Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missing Bakersfield Physician Found Dead, Sordid Details Abound

Bakersfield, CA—An attractive lady physician, Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac was found decomposing inside a chimney of a local home.

This is such a bizarre affair involving money woes, a relationship gone wrong and a very strange, seemingly needless and horrible death. There has got to be so much more to this sad tale.

Read the details right here.

Legalized Gambling and Taxes

Los Angeles, CA—We have outlawed gambling in all but two states. Native Americans demanded and won the right to allow gambling on their reservations. Under the same legal theory Native Americans could begin offering the services of prostitutes and perhaps that's only a matter of time.

Many Indian tribes have gone from really poor to quite prosperous. Taxpayers have not been responsible for the cradle to grave support of our Indians in these communities for more than two decades.

Why do we still insist on enforcing laws against this vice? Gamblers always find ways around these prohibitions. Still there are those that wring their hands about compulsive gamblers that feed a lifetime of lost wagers. Yes it’s a problem but there is a proper way to make legalized gambling co-exist with society.

A simple way to keep gamblers from being over-extended is to pass a single federal law making gambling debts unrecoverable in every court across the land. Allowing the Bankrupt to get the full discharge of any debts they can attribute to gambling will discourage credit card companies from cooperating with gambling businesses.

Gambling can be a healthy and fun for those that can remember that the monuments of Las Vegas and Atlantic City were not built by winners.

Taxing winnings and profits is a reliable revenue generator for government. Perhaps it’s time to rethink gambling prohibitions.

Monday, August 30, 2010

FOP Lodge 7 Needs to Rethink Their Loyalty to the Membership

Los Angeles, CA—In a move that cost taxpayers nothing LAPD cops have enjoyed working three 12 hour shifts per week for nearly a decade.

Cops in every California police agency have both a shotgun and M-4 carbine in their vehicles at all times. That includes school police and campus cops.

Cops in Los Angeles seem to be feared or respected by both the African-American and Hispanic street gangs. Could it be that being much better armed than their CPD counterparts and that has the attention of the cowardly thugs?

LAPD officers have not lost manpower, nor have there been layoffs, yet.

The LAPD has not dismantled civil service testing and the promotion of most officers does not create foul odors.

FOP Lodge 7 likes to brag that all CR’s are issued only on sworn affidavits now. I’m waiting for the first prosecution of some mutt caught committing perjury. If they don’t enforce the perjury laws how does that improve anything?

Disabled California police officers never lose their right to carry a gun for self-defense. This is also true in the vast majority of states if for no other reason, there are right to carry laws for the law-abiding.

Laid off cops or those suspended and even fired, that are not under indictment, don’t lose their right to carry firearms in all but very few jurisdictions in America. Again right to carry insures this protection.

Lodge 7 must roll out of the Daley and Burke’s beds and advocate for their members. Maybe changing police labor bargaining agents is long overdue in the Windy City.

Update!!!: Things are shaking in Chicago right now at the FOP. Can they be waking up? Perhaps that the case as they have announced plans for the membership to rally around the Copshop at 35th & Michigan on 15 September at a later to be determined time. They will have something on their sight a www.chicagofop.org very soon. So far they claim is for officer safety issues. We will be watching.

The TSA Drops The Ball Again…

Amsterdam, Netherlands—Two men are in custody after being cleared to board airplanes by TSA clowns in Chicago, IL and Birmingham, AL.

As is always the case they were Muslim men from terrorist hotbeds that should simply be barred from our soil and airplanes.

Dutch police and American officials told ABC news that the men appeared to be on a dry run practice mission with fake bombs in their luggage.

Of course the TSA does not have time to deal with Muslin men because of political correctness that require American grandmothers and babies must be frisked like prison convicts.

I’m sure that the Muslims have had a great deal of fun watching TSA goons aggravating Americans while giving no extra attention to Muslims with passports from nations that harbor terrorists.

The men, Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, and Hezem al Murisi, are being held by Dutch authorities who are investigating the matter with FBI assistance.

The most disturbing thing of all is that the TSA allowed Soofi’s luggage to put on a plane he did not even board.

