Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pretender, Mitt Romney is More Liberal than McCain

There is one thing for sure that Democrats know. If a liberal weenie like Mitt Romney heads the GOP ticket the Conservative voters will boycott the polling places. Liberal weenies have headed up the GOP tickets for both Clinton terms and McCain did a great job of keeping Conservatives far from the polling places when he ran against Obama.

Somehow I expect that Romney’s Primary campaign is being funded by Obama supporters. A GOP Primary pitting Romney against that other pretender Rick Perry is the Democrat's, dream come true.

Romney has proven to be a big spending, gun rights hating, entitlement loving politician who will say anything at all to get elected. Romney’s stellar record as a Massachusetts Ted Kennedy style Liberal won’t be endangered if he somehow gets into the Whitehouse. That will never happen because disenfranchised Conservatives hate pretenders and will sit out another election rather than vote for a total fraud.

The closest candidate to a Conservative in my lifetime was Dwight D. Eisenhower. Ronald Reagan was a genuine moderate that appealed to nearly everyone. Reagan was limited by a Liberal Congress but our nation was headed in the right direction with economic growth facilitated through lower taxes.

George H.W. Bush was a pretender that got us into a war and set us up for permanent oil dependence on his Arab friends. Clinton could do little to reverse the good fortunes Reagan brought. George W. Bush was really destructive to our economy in every possible way and all but made us property of the Chinese Communists.

Obama is a genuine traitor and has set about the total destruction of our Constitution and way of life. He has done all he can to divide this once great nation and start a Civil War as a vehicle to install a Communist/Socialist government. He is not finished yet trying to capitalize on every crisis that he creates.

It looks like Obama won’t be reelected even if he somehow survives this first term. The Impeachment knives are out looking to draw some blood over rampant corruption. Frankly I don’t rule out a prosecution for treason or even murder for his part in the killing of Brian Terry. The Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal was and is part of a Whitehouse conspiracy. Obama is a stain on America that must be removed.

My Take On Conrad Murray and the Trial Evidence.

Los Angeles, CA—As the trial of Conrad Murray winds down I will give you my take on this case. Michael Jackson died because of Murray’s negligence and deviation from an acceptable standard of care we expect from physicians.

Saying he was negligent does not suggest he was grossly or criminally negligent.

Murray failed when he left dangerous drugs unattended nearby his patient Michael Jackson that he knew was a tortured drug addict. Jackson would do what’s expected of any addict and that is to recklessly self-administer drugs.

The jury here has to guess who administered the fatal drug dose. We must assume that Jackson wanted the drug that killed him and used an opportunity created by Murray’s negligence to consume what became his poison.

Murray should be disciplined by his peers on the medical boards where he practices medicine. Murray should have deal with the allegations of negligence and medical malpractice in a civil court.

From a purely technical point of view Conrad Murray should be found Not Guilty of any crime.

On a side note this case should not have been televised and the jury should have been sequestered.

What I think does not count, the jury will do what juries do.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Accused L.A.P.D Cop Burglar, a Profile in Paradox

Los Angeles, CA—L.A.P.D sergeant Lucien “Lou” Daigle, 44 was a well-respected cop whose world has crashed over a really frightening and despicable act. He was arrested for residential burglary at an upscale Mentone, CA home where he was nabbed, literally red-handed.

During the evening of Oct .23rd, Daigle was reportedly caught in the act by a homeowner while clinging to her camera equipment and other poroperty. When he pursued her, she was fortunate enough to have some powerful bear repellant spray she emptied on the home invader.

The off duty cop fled in his car only to be involved in a nearby collision. I can’t imagine what might have happened had the quick thinking victim not used the spray. At least Daigle did not try to involve or present a gun in this encounter.

I have done some preliminary examination of Daigle in an attempt to determine his need to commit such a desperate crime. When cops go bad it usually involves crimes related to police corruption. Residential burglary is really too lowbrow and repugnant even for a criminal with a badge.

Daigle pictured above is married to an attractive African-American woman and has six apparently well-adjusted children. Daigle, his wife and children live in a spacious home and they seem to have found the American dream.

Like nearly every cop Daigle has some secondary employment. He is a licensed real estate salesman and he operates a business related to buying and selling gold. We know the real estate market has tanked. Raising a large middle-class family is a financial challenge for any cop.

Daigle enjoys photography and has encouraged his children to compete in the entertainment and modeling world. He and his family are members of and regularly attend a local church.

Outwardly at least Daigle casts an image of a happy and decent family man with huge responsibilities. Perhaps like many Americans he is upside-down in his mortgage and his kids are growing into the age of needing cars and looking for college funding. Has this cop turned to burglary to make ends meet?

Today the question of Daigle’s involvement in additional burglaries and crimes are heavy on the minds of investigators. Just how dark is this newly discovered side of Lou Daigle? Just how dangerous is this man?

The homeowner that surprised Daigle in this reprehensible act is understandably frightened and refuses to stay at her home. The psychological trauma caused to this woman is beyond the pale.

We will have to wait and see what investigators uncover before we can guess what the penalties will be. Lou Daigle’s future is grim since legitimate job opportunities for convicted burglars are nearly non-existent. Despite seemingly overwhelming evidence, Daigle is still only a suspect right now and has the absolute presumption of innocence. We will have to see how this plays out in court.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cell Phone Privacy Invasion Threatens You and Your Family

Los Angeles, CA—Cell phones have been a reality for nearly 30 years. The convenience and benefits of these wireless devices are enormous. Of all the people I know only one does not have one and he is considered strange.

There is a large segment of the population that is unaware that prior to cell phones, the phone companies kept only long distance call records. Today records are kept of every call or text message sent or received. This is beyond troubling.

The records kept have been bought, sold, used and abused at an unimaginable rate. I have seen thousands of records that were gotten through illicit means by private citizens, private investigators and cops. Then there are the legal governmental channels that lawfully obtain the records and even make public the records of innocent people in court cases.

During the ongoing trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray, records were even broadcast internationally revealing calls and the private phone numbers of scores of people. This was a major privacy invasion.

Even records that have been obtained through warrants and subpoenas have been illicitly sold by government officials.

Rupert Murdock’s, News Corporation was caught with their pants down when it was discovered reporters were internationally stalking newsmakers using their private phone records.

There is a cure that’s really quite simple and that’s by forcing the cell phone companies to delete and destroy records after each bill is paid or to simply clock the phones’ usage for billing purposes.

