Monday, May 28, 2012

Was it a Stand Your Ground Law, or Darwin’s Law That Killed your Bully Son?

Grieving parents of thugs everywhere seem to relentlessly whine and carp when someone seriously hurts or kills their thuggish son.   Yes, it’s nearly always a son because daughters are rarely involved in these things.   Many parents want their sons to appear tough and fearsome and don’t discourage their violent manifestations.  
It’s really not too much to ask young men to keep their hands and weapons to themselves.  Those that can behave, never wind up dead or in the hospital because a victim hurt them that they were assaulting.  
Some 21 states adopted the so-called Stand Your Ground or similar Castle Doctrine laws.   In these states thugs that terrorize others can simply be shot or stabbed dead by their intended victims.  These laws protect the weak, elderly and women from being over-powered and severely injured or worse.  What’s wrong with that? 
Too many young males are involved in risky behavior much of it fueled by alcohol or illegal drugs.   Why should anyone have to submit to a severe beating by a bully?  However there are those that want the law to take the risk out of intimidation, assault and battery.  But I ask, what about the risk to the thug’s innocent victims? 
As a cop or now a defense investigator I have seen many cases of so-called road rage and similar events that begin with a minor transgression.  When the man (and it’s usually a man) over-reacts to the transgression a middle finger salute is too often displayed.  From there things escalate to injury or death.  In many jurisdictions the losers go to the hospital or morgue and the winners to prison.  I’ve learned that the middle finger can be a killer.
Why should we protect those that let their tempers slide into assaulting others?   If someone makes a decision to unlawfully attack another, they always deserve what they get.  
If you examine this issue in its simplest form, its nature’s law not man’s law that’s involved here.  We all have been given the gift of fear and the instinct for survival.  We will nearly always engage in flight or fight so that we can live another day.  This is really so much more about bullies being victims of Darwin’s Law, not those Stand Your Ground laws.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chicago’s African-Americans are Murdering Each Other at an Alarming Rate

Chicago, IL—In just over 12 hours 25 people have been shot including a six year-old girl.   Cold-blooded murder appears to be the favorite hobby of Chicago’s Black population.  Is this racist?  Perhaps they are hate crimes?  It is genocide but on a much greater scale than the Ku Klux Klan ever pulled off.
This is happening because of our polite society’s fear of being labeled racist, intolerant or bigoted.  We simply tolerate this carnage and refuse to identify and condemn the cultural phenomenon behind this urban terror.  Toleration of a bankrupt and vile culture is the root of the problem.  Until we face this fact we can never begin to bring any positive change.
Until we stand up and make war on ghetto thugs we can expect this horror every day.     
The politicians have blamed American gun rights for Chicago’s killing fields.   That assessment is absolutely correct!  But these ignorant politicians just have it all backwards.
It’s the unconstitutional gun laws that have disarmed all but society’s most dangerous criminals.   The two-legged sewer rats are protected from law-abiding folks and any meaningful ability to defend themselves and families.  The thugs of course are prohibited by federal, state and local laws from possessing firearms because of felony convictions, probation, parole or their drug habits.  The thugs are always well armed. 
Despite Supreme Court rulings to the contrary, Chicago still has a virtual gun ban and Illinois has a broken state Firearm Owner’s Identification Card system that can’t (or won’t) seem to provide the permits.   The law abiding are forced by local and state government to sit helplessly and wait their turn to be murdered.  
The social engineering of Chicago has been a massive, frightening and deadly failure.  Instead of correcting anything the politicians here give everyone more of the same but in spades.

UPDATE!  The bloody Memorial Day weekend brought over 40 reported shootings and ten murders.  That does not count the cases where shot were fired and nobody was hit.  Thankfully the ghetto rats don't learn marksmanship any better than they do reading, writing or arithmetic. 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Why We Must Not Tolerate Drones Being Employed On Our Own Soil

Washington, DC—At the end of the Civil War Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act that prohibited our military forces from law enforcement activities on our own soil.  There was enough horror inflicted by soldiers burning down homes all over the American South.  Wanton acts of cruelty by military forces on American civilians were beyond shocking.
Our Congress has steadfastly refused to turn this kind of absolute power to the government until Barack Obama wanted it.  That along with the power to imprison Americans without lawyers, trials or Due Process has placed us all in the crosshairs of an absolute tyrant.  These are just some of the very powers that Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler had to massacre millions of their own citizens. 
Additionally the despots of World War Two never had the kind of comprehensive data collected and stored on computer of every man, woman and child like our government collects today. 
A tyrant today in our Whitehouse could murder us far more efficiently than ever before in the history of the world.  We are handing over additional raw power to our government to destroy and plunder us every second.  I guess we refused to learn that absolute power corrupts absolutely. 
The political Left bitterly and rightly decried the Patriot Act but under Obama it has been expanded significantly.  Now the Left is silent about that and some many other attacks on American’s liberty, privacy and peace.
The government has been sending unmanned drone aircraft to spy on Americans and these flying machines can also destroy our homes and businesses.  Needless to say anyone caught inside will be incinerated.
Soldiers take an oath to defend the Constitution and most may have some sense of right and wrong to prevent them from committing atrocities against fellow Americans. 
The problem with the drones is that they can be operated by or mercenaries or even criminals.  Unlike conventional military aircraft pilots we will never know who is behind the curtain at the controls of killer drones.   They will only place people behind the controls of the drones that will blindly take orders from superiors.
Frankly I can understand why Americans want to shoot the drones down on sight if they appear over our property uninvited.
At what point to we say enough?  At what point do Americans began to retaliate against politicians and their bureaucrats with gasoline, bombs and firearms?  Frankly, four more years of Barack Obama’s ambitious destruction of liberty, free enterprise and privacy will invite a second and far more deadly Civil War.

