nation by storm. With a cute actress, a TV set no fancier than a kid’s lemonade stand and real attitude, they’ve been grossing as much as $80,000.00 per week!

What got my attention and perhaps a million other folks was the ingenious publicity stunt of the site’s star and 49% owner Amanda Congdon. Congdon quit the show in an alleged dispute with her partner. That got national mainstream publicity that will bring in droves of new viewers and revenue.

MSNBC Story about Congdon’s departure.

Amanda Condon’s new replacement is here!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Welcome To World War Three

I’m old enough to remember the panic of the Cuban Missile Crisis. People were praying in public. My fellow students at Chicago’s Senn High School in Chicago were expecting the big one any second. Those were dark days indeed.

Today we have Israel at war again. The bad news is that it’s not with the technology used in the Six Day War 39 years ago but what they have developed since with the additional help of imprisoned spy Jonathan Pollard.

These days, a suicidal Muslim madman runs Iran. Iran is a country loaded with an endless supply of nut jobs just like their leader. Add enough tribal splinter groups in the other Arab countries to this mix and dropping the big one becomes the only option for Israel if they really have one to drop. Americans who are unable to escape that part of the world face horrible danger.

I can’t help but envision the Arab world exterminating every Jew they can reach. As a nation we will involve ourselves to the max. North Korea, China and God knows who else can be counted on to get involved too.

I can’t even imagine a ceasefire now. I’m I being a pessimist? Someone please tell me I’m somehow wrong and why.

In the meantime stockpile food, water and fuel. Get ready to put on your helmet and jump into the bunkers.

If you need a date just call 911

That what one dateless and desperate lady did in Aloha, Oregon. “911 what’s your emergency?” was the question and the exchange after that did not lead to more than free lodging at the Heartbreak Hotel.

You can read the full story here.

Gun Control Support Is Hazardous For Political Careers

If you live in a state or district that swings to both major political parties and want to see your favorite Senator or Congressman in office it’s best to remember the 1994 massacre that turned out many long time Democrats after that now expired Assault Weapons ban passed the House and Senate by a single vote.

Today it’s easier than ever to keep up with the voting and legislative mischief of those we send to Washington. The Internet showcases those office-holding trolls who rob our pocketbooks or steal our Liberty.

The photo shows what happened to one deserving politician and his own version of Monica Lewinski after they violated public trust.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Florida is the Poster Child?

It was always with great contempt that gun-rights hating maven, Sarah Brady referred to Florida as the Concealed Weapon Poster Child. Today Florida has the lowest crime rate since 1971 with many more guns, but now they are also in the concealed holsters of thousands of law-abiding citizens.

Poster child? How about a role model for the entire world on the subject of violent crime and gun bans.

When is California, Wisconsin, New York, New Jersey and Illinois going to learn from this really good example?

Here’s what Governor Jeb Bush had to say about that!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Sure Fire Simple Plan To Reduce Crime In America

The government of Mexico is not our friend. Not only do they refuse to help with our border security, they encourage their people to violate our laws and live here. Mexico has exported crime and poverty to the United States for decades. At the same time Mexico does a lousy job of returning our criminals and refuses to extradite fugitive cop killers facing our death penalty.


We can allow huge amounts of our criminals to flee to Mexico. If the criminals are not here we realize huge benefits. The cost of the actual crime, the cost to provide fair trials and the cost of imprisonment has been draining us for decades.

We simply stop seeking extradition of most of our criminals! If they flee to Mexico and stay there we don’t pursue them unless they return. The desperados can live like cock roaches and suffer at the hands of the Mexican penal system when they repeat their crimes. And they will repeat their crimes! This time it won’t be on our soil!

Would some burglar rather sit in some prison or live free in Mexico? The answer is clear!

We publicize the end of extradition for most crimes and the scum will leave us for good. Mexico can be repaid in kind for all their non-cooperation.

Canada The Safe Haven For Cowards

I thoroughly understand how anyone could take exception for America’s non-stop intrigue in world affairs. We’ve taken on the role of world cop as we meddle in the business of every other country.

