Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TSA Tyranny Has Cost More American Lives Than the 9/11 Attack!

Washington, DC—Make no mistake what American has unleashed upon itself is tyranny in its purest form.  Our reaction to the airplane hijacking of the 1970s and the massive property damage and lost lives of 9/11 has left our liberty and freedom in a shambles.
We once had a Fourth Amendment that guaranteed protection against unreasonable search and seizure.  They created a “voluntary” method of getting Americans to waive these rights.  They argue that you could choose not to travel or enter government buildings and avoid the indignity and privacy invasion.
Suggesting this waiver is somehow voluntary is beyond bogus.   Because of our absolute need for gainful employment many of us must fly or take trains.  We are forced to enter government buildings responding to tax audits, court subpoenas and other matters that the government demands.  There is no practical method to avoid the TSA except that shorter travel within our borders can be accomplished by driving. 
Now, here is the big rub.  We are learning that because of the TSA tyranny Americans have avoided spending billions on air travel and that has put nearly every airline in bankruptcy.   The hospitality and tourism business has suffered enormous losses significantly contributing to the general decline in our economy.
In addition to the huge cost to businesses, taxpayers have to support untold billions in TSA costs.   We pay big money to be insulted, abused and sexually groped by the creepiest people ever masquerading in law enforcement uniforms.  Our property is being stolen and our privacy is gets invaded daily by the TSA thugs.
Now the human lives being lost are finally coming to light.  Officials are now saying that there are about 500 additional highway deaths every year attributed to people avoiding air travel.  Of course for every death there are many more crippled for life in these TSA avoidance accidents.  We cannot ignore the massive property damage to the automobiles either.
At this rate we kill 3,000 Americans every six years.  That’s no different than having a 9/11 style attack twice per decade.
Had we simply trained and armed every pilot and taken steps to keep illegal aliens or people with passports from unfriendly nations off our planes we’d face very little in the way of threats to our air travel.  Instead we waged war on American travelers and made air and now train travel unnecessarily miserable.
We would be far better off to scrap the TSA entirely but for a force of armed air marshals.  American travelers are much more observant and absolutely every attempt to disrupt travel has been dealt with by fellow passengers without any TSA assistance.
We must stop the TSA from killing us.  It is abundantly clear now that the threat, death and destruction from the TSA exceed that of terrorism.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Gun Control Laws and Bans Always Fail

Washington, DC—I ‘m not sure what gun control zealots consume in their diets that motivates them to disregard their own duty to protect themselves and their families.  We call all thank our survival on the gift of fear and the instinct to survive.  I will never let any politician dictate that I submit to a criminal attack and neither should you!
I guess some people think that 911 and government is adequate at least for their needs.  We know that’s foolish because they cant stop deadly violence even in the most controlled setting of all, maximum security prisons.  Humans have proven to be the most dangerous animals on earth. 
Gun Registration:
This was thought to be a tool to give police a way to trace guns used in crimes to the owner/suspect.  They also thought that maybe police need to know if there is a gun behind the doors that they knock on answering calls for service.  The opponents of registration suggest that it’s a scheme to aid government in planned future confiscation efforts.
Criminals never leave their guns behind at the scene of crimes unless they are wounded or are killed there.   With the suspect dead or in custody the gun’s ownership has no value.  If the gun was stolen there will be a report on file and the owner can be notified and his property returned. 
Only law-abiding qualified owners can be required to register firearms.  If that does not sound fair or reasonable we need only to look at two US Supreme Court opinions that held that making felons and mental defectives register their guns violates their self-incrimination rights.  Registration requires they confess their crime of gun ownership. 
Any cop that fails to assume that there in not a dangerous felon with an gun behind every door they visit will not survive in our world.  Cops are trained treat every door as an equal hazard until proven otherwise.
The two most egregious factors of gun registration is the high cost to administer the programs that have zero value in crime reduction and the requirement that owners sacrifice basic privacy rights.
Owning a car and a gun are not similar.  Owning a car is not a constitutional right but a government granted privilege.  Owning a gun is constitutional protected activity.
Gun Bans:
These are by far the most ineffective laws.  Criminals by nature don’t give a rat’s ass about any laws.   In addition police cannot search criminals or their dwellings without probable cause and or warrants.  
Making quality firearms has never been easier or cheaper to do.  With today's computer aided CNC machines simple semi-automatic rifles like the AK-47 can be manufactured quickly with minimal skills.   Any CNC machine operator making thousands of other products can switch to guns in a heartbeat. Ammunition manufacturing is so simple millions of Americans do that at home every day.
As with drug bans the gun bans will create additional criminal cartels filling the needs of people willing to pay cash.
We’ve banned drugs and know only too well that our addicts in in no danger of being cut off from their supplies.
Mexico has had a long-standing total ban on firearms.  That’s not worked out too well for them or the families of the 50,000 murdered there last year by the banned firearms.
Chicago, Washington DC and New York have had nearly total bans in place for decades.  Of course they are by far the most dangerous cities in America simply because only criminals have guns.
Gun Free Zones:
The gun control zealots got the grand idea to create and mark Gun Free Zones where gun possession is not tolerated.  Any recent massacres in the last tor or three decades are in these Gun Free Zones where criminals are well protected by the government!
Gun Shows:
The gun control zealots have singled out gun shows as places to to vent their anger.  I challenge anyone to give a single example of a rape, robbery or murder at any gun show in American history.  Millions of guns on display at thousands of shows and not a single violent event! 
Relaxed Concealed Carry Laws and Violence:
State after state has relaxed laws and ban to the carrying of loaded guns by the law-abiding.  The gun control zealots told every state legislature that allowing the carrying of guns will lead to massive bloodshed. 
The experience of the states that allow concealed weapons has been the exact opposite of what the gun control zealots have predicted.  Families are safer because they have the right to meaningful self-defense.
Gun Accidents:
Gun accidents have never been a significant problem in America.  We have nearly one gun for every man woman and child in civilian possession right now.  Both our population and the number of guns have never been higher but gun accidents are at an all time low. 
Cops Hate Gun Control Laws:
Politicians love to claim that law enforcement supports gun bans and restrictions.  They are talking only for the chiefs and superintendents that they appoint, never the rank and file street cop.  Police chiefs are politically appointed and must share the views of their mayors.  Street cops all know better as their own lives are on the line every day.   
The Gun Control Debate
Every time gun control is discussed and debated in America logic wins with our population.  Politicians have learned that they will be punished at the polls for restricting American’s self-defense rights.  They have not forgotten the massive wrath of voters after they passed the now expired so-called Assault Weapons Ban in 1994.  The voters appear smarter then the people they elect.