If there are no records they can’t be abused. Cops can still get wiretap warrants so why do we need this kind of a privacy nightmare.

How many divorces have been brought on by spouses checking each other phone bills?

The GPS issues of cell phones are yet another Orwellian disaster. The abuse of those records is also rampant.

The cell phone companies and our government of course, continue with that disingenuous refrain, “Were only doing this for your safety.” That’s the same old line handed out by Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels during the rein of the Third Reich.

We need to kill this monster before it kills us.

See Accused Burglar and LAPD Sergeant Lucien “Lou” Daigle in a Documentary Film

Los Angeles, CA—Before his recent arrest for residential burglary LAPD sergeant Lucien Daigle was a respected drug recognition expert for the LAPD. Daigle can be seen in the film called, American Drug War: The Last White Hope.

Hulu TV has the film and Daigle gives a rolling interview while patrolling on his beat in Skid Row. I can’t imagine this guy invading a woman’s home and confronting her while he is looting her property.

There will by a lot more information flowing about Daigle as this strange story unfolds during his prosecution. Again I hurt for Daigle’s six children and what they are facing.

The film can be seen for free on Hulu TV.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Police Service Perfection, the H&K .45 Pistol Rocks!

Chicago, IL—In most police agencies the service pistols of our cops is restricted to department-approved firearms. What gets approved is based on many things but too often common sense is not one of them. There is a lot to be said about all officers using the same caliber of ammunition but only if the department plans to replenish the officer’s supply in the field should there be a major insurrection. I have never experienced that happening nor do I know anyone who has.

Most cops can remember the Bank of America shootout in North Hollywood where poorly armed officers were threatened and actually shot by two felons armed with Russian fully automatic AK-47s and more. To end the firefight cops had to borrow heavier weapons from local gun shops. Today there is still not a single gun shop in Chicago.

No police officer should ever be endangered by being outgunned like today’s Chicago cops. This should be a major scandal but will never be addressed until some fine cops perish at the inaction or pleasure of bureaucrats.

I am no fan of the .40 caliber cartridges that were adopted to cater to female officers deemed to dainty to handle the .45 ACP. I take exception because I know some petite women that handle the .45 better then most men. Cops are somewhat stuck with what they are permitted to carry. Training and practice is the only key to accurate shooting and survival.

I favor the Sig Sauer 220 in .45 ACP as a terrific and reliable pistol. The Glock 21 is also wonderful but I am too concerned about the trigger configuration and fear an unintentional discharge particularly during an altercation. But I’m a perfectionist and demand the very best.

The H&K .45 has been around for a couple of years and has proven it to be the winner. This pistol is not to be confused with the USP pistols that I considered to be cumbersome boat anchors. The H&K .45 is sleek, sexy and smooth. It has the accessory rail, night sights and wonderful magazine releases. The cost of the H&K .45 is steep especially in today’s economy.

I’m not a fan of the double action only configurations sought by the risk management sissies hired by most government agencies. I prefer what was originally intended, double action on the first shot only. The H&K .45 can be easily configured both ways like a bi-sexual.

Have a look at the H&K .45 in my video below.

LAPD Sergeant Nabbed For Residential Burglary is a Tragedy of Epic Proportions.

Los Angeles, CA—I’m still reeling from the arrest of LAPD sergeant Lucien Daigle for a residential burglary at an upscale and gated home. He has the presumption of innocence but being caught covered in pepper spray with the proceeds of the crime contemporaneous with the nearby burglary is beyond ugly.

For now the San Bernardino Sheriff is refusing to release a booking photo of Sgt. Daigle. He will soon be ambushed by news photographers, at his home or when he appears in a courtroom.

KTLA-TV tracked down the victim of the crime who is a physician for a telephone interview. She related that the suspect pursued her aggressively in her own home until she courageously and successfully deployed the pepper spray she had obtained for protection from bears that roam this rural community. The victim is truly grateful to be alive today.

The victim is understandably shaken, frightened and has felt the need to avoid staying in her own home because the suspected burglar has been released on bail. We can all imagine what this violation of her privacy, life and wellbeing could be like.

Cops are not immune from the temptations to engage in crime. The sad truth is cops do succumb to corruption from time to time. Even corrupt cops however do have line they won’t cross. The cop that would extort or steal from a drug dealer would be absolutely appalled at the thought of invading some innocent person’s home.

I’m trying to learn why the suspect targeted this woman’s home. Was there more to this than stealing valuables? Were there some serious mitigating factors that would cause a father of six children to commit such a reprehensible crime? Sgt. Daigle apparently had an unblemished record of 18 years of honorable service with department awards he had earned.

On the other hand is this the story of a prolific burglar who has used his police expertise to escape detection? I’m sure investigators have served search warrants and are painstakingly looking at that possibility right now.

I can’t help but feel pain for Sgt. Daigle’s family. How does his children cope with this disaster? How will they attend college without their father’s hard earned police pension? I’m sure these kids were so proud of having a role model father.

I feel for the victim who can’t face living in the dream home she worked so hard to buy. I want her to be safe, protected and somehow made whole after such an experience. Personally I’d replace the pepper spray with training and a suitable firearm.

I don’t want to see the life of any 44 year-old career cop flushed down the toilet for such a single foolish and evil act.

We can’t turn back the clock and undo all the damage. The reality is lives were changed forever and the trust in the men and woman trusted to wear the badge of honor as a cop has been sadly tarnished.

The best thing for this cop is to face his demons in a very public way. He needs to seek treatment for himself and family. Normally fellow cops would shun and ignore a peer in this kind of a predicament. They need to step up and help Daigle’s family more then ever.

Daigle needs to find a new career perhaps helping others that may be on such a self-destructive path. Daigle needs to save his own life today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LAPD Sergeant Pepper Sprayed By Home Owner When Caught Committing a Residential Burglary.

Mentone, CA-- San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officers stopped off-duty LAPD sergeant Lucien Archie Daigle, 44 after a collision early in the evening of Oct. 23. The sergeant reeked of pepper spray and there were burglary proceeds in his car that were in plain view.

It was moments earlier a yet to be identified woman came home to burglary in progress. The woman went on the offensive and used some very potent pepper spray on the burglar who fled the scene.

Daigle was detained just a few miles from the crime scene. There is no know connection between the burglary victim and Daigle.

Deputies transported Daigle to a local hospital for minor injuries sustained in the collision and brought him in for routine booking. It was during the booking process that they learned that Daigle was a LAPD sergeant.