The Tragedy of Why Obama’s Birthplace Does Not Matter to Most Americans

Chicago, IL—Barack Obama has used different names, Social Security numbers and there is more than enough evidence to prove he’s not a Natural Born Citizen.  It’s also apparent now that he’s got a British passport and perhaps others.
Obama and his wife were on the rolls of qualified lawyers in Illinois.  They have been removed from the rolls in a matter other than simple retirement.  The State Bar has refused to indicate why they were removed.  The Illinois State Bar has a website you can check yourself.   Were they disbarred for making false applications after investigation into documents they provided?
The findings of well-qualified experts have made a compelling case that the offered Hawaiian birth certificate for Obama is an obvious forgery.
Why then, has the media and the majority of members of Congress simply put the Birth issue aside?  The same is true for the faux Conservative,  Fox News.  Far too many people simply don’t seem to care.
Here are the reasons behind the massive apathy and downright contempt of the Obama birth issue.  Many are Obama supporters that will follow him straight to Hell.
Many truly assume and believe that the “authorities” always investigate would never let such a thing happen.  Many think that this is just a political conspiracy to discredit Obama.
The truth is that many Americans believe that the Constitution is an outdated document created by slave owners that were also bigots.  In their view, the provision for Presidential qualifications is designed to be discriminatory and going after Obama is an act of racial intolerance.  Rather than to campaign to change the Constitution they will simply violate it.
Whatever the reasons too many people will forgive the fraud and deceit until the elite propagandists declare Obama unfit.  
The sad truth is that millions of Americans have shed blood so that we could maintain or Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Today there are millions of fools that don’t think they need freedom, liberty or the Bill of Rights.  They have been raised not by parents but a nanny government that brainwashed them into thinking they deserve money from others that they don’t earn.
We are no longer the land of the free or the home of the brave.  Until the Whitehouse is purged and the Communist stench removed I will no longer stand for the Star Spangled Banner nor pledge my allegiance to a flag that has been hijacked.  My American citizenship is losing value at a record pace.   
Without our freedom we are nothing more than a banana republic run by criminals.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Audio and Video Recording Prohibitions exist to Protect Government Extortionists

Chicago, IL—Secretly recording a conversation you have engaged with anyone carries severe penalties reserved only for our most violent crimes.  I’m not talking about wiretapping or capturing conversations of others but your very own! 
These recording prohibitions only exist in the jurisdictions with the grandest histories of political corruption.  The reason for these laws is not for the protection of privacy but to protect politicians and bureaucrats from having these recording used against them in criminal or civil prosecutions.
The building inspector suggests that your code violations can go away with the right inducement to him.  A politician or his campaign aid promises support for your contract to perform work for the county provided you support his political war chest.  This kind of corruption is commonplace in nearly every large city in America.
I remember when Arizona lobbyist friends telling me how relieved they were when limits were placed on campaign contributions there.  They seemed to believe the extortion would somehow slow down.  Just months later AZSCAM broke and a number of members of the legislature went to prison.  The damning evidence used to convict was both video and audio recordings.  Arizona only required, “one party recording consent.” 
Today the focus of these laws has shifted to peace officers being recorded by the media and public.  Cops have been arresting people that record them.  The fun part is that once the recording devices are shut down the stories about what was said vary widely.   We’d all rather hear what was said on tape than listen to the players recounting their own words.
Frankly if people know they can be recorded and that those recordings can be used as evidence their behavior improves dramatically.     
Cops should recognize that the troublemakers with recording devices run the risk of having their digital media used against them if they break the law.   Nothing prevents a cop from seizing recording media that captures a crime in progress as evidence for a future court date.   Recordings far more often protect cops from the constant lies told by jerks to internal investigators.
Audio and video recordings speak for themselves. They are objective and don’t lie.  Editing is possible but that leaves unmistakable digital footprints that can be easily exposed.  Recordings rather than what people testify about are far more reliable.
Any politicians supporting recording prohibitions are merely looking for ways to conceal criminal conduct.  This is not about our privacy but rather protecting the very people that would victimize all of us. 
In Illinois the recording prohibition was struck down for the second time.  Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez has done all she could and is still working to reinstate this travesty.  The crooks in the Illinois Legislature already have put a new law up to work around and obstruct the court's decision. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chicago Riot Control Has Always Been Ineffective and Costly.

