Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chicago Police Operating Budget Gets Slashed by $190 Million?

Chicago, IL-- Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has been ordered to make catastrophic cuts into the police budget. I feel obligated to help him with suggestions.

Police bodyguards of Chicago’s current and former officials must end altogether. Sworn and trained city cops are not needed for this duty anyway. Those who believe they need that kind of protection, for a lot less can hire civilian security guards at their own expense. City officials are not royalty. Perhaps if they are afraid they should resign and drive cabs or work in convenience stores instead.

Police have been protecting Barack Obama’s empty Hyde Park home for nearly three years around the clock. If that must be done let the Secret Service handle it. It would be far cheaper for the city to purchase his home and find him a new one if and when he returns.

There is really no other solution here but to end this perk for good. Even the Mayor, Aldermen and Superintendent of Police should be capable enough to commute to work like everyone else.

The aldermen have the coveted city enforced Second Amendment right to arm themselves for self-defense. Perhaps they should arrange to get some training at one of the newly authorized firing ranges.

End all resources dedicated to vice enforcement except those in place that are designed to protect children from exploitation.

Misdemeanor cannabis possession should never result in booking. Complaints and release should be the standard enforcement. That alone will all but end cannabis enforcement because cops won’t bother to write those citations.

Any misdemeanor offense where the officer feels the peace is not endangered should be resolved with a complaint and release rather than booking.

That will result in far fewer arrests and the massive amount of court time they consume.

Reinvent the status of light duty to utilize the skills of officers that can perform limited functions like manning the communications center, call back and desk duties.

I can remember a uniformed, sworn officer with both of his legs amputated working in the communications center in the 1960s. He was thrilled to continue on in a place where he felt useful and needed. Today he’d be forced to stay home and collect money. I also think he’d have gone to an early grave as a result.

It’s time to end the practice of spying on officers suspected of living outside the city.

The city should stop the redundant and unnecessary function of gun registration. It never solves crimes and the Supreme Court has ruled twice that felons are exempt from filling out registration forms because it violates their rights against self-incrimination. I suspect that the city will be forced to return all the fees they unlawfully collected from people engaging in constitutionally protected activity of keeping or bearing arms.

The city should also end their unwinnable efforts to defend city gun ordinances in court.

Video teleconferencing should be used whenever possible to reduce wasted time in commuting and unnecessary fuel usage.

John Wilkes Booth Came to the Aid of his Country

Washington, DC—He was labeled as the devil but was he really just an American patriot? One thing for sure John Wilkes Booth (May 10, 1838 – April 26, 1865) was the victim of so much revisionist history by writers with an agenda to wrongfully canonize that despot, Abraham Lincoln as a saint.

We all know this 27 year-old prominent stage actor ambushed Lincoln at Ford’s Theater. Unlike the others that either assassinated or made attempts on the lives of our presidents Booth was no deranged loser. He was bright, popular and talented. Booth was driven by the massive suffering of a struggling of his nation that was trying to break free from a brutal Union.

The revisionists all want to sell us that bill of goods that the Civil War was all about slavery. Slavery was on its way out for a multitude of reasons especially with the invention of the cotton gin. Cotton growers needed more people to pick cotton but slavery was actually much more trouble than is was worth. Hiring freed slaves as cheap labor was certainly a better alternative. They had to feed and house the slaves anyway. History shows us that after the slaves were freed many thousands opted to continue on as employess of their former masters. Soon more advances in technology stole most of the cotton worker's jobs.

The war was really about iron fisted Union rule and later the sudden suspension of the Constitution by a lawless Abraham Lincoln. The real issue was one of state’s rights for local control. The Lincoln Administration was un-American and monstrous as they shut down newspapers and simply jailed their critics without trial.

Back then slavery not withstanding Americans enjoyed freedom like never before. Union corruption and political greed became a serious threat to liberty as an ever increasing federal government stepped up their tyrannical rule. The southern states resisted the tyranny and the result was a total bloodbath when the North began to punitively deal with the resistance.

I’m one of those that believe that the war was completely avoidable by the Union simply respecting the rights of the states. American people could vote with their feet and every state would have to compete for and attract the most productive citizens.

Waging war on secessionist states brought unparalleled carnage and finally the cruel and sadistic burning of the south by Union troops. This savagery scarred the very soul of sympathizers like Booth.

The plot to kidnap Lincoln went wrong and killing him was much easier than taking him prisoner. Booth is only guilty of doing too little too late. Killing Lincoln was more of an act of revenge because the war seemed to be over and Union dominance would continue.

Was it really booth that was shot in that northern Virginia barn? Did they foolishly trust the identification of Booth by his surviving family members? Identification of another man’s corpse would certainly insure the escape and survival of this proud southern family’s now infamous son.

The troops had strict orders to take booth alive. Had they obeyed orders, I wonder what grotesque torture they would have used on Booth in order to pry the names of his co-conspirators out of him?

The Union needed closure and heralding the death of booth along with that sham military tribunal to cinch the killing of every arrested conspiracy suspect gave them what they wanted.

In the end Booth acted for what he knew to be for the good of his country.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cops’ dealing with curbside photographers is just another learning experience.

Los Angeles, CA—Most veteran cops never got training on handling this situation in the academy. There are from time to time informal station discussions and most of those involve creative methods of confiscating cameras and arresting the photographers. Generally it’s best to ignore the photographers other than to make sure you have the best evidence that will support your reasonable conduct.

We all hate the idea of wise guys with cell phone cameras that want to show cops in the worst possible light. They seem to be everywhere.

The First Amendment allows anyone to gather visual, audio material, make notes and broadcast or otherwise publish what they wish. There are legitimate private property issues and of course issues arise when the events occur in places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

On the street where you are enforcing codes, making arrests or aiding people in distress capturing video and audio is absolutely constitutionally protected activity. That is as long as you’re not being somehow hindered from your duty.

Because the cameras are everywhere today you’d be a fool to make a bogus arrest or use excessive force. Police sometimes must use physical force as they are trained. Of course some officers manage to get compliance with polite requests and others are prone to more masculine and dramatic ways to assert their authority.

The cameras can either be your best friend or worst enemy. I know cops that have prayed for some video to somehow surface that would prove their reasonable conduct. The sad truth is the lies of citizens have cost many a cop his career and pension. I have seen that happen with my own eyes.

I want you to know that I’m never without a video camera and will use it whenever possible to record professional cops for this blog. I have no interest in capturing video that shows cops in a poor light. I’m learning how to deal with cops so they don’t fear or become annoyed with my efforts. I have to count on their patience and professionalism as they must with mine. So far there have been no problems, just a few questions.

I would be thrilled if my video could save a career or at least get some outstanding officer special recognition for a job well done. The last thing I want is to embarrass some cop doing his job. So when you see me out there please cut me some slack.

You must learn from the mistakes of others that have made creative but bogus arrests for crimes like eavesdropping. You are aware of the camera and you also have the ability to simply not donate your voice for recording. Reliance on that kind of basis for an arrest may cost you dearly before it’s over.

Many people with cameras are fulltime news employees or contractors. I gather video for television news routinely but rarely jump out of those news vans and live trucks. My news video cannot generally be posted here on the blog for legal reasons.

