Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Playing Politics With Roman Polanski

Los Angeles, CA—In a bankrupt state that is trying to figure a way to release 60,000 criminals from their prisons, it’s obvious that fugitive film director Roman Polanski is serving as pure entertainment. Is this just a way for L.A. County DA Steve Cooley to get some much needed press attention?

I know that despite a broken plea agreement, the fact that Polanski actually already served prison time or there was judicial and prosecutorial misconduct, many Americans want Polanski punished even more.

Public safety is hardly an issue since Polanski has not set foot on American soil in over three decades. At age 76, Polanski is incapable of ever committing any similar crimes again.

To facilitate the extradition taxpayers will be required to spend a bundle litigating the issue in a Swiss court. After that they must arrange secure taxpayer funded transportation and housing getting Polanski to Los Angeles. That is far from cheap.

Once Polanski arrives, tax payers get punished some more while the validity of the plea agreement that was broken by a corrupt judge is hashed out. Adding to this silliness is the fact that Samantha Greiner and her family want Polanski left alone. Chances are they will set Polanski free anyway and he may then be even able to travel to America freely. what’s the point of putting up this Circus? .

Putting Polanski in a costly international perp walk is a self-serving exercise for D.A. Steve Cooley.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Restaurant Takeover Robbers Get Help from the Business owners!

Phoenix, AZ—I personally lobbied at the Arizona Legislature on gun control issues for many years. I’d like to think the concealed weapon law that exists passed with my personal influence. Most of the language including the provision to keep the records private I wrote myself. The primary sponsor of that Legislation was the late, Dave Carson who served in the House of Representatives from Prescott. It was a hard fought battle that was nothing short of a stunning success.

People with the permits were stopping crimes and those people committing gun crimes never have the permits. Law enforcement officers are comfortable on traffic stops when motorists flash the permits. The law unquestionably enhances public safety.

Finally the law was amended so you can have dinner in a restaurant that serves alcohol and carry your permitted concealed weapon. You can even be present in a tavern provided you’re not drinking alcoholic beverages.

Bills to allow that passed before but were vetoed by the former governor who now serves as the Secretary for Homeland Insecurity with the new Marxist Obama administration.

Naturally there are a bunch of corporate fools that own restaurants that are simply afraid of concealed weapons. Fear of the unknown bothers a lot of people. The new law allows for these establishments to post signs banning firearms. The people with the permits will go simply go elsewhere but armed criminals will always go where they want regardless of Gun Free Zone signs.

Now the takeover robbers can be assured all of the law abiding people in these place are really unarmed. They can have their way with the staff and patrons without any interference. How nice! Let’s get the word out so the places without the gun prohibitions can be avoided by robbers, rapists and killers.

If you don’t care about guns either way or hate guns you will be safer if the place you patronize does not advertise they are a Gun Free Zone. Why would you dare put yourself and famlily at risk in these places? Would you put a sign on your own home advertising the occupants are unarmed?

By the way, if you consume alcohol while armed in these places it’s still a crime even with a permit. Guns and alcohol don’t mix well. This law is for sober people who have a right to protect themselves and families.

Twilight Zone Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Los Angeles, CA-There was once a little guy of Five-feet-four with a slight build. He answered the call of duty during World War Two where he was seriously wounded and earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. This tenacious little man made a big impact during his time on this earth.

This man was a writer breaking ground in the new media of television entertainment. His writing covered a lot of ground but his flashback nightmares of the war gave him ideas for his most memorable and wonderful TV series, Twilight Zone. Twilight Zone first came to our television sets 50 years ago in October of 1959.

The Twilight Zone treatment and a few of its early 20 minute scripts sat idle and grew hair for 11 years until some CBS suit took a gamble on this strange show and gave it a green light.

The series ran for five years and featured some wonderful actors including my dear friend, actress Ann Jillian who at age 13 starred in an episode called, The Mute.

Steven Spielberg made his film trilogy with the same name and soon Leonardo DiCaprio will resurrect this concept once again.

The little writer with the huge talent of course was Rod Serling. In 1975, Serling died at the young age of 50 from those nasty cigarettes, two heart attacks and failed heart surgery.

I got to meet his widow, Carol Serling several years ago at Theater Palisades when she stopped by to watch yet another run of her husband’s play, Requiem For A Heavyweight.

Serling broke ground bringing his recurrent social themes to the small screen that displayed the worst and best of human behavior.

Of course there are so many other works Serling left for us including the Night Gallery series. I think it’s safe to say there are many more Twilight Zone TV marathons and remakes in our future.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Killing African-Americans—Meet The New KKK IN Chicago

Chicago, IL—They went out and terrorized the African-Americans with savage brutality. They intimidated and murdered, being inspired by pure hate.

They said the Ku Klux Klan’s days were over. They said the Klan was run out of America but they were wrong. The new KKK is here and hateful as ever. Age and sex does not matter to these bigots as they keep the Cook County Morgue, and hospital emergency rooms overflowing with genuine hate crime victims.

The killing of Chicago’s African-Americans is so effective it can be considered genocide. The old KKK did not hold a candle to Chicago's new breed.

The new Klan kills with more effectiveness than ever. They are diligently working on the Final Solution to the African-American Problem. They are more frightening than ever. Today the new breed of hate mongers, are themselves, all African-American like their victims.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Games, No Extortion, No Corruption In 2016

Chicago, IL—Why give corrupt city bagman the unlimited opportunity to extort cash from every business or vender involved with the 2016 Olympics?

Why should visitors and athletes from all over the world be at the mercy of Chicago street gangs that outnumber cops by 75 to one?

Why are they hiding the truth from Chicago’s taxpayers about the fact they will be paying for this horrible mistake for the next four or five decades?

Why is the local Chicago media involved in the suppression of any reports about the resistance to the 2016 Olympics?

Chicago’s Savages, A Intimate Look

Chicago, IL—Chicago’s African-American culture of violence once again manifested itself in the brutal beating death of 17 year-old, Derrion Albert.
A video shows the orgy of violence between two groups. No word on the origin of their dispute has managed to surface. The video was shot at on the 300 block of West 111th Street.

