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Now, Cops May Have to Scoot After they Shoot!

Chicago, IL—I remember a strange case in 1976 where witnesses claim they saw a lone Chicago cop get out of his marked squad and engage an armed suspect in a gun fight. The offender died but the still unknown officer fled the scene. It was a justifiable shooting and the officer leaving and avoiding any and all investigation was no crime.

The department pulled out all the stops to find the officer who violated department policy by his flight. Perhaps the officer was off of his beat and maybe outside of his district. Some districts have little choice for meals and officers sometimes risk a suspension for a decent meal in a neighboring district. Maybe the officer was making a booty call during his lunch period? Where the cop came from is anyone’s guess.

One significant benefit of the officer’s flight was avoiding the old, Office of Professional Standards and a lots of paper related misery. The real benefit was the officer made no statement whatsoever which is his right as an American citizen. No zealous prosecutor would be presenting the officer’s own words to a jury had someone who did not observe the shooting decided the officer’s use of deadly force was not justified.

A real factor in determining whether to prosecute cops for murder and manslaughter surrounds eye witness statements. The problem is that often eye witnesses to police shooting are the offender or his friends, family or accomplices. Often jurors add up the witnesses for both sides and whoever has the highest number determines the verdict. Do you think that’s a little scary for white cops in an all Black neighborhood?

With the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals trashing the administrative rights concept protecting officers in the case of Officer William Cozzi, there is are no good reasons for cops to stick around after shooting dangerous suspects ever!

If officers can’t flee they need to refuse any statements without having a defense lawyer present. No lawyer in his right mind will let a cop say anything about a shooting. This may affect the prosecution of suspects but that’s just too bad. Cops can’t be expected to have fewer rights than criminals trying to kill them.

Most cops I know have zero ability to keep their mouths shut when under investigation. They are so pre-programmed to cooperate they never stop to read the Miranda warning they all carry. What’s worse they all keep on blabbing even after someone else reads it to them! That has to change.

I want all my cop friends to watch law professor James Duane’s lecture and learn how to redundantly repeat these four simple words to investigators investigating you, “I want a lawyer.”

When you finish Professor Duane’s video it’s time to watch a long time police investigator George Bruch of the Virginia Beach Police Department explain the reality of Professor Duane's message.

Government, Why Control Entitlement Fraud?

Chicago, IL--In order to collect food stamps, welfare, and those wildly popular cash cards the government won’t demand proof of legal residency or even positive identification of the recipients.
Fingerprinting and a little database management could prevent redundant payments, ineligible precipitants, and alike.  Our politicians can be counted upon to obstruct any effort to contain the fraud.
The direct deposit of funds into bank accounts allows those on the dole to live anywhere in the world as they collect from as many as 50 states.  Grab a few identities along the way and the sky is the limit! 
Around 1970 I learned a trick by a high rolling Chicago lady.  She had furs, jewels and bought a new car every year.  She complained about the cost of her facelift saying everyone was entitled to such elective medical procedures free of charge.   
The woman had at least a dozen names on a mailbox at an apartment where she did not even live. Like clockwork this woman went to the mailbox when the entitlement checks rolled in collecting them.
I learned later she created sham residences in Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana and pulled the same stunt in those states. She complained that her trips to get the checks and cashing them locally were exhausting and interfered with her winter travel to the Bahamas.
The woman spent a lot of time gathering and cashing checks she’d never have to deal with today. Those trips to the mailboxes are a thing of the past since electronic banking is here to stay. 
I dated the woman's daughter who was a student at a local university who went on to a free ride at a prestigious graduate school courtesy of mom's entitlements.
Unfortunately the woman died before the new banking technology made occupation easier than ever.

Friday, July 30, 2010

United States vs William Cozzi and Self-Incrimination Rights

Chicago, IL—In the case against Chicago police officer William Cozzi, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals today has nullified longstanding agreements that protect officers from statements made in administrative proceedings.

Every American other than police officers has an absolute right to remain silent when under investigation. Police agencies have the difficult job of sorting out events to determine if their officers are acting within the law and established department policies.

The police agencies have determined a way to obtain their officer’s cooperation during internal investigations through immunization agreements that preclude those statements from being used in court against the officers.

Because of the Cozzi opinion any officers who cooperates with the department during an internal investigation are fools that can expect to see whatever they say used against them anyway.

Any officer that has to for example, use any force whatsoever is crazy to make a written report or submit to an interview. The administrative rights practice is worthless and void.

It would then be wrong to fire officers that simply refuse to incriminate themselves. Cops deserve no fewer rights than any other citizen. The right to remain silent is sacred. Waiving that right may earn you a prison cell, disgrace, your pension and your life.

This really means that if cops simply don’t make arrests, they will never need to use or explain why they used force to make an arrest. Making arrests is hazardous to officer's careers and freedom.

The Cozzi case is now the law of the land unless overturned by the US Supreme Court:

Cozi Opinion

The Only Cure To Chicago’s Violence

Chicago, IL—In Chicago the ghetto rats know the cops are too ineffective to even begin to controlling them.