Daigle was released on $125,000.00 bail. The LAPD placed the veteran officer on administrative leave pending investigation from his position. Daigle worked in the Wilshire, Central and Olympic Divisions of the department.

Inmate Booking Information:
Booking #: 1110342615 Sex: MALE
DOB: 10/04/1967 Age: 44 Height: 5'09"
Weight: 160 lbs Eyes: BROWN Hair: BROWN
Arrest Information
Arrest Date: 10/23/2011 21:02 Bail: INELIGIBLE
Arrest Location: LLUMC LOMA LINDA Arrest Agency: YUCAIPA CITY
Current Housing Information
Housing Facility: NO LONGER IN CUSTODY
Release Date: 10/24/2011 17:35
Released To: SELF
Case # Charge Court Date Status/Bail

Occupy Wall Street a Disappointment for Obama

Photos courtesy of actress and comedian Noemi Schlosser

New York, NY—The Occupy Wall Street protest has not been a boost to either Obama and the Socialists that funded the publicity fiasco.

The OWS gatherings have simply turned into encampments that have attracted freeloaders, partygoers and perverts. There are no coherent clear voices being heard with any pro-Obama messages.

The OWS is falling out of favor in the Leftist run city official where they were welcomed. Now the same officials are red-faced as they deal with ways to discourage and remove these useless squatters.

The squalid mess the OWS attendees are leaving behind stands as a scandalous monument to the Global Warming and recycling agendas of the Left. The damage to the landscaping at the Los Angeles site stands at well over $400,000.00. The cost for police overtime along with portable toilets, rain ponchos handed out by the city to the squatters has not been addressed.

The whole point of the OWS movement seems lost on some vague anarchy message. This movement did not spark the Socialist revolution that Obama had hoped to see.

Pretty Noemi Schlosser and her friend have taken to the streets to help lend diversity to this group! Noemi has even gotten me interested in joining OWS too! Power to the 1%!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Obama’s Huge Libya Victory and What it Means to US

Barack Obama brought us into yet another Mideast squabble, this time in Libya. His mission was to help Muslim rebels remove their dictator, Muammar Gaddafi from office. Okay what did we get? Are we safer? Are we wealthier? Did this somehow produce needed jobs for idle Americans? The answer is obvious we got absolutely nothing.

Obama essentially conspired with Muslim criminals and facilitated the cold-blooded murder of the surrendered dictator. Are Obama’s new Libyan pals going to somehow bring democracy to this country? Are they going to become new and trusted allies in the region? I’m much more concerned with how many planes loaded with innocent people Obama’s new pals will blow out the sky just because they can.

Are the new Libyan leaders going to become drunk with absolute power and the treasury they are already spending? How many scores are they going to settle by filling more mass graves than Gaddafi? We know the answer because it is redundantly written in Middle Eastern history.

Just what did Obama accomplish? Had he bombed Libya into the Stone Age that might have accomplished something. The Middle Eastern Muslim nations are filled with savages that murder, bomb and torture each other as a form of entertainment. They will never become civilized because of any influence from us.

The massive wealth we have unloaded on these oil-rich savages has given us only minimum control over their aggression against the Western nations they hate so much.

I blame the father-son Bush team for doing the same thing in Iraq. Afghanistan could not be tamed by the Soviets and our effort there has been nothing but a waste of our treasury and far too many American lives.

We need to use the oil under our own nation and let the Muslims kill each other all they want. The way Muslims murder their own women in the name of honor makes it abundantly clear to me that Middle Eastern Muslims are not fit to live according to Darwin’s law.

Barack Obama is by far the poorest excuse of an American leader that ever was. He’s a product of America’s new Groupthink. Most voting Americans have demonstrated that are barely smart enough to find their local polling place.

Immigration Amnesty Supporters Simply Want America’s Educated Voters Neutralized, Paving the Way for Socialism

Washington, DC—Make no bones about it we have an overload of disloyal Communists and Socialists within our own government. They are trying constantly to overthrow our Constitution and way of life.

The nations governed by Socialists all have desperately ignorant populations that seem to only survive on the promise of guaranteed food, lodging and medical care. In reality the entitlement driven population always becomes enslaved because they are tricked out of any rewards for productivity and excellence.

Socialism can never survive in a population of educated and self-sufficient citizens.

A reasonable immigration policy would give absolute preference to those immigrants who are educated, speak English, have talent along with something to offer the nation they want to make their home. Above all they must display loyalty to our nation.

America cannot afford to allow the importation of drugs, crime and poverty under the guise of “humane” immigration policy. We must use all necessary force and violence to prevent this deadly invasion to our soil.

Additionally there is absolutely no place for immigrants that insist on changing our government to accommodate the very policies and tyranny they have fled from in their home countries.

Millions of immigrants have brought this nation their talent, skills and culture. They have worked very hard to make this nation great. So many brave immigrants have fought and died for the American way of life in our military along the way. Of course I’m talking about those immigrants who respected and followed our laws.

Well educated people reject Socialism and the ignorant embrace and demand this failed and corrupt form of despotism. Of course our teacher’s unions have propagandized our entire educational system through effective brainwashing. Generation of Americans have been intentionally misled in our own tax supported schools.

Unfortunately we have millions of Americans that were taught to hate what our founding father’s sacrificed so much to give us. They never learned the importance of documents like the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and our cherished Bill of Rights.

Today too many “educated” Americans don’t understand the benefits of a society where excellence is rewarded and failure is not. They don’t understand just how damaging and degrading the Socialist handout programs are to the human spirit. This is especially true of Americans that grew up never experiencing poverty or deprivation.

Is it just a coincidence that the Leftists are the ones demanding open borders and the end to enforcement of immigration laws?

These Leftists don’t demand freedom or human rights be respected in Mexico and Central America. Mexico has all of the wonderful natural resources that the United State’s has. The corrupt Mexican government refuses any effort at emulating the kind of government their citizens have fled to by the millions.

The only goal of the open border proponents is nothing less then the destruction of the American way of life and to create a one world Communist government.

In a perfect Socialist world there can be no place to escape. The citizens must totally conform and live under the iron fist or be liquidated.

In the 1950’s there was a saying, “Better dead than red!” It was and is so true. Freedom, liberty and the American dream are really worth fighting for and that fight is a never-ending battle. Cemeteries are filled with American patriots that have given all and we must continue this fight until the blight of Socialism no longer threatens us.