In the meantime Mayor Daley blows money on the Olympics instead of dealing with less important matters such as human life. Every decision whether to pay contractors for things Chicago does not need or to hire more cops, ends with generous extortion payments disguised as campaign contributions from the contractors.

So far, no arrests have been made in this insurrection.

Watch the sanitized video of these wonderful people having fun below:

Breaking News! Roman Polanski May Face Extradition To Los Angeles

Zurich, Switzerland—The Associated Press has reported that Swiss authorities have arrested fugitive film director, and Holocaust survivor, Roman Polanski.

The arrest was in connection with a warrant issued after Los Angeles authorities reneged on a plea agreement they entered into with Polanski, 76 on charges related to sexual activity with a willing 13 year old girl in 1977.

Recently in Los Angeles, lawyers for Polanski have taken up this matter asking that the warrant be quashed and any orders to punish Polanski outside the original plea agreement be vacated. So far the courts have ruled that in order for Polanski’s request to even be considered he must surrender to the court. That ruling is currently under appeal but may be mute if Polanski is returned to L.A.

Polanski had traveled to Zurich for a film festival where he was to receive an award. Instead Polanski was arrested.

Polanski will be able to contest his extradition before a Swiss court. We will have to wait and see what happens there.

For more information my previous stories can be found here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Violence In Chicago Public Schools And Of Course Race

Chicago, IL—Segregation or violence in Chicago public schools never was a serious issue until the Supreme Court struck down the one-year residency requirement as a qualification to receive free money or public assistance.

Southern politicians gave all of their freeloaders $5.00 and a free one way bus ticket sending them to the Northern big cities. You see Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin all paid three or four times in welfare what Mississippi and Alabama did. Yes, the migrants were nearly 100% African-American.

The migrants brought their poverty, ignorance and crime with them. Real estate in Chicago was manipulated through the infamous blockbusting explosion and the vertical ghetto was born. The migrants were given fee housing in sprawling new high rise buildings. The migrants were not used to running water, sanitation matters or living in a crowded urban environment.

The results were horrible. The vertical ghettos became incredibly miserable. The inmates preyed upon each other. The culture became one of extreme violence, revenge, stealing, cheating and avoiding responsibility. Public officials patronized and exploited the migrants at every opportunity. The best way to do that was with free money handouts stolen from hardworking taxpayers.

Mandatory education should have helped the migrants with their defective culture but the idea of schooling just did not work well. They migrant kids and their teachers simply took up space for the most part.

What was worse was the ghetto violence spilled over into the schools. Chicago public schools facilitated extortion through murder. They never had nearly enough armed cops to protect the children. Children of different races cannot safely co-exist in these schools. The result is minimal and a sub-standard education.

No effort was ever made to change the culture or lack of moral values of the disadvantaged migrant kids. The social disaster is the same in every large city in America.

That famous school desegregation case, Brown v. Board of Education was an imperfect solution to a problem in an imperfect world. It is however the law of the land according to the Warren Court. The Liberal Warren Court held separate was never equal even if the segregation was unintended. After the Brown case schools only got worse.

Racial or hate violence in the schools is not necessary. Segregation is far less evil than race-based beating, raping, stabbed and shooting. I would never ever send my kids to an integrated public school in Chicago. There are some suburban districts that had some diversity and better reputations. Those schools are now being flooded with displaced Cabrini-Green and Robert Taylor ghetto babies and become unsafe.

Colleges just don’t have the problems of the K through 12 schools. Their students are there to learn and accept responsibility.

We should have learned long ago that as Rodney King once asked, “Can’t we all just get along?” is not reality.

We have to work for social justice with other means than forcing people to integrate. Most the so-called civil rights laws have taken more freedom than they have given. Forcing anyone to do something they don’t want to do is wrong and counterproductive.

We can’t force brotherly love on each other but we can set examples. I think we have a much higher duty than the law provides to treat each other the way we want to be treated. MLK who I disagree with on many areas, got it 100% right when he said that “we need to judge others not on the color of their skin by the content of the character.”

Let Rosanna Pulido Return Freedom And Dignity To Chicago Area Residents.

Chicago, IL—In The Fifth Congressional District there is a need for a strong Liberty loving voice demanding a return to the American principals our founding fathers risked everything to provide for us.

Politicians from both parties have lost their way as they fallen into a trap of big government corruption. Greed has become the prime motivator that has caused politicians to put Americans into virtual tax slavery and total dependence on government for the basic right to exist.

Rosanna Pulido has a plan to return opportunity, freedom, and self-reliance to the once proud Americans living in her district.

Chicago was put on the road to ruin by the Daley/Burke Crime Families that brought us the Marxist regime of Barack Obama. That bunch needs to be derailed for good.

Chicagoans can take back their rights and make that city and its suburbs an attractive place for businesses and families to prosper. Chicago’s businesses have fled in droves taking their jobs and prosperity with them. Chicago will never again prosper with the same old politicians who sold their souls so long ago.

Pulido is a strong supporter of our soldiers, veterans and first responders. She is also a fighter for the right Americans have to defend themselves, families and country. Pulido wants the gun rights of Chicagoans that have been stolen by the Daley/Burke Cartel returned for good.

Visit Pulido’s website here.

An NRA NEWS correspondent caught up with Pulido on a bus headed for Springfield. She traveled there to get the massage to legislators that the law-abiding people deserve the right to self-defense.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Manson Girl, Susan Atkins Dead At 61

Chowchilla, CA—She was the dean of California’s incarcerated women having been locked up longer than any other woman in the Golden State’s prison system. Yesterday Susan Atkins finally died of brain cancer.

Her 1969 crimes were an orgy of nasty killings that left at least seven dead. Susan Atkins seemed to have eventually come to her senses and embraced remorse, regret and resignation for the horror she so willingly helped unleash in Los Angeles.

Atkins not only participated in the destruction of the victim’s lives but she destroyed her own along the way. She and her co-killers beat a well deserved death sentence but living the rest of their lives as a caged wild animals may have been much worse than a quick death in San Quentin’s gas chamber.