In short get used to the cameras because they are here to stay as long as we maintain a free nation.

Here is an ACLU video that shows two scenes. The first is wonderful. Three officers make an arrest of someone violently resisting. They use minimum force and nobody is injured. Things however went wrong as they arrested the cell phone camera man.

The second video shows one officer giving jabs and punches to a prone subject also resisting. I really can’t judge from the video whether the force was excessive but once the fact of the arrest unfold it may all come clear. The cell phone cameraman was arrested in the second event. Will that cameraman’s arrest lead to allegations of evidence tampering or covering up excessive force? We all know the answer to that one.

In both cases arresting the cell phone cameramen was anything but productive. The reality may bring disgrace, unemployment and a nasty civil judgment against some working cop.

Read this link and then see the video below:

Here is the Opinion:
Court Opinion of Recording Police in Public

Drunken Dad Throws his Seven Year-Old Son Off of a Cruise ship

Newport beach, CA- Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman. Jim Amormino told a shocking story of 35-year-old Sloane Briles hitting and then throwing one of his children into the ocean off of a cruise ship. Witnesses said that Briles was arguing with a female companion and that argument ended with the assault on the little boy.

Briles soon jumped into the water himself in an attempt to rescue the boy but several passing boaters had already had intervened and one of them pulled the boy to safety. The child was reportedly uninjured but shaken-up by the attack.

Responding Sheriff’s officers had to subdue the combative Briles who was said to be intoxicated. Briles was booked on various charges and later released on bail pending his appearance in court.

Why are TSA Screeners Showing up at Police Funerals?

Chicago, IL—These days when a cop dies in the line of duty, the TSA pays their passenger and baggage screeners to attend the funeral as “members of the law-enforcement Family.”

They show up with black bands on their badges as they wear police style uniforms. TSA workers are not law-enforcement, nor do they have similar duties or any of the training. They are non-sworn civilians, who are marginally qualified to inspect the soiled underwear of air passengers.

Adding to this waste of our tax dollars is the sad truth that TSA workers have stolen guns from cops that entrusted their service weapons to them during routine travel.

If some TSA workers are so moved to attend a police hero’s funeral they should do this on their own time and without their uniforms.

If TSA workers want to become police officers they are free to do that but the vast majority can’t qualify because of inability to pass intelligence tests, background investigations and psychological screening. TSA workers have nothing what-so-ever in common with cops.

The sad truth is that the TSA workers are nothing more than part of a federal “jobs” program for the unemployable. They are so reminiscent of a horrible time in German history where undesirables were given brown shirt uniforms and encouraged to assist local police by a new federal, Nazi government. Even back then the professional German police all despised the brown shirted pretenders.

Understandably most cops have a very low opinion of TSA screeners and don’t want them at their funerals.

Billing The Drug War as Way to Save Lives was a Big Lie

Washington, DC—They warned us that without a war on drugs our children would all be sticking themselves with dirty needles and dying young from overdoses. That scare tactic worked very well and the people manufacturing and peddling narcotics got very wealthy.

Along with the drug dealers, government contractors, prosecutors, judges, cops, corrupt politicians, drug treatment contractors and defense lawyers got really rich. That does not take into account the corruption by the so-called, good guys.

The artificially high price of narcotics is keeping criminals on both sides of the Drug War incredibly wealthy.

They billed the drug War as a life saver but just ask the families of the thousands murdered simply because we created, fertilized and perfected narcotics commerce, what they think.

If narcotics could be sold without restrictions they’d cost no more that sugar tea or coffee. The profits would diminish and put all the drug warriors out of business the very day the prohibition ended.

Contrary to what we’ve been told legalization will reduce, not expand experimentation with drugs by our children. The strongest attraction to narcotics experimentation is the fact that they are the forbidden fruit of our age. It’s only natural for humans to resist society’s rules.

In the meantime deadly drug violence will continue along with an endless supply of cash to both sides to the endless and unwinnable Drug War. The only war won so far was the one against our battered Bill of Rights.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

How Big City Politicians Incite Fear and Loathing against their Own Cops

Chicago, IL—Former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s tyrannical rule of Chicago endangered the lives of cops. How so you may ask? Daley built an economic wall between citizens and cops thorough his extortionate traffic fines.

In the corrupt greed that financed as much as a $1billion in unneeded public works projects like endless miles of dangerous, traffic snarling concrete planter boxes generated campaign contributions from the contractors.

I don’t need to tell Chicagoans about taxpayer flight in avoidance of Tax Tyranny. The reality is depressing to say the least.

The shady parking meter fiasco along with those mercenary fines, have punished every working citizen of Chicago. Imagine trying feed a family during these difficult times. That as you collect parking tickets because the politicians are ever increasingly creative in their zeal to trap you into various violations. Soon your car gets booted, towed and you’re pushed well beyond the breaking point.

Everyone automatically associates this extortion program with the police. That’s even if its civilians not cops writing the tickets. The cops are the hammer the city always uses to victimize the public.

In the old days the local courts had a policy if dismissing virtually every ticket issued if the recipient bothered to show up and contest the citation. That was a PR program designed to protect those who could least afford these fines. That program was ended long ago and the somewhat friendly courts are places that citizens must fear today.

The most serious problems are in the African-American communities. They are the most impoverished and handing them a citation is just not the same as for wealthy folks that can easily pay for private parking at the rate of $35.00 per day.

Of course it’s the police that are required to be the ultimate extortion agents and their enforcement activities are viewed as racial profiling and hate. Of course the cops that don’t do as their commanders demanded face punishment for not citing everyone for absolutely everything possible.

The only way the City of Chicago can survive is to end the extortion. They have not figured out how to build a wall around the Windy City with guards to keep taxpayers from fleeing. The cancer of Tax Tyranny must be eradicated and taxpayers need to see Chicago as a place to prosper or Chicago’s magnificent buildings will soon be vacant.

Instead of being respected, cops are feared like any mob collection agent. Cops presently are not viewed as being there to protect the citizens but to rob them at every opportunity. I don’t think that kind of policy and perception improves the quality of life anywhere.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel can simply plod on making the same mistakes as his recent predecessors. On the other hand he could surprise us all as a great Mayor that returned Chicago to being a great place to live, work and raise children. Imagine all the room for free parking that could have been saved without the hated concrete planter boxes.

A great place to begin a good faith effort is by reducing fines, parking fees and taxes by half.

Reality Television Exposes the Sad State of American’s Collective Intelligence

Los Angeles, CA—I’m beyond sick of hearing about the losers made into televisions icons through reality television. Crap like Big Brother, Jersey Shore and Keeping Up with the Kardashians has encouraged the ignorance and total degeneration of our culture.

Those bubble-butts Snooki and Kim are the new role models for young American girls. Here the bar for an American role model has been lowered below sewer level.

The role models we promote should be educated, talented and driven to excellence. Instead they have showcased these pathetic losers that could never support themselves without wealthy parents, a pimp or a lucrative television contract from some low-brow, voyeuristic, reality television producer.

I dumped my Cable TV company well over a year ago choosing to get my entertainment from various internet sources.