Cops are bound by stringent rules and discipline. Cops are not allowed to arm themselves with more effective weapons and will never have parity with the thugs.  This is aggravated by the mismanagement and theft of taxpayer funds in a terrible economy.
The law-abiding people in the community are not allowed to help beyond snitching and they have no reasonable means for self-defense when the thugs retaliate.
To take control of Chicago’s streets police need a cooperative effort between armed, law-abiding citizens and police. In the words of my friend, Professor John Lott, "More guns, equals less crime."
The only cure:
1.    A right to carry law for reasonable self-defense. 
2.    Free firearms training including the laws and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force.
3.    City leaders must invite the law-abiding to use all necessary and lawful might including deadly force to protect their homes, families and selves.
4.   Police should encourage armed citizens to display their FOID cards that identify them as law-abiding but armed citizens during those times when police have responded to a tense situation.
We are at war with violent criminals and throughout history no war has ever been won without citizen-soldiers accepting their responsibility. The police can’t solve this problem alone.  
It would not be difficult to convince certified firearms instructors to teach classes in local churches and community centers on a voluntary basis.  Gun ranges are cheap to construct and Chicago has lots of vacant land.   
Measures like these are not new in America. They are lawful and will create the needed partnership to control violence and keep the peace.
You cannot expect disarmed and helpless people to risk their lives helping police or even informing on the dangerous thugs that rule the ghettos.  
The ghetto rats could face extinction if only the City of Chicago would develop a mindset to make productive and law-abiding citizens an important part of the solution.  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blago’s Lawyer Made A Fool of Judge Zagel In Court

Chicago, IL—In the otherwise boring but high profile trial of former Governor Rod Blagojevich great pains were made by prosecutors and Judge James Zagel to protect every member of the Obama Mafia from exposure or attention. I can’t help but believe there are sinister motives behind Zagel’s rulings.

I saw an incredibly cleaver move by the feisty Sam Adam, Jr. who proved to be a legal clone of his legendary father.

Frustrated by the constant over-protection of the Obama Crime Organization and convicted criminals associated with those Whitehouse occupants, Adam found a great solution.

Adam wanted to jury to know that he was not permitted to bring in or examine the Whitehouse Mafia members. Adam wants everyone to know they’re being protected for nefarious reasons. Judge Zagel put his massive foot right on Adam’s throat threatening him in the process.

That got major press attention. Adam is no fool he ran with that football for a major touchdown by suggesting he’d go to jail if necessary to inform the jury. The press bought into this slug-fest and it was the top story of the entire trial.

The jury here has not been in a vacuum and contrary to instructions can’t really avoid media reports especially when they involve material they were not supposed to hear.

Adam accomplished his mission by using Zagle's considerable weight against him. The jury did hear that the Obama mafia has escaped any and all scrutiny and the jury has been denied hearing all the evidence. This is a great reason for a juror backlash and perhaps even an acquittal.

Youtube and Influencing Wayward Jurors, During Court Trials

As a private investigator and blogger I have learned a sad truth. The vast majority of people on jury duty are bored, and for excitement they violate absolutely every court order on avoiding published or broadcast materials regarding the cases they are deciding.
The very first thing a surprising number of people do on jury duty is a Google search on the names of the key players. Who will try and stop these folks in the privacy of their own homes?
The First Amendment allows anyone to publish anything they wish before cases are to be tried or court orders are issued. A pre-litigation documentary film setting out the facts away from the constraints of the courtroom is an incredible public relations tool to help any litigant or criminal defendant.  
The litigants themselves would be foolish in most cases to say anything on camera about their cases since anything they say can be used against them. The same goes for their witnesses.
Getting the other side parties and adverse witnesses to blab is sometimes all too easy.  Having video of this is terrific but only of placed where the jury members will find it. With Google everything is now in plain sight.   
There are a number of things such as the sordid pasts of adverse witnesses and things that would sway a jury that are kept secret from them. You can give the jury a credibility roadmap of witnesses they will never see in court.
Effective narration could inform the viewers in a credible way what the real causes of the event were and or any theories.
Documents, photographs, video effortlessly and lawfully can be published to jurors that judges will never allow during a trial.
With the new 15 minute length YouTube just offered their users is just perfect for pre-litigation documentaries designed to expose the truth. I’ve been blessed with many years as an investigative TV news producer to make the perfect documentary for most litigants. This kind of small investment in a case may be worth its weight in gold. 
In many cases it may be a wise move to inform the jurors of their absolute right to nullify controversial laws with their verdicts.

Remember, the only people violating court orders or laws here are the wayward jurors.  I can’t wait for the first request I get to make a pre-litigation documentary film that jurors can easily access on the internet. 

America’s Military Muslim Adventures Must End.

Washington, DC—I will begin by blaming George H.W. Bush and then George W. Bush. Barack Obama is no better here at all.

John F. Kennedy in an honorable effort wanted to protect countries in Southeast Asia from the Communist menace sent our kids to war.  We took over for the French and began to sacrifice some 60,000 of our country’s kids protecting South Viet Nam. For everyone killed there were five more with horrible injuries both physical and mental.

Soon the Communists and Socialists within our own government began obstructing and aiding our enemies. The Socialist majority in our Congress made sure our military did not have the tools or orders to stop the invasion from the North including China. The war was prolonged until our exhausted soldiers were withdrawn.

Millions of non-Communists were murdered in the holocaust that we allowed to take place after. It was a victory for world Socialism.