We can expect the notoriously unqualified Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolitano to publicly proclaim nobody was in danger and all the safeguards worked. That, as she searches for ways to tighten the screws on those Americans who have the misfortune to travel by commercial aviation. For Muslims of course it will be business as usual.

2010 Congressional Races--Let The Music Begin!

Washington, DC—In 1994 there was a political massacre of Democrats that voted for that hated and now expired Assault Weapons Ban. Heads rolled as Republicans took control. 16 years later that triumph became a distant memory.

Pretend Republicans along with confused Blue Dog Democrats will join many hard corps Barack Obama's supporters without seats when the election music stops. It will be like the quiet after a nasty storm

Two heads of the three headed snake will be gone as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are retired from public eye. Plans are already being made for selecting new committee chairman and the directions of lots of needed investigations.

Obama’s agenda will be as dead as Dillinger as he sits out whatever time he has before his removal from office. Yes he will be removed, one way or another.

From Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita, Juan Peron tells Ava, “Dice are rolling, the knives are out, would be presidents are all around. I don’t say they mean harm but they’d each give an arm to see us six feet underground.” I’m sure Barack has said something similar to Michelle by now.

As for pretend Republicans McCain and a few others will remain but many will be retired. Let’s hope the Republican party, purges the pretenders for good.

The bad news is as long as he occupies the Whitehouse Obama can be counted upon to veto any rollback of his Socialist agenda.

Will the Obama Bolsheviks mobilize and wage war in the streets as the various big cities fail from overspending, corruption and mismanagement? You can count on entitlements to be squeezed in a big way.

We can only hope that we can last without a Civil War until the new Congress is sworn in January of 2011. If a divided America goes to war there will be some serious population control among the ranks of the entitlement addicted that refuse to remove their hands from taxpayer’s pockets.

Historically Democrats have never been so vulnerable since polling began many decades ago.

I don’t care what anyone’s prediction may be, there will be some very extraordinary events happening over the next five or six months.

Barack Obama Can Achieve Greatness if he can Muster some Courage and Wisdom

Washington, DC—There is only one viable direction for our economy and that is the immediate interruption of tax collection from American manufacturers and consumers. If the tax collection is frozen employment will immediately thrive.

Americans that suddenly have more cash in their pockets will have the needed confidence to buy homes, cars and all the other things that we know will move our economy.

Our taxing schemes have far exceeded even King George’s wildest dreams. Remember it was the Stamp Act along with outrageous increase in tax on tea that brought our rebellion from English rule. We have been slowly taxed into slavery ever since to the point of absolute strangulation.

Bailouts, the creation of a welfare Socialist state and Mideast wars without clear objectives and benefits to Americans are pure poison for our economy.

Watching his approval ratings plummet and heightened interest in his sketchy citizenship, and Muslin religion Barack Obama knows he will not be able to retain power or be anything except a bad memory for Americans.

There is a way he can turn things around in a hurry.

The plan:

1. Repeal the over-rated and unpopular Obamacare
2. End all bailouts while letting corrupt or unprofitable businesses fail
3. Suspend all taxes that inhibit American productivity
4. Withdraw all troops from the Mideast
5. Fire the Obama team of un-vented and unelected Czars
6. Shut the flow of trespassers from our Southern border
7. End the failed Drug War
8. Encourage American self-reliance
9. Withdraw from the Communist Dominated United Nations
10. Stay out of the political affairs of other nations unless it directly affects America.

The reality is Obama will do none of these things and inspire a second civil war instead. So be it.

Millions of Americans are well armed, trained and ready to support, defend and protect our Constitution against even a domestic enemy like Barack Obama. Obama will never get the cooperation support of our military and police for his Socialist agenda. To Obama I say, take your best shot, Mr. President.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Official Crimefile Review of TAKERS

Los Angeles, CA—I have a policy to avoid writing reviews for films I don’t like. I have complained that good films are hard to find these days. There is a lot of crap out there. I feel the need here to warn my readers to avoid this bomb.

Takers will take 107 minutes of your life you will never get back. This Sony Pictures release has a racially diverse group of stylish but overdressed thugs pulling grand stick-ups. This is a film for troubled 13 year-olds that seems to be written by their peers.

Realism was tossed out the window in favor of senseless violence. Violence is in our world and it belongs in films but this was an assembled mess. The director, John Luessenhop has the actors handling their weapons with gross unfamiliarity.