Myself, I believe in the Swiss style of conflict avoidance. The Swiss can be trusted to hold the cash and spoils of the combatants from any side while they destroy each other. The Swiss have a proven winning formula for peace and prosperity.

America is the land of ambitious politicians that seem to have a gift for sending our children of to die in wars in these foreign lands. Failure of these conflicts has been the norm for our country from the Korean Conflict forward to Viet Nam and now Iraq. Our politicians never seem to be able to muster the resolve to win the battles they start.

Being an American forces a necessary amount of loyalty and tenacity to support the policies of those we elect. That means serving in our armed forces in order to protect the way of life here as well as right all wrongs in the world.

We’ve eliminated the draft and every soldier is inducted by choice. To enter the armed forces you must be sane and take an oath to protect and defend your country. While in the armed forces you must follow all lawful orders and perform your soldierly duties. Some of the volunteers are true cowards that suddenly claim to have become pacifists and such.

Oh Canada! You’ve opened your arms for all of our cowards refusing to extradite them to our criminal justice system. Canada you’ve not done yourself any favors since these cowards are losers that will contribute nothing and take everything your taxpayers will give them. Canada can you please end all extradition while you’re at it? Our child molesters, rapists and killers would like that very much and you deserve their company too.

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Great DUI Stop Dashcam Video

First let me say the Reno 911 gang staged this video. DUI stops and subsequent arrests are not always confrontational as some do provide a laugh or two. I’ve enjoyed this clip every time I’ve seen it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Right Tool To Combat Street Gangs Video Demo.

Have the neighborhood street gangs gotten to you? General Electric has made a little item that’s been out for more than three decades to deal with troublesome folks. This will solve the problem once and for all.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

LAPD Officer’s Wife Facing 70 Years Behind Bars.

Things were apparently not well in one newlywed LAPD officer’s Reseda, California apartment. 38 year-old Yolanda Yvette Cade did not like the text message she found on her husband’s cell phone sent to another woman just one month into their marriage.

This scorned woman grabbed the Roscoe, chased down and shot her man twice. Wounded the fleeing officer ran down the street and returned fire missing his target. The new but not so blushing bride gave chase in an SUV crashing it nearly striking a pedestrian as she tried to run her hapless groom over.

Cade is being held on a $3 million bail. Cada is in much deeper trouble because she had her two children and a baby in the SUV.

There must be a moral to this story somewhere...

This was first reported here.

Zero Day A Horrid Horror Film Video clip

I ran across this on It’s apparently a cut from the film Zero Day that re-creates the Columbine High School massacre. It has the look of surveillance video as the two-armed mutants conduct their deadly rampage.

Another Hilarious Production By Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio

He’s still the first and only Arizona Sheriff arresting illegal immigrants. Now Sheriff Joe taken his efforts to a new level of cruel and unusual punishment aimed at those who dare violate our borders.

So far Sheriff Joe has collected over a thousand sneaky border crossers and has handed them pink underwear and housed them in tents.

Yesterday, Sheriff Joe ordered Fourth of July musical favorites such as our National Anthem and Kate Smith’s rendition of God Bless America be repetitively played for the hapless immigrant prisoners on loudspeakers throughtout the day. I’m sure the musical serenade left quite an impression on Sheriff Joe’s Tent City Jail guests.

According to the Sheriff’s spokesperson the Sheriff has ordered that the National Anthem be played every morning and evening on a permanent basis.

I’m sure the good folks at Amnesty International are scratching their heads this morning trying to figure a way to stop this heinous form of torture.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Santa Monica Farmer’s Market Massacre Nearing 3rd Anniversary

It will be three years on July 16th since 10 people were killed and 63 were maimed as Santa Monica octogenarian, George Russell Weller’s car crashed into the popular and crowded Farmer’s Market.

Weller now 89 years old is a facing a September felony trial for 10 criminal counts of vehicular manslaughter in connection with the carnage. Authorities said early on that alcohol or drugs did not impair Weller.