We must deport every last trespasser from our land.

Gun Banners Can’t Fight Computer Aided Manufacturing

Making guns is now a bootlegger’s dream come true should banning efforts somehow continue despite the trend of rolling back decades of restrictive gun laws.

There was a day when making a gun required sophisticated machining skills, special knowledge of firearms and a lot of time. Most firearms made by ordinary machinists were very simple and not very desirable. Because of the computer revolution, minimal skills are needed today just a common CNC machine to make nearly any firearm.

Any business engaged in manufacturing metal parts has the equipment. The recipe and plans for making quality guns are simple computer programs that are all over the Internet!

You simply obtain the correct metal materials, program your machine and you’re a gun maker. If you really want to shake up the world of gun laws, regulation and registration making exact knock offs of existing products would be entertaining to say the least. Stamping serial numbers that reflect guns transferred through legitimate channels would put some politicians and bureaucrats into a seizure!

Making counterfeit working firearms is easier than counterfeiting money by far. The only reason there aren’t millions of bootlegged firearms out there is the gun bans have fallen everywhere in America.

What people don’t realize about Afghanistan is that this nation was the number one gun maker in the world specializing in quality knock off firearms even before computer ever existed.

The government will be able to control bootleg gun makers about half as well as illegal marijuana growers. Machine shops are everywhere and it is nearly impossible to regulate what they’re making especially in-between making lawn mower parts and such.

Along with semi-automatic firearms the making of fully automatic firearms, silencers and anti-tank weapons are also a snap.

The only cure is to make sure the majority of well-behaved Americans are well-trained and armed to keep the criminal minority in place.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Funding Chicago’s Corruption Through Legalized Extortion and Tax Tyranny

Chicago, IL—The undermanned, outgunned and demoralized Chicago police officers will become full-time extortionists if city officials have their way. Preventing crime has been a secondary mission for cops over the last decades anyway.

Chicagoans will be living in fear of their cops because they know the city’s uniformed bagmen will be the ones out enforcing collection. Will cops be personally endangered and suffer additional ridicule and disrespect? Frankly there will be no way around it if the city goes through with plans for those controversial photo traffic enforcement camera schemes to generate revenue.

Make no bones about it, they care not about your safety it’s your purses and wallets the politicians want. If you were thinking of abandoning Chicago anyway this should drive you right over the edge.

The cameras sound simple at least to the ignorant. The people victimized the most are the low paid delivery people and cab drivers. Anyone who must drive to earn a living will be severely punished. These are usually the people that can least afford to be handing over their meager earnings to city bagmen.

Chicago will never get serious about government corruption and or their overly inflated City Council members and party faithful living in luxury. The aldermen with generous salaries, slush funds, bribes and non-stop perks will never miss an opportunity to stuff their wallets at the expense of everyone else.

As for operating a traffic camera program that’s always left to a connected private company that knows how to generously fund re-election campaigns. Along the way they always take the lion’s share of the proceeds anyway.

The sheep of Chicago will just live in more fear and blame the cops that will be the ones towing cars and arresting the pizza delivery guys and cab drivers that are unable to pay the extortion.

In America through our Bill of Rights we have long ago outlawed hearsay evidence in our courtrooms. Photos and such are hearsay evidence without a live witness providing sworn testimony. Don't worry the local courts will subvert that too in their zeal to create funding.

Chicago’s officials refuse to accept that they can only entice revenue generating businesses and employers through tax incentives. Extortion is the method of thieves, thugs and dictators.

I beg the people of Chicago to reserve their violence for the politicians that have brought this blight and not the cops being put in the middle. Frankly history shows us that violence is the only way to end tyranny.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Judge Stephanie Sautner's Bail Bond Order in Lohan Case Was Overly Punitive.

Los Angeles, CA—All accused Americans have a right to be released on reasonable bail when they are accused of crimes. Bail is granted with two specific issues, the first is concerns the likelihood of the accused to appear in court or flee. The second issue has to do with the protection of the public from any danger posed by the accused.

Today Lindsay Lohan was ordered held to answer a probation violation accusation involving her two probations. Judge Stephanie Sautner ordered Lohan post $50,000.00 cash on each allegation.

California's bail bondsmen have a heavy lobby and nearly always get whatever they want from lawmakers. Bondsmen have more power than cops over the people they service. Bondsmen need to be put out of business and the courts accept that responsibility.

With bondsmen they take and keep ten percent of the bail automatically. Lohan had to fork over $10,000.00 cash in order to be released from jail pending her hearing. That’s money straight into the sewer. Many defendants are forced to use taxpayer provided public defenders because they have nothing left if they are able to post bail. That’s horrible public policy.

Jurisdictions like Illinois rid themselves of bondsmen, requiring defendants to post ten percent of the bail with the court clerk. Provided the defendant appears the ten percent is returned to the accused. Lawyers can have those bonds pledged for the services saving taxpayers a bundle. The rate of bail forfeitures is not greater in Illinois than California.

I have a huge problem with Lohan’s bond. The first is that Lohan does not miss her court dates always showing up with a lawyer. We know for sure she will appear. The other is that she has no history of violence and any public protection concerns don’t exist. Why then, must Lohan be forced to post $100,000? Is there some judicial corruption involved here?

Simply put, Lohan should have been released simply on her promise to appear. Judge Sautner’s enriching bail bondsmen does nothing to further the administration of justice or the presumption of Lohan’s innocence.

We don’t have room in our jails for dangerous convicted criminals but we make room for people simply accused of non-violent crimes. Someone please tell me what that’s about.

All I ask for is some simple common sense but cannot find any in the California court system.

KTLA-TV Morning “News” is a Massive Time Waster

Los Angeles, CA—Today it’s news reduced to gossip and idle chit-chat. Instead of reporting news KTLA’s morning program is an overloaded anchor desk of people rapidly chattering over each other about the most insignificant nonsense.

KTLA’s main focus seems to be the shameless promoting of their other daily programing under the umbrella of news reporting. That is as lame as it gets.

For example they devote entirely too much time to those incredibly ignorant reality TV personalities rather then information viewers need in their daily lives. Very little of what KTLA broadcasts is news. Rather than provide a litany of their pathetic content Let’s take a look of what they don’t provide.

Real news with in depth coverage has been replaced with pathetic sound bites from the army of government public information officers and corporate PR flaks. No efforts are ever made to dig further into stories. Why do we need reporters if all they do is parrot the provided propaganda?

