Monday, November 10, 2008

William Balfour to Stay On Ice Inside Stateville Prison

Joliet, IL—As Crimefile News has reported there was at least one snitch giving information to police about the gun used to kill three members of American Idol and Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Hudson’s family.

At an Illinois parole hearing this morning it was revealed that one of potential suspect, William Balfour’s girlfriends, Shonta Cathey revealed that Balfour was in possession of an unusual, two tone semi-automatic pistol believed to be the same Sig-Saur P220 .45 ACP used in the triple murder.

Another yet to be publically identified girlfriend has also come forward with damming information.

Crime labs are still conducting tests on DNA material. I’m told they are confident that they will have a solid case against Balfour for the murders. As of now Balfour has not been charged with anything except parole violations.

Balfour is set for another chapter in his parole violation saga on December 3, 2008. Until then he will remain safely behind bars. Chicago police have a little more time to make a case against Balfour.

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