Atkins death has not ended the suffering or sense of loss of the Manson family victim’s loved ones. Closure by punishment is not the victim’s Nirvana that prosecutors claim. There may be a tiny measure of satisfaction at the idea of justice being done but nothing really can make the wrongs somehow right.

I don’t know what anyone gained by not letting Atkins die in some private hospice rather than a prison medical facility. That was indeed a hollow exercise.

It’s is too bad that Atkins never got an opportunity to make a contribution to the society that had disposed and condemned her.

There are still several other Manson followers waiting their turn to die in prison for things they did as drugged up, confused kids in another lifetime. It’s too bad that these fools could not somehow go back and reverse the horror they unleashed so long ago.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ACORN And Their Criminal Staff Members Sue Those Vigilante Journalists

Baltimore, MD—It’s really all about evil words that rolled off of the tongues of ACORN community consultants, Tonja Thompson and Shera Williams. These two ladies eagerly entered into a criminal conspiracy to facilitate theft, bank fraud, tax fraud, prostitution, money laundering, immigration crimes and of course child prostitution.

The civil complaint was filed today by ACORN’s lawyers in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. If the case survives the summary judgment phase it conceivably will be sent to a jury where a simple majority vote would prevail.

Thompson and Williams are part of a tax supported criminal organization that has perpetrated a decades old crime wave. ACORN has been protected by government officials in an organized crime operation that would even have made Al Capone envious.

The disgusting display of Thompson and Williams was never intended by them to be heard by anyone not involved in the criminal conspiracy. It’s now clear that ACORN and their agents feel public exposure of their use of taxpayer money is some kind of private affair. They are seeking at least two-million dollars in damages from citizen journalists, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles along with that hosted and promoted the shocking videos.

The ACORN claim is that Maryland law requiring all parties to conversations to give consent to voice recording in advance was violated. They further allege that the recordings caused the very two employees ACORN publically fired to suffer "extreme emotional distress."

Okay, I can’t seem to figure out just who caused the distress here. Was it ACORN, the two ACORN agents or the journalists that brought on the emotional distress? The journalists simply recorded the ACORN criminals doing what they do best.

As for the Maryland taping law, Illinois had an identical law that came up for review in the appellate courts there after someone was convicted for violation of that law. The courts there found that the recording of a conversation by a party to the conversation is not a violation of the statute even if another party to the conversation is unaware of the recording. People v. Jansen, 561 N.E.2d 312, 314 (Ill. App. Ct. 1990).

The Illinois court said that real issue involved the memory or note taking ability of a conversation participant. Recording the conversation was nothing more than enhanced note taking. In the ACORN case we don’t have to worry about whether O’Keefe and Giles exaggerated or got the ACORN side of the conspiracy wrong.

Currently the only requirement for secret one party consent recording in Illinois is that the person/s recording must be private citizens and not government or government agents.

One thing for sure this story is far from over and we can only hope that evil is suppressed and good prevails. Frankly the taxpayers deserve a break here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Talent Can Be Ageless And This Is Cute!

I was poking around YouTube videos and found this by accident.

I’m a fan of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Play Evita and love the scene where Juan Perone’s little mistress gets evicted from the palace by his new and opportunistic squeeze.

The song, Another Suitcase In Another Hall is sung by the sad former and now jilted lover. I never thought of that song being sung by a man but apparently that can work.

Through the magic of home video production, a little work and talent a simple song can become a creative and clever diversion.

By splitting a screen, one actor can play two parts and do a little magic with the audio. Watch the fun result below.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Los Angeles, CA--Water Conservation Led To Millions In Property Damage

Venice, CA—Like its Italian namesake, this city has a large canal where Lincoln Avenue used to be. This is happening all over the Los Angeles area since they have gone on a water conservation kick complete with legal penalties for violations.

The conservation effort worked, at least kind of, as a lot of additional pressure was put on the pipes. The result is too much water with nowhere to go except until the water mains actually explode.

L.A.’s water pipes are too old to handle the stress and as a result much more water is wasted and homes and businesses got flooded.

I guess they need to rethink their water conservation plans. They must be learning how the road to Hell is paved too often with good intentions.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama Needs A Crisis Excuse To Declare Martial Law And Gain Absolute Power

Washington, DC—The Obama Administration knows they have lost their majority and are facing serious resistance to their agenda. The Obama agenda is grinding to a halt as Americans and some elected officials are discovering the reality that we are in the middle of a creeping Marxist revolution.

Obama will never accept defeat of his agenda and can be expected to do what all Communists do, rule with an iron fist.

Anyone who is not fully aware by now that Obama is a textbook Marxist is either a moron or a total fool.

Obama’s vast entourage is looking to use a force of felons, illegal aliens and even foreign troops to topple Conservative resistance. They are hoping to get a portion of America’s law enforcement and the military to back Obama rather than the American ideal and our Constitution.

Radio, Internet and Television will be subject to total emergency censorship government control.

Obama will promise instant cash, citizenship, and pardons to their new recruits with nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Obama recruited forces will also be rewarded with the spoils of any violent adventures. Real and instant wealth redistribution will motivate the worst possible conduct of criminals and the illegal aliens.

The other day House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi tearfully suggested violence was on the way. Pelosi has inside information of thousands of angry ACORN workers about to lose billions in free money. Pelosi’s tears are real despite the fact she is a big part of the problem. We are in the beginnings of a full-fledged Civil War. This may be the bloodiest war America has yet to experience.

It is time to collect non-perishable food, water and medical supplies for those who have already stocked up on millions of rounds of ammunition.

Is the impending H1N1Flu Pandemic going to provide Obama with the tools he needs to finish the job he started? God help us all

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Visit With Hi-Caliber Investigations

Hollywood, CA—I’m not the only licensed PI in L.A. I’m not the only PI that came from the ranks law enforcement to become and PI and operate an active Internet blog. In Cyberspace the stars collided as Hi-Caliber Investigations and Crimefile News finally met for the first time in person. Just like me Hi-Caliber Investigations CEO Bill Rhetts loves guns, cameras and gadgets.