The most frightening thing about Reality television is that the millions of pitiful viewers of this programming are allowed to vote. It’s so easy to understand how all these thieves, thugs and extortionists are elected to Congress and the Whitehouse.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Drew Peterson well into his third year behind bars with no trial in sight

Joliet, IL—Gadfly Will County Prosecutor James Glasgow could not find a scintilla of evidence that implicates Drew Peterson in a crime. Peterson has been suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife and the death of his estranged third spouse. That case was ruled an accident but reclassified years later when the fourth wife vanished.

Peterson has become a very unpopular man especially with middle-aged women. Peterson’s seems to move on to younger and prettier women rather than to watch an unappreciative wife get old and unattractive. That alone makes him worse than a murderer in some people’s eyes. That however does not make him a killer.

Glasgow’s zeal found fertile political hay in getting the so-called "Drew Peterson Law" passed by the Illinois Legislature that would allow gossip and hearsay testimony. Glasgow hopes to get the self-serving testimony admitted in Peterson trial by people seeking to cash in if Peterson is convicted.

The Illinois Legislature is well known for having more intellectually and ethically challenged members than almost anywhere. These dim bulbs passed the law that has now been challenged by of all people, James Glasgow. The trial court has refused to bend to Glasgow’s demands and the trial was put off indefinitely as the issues and Glasgow’s loss grind through the higher courts.

The punitive bail of $20 Million has kept Peterson, a career Bolingbrook, IL cop with over 30 years of honorable service behind bars since a Grand Jury was polluted with the hearsay material and returned a murder indictment.

After losing in the trial court and the Court of Appeals, Glasgow has now filed for review before the Illinois Supreme Court. That action could delay resolution for another full year.

Peterson has never been convicted of anything at all. That includes a totally bogus charge that Peterson possessed an illegal weapon. That weapon was Peterson’s carbine he used to protect the citizens of Bolingbrook as a SWAT team member. The court dismissed that charge that was nothing more than an abusive form of harassment.

Glasgow has proven he’s the Mike Nifong of the Midwest with this malicious prosecution he hopes will win him votes. The citizens of Will County need to remember Glasgow placed his political posture above the law and can be counted upon to do this again whenever it suits his purposes. You may be his next victim!

The latest release Motion:

Motion for Release of Drew Peterson - Supreme Court (Signed)[1]

Thursday, August 25, 2011

California’s Real Live Horror Show is About to Begin

Los Angeles, CA—The Golden State has spent all of its gold and is billions in debt over reckless empire building. That as they opened the doors to millions of illegal aliens they’ve turned into Entitlement Zombies.

There is already a huge medical care crisis here. Thousands of business fled from California’s tax tyranny taking needed jobs with them. Of course the uninsured and unemployed have been left behind.

California has one of the most lenient criminal justice systems anywhere. Before the courts will send criminals away to a prison they need to rack up as many as five felony convictions.

California’s prisons are so overcrowded that the courts have ordered the release of some 60,000 inmates. The deadline is rapidly approaching and the hardened criminals being unleashed will easily outnumber cops by a significant margin.

Even if these convicts wanted to get productive employment and go straight they’re unemployable and will face the reality of no jobs in an already depressed economy.

They will be releasing the first 9,000 and on the average we can expect three felonies per convict each day. The additional beatings, stabbings and shootings will shutdown the already overloaded hospitals.

The most dangerous counties in the state are the same ones that refuse to issue firearm carry permits to law-abiding citizens. You don’t have to accept this tyranny since the Supreme Court as recently ruled twice (Heller and McDonald) that the keeping and bearing arms is constitutionally protected activity.

California’s citizens need to either flee for their lives or stand their ground to seriously deal with an army of dangerous criminals.

My advice is to take the following seven steps.

1. Rethink security for your home and businesses with the understanding police either can’t or won’t respond to burglar alarms. That means you’ll need stronger locks and reinforced entryways.
2. Get professional training to use firearms and of course adequate firearms and ammunition. You will have to simply ignore the unconstitutional laws that forbid you to carry a firearm for self-defense out of necessity. By the way necessity is a valid defense in all 50 states to disobey certain laws.
3. Hire a licensed security expert to conduct a security audit for your home and business.
4. Don’t rely on alarms or cameras since they never stop determined criminals.
5. Raid your animal shelter for their biggest dogs. They need to be rescued and now they can rescue you too. Dogs are far more reliable and loyal than humans. Treat them well and they will protect you, your business and family for sure.
6. Keep your property well lit at night.
7. Women and children should not walk anywhere alone. Stay as far away as you possibly can from troubled neighborhoods.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The First Amendment, Pharmaceutical Companies and Snake Oil

You wonder why drug companies charge so much for the medicine we need to consume in order to live. There is the research, the manufacturing and the endless marketing that drives up the cost up and out of sight.

In the past the drug companies kept their marketing activities where it belonged. They sent samples and advertisements to our physicians that are specifically educated to determine when to alter the chemistry we need in order to treat what ails us.

Those days are long gone as we are bombarded with drug commercials we can’t buy over the counter. They want us to nag our own doctors to prescribe this crap to us.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that an expensive drug commercial bombarding the airwaves for more than a year morning, noon and night. Then that’s followed up by law firm’s commercials soliciting clients that have been harmed by the same crap no longer being advertised. This seems to happen again and again.

We can’t force the drug makers to stop bombarding us with these costly commercials. We can however complain to the broadcasters that the snake oil folks are killing us with bad medicine that’s way overpriced. We can tell them medicine choices are the province of the medical community and pushing this snake oil on the general public is morally wrong.

Broadcasters have their own troubles finding anyone to buy commercial time these days. I just wonder why they must be part of a snake oil conspiracy killing us.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama Threw His Supporters Under the Bus!

Washington, DC—America’s poor needed jobs, not bailouts for every crooked bank, Wall Street money changer and failed automaker. The hundreds of billions went straight off-shore to their own secret retirement plans and no jobs were created. This happened while Barack Obama had nearly absolute power over both houses of Congress and could get any wish granted.

Americans disheartened by those horribly expensive, undeclared and deadly wars wanted them to end. These folks demanded the impeachment of George W. Bush over his prosecution of these wars. All hopes for the end of these wars have been dashed as Obama has expanded this unhealthy and unholy prosecution instead.

As for Barack Obama, his now red-faced supporters are beginning to quietly express their disappointment of his failure. They are now apologizing for his ineptitude and naïve incompetence. They are starting to discover that some of Obama’s detractors were correct when they called him an empty suit.

Imagine how quickly our economy would have turned around if Obama had bailed out the taxpayers instead of the crooks and parasites? Imagine if Obama put into a place real tax relief for employers that would keep Americans working, consuming goods and services?

Obama entered the Presidential election as an unknown, tall dark man with a great smile and an over-worked teleprompter. The voters did not really know him. What they did know is that George W. Bush had disappointed us for eight long years. Hope and Change sounded good and many voters felt anyone at all would be better than Bush. Now these voters are suffering from Buyer’s remorse.

What are Obama and his secret Czar Cabinet, shadow government’s plans for us? So far “The Chosen One” has been beyond a disappointment. It can and will only get worse as our failing nation polarizes more than ever before in our lifetimes.

