Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Justice Florida Style...

I understand the need to demonstrate that we are a nation of laws. If you don’t believe that just ask any illegal alien selling drugs in America.

Iit’s different in Naples, Florida. The law rules in Naples where they just decided to charge a six-year old girl with felony battery charges! Yes! A six-year old! Never mind that long ago we arrived at the concept that the age of reason for children is seven.

The young criminal is accused of kicking a teacher’s aide in the ankle, a felony since the involved aide is public education employee.

Apparently local officials released the name of this child to the media along with information that she was in a “special class” at her school. When can we see her booking photo published?

Perhaps this hardened criminal will have her morning Co-Co Puffs served in the Big House chow hall before they send her chain gang out to break big rocks.

I’m sorry, but I feel that the only thing cops should be doing with six-year olds is feeding them ice cream. This kind of response is nothing short of insane.

Okay, I’m a dinosaur. I went to a Catholic grammar school in the days the nuns could knock the snot out of you for kicking anyone. They never called the cops and no child would find his or her name released to the national media.

We need to find a way where we could return to the days when the cops, prosecutors, judges and prison wardens were not involved in the day-to-day discipline inside our grammar schools. I’d hope our criminal justice system has better things to do than arresting, indicting and punishing six-year olds.

Here is the local TV news online posting.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Batwoman To Come Out Of The Closet As A Lipstick Lesbian

Okay, we all new that other caped crusader and his little pal were definitely twisted. HOLY DILDO Batman! Is Batwoman now swearing off men? Say it isn’t so! Here I though I might have a chance getting it on with her in that batbabe outfit. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

DC (as in AC/DC?) Comics announced that Batwoman will be a leggy leabian at least for the next 52 issues. She will be getting it on with a former lady police detective. Now we know that can’t be real since there are no lesbian lady cops!

Is this how you can spice up slacking readership and sales? Perhaps I could learn a lesson and put some hot lesbian action videos on my blog!

Read all about the rug munching Batwomen here

Monday, May 29, 2006

My Clout Died today…

He was a Democrat! 93 year-old former Cook County Board President (1969-2000) and Cook County Democratic Party Chairman. George W. Dunne passed away at his Hebron, IL estate. Dunne was cut from the same cloth at the late Mayor Richard J. Daley. They were both fiscally conservative, and moderate Democrats. Together they fought the Bolshevik takeover attempt of the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Dunne served as the 42nd Ward Committeeman and never helped me with my law enforcement career. Whenever I had an friend in need of a job I could take him to Dunne and he’d have my friend employed within a week in a decent, union, local government job. Dunne was always accessible to anyone in need. Unlike most politicians, Dunne really helped people.

I really miss the corned beef and cabbage dinners we had at the ward headquaters.

Dunne was a classy and good guy to know. His son, Murphy Dunne lives in Malibu, CA and works as an actor. Murphy played, “Murph”, a member of the Blues Brother’s Band in the wildly successful movie by the same name.

That CBS News Crew Needed Better Protection

Bob Woodruff and cameraman Doug Vogt were hideously wounded from improvised explosives in Iraq. A huge contributing factor was the woefully inadequate body armor and helmets they were wearing.

Now American CBS correspondent, Kimberly Dozier, 39, was horribly injured. Two British crewmen, CBS cameraman Paul Douglas, 48, and soundman James Brolan, 42, were killed according to a spokesman for CBS News.

Since Woodruff and Vogt were hurt I’ve been paying attention to what war zone correspondents are wearing. The sad truth is that they look more prepared for skateboarding or bicycle racing than for reporting in a combat zone. There has been little improvement.

Were these deaths and extreme injury avoidable too? If this is the case what will it take to wake the networks up?

Time To Remember Our Fallen Heroes

When I think of Memorial Day I immediately think of my war, The Viet Nam War. I was very lucky to somehow be assigned as a medical corpsman in Germany when I was drafted.

I lost friends in this war who were keeping an American promise to protect the people of South Viet Nam from the Communist bastards. I’ve been ashamed ever since that the traitors in our own Congress reneged on our pledge. Millions of innocent people were soon murdered in the killing fields.

Our message to the world was clear, you can’t trust America.

Actor Paul Gleason Has Passed Away At 67

Paul Gleason has died of mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer that’s been linked to asbestos exposure. Gleason died at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California where his illness was diagnosed only a month ago.

My favorite role Gleason played was that tight-assed LAPD boss in Die Hard, Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson. He was in over 130 films and TV shows during his brilliant career.

I met Gleason a few years ago at a Golden Boot Awards, BBQ dinner I attended in Studio City. He was a fun guy to meet. I could not remember his real name so I called him Deputy Chief Robinson. He laughed and took it in stride. I told him that I thought he played a very convincing police boss.

Turn in your knives!

Just when you thought it could not get any sillier, this came along. The government figured out a way to end knife violence and illegal possession of cutting instruments. They’ve even given you a way to rid yourself of them without fear of imprisonment!