There was a grand foot chase of epic proportions beyond the ability of even the greatest athletes. That unrealistic chase gave me Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome systems and whiplash.

They have a group of armored car guards that willingly sacrifice their lives by taking on the much greater force of thugs that are armed with select fire M-4 carbines and shotguns. No American armored car company would want their guards taking bullets for the cash they carry.

As for the actors, their performances were very decent in the various scenes. Matt Dillon and the rest of the young male cast wasted their talents and time on this terrible script. The photography was good, the stunts looked painful and the thugs were costumed right out of GQ Magazine.

I wrote this review so you don’t waste your hard earned cash on this garbage. Perhaps you should take in some local community theater and skip the movies until the major talent agencies figure out how to make films again. Yes folks, it’s the talent agencies that dictate what films will be made, not the studios.


Jesse Attica - Chris Brown

A.J. - Hayden Christensen

Jack Welles - Matt Dillon

Jake Attica - Michael Ealy

Gordon Jennings - Idris Elba

Lt. Carver - Steve Harris

Ghost - Tip "T.I." Harris

Eddie Hatcher - Jay Hernandez

Scott - Johnathon Schaech

Beck Rally Is Just The Tip of a Big Iceberg

Washington, DC—Fox News commentator Glen Beck took the Capital by storm yesterday as hundreds of thousands betrayed Americans swarmed the mall. They were there to defend our Constitution and way of life.

This may be the last time Conservatives send an impressive and peaceful message to those Communists in our Whitehouse and Congress. The traitors have turned their backs on Americans and our Constitution as they have prosecuted a war against the American dream.

Barack Obama can be counted on to not acknowledge his opposition. Obama will simply push on with his arrogant Communist revolution instead of trying to find some middle ground that might unite America. That indeed, is going to be a very dangerous path to travel.

The November elections are shaping up to be a vigorous and overdue purge of corrupt, progressive, and Leftist politicians that wear the labels of both major political parties.

The new Congress can be expected to begin numerous investigations of the Obama Administration. Issues like Obama’s birth controversy will never evade the Congressional subpoenas. Either there will be a real American birth certificate produced or Obama’s reign will end.

There are plenty of other questions that will finally get answers like the reasons Obama and his wife lost their licenses to practice law in Illinois. After that, Obama’s corrupt financial shenanigans with various convicted Chicago political pirates will be fair game.

I see no way for the Obama Administration to survive to the competition of its first term.

There is a down side of this and that is Obama’s supporters here and within enemy nations can be expected to make war on America. We are in for a very rough ride.

Underfunded Pension Plans Threaten Retirement—The Future is indeed Ugly

Chicago, IL—Public employee pension plans showed promise of being superior to Social Security. Most public employees have paid little or nothing into Social Security and will be able to claim nothing from it. If the pension plans fail these people are in trouble for sure.

Local government retirees are facing a real nightmare. Public officials gambled and lost pension funds through questionable investments made to companies that may have deliberately failed. The investments made to connected firms do not pass the smell test.

The pensions of thousands of workers including cops and firemen are seriously underfunded. Other economic woes threaten the funds even further and the result could involve Bankruptcy. The plans can file for Chapter 11 and that would allow them to submit a plan that reduces payment by 50% or even more. That with the inflation we can expect will wipe out the purchasing power of the retirement funds.

Retirees have a bleak future that could financially devastate families plunging them into abject poverty. That is happening as the Social Security Ponzi Scheme has run out of other people’s money and government officials are trying to determine just how benefits must be cut.

The children of the retirees are already in debt up to their necks and won’t be able to do much to help out. This frightening picture is a Socialist dream, come true since they will use the crisis to sell their Bolshevik garbage to people that are suffering and hungry.

I don’t expect the men of the Baby Boomer generation to gracefully take this kind of punishment. They are for the most part well-armed and trained and have little to lose by violently resisting Socialism. The reality is they will efficiently and proudly kill Socialists at this stage of their lives as they defend and protect the American Constitution. If there is going to be any redistribution of wealth it will be with dead Socialist’s assets through the spoils of Civil War.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Perfect Police Booking Photo

Las Vegas, NV—Apparently Paris Hilton reads the famous Crimefile News Blog. She has read past articles where I have given sound advice to smile and look your very best for your special Kodak Moment as the jailers process you for your ride in the local fun house.

