Sunday, October 25, 2020

Katie Hopkins, the Conservative media personality the political Left loves to hate...

Beverly Hills, CA--Media personality, Katie Hopkins loves the USA and our freedom. She’s an avid shooter and has actually joined the National Rifle Association. Hopkins has led an exciting life. Not yet 50 years old and she’s trained with British Royal Forces and she’s been hired and fired from numerous high profile media positions. 

Currently in the U.K. Hopkins’ opinions are considered to be somewhat in the political minority. Hopkins has proven that can raise the blood pressure of any Liberal that is within 100 meters to dangerous levels. 

Hopkins detests political correctness in any form and is a rabid free speech advocate. She’s a critic of forced multiculturalism because it results in so much unnecessary violence and difficulties. Particularly she's objected to the importation and financial support of millions Muslims into the UK. The resulting culture clash has devalued the way of life there. In reality we cannot deny horrific Muslim Terrorism any more than we can deny the Nazi Holocaust

Hopkins has an unquestionable sharp tongue that does nothing more than to provoke much needed debate. She is a very talented speaker and a gifted comedian. 

Hopkins weighs in at 110 lbs soaking wet with all her clothes on.  She deliberately gained and lost 42 lbs to show that diet and exercise actually works. That, after being criticized for her numerous fat shaming remarks. 

Currently Hopkins is traveling the USA speaking and lending her support to President Donald Trump

I’ve met her twice now and admit that I’ve fallen to her considerable charms. 

I’ve always believed that free speech and debate is not nor should be considered hate but a tool to work out those issues that separate our diverse cultures. In the words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along ?” 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Democrats are Trump's Greatest Campaign Aides!

Los Angeles CA--In the last several months we’ve seen organized Democrats displaying no limits to their violence, lies and incredibly appalling behavior.
Donald Trump supporters dare not wear hats or other material supporting Trump without fear of beatings and worse. The Democrats have clearly shown that they are both unAmerican and absolutely dangerous to our children, seniors, peace and well being.
Voting for these traitors will only cause their useful idiots to level up their terrorism.
They want gun bans and to have police removed from our streets so their thugs can have absolute power over everyone. Democrat Politicians have opened the gates of our prisons letting their new combat troops loose on an unprepared society.
Come November, all these monsters must be soundly defeated at the polls.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pam Zekman, A Chicago Legend Retires

Chicago, IL—Okay, retirement was the wrong word to use.  It was obviously the reality that CBS was going trough lean times and Pam Zekman took home a King’s Ransom sized paycheck.  They laid her and a small busload of newsroom faces off in this drastic economy move.  

After a half-century as Chicago's top investigative journalist, Zekman is wealthy and earned herself a dream retirement package.  Don’t shed a tear for this legendary, Queen of the Ambush Interview, she is now off to new adventures! By the way, Zekman influenced me too, more than she will ever know!

The more difficult job falls in the hands if WBBM-TV’s News Director, Jeff Harris.  He must find a leaner, meaner version of Zekman to fill her shoes.  

I know just the top gun investigative reporter and a kick ass producer, perfect for the Chicago market.  The ad revenue has to perk up a bit.  CBS2 knows it must move on and compete.  There is no alternative.  Harris has both the guts and savvy to make the right decision.  Like me, Harris knows that being number one is never enough!

Here is my Happy Trails video for Zekman:  

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Covid-19 is Changing TV News Delivery Forever!

Los Angeles, CA--The Covid-19 catastrophe may well change forever the way TV news is gathered and broadcast.  

The nation’s news operations have been forced to have some reporters work from home.  They’re suddenly gathering news as they conduct their routine interviews via Zoom, Skype and Facetime

The Multi Media Journalist is a mainstay everywhere except where the photographers unions are politically anchored.  That’s all about to change. 

Drones, smaller and cheaper DSLR type cameras are capturing startling video images.  Quality video live streaming has never been so easy.  The technology learning curve for reporters is no longer an obstacle.

The increased efficiency and cost savings connected to news gathering are really monumental. 

There will always be a need for helicopters, and news crews to chase breaking news.  We need to forever end those ridiculous and expensive reporter’s live shots in front of stale crime scenes that serve no useful purpose whatsoever!  

The result of this will be more and better news stories.  More  reporters and producers can be hired with the cost savings. 

News gathered and reported in the field will have a new look of immediacy with the exciting creativity and style of those sucessful modern YouTube vloggers. 

These may be amazing times if actual news replaces those politically divisive talking heads once again.  Viewers want real journalists, not propaganda purveyors.  Perhaps the term, Fake News will finally disappear. 

I’m convinced the talking heads have driven viewers away from their TV sets. 

Lastly let me say that focus groups have led news managers down the same road for far too long.  It’s understandable, they are comprised of idle people that simply don’t have a life!