A little digging and truth verification is what we should demand of our news reporters. I guess that’s too much like work. Personally I never found a major crime story that did not have some major surprises once I began to dig into them.

Our democracy is threatened every day we don’t have a meaningful press presence. There are always dangerous ramifications when we willingly accept what government tells us without question. Too many media organizations like KTLA have forgotten their mission. I doubt that today’s reporters even know who Josef Goebbels was or why he is the Godfather to Public Information Officers everywhere.

The single most important thing in America today is jobs and small business opportunities. Recruiting a reporter from the ranks of Human Resource workers to do daily reports on jobs, training and financial survival is essential. Who is hiring and what jobs are being phased out is important to anyone trying to enter the workforce. You’ll never find that Information on KTLA.

When they do crime stories their efforts are limited to what the PIOs say and meaningless neighbor interviews with the obligatory, “It’s so scary!” sound bites. Does it ever occur to these “reporters” to check available court records on the people who are accused and those claiming to be victims or witnesses?

The days of enterprising reporting are dead. The hidden camera stories along with investigation of allegations made by inside whistleblowers have vanished.

Taxpayers deserve to have their news providers exposing waste and fraud in government. Instead they give loads of valuable free campaign airtime to any and every Liberal politician that sends out a press release.

KTLA leads the way garbage disguised as news but the other L.A. news organizations are following close behind.

TV news simply does not deserve to live.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Firing Teacher for Anti-Semitic Statement is wrong and Un-American

Los Angeles, CA—A substitute school teacher, Patricia McAllister, spoke out at a recent Occupy LA protest, saying the Jews run the nation's banking infrastructure and should be forced to leave the U.S.

McAllister made the remark in front of the LA Unified School District headquarters on Monday. The remark resulted in this teacher’s dismissal. District officials claimed to support McAllister’s right to speak but said they’d, “never stand for behavior that is intolerant, disrespectful or discriminatory."

Official’s claimed that McAllister was an “at-will” employee that could be removed without a reason.

I guess those government officials need to go back and familiarize themselves with our Constitution that gave McAllister the right to voice even unpopular speech.

Had McAllister been indoctrinating school children to embrace her intolerant opinion that would be significantly different. The fired teacher was off-duty when she made her statement.

Now the taxpayers will be paying for the stupidity of school district officials that violated McAllister’s rights. Perhaps it is time to stop indemnifying rogue government officials and let them pay for their actions from their own pockets. Watch McAllister making her incendiary remarks below.

Occupy Wall Street Facing Death at the Hands of the Weatherman

New York, NY—Soon the streets of New York and many other places know for brutal winters will become uninhabitable for the confusing unhygienic mix of Obama supporters begging for their 15 minutes of fame as occupiers of Wall Street.

The OWS relevancy is as confusing as their rambling rhetoric. Even the group’s spokespeople can’t seem to articulate their goals beyond their desire to disrupt. What they’ve accomplished was to bring new blight to local commerce and others trying to make a living near their local government sponsored encampments.

Thankfully the rain, cold, sleet and snow is on the way. They can be counted upon to leave their garbage and lots of damage behind as they seek shelter elsewhere.

The free food, drink and drugs they’ve enjoyed will disappear. The OWS distraction did provide some much needed protection for Obama from the nasty scandals that are finally devouring his administration.

I sincerely hope that the entire Obama Administration does not survive its first term. Barack Obama’s attempt to incite a Socialist Revolution has failed and he deserves to be purged from our Whitehouse for his Treason.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street was Funded by Taxpayers for Barack Obama’s Violent Revolution.

New York, NY—The unwashed crack heads, thugs and mentally ill legions of misfits assembled in our major cities are being funded by ACORN and the SEIU. The got their money from, guess who? You!

The major cities where the sub-human smelly outcasts are assembled and led by Socialist disciples of Barack Obama. Those politicians are aiding in effort to enlarge the protests to unmanageable sizes. This is nothing less than deliberate effort to invite massive violence by overwhelming police resources.

The goal is obvious to start a violent revolution that will bring Martial Law, and suspension of liberty and the upcoming election that would oust Obama.

These pathetic troublemakers can’t seem to verbalize their goals beyond the words on the printed signs they carry. They are simply waiting for their chance at looting, burning and sexual assault. Yes this is only about total anarchy for the participants of the protests.

For Obama and his minions this is simply about an effort to overthrow our form of government, the Constitution and the American way of life.

Americans better choose their side and prepare to lose friends, family members in a massive Civil War. Food, fuel and water will be interrupted and depravation and starvation will visit us until this Communist effort at revolution is put down.

Obama is gearing up for war on Iran and now he’s sent our children to fight in Uganda in a number so small they are vastly outnumber and seriously endangered.

Frankly I can only see Barack Obama as America’s most dangerous enemy. He must be removed, arrested, tried and punished for treason. God help us all.

L.A. Superior Court Judges are Unreasonable to Celebrities.

Los Angeles, CA—Sometimes celebrities fail and wind up charged with a crime. Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton are some examples. There are others like Kelsey Grammer and Hugh Grant that have posed for the police booking camera for minor events that have proved to be major personal embarrassments.

The judges are quick to admonish the stars that they are not special and will suffer like anyone else. That always proves to be a big lie. Celebrities suffer so much more than the lesser known defendants before the bar of justice.

First and foremost, is the massive publicity surrounding any arrest of anyone famous. The paparazzi cameras assemble like flies on manure at the police stations and courthouses for a perp-walk or any glimpse of the hapless fallen star. Dealing with that kind of excessive humiliation has to take its toll on anyone.

The judges find community service options for the celebrities like the rest of us. In reality that’s cruel and unusual punishment since the celebrities are forced to mingle with ordinary offenders and are forced to suffer lots of unwanted attention from them. Community service usually consists of menial duties such as garbage picking along roads and cleaning government structures.

Paparazzi photographers are paid handsomely for pictures of celebrities in degrading or other photos and video of them being punished.

Because criminal defendants usually come from the lowest rung of society they have few skills that can be utilized. They are also considered untrustworthy and prone to committing crimes during their court ordered activities.

Community service means just that. It makes much more sense to take the extra step and match the defendant to the service by virtue of their skills and beneficial impact on the community.

Lindsay Lohan for example should be doing PSA’s or entertaining returning disabled veterans, special needs children or something else of value. That would be legitimate work with zero financial return for the celebrity.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama Needs Another War

Washington, DC—The latest alleged terror plot broken by the FBI smells of entrapment and government supplied arms and explosives. The Obama Justice Department is lying because Eric Holder’s lips are moving.