Take the fight out of Chicago's rioters with some plain water
Chicago, IL—Today I watched some interesting video that I suspect has or will lead to excessive Injury On Duty Injury reports for Windy City’s finest.  I also expect a rush to medical providers and civil lawyers by those who made the mistake of assaulting Chicago cops.
When I was living in Germany 1968-1970, I watched the, Frankfurt Stadt Polizei deal with their hippies and troublemakers.  The cops in Frankfurt always made short work of crowd control with minimal injuries to all.   Was it magic?  Brutality? No!  It was just plain water.
All over Europe they use vehicle mounted, water cannons to quell disturbances.  They soak the troublemakers, who soon get very uncomfortable and very cold.  Police can identify the problem people because they are all wet and shivering.   They only want to go home after a good soaking.  For many of them this is the only time they bathe.
The water cannon can be a little overpowering but those who do not follow lawful orders to disperse can simply be hosed down on the gentle cycle.  Who wants to fight when they are all wet?  A side benefit is that the water will short out electronic detonators and wreck ignition sources for Molotov cocktails for the really evil ones.  Perhaps a few ruined cell phones will make communication more difficult for those riot organizers.
I noticed that Chicago's troublemakers were carrying cameras of all kinds.  The water cannons would really make such photography a meaningful challenge.
The water cannon will also spare cops from unwarranted discipline hearings and indictments bases on bogus allegations.  The Medical rolls will have fewer personnel to deal with and the city’s liability would be greatly reduced.
I hope this post inspires Chicago’s politicians and bureaucrats to find a more effective and humane way for cops to protect themselves than wooden batons and stun guns alone.  Imagine how a water soaked troublemaker would dance after being hit with a Tazer Stun gun?


Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Magical Music of Bob Lind is On Tour

Bob Lind today...
Los Angeles, CA—Back in 1966 there was a hit single, Elusive Butterfly by then 23 year-old, Bob Lind that was re-recorded by scores of popular singers including Petula Clark, Johnny Mathis and even the Four Tops.  Lind has since written many hits made famous by other artists along the way.  Today he's got quite a few wonderful songs you really need to enjoy.  
Bob Lind  is currently on a Western United States tour right now.  He is playing in intimate settings that are incredibly enjoyable.  He’s appearing in WY, CO, AZ and CA in various venues. 
This time Bob is being accompanied on the tour by talented singer Danny O’Keefe.  If you’ve never caught Bob’s show it’s a great time to do so.  I won’t miss this and neither should you!
Here are two dates in the Los Angeles Area:
May 25, 2012 Friday, 8pm
Bob Lind & Danny O'Keefe
McCabe's Guitar Shop
3101 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
May 24, 2012 Thursday, 8 pm
Bob Lind & Danny O'Keefe
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake
Altadena, CA
Check all of Bob and Danny’s touring dates and places right here:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Is it Finally the Beginning of the End of the Obama Nightmare?

Los Angeles, CA—Was this the real revelation Andrew Breitbart was planning to make that he knew would bring down Barack Obama?   Was Breitbart murdered to bring about his silence?

There are still so many questions that need answers.   Things are just not making sense and usually when I find myself confused during an investigation, major things will be discovered.   Frankly the incredible timing of Breitbart’s death and the huge financial stake of Obama’s political campaign places murder right at the top of my list.
Have the people around Breitbart been terrorized into silence?  We’ve heard nothing from his grieving family and precious little from his business associates. 
Obama has spent well over a $1 million in legal fees to avoid producing simple documents like a certified copy of a birth certificate, passport and student loan records.  People only do this kind of concealment to protect dark secrets from surfacing.
So far the courts have gone out of their way to protect Obama’s records from any public scrutiny.  The mainstream media including Fox News has given Obama a pass on this question. 
Despite clear and convincing evidence gathered by investigators and expert’s the allegations of document forgery have been awash with scorn from mainstream media political hacks.
Obama must be a Natural Born American Citizen to hold the nation’s highest office.  If he was not qualified every act, every piece of presidential activity is invalid.  He placed the nation in a constitutional crisis.  This may well have been a crime too.  Forgery and fraud has certainly occurred. 
There is far too mush evidence and efforts to conceal the facts to allow this charade to continue another minute.   It’s time for subpoenas, depositions and the production of records in the matter of Barack Obama’s qualification to be President.
All those responsible for the fraud should be arrested and prosecuted.  This is no small scandal. 
Read the about vetting material used for Obama’s first book in 