The mainstream media has a curious policy of following Liberal politicians straight to Hell and their slant has been countered by the new media. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Like I Said the Joker was Prohibited from Owning Firearms, The Government’s Brady Check System broke down, not the Law

Aurora, CO—The police chief here and the mainstream media redundantly reported what I suspected all along was pure baloney.  With authority and glee they all proclaimed that the firearms used in the Batman Massacre were all, “legally purchased”.  They all said that Holmes had no criminal record and bought the weapons within the law.  I knew that the dealers were careful but any failure was the government’s. 
The truth is that mass murder suspect, James Holmes lied on at least four known FFL# 4473 gun transfer applications.    Those forms are what the government uses to perform the Brady Background checks.   Each lie on a #4473 form is a separate felony crime that can net someone ten years in federal prison.
The truth had to surface sooner or later and now we know that Holmes was a patient of a University of Colorado psychiatrist, Dr. Lynn Fenton.  Dr. Fenton along with the University of Colorado Medical Center and their insurance carrier will have lots of explaining to do over the next several years as litigation both civil and criminal unfolds.
The normal doctor/patient privacy will collapse since the competency or mass murder suspect, James Holmes will undoubtedly be made very public.  We will all learn about his treatment, hospitalization and the drugs he was prescribed.  Trust me, there will be plenty of additional ghastly surprises!

Funding Big Cities Through a Reverse Tax—Incentives Can Make a Difference

Chicago, IL—All of America’s big cities are exclusively run by, Democrats.  They never met a tax they did not love and in fact they have strangled their local businesses to death.  Big city taxpayers and businesses flee by the droves or simply fall under the weight of taxation from every possible direction.
Big city taxes are job killers and that of course takes even more revenue from city treasuries.  Detroit is the poster child for a city that has taxed itself to death.  Cities in California are now filing bankruptcy one after another.  Inept and corrupt politicians are everywhere.
A reverse tax is needed to draw productivity and life back to the cities.  A reverse tax is simply payments or grants for businesses to create new life, business and jobs.
A simple revenue-generating program needs to begin for the motion picture business.  Perhaps it’s time to look at Europe, specifically Germany in this regard.  This is where I got the inspiration to write this article.  
I’m involved in the making of a feature film right now that should be and could be made in the USA.  However first I need investors or funds from every direction and I need a lot of them.  Films are considered risky investments.   I was able to find no less than $9 million in the form of a government cash grant; yes that’s a grant not a loan!  It’s coming from the German government! That’s about half of the total budget of what’s considered a low budget film!  Once I have half lined up it is so much easier to get the second half! 
The only requirement to get the money is that 25% of the filming must occur in Germany under the care of a German film producer.  More than 75% of the film I’m involved currently with can be made in Germany with ease!  Germany hands out the grants because they learned the grants generate badly needed jobs and revenue! 
Take Chicago and filmmaking.  Chicago invites filmmakers to the Windy City and proceeds to offer them all kinds of cooperation for a very hefty price.  Films are being made but not nearly enough.  State and local governments nickel and dime filmmakers to death from every form of permit fees and regressive taxation.  Making a film in Chicago is expensive and running off to film friendly Canada to fake Chicago is always an attractive alternative.
Germany on the other hand has done the math and found that these generous grants pay off well.   The returns on job generation, and money spent by filmmakers brings big returns to government coffers.
Chicago is in unique position to attract filmmakers because it’s a terrific film location. It has every kind of weather; massive parks, the lake, and huge vacant buildings that can be easily converted into sound stages.  If Germany can get the return on the investment, why can’t Chicago?
Mayor Emanuel’s brother, Ari Emanuel is probably the most powerful man in Hollywood right now.  He runs Endeavor, William Morris , the largest talent agency in the world.  The talent agencies, not the studios call the all the shots on American films. 
If the City of Chicago partnered with filmmakers it would be both lucrative and fun for everyone.   They need to somehow learn how to follow the German model. 
If the Emanuel brothers got serious with this window of opportunity they could bring billions to the Windy City and get great films and TV series made that would never otherwise see the light of day.  
By comparison California never figured out how to be film friendly and have lost hundreds of billions to Canada over the decades.   They call that phenomenon runaway production.  For example anything beyond making a home birthday party movie requires a minimum $1000.00 film permit in Los Angeles.   
No budget producers like me must resort to guerilla filmmaking.  Our crews have to keep a sharp eye out for the cops as we set up, shoot and scoot before they can stop us.  Perhaps lowering the fees and bureaucracy could be a good start.
The Great film director Werner Herzog learned long ago to not let government get in the way of his art.  Herzog goes so far as to suggest to his students that they forge film permits!  Perhaps local government paying the filmmakers instead of extorting from them might induce new life and business. 
If this works for Chicago they can do the same for any industry they want to attract.  Imagine a city that pays productive people and their businesses to stay and produce!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why are Some Arizona News Organizations Fighting in a Leftist Propaganda War?