This is the prelude for waging war against Iran. Obama needs this to repair the serious rift between Obama and Jewish voters. How many American lives must be extinguished before Obama can regain political capital?

The signs are all present and our military is being realigned as I report about the coming horror.

I can’t imagine that more nations will become embroiled in this new conflict. Will this become World War Three? That’s happening, as we are moving ever closer to a Civil War on our own soil. I somehow am wondering if a 2012 Presidential election will even happen. Will Obama simply try and grab power as the first American dictator?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slaughter at Seal Beach

Seal Beach, CA—In this beautiful seaside bedroom community of 24,000 residents the unthinkable happened today. Police responded to a 1:21 PM call of shots fired at Salon Meritage on the 500 block of Pacific Coast Highway. So far eight of nine victims her were shot are dead. The ninth victim clings to life in critical condition at a local hospital.

Police followed a middle-aged suspect who was driving a white Toyota pick up truck. During a felony style police stop at 12th & Central he was discovered armed with semi-automatic pistols and loaded magazines. Under his shirt he was wearing a dark blue protective vest, and police SWAT style shin guards. He was also wearing blue police style cargo pants. So far police are silent about the man’s identity. The silence alone says volumes about the suspect and his occupation.

As of now at 6:00 PM police are pretending they don't know the suspect's identity but they are currently processing his home as a crime scene. Neighbors describe the suspect as a quiet and private man.

Judging by the suspect’s unusual effectiveness with the handgun used and the type of equipment involved he appears to be a well-trained law enforcement officer.

Employees and people familiar with the salon claimed that one of the victims was involved in an acrimonious relationship with a man suggesting that this relationship became the motive for the carnage.

I am waiting for a call from authorities handing the investigation.

Police said Scott Dekraai, 41 of Huntington Beach, CA, is the suspected gunman. It’s believed that Dekraai had targeted his ex- wife, Michelle Fournier. Since their 2007 divorce they’d been fighting over child custody. Fournier recently sought a restraining order against the suspected gunman.

Dekraai worked in maritime related employment and has a military background. He has apparently no law enforcement employment or training.

Terrorism Plot Foiled, So Says DOJ…

Washington, DC—The terror plots “uncovered” by our fearless alphabet police all have an odor to them. It seems as the cases unravel that it’s the government agents and their informants that plant the idea and even help finance the plots. There are always plenty of feeble minded people that love the attention they’re getting from their new friends and will follow them to Hell.

Frankly trusting government is simply a bad idea. Trusting the Obama Administration is turning out to be the worst idea ever.

Janet Napolitano will do anything to justify billions wasted on liberty shredding programs including entrapment and provoking incidents. Our government has lost any
credibility whatsoever.

The terror waged created by our own government against us is what needs to be stopped cold

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flying High in the Video Information Age

New York, NY--There’s a video visionary that has trained many in the changing world of newsgathering and filmmaking. Out of dire financial circumstances TV news organizations have had to do much more with so much less. With the help of amazing new video cameras, and that great Apple software program Final Cut Pro local TV news has avoided extinction.

The equipment necessary to make great visually pleasing video now cots a small fraction of what it used too. It used to take a bare minimum photographer, video editor and reporter along with hours to put together a single one minute-thirty second news story. There are of course the sound and lighting people and always, big advantages to having multi-camera shoots. However there are also lots of tricks that a single video journalist can do make his or her product look terrific.

Today it can be done well by one person. The days of reporters waiting for their turn in a video editing bay with an editor are over. A quiet place to sit with your MacBook Pro, voiceover microphone and headphones is all you need. Of course you need to spend some time learning how to make the magic from a real pro.

Michael Rosenblum is the founder of Rosenblum TV and the New York Video School. He has trained reporters and producers in video news gathering and editing to the chagrin of so many career video photographers and editors. Jobs in the news business have been threatened and the layoffs have hit nearly every market.

In the news business these days it’s not unusual to see photographers and even editors reporting on camera instead of staying behind it. The job descriptions are rapidly changing and they want everyone cross-trained for TV, and the breakout video Internet content providers.

The NYVS has trained in newsrooms across the country, United Nations workers and news organizations in Geneva. They certainly can train you too.

A close friend of mine is an American Airlines pilot who is rapidly approaching retirement. He is a comedian, actor, photographer, editor and producer. He built his own green screen studio and will not be idle when he gets his retirement walking papers. I know he will move forward with a vengeance having an excellent adventure all the way. He is now a student of the NYVS developing his skills for prime time.

Most of my blog visitors know of my TV background as an investigative producer but now I carry my TV studio in two bags. I will never stop learning to do the exciting things I love. My limitation is in blog promotion and funding needed to gather the material I think my visitors want.

Delta Airlines Captain John Roberts like my friend is gearing of for his second life as a filmmaker too. He’s off to a great start as a NYVS graduate and his travel perks he is about to launch a travel program to beat all others. Roberts is a pioneer and example for everyone.

Today anyone can use learned video skills that promote our own businesses or employer’s products and show the world those things you’re proud of doing.

Delta Airlines would be foolish not to simply underwrite Capt. Roberts and make sure his program is seen everywhere. Right now you can see some of his fine work on board Delta flights as your strapped in your seat waiting to arrive at you destination.

Sit back and watch some video magic:

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The So-Called Occupation Demonstrators were assembled to Create Obama’s Excuse for Suspending the Constitution

They're in most major cities right now. They’ve been recruited for this mission because they’re Barack Obama’s loyal storm troopers from the SEIU, and ACORN. They are milling around with non-specific, confusing and mixed agendas.

They simply are trying to gather enough people to openly disrupt our commerce and economy further. If they can assemble more people they will have enough to create massive insurrections.

We can expect looting, burning and murders if they manage to get sufficient manpower to neutralize local police. If Obama’s thugs have the numbers they know that the police will be ordered by their Democratic Party mayors to stand back and watch forcing Americans to take the law into their own hands.

Business owners and people trying to earn their living at some point will turn on Obama’s thugs returning their violence in spades. That will give Obama the excuse to suspend the Constitution and declare Martial Law. Elections will also be suspended keeping Obama in power.

That move will bring the Civil War that Obama and his socialist minions are itching to begin. Obama knows that either he pulls this off or his dark shadow over our government will end.