My First and Only Encounter with the Late Disco Legend Donna Summer

Munich, Germany—In 1969, I was a young Army medical corpsman assigned in Aschaffenburg, near Frankfurt.  I was in an American Express office and saw a simple poster, it read, “Tanz Zug Nach Munchen fur HAAR.”   I had been rapidly learning German and knew the translation.  It was an ad for the dance train trip to see the German version of the new hit musical Hair in Munich.   The cost, I seem to recall was only 90 DM per person or about $23.00.
I took my wonderful girlfriend of the moment, Gertraud who was a hot little blond from a town called Bad Neustadt and we partied all the way from Frankfurt to Munich.  We arrived for the evening performance and it was terrific.  Just as in the Broadway play they had a few Black actors.  I was unfamiliar with any of the cast members but enjoyed a world-class performance.
One young actress, singer and dancer really surprised me.  She spoke and sang in German.  Her voice and personal style was amazing.  More than a year later I learned that this was Donna Summer performing under her real name LaDonna Gaines.
Summer was the daughter of an American Air Force member and had a wonderful command of the German language as a result of a prolonged childhood stay in this great country.
I learned the sad news today that Donna Summer has died in Florida at the age of 63 from lung cancer that may be related to the 9/11 attack on America.  I will never forget seeing her when we both were entering adulthood and celebrating our youth.  My regret was never meeting her later in life. 
Here is a cut from the original cast album where can you hear this lady's unmistakeable voice.  You will hear this late great songbird celebrate life.  Listening to this today brings me sadness that that great time in my life is gone. Rest in peace, dear Donna…

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why did we Allow Government to Nationalize Charity?

Washington, DC—When we formed our government there were no provisions for social safety nets.  It was just not deemed a function for government.  Americans are charitable by nature and we all hate to see helpless people deprived by circumstances.  We always contributed generously to churches and such to aid the disabled and needy.
We have terrific and efficient charities such as the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and the American Red Cross.  They were undermined and in effect made obsolete by our politicians.
Government should have been limited to national defense and infrastructure.  Nowhere did we ever create a right to handouts or free medical care.   We created a system where productivity creates wealth for virtually everyone.  
Our politicians have damaged the American dream with wealth redistribution schemes that have punished the productive and instead rewarded criminals and parasites.  The really needy and deserving people are more deprived than ever as a result.
Frankly government politicians and their bureaucrats have turned what should charity into a scam well beyond epic proportions.   Criminals took charge of tax funds in order to administer the social train wreck that has made many millions of pathetic derelicts. 
Our social welfare system has robbed these Americans of self-reliance and the desire to become productive.  We’ve created an entire entitlement zombie population.  As a result our government has destroyed their lives.
Rapidly and uncontrollably we included millions of the impoverished of Mexico and Central America into our social safety net despite their criminal trespassing on our soil. 
We measure poverty by the amount of homeless we see on the street.  Before the War on Poverty and Great Society programs we had only a fraction of the homeless we see wandering the streets today.   Most Americans are not old enough to remember that far back. 
If we are to survive as a nation we must turn back the trespassers and turn over charity to the faith based organizations and such. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

California’s Massive Financial Crisis, Suicide by Spending

Gov. Jerry Brown D-CA
Los Angeles, CA—Governor Jerry Brown passed the bad news along that the spendaholics in the General Assembly couldn’t break their old addictions.  They have quickly doubled the state debt to $16 Billion.  California can’t pay its bills.
They think they can force a tax increase but the clowns can’t seem to understand that slows productivity and causes more taxpayers to flee the state. Tax increases will make the problem much worse.
California’s Liberals have gone out of their way to provide free medical care and education to all of Mexico and Central America trolling for a dependent population to keep their Socialist dream alive.  That alone can easily account for their deficit.
Now the pretend cuts are being made and the liberal judges have been ordering the state to fund programs unique to the once Golden State.  I guess California will have to counterfeit currency like the FED does or file bankruptcy.
California overregulates everything that it can.  They could lose half of the occupational licensing agencies and not miss a beat.   They could end their unlawful gun prohibition activities and save millions there too.
Imagine if California simply ended their participation in the Drug War how much could be saved there along with lives related to drug violence.
The death penalty in California has been quietly costing billions too.  The taxpayers must pick up the tab for both the prosecution and defense of cases that are mired in litigation for nearly four decades each!  It’s far cheaper to weld cell doors shut.
California’s cops don’t have time or manpower to chase criminals but they can shut children’s lemonade stands and arrest those teenaged Steven Spielbergs trying to learn how to make movies for film permit violations.
California will simply continue to spend hoping that the frugal states will be required to fund California’s foolishness. 
California’s politicians need to take an unpaid six-month furlough every year.  That would reduce spending for sure.  They all love to brag about how hard they work.  The harder they work the larger the deficit. 


Want to Commit a Burglary, Rob a Bank or Kill Someone in Chicago?