What’s the next step you ask? Police will begin random street stops and warrant-less searches for all weapons. I’m sure that kind of law enforcement will make many people fell warm and fuzzy, all over.

A hat tip goes to Nicki at The Liberty Zone.

You have to read this insanity to believe it!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Blogger’s Proposal To Supporters Of The Wrongfully Accused, Authors Or Publishers.

After spending many years in the criminal justice system, being a licensed PI and writer, I have a suggestion to anyone who wants to help someone they feel is wrongfully accused or convicted.

I will fully investigate or reinvestigate any murder case and publish the findings in book form.

I will do the investigation with or without the cooperation of the legal defense team starting from scratch. I will examine the police reports, court files and all exhibits. When needed, I will consult with appropriate forensic experts. Unlike a pure defense investigation I’ll publish all the findings. That means the chips will fall where they may.
I’m willing to travel anywhere in the world to conduct the investigation.

Simply click on my picture and send me an e-mail...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Accuser Complains About Privacy Invasion By A Private Investigator.

I’ve been down this road many times before. Someone calls the cops alleging a serious crime and somehow thinks an arrest will be made and the accused will simply be sent to prison.

If the allegation is true and provable that may well be the case if the accused will accept a guilty plea offer made by a prosecutor. Should the allegation be bogus the accuser can well expect to see their very own unauthorized biography written and published in a high profile manner.

Cops almost never see assaults or rapes. They arrive, investigate and should minimal probable cause exist they will make an arrest and let the courts sort out the truth. Too often the accusers has something in common with that “kidnap victim” turned runaway bride, Jennifer Wilbanks, or that, “hate crime victim”, Twanna Brawley or perhaps that pathetic soul, Susan Smith who murdered her own two sons called police and falsely claimed a Black carjacker had kidnapped them.

Unfortunately too many Twanna Brawleys were put on this earth destroying lives whenever they can. Many more of these twisted people succeed in framing the innocent and go undetected by authorities.

An alleged gang rape victim made her claims and a jury convicted the young men she accused. She sued the defense attorney and two private investigators because they did their jobs. The lawsuit was rightfully tossed out.

A fair system of justice demands that so called victims and witnesses be investigated to uncover motives for their testimony. The moral of this story is that it’s not a good idea to throw stones if you live in a glass house. Read the L.A. Times story.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Washington DC Under Siege!

We all know that there are loads of cowards in Washing DC. Our politicians have insulated themselves from the unwashed masses with metal detectors, dogs and lots of cops. They need that kind of protection as they use their positions to line their pockets and home freezers with lots of cold hard cash. What Congress really needs is better protection against search warrants from their own government.

What better way to turn a three day weekend into a four day weekend than by instigating a full invasion alert over a less than credible report of gunshots being fired. More credible was the information indicating the sounds came from normal construction noise.

The morning cable news programs ran the non-stop, meaningless rambling of speculative news bunnies covering this non-story instead of real news. Of course we're dealing with today's visual image driven news programming and this story was visual! These exciting morning visuals included a dysfunctionalal, panic stricken Congressional staffer being hauled off to the funny farm in an ambulance.

I wonder how much disability cash that federal worker can collect for being put through such horror? The sight of every, available federal law enforcement officer running aimlessly around complete with jackboots, bucket helmets and machineguns was really difficult for anyone to watch.

Scott Peterson Juror Turned Pen Pal Has Serious Sanity Issues

They call our criminal justice system, the best in the world. That may be true, but it’s far from perfect.

I’ve taken exception to the Scott Peterson double murder verdict for the most fundamental reasons. There was no proof of an actual crime!

Imagine being on trial for your life and some dysfunctional nutjob is selected to sit on the jury and decide your fate. That’s exactly what happened in the Scott Peterson case.

The People Magazine hitting the streets today has the story of Peterson juror, 36 year-old Richelle Nice who has apparently become a “pen pal” of the man she condemned to death. Nice and Peterson have exchanged some two-dozen letters during the year following Peterson’s trip to death row.

People Magazine is reporting that in December, Nice suffered a mental breakdown and was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward. Nice began this bizarre correspondence with Peterson at the suggestion of her therapist.

Potential jurors are always required to disclose arrests or convictions but nobody asks them about their mental health history which could ultimately be much more important. Since Nice was in therapy during the trial it’s obvious that this should raise the specter of her lack of competency when given the task of determining reasonable doubt for a man on trial for his life.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Official Crimefile Review Of The American Idol Finale

We’ve established that I’m a middle aged, frustrated performer. Late in life I began acting and taking voice lessons. My voice lessons stalled because of a profound but temporary six-month hearing loss. Thankfully my hearing is returning to its normal crappy state. I guess it’s from spending too much time on the firing range. Soon I plan to be back on track with my talented voice coach, Sue Ann Pinner. Sue Ann has me morphing into a genuine lounge lizard. Perhaps I will be forced to put up a video on this blog in the near future. Soon I think you're going hear something big come from Pinner and Huebl.