Those like me on the Right view Obama’s actions as sinister and Treasonous. I remain convinced he set out to destroy our economy and replace our form of government with Iron Fisted Socialism that I don’t think even my ultra-Liberal friends would ever want. This is bolstered by Obama’s lie that this would be the most transparent government in history. We got the exact opposite of what he promised in that regard.

One thing for sure is that we have a total mess now. We are floating the seas aimlessly like the Flying Dutchman with no viable plan to prevent a world-wide depression that will begin right here.

We must rid our Whitehouse of this cancer before the 2012 election. America needs to suspend taxes and get the economy’s machinery moving again. There is no other option.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Los Angeles TV Reporters Failed Big Time on Homicide Case

Hollywood, CA—Friday night at the Hollywood and Vine subway station Jesse Garay, 59, of North Hollywood was stabbed to death. This disturbing story was observed by two witnesses that have cooperated with the police and also gave media interviews. One witness is a music reporter for the L.A. Times.

The stories the witnesses tell is that the dead man was assaulting a younger Asian fellow with a chain. The victim was trying to fend off blows with his skate board and finally drew a small pocket knife and stabbed his attacker.

It makes little difference who said what to who or even who started the altercation when Garay began chasing the victim with a chain using a knife or even a firearm for self-defense was justified.

Garay fell mortally wounded and the victim was covered in blood. An interesting fact is that at least two strangers urged the victim to change his bloody shirt and flee. The victim followed that advice and has not been seen since.

It is the weekend and the general assignment reporters working are somewhat young and inexperienced but they proceeded to libel the victim terribly. They redundantly called the event a murder and reversed the roles of victim and suspect even after hearing from eye witnesses.

What they left out of the story is that a crime victim who uses deadly force or for that matter anyone under the police spotlight has every right to avoid cops and to remain silent.

What’s worse is the little news bunnies could have accessed the L.A. County Superior Courts criminal database and enlightened their viewers with the dead assailant’s criminal history or lack of it.

At least one LAPD spokesman said that it would be up to a jury to determine the validity of a self-defense claim. That remark was ignorant since the investigation belongs to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department. Police say they have surveillance video but have not released it yet.

The fact is the cops want to talk to the victim but no competent defense lawyer would allow any client to do that. The victim needs to continue to law very low.

Self-defense cases don’t have to result in arrest and if they do a prosecutor should have the sense and decency not to destroy a victim’s life by putting him on trial needlessly. Imagine being in jail, waiting for a year or three for your day in court. Your job, home, car and wife and children may not be there when you are finally cleared.

The victim is not a murder suspect. The event is not a murder and the reporters did not bother to do their job and investigate the assailant.

Perhaps it might have been a good idea for the reporters to interview a criminal defense lawyer that could clear up some confusion about self-defense.

Under the circumstances some police PIO may call the victim a suspect. If that was the case the reporter should have asked the PIO to clarify whether the they intend to arrest the victim for a crime or simply interview him as a victim/witness.

I purposely am not going to single out and embarrass these reporters. Hopefully they will follow up with some corrective reports.

Update: 24 Aug 12 L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies located and arrested Gen Sim, 33 in connection with the stabbing death last week in a Hollywood subway train. The claim of self-defense is no small issue in this case. There will be no booking photos released to the media, until after an expected line-up is conducted by police to avoid contaminating the identification process.

Sheriff’s records show that Sim has been booked three time in jail within the last month for unrelated allegations. Let’s see if the local newsbunnies flush out the facts this time.

Cops, Criminals, Prosecutors and Wrongful Convictions

Chicago, IL—Too many Americans lose sight of the real function of our Criminal Justice System. It’s not about actual guilt, but simply guilt that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If we cannot prove an allegation the accused must go free. That means that there are always going to be some people that get away with murder.

We seem to forget that these days only 35% of homicide cases are solved by arrest. Just three decades ago we solved over 80% of the homicides by arresting, convicting and punishing those suspects we grew to hate.

I hope you’re wondering why the rate of homicide solution has fallen so low? Technology like DNA, surveillance cameras, data trails we leave with our credit, debit and even those Link or EBT cards handed out to freeloaders, clear suspects routinely. The new technology has eliminated thousands of misidentifications by mistaken or deceitful witnesses.

The drastic drop in the solution rate for murder in the last three decades makes it abundantly clear we destroyed many thousands of innocent lives who would have been cleared by modern technology.

Suspects usually come from a special class of people. They live on the fringe of society and tell lies with incredible ease. They have issues with drugs, alcohol and often mental illness. Sometimes they have well-earned and extensive criminal histories. They are the, “Usual Suspects”. Additionally they generally have really bad attitudes and are only to egger to express their hatred of police.

If you take a usual suspect and place him near a crime you can have a perfect storm that may snare the wrong man. This is doubly bad since the actual criminal get’s the euphoric experience of knowing he pulled off a perfect crime.

We all think we have a special instinct to know if a suspect committed the crime. There is no scientific basis for that anymore than the ability to predict which horse will win a race. When cop’s guilt detection instinct kicks in and is reinforced by other cops bad things happen.

Prosecutors jump on the bandwagon and lives of innocents are destroyed even if the accused is somehow later cleared. It’s no secret prosecutors can indict a ham sandwich with ease. While waiting one to three years to get their day in court those later declared innocent have lost their jobs, homes, cars and families.

Getting out of jail with only the clothes that were on your back the day they were arrested is beyond miserable. Imagine when they take suspect’s clothes to the crime lab to cut out samples and jail him in a white paper suit. They open the door and let the now destitute but cleared suspect out wearing that. It really happens.

We all want to see the guilty removed from society and punished. To do that, we need clairvoyants and mind readers. It’s not going to happen at least during our lifetimes.

We can’t help justice by placing our thumbs on the scale. Today we have the avenging “Victim’s Rights” angels of True Crime Gossip Television that will tell us all who is guilty. They are the leaders of today’s lynch mobs. They are at their zenith as they castigate a jury for not convicting someone they hate like Casey Anthony in Florida.

What we need to do is gather real evidence and let an unbiased jury weigh the facts as they exist. We must not be offended or angered if the suspect is freed. By their nature real criminals always reoffend and will soon be in another spin of the Criminal Justice Wheel of Fortune.

The system is not perfect but our own freedom and liberty is endangered when we tamper with the system of justice our founding fathers gave us with their blood.

The Gestapo and the SS dealt with crime for 12 long and notorious years in Germany. They had a “wonderful 100% conviction rate”. Right now in the USA we only have an 80% conviction rate in our courts. We can always raise that to 100%, but at what cost?

Friday, August 19, 2011

You can Help Come Friday, the Movie to be made in Chicago!

Chicago, IL—In 1973 the late Ann Leybourne Erwin Biebel was a Chicago recruit policewoman. Those who were fortunate enough to know her loved her. She retired as an 018 district Civil Service sergeant. She was a great wife and mother whose life was cut too short by cancer.

My regular Chicago visitorss know the incredible and exciting story behind her valor award and Medal of Merit that the late Mayor, Richard J. Daley gave her after she was kidnapped at gunpoint and survived under the gravest extreem.