Phoenix, AZ—Josef Goebbels said it well, “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.” This was one of several translated and paraphrased versions of the famous quote. It speaks volumes and reveals the propaganda expertise of a broadcasting genius employed specifically to handle public relations of the Nazi Regime of 1933-1945.

The truth is that although their power is rapidly waning too many broadcasters tell their audience what they want them to believe. To broadcast or publish commentary and opinion as they express a sacred First Amendment right is certainly reasonable and constitutionally protected. To bundle opinion inside of slanted news story shaping it for convincing others is not news but simply propaganda. Yes, that’s protected too.

Reporters and producers have immense power and Goebbels perfected its use to denounce Jews as criminals and parasites. They constantly warned the German population that the Jews were out to steal everything. That massive government, hate campaign made the confiscation of property and deportation Jews seem reasonable. No media organization anywhere ever exposed the carefully guarded Nazi secret of the Holocaust that they were engineering in Eastern Europe until it was discovered at the end of the war.

In America we had the closest political ally to another horrible despot, Josef Stalin using the radio for captive audiences for his Fireside Chats. That of course was Franklin D. Roosevelt. In the end only the war criminals of Japan and Germany faced justice. The Russian pigs murdered many millions and raped every woman or child they could find in Berlin for years during their occupation. The Russians escaped any and all justice for their massive war crimes altogether.

Okay we have to face the reality that the winners of wars never are prosecuted for their criminal acts and adding insult to injury, they get to write the history books too. Everything was branded by the broadcasters as good or evil depending on the opinion of the day. Heroes were turned into bums and bums were rebranded as heroes through the power of broadcast media and newspapers.

Currently in Arizona there is an epidemic of outrageous propaganda. Several news organizations have decided for the residents what public policy is right or wrong. Yes these news writers are on the extreme Left of the political spectrum. They have waged a propaganda war legitimizing criminal conduct and special harassment of anyone that disagrees. That’s the way it is at least as they see things. Americans have elected lawmakers that established immigration policy. Every nation has laws that restrict who can enter their borders. We have created a system and despite the fact there is insufficient support to repeal the laws many of our officials choose to criminally obstruct justice.

Some media organizations have gone so far as to take it upon themselves to legitimize the non-stop alien trespassing. To make matters worse they have waged a propaganda and harassment war on any officials that make any effort to do their sworn duty. The favorite targets of the propaganda wrath are Governor Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe Arpiao and Former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

For over four years there has been an accusation floating around about Barack Obama lacking the Constitutional requirement of being a natural born American citizen. Obama never once was required to prove his eligibility for the nation’s highest office. Americans need to show a certified copy of a birth certificate for all manner of participation related to government services. Obama was never properly vetted and rather than settle the issue paid lawyer well over a million dollars to avoid answering questions or producing the document.

Finally one day a purported birth certificate appeared on the Whitehouse website. It did not look right for a multitude of reasons. Several document examiners who are court certified experts say that it’s a fake that was created perhaps from a genuine birth certificate belonging to someone else. It’s been forged to be what it is not, a valid birth certificate.

When Sheriff Arpiao announced the findings rather than the local news organizations question the evidence they simply attacked the messenger, Sheriff Arpiao. They dominated the news conference with questions about immigration enforcement, and efforts by other government officials seeking to unlawfully eliminate immigration enforcement. Certain Arizona media organizations are dedicated to destroying any and every politician that does not share their Leftist agenda.

These Leftist propaganda machines of Phoenix simply ended any effort to report legitimate news. They instead take flack for and defended the politician of their choice to that they prefer to lead this nation. They do this under the color of journalism I say it’s wonderful to see the democratization of news since the Internet gives anyone the ability to reach millions with text, audio, photos and video.

Americans are beginning to feel their might as the days of the propagandist’s stranglehold on broadcasting and publishing are coming to a rapid end. For now only the inhabitants of America that are caught on the wrong side of the digital divide are saturated with disinformation from the Left. The good news is that poor and ignorant are of little help to media sponsors.

The so-called mainstream media is quickly fading off to the sunset as their former advertisers are now spending their money on YouTube citizen journalists. The political Left and their propagandists are in the fight for their lives.

They lost control over radio and now the emerging Internet informs more Americans every day about their rights to Liberty. Frankly the taste of freedom trumps anything that the Left has to offer.

What the Left can’t win with ballots they have a rich history of winning with bullets. We need to error on the side of freedom and liberty or we will have none. Not if but when they try this, Americans will be shooting back.

In recent years, KPHO-TV news in Phoenix has shockingly taken a sharp turn to the Left. Meredith Corporation really should stop pretending that they are broadcasting news. I will cite the example of investigative reporter Morgan Lowe who appears to be on a campaign to destroy anyone who shows any inclination to support immigration law enforcement.