Where was the inspiration for this stuff when I was a kid growing up in the Windy City? Who knows what could have been. Unfortunately I can’t turn the clock back and get another life to try again. I don’t really regret my career choices I just want to do everything!

So far, I’ve never watched a single episode of American Idol until tonight. I’d been bombarded with clips containing impressive offerings of the two finalists, Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks. I tuned in for this two hour, sans commercials, magic carpet ride.

The greatest songs of this show were hits well before the times of our young Idol contestants. I really enjoyed that showstopper medley, capped by the reunion of the great songwriter/singer team of Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick. Watching these talented kids with former Idol contestants was a real treat.

Where are the songwriters of today? I guess songwriting is a dying art in this day and age. I have not heard a new song I’ve wanted to spend money on in too many years.

One thing for sure these kids have gotten a giant, kick-starts for their careers. They will be entertaining us for years. For the well-paid producers, writers, judges and host of American Idol congratulations you’ve won my admiration and viewer ship.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Extorting Money From Music Legend Phil Spector For Sport…

Legendary rock music producer Phil Spector is rich and especially vulnerable. Spector is waiting for his day in court so he can prove he did not murder his evening date, Lana Clarkson. She died from a single gunshot wound to her face.

If you want to extort money from Spector these days you’ll just have to stand in an ever growing line.

Spector got crosswise with his first lawyer, Robert Shapiro and dumped him. Shapiro took a $1 million dollar retainer he didn’t fully earn and decided to simply keep the cash. Spector sued Shapiro for return of the unearned money. Shapiro couldn’t wait and miss a chance to take Spector’s deposition. As a result a large portion of which has since been made public. Along the way it opened confidential attorney/client defense information to the prosecutor to use against Spector. Was that fair? I don’t think so. Was it a sleazy, reprehensible act by Shapiro? I think Shapiro’s tactics speak volumes for themselves.

Next came Spector’s personal assistant, Michelle Blaine. Blaine somehow got $700,000.00 from Spector. Spector claims she embezzled money when she knew she’d be called as a witness against Spector at his murder trial. If you’re going to steal money from your boss it’s best to do so when you think you have him by his nuts.

Blaine sued Spector demanding $5.25 million for claims of sexual harassment. Needless to say Blaine can be counted on to trash Spector’s reputation when she’s called as a prosecution witness. Blaine smells every bit as bad as Shapiro.

The judge has ruled that ancient claims of Spector’s misbehavior from 1975 and 1972 can be used to poison the jury against him at his trial. Spector should be thankful he’s not 900 years old. There is apparently no time limit barring the introduction of past gossip and hatred by old paramours or jealous bystanders. If he were old enough, Spector’s jury would certainly hear that he's somehow responsible for the beheading of Marie Antoinette and perhaps helping King Henry VIII kill some of his wives.

Normally a conviction occurring from a jury being tainted by this kind of garbage would take a decade to grind through the appeal system. Does Spector have enough time on this earth to outlive his appeals?

Should Spector be convicted you can count on seeing the dead woman’s family looting Spector’s estate like pirates.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hitler Did New York?

How many Americans know that Adolph Hitler got quite a reception when he visited New York? You have to see this video to believe it!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Cell Phone Gun Hysteria…

Here we go again. This rare little .22 caliber gun disguised as a cell phone is in every pocket. It’s going to kill us all! No, you can’t buy it in a gun store or have it mailed to you from some Internet source. The media and some police agencies are creating more panic.

It’s cumbersome to shoot, noisy and ineffective. A far better weapon would be a decent folding pocketknife.

You can count on getting the intrigue prone mental midgets that search Americans entering airplanes and public buildings to tell us how hard they’re working to protect us from this awful gizmo. Sooner or later we’ll all see this gun used in some goofy Hollywood movie.

This gun has been around in Europe for at least a decade and has yet to be used in a crime. Trust me, criminals would rather have a real weapon.

Venice California Ralphs Cleans Up!

Progress! The Ralphs located at 910 Lincoln Blvd in Venice California has taken the first step to remedy my earlier reports about their filthy shopping carts. Though this Ralphs store is still a long way from being one of their cleaner stores as today I watched 100 or so clean, refurbished shopping carts being delivered.

It remains to be seen just what steps will be taken to keep them sanitary. But this is a vast improvement, at least for now. As I said I will report on any other improvements or relapses.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Clarabell Has Died…

A performer who delighted every American baby boomer, Lew Anderson by playing Clarabell the clown has passed away.

The Howdy Doody Show with Buffalo Bob Smith along with some other great characters charmed children through the new medium of television. For people my age, Clarabell was the first clown we ever saw and loved.

Clarabell used his bottle of seltzer to hose down his fellow actors for our amusement. His speech was only through pantomime and via a small bicycle horn on his waist. Clarabell communicated volumes of information that was understood by all.

Clarabell only spoke once and that was with a tear in his eye saying, “Goodbye kids” when the show was finally yanked off TV in 1960 after 1000 episodes.

Anderson was already an established jazz performer, and bandleader when he took on the role of Clarabell.