The scene of this event was at a book signing for long time Arizona journalist turned true crime writer, Camille Kimball. Kimball was selling her book that exposes two serial snipers that paralyzed Phoenix, Arizona in 2006. Before that reign of terror ended there were 37 victims including eight dead. You will see a review of Kimball’s Book called, A Sudden Shot as soon as I read it.

As for Rhetts, his office is located inside the Inland Empire near one of the busiest criminal courts in the nation. Rhetts cut his teeth as a copper for the LAPD and now enjoys the life of a private eye that brings with it the ability to turn down those assignments so many cops hate.

Today we decided to introduce each other to our respective readers. We also enjoy many of the same people visiting our blogs.

Bill Rhetts’ blog.

Meet Bill Rhetts:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Super Dad With Super Class

Steve Monforto caught a trophy foul ball at the Phillies game. With a big smile he handed over the prize to his cute little girl who promptly threw it back into the field. Steve never stopped smiling and gave his little sweetie a big hug.

Later during the game a Phillies representative brought Monforto his coveted ball.

There is little doubt that Monforto’s daughter will grow up with a wonderful role model.

Avoiding The ACORN Child Whoring Story Kills Media Credibility

At a time when the big Liberal television and print media are on life support over the loss of audience and revenue their total arrogance remains alive.

Two young independent journalists went across the country on a shoestring budget and used some enterprising journalism for the good of their country. They exposed the systemic corruption and evil mindset of the massively tax supported ACORN organization.

Was this especially newsworthy? Yes, the two journalists, risked arrest and prosecution for using surreptitious audio recording for the greater good of accurately exposing tax supported conscious-shocking behavior.

The major media players know this was and is a public relations disaster for the Whitehouse and the Liberals in Congress that staunchly supported ACORN. These shrinking media giants again displayed their allegiance to a Leftist political ideology rather than give their audience news they did not want Americans to know about

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Obama Please Stop Lying To Us

Washington, DC—Barack Obama got himself elected on a platform straight from Fantasy Land. He promised taxes would not increase a single dime for all Americans making less than $250,000.00 per year. He claimed he supported the Second Amendment and chose a somewhat moderate tone. He also promised transparency and that will never happen under his administration.

Obama took the wrecking ball to the American free market and began seizing businesses and banks. He is now bitterly engaged in the hostile government takeover of the healthcare and insurance industries.

Obama has lied about the cost, the sources of payment, even about coverage for criminal aliens and government funding for abortion. Obama has also claimed that health care won’t be rationed under his Socialist plan. There seems to be no lie that Obama will not knowingly tell.

The problem is millions of Americans want to believe the lies and Obama knows that so his total disregard of the truth continues unabated.

Obama’s dishonesty is tyranny and he has proven to be a total traitor. He must be stopped and punished severely for those crimes.

Monday, September 14, 2009

We Need to Protect The Heroes Of The ACORN Child Sex Stings

Cub journalist Hannah Giles and her young documentry film making friend, James O’Keefe could have come direct from Central Casting as the perfect sleazy pimp and hooker. They posed as child sex traffickers and tax cheats. They found themselves welcomed with open arms and big smiles at various ACORN offices. ACORN is also known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

At these offices the ACORN officials there were only too eager to help the actors to get tax money for their despicable criminal organization. The ACORN creeps also gave them advice on tax cheating and avoiding detection by law enforcement authorities. Their conspiracy was soon exposed by a hidden camera and broadcast internationally.

As a result of the successful sting, Giles and O’Keefe have apparently saved taxpayers millions of dollars. Not only has the US Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN today the Senate overwhelmingly voted to cut off funding to that criminal organization. The 83-7 vote will deny housing and community grant funding to ACORN

The amount of money involved is staggering and any crime syndicate would kill anyone in order to change things or extract revenge. ACORN is just that a crime syndicate. They have been using taxpayers like a giant ATM machine for over three decades.

There may be some controversy about little known laws designed to protect crooked politicians and officials being taped without their knowledge. Any officials that try to prosecute Giles and O’Keefe for their important public service should be taken on by thousands of furious taxpayers.

Giles and O’Keefe now need round the clock protection and government is not trustworthy to provide what’s needed. Private funding for armed bodyguards should be provided along with safe housing and living arrangements.

I hope that happens quickly as I don’t want these fine kids martyred for their patriotism and heroics. These kids are true heroes and deserve to be treated as such. I hope to see many American corporations and civic organizations give them awards, scholarships and serious cash for their honorable and courageous service.

These Flu Protection Precautions Will Work

Some of my readers have expressed fear of those specialized flu shots for the so-called Swine Flu that has been since renamed the H1N1 Influenza. I won’t be one of the first people in line for the needles but if others tolerate the immunizations I will line up and get whatever my physician recommends.

Until this deadly strain passes we all need to take simple precautions. The ten lifesaving tips below may protect and your families during your entire lifetimes.

1. Open doors without using your hands. Use elbows, feet or objects. Avoid handles and handrails everywhere.

2. Avoid public transportation and those hand railings. If you must, use disposable gloves. There is an art to taking the gloves off without contaminating your clean hands.

3. Stay away from travelers.

4. Wash your produce very carefully.

5. If you drive rental cars use antibacterial wipes to decontaminate the steering wheel, all those handles.

6. Wash your hands carefully and use clean paper or cloth towels skipping those hot air dryers.

7. Patrol your own homes and offices with spray disinfectants such as Lysol concentrating on door and faucet handles, telephones and computer keyboards everywhere.

8. Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes.

9. Women should do their own manicures at home.

10. Most importantly avoid gatherings of Liberals and Democrats.

The Harsh Reality Of Guns Ammunition And The Obama Factor

It is no secret that Barack Obama never found a gun ban he did not absolutely love. While in the Illinois General Assembly Obama voted for every restriction on gun rights he could and on the other front opposed any efforts to allow any relief from gun bans.

Whatever Obama claimed to in the way of support for the Second Amendment during the Presidential campaign was simply a lie. His actions spoke for themselves. Obama’s transition team brought in their anti-gun rights agenda and quickly posted them on their website.