Perhaps Weller who had no criminal history or even a traffic citation during his entire life was really impaired by his age. I don’t think we can ever know the truth.

Why is this old man charged with enough felony counts to keep a teenager behind bars for a lifetime? The allegation is that Weller’s deadly driving was somehow reckless or intentional.
I guess some of the witnesses and prosecutors are clairvoyant and somehow know what Weller’s thoughts were at the time. The reality is someone is guessing about intent. This prosecution is nothing less than an outrageous abuse of power by the prosecutor.

Hundreds of friends and relatives of the dead and injured want retribution for their loss. Someone has to pay especially that feeble old man behind the wheel of the death Buick.

If Weller is found guilty of an intentional or reckless crime I suspect that the City of Santa Monica gets off the hook for their negligence in not taking steps to protect the pedestrians walking the streets hosting the Farmer’s Market.

Subjecting Weller to this senseless criminal trial will never reverse the damage done by this accident. I say the presumption here must be that this tragedy was an accident and nothing more. There are thousands of cases where elderly drivers have mistaken the gas peddle for the brake peddle and thankfully lesser damage resulted.

At 89, George Russell Weller is serving a natural death sentence anyway. How long is he going to live? Someone please tell me, what’s the real point of this prosecution?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Forth Of July?

What are we celebrating? Independence perhaps? Freedom? Liberty? Hardly! Our founding fathers must be rolling with horror in their graves.

We are taxed at a rate ten times more than King George could have ever imagined. We’ve destroyed the Bill of Rights through two centuries of Supreme Court manufactured loopholes called exceptions. We’ve regulated ourselves to death though licensing schemes so convoluted that you need pay fees and obtain a permit for all but clipping your own toenails.

Despite strict immigration laws our politicians have unlawfully opened our borders and invited millions of uneducated, unskilled parasites to raid our wallets in order to provide free medical care and education for them and the fruit their non-stop reproduction.

Far too many of these immigrant parasites simply refuse to join our culture or learn our language. They show their allegiance by waiving the flag of the country they fled from rather than ours. Our unions have been decimated as our own poor have had to stand behind the immigrant parasites for the existing jobs and benefits that were their birthright.

The American politician’s answer to this problem is amnesty. Amnesty or a Liberal politicians incumbant protection plan? Amnesty? How about amnesty for Americans who are unable to pay their taxes or fines for petty violations imposed by our government through schemes like photo traffic enforcement?

The only thing to celebrate is that many of us took the day off if we were able to do so.

Freedom? Where? Not here. Not anymore...

Ralphs Store In Venice Clean Up Has Ended

Another progress report or lack of it on the chronic unsanitary practices of the Ralphs grocery store located at 910 Lincoln Blvd Venice, CA 90291.

Last month they brought in 100 or so clean and refurbished carts. That was progress since they WERE clean when they arrived.

The bad news is that no steps were taken by Ralphs to protect the carts from being used by the local transients to carry and sort garbage. The transients use the carts for recycling the material they take from city garbage and recycle cans in nearby alleys.

I watched as a truck pulled up with filthy Ralphs carts retrieved from the streets and alleys. Soon a worker placed the nasty carts in line for shoppers without even removing some of the leftover garbage that was in them. Also, I observed that the sanitary wipes were not present at the entrances.

What will it take for Ralphs to deal with their biohazard? Ralphs is certainly free to pay their local transients to scrub the carts down with soap and water. If you missed my earlier stories and video you can see why the carts pose a health risk to shoppers.

I have an idea for Ralphs. Clean up or simply close that snake pit.
Watch the video below...

The Penny And Other Cash Aggravations

People like me are tired of hearing them get sucked up in the vacuum cleaner and wasting space in our lives. Since pennies are money we can’t and won’t throw them away. They become clutter. Inflation may have finally done in the penny. Good riddance. Rather than have to count mine why can’t they just be sold off by weight to save time and needless work?