It’s a story that reflects well on the department and the superior training provided to the officers. The department needs all the image building it can get right now after years of less the desirable administration.

The City and department morale can only go up from its decline and we must wait and see what the new mayor will accomplish in the way of bringing back the taxpayers, business and jobs that have fled.

Placing the baggage of President Obama or Richard M. Daley on Mayor Rahm Emanuel is unfair. We must give him the opportunity to improve and repair the broken relationship between rank and file cops and the fifth floor of City Hall. That relationship should not be about politics but for the safety and wellbeing of Chicago’s taxpayers. Old man Daley had a great relationship the police that his son somehow managed to destroy.

I’m asking every Chicago reader to write Mayor Emanuel and ask him to offer Chicago’s full cooperation to his brother Ari Emanuel in the making of Come Friday. Ari Emanuel is the founder and CEO of Endeavor William Morris Talent Agency in Beverly Hills. He is one of the most powerful men in Hollywood who could make Come Friday an unforgettable film.

Making this film would bring Chicago revenue, jobs and there would be loads of extra roles for Chicago cops.

Once Come Friday is made I’m up to finding and creating more films that chronicle the heroes of the Chicago Police department. I just need a little help getting the first one off the ground.

The Honorable Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago
City Hall
121 N. LaSalle Street
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Direct him to

Dealing With Whitehouse Lawlessness

Washington, DC—We all have laws we hate. I hate the drug laws, gun laws and the Patriot Act. If I, or anyone dare lift a finger to interfere with the enforcement of those laws we will quickly find ourselves, in Club Fed because that’s the law of the land.

If any American takes a step from preventing a federal law enforcement officer from doing his or her sworn duty to make an arrest we always arrest and charge them with Obstruction of Justice.

We gave Congress, not the President the power to make laws and provide for exceptions and immunities. Any American President or other public official obstructing justice can and should be prosecuted.

The rub here is the federal cops are controlled by the Whitehouse, and enforcing those laws against the President without an appointed independent counsel is absolutely impossible.

Congress made our immigration laws and now the President without lawful authority is interfering with enforcement of the laws. He has unlawfully ordered the DOJ to stop deporting foreign trespassers. He claims he is only going to allow the deportation of criminals. However Congress has long ago made illegal entry into our borders a crime so that claim is beyond lame.

If it is the will of the American people to open the borders to the world they can always do this through Congress. Obviously the American people are opposed to this or Congress would have never enacted the immigration laws or would have repealed them if they were that unpopular. The American people have also chosen not to give the President immunity from our Obstruction of Justice laws.

We even have a more serious issue of criminality by the Whitehouse. It is that the Whitehouse through their DOJ actually enabled, incited and encouraged a violent crime crisis in Mexico and Central America. They knowingly caused thousands of firearms to be funneled to known criminals for the unlawful exportation of the weapons to criminal organizations south of the border. Those guns were used in many murders on both sides of the including that of two of our own federal agents.

When anyone knowingly provides a deadly weapon to a criminal who then uses it to commit a crime and someone is killed we charge them with murder. It carries the same penalty as it would for the actual criminal pulling the trigger.

Giving the Whitehouse a pass on these serious crimes sends the wrong message. Perhaps now we can all decide what laws we will chose to obey.

Have we somehow given a President with a 39% approval rating powers and immunities that don’t exist under our law?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Save America With a Tax Moratorium, it’s the Only Option.

Washington, DC—So many taxpaying Americans and their businesses have fled the Tax Tyranny imposed by the Socialists in our Congress. Instead of paying 35% they relocate off shore and pay only a fraction to less punitive foreign governments happy to accept much less for productive businesses.

We have an emergency that requires that we lure back productivity and jobs by competing with the tax rates overseas. The reckless tax and spend train has derailed and we are bankrupt.

We can only resume productivity by suspending and reducing the punishment we brought on the portion of the population that actually pays taxes and keeps Americans employed.

That means a massive reduction of government is in order. We must jettison the layers upon layers of over-regulation we’ve put in place.

The once mighty USA becomes weaker and weaker each and every day. We pile new mistakes on the identical ones we’ve made in the past. We can’t seem to learn to stop writing checks when our accounts are overdrawn.

Working Americans usually have health insurance and don’t have to drain the treasury for medical treatment. The massive unemployment can’t continue. Americans have suffered enough.

Where Are All the Anti-War Whiners Now?

Washington, DC—Let me be the first to admit as a staunch libertarian Conservative I was no fan of Either Presidents named Bush. They being pretend Republicans and progressives got us into three wars if you count Iraq twice. I’ve never personally approved of these undeclared deadly wars without end.

I watched the Leftist fringe demonstrate somewhere and whine for TV cameras every week, throughout three Bush Administrations. They cried, "Impeach Bush!" at every opportunity. They were relentless and redundant, that is until their Messiah took up residence inside our Whitehouse.

Now with Barack Obama we have three wars and today he’s saber-rattling for yet another war with Syria. Obama is now bulling President Bashar Assad threatening sanctions if he does not surrender his political power.

I’d like to think that so many American parents are tired of their children being sent home in rubber bags or with missing limbs along with life-long disabilities. The goal of separating good Muslims can never be met until every last one of them is dead. But now the Anti-War Whiners are all nowhere to be found and I can’t figure out where they have gone.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sela Ward Flying High at 55!

Los Angeles, CA—One of the perks I have as a member of the Screen Actors Guild is the privilege of attending the SAG Foundation’s, Conversations. It’s a somewhat intimate affair with well known actors in a small theater with no more than 100 seats.

They usually show the latest project the actor is involved with on the screen and later they bring in the actor who is interviewed by various Foundation moderators. Afterwards the actors usually spend time with those fellow actors that want to meet them.

Over the last several years, I have attended Conversations with actors including Maria Bello, Camryn Manheim, Tom Selleck , Jill Hennessy, Christan Slater and several others.

Tonight it was a special treat to spend some time with the stunning and beautiful Sela Ward. At 55 she looks amazing even up close and personal. Ward can compete with any other beautiful woman less than half her age. Ward has a Golden Globe, two Emmys and a bunch of nominations to her credit.

Instead of bringing in her latest episode of CSI New York Ward brought in an actor’s reel of her best work. Scenes from films with Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, Burt Reynolds, Kevin Costner, George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and many others were on the reel.

That was enjoyable to say the least but the last scene was a recent audition she prepared for a casting director. Ward is a consummate pro who has demonstrated that she is absolutely fearless. These days actors use those wonderful pro-sumer HD cameras and shoot whatever their agents tell them the casting directors are looking for. They then submit the material electronically for consideration.

When I said Ward was fearless that self made audition scene in the reel said it all. Ward is in a dressing area of a bedroom wearing a white top and long and somewhat tight skirt. She talks about and displays a girdle and without hesitation put her feet into it pulling it up under her skirt. The girdle is beyond too tight and Ward struggles with it making gyrations that were absolutely hilarious. As soon as she gets the monster on, catching her breath she pulls down the skirt, checks her rear in the mirror and exclaims with a smile it was well worth the effort! Ward is indeed a great and versitle entertainer.