Lowe is a bright fellow who happens to also be a lawyer and solid First Amendment Zealot. The sad part is Lowe’s love for freedom begins and ends with Free Speech issues. Lowe has been using his media position as a propaganda agent for the far Left. Whatever Lowe is doing, it’s not simply reporting news, he’s trying to sway, mold and control public opinion.

I have no difficulties with Lowe for advocating for the Obama Administration and to simply repeal existing immigration laws. I am personally committed to pick up a sword to fight for his right to do that. However it’s just not ethical or honest to deceive the public with this news-reporting masquerade. KPHO and any other organization that wants to advocate politically should rebrand their products from news to opinion and commentary. The so-called fairness doctrine thankfully is long dead. I see the current media propaganda effort as the final effort of a once important sinking ship with no hope. Down the road we will see reruns of old popular TV offerings like the Three Stooges in the time slots formerly held by proud journalists that had the ability to report news rather than advocate the direction of public policy.

News reporting will probably never be free of slant or advocacy. The bloggers seem to have offered a somewhat refreshing product of diverse opinions. The bloggers for the most part are only now gaining funding and learning how to gather and break news to our world. When that happens what we used to call the mainstream media, as we knew it, will be dead.

Goebbels may be long dead but his spirit and influence methods live on.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It was a System Breakdown Not Lax Gun Laws allowed the Batman Killer’s Weapon acquisitions

Aurora, CO.--James Holmes was more than a little disturbed.  We are learning that this troubled lad had raised numerous red flags to his mental condition that were ignored.
When a reporter initially contacted the suspect’s mother after the killings, she relayed that she knew her son was behind the massacre.  In the coming weeks we will find out that Holmes’ parents were desperately trying to get mental treatment for their son.
Holmes was a student in Colorado but a lawful resident of California.  That would have made any gun purchases in Colorado a federal felony crime.  The key evidence here was if he was paying his school out of state tuition fees.
When Holmes filled out the required FFL #4473 form for each firearm acquisition, he did not disclose his past mental health history as required.  Had he done so, the transfer would have been automatically denied. 
The FBI gun transfer instant background investigation failed to disclose his mental health history.  This is much more about the fight between mental patient privacy vs. public safety needs.  Mental health providers routinely withhold vital information from law enforcement, especially in California.
For authorities to say, “the firearms were purchased legally” was overly broad and way too premature.   It could be said that the dealers transferring the guns followed the law.  That’s just not the same thing. 
When Holmes attempted to join a gun club his obvious abnormal behavior was immediately noticed and his membership and dues payments were judiciously declined.
There was no oversight whatsoever of the sale oh his most deadly weapons.   Fortunately they were never successfully deployed.  They were the explosives.  By some miracle Holmes actually warned the police about how he his booby-trapped his apartment.
Explosives are nothing more than a mixture of relatively common chemicals and the connection of a detonation system.  With a little knowhow anyone can obtain and create explosives similar to what destroyed the Oklahoma Federal building.  Frankly there is no way to regulate the sale of bomb-making materials.  Police can only arrest after bombs are assembled and discovered or if a conspiracy to manufacture or use a bomb is somehow exposed.
The true status of the mental state of James Holmes will be made public in open court in the following weeks.  His only viable defense will be based on his inability to appreciate his conduct or to aid his lawyers.  Holmes has been living in a fictional comic book world envisioning himself as the master criminal known as the Joker.
Prosecutors will try and suggest that Holmes is legally sane and will argue the elaborate plans are proof that Holmes is competent.  That will be an uphill battle. 
At this juncture I’m convinced that James Holmes will not be standing trial but sent off for decades of rest and relaxation in a secure mental health facility.
As for this incident being the catalyst for revival of gun control efforts I’d say the public just got yet another sad but important education.  There has not been a mass shooting outside of a so-called Gun Free Zone in decades.  The public would much rather have had an armed George Zimmerman sitting in that theater audience than see so many innocents wounded and killed.
Americans have grown desperately tired of being forced to submit to thugs, rapists, robbers and killers without the ability to employ meaningful self-defense.  The false promise and abject failure of Gun Control has been exposed at every level.  We are also leaning that the long time and total civilian gun ban of Mexico has done absolutely nothing to prevent or even slow down the 50,000 murders there just last year.
Update:  The mother of James Holmes explained that some ABC producer quoted her incorrectly.  That makes perfect sense after the accused the killings on a Tea Party member with a similar name.

Gun Free Zones Don’t Deserve our Patronage, Boycott the Bastards

Most Americans live in states that have taken steps to allow its citizens the right to meaningful Self-Defense.  In many states however the corporate leaders somehow have been given the authority to trample on our self-defense rights by posting notices banning firearms. Such was the case at the Aurora, CO movie theater where the Batman Massacre happened.
I have a lot of friends that have told me they just ignore those signs like they don’t see them.  The way many of the signs are posted it is reasonable to raise the valid defense that the notice was insufficient avoiding conviction on a trespass charge.   
I say look for the signs and if they have created a Gun Free Zone, why give them your business and hard earned cash?  If it’s a shopping mall its all a better reason to give your money to Amazon,com and punish the offending business.
Now some are suggesting that TSA style gropers be brought in to our shopping malls and movie houses to help them enforce their Gun Free Zones.  That would and should put any mall that tired this straight into bankruptcy Hell.
Liberty loving Americans need to vote with our wallets.  Simply boycott every Gun Free Zone.  That will send a quick and clear message to the retailers.   Cancel your store issued credit cards and tell them you won’t do business with them until they respect your liberty and personal safety.  
At least a third off all Americans strongly support gun rights and any malls losing a full third of their revenue would have to change their ways in a hurry or simply shut down.
The largest offender in the nation is Minnesota’s Mall of American.  They should become the biggest target of gun owner’s wrath.  Our might is not because of our guns, but because of our hard earned money.  We can take the Gun Free Zones and make them a sad chapter of history. 
Please pass this on to as many gun owners as you can so we can make a difference.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Emergency Medicine is Saving More Gunshot Victims than ever Before!