Yes, Hilton was pinched by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for possession of a little of that happy dust last night.

The advantage here is obvious. Unless you’re told this was a booking photo you’d never know it just by looking at it. If this is the worst photograph you will ever see of this lady I don’t think it would be so terrible at all. The news directors and editors won’t be able to humiliate Hilton by redundantly flashing a booking photo of her with a hideous scowl and messy hair.

I wish this pretty party girl a fair day in court with an extra helping of due process and all the rehabilitation programs they can give her.

The Drug War, is a Constant Threat To Freedom And Security in America

Las Vegas, NV---Bad girl, Paris Hilton got snagged again for cocaine possession, this time in Sin City where she goes for a good time and to profit on her celebrity.

Hilton was stopped by police with her male companion whose driving irregularities caught their attention. After the stop and search, the happy dust was found in a purse believed by police to belong to Hilton. Today one happy Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer can now buy his girlfriend a brand new car with the generous retainer the Hilton family paid for their troubled loved one.

Far too many Americans have an insatiable appetite for drugs and it is a multi-billion dollar criminal industry. Drug money profiteers include both sides of the Drug War and they want to keep their flourishing illicit businesses healthy through stepped up enforcement.

The drugs themselves cost no more that coffee, tea and sugar to produce but the Drug War keeps the price so high that the addicted can only support their habit through serial crimes.

Many thousands of people die every year because of the Drug War. There are the innocent victims of theft related violence by addicts. Then there are innocent people killed in mistaken drug raids by both police and criminals. After that there are the turf battles and violence related to arrests. This theft, destruction and incredible carnage is even uglier than the damage the addicted do to themselves.

The addicted made their choice and the Drug War does not help them in any way. The addicted turn to crimes of every description to support their habit and that increases the damage they do to themselves, their families and the rest of us.

The Drug War has been lost decades ago and we have not learned our lesson. The only victory of this senseless war is over the Freedom and Liberty of Americans that want nothing to do with the poisonous products awash in our streets.

We must end the Drug War while we still have a little hope of seeing what’s left of our Bill of Rights.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Face Of The New KKK in America

Washington, DCBarack Obama has turned his back on the African-Americans who gave him their absolute trust and support. Obama has done absolutely nothing to improve the plight of the Black or Brown American.

The takeover of the banking, automobile and healthcare industry shows no signs of creating jobs for anyone. Instead Obama and his Congress made Americans slaves to the politicians and crooks responsible for our economic collapse. Obama has robbed taxpayers of massive amounts of their present and future earnings by rewarding these criminals for the looting of businesses that should have been allowed to fail.

In America businesses fail every day. The affected employees simply begin with the next best competitor. Obama has killed competition and given millions of White Collar Criminals Golden Parachutes at the expense of all working Americans.

The crooks Obama has enriched will be confused with wealthy Americans that have legitimately earned their money. The plan is to turn all wealthy Americans into targets of wrath as Adolph Hitler did to Europe’s Jews. They will confiscate their wealth and redistribute it. As Hitler did, Obama will give the bulk of the assets to his party elite instead of the people.

This is not some coincidence but simply Obama’s plan to completely destroy our economy so he and his cronies can replace it with a Marxist model.

Obama has not lifted a finger to motivate our African-Americans to win and live the American Dream. Education and a cultural change to embrace personal responsibility is the only salvation African-Americans have to gain true equality.

Obama has instead increased African-American helplessness and dependency on government. Obama’s political agenda is on an exact par with Hitler and Stalin’s.

Socialism cannot exist in a free and wealthy society. Wealthy African-Americans threaten the whole concept of Socialism and can’t be allowed to exist.

Corrupt politicians see the value of absolute control and government appointments for life. Greed is their sole motivation as they answer to nobody. Their raw power comes from the barrel of the gun.

Obama has criminally obstructed our Federal Immigration Laws to make the legal Black and Brown people in America compete for jobs and entitlements with millions of foreign trespassers. This treasonous conduct by Obama is designed to keep African-Americans poor so they will support the false promise of Marxism.