The sign of a great actor is they are able to leave their egos at the stage door. Ward chronicled her career and gave her fellow actors numerous tips and was indeed inspiring. Ward also did not hold back revealing hurtful and thoughtless remarks made by rude casting directors and such about her efforts during auditions. Ward has learned how to use those remarks like a sword to prove them wrong.

Ward stuck around to visit with all the lucky actors that wanted to meet and chat with her. I told her I’d love to work with her in any project. She gave me a warm and wide smile thanking me. I told her I hope to see her working longer than the legendary Jessica Tandy.

To Sela Ward and the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, I say a lot of actors were inspired like I was tonight. Thank you all for another terrific educational opportunity.

In 2002 Ward published her first book, titled Homesick. Part inspirational story, part memoir, the book tells Ward's quest for a balance between the comforts of her small-town childhood and her big city way of life. The book appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.

You can get your own copy of Ward’s book right here at

Why The Obama Presidency is Failing

Chicago, IL—The Presidency and legacy or Barack Obama is turning into a sad chronicle. Obama’s parentage and foreign beginnings were not that of a typical American. Being the child of an inter-racial couple along with his father being a confirmed Marxist shaped him into being un-American . Obama admittedly became Saul Alinsky foot soldier in the cold war against the American way of life as a community organizer. Obama never really fit into the concept of the American Dream.

Despite his peculiar upbringing, his exposure to the Leftist political types positioned him to enter the twisted and corrupt Regular Democratic Organization of Chicago. The Daley/Burke dynasty needed obedient African-Americans to sway Chicago’s Black vote to the Daley/Burke slated candidates and Obama showed some promise to deliver.

Obama’s personality along with that broad smile made him useful. Obama made it to the inner circle and was soon up to his eyeballs with those two infamous felons, Rod “Blago” Blagojevich and Tony Rezko. Timing is everything because Obama gained absolute power over the Justice Department just in the nick of time to derail any investigation or prosecution over his own dark activities.

Obama was placed in the United States Senate where he would not lay claim to a single achievement other than to prove he was Daley/Burke puppet. His career as a Senator was truly unremarkable.

The fickle finger of fate pushed this relatively unknown politician into the position of being a viable Presidential candidate. The Daley/Burke machine longed for access to the Whitehouse and the opportunity for unlimited opportunities for enrichment. They soon called out their forces and thrust this gangly young stranger into the limelight.

Being an unknown candidate has its advantages especially if he or she seems likable. A history of public policy crafting always works against a candidate depending on his or her political directions. Obama had no baggage in that regard and the uninformed voters demonstrated their enlightened racial tolerance as they made a choice between an aging liberal running as a Republican and a more vibrant appearing unknown claiming to be Democrat.

The George W. Bush Presidency was a real disappointment for Americans. He got us mired into two never ending wars. Bush also drove us into massive debt. Bush along with his father brought sad chapters to America’s history.

America wanted change, not Socialism but a new direction away from the wars and massive debt. They trusted a stranger with this task and elected Barack Obama.

Obama’s first two years came with the gift of a Congress bloated with a Leftist majority. They gave the stranger blank checks he began to write. The problem is all those check were written against an overdrawn account. Far too many Americans can’t seem to understand that we jail people that insist upon engaging in that kind of behavior.

The mid-term election came along with question from the new Congress. Thankfully the Tea Party emerged and slowed down the Obama force march to Socialism.

The courts have now ruled Obama’s greatest achievement, Obamacare as Unconstitutional. This is solid evidence that the politicians pushing the new law had placed their Socialist leanings before their oaths to defend and protect our Constitution. At some point we call this kind of political action Treason.

Today all Obama has to show for his efforts is bailed out Wall Street criminals, failed auto makers and crooked banks. It’s fair to say we aren’t even close to determining what that massive multi-trillion dollar debt will total.

The most troubling Obama Administration effort of all was the creation of a carnage crisis for the governments of Mexico and several Central American neighbors. This was an effort to enable mass murder in order to use this manufactured horror for a misguided propaganda effort to shape public policy.

In the zeal against our second Amendment Obama and his henchmen set out to demonize American gun rights. They knowing used “stimulus” taxpayer funds in a scheme to deliver thousands of firearms to violent gangs and cartels south of our border. They somehow convinced some gun dealers to go along with the sale of guns to felons who were delivering the weapons to some of most notorious criminals on earth. The results were predictable.

The most troubling aspect of this case is anyone that knowing provides a weapon to a criminal and then the criminal uses the weapon in a murder is also guilty of murder. Aside from countless foreigners being murdered we have two dead American law enforcement agents. The Obama Administration claims of incompetence and ignorance are hardly a valid excuse. We have executed may criminals for this exact conduct.

Many Democrats and Independents that supported Obama are now suffering from a painful bout of Buyer’s Remorse. Understandably they want to distance themselves from Obama and his failures. They’re now all wondering why they passed over Hillary Clinton to support this stranger that became a massive disappointment.

Obama’s earliest detractors called him an empty suit. In hindsight that moniker was much too kind.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Chicago Gun Registration Unneeded, Duplicative and Ineffective

Chicago, IL—Chicago’s gun registration efforts began in 1968. Since then thousands of guns were registered by the most upstanding and law-abiding citizens.

How many crimes were solved because of the registration program you ask? Nobody can cite a single instance of serious crime being solved.

Police have looked to see if expired registrations were renewed and made life Hell for those who failed to notice the expirations.

Of course the records were used and abused by nosy bureaucrats and cops checking on their own neighbors from time to time.

The state has a much more effective Firearms Owner Identification system that citizens are required to obtain before they can possess firearm or ammunition. Those cards, the personal information and photos of the bearers provide law enforcement with plenty of information.

The rub here is the people that bother to obtain the FOID cards behave themselves rather well. The FOID records don’t exist for criminals since they never obtain them.

There are two separate U.S. Supreme Court opinions that have held that, convicted felons cannot be forced to register or submit applications that reveal they have firearms! The reason is that registration violates their right against self-incrimination.

Gun registration has become a pointless and meaningless concept if criminals can’t be charged with failure to register the guns that are forbidden to own. Registration laws should have been repealed after the two rulings but they managed to live on.

What’s needed in Illinois is a pre-emption law barring local governments from creating a patchwork of laws nobody can keep up with. The FOID system is intrusive, cumbersome and unconstitutional. You simply can’t be forced to obtain a license to exercise a right. Despite the objectionable nature of the FOID law, gun owners have accepted it with few grumbles except for delays in processing them.

Often people say you need a license to drive a car and requiring one to own a gun seems reasonable. The same people forget that driving a car is not a right but a privilege. Owning and carrying a gun is a right.

Mayor Rham Emanuel would serve Chicago well to convince the City Council to simply eliminate the gun laws of Chicago. The rank and file cops understand only too well Chicago’s gun laws only victimize the law-abiding. It has cost taxpayer a bundle defending Mayor Richard M. Daley’s over-emotional and unlawful personal gun philosophy.

Mayor Emanuel would gain some real respect from the Chicago police officers by taking this step. He’d buy even more credit by staying out of the concealed weapon debate.