Aurora, CO—The Batman Massacre and the statistics everywhere demonstrate that gunshot wounds are now fatal less than 10% of the time.  The Viet Nam War and thousands of ghetto shootings have given medical providers the experience necessary to really save our lives.
Gunshot wounds are puncture wounds that self-seal because of our elastic skin and tissue.   Knife wounds are far more complex because blood vessels remain wide open from the cutting.    I know this only too well from my days as an Army medical corpsman.
Taking care of victims of violence is really like being a plumber.  You must quickly stop the leaks and replace the lost fluid through IV infusion.  That’s where the EMTs come in.  Once at the hospital X-Rays are taken and any wounds to the chest or abdomen must be opened and the damage repaired with quick and skillful fingers along with sutures.  Sometimes bullets can remain inside your body inflicting less trauma than trying to remove them.   I’ve seen bullets that have somehow worked their way to the skin a decade after a shooting and then get removed easily!
By far the most difficult cases involve spine and brain injuries.  Our vital organs cant function without signals from our brains carried through our spinal cords. 
Some of our vital organs such as kidneys, lungs, come in pairs and we can get by most of the time with just one well-functioning organ.  The liver and many other organs can be saved even if seriously damaged.
A man I shot is actually living a normal life today after five hollow point bullets struck him from my .38, J frame S&W.  If I had not shot him he surly may have died prematurely as a result of two huge impacted and seriously infected gallstones the size of his thumbs.  He was avoiding the doctors for his pain and serious alcoholism.   The trauma surgeon luckily spotted and corrected the problem by mere chance. 
Thankfully the miscreant was unable to operate his Colt Gold Cup .45 after one of my rounds did serious nerve damage to his arm.  May attacker’s injuries were critical but he was soon stable and out of danger because of excellent care at Scottsdale memorial Hospital/Osborn.
The victims of the Batman Massacre were shot by high velocity rounds fired from a .223 rifle.  They are much more deadly than the average handgun bullets. 
Our hospital emergency rooms and fire departments are staffed with true miracle workers.  In the ghettos of Chicago I’ve dealt with people that have survived as many as three separate shootings! 
No, it’s not like on TV where the man is shot and the bullet forces him over a car and into a plate glass window.  For you folks that depend on firearms for self-defense you really need to spend quality time on the range.  Of course your goal is to defeat and stop your attackers not kill them. 
I tell my CCW students that their best protection is always conflict avoidance.  You may shoot an attacker who more than likely will be able to inflict serious injury or death upon you in the process.  That can happen even minutes after you’ve shot him even if his wounds later prove fatal.   After they’re shot criminals can usually still stab, slash and shoot.  

Was the Batman Killer, James Holmes a Victim of Government Mind Control Experiments?

Aurora, CO—The entire nation has learned that a gifted scholar, James Holmes somehow went off the deep end killing and maiming scores of movies goers.  
Thankfully these incidents are not something we have to deal with often even with our 300 million plus population and recently reaffirmed gun rights.
Normally when people are involved in horrific event such as the Batman Movie Massacre they have displayed lots aberrant behavior before they manifest such extreme misconduct.  Usually these troubled souls have been arrested, hospitalized or discovered doing lower profile criminal acts long before anything really serious happens.
James Holmes was a gifted student that took a wide turn from a path of excellence to dropping out of his PhD program.  Holmes then commits mass murder and absolute mayhem.  We are all asking ourselves why and no one has rational answers.
There has been a massive local, state and federal investigation into the history of this 24 year-old neuroscience scholar.  So far nobody can even begin to explain the demons that were apparently driving James Holmes. 
I’m now looking into the science of neuroscience as I begin to suspect that the answers may lie there. 
It’s no secret that our government has over the last six decades have conducted absolutely barbaric experiments on human subjects.  They include American military servicemen that were drugged, hypnotized and programmed in every possible way as robotic drones.  
We also now know that the Obama Administration facilitated hundreds of murders including two of our own federal agents via their Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal.  The motive for that effort was simply to create a propaganda advantage for their gun control propaganda efforts.  It has all backfired and now the nation’s top prosecutor is in Contempt of Congress and may face disbarment and worse.
Are the evil architects behind Fast and Furious above using mind control experimentation on a patsy to create yet another propaganda opportunity?  Are we somehow supposed to pretend our own government would never do such a thing? 
Our own government has been caught red-handed doing this over and over.  Lives have been destroyed in the process and government has never once been held accountable.  Is the Obama Administration somehow above this kind of behavior?
We must demand the answers here.
James Holmes may not have to face the death penalty if convicted of the Batman Murders.  Colorado has the death penalty on the books but since 1977 only one man was executed and that was Gary Lee Davis who was given a lethal injection on 13 October 1997.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Exploiting The Batman Mass Murders for Political Gain.