Anderson has died at age 84 from prostrate cancer complications in a Hawthorne, NY hospice.

Bob Keeshan, who went on to become Captain Kangaroo and Bobby Nicholson also played Clarabell in earlier episodes.

Buffalo Bob Smith passed away in 1998. Anderson is survived by his son, Chris, his wife, Peggy of South Salem, N.Y.; another son, Lewis Jr.; a stepdaughter, Lorie George; and five grandchildren.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jimmy Hoffa Is Still Missing

Yes, I met Jimmy Hoffa back in 1967. He had just been unloaded with other federal prisoners in the Dirkson Federal Building in Chicago from a dark brown, US Marshal’s prisoner wagon. Hoffa was wearing those unique, antique handcuffs the US Marshals used back then. Hoffa was soon handed a cup of black coffee and a baloney sandwich after they took the cuffs off. Despite his troubles Hoffa was polite and jovial.

Hoffa soon went away to Club Fed. In 1971, President Nixon commuted his prison term.

Four years after Hoffa was released from the can, he vanished from a suburban Detroit restaurant in July of 1975. Conspiracy theories as to who was behind the disappearance were just starting to fade away but for another “lead” that have taken the FBI to a Milford Township property just Northwest of Detroit.

Unlike Elvis sightings, that have plagued Las Vegas, nobody has claimed to meet Hoffa.

Here’s the latest:

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

There’s A Public Safety Crisis In Chicago.

The Chicago Police Department’s in-service firearm training is no small scandal. The department used to mandate officer’s firearm qualification quarterly. Today the officers fire a paltry 30 rounds only once a year.

The danger to both the public and the officers over this policy is substantial. Add to this that the officers are required to begin their careers with an underpowered 9MM service round.

Is it any wonder that in one high profile shooting officers struck someone with 25 rounds and he’s still around to talk about it?

The sad fact is that Mayor Daley’s gun hatred has actually given criminals greater firepower than the police. When they had that infamous Bank of America shootout in North Hollywood California a few years ago the LAPD officers were complaining they had to borrow higher-powered weapons from local gun stores. Try that in Chicago where there are no gun stores! In a similar crisis in Chicago the HBT response would be much too little and too late.

I don’t know where the FOP stands on this matter but this is a serious officer safety issue that needs union attention.

Providing inadequate training always opens police agencies to huge litigation payouts. I refuse to accept the idea that the lives of the officers and citizens of Chicago are not worth better training and selection of firearms.

Every recruit should be able to begin their careers with their choice of a .45 or .40 caliber service pistol. In service training should be quarterly with no less than 150 round being fired.

It seems smarter to pay for the training than for lawsuits and disability payments for wounded officers. The weapons upgrading will have no additional cost since the officers must purchase their own approved weapons.

Perhaps some publicity about this scandal needs to be seen by the personal injury lawyers that like to sue the City of Chicago. Personally, I rather see the officers and public better protected.

Prosecutor Mike Nifong’s Waterloo?

Mike Nifong reduced a bombshell rape allegation to a political re-election campaign cornerstone. When Nifong announced the Duke lacrosse-rape allegations, he would not shut-up. Nifong showcased this beast while waiving a race card to get national attention for his campaign. The problem was he’d not yet investigated the case.

The accuser is a private dancer/whore with a history of making phony allegations and mental illness. Her race is not an issue but her lack of credibility and supportive physical are huge concerns. Her past has caught up with her with the help of Nifong himself. Her story has changed dramatically during the course of the preliminary police investigation.

Had Nifong investigated the case a little, he may not have presented it to the Grand Jury because he’d have discovered its huge holes. The dancer/whore is an obviously troubled woman who deserved to be told that there was insufficient evidence to proceed. This all could have happened without 70 racially charged press conferences given by Nifong. Unless some real evidence surfaced, nobody’s reputation would have gotten smeared.

Some Nifong defenders are saying he must have some secret evidence that would support the prosecution. After more than 30 years in criminal justice I have never met a prosecutor that did not waive his damning evidence from the highest tower in the land for all to see. If Nifong had a smoking gun he’d have shared it with the world.

All prosecutors want the defense to believe that conviction is unavoidable to coerce the defendants into plea agreements.

Mike Nifong will be remembered for this case just like that New Orleans, nut case, Prosecutor Jim Garrison who prosecuted that hopelessly flawed conspiracy case to kill President John F. Kennedy.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Who Are The Victims Of Illegal Immigration?

Yes, there are victims of this invasion of third world poverty crossing our Southern border. They are our own underemployed and poor Americans of every color. The illegal immigrants who steal their jobs because they are willing to work for slave wages make our own poor suffer even more. The labor unions have lost most of their strength, as the millions of illegal aliens became a huge source of scab labor.

The colossal impact of providing free medical care for the third world’s unwashed has made medical care for too many Americans unobtainable. The task of trying to teach millions of children in our schools who don’t speak English is crippling our already overburdened schools. This invasion is as damaging to America as any war with bombs and guns.