Now these politicians have sent our kids off for the impossible task of separating good Muslims from the bad ones in Iraq and Afghanistan when we should have simply turned both countries into nuclear wastelands.  13th century style Muslim tribes are simply sending our children home in rubber bags or wheelchairs. 

Those backward countries will threaten us until we blow them out of existence. If we are to fight a war we must do what it takes to win it and our government does not want to happen. There is no point in the vast waste of military resources and American lives in a pretend effort.

It’s time to fold our tents and go home. We are not the world police force. American patriots need to start a war against Communism and Socialism at home. We must clean our own house now. There are lots of Communists that need eradication within our own government here. If blood is to be spilled, let it start here since the survival of liberty and free enterprise requires that. A good Communist is a dead Communist.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TV News Has To Make Changes or Die

Houston, TXEdward R. Murrow and other TV news pioneers dictated the format of TV news.  Beyond high definition color broadcasts and glitzy graphics for our new flat panel TVs little has changed in the 55 years since.
The teleprompter along with pleasant personality with and a decent smile has made the anchor.  The anchors for the most part were serious journalists but that all ends the moment they sit in the anchor’s throne.  News gathering is no longer their responsibility.
We pay the pretty news readers much more than reporters and they are the ones that get the celebrity treatment. But are anchors really needed?
Tribune broadcasting is about to find out after their Houston station, KIAH-TV (CW) jettisoned their newsreaders and are about to begin broadcasting without them.
TV news has lost huge amounts of revenue and cutting the fat out of the budget can’t be avoided. Anchors are expensive.  Anchors do bring order to the stories as the serves as guides to the newscasts.  They are the ones that deliver’s the tease on upcoming stories to motivate viewers away from using their remote controls.
It will take some cleaver news writing and jockeying around by producers to eliminate the anchors. I think we all need to hold our breath and see how this works.
Max Headroom the computer generated news anchor seen above was ahead of his time when he first appeared in the 1980’s.  Perhaps he is now back, with a vengeance! 

There is good news in all of this for me.  That is, instead of watching some lame TV news broadcast you are visiting me!  We will see how this all shakes out, until then stay tuned. Oops! Please excuse that anchor style tease!

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Arizona And The Illegal Immigration Crisis

Phoenix, AZ—I’ve known State Senator Russ Pearce for 30 years and Governor Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpiao for nearly as long. They all have had to live with and personally pay for the consequences of the failure and refusal of the federal government to do its duty securing our borders and tax treasury.

Pearce was a Maricopa County Deputy Sheriff long before Sheriff Joe Arpaio came to Arizona. He had to deal with the drug smugglers, dealers and the crimes such as kidnapping and murder that are no small part of that illegal alien culture. Pearce has seen the bodies of the victims murdered by the criminal aliens and has had to risk his life arresting the killers.

Jan Brewer and every other Arizona taxpayer has had to personally shell out for the entitlements, entitlement fraud, medical care, criminal prosecution, criminal defense and jailing of an unimaginable population of trespassers that have invaded Arizona.

Along with crime, poverty and drugs the trespassers bring diseases of every description from countries where people don’t get routine immunizations for prevention.

Brewer, Pearce and Aripao are simply doing their duty to the citizens of Arizona required by law. They have all had their very lived threatened and have been made victims of a vicious hate campaign for doing the jobs they were elected to do.

Mexico and the other countries the invaders abandoned are not sending us their doctors or engineers. Many are employable but force American citizens and lawful aliens to compete with them for jobs in an impossible economy.

The Leftist darlings of our major media organizations overlook the Federal crime of Obstructing Justice being committed by countless government officials. The media has also have waged a propaganda war trying to indoctrinate Americans to accept this invasion as they ignore the financial impact on American families.

These sub-standard corrupt nation’s, population have a duty like our own American founding fathers to overthrow the despots and create a new government that emulates that in the country where they wish to live. Freedom is not free but hard won with the blood of patriots.

Pearce and Brewer have a duty to protect Arizona, their taxpayers and thankfully they’ve stepped up to the plate to deal with it as the oaths that have taken dictate.

Americans have been redundantly polled on this issue. The will of our people is to enforce immigration laws and reject the amnesty demands of the criminal aliens and their supporters. Americans have said no in overwhelming numbers.

Americans don’t hate Mexicans or those from the other countries south of our border. Americans do hate poverty, crime, ignorance and being forced to pay for it. This has never been about race or racism. This is really all about Socialists desperately trying to create a new and poorer America that will embrace Socialism rather than reject it.

Socialism can’t thrive in a prosperous free nation.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Drew Peterson Rifle, Protected By The Second Amendment—Motions Filed

Joliet, ILDrew Peterson’s lawyers filed two separate Motions to dismiss charges that Peterson unlawfully possessed a short barreled rifle in violation of Illinois law.
The Peterson weapon charge was and is nothing more than a conspiratorial police method of stripping Peterson of his right to possess and carry a firearm.  Authorities want to justify this because Peterson is under two active but yet unsolved investigations.
People under investigation cannot be stripped of rights by police.  This was an end run around the laws and nothing more. Simply said police and prosecutors violated Peterson’s Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
 The exact charge Peterson faces is "Unlawful Use Of A Weapon under 720 ILCS/24(a)(7)(ii), to wit: having possession of a rifle, a Colt Sporter Lightweight AR15 .223 Caliber Serial# SL025365, with a barrel length less than 16 inches in length on November 1, 2007."