Mass Murder Suspect James Holmes. 24
Aurora, CO—The nation is saddened by this the senseless killings by a gunman taking advantage of another Gun Free Zone.
The Liberal gun rights haters won’t let the investigation unfold or the bodies of the dead get cold before they suggest all manner of blame.  The Tea Party has already been blamed and I’m waiting to hear that it’s Bush’s fault.
I too need to investigate and weigh in on this tragedy but first I need some simple facts.  Just who is 24 year-old James Holmes? How does one transition from a promising medical student to mass murderer? 
PhD students don’t usually surface in violent events so there must be a lot to learn about mental health system failures and such here.  We can all guess what motivated this guy or where his weapons came from.
The deadly explosive devices police say he placed in his apartment were not purchased at some local Walmart.  
Before I begin to assign blame I will have more than wild and unsupported accusations to make.  I’m sure this disturbed fellow placed lots of information around the web we can study.  Let’s look for it and then we will talk.
By the way I don't think this will somehow win votes for Obama. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prisons and Jails Could Save Needed Millions with E-mail and Skype for Inmates.

Our prisons uniformly hate the idea of making any technology available to inmates.  Prisons and jails by necessity employ really low wattage folks that cannot grasp even the simplest of computer tasks.
Right now any mail to inmates must be opened, read and examined for cleverly concealed narcotics.  That costs a bundle and sometimes seriously delays the mail to the inmates.
They need not make computers available to inmates but they could create inmate e-mail accounts for purposes of simply receiving the mail.  Two things swill happen.  For one, the inmates will get more mail but the likelihood of smuggled narcotics is totally eliminated.  The second is that it will be a lot easier for staff members to save the communications for intelligence and investigative purposes.
If e-mail was instituted it could be a perk granted or withdrawn as inmate behavior dictates. 
I’m also a big fan of Skype.com to replace maximum-security non-contact visitation.  Why waste resources searching and dealing with visitors when they need not even enter prison facilities?
Pass this idea on to prisons and governors everywhere.  Inmate families are usually poor and prisons are located far away from them. Why victimize families for what an inmate has done? 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Big Mistake by the Obama Birth Certificate Forger

Phoenix, AZ—Sheriff Joe Arpaio deserves criticism for the treatment of prisoners not convicted of crimes being held in his jail.   Those are arrested people that deserve the presumption of innocence that Joe’s punitive jail mocks.
Joe failed in his selection of a disloyal Chief Deputy that had been a really poor choice.  On the other hand a loyal and fine man was castigated and banished from his administration in error.  Joe is a lot of things and perfect is not one of them.  I have known Joe from before he was elected. 
I do agree with him on many issues. 
I have to respect the science of document examination and the evidence there points to the forgery pictured above.  There are also serious signs that the forger of the Obama birth certificate released by the Whitehouse did not understand codes and numbers associated with the document.  Analysis of the numbers and code revealed that the document is not genuine.  The evidence is more than compelling.
The biggest error came as a result of the age of the document forger.  He or she was obvoulsy too young to be aware of correct terms used to classify what we today call African-Americans.  The creator of the phony document listed Obama’s race as African.  That is a huge red flag because that term was not applied as a race title until well into the 1980’s.  That term and the moniker, Black would have been considered politically incorrect and racist back when Obama was born.  The proper term throughout history until the late 1970’s was Negro. The government did not change this until well into the 1980s.
Additionally the United States government standardized the acceptable terms for all identification documents.  Eventually Negro became an apparent derogatory term that sensitive politically correct Americans abandoned in the 1980’s.
This so-called birth certificate document was the product of a criminal conspiracy.  It needs to be investigated by Congress and the State of Hawaii.   The problem here is politics prevents the orderly administration of justice.  Democratic politicians have total control and are breaking the law by obstructing justice. 
Law and order has broken down in America and the government is now lawless.  All Americans have a duty to insure justice is done.   

Video--Hundreds of African-Americans Attack and Rob Wal-Mart

Jacksonville, FL—A mob of more than 300 violent African-Americans were caught on video storming, looting and doing major damage to a local Wal-Mart here last night.  Make no mistake this is terrorism and it's happening here.  Where is Homeland Security and Janet Napolitano
Is this the first major shot fired in an American race war?  There are sure to be more attacks before our summer is over.  The major media is doing all they can to play down the disturbing racial aspects of this vicious attack. The video has been removed by YouTube I guess it was too explosive. The truth is explosive and lots of people can't handle the truth.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chicago Cops And Duty Disability Pension Issues

Chicago, IL—A local newspaper did a front-page story on cops who were deemed injured on duty and unable to do police work.  The story seems to suggest abuse and malingering by those injured while protecting others.
They cited a few officers that went on to new careers and have left the city never to return.  I can’t really see how this is newsworthy.  Millions of people receive similar benefits, though most are from private insurance plans.  Some of the insurance plans are far better than others.  The City of Chicago is self-insured.
Cops must say fit as they face injuries constantly.  People assault cops on a regular basis and a busy cop gets slammed into walls or worse routinely.   The rough stuff for cops begins in training where recruits are injured in defensive tactics and physical agility classes.  The human body can only take so much abuse.
The City of Chicago used to have a light duty program for injured cops.  I remember a cop confined to a wheelchair that was assigned as a police dispatcher despite his double leg amputation.  He proudly wore his police star and gun every day.   He lived to work in his chosen profession.
For some reason the city became committed to disarming injured cops whenever they could.  The Illinois courts however ruled that a disabled cop on pension was still a peace officer and could carry a gun whenever they wanted to do so.
Cops like anyone else have the right to convalesce anywhere they choose including Europe.
It was the city that made some peculiar rules  that prevented officers from working limited duty assignments.  Frankly many of them would rather remain somewhat active in a limited capacity than to vegetate at home doing nothing. 
If an officer can’t work at the position he was hired for he should not be penalized for attempting to take up another career.  Perhaps some think these cops should just curl up and die rather than try and function.
Officer Jim McMullan was nearly killed and remains a quadriplegic after being shot on duty.  He began a second career as a TV reporter at WBBM-TV.  Needless to say that was an overly ambitious effort that could not be sustained because of the excessive cost to transport the crippled officer around town to work.  He has since began marketing applesauce from a family recipe.  Is it fair for the city to try and destroy this officer’s attempt and staying useful?  This hero is only alive because he has had the will to not let his devastating injury destroy him.  
I guess we can extend this discussion to Social Security that gives disability benefits to criminals and drug addicts because they are unemployable.  Members of Congress and politicians everywhere get wonderful benefits.
We generally consider public safety workers worthy of the promise that if they are injured taking risks on our behalf that they will be treated well.   We cannot lose sight of what we ask these men and women to do for us.  We must continue to protect them and their future. 