Mayor Emanuel needs to visit police districts and solicit ideas from the cops on the street. Rank and file cops can help Emanuel get a handle on department problems much better than those schizophrenic political creatures with gold stars. Most gold star ranked officers are to frightened to tell the mayor anything they think he might not want to hear. Beat cops will be much more straight forward. I have been trying to imagine a day with the morale of the cops was at an all time high rather than in the basement.

I have placed Barack Obama’s baggage on Emanuel because he was the Whitehouse Chief of Staff. Perhaps that was hasty and unfair. Mayor Emanuel can reduce city government and figure creative ways to bring employers and taxpayers back into the city. There is nothing preventing him from being a great mayor except to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

So far Mayor Emanuel seems to be an improvement over what Chicago had on City Hall's fifth floor during the last few decades.

Business Owners: Why Suffer in the USA When You Can Relocate to Avoid Tax Tyranny?

Geneva, Switzerland—In the land of chocolate and cheese corporations pay far less than half in taxes than here. The frugal Swiss government welcomes American businesses with open arms and bargain taxes along with countless other nations.

Our own government run by those Communist and Socialist pretenders refuses to downsize as they chase away every last job from our shore. Our politicians simply don’t get it. Americans are voting with their feet to escape slavery.

Isn’t it better to have 300,000 business paying 15 % tax than 100,000 businesses paying the 35% tax? Now take into consideration the loss of American jobs aggravated by the flight of the businesses. How many American individual taxpayers have we turned into Entitlement Zombies by chasing their needed jobs away?

Cuba, North Korea and the former East German Socialists had the cure for this flight. Anyone caught leaving those nations, are simply shot dead. Will Homeland Security efforts be redirected to holding Americans and their businesses captive to end the non-stop hemorrhage of tax induced job loss? The government monster can’t be forced to feed on itself.

Did we tax away enough jobs to create a vast healthcare crisis by creating legions of unemployed with no way to pay for insurance?

Would America really suffer if we reduced government across the board by 50%? Imagine if we sold just 30% of the commercial real estate acquired to facilitate all that government we really don’t need?

If only we could only end slavery once again by simply lowering taxes the American Dream could be saved. Jobs would return and people would by enjoying employment, health insurance and supplemental retirement. The endless entitlements doled out to the idle would eventually slow to a trickle if we could just bring businesses back to America with some serious tax breaks.

Our politicians will never do this on their own they must be forced by the voters.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gun Carrying is Necessary for Your Safety and Survival

Los Angeles, CA—You are required to “click it” or get a ticket according to the public safety announcements. We all insist that a short drive to church on Sunday or the grocery store poses little or no safety risk. The reality is most fatal vehicle accidents happen close to home. I don’t need a law to encourage me to buckle up because I see the necessity to do this whether there is a law or not.

The gun rights haters make lame remarks that carrying a gun at the shopping mall or to church is somehow silly and even somehow a danger to public safety. The fact is most robberies, carjackings, rapes and murders happen close to home in these so-called, safe places or around nearby parking areas.

Suggesting you only need a gun only in your home is ludicrous. Your home with solid locks, your family members and maybe even a dog is a much safer place than any American street.

Police might be able to respond to your call for help eventually but any physician will tell you that you can actually bleed to death within 30 seconds. Even the most efficient police department can’t arrive in time to save your life from a serious violent attack.

If you think its important to wear a seat belt the very same logic applies to carrying a gun for self-defense purposes. It was of course the powerful and generous insurance industry lobby that swayed lawmakers into passing seatbelt laws everywhere. The insurers don’t have to pay nearly as much in claims if everyone is protected with seatbelts.

With financially strapped state and local governments dangerous career criminals are getting let out of jails and prisons at an alarming rate. Some of these same jurisdictions still have plenty of taxpayer money to waste prosecuting otherwise law-abiding carrying guns for self-defense. The truth is your personal safety trumps all of those unconstitutional laws that ban the bearing of arms.

Gun carrying is certainly no more complicated than driving a car. There is definitely a need for training to make this choice of self-defense safe and effective.

Let me advise every sane, sober and otherwise law-abiding person in our land to carry a deadly weapon for self-defense even if there is some law preventing that.

That gun or in some cases a knife does not make you taller, smarter or braver. It only gives you a fighting chance to escape a violent attack with your life. Common sense to avoid risky behavior and conflicts whether armed or not still applies.

If you choose to carry a weapon get whatever permits or training required. If they refuse to grant you a permit or there is some outright ban on carrying you should use your own judgment, not that of some ignorant lawmaker.

Don’t ever give consent to a physical search of you, your vehicle or belongings by law enforcement. If a law enforcement officer discovers you with a weapon be polite, non-threatening and silent. Don’t ever try and hold court on the street or enter into legal debates with the police.

You and your lawyer will be able to challenge any non-consensual search and the arrest in the proper forum, a courtroom. This is where you may argue that bearing a weapon for self-defense purposes is constitutionally protected activity according to the U.S. Supreme Court opinions issued in the cases of Dick Heller and Otis McDonald.

If the police or government violated you civil rights to keep and bear arms you will be free to sue them accordingly. Making threats to police on the streets to do that is ill advised and counter-productive. There’s no reason to make some cop that arrested you to also hate you. You may ultimately need his or her truthful testimony in order to avoid a wrongful conviction.

Often cops like to see bad laws challenged and struck down in court. Most cops actually support the concept of concealed carry for the law-abiding despite what most big city police chiefs say.

Soon the gun carry bans will either be lifted or struck down by the courts. In the mean time wear your seatbelt while driving and carry a weapon for self-defense. Your family and employer need you alive and well.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Official Crimefile review of, Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Los Angeles, CA—I was recently lamenting the lack of films worth the admission price in recent Hollywood history. Amazingly a very entertaining film is currently in our local theaters, Rise of The Planet of the Apes.

I won’t spoil this with much information other than to say you will be rooting for the apes over most of the humans you will meet in this adventure.

The entire cast is solid and believable in their respective roles.

Let me predict that Apes will take best Picture and a bunch of other awards at the Kodak Theater this year. I predict Andy Serkis will take the Best Actor Oscar for his role of Caesar, a precocious and loveable chimpanzee.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Left is Hoping Republicans will offer up this Fake Republican

The Republican Party is loaded with pretenders that insist upon running for political office. They are put on the ticket to keep real Republicans and Conservatives away from the polls. It always works.

The most miserable example was the pathetic John McCain that insured an Obama victory. McCain was and is a pretender who traded on this POW status in Viet Nam. Some voters actually think he’s an anti-communist and a Conservative. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The political left wants a lackluster sellout on the Republican ticket because it always seems to work. The left and their media hacks are pushing hard for Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

We cannot be led into this trap once again. If this loser winds up on the Republican ticket we will have another election boycotted by Conservatives. The Republican Party leadership has sold out to the Left long ago always supporting sacrificial lambs for the slaughter.

Don’t accept anything less than a real Conservative and that's not Mitt Romney!

Has Our Movie Industry Become a Vast Incestuous Wasteland?