Motion to dismiss Re: LEOSA ACT is sealed

I can tell you that there is a somewhat new Federal Law called the Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act that immunizes cops that possess such weapons.  Since cops are never arrested for such crimes there’s no relevant case law to expressly deal with a short barreled rifle.
Drew Peterson was on the SWAT team and they were required to obtain their own suitable weapons. Those weapons are used during hostage rescue and hazardous search warrant operations.  The need for a shorter barrel is so that in the confined space of doorways and such suspects cannot wrest the rifle away from the officer and use it against him or innocent bystanders.  The use of a longer barrel would become a public safety risk.

Examination of the various weapons used by police and federal officers throughout the land would reveal the popularity of the short barrel rifles and carbine for police work.  Peterson should have immunity and be covered under LEOSA .
I’m not sure I understand why this motion is sealed or what it could contain to make it a secret.
Motion to Dismiss under the Second Amendment is not sealed.
Peterson has also sought refuge under the Second Amendment with the three major rulings that have reaffirmed the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms.

The weapon is protected under USA vs. Miller, District of Columbia vs. Heller and McDonald vs. City of Chicago.  The 70 year-old Miller case specifically protects weapons suitable for military use such as the Peterson rifle. .  
The burden to prove a crime here is on the state as always. The defenses available are nothing less than awesome.  I guess liberty conveys a lot of power to all Americans.
In the end, this shockingly frivols charge should fail.

African-American Entitlement Zombies-- A Product Of American Social Engineering

Washington, DC—In what could only be describe as racist inspired effort to establish Socialism in America, the African-American Entitlement Zombie was created.

When the state residency requirements to collect welfare were outlawed by the Earl Warren Court in the early 1960s the poorest African-Americans began a mass-migration to the big cities. The outlawed residency requirements insured that welfare assistance would automatically be denied to anyone who could not establish that they were a resident of that state for at least one year.

States like Michigan, Illinois, New York, Maryland and Ohio paid generous benefits to those people unable or unwilling to work. The states in the Deep South did not believe in the handout programs.

Racist Southern officials soon realized they could export their poorest African-Americans through educating them of the generous entitlements in the North. Officials actually provided one way bus transportation and five dollars in cash to anyone who’d voluntarily leave. The overloaded buses left the South taking millions of needy people far away from local taxpayer’s and their pockets.

The already challenged African-Americans wasted no time settling into the Land of Milk and Honey. The welfare rolls in the North burst as the political climate changed dramatically. Those addicted to entitlements always vote for politicians that bring more entitlements. This knowledge was fully exploited by the hard corps Socialists in our government. This was and is truly a vicious circle.

The schools were quickly adapted to become day care or free breakfast and lunch centers. Learning the three R’s took a back seat to learning about entitlements.

Every effort was made, to establish a new, right to not to have to work. That concept took hold and the African-American Entitlement Zombie was born. They were people who could be controlled by relatively small amounts of free money. If they wanted more money crime was the vehicle to obtain anything extra. That was considered a “Black thing” by the racist White Socialists.

They conveniently housed these people in huge ghettos away from their elite neighborhoods. The real estate industry was more than cooperative in assisting through their Blockbusting programs that provided handsome profits to speculators and destroyed the home investment of millions of White homeowners. The tool of the Blockbuster’s trade was a simple for sale sign and the sight of shabbily dressed African-Americans home shopping. The result was panic selling at fire sale prices.

The sad truth is African-Americans were exploited redundantly and today Socialists have replaced the slave owners. They created a vast underclass of needy, ignorant, violent people that will never escape their pre-programmed existence.

The Socialists have created a broad base of African-American supporters of Socialism since they have no alternative. They have been denied the tools of self-reliance and financial survival. They’ve been encouraged to develop a culture of single-motherhood, drug use, crime and the right to demand free money.

This social engineering scam was as racist a plan that was ever created. The scheme has, destroyed lives, and overloaded our jails and prisons as it dramatically slowed America’s productivity and growth.

There are lots of Fat-Cat African-American’s that deserve a great deal of blame for this mess within our own government. They don’t have to live in or be a part of what they helped create. The decades old Congressional Black Caucus led by none other than Barack Obama has done everything they could to maintain the underclass of African-American Entitlement Zombies in America.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are we ready for President Joe Biden?

Joe Biden, U.S. Senator from Delaware.Image via Wikipedia

Washington, DC—It’s going to happen well within the 909 days left in Barack Obama’s presidency.  Obama will be removed from the Whitehouse one way or another over his treason, corruption revelations, or his exposed foreign origin. 
Obama’s resignation, impeachment or removal by other means will spark African-American riots in every major American city. That will be Joe Biden’s welcome as he takes the oath of office.  As always the damage and lost lives will be limited to the ghettos and nearby retail businesses.
 Other than being an African, Obama does not have much in common with, nor has he done anything significant to improve the lives of African-Americans.  Having dark skin alone and a Muslim name has not an icon made.  After a year of Jubilation by African-Americans of Obama’s election disappointment is rumbling because things are getting worse instead of improving.  
Joe Biden’s been kept away from daily Whitehouse affairs and is not well-regarded by Obama’s cabinet and policy Czars.  Biden is simply tolerated from the distance and that’s a sure sign that a flood of resignations will follow Obama’s departure.
As for Biden’s moment in the sun, it will be a short one at that.  The Democratic Party will have to purge their Socialists and Communists if they are to survive as a mainstream political organization. Obama's brief Red regime has already run its course far beyond the ability of taxpayers to fund his Socialist dictated entitlement Utopia.
We will have probably an eight year run of new found Conservative policy in the Whitehouse.  Please don’t for a second suggest either President named George Bush were conservatives.  After that the Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims will be the majority that may either reject or embrace Socialism by then.
Conservatives must return America to a free market system with prosperity for all those willing to work for it or the American experiment will perish.