The American Economy and Way of Life is as dead as Dillinger

Washington, DC—We are over-populated with the ignorant, the needy and criminals.  Government at every level is over-bloated and cannot be sustained.  Pensions everywhere are bankrupt or will be very soon. 
We have taxed the productive people to the point of forcing them to flee a very real form of slavery.  We have become  a police state.  American citizenship has been greatly devalued.
There is little incentive to manufacture products here.  The nation is at a point of despair.   With our massive economic downturn government at every level has grown and become even more oppressive.
Soon you can expect critics of government corruption and mismanagement to be silenced and their words banned as Hate Speech. 
Every business we drive away from our shores brings unemployment.  That takes significant numbers of productive people and places them on the dole.  In turn creates more helpless dependents that become too discouraged to ever be productive again.
We’ve allowed or public school system to become a program for day care, complete with free breakfast and lunch.  American teachers have been programed into being uninspiring, pathetic and totally mediocre.   Teachers have been reduced to only being concerned with their unions, tenure and seniority. Our children graduate from high schools as barely functional illiterates. 
We have let our politicians turn the Drug War and threat of terrorism into a massive freedom stealing, government jobs program.
We have forced Americans and legal aliens to compete with millions of illegal aliens for work, housing, medical care and government entitlements.  The illegal aliens manage to unlawfully find their way into the voting booths supporting politicians that give them our precious tax money.
We are getting much closer to the society envisioned by the prophetic, film Soylent Green.  Euthanasia, forced abortions along with more enslavement and misery is in our future. 
Passports and the ability to leave America will be reserved for the politically connected.   A new, Berlin Wall is in the making.  It’s only a matter of time before our citizens  begin to risk their lives to immigrate to non-Communist nations.  Will we be imprisoned or perhaps shot if we are discovered trying to flee?
The upcoming Presidential election simply is a race between two known Socialists.  No matter who wins, Americans lose.  The two-party political system in America is dead.
Perhaps the only salvation will be for freedom loving Americans to take to arms as our founding fathers knew we would have to some day.  What that means is we will suffer some serious population reduction in the form of yet another horrible human  holocaust.
We can either choose to live as slaves to a Fascist police state or we can re-earn our freedom through massive human sacrifice.  The entrenched Socialists in the Congress and Whitehouse have no intention of simply restoring our Bill of Rights. 
Governments are never the solution and always the problem.  Our founding fathers understood this only too well. 
If I sound pessimistic it’s because of the fact that what’s past is always prologue.  It is the inherent failing of the human race.   A second and much bloodier Civil War is inevitable in America.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It’s time for a Chicago Parking Meter Revolt

Chicago, IL—I got a rude surprise the other day when I went to lunch with a delightful Belgium actress. We went to an old hangout, R.J. Grunts near Clark Street and Dickens Ave. I did not know about the new pay stations and there were none in sight.

I parked and we had a nice lunch. When I returned I discovered that some civilian issued my borrowed Hummer two computer-generated citations. I also failed to notice that the vehicle I was driving was missing a front license plate. I was sandbagged and became an extortion victim to the tune of $110.00.

Because of this crappy experience I have purchased my last meal in Chicago, ever. I will only dine in the suburbs from now on. I won’t shop or buy gasoline in that city. Chicago won’t get a dime from me ever again.

If I had any free time at all I would have destroyed as many parking pay stations as I could for sweet revenge. I know my cop friends have no interest in catching anyone destroying these devices that are strangling everyone with excessive fees and draconian enforcement.

The machines are there for one reason, corruption.   In days gone by getting seats in popular restaurants at noon was a challenge. Not anymore because, like me the former customers have little interest in supporting crooked politicians and their friends.

 I’m so glad I don’t live in Chicago anymore.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Surviving Crime at Chicago’s Marina City

Chicago, IL—I lived at Marina City for about eight years during the 1970’s.  It was a safe place, well at least people thought so, but I soon learned ignorance was bliss.
In this nice building containing 900 apartments there was a grocery store, drug store, dry cleaners, a three screen movie theater, ice skating rink, bowling alley and health club.  Of course don’t let me forget the marina below that could at one time store 900 boats. 
I was one of several cops that lived in the building. As cop we had perks such as the ability to park and retrieve our own cars.  The parking garage needed all the help they could get keeping local thugs from stealing cars or vehicle contents.  Of course our encounters with criminals were, for the most part  kept under wraps as not to disturb the residents. 
I liked to walk to Pizzeria Uno or the Billy Goat to bring back some of what I consider the more important food groups.  Occasionally I’d encounter prolific African-American criminals  out on the prowl looking for victims at night.  I had tombstone courage back then and usually a large gun or even two to deal with anything dangerous. 
I also handled security at an off-duty gig at the old Continental Trailways Bus Terminal at 20 E. Randolph.  Sometimes it was a chore to be able to avoid trouble while walking to this job because of the local thugs.  Yes, I made numerous arrests near Marina City over the years.
Crime in the building was somehow considered rare to Marina City residents.  I guess two known murders, a dozen home invasions in a decade qualifies as rare. 
Of course there was that one-man crime wave during this period by one of the brave knights hired by the building to keep it safe.  Al Washington was an armed and uniformed guard licensed and working for The Andy Frain Security Company. 
Somehow Washington got ahold of the master keys to the apartments.  This was during the transition period when the building was being converted to condominiums.  Washington simply entered apartments and took whatever he could carry.  Cash, guns jewelry, cameras simply vanished.  We could only imagine what the highly identifiable and recognizable Washington would have done to anyone who discovered him in the act.
During that period there were more than a few people that were thought to have committed suicide after they fell, jumped or were pushed off their balconies.  It was always the same, their bodies created a monumental mess and police would find their apartment doors locked.
It was manager Morris Swibel, not the cops that cracked this case by grilling the nervous and sweating Washington in his office.  Swibel suggested that the security guard wipe the sweat off his face.  Washington pulled out a handkerchief  from his pocket and the master keys popped right out on Swibel’s desk!  I can’t prove Washington murdered anyone but I can’t help but think about that suicide scenario.  Of course Washington had the keys, motive, means and opportunity. 
If you wonder why I write about this now, it is to educate the residents of Marina City and similar yuppie apartment dwellers of the very real dangers that they often don’t appreciate.  These are the same people that wear seat belts while driving cars and helmets when on bicycles.  But they’re never prepared for the very real possibility rape, robbery, or murder.
My neighbors in the 1970’s were no different than today’s residents.  They thought that the cops and building security workers were quick and efficient.    The truth is that that’s a myth for sure.  There’s never a cop when you need one.   Jim Reardon was both a cop and armed when he was murdered in the walkway by the old  Marina City coffee shop.
Folks, despite what you have been brainwashed to believe.  It is you, not the police or security workers responsible for the safety of you and your families.  Most city dwellers are simply brain dead when it comes to planning how to survive. 
A whistle, cell-phone or a can a pepper spray is truly worthless in the face of a determined attacker.  You are going to take a trip to the hospital or morgue if you are not prepared to take meaningful steps to protect yourself.   You need training and a handgun as much or more than seatbelts and helmets.
Don’t worry about Chicago’s unconstitutional gun laws.  They are no longer enforceable anyway.  Training is important as well is a sufficient size gun.  Use the gun if you must then flee for your own safety after you use it because your attacker/s may have more accomplices nearby. 
Do not call police or answer questions if they contact you after a shooting.  Ask for a lawyer.   You have no duty to report your use of deadly force or answer questions.  Any lawyer will tell you that cooperating with police after a shooting s a terrible idea. 
Go home, settle down and be glad you survived.
It’s time that you reevaluate your own worth as a person.  You are important to your families, employers and friends.  You have an absolute duty, not just a right to protect yourself.  Don’t let Chicago’s pathetic politicians deprive you of your right to exist. 
If you wound or kill an attacker,  it was him not you that sealed his fate.  You also will be doing others a favor by incapacitating a dangerous felon perhaps forever. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creatively Dealing With Mob Violence without Firearms

Chicago, IL—I had lunch yesterday with a lovely retired lady cop in the Windy City.   She has enjoyed retirement as she plots her exit from Illinois tax slavery and this corrupt and bankrupt metropolis.
After lunch I walked this gal to her car and we talked about how the law abiding citizens and how they are forced to become bait for mobs of thugs by unconstitutional gun laws forced upon them by moronic politicians.  To my surprise she had a very creative and effective solution!

With the plague of criminal Flash Mobs violently assaulting tourists and yuppies in Chicago's Loop and Near North Gold Coast areas people need protection. 
Of course because of HR 218 (The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act) she can carry a loaded firearm nearly anywhere she wants.  But her first line of defense is not the gun!  She’s got a big can of Raid Insect killer!
As scientists have raced to find non-lethal and non-toxic sprays like tear gas and pepper spray that will only temporarily disable an attacker there are other ways.
The pepper sprays are not so reliable.  Drunks  and insane attackers don’t respond well to the gentle applications of the non-lethal stuff.
The answer is in the deadly chemicals the Insect killer provides.  Permanent blindness and death can result with the application.  Of course you need to get the spray to your attackers before they get to you.  The Wasp and Hornet spray is perfect because it’s designed to spray 20 feet to kill entire nests of these aggressive insects.
No cop can arrest anyone for mere possession of a spray can even though many jurisdictions have gone out of their way to ban even non-lethal defense weapons!
Of course deploying insect spray on an attacker must be because your attackers have reasonably placed you in fear of being beaten, robbed, raped, seriously injured or killed.  Anytime you have more than one attacker deadly force through the use of deadly weapons are justified.
It’s really very simply spray your assailants directly in the eyes and faces.  Let the thugs suck in the fumes of today’s version of Zyclon B!  Then make your escape.
As always if the police are able to locate you later you should immediately say nothing beyond requesting to have a lawyer.  Don’t deny or admit anything!  Of course telling them you had to use the spray to defend yourself may well get you arrested.