Los Angeles, CA—It used to be that Hollywood would make terrific movies every year. Great stories delivered by great actors were plentiful and ticket prices were somewhat cheap. These days we are lucky to really enjoy more than a few films per year. There is however no shortage of total trash being offered in the cinema today and the ticket prices are higher than ever.

I know that in the heyday the movie studios called the shots and decided what film projects would be made. Agents referred actors and crews and the studios made the choices. That went upside down when the agents and agencies gained control over the studios.

Today, each agency develops and protects their projects only within their core group. The agencies by their nature are incredibly incestuous and that stifles creativity. The agencies have run out of ideas and just make films for the sake of making films.

You can’t maintain excellence without locating and developing new talent with fresh ideas. The agencies are too busy protecting their relatives, lovers and selves from competing outsiders. I’m not suggesting that this is not a natural result of human behavior but it has gotten in the way of making quality films.

The agents have given themselves the last word on green lighting projects and their judgment is clouded by their close relationships with their talent. I’m convinced it is also a case of murdering investor’s profits.

An amazing thing has taken place over the last several years and that is filmmakers with cheap cameras are everywhere. Some of them are quite talented and their talents should carry more weight than their performance on casting couches. There are legions of gifted but unrepresented actors, writers and producers. The unrepresented filmmakers are barred by the agencies from breaking into the business. Lawyers call that anti-trust and the practices are illegal however the agencies always seem to get away with this conduct.

I only know one thing and that the annual Academy Awards Show is hemorrhaging viewers and that’s because the quality of the entries is at an all time low.

Hollywood needs to write a new chapter on film production and open the doors to some new ideas. They need to win back their audience. The Academy Awards should once again generate millions of world-wide enthusiastic viewers.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

African-Americans and their Culture of Genocide

The Socialists and Communists in our society courted Africa-Americans promising them a free ride beginning in the early 1960’s. The Socialist leaning politicians gave this race a false concept that their future generations were owed a living for past transgressions of slave owners and such. A culture of abject failure and heartbreak was born.

African-Americans were taught that they need to keep an identity and culture separate from that of the White majority. Unfortunately that culture was bankrupt and this effort has constructed a defective racially based program for the ignorant, needy and lawless. It is a culture of failure, despair and doom.

African-Americans were encouraged to avoid meeting goals of success as a way to avoid conformity. They were supported in the pathetic and misguided adaptation of the English language into what they have called Ebonics. A counter-culture of trash talking, ignorant, idle and unemployable savages is what has emerged.

Public schools soon became day care warehouses for single mothers who have made childbearing a growth industry. The more children they have the more taxpayer funded entitlements they are handed. The schools are controlled by the Leftist run, teachers unions that contribute little to inspire Africa-American children to live the American Dream. Instead they are programmed for total failure.

Today’s African-Americans pride themselves as having rejected anything legitimate that would bring them wealth or success. African-American success goals are in the area of sports, Black Entertainment and organized crime.

I can’t imagine what single mothers are thinking when naming their children. These mothers curse their children With culture influenced names that guarantee their future employment applications won’t get a second look.

Racial polarization is more pronounced than ever in our lifetimes. What has happened is nearly an entire race present in America has been deliberately infected with a deadly disease that will eventually eliminate them from the planet. That is nothing less than genocide.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Ghetto Violence Invasion of Chicago Tourist Attractions Continues Unchecked

Chicago, IL—Just feet away from my old home (Marina City) a cowardly young African-American assailant fired a gun into the back of a man’s head. The victim was walking with friends to do some shopping in the area. This was on the State Street Bridge over the Chicago River. The gunman escaped Southbound.

Police believe they recovered a shell casing from the fired round and a backpack belonging to the gunman.

The unidentified victim is listed as critical condition in Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The shooting so far seems to be another random act of violence perpetrated against White victims by African-American terrorists.

The law-abiding people of Chicago need to re-learn understand that they have an absolute birthright to enjoy the protection of our Second Amendment.

Understand you have more than a right but a duty to defend yourself, family, friends and neighbors. You have little choice but to take serious steps to end this violent trend. Get yourself a large caliber modern handgun and the training to use it for self-defense purposes. When confronted by either a small mob or any armed assailant, simply begin firing at them until the threat has ended. Warnings directed at you attacker/s to cease and desist are not required and may give your assailant the opportunity to kill you. Chicago's local gun laws are nothing more than weak and unconstitutional waste of paper.

Simply leave the scene for your own safety so you’re not further victimized by unseen accomplices. Contact a lawyer, not the police and tell nobody but your lawyer what happened. Watch the video below for my best advice.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Chicago Lawyer Joel Brodsky Wins a Rare Gun Rights Victory in Chicago.

Chicago, IL—When federally licensed firearm collector, David Lawson attempted to simply register four SKS carbines, the Chicago Police Department refused the applications. Lawson through his attorney Joel Brodsky (pictured right) sought a hearing with the Department of Administrative hearings.

A hearing was held before Chicago Administrative Law Judge Pat Riley. The police department’s witness stated their objections claiming the carbines were prohibited by Chicago’s newest gun ordinance. The department refused to even examine the carbines before they declined registration.

The department alleged that the carbines had characteristics that rendered the guns as banned by the ordinance. The judge ruled otherwise and ordered the department to register them.

Here is a copy of the ruling:
Order of Administrative Hearing Officer on Remand 8-5-2011[1]

Fullerton, CA Police Facing a Firestorm Following Suspect’s Death

Fullerton, CA---The Fullerton Police Department is comprised of 153 sworn officers that patrol this Los Angeles suburban community.

A mentally ill homeless man, Kelly Thomas, 37 was investigated by patrol officers for a vehicle burglary. A deadly melee erupted during an attempted arrest. Little has been made public about the incident other than the slightly built suspect was tasered more than once, screamed for help and died. Six officers were involved in the melee and two of them reportedly suffered broken bones.

Immediately, members of the public, news media and at least two members of the City Council rushed to judgment assuming a murder was committed by officers acting under color of law.

The entire event was reportedly captured on city surveillance video that has yet to see daylight. We can only guess what the video shows.

On its face, the incident appears to be an act of manslaughter or worse by the officers. Thanks to modern surveillance camera technology, medical forensics and obligatory interviews the matter can be fully and fairly investigated. The gossipmongers and the police haters need to step aside.

The FBI is conducting a probe to see if Thomas’ civil rights were violated. The department and prosecutors are in the process of making a comprehensive review of this death. Speaking of death, the Medical examiner’s report was not yet released so we don’t know what caused Thomas’ death.

This is a case where the public, Thomas’ family and the officers deserve no less than a full and impartial investigation. If there was a crime committed by the officers I’d fully support appropriate prosecution.

This investigation can’t be about judging the officers by the emotional behavior of those out to lynch the involved cops. It’s grossly unfair for anyone to scream cover-up during the ongoing investigation.

Let’s let the case unfold and deal with real evidence rather than hate.

It appears that Kelly Thomas was victimized long before he died by his own family, the government and medical providers. They all failed to intervene and help this troubled fellow. No matter what, this was a tragic and troubling event.

I also fault the pathetic public records laws of the State of California for causing unnecessary suspicion through a vile form of secret government.