It’s amazing to watch the radical Left Wing and the anti-labor Conservatives join forces to invite millions more invaders with the promise of legal work and amnesty for their past crimes. Supporters of the amnesty program are strange bedfellows indeed!

It’s time to force our politicians to do their job and protect our way of life. This is not about race or culture but about simple economics.

Suicide By Cop Syndrome

Today’s story came from a friend. He sent me a news article from Maryland that I won’t post here because we’ve heard this story too many times before. Some kid had a serious mental crisis (too often fueled by illegal street drugs). He felt suicidal and instead of finding a tall building and doing a swan dive he got a weapon and taunted the cops to kill him.

Cops have seen every kind of possible human stress and are masters at dealing and negotiating with distraught people. Cops always want these kinds of cases to end peacefully because if it does not the violent results are sure to bring tragedy and lots of litigation. The real truth is cops are very understanding and want nothing more but to help these troubled people get whatever help they need to go on with productive lives.

Cops must weigh their own safety when dealing with armed and suicidal subjects. For some unknown reason there is a popular misconception that a knife or cutting instrument are somehow not deadly like a gun. That’s just not so. If anything the reverse is true. See my earlier reports and video on knives vs. guns.

Inventors are very busy trying to invent the perfect non-lethal device that would always bring these confrontations to a happy ending. Stun guns require that an officer get way too close to a knife-wielding attacker. Beanbags and use of shotguns to fire them have all kinds of public safety drawbacks. Perhaps someday some inventor will get really rich solving this problem.

As for today’s dead “teenager” he’s 18 years old and charged cops with a 9-inch pair of scissors. We can expect to see his eighth grade graduation photos get released to the press. The cops will be criticized for not shooting the scissors out of his hand. Mom and dad will cry and whine in lots of public displays while building their civil case against the cops so they may get rich off their troubled and now dead son. There’s got to be a better way.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Is It Time To Reinstate The Draft?

Our military is spread too thin to cope with yet another theatre of combat. We have an all-volunteer Army. That sounds good but history has taught us that draftees make the best soldiers. My own experience as a draftee during the Viet Nam War showed the draftees with a higher educational level and intelligence testing scores. On the average they were older, more mature and far less likely to end up in the stockade.

Having a strong military is a deterrent to aggression for countries like Iran and North Korea. Imaging the fix we’d be in if both of these countries took advantage of our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan and began aggression. America would be caught with its pants down.

The draft is always healthy for America because loads of eligible candidates arrange to be full time students to avoid the draft and returning veterans use the GI Bill to educating themselves all to meet the demands of our employers.

At the time in 1968 I hated getting drafted but in retrospect would not trade that experience away. My service time was rewarding. Being a medical corpsman in Germany gave me some of the best enjoyment of my life. I earned no medals other than the one they gave me for simply showing up. I saw no combat but I am as proud of that service as anyone could possibly be. I never felt a need to embellish my military career.

The draft is good for our economy, most young soldiers and the national defense.

My All Time Favorite Music Video

This made me a Meat Loaf fan.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

TV Newscasters In Crisis Video

All TV news reporters and anchors have had their bad days. Things happen so it's best just to go on with the show. Well—kind of….

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Not So Slow Suicide Of TV News In Los Angeles

In a 1961 speech before the National Association of Broadcasters Former FCC Chairman, Newton Minow made his most famous sound-bite, “...sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air...and keep your eyes glued to that set until the station signs off. I can assure you that you will observe a vast wasteland.”

Since then we’ve had a sensory explosion of info/entertainment, sexploitation, news and the TV stations never sign off the air. Somehow I don’t think anything has changed beyond the incredible growth of the wasteland Minow described.

The self-destruction of television news is most evident at the network owned news departments at KCBS, KNBC, KABC and KTTV. Gone are the days of investigative reporting. Gone is the news gathering efforts that extend beyond allowing various government public information officers an opportunity to report on themselves without challenge. I don’t understand why they pay news reporters and producers under these circumstances. They can simply let the government bureaucrats report their own news.

The days of news departments suing government agencies to produce public records or showing shortcomings in government accountability are over. The TV news watchdog for the public has died.

Competition is gone as the various news organizations in this market even share videotape! KCBS and KCAL merged into one news organization. That helped ease any thoughts of competition being renewed in this market area.

The end product of the L.A. news market is that there is nothing more interesting than Jillian Barberie’s over-exposed cleavage on the morning news show, Good Day LA. Okay, I’ll refuse to call Barberie’s knockers a wasteland.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Is It Time For The Minutemen To Go Further With Their Efforts?

It seems our government is informing the Mexican government of the location of the Minutemen volunteers protecting our borders. If that is true it puts these people in additional danger.

I guess too many of our government officials simply refuse to protect Americans and their way of life. Perhaps those officials should be forced out of their jobs.

In places like Douglass Arizona the ranchers have a huge problem with burglary, trespassing, vandalism and wanton littering on their property by the illegal border crossers. The drug smugglers also invade private property while doing their deeds.

In Arizona anyone can make a citizen’s arrest if the crime is done in his or her presence. The ranchers and minutemen are free to make a contract to allow arrests to be made by the Minutemen. The property must have readable no trespassing signs posted in English on the private land being protected.

As long as no payment is made no security licenses are required. The minutemen can act as agents for the willing property owners. The Arizona police have to take custody of any trespassers arrested under a citizen’s arrest. The border crossers will be placed in jail rather than get a free ride home.

A private person may use any and all reasonable force to make a citizen’s arrest.

If our government does not like it they can step in and do the job they’re paid by taxpayers to do themselves.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Ralphs Supermarket Invites You To Put Your Child In This Cart!

That’s right this Ralphs Supermarket shopping cart is filled with vile garbage. A garbage-picking vagrant “borrowed” the cart to gather the garbage he can sell to the Ralphs recycle center next to their supermarket located at 910 Lincoln Blvd in Venice, CA.

As usual after the cart is returned it will NOT be washed and will find itself with the other shopping carts in front of the store waiting for you to put you own two-year old daughter in the filthy child seat. Next you can put the food you plan to serve your family right into this disgusting biohazard.

This Ralphs store has no pride and despite complaints they won’t clean up their act. Perhaps its because this store has an abundance on minority group customers they feel don't deserve better. I guess they need more attention from me and others in the neighborhood to do the right thing.

Crimefile did did this story last month complete with video and promised updates on any progress. There has been no change at this giant Ralphs cesspool.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Survivor Audition Soup

Yes, I did a video audition for the second or third season. I had a new software video program and just wanted to learn how to use it. Yeah, I loved the finished product. I never really was going to submit the thing until my pals twisted my arm. I’m not into eating worms, bugs and rats. I could really use the weight loss that would come with the deprivation. Money? I need more of the root of all evil for sure!

I sent in my tape and it got lost in a sea of 50,000 others. I'm still safe, fat and happy!

Recently, I ran into a young Chicago cop, Jack Stapleton’s tape on the Internet and liked it well enough to provide the link to our peers at the Second City Coppers blog. Unintended consequences resulted with an anonymous report posted that Internal Affairs is investigating whether or not Stapleton got special permission for use of the squad car and uniform image for his audition.

The writing and filming of Stapleton's piece was first rate. The image of the Chicago Police Department has not been in anyway tarnished. In addition no animals were harmed while shooting that two-minute piece.

I hope Stapleton got permission and does not suffer any serious penalty if he failed to do so. More importantly I wish that Mark Barnett’s people pick Stapleton for a Survivor season. This kid just may have the right stuff to win.

Unfortunately Statpleton’s video is not in a form I can do anymore than provide a link for you to see. When you’re done watching his come back and watch mine. Well my pretty dog Gypsy’s…

Update: Jack Stapleton's video was removed from the site. That really too bad because it was entertaing and fun. I hope to see it back up soon. My message to Stapleton is to not give up and see if he can pry open those Hollywood doors.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Prison For Child Molesters?

That sounds like a great idea! When an adult male is involved in a sex act with either a girl or boy I don’t want the offender to see the light of day outside a prison if the allegations are true. I will argue that a girl over 16 in a consensual affair with a young male offender should not result in felony punishment.

Homosexual conduct between adults and children is far more serious and under those circumstances, a prison term is a reasonable.

However when the hot, young lady teacher gets it on with a boy above the age of 12 the only person that deserves punishment is a boy who snitches on the hot babe.

Any 12 year-old boy who can get in on with Mary Kay Laterno or a Debbie Lafave is no victim! That’s a gift, not a crime!

You can tell me discrimination or scream unfair all you want but you’re wasting your time. I can’t imagine the least bit of damage to some boy under those circumstances. Girls are different than boys and the reverse is just not the same.

Putting young women in jail or prisons for this is a giant waste of my tax funds! We need to change the laws to reflect this reality.

Former teacher, Pamela Rogers went to jail for having sex with one of her 14 year-old male students. She was arrested again after police found out she sent the boy racy videos that she filmed with her cell phone. This one got her tossed back into jail. What’s her crime, too much cellulite?

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bring Your Gun To High School!

There was a furor over a posting at suggesting just that. Next, were the predictable panic, police investigation and national news story. Imagine the absolute horror of that scenario!

That exact scene played out for me once a week as I brought my rifle to Senn High School in Chicago. At age 14, I'd leave home with my rifle in a rifle scabbard, board a CTA public bus, transfer to yet another bus and enter the school. There were no cops, helicopters, major panic or news stories.

I simply brought the rifle to Sgt. Ketzner or Sgt. Mautner who would place it in the vault with nearly 100 genuine M-1 rifles and at least one Browning automatic rifle. When it came time for my practice shoot on the indoor 50-foot range I’d get my rifle and fire away. I was only scolded for missing the bull’s eye!

It was just three short years after I left high school when I was drafted into the Army for the Viet Nam War. My basic training and light weapons infantry training was effortless because of Junior ROTC. I graduated with the extra confidence that my chances of returning home safe because of my earlier ROTC training.

I got orders for shipment to the Republic of Viet Nam while stationed at the once beautiful Fort Ord near Carmel and Monterey, California. An angel intervened canceling those orders for a trip to Germany. Okay, I only fought in the saloons, only with the women and they always won. I somehow wound up in an exciting job as a medical corpsman for the rest of my service time.

Whatever fighting force we have to protect this country is far away in Iraq and Afghanistan. Any major insurrection or armed invasion on our own soil would go unchecked because of the pacifist mentality of our politicians and bureaucrats. We’ve become a defenseless land as a result.

One only need look at how small groups of skinny Arabs were able to take over and crash planeloads of able bodied Americans. Instead of recognizing that the Muslim terror events always end poorly and fighting for their lives they used cell phones to call 911. Americans are so well trained to let the authorities handle everything. Someone please tell me what a 911 operator can do for you at 30,000 feet while you’re traveling at 500 miles per hour?

Flight 93 passengers responded too little and too late to save their own lives. They were on their cell phones and voting on the idea of a passenger uprising. The average size of the 9-11 Arab terrorists was that of the average American woman.

I hold the FAA and our politicians as responsible for 9-11 as the terrorists for disarming all the off-duty police officers that used to fly with their side arms and for not training and arming the pilots. The FAA’s, “give the terrorist hijackers whatever they want while you sit down and shut up” policy was straight out of some Viet Nam War protester’s handbook. We are a weak and cowardly nation that does not appreciate freedom and liberty.

A Bad Day At The Office Video.

Here we have a young entrepreneur engaged in his livelihood. Things are not going well as he deals with a crisis. Sit back, relax and watch this video as two minutes of your life slip away that you won’t get back.

Local Police Enforcement Of Immigration Laws

Yes, poverty, ignorance and crime from the Mexican border have invaded America. This threatens our way of life as these people also bring their failed Socialist ideas with them.

Why doesn’t the fact that a full one third of our prison population are illegal aliens raise an alarm with our politicians or the public? What will it take to get people to recognize that we are under a real attack?

With the cost and shutdown of a multitude of emergency rooms, the increased tax burden of educating millions of third world children and the irreversible destruction of our economy is in progress. This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

Before the mid 1970s it was a fact that all cops could ask people who appeared to be aliens for proof that they were lawfully in our country and arrest those who were not. Taking them in always resulted in INS responding and deporting the trespassers. We need to return to that enforcement policy now.

We need real border enforcement, real sanctions against employers hiring the illegal aliens and to begin removing them as fast as we can. The Amnesty/Guest Worker plan is wrong and unfair to immigrants that obey our laws. This Bush, Guest Worker plan stupidity will only make the present problem worse like the 1983 amnesty did but on a grander scale.

Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has the right idea with his plan to round up the aliens with his reserve and posse force. Arizona has a new state anti-smuggling law that the lawmen are supposed to enforce. So far, only Arpaio and his agency have stepped up to the plate to enforce the new law.

When we cut off ALL pandering, services,and support to illegal aliens begining with real enforcement these people will leave on their own. Perhaps they can turn their own country into a model of a place where they would want to live.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Police Agency Internal Investigations Are Unfair To Cops.

We all know that sometimes thieves and people with other criminal tendencies sometimes slip through the cracks of the police hiring process. That can do serious damage to the image, credibility and effectiveness of any department. Internal investigations are a necessary function to deal with the reality of substandard officers.

When someone pulls a fire alarm or makes a false police report, a swift arrest and prosecution is the price the offenders must pay. That’s almost never the case when revenge-seeking complainants falsely accuse cops of brutality, racial profiling and sexual abuse. The practice of not prosecuting the trolls who make the false reports only invite more false reports.

Whenever an officer is involved in a shooting his or her rights against self-incrimination are trashed as the department demands the officer make a written report and answer questions about the shooting. After a traumatic event like a shooting no officer is in emotional condition to correctly recall and articulate what has happened. Time and space become so jumbled that it becomes impossible to accurately describe such an event. An officer needs a 72-hour break to settle in, reflect on the event before being interrogated. Even then the officer may well be wrong about distances and the passage of time during the event. That’s is not deception just error.

When I was in a shooting as a private investigator, I was able to refuse questions and remain silent. I remembered feeling the soft grass under my feet during the shooting. After seeing the photographs of the scene it was clear there was no grass within 100 feet of where I was standing, walking and shooting. Someone would have made a liar out of me if I had given that information in a statement I thought to be true. Thankfully that did not happen.

It’s time for every union that represents cops to include in contract demands two things:

1. Absolute prosecution of complainants that make a false report accusing cops of crimes or departmental rule violations.
2. A 72-hour, no report, no questions rule for officers involved in shootings.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Please Anyone Just Tell Me How they Died?

The case of Laci and Scott Peterson captivated the entire nation. I won’t call this a murder case since a murder was never proven. The trial jury and millions of Peterson trial news-junkies will disagree with me on this point.

Let me begin by saying that Scott Peterson is a cad, cheat and liar. He led a double life to satisfy his over-active libido. We’ve all heard those stories about men who cheat and lie to get laid and then cheat and lie some more to cover-up those indiscreet liaisons. The popular former President Bill Clinton was cut from the same cloth as Scott Peterson in that regard. There was one not so minor difference though; Clinton lied about his own philandering under oath. Is a liar and cheat automatically a cold-blooded murderer? If the answer of that question were yes, most of the male population would be on Death Row today.

The American system of justice has always been one where a criminal conviction could only be sustained if there was proof beyond a reasonable doubt of guilt. That not so simple concept was created with the idea that it’s better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted. I guess that concept is just too old fashioned and can’t satisfy Americans anymore.

It was around Christmas Eve 2002 when a very pregnant Laci Peterson vanished from her Modesto, CA home. This happened during a time when burglars and identity thieves were working very near the Peterson home. Despite that fact the Modesto police properly put Scott Peterson under tight scrutiny since statistically it's true that humans hurt the ones they love at a much higher rate then strangers. Eventually Laci and her unborn fetus were found dead of undetermined causes in The Berkley Marina of San Francisco Bay.

This sad story took on a Hollywood life of its own. Along with the media, their pundits and experts came bottom-feeders like Los Angeles lawyer, Gloria Allred. Allred bills herself as a victim’s advocate as she trolls for humanity like Scott Peterson’s love toy, Amber Frey as clientele. Allred has tailored her legal practice to hanging on to pathetic people with titillating stories to promote and cut her way into her client’s book and film deals. Unlike a film producer that would pay for an option, Allred becomes their “lawyer”, and takes a percentage of their money as an agent. Advocating for the best outcome of a story that would boost marketability becomes Allred’s goal rather than advocating for truth, justice or perhaps her client best interests.

Can those accused get a fair trial in a land of unprecedented electronic media coverage? Would prospective jurors truthfully inform the court about what they heard about the case? How could prospective jurors not expect to get bombarded with book deals and such if they got picked to sit on the Peterson jury? I would suggest that potential jurors could be trusted to tell the truth about their agendas as well as Bill Clinton did during that now famous court deposition.

As in all cases that are brought into out courtrooms there are those collateral issues that must be dealt with by the trial judge for relevance and unfair prejudice to any party of the case. In the Peterson case where media coverage was in overdrive no prospective juror could avoid the constant bombardment of gossip, rumors and outright bogus tales. This while people like Allred manipulate and spin the story for profit.

Next we have the Hollywood/TV lawyer throwing sensational sound bites everywhere. Unfortunately Peterson’s defense attorney Mark Geragos skill for TV sound bites exceeded his skill for lawyering. Instead of concentrating on the huge Corpus Delecti issue, Geragos got caught up in prosecution theories and Amber Frey’s pillow talk, spy work for the Modesto police.

Corpus delecti is Latin for the "body of the crime." Additionally it’s often correctly called the essence of the crime. The crime here is alleged as a double murder. Murder is the unlawful taking of a human life. To establish murder you need the corpus delecti. That would be a body and the cause and manner of death. That takes me to the simplest four-word question. How did they die? Not one prosecution witness could answer that question. That should have been the beginning and end of this case.

In order to convict a jury would have to determine that Laci Peterson was murdered. At best the Peterson jury could only make a guess that she was. Next the jury would have to again guess that Scott Peterson killed her.

When Mark Geragos lost sight of the corpus delecti and got caught up in the prosecution theory quagmire, he allowed the burden of proof to become reversed where Scott Peterson was forced into to proving that theory wrong. That’s where Peterson's defense case got derailed.

The opening defense statement should have been incredibility short and to the point. The Prosecution will not be able to establish a crime. They can’t tell you how Laci Peterson and her fetus died. The question of accident, natural causes or murder just can’t be answered. They don’t have the corpus delecti and they are simply wasting our time and tax money.

Every prosecution witness should have only been asked a minimum of questions during cross-examination: How did Laci Peterson and her fetus die? Did you see Scott Peterson kill anyone? Did Scott Peterson tell you he killed Laci Peterson and her fetus? Did you kill Laci Peterson and her fetus?

The closing defense argument should have been like this: Ladies and Gentlemen you have heard from an abundance of witnesses and not one could tell you how Laci Peterson and her fetus died. You have a duty to go into that jury room and render a verdict based on real evidence rather than a guess about the prosecution’s theory. The state has not even proven the corpus delecti. You must acquit because of the absence of cause or manner of death alone. If you can’t determine she was murdered, you can’t reach and guess even further that Scott Peterson is a murderer.

A conviction and death sentence was obtained against Scott Peterson with the help of a quartet of Court TV “anchors” that included Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Amber Frey’s lawyer, book and movie agent Gloria Allred. Court TV led the lynch mob while screaming for the conviction. We taxpayers shelled out no less than $4.13 million to put Scott Peterson on death row. I expect several more millions will be spent dealing with the appeals before this story ends.

Please, anyone just tell me how they died?