Chicago, ILNATO week will tie up cops and keep nearly all of them near McCormick Place.  Normally quiet neighborhoods on the Northwest and Southwest will be far more under-policed than normal. 
I can’t imagine that the most dangerous criminals in the Midwest are not thinking the same thing right now.   NATO is creating the Perfect Storm for crime in the Windy City.
Will we see daytime Flash Mobs at Chicago’s shopping malls looting the Apple Stores and such? 
Perhaps it would be a great time to play hooky from work and stay home with a gun handy. 
Who will be watching the cop’s homes while they are forced to deal with the anti-NATO and Occupy swine?  Who will be responding to burglary and hold up alarms? 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Surviving an American Insurrection

Do you really trust this man?
Phoenix, AZ—The Doomsday people are saying that we are about to have a Constitutional crisis and a showdown with the Obama Administration and the turncoats within Homeland Security.  Are they really just paranoid and over-reacting? 
There are those that proclaim this can never happen.  They are in the ranks of supporters of Barack Obama.   At one time the National Socialist Party also had wide support and admiration of most of the civilized world.  That Party’s leader was made our own Time Magazine’s, Man of the Year.   Some twelve years and 50 million lives later his supporters figured out he was a colossal mistake.
What does our future hold?  Will like some have said there will be foreign troops from a Communist nation helping a rogue despot get Americans under control?   I don’t think any of us are really clairvoyant and can say for sure.  Civil war is a reality at one time or another in every nation on earth and what’s past is prologue.
The frightening signs are there.  We have a President that has nullified the Bill of Rights and now has all the powers of Stalin or Hitler should he care to use them.  This nation has never been more divided in any of our lifetimes.  When was there ever a leader that did not abuse absolute power?
Our President has encouraged a class war with the Occupy movement.  That movement lacks a cohesive direction or any discipline and may not impress anyone with their nebulous presence.   With any luck we can simply turn out more criminals from our Congress and the Whitehouse with ballots.
In the meantime Homeland security has ordered some 450,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition for use here at home.  Just what do they have in mind?
But what if things went bad, and we face home invasions by government, with evacuation, concentration camp detentions or worse?  Then we’d have little choice if we wanted to live in freedom but to resist.
The government has obviously made plans for an insurrection but have you made any plans to restore peace, liberty and the Constitution?  We make plans for fire, hurricanes and earthquakes.  I think to not do so for an insurrection is downright foolhardy.
The plan:
Stockpiling non-perishable food, water, batteries, family service radios, medicines, first aid supplies, ammunition and firearms must be part of any plan.   Also locating significant defensive armaments in unexpected locations to safeguard from home invasion searches.
Every home needs a pistol, rifle and shotgun.  The rifle is the first line of defense and should be either a 3.06 or 3.08 that is needed to penetrate most light amour and vehicles.  The shotgun should be .12 gauge with slugs and heavy shot.  The handgun should be a .45 ACP or as large a caliber as possible.  Lots of ammunition is a must.
Never fire shots from your house unless you want to see it burned to the ground.   Shoot from down the street or across the field.  Have plenty of bags you can fill with sand or rocks for protection.  Visit the Army surplus store and find helmets for your family. 
We have plenty of military and police veterans around.  Make friends with them and with any luck you can work together to live.  What Americans seem to have forgotten is that freedom is not free, but earned with the blood of despots and patriots.
You will ether follow instructions from the “authorities” or not.  Six million Jews once followed instructions given to them by the National Socialists and perished simply because they did not resist.  You’d better make your choice now, either to resist and perhaps live or to cooperate and die.

Why the TSA Cannot Protect Air Passengers from Terrorism

You've been selected for special screening, bend over!
Washington, DC—It began with a rash of incidents by deranged people that wanted to be flown to Cuba or that celebrated case of D.B. Cooper in 1971 where an extortionist escaped by parachute with some $200.000.00 to a presumed death from exposure. 

The response from the FAA was never to interfere with hijackers no matter how easily they could be over-powered. This was the same way bank robbers are dealt with at banks. The give them what they want and hope for the best is nothing a recipe to encourage more of the same.

The results of the FAA security program were indeed predictable and lots of planes were diverted to Cuba. Soon the FAA took extreme steps to secure planes from passengers carrying firearms eventually even banning pilots and sworn off duty cops from carrying guns.

The FAA suspended the American right against unreasonable search and seizure by allowing poorly educated and trained unarmed security workers to rummage through passenger’s carryon belongings. Many of these security workers had criminal records or were illegal aliens!

That did nothing to stop terrorism simply because that’s an impossible mission. That was proven with the 9/11 hijackings and murders of 3,000 Americans and billions of dollars in property damage.

The TSA was originally set up by government knowing full well that this would not and could not end or even reduce the threat of terrorism. It was an effort to create the illusion of safety and security because politicians felt Americans needed to be reassured they could be safe on airplanes.

The TSA was formed with the unemployable people living on the margins of society. Frankly, who would want such a job? They were given the mission of inconveniencing, aggravating and harassing passengers into believing this somehow was a legitimate effort for their own protection.

Getting law abiding Americans in line has never been a problem and that’s all the TSA could hope to accomplish. Dealing with and controlling determined terrorists beyond anyone’s ability.

1. Bombs can be concealed in nearly anything such as candy, pillows, toys and electronic devices. Explosives are made from common chemicals that can’t be discovered without extensive scientific examination.

2. Planes can be attacked with short-range missals or even conventional firearms during takeoffs and landings.

3. The massive crowds lining up to enter security screening are never protected. Someone could get in the line with a powerful device hidden in a large suitcase and destroy a terminal and kill hundreds.