Barack Obama has fueled racial hate in America near its boiling point. Americans have not been so divided since the Civil War. Obama will use any insurrection as a public safety emergency to declare martial law and bring in foreign troops. This will facilitate the control of Americans and rob us of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

African-Americans have been deceived by Barack Obama and have no choice but to purge this country of this traitor or never be free from the bonds of slavery.

All Cops Must Protect Lt. John Andrews

Chicago, IL—Chicago police Lt. John Andrews saw a catastrophic mess and his fellow officers and the public endangered. Chicago’s law enforcement problems are getting worse by the hour. Instead of trying to make anonymous and unverifiable claims Andrews had the incredible courage to publish his story about the destruction of a fine police agency by incompetent clout heavy cretins.

The department began a witch hunt and has snared one for a show trial. They want to terrorize every officer into silence by victimizing Lt. Andrews.

Too many people were hired and promoted in recent years that are simply unqualified to wear the uniform of a Chicago cop. Cops are hired and promoted with the simple qualifications of a political endorsement, sexual services or as organized crime moles.
Lives of Chicagoans and good cops are in jeopardy and someone had to take a stand to get corrective action. Lt. Andrews has nearly 28 years experience on the street and most of that as a trusted supervisor.

Chicago Police Commander Robert Klimas of Unit #121 made the complaint against Lt. Andrews obtaining a Complaint Register number. They hauled Lt. Andrews into the 35th Street woodshed and gave him his administrative rights to start the ball rolling for his separation from the department.

There is a First Amendment in America but Chicago police officers cannot exercise it by simply telling the truth. The real issue is the legitimacy of the article that damns political corruption. Instead of investigating Andrews they need to investigate the blatant transformation of a once proud police agency into a political cesspool.

All Illinois police officers need to do whatever it takes to protect Lt. John Andrews including job actions. Superintendent Jody “J-Fled” Weis deserves the wrath of every cop until he calls the dogs off of Lt. Andrews.

Every officer should write Weis a TO-FROM memorandum demanding that Andrews be cleared of the complaint and steps taken to correct the problems outlined in his article. Perhaps public demonstrations at the homes of Daley and Weis are in order. There are plenty of job actions short of a strike that will get nationwide attention.

If no action is taken by the rank and file officers that will only embolden Chicago’s political hacks into more punitive action.

The City of Chicago needs to find a qualified police superintendent that understands the mess, and they must give him the authority to fix it. I see a good man for that job that has in fact, demonstrated the leadership needed to help the department achieve its goals. May I suggest Lt. John Andrews for this job?

View the Complaint here:

CR Lt John Andrews

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cops Writing Cops, a Really Dumb Idea

Chicago, IL—When you take job in various industries there are sometime sweet perks. If you work for the airlines you get free air travel. Waiters, cooks and restaurant workers get free food.

For cops the perk, is to not have to pay for our fair share of traffic citations. Yes, too often we drive our personal cars fearlessly, as we shamelessly break the law. Of course that does not include DUI, reckless driving or causing accidents. The Robocop extortion cameras put up to snare driver’s wallets don’t excuse cops in any way.

Cops today are suffering from lack of privacy in a big way. GPS, jerks with cell-phone cameras and dashboard cameras spy on police incessantly. So the job is far less desirable today.

Then there are plenty of police bureaucrats appointed by mayors that are obsessed with getting money from as many suckers as possible. They have spread poison in police academies suggesting that they should write citations to fellow cops.

Impressionable recruits may not understand that their very lives depend upon that fellow officer they wrote a citation last month who may not see the value of risking his life to help some kiss ass.

Any cop who writes fellow cops petty citations deserves to be a Pariah with nobody to back him or her up in an emergency.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rod Blagojevich Is Now marked For Death

Chicago, IL—There can be no doubt that Rod Blagojevich knows too much about Barack Obama and his nefarious activity. They both moved in the same corrupt political organization where those on the inside help each other into various shady deals. From well-paid, no-show board appointments for spouses to quid pro quo campaign contributions there are no ethical bounds for Chicago Democrats. There are however laws that these criminals redundantly break.

When one corrupt politician gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the code of silence is strictly obeyed. Now that code is threatened by the beleaguered former governor.