So far there has been no serious attempt to implement those new restrictions. You can bet they will try to use some crisis or tragedy to shove their despicable un-Constitutional gun laws down American’s throats. Right now, America’s lawmakers remember all too well the Congressional purge of 1994 that Bill Clinton credited to the NRA and gun owners. The purge was a direct result of the now expired so-called, Assault Weapons Ban.

Obama became the greatest gun salesman ever and our small arms makers are in the money. Shortages of ammunition and guns are rampant despite assembly lines running 24 hours per day.

Various media pundits are saying gun owners are stocking up in fear of future restrictions. That’s really an overly polite interpretation of Reality.

The gun owners I know that have been hoarding guns and ammunition don’t fear new restrictions because they are planning to forcefully resist any attempts by politicians and bureaucrats to disarm them. Gun owners are and have been preparing for war all along.

The U.S. Supreme Court Heller decision has emboldened nearly every gun owner placing them on solid legal ground to use any and all force necessary to protect their guns and their rights to keep and bear them.

Simply put there will be no more Waco or Ruby Ridge massacres. Those officials that would dare begin confiscation raids can count on some furious resistance. Law enforcement or military members have a sworn duty to the Constitution and not Obama’s personal gun-rights hatred. Those who forget their oaths may well be sent to their loved ones in rubber bags.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Author Camille Kimball Chronicles Hunting Human Prey


Los Angeles, CA—Author and long time Phoenix, Arizona TV journalist Camille Kimball went deep inside the twisted world of two serial killers, the police investigation and their successful prosecution.

The murderous duo, Dale Hausner and Sam Dieteman took up the unlikely "sport" of hunting humans and holding the terrorized citizens of Phoenix, Arizona in fear of being their next victim. What led these two fiends to do their deeds and just how the bloodbath that killed or wounded 37 victims was ended can be found in Kimball’s new book, A Sudden Shot.

Kimball will be at a book signing, Friday, September 18, 2009 @ 2:00 PM at the fabulous independent bookstore Chevalier's 126 N. Larchmont, Los Angeles, CA 90004 tel. 323-465-6093

You can count on my review of Kimball’s literary offering as soon as I get my copy and read it!
More on the bookstore here.

Will A Routine Death Investigation Destroy The Obama Regime?

Country Club Hills. IL—A man, Christopher Kelly suffered a drug overdose that seemed to have been a successful suicide. The circumstances seem somewhat convoluted but not really so unusual because the victim was due to report to federal prison.

Kelly was sitting up, lucid, while talking with medical providers and police. He died several hours later. Is there a mystery here? Once you add the fact that Kelly was the chief fund raiser for the indicted former governor, Rod Blagojevich the idea of conspiracy and cover up begin to dance.

I have always believed and maintained that Blagojevich has the goods on Barack Obama and key members of his inner circle like current Whitehouse chief of Staff, Rahm Israel Emanuel. The Senate seat Blagojevich was selling was after all Obama’s. I felt that Blagojevich is holding out for Obama to somehow quash the prosecution and save his bacon. If not Blagojevich may let some really nasty cats out of the bag.

Chicago Machine Democrats tried early on to make Blagojevich look like a discredited nut job because they know he can do some serious damage. These were the same officials including Obama that twice supported Blagojevich for the office of Governor.

Country Club Hills Police are gathering evidence with search warrants from numerous locations and I can’t help but believe that documents damaging Obama will be located. They were being saved for a rainy day.

Since Chris Kelly was the money guy he had the records and just because he’s dead does not mean Pandora’s Box won’t spring open in a very nasty way now.

Blagojevich has yet to tell what he knows and has pulled his punches so far. I believe he knows a lot and new sources of damaging information will be surfacing. Obama has some rough days ahead.

I think we have an exciting new chapter of the Obama Presidency History being chronicled. Will the bodies of those who know too much start showing up now like cordwood with so much at stake? Stay tuned!

Country Club Hills Mayor Dwight Welch tells part of the story below.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Obama Is Finished And Now He Knows It!

Washington, DC—Today he escaped to friendlier territory as the masses assembled in the Capitol. Barack Obama and his henchmen can pretend all they want but America is rejecting the Marxist Revolution. Obama needs to resign before America removes him.

Slowly Democrats and Independents are waking up and the anger is really building. Obama tried to pretend he was no Marxist but his actions speak otherwise. Too many voters now know they've been snookered. Obama’s ratings are rapidly tanking at historic levels and there is no improvement in sight.

We can expect an Obama crackdown on Conservatives and if he is not careful Americans will return to the Capitol but next time it won’t be so pretty. I don’t know just how this will play out but we will see some serious history made.

How soon can we expect Martial Law and other draconian attempts to further restrict freedom? I don’t see the Communists revolutionaries backing down so unfortunately I guess there will be a season of war in America. God help us all!

Friday, September 11, 2009

All Party Consent Conversation Recording Laws Protect Criminals

Baltimore, MD—I knew this was coming after I checked various state laws that regulate recordings of conversations. Look for the two brave souls that recently exposed the ACORN criminals to be prosecuted. The ACORN degenerates will skate but James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles may pay dearly for exposing corruption.

Some states promulgated laws that require all parties to conversations consent to their conversations being recorded. The real reason for the laws was to protect corrupt politicians and officials from being exposed for extortion. The extortion happens all the time when people are muscled for campaign contributions and bribes.

The recordings automatically are suppressed and are never allowed as evidence in court except when used against the people making the recording. That means that there must be a swearing contest between witnesses should an extortionist be forced to stand trial. Juries must guess who is telling the truth when a recording would be convincing proof. The truth could be used to set the innocent free but for all party consent states.

There are generally exceptions made for law enforcement. The most politically corrupt states have these laws such as California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Maryland.

There are states like Arizona only require one party consent. There you don’t need permission to record your own telephone calls. That freedom results in solid prosecutions for threats, extortion and telephone harassment.

I have one case where I personally saved a Phoenix physician from the loss of his license when I was able to impeach a woman who falsely accused the doctor of sexual impropriety. Her testimony was dramatically blown apart by her own words captured on Mylar tape.

If your state requires all party consent demand they repeal that law.