Government and law enforcement will hate my next money beef. Our government seems to want and demand a cashless society where they can trace the sale of every condom, bicycle, car or lollipop.

Where in Hell are the self-proclaimed privacy advocates on this issue? The only reason we still have any cash at all is because of people with crappy credit. I say thank God for the deadbeats!

The largest currency bill in circulation is the $!00.00 Ben Franklin note. The $500.00 note is at least two decades late in making it’s appearance. Inflation has made it reasonable and necessary.

The people, not bureaucrats and politicians are supposed to be running this country. I ask, where is the demand and outcry? Americans will accept anything the government will dish out.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

LAPD Husband And Wife Shoot It Out In Domestic Fight

Tarzana, CA -- Say it ain’t so! An LAPD cop’s wife is in custody for shooting and trying to run over her husband with the family SUV. The copper husband returned fire and missed his wife during the rhubarb.

Names and details are not being released and for now I’m not motivated to publish them. The LAPD also is sitting on the information of what led up to the nasty disagreement. Here is one published account.

We all know cops make lousy husbands. To many of us are womanizing control freaks that keep strange hours and have too many opportunities to get into trouble with women who love the uniform. Nobody can piss off a wife more than a cop husband.

Twice while working the wagon I hauled away the bodies of cops killed by their wives. One was a Black Chicago officer, Leroy Bailey and the other was a Cook County Sheriff’s Police lieutenant, Joe Carbona. Bailey was sitting in his easy chair ordering his wife around when she threw a pot of boiling water on him. Bailey’s wife was arrested but charges were later dropped. Joe Carbona was shot in the back as he was walking out the front door of their home with his own .357 magnum service revolver. Carbona’s wife Ruthie was arrested even after taking detectives on a tour of her home showing them the big holes in the sheetrock where she was thrown through by her husband of only six months. Ruthie Carbona also tried to give authorities a wealth of information about ongoing police corruption. Instead of her revelations helping her, I suspect they sealed Ruthie Carbona’s fate for the long prison term she received.

At least in Chicago cops wives were rarely prosecuted for shooting or killing their husbands. It’s almost unheard of for a cop husbands to kill their wives and all too common for cop husbands to be killed by their wives. I somehow suspect that cops killed by their own wives would not want their wives sent to prison.

When The Victim Or Witness Recants Court Testimony

In our world, people lie. They lie to police and later under oath in courtrooms. Far too often lies get innocent people put in prison and death row. There are as many reasons for this kind of conduct as there are lies told.

Often my job as an investigator is to uncover the lies and expose the liars. On a rare day liars are caught and actually prosecuted. More often the liars are caught and it’s government officials that get snookered and when that happens prosecutions embarrass those officials that were fooled. Too often there are no prosecutions and no deterrent preventing offenders from repeating the conduct.

On a really rare day someone that lied in order to create or assist in a wrongful prosecution will come forward and recant their stories. The courts will rarely even look at that as evidence of an unjust conviction. Where this happens most often are in those cases where the allegations are child molestation and rape.

If I can uncover a lie before trial the defendant will most likely get his or her life back. If the lie results in a conviction the lie somehow will be set into legal concrete.

In Manhattan Beach, Bakersfield California and in Washington state during the 1980s there was an epidemic of alleged child molesting rings of adults involved with Satanic worship and child sacrifice. The only evidence of any criminal conduct came from the mouths of children.

Moms, dads and grandparents had their lives destroyed as a result of the outrageous conduct of social workers helping children remember that the adults in their lives sexually abused them. The resulting false testimony put them in prison for decades. When the children came forward as adults they screamed loudly to anyone who would listen that the crimes never happened. Millions of dollars and years of additional legal work brought justice.

The biggest obstacle to delayed justice in these cases is always the prosecutor, cops and social workers that face civil law suits for the bogus prosecutions. The system does not work here because our courts can’t simply reverse cases when victims and witnesses recant testimony. It’s time to make a change in federal and state laws to mandate conviction reversals under those circumstances.