No matter what happens, Obama will have left his mark as en empty suit trying to do the impossible.  He tried to make socialism work in a country that has rejected that form of government.
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Why Solving Ghetto Killings In Chicago Is The Last Priority

Chicago, IL—When Chicago police do the job they were trained to do people are arrested taken to jail, tried and in the vast majority of cases convicted.

When Ghetto Rats are arrested, the natural way friends and family members of the accused do what they know works to defeat the arrest. They go to the politicians, local ministers and media as they complain and hold protest demonstrations. Of course this always comes with the obligatory phony allegations of racial profiling, brutality and falsified evidence.

Chicago cops are underpaid, undermanned, outgunned, demoralized and simply tired. They and their families are exhausted from drowning in a sea of chaos every time they make an arrest. The constant phony allegations, internal investigations, and stress related to doing their job has taken a terrible toll.

Are cops assigned to ghetto districts suffering from a form of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome? I have to suspect that’s been the case all along. There can only be one treatment and that’s to avoid contact with the community that will turn negative. No confrontations, no arrests, no stress, no media accusations, no internal investigations keep officers healthy with secure employment.

Cops have children to support, house payments and responsibilities we refuse to saddle the Ghetto dwellers with, in our Socialist, entitlement driven society. If cops do their jobs properly their marriages, financial stability and very lives become endangered.

The political and racial climate of Chicago has cops in a constant state of siege. Cops have to protect themselves and their reputations. That’s not the fault of the cops but the Mayor and City Council that are so desperately trying to stay in power so they can enjoy the fruits of their unbridled corruption.

Chicago cops can never be motivated to doing what must be done to remove predators, thugs and drug traders from the city’s streets. As long as every cop know that doing their job will bring them deceit, despair and doom they can’t be forced to do anything but avoid trouble.

There is no solution except to educate Chicago’s African-Americans and strip them of their bankrupt culture of violence and lawlessness.

That same culture keeps African-Americans at the lowest possible rung of our society. They are ignorant, unemployable, violent, addicted, lazy, and most importantly needy. To allow for this mutation of a human species is deplorable and beyond racist.

The only possible salvation for a ghetto child is to somehow find a mentor from outside that will motivate and assist them to somehow break free of their pathetic single mothers and pre-programmed, impossible plight.

The politically correct and required tolerance for Chicago’s deplorable African-American culture is what has corrupted generations of people. These people should and would become self-reliant, educated and productive human beings but for some insane social engineering experiment gone terribly wrong.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Serious Reason to Void the New Drew Peterson Hearsay Law

Joliet, IL-In their over-zealous attempt to convict retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson prosecutors lacking any tangible and admissible evidence got the IL Legislature to make the Drew Peterson Hearsay Exception Law.

The foreign hearsay concept derails criminal trials, into gossip contests while degrading the rules of evidence and American Due Process. 

The new law denies an accused the fundamental constitutional right to face an accuser in court.

In the Peterson case last week a sealed court ruling was obviously leaked by prosecutors to the media. Now every potential juror has been informed that Peterson was already judged guilty by Judge Stephen White. This may well and should cost prosecutors a dismissal of the entire case.

I began to think about how savvy and knowledgeable people wind up on juries. The sealing of such a ruling would be totally worthless under those circumstances.

I guess since Judge White is in uncharted territory he seemed to forget that all Americans are presumed to know the law. Of course they probably don’t know but that concept was designed to foreclose on someone’s ignorance of the law as an excuse for breaking it.

With that time tested presumption in mind the Drew Peterson Law makes it abundantly clear that the judge must make a ruling that the witness was murdered and made unavailable by the defendant that the hearsay is used against.

Every juror is actually presumed to know that Peterson has already been determined to be a murderer by the judge once a single word of hearsay is allowed. A defendant would be denied the right to a fair trial and due process the instant the judge allows hearsay testimony.

The Drew Peterson Hearsay exception Law is a real danger to American Freedom and Liberty and must be voided.

The Socialist Extended Unemployment Benefit Scam

Washington, DC—Millions of Americans are idle and desperately need money. There are two ways to deal with the problem. One is right and the other is dead wrong.

The right way to handle this is the American way and it’s just too simple. You give all businesses that don’t lay off workers or hire more workers very attractive tax breaks. At the same time tax withholdings from workers paychecks are greatly reduced or eliminated enabling them to work for a smaller salary. The result is the economy moves and productivity resumes. Soon there are more people paying taxes.
Americans with secure jobs spend far more money than the idle existing on entitlements.

The wrong way is the Socialist way. Taxes are increased against employers and workers, sending more to the unemployment lines where they surrender to and become addicted to entitlement programs. Productivity stops dead and Socialism flourishes.

Barack Obama wants to permanently establish Socialism in America but can only do that with a comfortable majority of voters are kept needy, poor and ignorant.