Special information on Illinois law:

Covert conversation recording by one party in Illinois…

Illinois is, by statute, a two-party state. However, case law from both the IL Supreme Court and various Illinois appellate courts have declared Illinois a one-party state in the case of private citizens (businesses and plain folks - NOT law enforcement). The reigning consensus is that one-party consensual recording is merely "enhanced note-taking" and since some folks have total recall without recording, how can the other party have any expectation of privacy to a conversation held with another person.

Vigilante Journalism In America—A New Chapter Is Written

Washington, DC—Cub journalist Hannah Giles and her young documentarian, James O’Keefe have filled a desperate void. At a time when investigative reporting is all but dead in America these two courageously stepped up to the plate and showed America the underbelly of a criminal syndicate, ACORN.

America’s established news media has fallen and it can’t get up. They have lost their credibility and their audience. They have become Socialism advocates sidestepping their duties to simply inform our world in an objective manner.

The last Presidential election brought out non-stop Socialist propaganda from the so-called Big Three Networks and major newspapers. Trashing V.P. candidate Sarah Palin and her family was their primary agenda from the day she was put up for that office.

Outside of FOX NEWS and bloggers nobody in the news business will bother to challenge the Marxist Obama Administration. The problem with bloggers is they have little money to do what needs to be done to expose corruption.

There are no Woodward/Bernstein types with major newspaper resources to probe Barack Obama and his henchmen like what was done to Richard Nixon.

Barack Obama came from the bowels of ACORN and the sensationally corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine. Obama has gotten a free ride and escaped the normally comprehensive vetting of the American news media.

The new journalism has surfaced. The requirement of millions of dollars for printing presses and broadcast equipment to report news has gone by the wayside. Almost anyone can deliver news and information. The day of the Citizen or Vigilante Journalist has arrived. Leading at the point are Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe.

O’Keefe and Giles infiltrated ACORN offices with their inexpensive camera equipment and guts as they simply captured their shocking video. ACORN workers were caught in the act actually promoting and helping people they believed were engaged in human smuggling, child prostitution and tax evasion.

ACORN has gotten millions of taxpayer dollars simply because they have a knack for tolerating crime and government corruption. This exposé tells volumes about Obama’s beloved ACORN.

O’Keefe and Giles are now in grave personal danger for wounding the ACORN beast. I don’t know what the future holds for them but they deserve financial support, protection and the ability to continue probing as deep as they must to get the criminals out of America’s pockets.

This is really all about money. Gangsters like the Capone Gang and ACORN exist because crime pays. It helps to have the local Sheriff on your payroll. ACORN’s campaign contribution to Obama’s election put the Sheriff in their pocket.

I hope there are more youngsters out there like O’Keefe and Giles. Those little Flip cameras are cheap and wonderful. Please go use them and catch some big rats.

ACORN is exactly why we gave law enforcement the powers they gained under the RICO laws. ACORN must be shut down and their assets seized. That money can be returned to the taxpayer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Barack Obama’s Pet Organization, ACORN Aids Child Prostitution

Baltimore, MD—The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has again proven they are a despicable gang of criminals. Aided by the solid endorsement of President Barack Obama they have become the point group for the Marxist revolution happening in America.

They’ve been handed billions of taxpayer dollars to stuff ballot boxes and rig our elections. Acorn is responsible for a great portion of our bank failures as they have involved themselves in thousands fraudulent home loans.

Acorn is nothing more than a new version of Adolph Hitler’s brown shirts. Acorn members wear red shirts instead. Taxpayers have funded their chartered bus trips to various town Hall meetings where they intimidated people who were bringing a message of dissatisfaction to their elected officials over the Marxist Revolution that's underway.

Two young enterprising journalists came to ACORN for assistance. I guess the journalists knew there were no limits to the kind of criminal conduct the ACORN workers would facilitate with government funds. The journalists told the ACORN workers that they needed help setting up a child prostitution operation with little girls smuggled in from El Salvador.

The ACORN workers freely conspired to help them obtain a home to use as a whore house and gave them advice on tax evasion and avoiding detection from law enforcement authorities. The exchanges were all caught on video and can be seen in their entirety at .

I guess ACORN is going to be around for a long time since they are heavily favored by so many members of or Congress and our President. ACORN must be stopped by patriotic Americans if the government insists on protecting this crime cabal. ACORN is as dangerous a threat to America and our way of life as any enemy we’ve ever had.

Nowhere To Hide, Guerrilla Filmmaking At Its Best.

Los Angeles, CA—Ever since my TV news photographer pal, Gilbert Zermeno AKA “Z” turned me on to the Flip HD Camera the possibilities are seemingly unlimited.

As a private investigator and investigative news producer surreptitious photography has been a necessity. Equipment, its quality or lack thereof along with cost has always been obstacles to being able to document the evidence or show what’s going on.

If only legendary film making pioneer D.W. Griffith could have had a Flip HD camera, and a laptop he would have been able to do so much more when he made his movie magic so long ago.

The Flip is being relentlessly copied by other respected corporations and the competition is at fever pitch.

Having expensive quality equipment can be like a boat anchor around your neck. Everywhere you go commercial property managers and government buildings use trespass laws to preclude access and filming. They assume that your video will somehow become a PR liability for them. Of course they could be wrong.

The very same folks precluding you from using your camera are using the latest, greatest high tech surveillance video cameras to document your every move on their property. I guess they want a one way street.

The cell phone camera was born and with its lousy images and quality was only a baby step. Small video cameras have gotten better, a lot better!

Right now use of a small camera like the Flip gets little or no attention. You can shoot whatever you want nearly anywhere and escape discovery before they figure out what you’re doing. In addition the Flip gives you a great image.

I went on a shopping trip with my delightful and dear friend Andrea, visiting from Berlin. I was able to film her so she, her family and all their friends could see her American shopping experience. I quietly stood by with my Flip HD and caught this pretty lady in the act of enjoyable shopping at the Nordstrom Rack. I would like to believe that Nordstrom will only benefit by this international exposure.

