Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bogus Insurance Claims and Arson Epidemics Are On Our Horizon

Los Angeles, CA—With our sinking economy insurance companies are quietly bracing for an epidemic of fraudulent claims and a wave of arson fires.

People who are over their head in car payments will arrange for the theft or burning of their gas guzzling problems. People facing home foreclosure too often resort to the less credit damaging and more profitable remedy of arson. Boats have been burning and sinking since the fuel prices skyrocketed.

We know that massive layoffs are being planned right now for ailing business nationwide. Even our health care industries are in trouble as millions of Americans will be losing their health insurance and all ability to pay for services.

Every kind of property crime can be expected to skyrocket. What insurance fraud won’t do to insurance companies will be made up in claims as a result of burglaries, robberies and general theft. More people will be sent to the hospital or killed as a result incidental violence at the hands of criminals.

America has become the, Land of The Freeloaders. There are government checks that flow to this segment of the population from every direction. As businesses evaporate so will the tax base and the never ending handouts. Crime and violence will be the avenue of millions of narcotic dependant Americans choose to feed their habits.

Depression resistant industries that will grow:
1. Insurance Adjusting and Fraud Investigation.
2. Armed Security and bodyguard services.
3. Small Arms and ammunition.
4. Alarms and video surveillance equipment.
5. Collection and bankruptcy law.

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leomemorial said...

My childhood friend is a police officer and also does survelliance for numerous companies on the side. He catches many insurance fraud with his camera. A lot of employee theft as well...