If you like poverty, deprivation, ignorance, senseless violence, government corruption, lousy medical care and total dependence of government Socialism is for you.

If you want education, production, competition, wealth and the ability to afford the best medical and dental care Socialism is your deadly enemy. Don’t let your children be slaves to a universally failed form of government.

We have no choice but to begin killing the Communists and Socialists in our government to simply survive. It’s the duty of all Americans to support, defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Sometimes you can’t defend and protect with ballots alone. Our founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment for dealing with traitors and despots that have infected our Capitol and Whitehouse. It’s the moral and legal way to end the threat.

This is what patriotic Americans need to do with Socialist Traitors inside our government. It was during the fall of Communism in Romania in 1989, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu were arrested, tried and executed for their decades of jack booted, bucket helmeted rule of that Socialist Utopia.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Judge Threatens Blago and his lawyers!

Chicago, IL—Today federal Judge James Zagel threatened former IL Governor Rod Blagojevich not to in anyway implicate or suggest that Barack Obama and his inner circle were not called by the government for nefarious reasons. The judge told defense lawyers, “If you start down that path, you will regret it.”

The defense sought a “missing witness” jury instruction on the likes of Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel along with political fixers, Tony Rezko and Stuart Levine. The defense wanted the jury to be told the government did not call those witnesses because it would have hurt their case.

The whole trial surrounded Barack Obama’s senate seat. It’s no secret that Obama wanted it filled by his friend Valerie Jarrett who is a Senior Whitehouse Advisor today. The defense was never allowed to explore or expose that crucial part of the story or call witnesses inside the Whitehouse.

Judge Zagel will be expecting a Presidential elevation to the Seventh circuit court of Appeals for his helping the Whitehouse cover-up their dirty laundry. That is after all the Chicago way.

Settling The Obama Birth Question

There are lingering questions on the origin of Barack Obama.  The questions have been never been answered and all efforts to expose the records to sunlight have been stonewalled.
There is a mountain of evidence that indicates Obama was a foreign student allowed into the USA on a foreign visa and there's student loan issues. There is also the question of his travel where an American passport simply does not allow entry. Obama’s own paternal grandmother publically proclaimed her pride in her grandson she watched being born in a Kenya hospital.
The actual Obama birth certificate does not exist or is under wraps but Hawaiian state generated document does. The validity of that document can only be determined with a real birth certificate.
So far Obama has spent over a million dollars to keep the telling records sealed from prying American eyes. The courts have denied standing for plaintiffs suing to challenge Obama’s constitutional qualification as a natural born citizen.  So far the Courts have protected Obama’s secrets.
The only rationale to hide the documents is that they would result in Obama’s immediate ouster and the unraveling of every act and appointment he authorized as President. The real reason to hide these records is beyond obvious. That’s not a small motive to hide the truth from America.
After the midterm elections the Obama forces in congress will be the minority. That will allow for subpoenas to cut through the fog on this and so many other issues.
I guess we must expect large scale race riots in every large city if Obama is disqualified.  We cannot have special laws for African-American politicians and those of other races. We will have to deal with whatever develops.
I’m convinced the birth issue will be settled in a way against Obama’s interests well before his four-year term expires. That is unless the expected Chicago style corruption Obama’s been involved with does not get him first.
Right now my money is on Obama’s ouster within the next 18 months. I for one won’t miss the treason and intrigue involved in Obama's failed Communist revolution.   

Why Hearsay Evidence is Unfair at Trials, Especially Drew Peterson’s

Joliet, IL—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson is suspected of murdering one wife and nearly every gossip monger on earth thinks he’s tied to the mysterious disappearance of his young fourth wife.

I’m not a psychic and have no special insight into the plight of these two women. Statistically if these if foul play involved, it’s most often that it’s someone close that’s responsible. That old song, “You Always Hurt The One You Love”, says it all. Police should always begin with those significant others as investigative leads.

As for Kathleen Savio, she was at odds with Peterson and understandably wanted every possible financial advantage in her divorce. Historically too many women in that position feel the need to tell anyone and everyone exaggerated horror stories of physical danger and beatings. In only a tiny fraction of these cases is there real danger or injury. It’s nearly always, all about money and after that child custody. There is no clear answer to what or who caused her death.

Before the no-fault divorces in Illinois a petitioner had the difficult task of proving adultery. Without solid proof of adultery, absolutely every single dissolution petition filed had a claim that a knife or gun was used to assault the petitioner. That crap was filed under oath! If such an outrageous allegation was not made there would be no divorce granted! Don’t just take my word; ask any of the old divorce lawyers you know. The no-fault divorce thankfully ended most of those horrible false allegations.

False allegations are still the rule rather than the exception while litigating over money and child custody.

Savio’s friends and family must be expected to take a hateful approach to Peterson under these circumstances. The tendency here is the friends and relatives begin to spread the hate and embellish the stories they were told. That’s undeniable human nature.

Of course, Stacy Peterson’s friends and family can’t be expected to be any different in their reaction to Stacy’s disappearance. The sad truth is we don’t know if this woman is alive or if she’s dead how she got that way. We can’t guess our way to a solution of the mystery.

The friends and relatives both women by their very nature have to believe that Peterson is a bad guy to validate their emotional connection to the unfortunate women involved. Passionate hate, accusations and perjury is always expected if these folks are allowed to testify.