Another film maker and talented songwriter made a video of his own shopping experience at Trader Joe’s. He used his Palm Treo cell phone camera. Although the image is of the Palm not as clear as the Flip HD, he made up for it with cleverness. I can’t see how his subject, Trader Joe would be hurt by this fellow’s frank exposé of the store and its shortcomings.

Remember folks to always smile, you’re on candid camera. There is nowhere to hide!

Hey Liberals, What About That Patriot Act?

Washington, DC—It was called The USA Patroit Act. That gave government special powers to snoop into our private affairs to sniff out terrorism. The Liberals rightly decried this raw government power as way too Orwellian. The erosion under this abomination to our Fourth Amendment is mind numbing.

Now the Liberals are totally in charge and they’ve not lifted a finger to reverse this horror. In fact they've given Homeland Security a blank check to obtain whatever resources they want to take advantage of this nefarious power.

The Patriot Act supporters claimed it was needed for the investigation of foreign suspects operating within our borders. The Act’s detractors said it would be abused to go after Americans. The reality is that government as always will misuse any power they’re given.

The Patriot Act was just one of many un-American things done by George W. Bush who was wrongfully associated with Conservatives. We can’t forget that Bush started the TARP crap that rewarded the failing corporations and their crooked CEO’s. Bush was a lot of things but Conservative was not one of them.

Now that the Liberals have nearly absolute power they are silent about the Patriot Act. I guess it’s really all about who’s got control. Since when were Liberals ever really concerned about American’s privacy anyway? I guess Liberals only complain when their opposition has the power. Perhaps the Liberals are not so Liberal after all.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Phoenix’s Monkey Man Is An Extortion Fighting Superhero

Phoenix, AZ—He is the bane of the government officials trying to keep up the spending for things Arizona taxpayer’s don’t need. He is the arch-foe of big government tyranny and extortion. He’s been caught on Arizona's revenue generating speed cameras more than 90 times.

The Department of Public safety's process servers stalking him have served 37 citations on a man they claim has a secret identity, Monkey Man.

The culprit is believed by some officials to be the registered owner of the car they claim Monkey Man drives. A DPS surveillance operation allegedly photographed Dave VonTesmar in the act of donning his highway disguise.

Learn more about that genuine patriot and super hero, Monkey Man in the video below.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Never Say, Never Again! Socialism You Can Believe In!

Auschwitz, Poland—The term, “Never Again!” was born after Nazi concentration, death camps were liberated at the end of World War Two.

The claim of six-million people being exterminated has been accepted as the results of the National Socialist’s vile agenda. The economically depressed German people were led by Adolph Hitler’s new political brand of Hope and Change.

Some of Hitler’s ideas and governmantal plans were not put up for public consumption or debate as he courted the German citizens for their approval. The so-called, Final Solution to the Jewish Problem was delegated to special appointees for its implementation. Hitler also had Czars for special tasks.

For a few decades the Jewish Holocaust survivors have angrily chanted, “Never Again!” as they’re battle cry against those who’d try to inflict this horror in the future. It’s now a hollow chant and after 70 years has fallen on deaf ears.

Genocidal holocausts are redundant throughout civilization and still happens today in other parts of the world. Armed government thugs dominate unarmed populations, murder their own residents and of course plunder their property. It’s all about absolute power.

An examination of every holocaust reveals how they are facilitated in identical fashion. A segment of the wealthy portion of the population is targeted with hate, along with demands they relinquish their property and possessions. Redistribution of the wealth becomes reality.

The targeted population is usually better educated and refined. They are also optimists that always expect their government has honorable intentions. They always refuse to believe anyone would kidnap rape, rob, torture or murder them.

When the armed government force appears, the targeted population always cooperates. They allow the thugs to march them around, put them on trains, take them to resettlement locations and eventually murder them.

Even when the victims know they will be murdered they will follow orders to take off their clothes, stand in straight lines in front of corpse filled ditches to facilitate the work of machinegun firing squads. They rarely resist and become willing accomplices to the crimes being committed against them.

Even worse, members of the targeted groups inform, and aid in the crimes against their own peers. Children have informed against their own parents.

The all too human concept of pacifism rather than resistance is the real killer. Today Americans are letting the Socialists plunder their wealth and possessions. Laws to regulate rights like speech and bearing of arms are enacted with little opposition because of “logic” that they really needed to keep order.

Our founding fathers gave Americans the tools to prevent a holocaust. The question I have is will we simply shut up and do what we’re told? Will there be any survivors left to shout, Never Again?

Sunday, September 06, 2009

It’s Time To Purge The Obama Shadow Czar Government

Washington, DC—Having assorted Communists, criminals and other unqualified people on the taxpayer’s payroll as Presidential Czars needs to end right now.

Their primary Czar qualification seems to be devotion to Barack Obama and Socialism. They nearly all came from the unemployed ranks of Left Wing political hacks. These unelected and un-vetted people have no place in policy making roles affecting American’s lives.

These people have not and could not pass a simple background investigation for a security clearance.

I see their role as more ominous and secretive. At what point, does our Commander and Chief delegate more responsibilities on these appointees that are not even sworn to an oath to defend and protect the Constitution? Are these Czars there for when regular cabinet members balk at Obama’s commands?

As for Van Jones, he claims to be a victim of a racist smear campaign. The problem with his allegation is the smears came from his very own media sound bites and that ridicules petition claiming Bush blew up the World Trade Center. Van Jones shows all the attributes of a Holocaust denier.

I somehow suspect that Van Jones considered himself as the future architect of the Obama Administration’s Final Solution to The Conservative Problem.

Good riddance Van Jones, please go slither back under the rock you came from.

Have a good laugh watching the NBC Obama Supporters addressing this event:

Van Jones Was Only A Small Symptom Of The Socialist Disease Visiting Us.

Obama 'Green Jobs' Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy - Political News -

Obama 'Green Jobs' Adviser Van Jones Resigns Amid Controversy - Political News -

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Obama’s Marxist Dream Is Crumbling Around Him

Washington, DC—Elected by people wanting to believe he was a tolerant, inclusive President that would bring refreshing transparency to government, Barack Obama has been a disappointment on every count.