What Obama does not understand is that the military training of millions of honorable veterans along with well-armed and trained civilians will crush his undisciplined thugs.

I doubt that our military and police will follow Obama’s orders to fire upon fellow Americans. There will be serious population control and perhaps a million fewer Entitlement Zombies sucking blood from their neighbors.

Caught in the middle will be lots of young folks that have neither the skills nor inclination to fight for survival. The Ipod and YouTube Generation will scurry around like frightened sheep unable to cope with food, water and Internet interruptions. Cell-phones service will be restricted or shut down too.

Rather than to invest in gold, lead and gun powder along with CB or family service walkie-talkie radios, batteries and non-perishable food will provide a much better return.

The Socialists and communists in our own government have placed Americans into a situation where they’ll once again have to answer the call for duty to protect and preserve their freedom. There will be no other fix unless we are willing to accept fascism.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Surviving Onion Field Killer Seeks Parole

Los Angles, CAGregory Powell is an exceptionally gifted paralegal, classy sounding gentleman and a frightening cold-blooded cop killer. He’s 76 years old and in failing health. Powell was a career criminal and a total waste of good sperm.

Powell escaped the death penalty and is currently serving one of those life sentences that do not necessarily mean life.

On October 18 Powell will face a California Parole board and with any luck he will get the same result he got a year ago, more tasty prison gruel.

Actor James Woods played Powell in the film based on Joe Wambaugh’s best selling book. Woods should have won an Academy award for his performance. Although the film was well-done and accurate, Powell blames the film on keeping him locked up nearly three decades longer than he would have had the film not been made and released. I’m sure he’s right.

Fellow killer and partner Jimmy Smith was somehow let out in 1983 only to repeatedly reoffend and put back behind bars. Finally in April of 2007 in custody at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic, California he died of an apparent heart attack at age 76.

Powell was considered the mastermind and has yet to see the light of day outside prison.

There is little doubt that he’s not the man he was in 1963 and that prison has refined and educated him in the nearly 50 years he’s been caged. Powell is also a gifted writer that should be publishing books but has not chosen that vocation.

I could support parole for Powell if he was totally disabled and incapable of leaving his nursing home alone.

Frankly this is about the savage kidnapping, murder of one cop, Ian Campbell and the attempt to kill the other policeman, Karl Hettinger.

Powell has managed to outlive nearly everyone ever connected to that infamous case. He may already be the last man standing. Powell is one fellow that earned every bit of his punishment in spades.

As much as I hate the death penalty I’d have found satisfaction had he sucked lethal gas at San Quentin like he deserved.

I might be tempted to attend that parole hearing and bring my video camera if someone sponsored my trip. I’d love to post the entire hearing on this blog.

Having Too Much Fun With My Video Making Toys

West Hollywood, CA—Sunday I went to the West Hollywood Book Fair to visit with my long time friend who is a former TV reporter who is now a true crime author. Camille Kimball has two spellbinding books out on sensational Phoenix Arizona crime stories you can learn about at

I would have videotaped their interesting panel discussion however they put this bunch with a floor to celling solid glass wall behind them on a really bright day. That made the lighting conditions impossible.

I did however put this unsavory looking bunch in a line-up figuring they may be wanted or hopefully at least the exciting books they are peddling.

Here are the Usual Suspects:

Massive Legal Blunder by Defense Lawyer is Aiding Conrad Murray’s Prosecution

Los Angeles, CA—We are all used to seeing videos and hearing audiotapes of suspects being grilled by the police. The suspects squirm, lie or give investigators information that helps them foreclose on the suspect’s defense options. You never see defense lawyers present during these interrogations because they would never allow that to happen.

We live in a great country that gives us all an absolute right not to answer cop’s questions. The reality is only a tiny percentage of suspects are savvy enough to keep their mouths shut and ask for a lawyer.

Conrad Murray actually had a lawyer who offered his client up for a police grilling. This mistake is beyond jaw dropping in its effect on criminal lawyers everywhere. The jury is about to hear prosecutors play the interview recording as his red-faced lawyers have to deal with the blunder.

There may be a slightest benefit for Murray in that the unsworn testimony he gave investigators may make his taking the stand during the trial unnecessary. The defense attorneys can tell the jury, “You’ve all heard what Dr. Murray had to say.”

I’ve yet to hear the interview or read the transcript but if it wasn’t damaging the state would not be using it against him. My question is if his lawyer simply gagged Murray would they even have succeeded in indicting him?

The truth is if every suspect was able to take back their statements to police the jails and prisons would be nearly empty.

We live in a police state and talking to them can even cost you your life even if you are absolutely innocent.

Why I Distrust and Fear Barack Obama

Washington, DCBarack Obama campaigned on an “open government” but he’s reneged and has been more secretive and divisive that any president. Rather than address our economy he has given away our treasury to Wall Street crooks, failed automakers and criminal organizations such as ACORN.

Obama has perverted the purpose and mission of the Department of Homeland Security to target his political opposition and to wean Americans off of their liberty and freedom. The Obama sanctioned actions of Secretary Janet Napolitano are frightening and treasonous. They have brought us government tyranny and economic collapse rather than to control or effect terrorism to the slightest degree.

Homeland Security’s only success was to divert millions of Americans from air travel with devastating consequences to the entire tourism industry by their intrusive and criminal fondling.

Obama knows he can’t get reelected and he’s maneuvering the nation into an insurrection with his instigation and support of the ACORN and SEIU thugs that have begun an occupation of major city financial centers. It’s becoming obvious to me that Obama wants a groundswell of violence to spread far and wide enough to suspend the Constitution and declare Martial Law.

The election set to remove Obama would be jeopardized, delayed and perhaps deemed by the new occupation as unnecessary and dangerous to government operation.

The declaration of Martial Law will cause millions of Americans to react by waging war against the Obama Administration and their supporters. What we will have is a full Civil War and total anarchy.

Obama will gamble that his army of Entitlement Zombies, African-Americans and Socialists will murder enough civilized Americans loyal to the Constitution and the American way of life to succeed. If that is insufficient Obama will bring in foreign troops from Socialist nations to assist him in his coup d'état.

Let me say we elected a stranger with a Socialist rather than traditional American loyalty to our heist office. His oath to protect and defend or Constitution was nothing less than a giant fraud. He’s very citizenship remains a mystery and the radical Communists that he has surrounded himself with should make the actions I expect from him a surprise. God help us all.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Government Tyranny Has Not Stopped Terrorism

Washington, DC—There are terrorists in our world but your chances of being a casualty have always been more remote than being struck by lightening.