There were two women at odds with Drew Peterson complaining about him. Were they lying when they told stories about their husband? Are the people repeating the alleged stories of the two women exaggerating further or even making up the stories their telling now?

The worst hearsay example of all is the young preacher alleging he was tending the spiritual needs of Stacy Peterson. He was doing this at a local McDonalds instead of his house of worship. Perhaps he was really just on a date with a young woman who later turned up missing?

Going back to, You Only Hurt The One You Love, factor the young preacher is in my sights as a Person of Interest in her disappearance and not a small one at that.

Let’s argue for a moment that the young reverend is on the square, we might still assume young Stacy was romantically perusing her spiritual adviser and telling him wild tales. Being a pretty damsel in distress is a feminine mating ritual in every society.

The questions are never ending here. Did Kathleen lie or was Stacy lying when repeating the hearsay? Was the young cleric telling the truth or covering up his involvement in a deadly crime or perhaps just seeking fame and fortune?

Prosecutors want to have the young preacher tell his version of what Stacy Peterson claimed Kathleen Savio told her! Wow! Can any American prosecutor seriously want that kind of evidence used to condemn a man’s life?

Nobody wants to see a killer escape punishment but we as Americans must demand real and tangible evidence rather than emotion, hate and anger as guideposts for convicting a presumed innocent suspect.

Anyone and everyone who was willing to say anything ugly about Drew Peterson could get their national, fifteen minutes of fame. Unfortunately the lure of the bright lights causes people to become showmen rather than truthful witnesses.

Last, I will say that the, Drew Peterson Publicity Tour, to proclaim his innocence backfired. I want you to put yourself in anyone’s that has ever been accused shoes. The most natural instinct for survival dictates you yell as loud and as often as you can to anyone that will listen of your innocence. Can we condemn Drew Peterson for doing that?

Has the Illinois criminal justice system turned itself into an international entertainment stage? Are they billing Drew Peterson, who is on trial for his life in a sick variation of the sensational and exciting entertainment at the ancient Roman Coliseum?

We have a Bill of Rights to prevent the horrors rogue governments have called trials. Why are we twisting and trampling the rights of an accused in America?

Our founding fathers were correct when they gave Americans the right to face their accusers. We must preserve that right. 
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Legal Horror Terminally Taints Drew Peterson Case

Joliet, IL—Prosecutors could not find evidence to support their suspicions that retired Bolingbrook police Sergeant Drew Peterson killed as many as two wives. A lack of any tangible or admissible evidence was no problem for the Will County State’s Attorney because he had a solution.

The top prosecutor, James Glasgow took his "solution" of twisting the Bill of rights and allowing hearsay evidence to be used at trial against Peterson straight to the Illinois General Assembly. Suddenly, unlike other accused people Peterson would be denied his right to face his accuser. Convicting Peterson was a much higher priority than preserving the right to a fair trial to these wayward politicians.

The new, Drew Peterson Hearsay Law was enacted just for this case. The Illinois legislature also required the trial judge to first determine and rule that one or more witnesses were murdered by Peterson before the trial in order to allow for any hearsay statements. Without a trial a judge would have to be clairvoyant to make such a determination. This bizarre concept is unprecedented in American justice.

To inform the jury pool that a judge has already determined guilt is un-American, outrageous and grossly unfair. To preclude that from happening Judge Stephen White ordered such court documents to be sealed. Of course there are sometimes savvy people on juries that may know the quirks of the new Peterson Law.

The unthinkable happened when reporters got a copy of the sealed judge’s order and spilled the beans. The big story today is that Judge White actually determined and ruled that Peterson probably murdered two of his wives.

Even if no hearsay is allowed in the Peterson case, the damage caused by the leaked documents can’t be undone. The real impact of this “accident” is that Drew Peterson can never get a fair trial anywhere. There is no fix for this one except to dismiss the single murder count against Peterson with prejudice.

There can be no excuse for our prosecutors and courts to trample on the rights of an accused. If they can do it to Peterson that can also do to you or someone you love. History is replete with courts pretending to dispense justice.

We cannot afford to allow Will County, Illinois to emulate the Peoples Court of Berlin, Germany, circa 1944.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Police are Very Popular YouTube Stars…

For the most part cops don’t like citizens with the power to shoot and publish video of their conduct for the entire world to see. Many cops like press attention for the good deeds they do every day and ham it up for reality TV shows like COPS. Dealing with some ghetto kid with a cell phone camera is another matter.

These days quality video cameras are very cheap and tiny. Putting video on YouTube is a snap for any fifth grader these days. Videos of police in action become viral and get millions of viewing hits. Your deeds good or bad can be seen all over the world.

Motives vary for those shooting video of cops in action. I want and need video for this blog. Getting the video without cops becoming unglued is an art even for me. I rely on my First Amendment news gathering rights. I have no interest in catching cops in compromising positions or causing them difficulties. I do however want to be able to show real pros being proficient under difficult conditions.

Getting caught without the required uniform cap is a minor transgression in some departments that can get cops suspended for as much as three days without pay for a first offense. Cops understandably can get jittery about how and where their image will be used.