Obama has brought racial hatred, a Marxist agenda and absolute slavery to Americans not even born yet. He has surrounded himself with an army of radical Czars as a shadow government.

Obama has two choices, be a lame duck or declare a national emergency over some crisis and complete his Marxist takeover by force if he dares.

Obama has been in hiding since his ratings went into freefall. There is no way to regroup and have the support he enjoyed just a few months ago.

The Obama policies were taken directly from Karl Marx’s playbook, Das Kapital. This has has awakened Americans that are willing to do whatever is necessary stop this tyrant.

In the coming year Congress is about to see sweeping changes as voters turn out incumbent Democrats and pretend Republicans in record numbers.

Obama’s only chance will be to force Americans into accepting Marxism by use of the parallel civilian security force and foreign Communist troops that Obama will invite here to keep order. We may be in for a very rough ride.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Beware Of Politicians That Use Emergencies To Grab Power

Washington, DC—In human history every nation where politicians have seized power for emergency population management there has been a holocaust.

The population is always told they must make sacrifices and freedom is curtailed. The population habitually takes on the characteristics of simple sheep and willingly march to their deaths.

Tyrants prey on human nature in that people are optimists and expect only humanity and government salvation. When in doubt humans can always be counted on to trust authority to their peril.

In America the Communists are now firmly in place both in our Congress and the Whitehouse. There is a shadow government also in place in the form of Czars for every kind of problem that could obstruct their revolution.

Make no mistake with millions of disenfranchised poor Blacks, illegal aliens, and incarcerated criminals seeking their turn at the wheel of fortune as loyal American taxpayers are outnumbered. Our Communist chairman can feed, mobilize and arm his new security force to exterminate his revolution’s opposition.

In turn the Communists can control food, water, fuel, power, and communications to starve taxpayers and feed their new security force. Of course, as always to the victor go the spoils.

Is this scenario familiar? Only to the educated and wise Americans that believe history.

We are beyond ripe for Armageddon in America and the right emergency such as flu pandemic any other event could trigger it. Our own apathy is to blame since we are the ones asleep while they took control. Tyrants, dictators and demogogs always seem to begin their kind of Hope and Change program with an adoring population.

Our carefree children with their Ipods and cell phones will be caught in the middle.

ObamaCare Cannibal Eats Anti-ObamaCare Demonstrator’s Finger!

Thousand Oaks, CA—At last night’s rally here things got ugly after a pro-ObanaCare supporter actually ate the finger of a counter-demonstrator.

The is a nasty group of Loony Left Wing agitators that worships Barack Obama. Apparently savages and cannibals are in their ranks so please use caution wherever they appear. Is’s next move going to involve head-hunting and head-shrinking?

The cannibal escaped with the help of his fellow cannibals. The unidentified victim was treated at a local hospital for rabies along with the closure of the amputation wound.

No Parole For Dying Manson Girl Susan Atkins

Chowchilla, CA—A parole hearing was held here for former Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins who was present on a hospital gurney. Terminally ill from cancer, Atkins has lost a leg and lays permanently paralyzed.

Atkins confessed to participating in a depraved orgy of stabbing, cutting, killing and horror of 40 years ago in what has been called the Tate-Labianca murders. Atkins has since rejected her former life and became a model prisoner.

Atkins has been incarcerated longer than any other woman after her death sentence was vacated by the US Supreme Court, in Furman vs Georgia, 408 U.S. 238 (1972).

I’m lost on the benefit of continued imprisonment of this pathetic and helpless killer. Atkins will never survive to see the parole board ever again.

The only question that remains is can Atkins find redemption and salvation after the monstrous acts of a crazy, drugged kid under the influence of a maniac?

Forgiveness has never surfaced for Atkins from the living that are related to the innocent victims of the Manson Family.

Atkins will soon find out her fate when her own life expires shortly. If there is any truth to the beliefs held by religious teachings that there is a life after death Atkins may yet find her freedom.

The Parole Board came down hard on Atkins with a unanimous decision to deny parole. The denial of parole for Atkins sends a clear message to the rest of the Manson Family members that they can count on dying behind bars too.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

There Ought To Be A Law!! Oh No! Not Again!

Phoenix, AZ—Television news can claim responsibility since news starved reporters and producers love to do those stories always showing us how we are at risk for illness, injury or death. They hype each and every hazard to death. It’s never about safety but TV ratings.

The latest campaign is texting while driving. Nitwits with cell phones crash because of inattention to their driving. Is this some new problem? Not hardly. Drivers have been preoccupied since the automobile first rolled off the assembly line a hundred years ago. Okay I will concede that texting is new, but so what?

Then there is that political creature at the Legislature that needs free publicity. They find some pathetic grieving mother who lost a child in a texting related accident and the stars all are placed into alignment.

The bill is crafted and named after the victim. The sweeps period, press conference is held complete with tears, and that gut wrenching story of horror. Suddenly the politician saves the day with a new law! Oh, that dead child is still very dead.

We all get to live now because of this new law!

In Arizona I met a very wise man 25 years ago, Alberto Gutier. He was and still is a lover of freedom and liberty. Today he’s Arizona’s Highway Safety Director. Gutier has drawn some criticism because has not immediately jumped on board the silly texting bill.

I know Gutier recognizes the danger of the texting practice and feels bad for the family of the laws intended poster child. I have not talked with him but I know what he’s thinking.

People behind the wheel of moving automobiles have engaged in every possible dangerous diversion. Women applying makeup, changing clothes or doing their nails have been overlooked. The same is true for people eating four course meals on wheels. What about those forgotten people have argued, physically fought and even engaged in sex acts while driving on our highways. In light of this the texting bill seems as silly as it is. How do our prosecutors prove in our courts that a defendant was texting rather than playing some game or watching some YouTube offering?

Can we all just take a deep breath here and not allow the political abuse of some dead child simply to further a politician’s career?

About Alberto Gutier:

Gutier has been in the U.S. since 1960 when, after fleeing Communist Cuba, he worked for the CIA against Fidel Castro. He became a naturalized citizen in 1966 and has lived in Arizona since 1968. Gutier is also a veteran law enforcement officer having served with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office

Thank you Alberto!