Our politicians have gone on a wild a spending orgy as they have suspended our rights under the Fourth and Second Amendments.

The TSA and the billions blown on crap that does nothing more than fill political campaign coffers with contributions from government contractors. The TSA has not stopped a single terrorist attempt but more than once alert and brave airline passengers have.

We have allowed the Congress and various state legislatures to trade our hard won liberty for the illusion of security. That also comes with a staggering price tag for taxpayers.

What we’ve done is to invite government tyranny which is much worse that the terrorism and they enslaved us to pay for the police state we allowed them to create.

The Patriot Act violates our privacy as the FBI and BATFE has routinely engaged in despicable criminal conduct such as the deadly, Fast and Furious and Gun Walker scandals.

Have we have forgotten how government thugs waged war on the Branch Davidians because they peacefully exercised their Second Amendment rights at their house of worship in Waco, Texas? The phony tip that they had an unregistered .50 caliber machinegun was never substantiated. Our Government murdered scores of men, women and children. Calling the shots of the Waco Massacre was none other than Eric Holder.

The TSA bureaucracy is truly a meaningless exercise since terrorists with either a boat or a truck could launch a small ground to air missile targeting our commercial aircraft at low altitudes during takeoffs and landings. That’s precisely what happened to TWA Flight 800 off of New York. The Clinton Administration covered that up to avoid giving credit to our Muslim enemies.

We have to say no to Barack Obama and his Chief Liberty Hater, Janet Napolitano. We must do whatever it takes to win back our stolen liberty. The problem is history says that can’t be done without some serious bloodshed. If that’s what it takes, so be it.

What we have now is a police state and terrorism.

I Owe Steve Jobs…

Chicago, Il—I was always a PC guy more because Apple did not use a lot of special software I needed for investigative projects. Things have changed and now Apple can fill most of my needs.

Today I have a small MacBook Pro, Itouch, Iphone but I lust for an IPad. I’m also at an age where the heavy lifting is behind me. I’m now slowly moving to investigative documentary filmmaking.

Rather than just despise filmmaker Michael Moore I can now compete with him and give another view of our world. Moore’s voice will never stand alone.

Recently I acquired the MacBook Pro along with Final Cut Pro software and an incredible high definition JVC camera. I’ve become empowered to create films. Aside from the lighting equipment and wireless microphones I already owned for around $5,000.00 I have everything I need aside from a major film studio, vast prop and wardrobe warehouse.

I need not rely on others to make the films I want to make.

I am almost overwhelmed with the ease I can create video content that would have required a quarter-million dollars and a difficult learning process.

IMovie is absolutely amazing and comes with every Apple computer but Hollywood’s industry standard for editing is Final Cut Pro. In the past I have used other software designed for the PC but it does not hold a candle to FCP.

Apple has changed my life for the better. Having the raw power to take moments in time and preserve them along with the ability share my dreams with the world is quite awesome.

Thank you to Steve Jobs and so many others that are going to prevent me from being idle in my old age.

Here are three starter videos I made made with this amazing technology and Final Cut Pro X:

The Death Penalty Enables Government Tyranny

No matter what your politics there are those politicians you loathe and even fear. Josef Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao Ze Dong, Fidel Castro and Pol Pot all began with broad smiles and firm handshakes. They gained power and were able to make public policy in secret. They were all mass murderers whose crimes were made legal by the death penalty.

Do you want to give the politicians you hate the power to kill you? If you support the death penalty that’s exactly what you’ve done!

We are killing people on guesses as to their culpability in those notorious and despicable crimes.

Cops have incredible power to frame people. All they need to do is remove an item or two from your trash and deposit it along with your DNA contained on the items at a murder scene. Far fetched you say? Think again about the bloody glove at the O.J. Simpson home. It was found by a cop, who was later convicted of Perjury at the murder trial! Can you trust evidence enough to rely upon it to kill people?

In the late 1960’s murders were solved and cleared by arrest at between 80 and 85 percent. Today that has dropped to below 35 percent. What happened because we now have so much greater technology?

Yes, we have surveillance cameras, DNA and incredible data sources made available by cell phones, credit, debit and now government entitlement cards.

The new technology exonerates many more people that it implicates. Far fewer unreliable eyewitness identifications are convicting innocents. Of course we still make huge mistakes destroying lives in the process.

The death penalty does not mend the lives of those devastated by the murder of their loved ones. It certainly does not bring back the dead or anything positive. There is a sense of retribution but it seems so lost as we put condemned killers to sleep in such comfort on a clean soft bed. Frankly spending life doing hard time in a nasty prison is real punishment.

Violent crime needs to be interrupted on our streets not by government but by people refusing to be victims. Laws have improved nearly everywhere allowing ordinary citizens the right to get training and carry a gun for self-defense. That’s a deterrent and that takes the guesswork out of the guilt of people out committing mayhem.

The death penalty costs taxpayers on the average millions in legal resources to exercise. Feeding them gruel and confining them is so much cheaper and punitive.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Reporter Bullied Over her Story About the Deadly Obama Gun Running Program.

Washington, DC—The frightening facts have been slowly been exposed to the light that the Obama Justice Department has been using stimulus money to arm Mexico and Central America’s most violent criminal with weapons from licensed gun dealers.

The government officials deliberately allowed known criminals to bypass the Brady Background Checks and buy thousands of guns with tax funds for transfer to the wrong side of the Drug War.

Hundreds have been murdered with the Obama guns including two federal agents.

Why you ask? It was to create a carnage crisis that would influence people to accept Obama’s plans to sign a United Nations Treaty that would circumvent our Second Amendment.

BATFE agents that remembered their oaths to the U.S. Constitution mattered more than protecting a Whitehouse despot betrayed Obama and his minions.

Most recent revelations made it obvious that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress in addition to stonewalling and withholding documents demanded by Congress.

The Obama Justice Department has tried to intimidate and terrorize Sharyl Attkisson a CBS investigative reporter that has covered the deadly scandal. Attkisson revealed that Obama Justice Department employed thugs screamed and swore at her for doing her job.

Intimidation of lady reporters is something right out of the Third Reich. This should scare the Hell out of every American.

We must not tolerate the criminal behavior of Obama, Eric Holder and the thugs he’s employed. They all must be removed purged, arrested, tried and punished.