4. Air cargo cannot be properly examined before it’s placed on an airplane.

5. The TSA has many criminal types employed. They steal routinely and aid drug dealers in the movement of large amounts of narcotics. They will take money to help terrorists if they don’t already have a sleeper cell in their own ranks.

6. Small general aviation planes can easily be turned into guided missals flown by fanatical pilots to down commercial jets.

Okay, it’s now obvious that we are really not safe. What can we do to improve our odds and return sanity to air travel? The TSA is nothing more than a pathetic and extravagant joke on America, our troubled airlines and tourist industry.

We should defund and disband the entire TSA immediately in favor of a much more effective program.

The only meaningful security comes from trained and armed law enforcement officers that can react immediately to a real or suspected threat. The second, line of defense are able bodied and alert passengers that are willing to accept responsibility to deal with a terror emergency.

All Pilots should be trained and armed. All trained and certified law enforcement officers should be armed even while off duty while flying. Additionally certain selected private licensed and trained security professionals should be armed while traveling.

We need to keep all people with passports from nations hostile to America off out planes. Law enforcement needs to profile passengers based on behavior and past experience for follow up interviews.

The TSA has victimized the public long enough. This un-American response to terrorism must end if for no other reason it’s ineffective. That have not stopped a single terror related incident but ordinary members of the public have.

How much more abuse are we willing to take?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The TSA is Fighting to Prove its Relevancy Through Media Spin

You've been selected for special screening, bend over!
Washington, DC—The TSA is right on top of the IRS when it comes to fear and loathing.  The TSA has wasted billions on the illusion of security through their program of privacy invasion, theft and sexual assault.
Flying today America has all the fun, glamour and excitement of experiencing the police booking process for criminal suspects.   The TSA has brainwashed the public into believing they are effective and necessary despite the fact they are neither.
The TSA has their own internal propaganda machine that will blitz the media with press releases to justify their existence to the public.  Whenever one of the millions of passengers that flies daily forgets that they had a legal self-defense weapon in some case brought to the airport the TSA spin begins with disinformation.
“Today a man was arrested after he attempted to bring a loaded gun on to an airplane”, proclaims a press release.  What’s left out of their self-serving information was that the middle-aged man had no criminal record, known agenda for terror or other evil motivation.  The man, simply forget to remove the weapon from his bag.  Often it’s a retired cop or security professional.  The TSA’s zero tolerance policy and pettiness is never reflected in their propaganda material.
Likewise when drug offenders are discovered the TSA never reminds anyone that are not there for drug enforcement purposes.  The TSA is always looking for any way at all to cause the arrest of passengers for publicity purposes.  Their hope is that the public is brainwashed into believing that without the TSA we’d all be dead.
Frankly the TSA screeners do miss a lot of guns and knives that are intentionally introduced by their own testers.  The fact that undiscovered weapons are never involved in incident or terror and mayhem is very telling about the actual need of the program.
The fact is that the TSA has yet to derail a single terror plot since their arrival more than a decade ago.  The FAA private security contractors were far less intrusive and no more effective than the over-hyped, over-funded and self-promoting TSA.  Until the mid 1970's we had no security screening whatsoever in our air transportation system. 
America is in an economic crisis.  We need to generate jobs and a good place to begin is in the tourism and hospitality industry.  Billions of dollars have been lost because people hate the TSA’s behavior and refuse to fly. 
We must return fun to air travel.  Most Americans have never experienced what it was like to fly decades ago.  It was an enjoyable experience for nearly everyone.   Instead of the evil eye passengers were greeted with smiles and great service.  Your friends would meet you as you stepped of the airplanes instead of camping out by baggage claim.
Why fly and subject yourself to abuse, humiliation and indignity?  

Monday, May 07, 2012

Bullies Are Protected in the Indiana School System

Bully behavior modification tool

Indianapolis, IN—Darnell “Dynasty” Young is an effeminate, African-American 17 year-old homosexual and a high school student.   The bullies have singled him out for repeated attacks at the Arsenal Technical High School
The school’s official’s pathetic response has been along the lines of he should expect the abuse because of his mannerisms and apparent feminine attire.    
After ten reported incidents of violence or threats and no action by school officials or police, his mother Chelisa Grimes sent her son to school with an electronic stun gun for self-defense.  
The expected happened and another attack was attempted and the boy refused to be a victim and brandished the stun gun.  For one thing, that assault ended and for another nobody got a jolt of juice they deserved.   That was obviously a win-win situation. 
School officials now feel the need to take action against the intended victim!  The stun gun in and of itself is a non-lethal defensive device.   What’s the big deal?  They now want to crucify the kid because he had to rely on self-help.  Apparently the lad’s antagonists have immunity for their criminal behavior.
I will be the first to admit the lad different and that had he left his sexual preference in the closet perhaps he’s have not had these problems.  However he has a right be what and who he is without being victimized by anyone. 
Every American should stand up for the right of this kid to protect himself from bullies.  They should also demand the ouster of any school officials that did not summon the police over the earlier attacks.   
As for Darnell Young they must either protect him or return his stun gun.  Frankly I’d rather see that stun gun used on the school officials that facilitated and abetted the bullies.
We have to begin to get tough on the bullies while we still can.   Rather than zero tolerance for the badly needed stun gun, they should have zero tolerance for the bullies. 
If you can’t take steps to protect this kid who will protect yours? 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

I found a simple cure for GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease!