When Rod Blagojevich was arrested every politician that had aggressively supported and endorsed him for governor began calling him corrupt and crazy. They had little choice but to discredit Blagojevich because he could have flipped on them in a heartbeat.

Instead of turning on these criminals, Blagojevich patiently waited for US Attorney Eric Holder to soft peddle the case and set him free. The unthinkable happened and now Obama knows he must act quickly or revelations and evidence will surface ending his presidency. That ominous specter was made clear by some not so discrete and very public hints by Blagojevich yesterday.

Rod Blagojevich has zero protection, as he poses a danger to the political future of Obama and other criminals in his administration. The Whitehouse occupants have just two choices. They can get Blagojevich a free ride on some technicality or have the former governor murdered. I’m betting on the latter.

Some deranged Obama supporter will do the deed out of misplaced loyalty and Obama will simply shake his head and say, “Oh well.” Others within the Obama Administration are rightfully nervous that they will be sacrificed along the way.

In any event I think Rod Blagojevich is a dreadfully poor risk for any life insurance company right now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Most Important Word in our World

Today the simple use of the racial slur, nigger by someone can result in a national newspaper headlines. That word seems to be one of the most powerful words in the entire world. To me this is the sign of a very fragile and sick society.

Whatever your race, religion, gender or gender variation may be there is a derogatory slur just for you.

Americans, at least in theory subscribe to the proposition that all men are created equal. The truth is that we are not equal because some of us are born healthy, attractive and rich and others are not. The reality is basic humanity dictates that we treat each other as equal.

There is a long history of competitive behavior between races, religious or sexual groups. Too often that history has a very dark side.

Our assigned race, sex and religion generally is fixed. There are those who chose to change one or more of those assignments or at least their orientation, preferences and culture. In the end we are all really quite different.

Some of us are ashamed of what we are. If we are not ashamed there are those that want to assign shame to us. Perhaps they need to feel superior because of their own perceived inadequacies.

Because of some people’s disagreeable nature they like to insult others different then themselves. That’s where the slurs were born.

The slurs only have an impact if we are not comfortable in their own skin. If you have a sense of identity shame the slurs will make you angry or cause emotional pain.

I have met people of every race and persuasion that are proud of what they are or have become or at least not ashamed. You can call them by any slur and they will only think less of you. They won’t be hurt or angry just disappointed in their detractor.

Slurs have been used in jokes for as long as there have been slurs. Jokes are not designed to do anything but evoke laughter. There has never been a great comedian that has bombed before an audience. Every joke is not funny despite the best efforts of the jokester.

Getting angry or emotional disturbed over a slur, gives the insult far more importance than it deserves. Failing to react or more importantly over-react to the slur neutralizes it.

The display of an emotional response to a slur gives that insult and the persona making it absolute credibility. I’d call that counterproductive.

I have spent too much time on gun ranges and my hearing is somewhat impaired. Sometimes that disability is a gift since I’m positive that I’ve been spared from many insults accordingly. I’m sure my lack of response has struck a nasty blow to someone’s relevance and self-esteem.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reporters Misinforming their viewers and readers...

News reporters although educated are sometimes very ignorant and don’t even try to get the information correct. The reporter said, with real authority in her voice, “The suspect was armed with a high-powered rifle.” The gun she was talking about was a little AR-15/M-4 style semi-automatic carbine.

A high powered rifle fires rounds nearly twice as big as and much more powerful than the little black carbine. Aside from firing much larger rounds, high powered rifles are longer and weigh more than carbines so they can handle the more powerful cartridges.

Where the reporter went wrong is she did not bother to get her facts straight. She saw the black carbine and it just looked somewhat impressive so she renamed it and gave it magical power.

This is exactly the mistake lawmakers made when they banned certain types of weapons. They rely on ignorant members of the Brady gun control organization for their misinformation.

That wooden stock rifle can reach out and touch targets much further away and do a lot more damage than that little military looking gun.

Assault rifles are fully automatic rifles that are more suitable for warfare because they can send a lot of little rounds to a target in a hurry. The semi-automatic look-alike rifles are not suitable for warfare since one pull of the trigger only fires one round.

Reporters almost never get this right. If they don’t know and don’t care they should simply call it a gun.

Obama, The Anchor Around The necks Of Democrats

Washington, DC—Aside from being a Communist and a traitor Barack Obama is a giant disappointment because he’s continued every bad policy of George W. Bush. Expanding and extending the Patriot Act is one glaring example.

Real Liberals want government that rules with transparency. Instead, they have gotten a Soviet style wall around a group of un-vetted and un-elected Czars making government policy.

Obama’s branding of the Democratic Party as being in favor of a giant Muslim Mosque at the sight of the World Trade Center murderous attack on America is pure genius. Terrorist Muslim Nations know Obama has taken their side over that of Americans. Obama now has allies from Muslim and Communist nations needed to overcome the future resistance of Americans to his revolution.

Americans have slowly educated themselves about Socialism, and the enslavement, poverty and holocaust it guarantees. The Democratic Party had shifted far left, well under the radar of most Americans. Obama has in fact, exposed his fellow traitors in Congress through sheer carelessness.

As we approach the mid-term elections Obama has become a giant anchor around the necks of his fellow Communist traitors. They are now marked men and women than know they will be expelled from our capital.

Most Democratic Party office holders would like to forget they ever knew Obama. They want Obama to direct financial re-election support their way but they no longer want to be seen with him.

I don’t see how Americans will continue to tolerate Obama, or his failing Socialist revolution. I fully expect to see Obama forcibly removed from our Whitehouse if he refuses to resign. Obama's chances of finishing his first term are slim.

The Socialists and Communists in America can be expected to continue their revolution by force and violence if they can’t gain a political victory. Will Obama head that movement with multi-national forces when the time comes? That remains to be seen.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Does Officer’s Safety Mean So Little to FOP Lodge 7 in Chicago?

Chicago, IL-While there is little in the way of union protection in Chicago, the cops have a bargaining agent of sorts. Currently cops pay dues for advocacy in labor matters to Lodge 7 of the Fraternal Order of Police. I have to question what the membership has gotten in return.
Years have gone by without a labor contract and when it was resolved somehow FOP has little to show in results. Chicago police officers are undermanned, outgunned, and demoralized as they’ve been reduced to whipping boys for the local African-American reverends and politicians.
Officers are endangered by firearm regulations that jeopardize their safety.
1. Incredible as it seems officers are only given 30 rounds of ammunition for practice per year. Aside from placing street cops at risk hostages and innocent bystanders are endangered over this intolerable policy.
2. Officers don’t have shotguns or carbines to deal with heavily armed street gangs. If the department won’t pay for the weapons at least they could let the cops buy and use their own.
3. If cops are injured on the job and placed on disability the department bars their right to carry a firearm for simple self-defense. Police officers arrest criminals and dismantle criminal organizations.
The criminals affected by law enforcement are entitled to bail, early release and other loopholes that allow them to roam the streets. It’s not uncommon for cops to be shopping, attending a movie or event and cross paths with the criminals they’ve arrested.
We know violent criminals carry guns despite all laws. We also know that cops by their very nature are slow to violate gun laws or department policy. The playing field here is not a level one.
Several officers have gotten behind Illinois legislation that would allow cops on Duty Disability or Workman’s Compensation status to continue carrying their guns so they can protect themselves and families.
FOP lodges, The Illinois Police Association and some other groups have endorsed this effort. Lodge 7 on the other hand apparently, feels little or no need to protect cops by supporting the bill.
Lodge 7 has a dismal track record in the last several years.
I’d advise Cops to discontinue paying dues to this poor excuse for a labor organization if they refuse protect the rank and file cops they claim to represent.
Perhaps it’s time to find or create a new labor advocate that does care about the safety and welfare of Chicago cops.
Cops are afraid to challenge anyone at Lodge 7 because they may arbitrarily deny representation for cops falsely accused of wrongdoing.
It’s Lodge 7 that Chicago cops must trust to protect their pensions that have been raided by the Daley/Burke rats.
I just can’t help but believe that Lodge 7 has shown more loyalty to the Daley/Burke rats than dues paying cops.

If the rank and file cops can’t obtain Lodge 7 leadership’s support on such a simple piece of officer safety legislation it’s time to submit that PAR (personnel action request) form to discontinue paying dues to this outfit.