Friday, November 14, 2008

Another News Media Trend!

Los Angeles, CA--It’s beginning all over the country. Financially strapped TV news organizations are sharing video and gathered news. This dramatically reduces the number of reporters and producers asking potentially embarrassing questions at news conferences.

What a great way to cut costs and help crooked politicians hide their activities! News competition is really hard on politicians and bureaucrats because journalists are always looking for stories to break. Not anymore!

I guess I’m behind the times and not like the majority of my fellow Americans and only care about who our favorite celebrities are sleeping with.

Perhaps we don’t need journalists at all. The government agencies and news makers can simply put up whatever they want us to know on YouTube!

In case you were wondering who the hot babe in the picture is, it's former, long time KPNX-TV Phoenix television reporter, Mary Kim Titla. She's an award winning journalist and a great lady who happens to be an American indian and member of the San Carlos Apache Indian Tribe.


Anonymous said...

I cant even watch the local news in Chicago anymore. On channel 7 all they do is rerun video somebody took of a car crash, a fight, a kid falling thru a fence or anything that is remotely odd. It has nothing to do with the Chicago area. TV News is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely right 4:13am; the news is all garbage nowadays. Not
the quality of the John Drury or the Flynn/Daly days. Remember the way John Coleman used to bust balls? I remember he had a weather forecast cartoon on screen and he said "Fahey,your liver's on display".
I get WGN as part of my cable package out here in the "country".I still have property in the dictatorship;
so I watch the noon news for 5 minutes to see whats goin on in the city.After that its all crap and turn it off.....