Los Angeles, CA—Many of us have had a disastrous attack of the embarrassing and obnoxious release of stomach acid during a meal.  Often we have had to get up and leave the diner table over this condition. 
The pharmaceutical companies will sell you some expensive snake oil for life to control the symptoms if this condition.  There is a surgical alternative too.  Save your money and misery because I figured out the cure.  Okay I was a medical corpsman in the Army a lifetime ago.
Here is the deal!  Your stomach is normally filled with acid to help digest the food you consume.  It’s volatile and if it expands upward past the esophageal sphincter you are placed in distress.  When consuming food the sphincter must open and the reaction between the food and the acid sometimes seems like a boiling volcano.  
Generally acid reflux sufferers swallow their dry food first then try to wash it down with drink.  That’s when the big trouble begins.  
My cure is so simple it will amaze you that the doctors have not figured it out by now.   The cure is plain old water!  Before you begin to eat that burger or whatever, drink a half glass of water.  What happens is the water enters you stomach and puts out the acid fire.  After you take that drink you can begin eating and the acid volcano will never start!  As you eat be sure to drink a little more as you enjoy your food.
I have also found that if I have soup before the main course there’s never an attack.
Try this yourself and pass it on to others including your physicians.   I hope I have done a small service for my readers and saved them some dough at the same time. 

The TSA Monster is Spinning out of Control!

Washington, DC—The TSA is a rogue patronage agency set up to pretend the government is protecting Americans by stealing their liberty, privacy and dignity.  They hired the unwashed, dull-witted otherwise unemployable to enforce a zero-tolerance policy that has bankrupted nearly every airline and many tourist related businesses.
In our post 9/11 world despite billions spent on the TSA they have yet to derail a single terrorist event.  Ordinary American plane passengers have learned how to protect themselves stopping a handful of minor incidents.
The TSA loves to brag about the number of pocketknives and a few guns uncovered in carry on bags by forgetful passengers.  There has not been one instance where they can claim they uncovered a weapon destined for a crime.  The forgetful passengers are mercilessly punished for their failure to remember because of insane zero tolerance policies.
As Americans line up like frightened sheep most dread the thought of these creepy people handling their personal belongings.  The TSA screener’s proclivities to steal from, humiliate and dominate passengers are beyond horrible.
Considering we once had a Fourth Amendment to preclude exactly what the TSA is doing this is total government tyranny.   We’ve allowed these creeps to grope our children’s genitals and ours.  At what point do we say enough and begin fighting back?
The TSA is growing like a deadly cancer on every form of transportation including our highways.  They’ve surfaced at sporting events and will be coming soon to your summer family picnic like skunks.  
We have to begin by telling our politicians what we want instead of allowing them to dictate the destruction of our Bill of Rights.  Are Americans too cowardly to speak up for themselves? Have we arrived to the point of letting these soulless jerks put their hands in our pants?
We must begin by honoring the millions buried in veteran’s cemeteries that gave their lives so we would not have Nazi style checkpoints and a police state.  If we don’t resist now our liberty is doomed.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

My Favorite Baby Wheelgun for Personal Protection

Smith& Wessom 340 PD Air Light .357 Magnum
Chicago, IL—On the mean streets of the Windy City carrying a defensive weapon is a real necessity.  Politicians here have satisfied their political whims and desire to control the law-abiding folks with unconstitutional gun bans.  The actual written criminal defense of, “Necessity” along with the Bill of Rights trumps these political parasites.
Chicagoans need to commute to work, shop and maintain social relationships as they seek out food and entertainment.  The Chicago Police Department is undermanned, outgunned and totally demoralized.  Self-help for survival is really the only choice these days aside from moving from this bankrupt metropolis. 
It is very simple when you’re threatened, you must learn to shoot, scoot and stay mute.  Don’t feel sorry for your dead or wounded cowardly attackers since they made their wicked choice to victimize you. 
The pictured five-shot revolver is equipped with Secret Service Kirenite grips.  The little gun itself is the S&W #340 Air Lite PD in .357 Magnum.  This small ultra-light little item is highly concealable and comfortable to carry.   I will warn you that it is no substitute for a modern large caliber, semi-automatic pistol but it may get you out of a real life threatening jam.
This revolver is hammerless and designed not to snag the pocket of your expensive Burberry trench coat.  You could shoot through the pocket but what a shame it would be to ruin such a nice coat. 
The last time I checked this little gem was running about $800.00 and the exquisite grips are available from for $140.00
A concealed weapon is just a piece of safety equipment like a seat belt or helmet. Why would anyone walk around unnecessarily unprotected?

More on the Secret Service Grips:

Chicago Prepares for Martial Law!