Some states have laws that require all parties to private conversations to consent to being recorded. It’s not really about consent but rather recording aren’t made in a surreptitious manner. The parties to the conversation can simply shut up if they don’t want their voice on tape. To continue talking after you are aware of the recording is implied consent to be memorialized on tape.

Most of the time when cops arrest people for recording them it ends in civil damages being awarded to those who dared to record. It takes years for such cases to grind through the courts.

Illinois is tricky in that the statute reads one way but case law established in 1990 has gutted the statute eliminating the need for ordinary citizens to obtain consent. The courts in Illinois have called such recording as “enhanced note taking.”

Illinois 720 ILS 5/14-2"(a)
Illinois is, by statute, a two-party state. But, Illinois courts have found that the recording of a conversation by a party to the conversation is not a violation of the statute even if another party to the conversation is unaware of the recording. People v. Jansen, 561 N.E.2d 312, 314 (Ill. App. Ct. 1990).

It’s conceivable a cop lacking that important information could make an eavesdropping arrest based on the statute that’s still not been taken off the books 20 years later! That officer and or his department will wind up paying damages for those arrests.

The reality is every American is on a video stage when out in public. Most surveillance cameras are visible but many are concealed or just unnoticeable to most folks. Cops must assume that someone has video of them and act accordingly because more than likely that’s the case.

The flip side of this is that lots of great police work has been caught on tape. The tapes have led to recognition for a job well done and many such tapes are put into police training materials for recruits to emulate.

Arresting someone making a video recording of a police action is always really ugly. Officers making such arrests always look mean, tyrannical and operating on anger rather than the law.

Many people want to embarrass the police and for cops to play into the hands of their tormenters is a terrible idea. Making an arrest and then tampering with or destroying the recording can lead to felony evidence tampering charges later.

Many people with cameras fully support the police and hope their recordings will somehow aid in prosecution, document professionalism and unfound bogus complaints. The truth is the vast majority of videos being shot on our streets show cops in a good light because they simply follow their training. The vast majority of cops only want to make our world safe from predators and enjoyable and that’s why we need them.

Cops need to remember they are players on the stage and everyone is watching them. Cops are often the best entertainment in town and need to smile for those videos. Your actions will be replayed a few million times on YouTube. You can be seen as professional with a wide smile doing good or an angry tyrant with a scowl inflicting misery.

Officers, like it or not, you have the stage so make it your showcase.

I shot the below video with a $100.00 Flip Mino HD camera. Imagine who you’ll look in your Cecil B. DeMille Close-up.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Every Police Labor Organization Needs To Inform Their Officers…

The United States Supreme Court in two landmark cases(Heller and McDonald) made it clear that American’s have the right to possess and carry arms. They have applied the Second Amendment to every state and local jurisdiction.

That means people arrested for simply carrying or possessing firearms, knives and other weapons in common usage are engaged in constitutional protected activity There are some 25,000 laws on the books and many of them are now unenforceable.

Those people wrongfully arrested now have an open door at every Federal District courthouse in America to file lawsuits claiming a violation of their Civil Rights under USC:1983. The individual arresting officers all have a real risk of personal liability! Indemnification by their employer may not be allowed in many cases.

The federal courts can be expected to issue injunctions order awards for damages and attorney's fees.

Politicians like Richard M. Daley and the police chiefs they appoint will offer their cops up like lambs to the slaughter demanding they enforce unenforceable laws. Why should cops risk their children’s college funds to satisfy public officials that defy the law of the land?

Every police organization in the country needs to get a legal opinion from their lawyers on this entire subject. Remember you take an oath to defend the Constitution rather than the illegal orders of your superiors. That, “I was only following orders” defense does not work in any American court.

The simple carrying of a concealed weapon is no longer a crime in America especially in jurisdictions that deny permits or have no shall issue style permits.

Richard M. Daley’s popularity has tanked

Chicago, IL—Perhaps it’s because taxes skyrocketed during a period of lavish spending, corruption and waste. Maybe it was that clandestine midnight raid to demolish the historic Meigs Field Airport on the lakefront or parking meter fiasco? Possibly it was because of the failed effort to turn the Olympic Games into a massive and unprecedented extortion and racketeering enterprise. Could it have been his un-American stand on Chicagoan’s right to self-defense that has put Mayor Richard M. Daley’s popularity in the toilet?

I know Daley miscalculated and misread Chicagoan’s desire to have a meaningful way to defend themselves, families and businesses with firearms. Perhaps the city should have conducted a poll on the issue rather dictating an unconstitutional ban. Dictators have never been big on polling their peons.

The Mayor and aldermen are quite happy that they and no other citizens can carry firearms lawfully. These guys are so insecure they don’t want law abiding Chicagoans to enjoy that absolute right. The truth is gun control have been exposed for decades as a costly failure. Gun laws and bans only victimize the law abiding and never the criminals.

With the ill-advised replacement gun ban the city has set up every cop for being personally sued for violation of civil rights under USC: 1983. The city will be paying out millions of dollars in court judgments if they dare try to enforce their new defective ordinance.

Daley is down to a 37% approval rating and more them half of Chicago’s voters want him permanently exiled. What a great time for a fiscally Conservative African-American who believes in gun rights to unseat the Daley/Burke Crime Syndicate.

Imagine taxes lowered and businesses enticed to return to the City That Used to Work? Imagine employment returning and the shuttered commercial and residential property thriving once again. That could happen but never under Richard M. Daley.