Chicago, IL—Officials at every level of government are cooperating in an exercise of unprecedented restraint of civil liberties in connection with the upcoming NATO meeting.
They’re shutting down miles of expressways, streets and alleys but for government travel.  The skies will be a no fly zone where anyone found in the air space will be shot out of the sky.  Private property anywhere near the meeting will be overrun with Secret Service, Homeland Security and the dreaded TSA Bozos.
Chicagoans will lose millions in business disruptions.   Government obstruction of commerce and normal movement of people commuting to and from their homes is right out of our worst nightmare.
People will be searched, groped and ordered around by heavily armed men in jackboots and bucket helmets.  They are counting on Chicago cops to obediently follow any and all commands from the Whitehouse.  
If this was not bad enough they are openly making plans to incarcerate thousands into closed and condemned Illinois prison facilities.  They have also set up a master plan to forcibly evacuate city residents to camps in other states. 
I don’t see this as a necessary security plan but rather a dry run for Martial Law.  They want to see just how far they can push Americans around before they will resist tyranny. 
Sadly we already know full well by Europe’s Holocaust that people will respond like frightened sheep and fully cooperate with their own mass extermination. 
Folks, this is only a blueprint for things to come.  We are about to enter some really dark days ahead.   


Friday, May 04, 2012

A Shotgun for Self-Defense

Chicago, IL—The greatest defensive firearm ever is the .12 gauge shotgun.  A semi-auto beats a pump anytime.   The promise of civil unrest and a long hot summer seems to be in the cards for the Windy City.
They call this type of shotgun a “riot” gun because it’s very effective against mobs or multiple assailants.  For business owners a shotgun to supplement your handgun may be a needed addition. 
The chilling sound of a shell being racked in a pump shotgun is great for the movies.  The reality is a knowledgeable adversary will know the sound and will realize he must act quickly to neutralize you.  The sound also gives away your position.  The only sound you want them to hear is the last bang they will ever hear in life.
The drawback of the shotgun is the range but in an urban environment that’s not a problem.  You should always keep a loaded bandoleer with a combination of buckshot and slugs nearby. 
When the chips are down and you feel it necessary to draw your handgun the feeling of impotence quickly will overcome you.  The shotgun is definitely a confidence builder.   
I love the discontinued HK-Bennelli M-3 convertible pump/semi-automatic the best.  It has a bit more weight and that makes the recoil more tolerable.  They are out there but exceedingly rare.  Production of this model ended with the HK and Bennelli had their corporate divorce about a dozen years ago. 
These guns are around but are anything but inexpensive if you find one. 
In the video below I send some 0 buck down the range at the target. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Survival Tactics for Flash Mob Violence

A nice friendly looking mob!

Chicago, IL—As the weather becomes warmer in Chicago's young thugs will again be targeting  their victims out on the streets on the Gold Coast for assault, robbery or worse. Tourists are particularly desirable targets because the experienced thugs know they will not return to appear in a Chicago courtroom to testify.  It’s a fact of life, particularly in the Windy City.  
With the proliferation of inexpensive cell phones groups of savages can assemble quickly out of nowhere.  They count on their numbers to overcome and brutalize their victims.   Don’t let their young ages or initially friendly appearance take you off guard.  Avoiding them on sight is the best policy.
If you must be out do not leave home without a decent handgun, preferably a modern large caliber semi-automatic.  Also carry at least two extra magazines.  Hopefully you’ve already obtained some professional training.
Chicago’s bans on possession and carrying firearms are blatantly un-Constitutional and under review in the courts as we speak.  I don’t see a quick resolution.  I advocate ignoring the bans because your life is far more important than the whims of the politicians who want you defenseless.
You have an absolute right to use deadly force against mobs whether they are armed or not!  Just because you don’t see a weapon does not mean they are unarmed.
You will never reason with or obtain sympathy from a mob, so don’t bother to try.   The closer they get to you the less ability you will have to escape. Don’t let them get close.
As a mob approaches you in a hostile or threatening manner all bets are off.  
Don’t pull your gun and expect they will quit.  They will overwhelm, disarm and perhaps kill you.  Instead look for your exit path, draw your gun and fire at the most menacing thugs in center mass.  You’re not required to warn anyone! Shoot until the threat is over.  Scoot to safety and keep on going.  Do not call 911 or talk about the event to anyone but a lawyer assigned to defend you. 
If you’re in a car that is surrounded the people in front of your car are reasonably presumed accomplices of those trying to assault or extract you from your vehicle.  Step on the gas and run them over!  This is no automobile accident and the traffic laws of leaving the scene of an accident do not apply! Again you need to scoot and stay mute.
If the police detain you, it becomes more imperative than ever that you keep your mouth shut.  You won’t be able to talk your way to freedom if they have you detained.   Cooperation will only cause you bigger problems.  The police will understand your request for a lawyer.  
The magic words to live by are shoot, scoot and stay mute!  The majority of cops will have little interest in tracking down someone who fought back and escaped with their lives.
You must escape these mobs at all cost.  The cops will never be able to respond in time to save you.  Self-help is really, all you have. 

Here is a great choice for a carry gun for Chicago's streets: