Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Politics of Hurricanes

New Orleans--It was three years ago when Katrina hit Hew Orleans. The Federal Government sent billions to local Democratic politicians and their chosen contractors who quick squandered or stole the money.

At first officials locked up their poor in the Superdome and convention center. The wanton vandalism to these structures by the inhabitants exceeded anything the hurricane could do.

New Orleans soon sent their refugees to cities like Houston where they were put up indefinitely in profitable and clean hotels on government funds. Before it was over these hotels were destroyed through intentional vandalism and theft.

The crime rates of those hosting cities went off the charts as a result of the Katrina refugee’s savage behavior and the bodies were stacked high from the murders.

Here we go again, thousands of Gustav refugees are arriving in the same cities as we speak.

The only advice I’d offer is for the host citiies population's it to keep their guns handy, they’ll certainly need them.

Mayor Ray Nagin gave a giant green light to his criminals when he had his police and those from other states disarm and leave law-abiding citizens defenseless.

If New Orleans is destroyed again I say let it stay that way. Nagin and his bunch don’t need another opportunity to raid the treasury.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin Brings Youth, Beauty and Excitement to this Dull Presidential Race

Dayton, OH--My expectations were not very high for McCain’s choice of a running mate. I fully expected a boring, pretend Republican, white-bread male to be named for the number two spot.

McCain got the message that his liberalism was a liability and looked for and found someone with the right stuff, Alska's govenor Sarah Palin.

Palin has a strong history of supporting gun rights, fiscal conservatism and the right to life. She sounds too over-qualified to be one of today’s Republicans.

Palin has never been corrupted inside the Congeressional cesspool and brings no baggage with her.

She clearly understands the challanges and needs of today's middle class American families.

Palin’s own son along with John McCain’s are in harm’s way defending and protecting in our nation’s military. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have zero investment in our armed forces.

The Republican ticket just got a giant shot of Geritol. For you younger folks, Geritol was a special medicinal tonic that promised our parents they could stay young and attractive. I don’t think that product really delivered but Sarah Palin seems to be the right medicine for this presidential ticket.

One thing I noticed and liked about Palin was she came out in a skirt instead of the usual Democratic dykewear pants suit.

Now I support the Republican Presidential ticket.

Robot Photo Traffic Foe Arrested In Arizona

Scottsdale, AZ—I hate this bogus enforcement that involves government contractors netting speeders and red light runner’s cash into government treasuries. The purpose of robot cameras is not accident reduction or public safety but to generate revenue.

If you protest too loud you may get the treatment that Jason Shelton, 35 received in Scottsdale. That came with a criminal record he will carry for the rest of his life even if he’s acquitted of charges.

It’s a crime to annoy government robot photo contractors as they fleece motorists on our streets. Check this video out of a robot camera protest in action.

Here is a site dedicated to bringing down robot cameras.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Day At A Time Star Busted At LAX BY The TSA

Los Angeles—Former child star Mackenzie Phillips of One Day at a Time was arrested today at the Los Angeles International Airport. This after the TSA weenies found balloons and baggies that contained suspected heroin and cocaine in her carryon baggage.

The TSA called the LAX police who made the arrest at Terminal 4 this morning. I’d argue that Phillips has the right not to be searched for more than weapons or explosives but today’s courts just don’t care about American's rights under the Fourth Amendment.

As for Phillips, She has been a drug addict for at least three decades and destroyed what may have been an otherwise great life. It’s her life to destroy and all the drug laws in the world did not prevent her from her self-imposed slow suicide.

Phillips stands as an example of our failed drug laws. There is absolutely no benefit to prosecuting her for society. Her use and possession of those drugs is nothing more than vile self-abuse that will continue until she dies.

How much money will we waste putting this wretch through the criminal justice system and how will this be a better world as a result?

How about simple treatment for those drug addicts that want it? Forced treatment almost never works.

Criminal Cases Being Dismissed Because Of Judge Shortage-- A sign of Things To Come?

Riverside, CA—Just this month 25 criminal cases were dismissed because of a shortage of judges. Constitutional rights to a speedy trial of these accused people prevented the cases from being continued until more judges were available. Last month 22 alleged criminals were freed.

The real problem is we have too many petty victimless laws on the books. We have more people per capita incarcerated in our country than any other nation on earth. We need to concentrate on crimes that are dangerous or thefts instead of sins like, gambling and prostitution crimes. California has many more confusing, highly technical and unneeded gun laws on the books than any other state in the union. Those laws do nothing for public safety and just clog the courts with hapless gun owners, hookers and gamblers rather than real criminals.

Riverside Court does not need more Judges, just less laws. Taxpayers deserve a break.

The Campaign Ad Obama Does Not want you to See.

Chicago, IL—Presidential candidate Barack Obama and his lawyers are desperately trying to block this campaign ad from any public showing. They are threatening advertisers and TV stations across the country that have run this spot. The problem is that the content is true. Obama's heroes are radical Leftists and racists.

Obama’s legal team can’t call the truth libel so they are seeking to call the ad and its dissemination a violation of campaign financing laws. That’s beyond weak. Obama should stand up and be proud of his core values and beliefs instead of hiding them.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goldfinger Murder Suspect Seeks To Be Sprung From Custody.

Los Angeles—Friday, August 29, 2008 there will be a federal court status conference on the pending charge against James Michael Fayed for operating his business without a license.

Federal prosecutors said that Fayed was operating a Ponzi scheme and that the LAPD believes he orchestrated the horrible slashing and stabbing murder of his wife, Pamela Fayed in a Century City parking garage last month.

Fayed’s attorney Mark Werksman has filed notices of appeal to challenge the rulings made so far in the case. The primary issue now is the custody status of Fayed who is currently being held without bond.

Werksman has filed a new motion to get Fayed released on a bail amount similar to what’s expected for a low-grade federal felony. I can’t predict the outcome of the motion but I suspect that a new federal indictment is in the works for additional charges and of course there is that strong possibility that the currently stalled LAPD murder investigation may yet yield state charges against Fayed.

As long as Fayed is being held without bail there is no urgency for prosecutors to file any new charges.

Here’s a copy of Mark Werksman’s latest 51 page motion:
Read this document on Scribd: Fayed motion for release

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wyoming Hunter Arrested At A Denver Hotel Over Cased Rifle

Denver, CO--I don’t give a rat’s ass that Democratic Party politicians are in town for their convention. American’s lives and rights should take prescience over politics.

It’s not so in Denver when a Wyoming businessman and hunter checked into The Grand Hyatt hotel with two rifles and two handguns in luggage he brought to town for some gunsmith work for a hunting trip.

Joseph Calanchini was arrested and the hotel was evacuated by candy-assded Denver police.

Calanchini told police he was in Denver on business and that he brought the guns to be repaired at a local gun shop for an upcoming hunting safari trip in Limpopo Basin, South Africa on August 28.

He told police that he had just picked up his rifles from the Sportsman's Warehouse and had them in a locked gun case when he checked in at the Grand Hyatt. The clerk checking him in noticed the rifle case and called security.

Calanchini, who sells drilling tools across Colorado and Wyoming, says he is a frequent guest at the Grand Hyatt.

This seems on its face to be a clear and direct violation of Calanchini’s civil rights. I hope that the City of Denver pays for their outrageous action in a federal civil court soon.

Calanchini is being held on $10,000.00 bail for a court appearance for carrying a concealed weapon.

Perhaps too many of America’s politicians are not afraid enough of the population or outrages like this would not happen.

On another note:

Imagine the panic that this legal .50 cal equiped Hummer owned by Machinegun Tours of Denver would bring to those cowardly gun-hating Liberals if it came anywhere near the DNC.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It’s Time For Some Entertainment On Crimefile!

I’ve been a fan of Crystal Gayle for 30 years. I first saw her in person at a front table in Dale Niedermaier’s, Park West Theater in Chicago in early October of 1979. (Thanks Dale!)

She was as good as it could get for me. Then one Saturday morning I met this great lady in the Phoenix, Arizona, KTVK-TV newsroom in early 1998. I spent about 20 minutes chatting with her trying to keep my composure. I’m sure this old investigator came off sounding like a nervous Porky Pig. I told her my very favorite song she ever sang was Someday Soon.

When Crysral left I held the car door for her and her sister, Peggy. I watched her as she took her really long hair and carefully wrapped it around her hand so it would not get caught on anything as she got in the car.

The songbird also gave me two tickets to see her at the ASU Sundome in Sun City. The second song in her show that night was Someday Soon. She rocked. I saw her afterwards and got to thank her and got a hug. What a gal!

Here is a clip of her from 1979 singing Someday Soon.!

Our Technology Deprived Courts Are Wasting Billions

Los Angeles, CA.-- Have you hired a lawyer recently? Do have a divorce, civil or criminal matter pending in the courts? How much is your lawyer charging you an hour? Did you know a serious portion of your legal fees are to pay your lawyer for simply sitting in big city traffic gridlock?

Judges and bureaucrats gave us “neighborhood” courts claiming it’s for the convenience of the community. Most Americans manage to stay out of the courts and just don’t need that kind of convenience. The truth is this was more about judges and bureaucrats who don’t like to commute and politically corrupt land deals than convenience.

Sound city planning would dictate that land is bought where it’s the cheapest and courthouse and jail structures be built there in one location. Offices for prosecutors, public defenders and all the additional court support can all do their job in a large super-courthouse. Lots of parking is needed so cheap land is necessary. As new buildings are needed, the parking lots can be moved for new court structures for growing cities.

You don’t want your local sheriff transporting dangerous prisoners throughout your city but neighborhood courts mandates that risk. That’s exactly what we have and that cost every large city untold wasted millions of tax dollars.

Neighborhood courts can easily double you legal fees. I don’t think your lawyer pays his or her own hefty fees to park his or her car in prime real estate for your legal matters either.

Every day in America our courts hold thousands of hearings without witness testimony or a jury. Motions are argued and for the most part law requires thas be done in open court where the public can observe.

Technology is cheap and easy enough to keep the lawyers out of their cars saving millions of barrels of oil. The courts and lawyers have to be forced into Internet teleconferencing for every action where witnesses are not giving testimony or juries are not present. As for public observation that can be done in the courtrooms and Internet.

I know lawyers in Los Angeles and Chicago that spend up to seven hours a day going from court to court. That includes the tax funded ones we pay to staff the offices of Attorney General, District Attorney and Public Defender.

In time as connections and quality improves we could perhaps move on to virtual courtrooms where witnesses can testify from anywhere.

I’m sure that taxpayers and litigants would forgo their own inconvenience difficulties anyday in order to save thousands of dollars on their lawyer's transportation needs.

We have to get stated somewhere and we can’t do this soon enough.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Else Does Mike Kurdenok know about Stacy Peterson?

Coal City, IL—Just before Stacy Peterson disappeared according to what Mike Kurdenok, 38 told police is that he had drinks with Stacy Peterson one night after school. He claimed that Stacy wanted to slip away before her husband; Drew Peterson woke up in the morning. It seems that’s precisely what she may have done.

The fact that Kurdenok was out socializing with a married woman is not so unusual until the married woman disappears. Then it paints a very troubling picture. Kurdenok also told police that he gave Stacy advice so she could avoid being found. Coincidences like that make wonderful circumstantial evidence for criminal trials.

Another part of Kurdenok's story that troubles me is that there was never once a mention of Stacy's children. I would hope any woman planning to run away from her husband would show some concern for her own small children.

Any police investigator worth his salt would have asked Kurdenok for permission to search his cars along with that Bayliner boat that he owns. Looking for blood and other trace evidence would have answered lots of important questions.

I’d certainly have visited the neighbors at Kurdenok’s house located at 410 4th Ave in Coal City IL and asked them if they ever saw Stacy Peterson before or after she was reported missing.

Either Kurdenok is telling the truth or not. The way to find out is to begin by asking him to take a polygraph examination. If Kurdenok is telling the truth Stacy Peterson made it clear she was going to run away and hide. If Kurdenok is lying he just became a suspect in a very big way.

Another disturbing fact is that Kurdenok claims that Stacy Peterson never mentions her children in her run away plans. I find that beyond incredible.

I have said it before and I will repeat this now, Peterson like most cops was a lousy husband. But there is no evidence of crime or violence in his history. Peterson has taken the job and responsibility of protecting the town he lived in for three decades and that must have earned him some trust along the way.

I Called Kurdenok myself at his home telephone number. I told him I was a private investigator working on this case and he quickly slammed the phone on me.

Why were Kurdenok and his story not worth minimal investigative efforts by the Illinois State Police?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BREAKING NEWS Drew Peterson Search Warrant Shows New Evidence That Stacy Peterson Planned to hide out!

***Exclusive***Bolingbrook, IL--Within a few days of the disappearance of Stacy Peterson police located a male subject who claimed that Stacy Peterson told him on October 27, 2007 that she planned to hide From her husband Drew Peterson.

The search warrant was turned over just today to Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky in discovery material. The name was redacted by Joel Brodsky until such time as he can interview this witness. This excerpt was found on page 10 of the 12 page affidavit.

The big question I have is why was this kept secret for nearly a year? This seems to suggest that Stacy Peterson may well be alive somewhere.

There are two ways to look at this statement that was made long before this became a high profile story. The story must be true and Stacy wanted to disappear. Or the witness made this up and then we have to determine a motive for telling such a lie to police. Is this witness a new suspect? There are many more questions than answers here.

The excerpt of the search warrant is right here:

Read this document on Scribd: Exerpt Search Warrant[1]

Goldfinger Murder Suspect Demands Return of Some Seized Assets From The Government

Los Angeles--The government seized considerable assets from murder suspect, James Fayed in connection with his Indictment for operating without a license. Those assets are considered by prosecutors as ill-gotten gains and also evidence of the crime for which Fayed is charged.

As always, defense lawyers in similar cases try to get either a portion or all of the assets returned to their client. Often those assets contain the defense attorney’s only hope of being paid to defend their clients.

So what may be a very protracted fight has begun with a motion to regain money claimed to be needed for the defense to protect potential defense evidence.

Additionally there is a list of subpoena witnesses and a proposed court order to release funds that has yet to be signed.

Prosecutors will have to respond and undertake a serious fight to keep all assets locked up. I fully expect the prosecutor’s argue that the money belongs to investors who were hoodwinked into Fayed’s unlicensed and illegal Ponzi scheme.

For investors of Fayed’s companies it’s important that those assets are protected so they can be returned to these innocent victims at some point.
Prosecutors will be responding to the motion in short order. That response is expected to shed more light on Fayed’s business practices.

In the meantime the LAPD investigation into the stabbing and slashing to death of Pamela Fayed still appears to be stalled. Police have been still unable to locate Anthony Fayed who is wanted on unrelated felony arrest warrants.

Here are the latest documents filed
Read this document on Scribd: Mayed money motion

Updated! Click here for the very latest information on this investigation

Monday, August 18, 2008

Suspect Arrested In Savage Murder of Chicago Cop And Friend

Chicago--It was a reprehensible crime committed against off duty Bomb & Arson detective Robert Soto and his friend Kathryn Romberg, a supervisor for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. They were sitting in Soto’s SUV when they were selected by a thug for a robbery, double murder.

The crime happened outside Romberg’s apartment building located in the 3000 block of West Franklin Blvd.

Soto was able to use his cell phone to call for help and alert police to the crime and offenders before he died from his wounds.

Ex-convict, Jason Austin, 26, of the 500 block of North Le Claire has been charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery, Police Supt. Jody Weis announced at a news conference on Monday. Austin has five prior convictions, including drug possession and battery.

Here is a video report from CLTV:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama’s Plans For The Defense Of America As President…

With that Little Russian pig,Vladimir Putin terrorizing and murdering our allies in Georgia, here’s Barack Obama’s own words. Is this empty suit ready for Prime Time?

Goldfinger Murder Suspect To Be Arraigned In Federal Court On Monday

Los Angeles—James Fayed is suspected of having his own wife, Pamela Fayed murdered during an acrimonious divorce. Pamela Fayed was assisting the FBI who was investigating Fayed’s gold trading, Ponzi scheme businesses. That was until she was horrifically stabbed and slashed to death in a Century City parking structure.

Monday, Aug 18, Fayed is expected to enter a formal plea to the Indictment charging him with operating without a required license. This is also the time that a trial judge will be assigned and a schedule of discovery matters will start. A pre-trial court date will be given and an actual trial date will be projected.

Soon we can expect to see a flurry of defense motions designed to get the indictment tossed.

Since Fayed is in custody, I doubt that he will waive time under speedy trial rules and force the government to try him expeditiously. It’s too early to tell exactly what defenses may be raised. However, I have my own expectations.

I would not be surprised to see the defense claim that Fayed relied on his murdered wife to obtain the necessary licensing from the State of California and that he reasonably believed she got the license. Of course I suspect that will be followed with a claim that his wife did not get the license and then falsely informed the FBI that James Fayed had no intention of getting the license.

As for the LAPD murder investigation, it is still stalled because they have been unable to locate and interview Anthony Fayed, the older brother of James Fayed who is being sought on unrelated felony warrants.

Update 8/18: U.S. Magistrate Charles Eick ordered James Michael Fayed, 45, back to court on Sept. 15 for a status conference.

Updated! Click here for the very latest information on this investigation

Here are some more documents I have obtained from the District Court. Included is a Notice of appearance by another attorney for Fayed, Mark Hathaway.
Read this document on Scribd: Fayed documents1 aug 16

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The KTLA-TV News War On Aging Continues

Los Angeles—Every TV or print news organization in America is fighting for survival as the readers and audience has evaporated. The only viewers or readers left are those older folks who have steadfastly shunned computers and the Internet.

What’s interesting here is the once desired demographics of people between 18 and 35 have fled from TV news for good. These are the people that spend money to buy the products advertisers want to sell.

Today the demographics watching have shifted to the oldsters. Today’s advertisers have shifted too, selling prescription drugs, reverse mortgages, denture adhesives and of course Viagra.

Many older TV news viewers feel threatened as they watch the older trusted reporters and anchors disappearing from their positions. The push is on to hire youth in a desperate attempt to save money and lure younger viewers back to television. Along with the shift to youth they are short-staffing newsrooms everywhere. Soon they will lose the only viewers they had.

The quality of local and national news delivery has been dropping like a rock. The journeymen have been replaced by green news apprentices barely over their interning days. The blind are leading the blind and it’s a formula for suicide.

I can’t imagine a new positive direction for poorly paid and inexperienced reporters and producers try to fill the shoes of those they replaced

KTLA-TV is at the battlefront of the war on aging as new ownership and management has handed out pink slips to anyone deemed too mature. Last month they axed reporters Willa Sandmeyer, Walter Richards, Bill Smith and Janet Choi, along with news manager Gerry Ruben, long-time Executive Producer Joe Russin, Executive Editor of Planning, John Hensley, Morning News Executive Producer.

Today I learned Marta Waller’s contract won’t be renewed when it expires in October. Waller has given 24 great years to KTLA’s viewers. Waller is an attractive woman with a great broadcast voice and needed credibility. Waller has been an anchor, medical reporters and covered important criminal trials. Just what was Waller’s crime? Waller aged into the station’s current viewer demographics.

I guess KTLA’s new owner has no fear of age discrimination lawsuits. I suspect they’re about to suffer an avalanche of litigation as they have eliminated every producer or reporter they could over 45 years of age. Whatever KTLA will save on salaries will defiantly be paid out in legal fees defending against age bias claims.

National Geographic Profiles Chicago Mob-Buster Bob Cooley

Chicago, IL.--Bob Cooley was the Chicago cop, turned crooked lawyer who later turned into a very effective government mob-buster.

Cooley was never caught dirty by authorities in his own corruption activities. Instead Cooley simply walked into the Justice Department, confessed his crimes and offered to reel in some very ruthless mob figures.

Cooley took down Chicago’s First Ward Regular Democratic Organization, corrupt judges, lawyers and the prolific mob hit man, Harry Aleman whose murder case he fixed himself as the defense lawyer for a mere $10,000.00.

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Frank Wilson soon learned that his paid fix of the Aleman murder case was blown wide open. Judge Wilson shot himself in the head during a visit to Sun City Arizona.

Soon crooked Chicago political types rode the express train to federal prison cells. Cooley was disbarred over his admitted involvement and has since written about his experiences. Cooley’s book, “When Corruption was King” has been optioned for a feature film.

Cooley recently confided in me that he’s not done yet. We may see a second book and more shoes thundering on the floor.

On Sunday night you can watch a National Geographic TV special on Bob Cooley’s exploits. Unlike the overbilled Hollywood version of Elliot Ness, Bob Cooley is the real deal.

Watch the special this Sunday, August 17, 2008.

Watch the Video Preview right here.

Why I Never Mourned The Demise of Court TV

Court TV showed promise to open the veils of seeming secrecy of America’s courtrooms. Trials are public but seating is limited and the logistics of sitting in courtrooms is difficult or impossible for working Americans.

Court TV was there to save the day, at least in the several states that allow for broadcasting of their proceedings. Most states and the federal courts have declined the idea of TV coverage.

Court TV began with the gavel to gavel concept but that was not working because viewers became bored with most testimony. Court TV countered by turning the proceedings into pundit fueled gossip-fests. The liberal use of outspoken harpies to slant the video they did elect to show the public got out-of-control. Trials became sporting events even beyond Jerry Springer proportions.

No better example of televised legal horror existed than the Scott Peterson Murder Trial. I’m convinced he was convicted not by a fair trial but by Court TV, aided by a very TV camera- happy defense lawyer, Mark Geragos.

Peterson was convicted and sentenced to death without any proof whatsoever of the cause of Laci Peterson and her unborn child’s death. The Court TV harpies poisoned any chance of Peterson getting a fair trial.

Did Scott Peterson kill his wife? If we can’t say how Laci Peterson died, how can we possibly call it murder? It could have been murder. Scott Peterson was proven to be a cad, cheat, liar and heel, but not a murderer.

Now we have a new Internet broadcaster, he's former lawyer, Michael Bryant with his Legal Edge team who wants to broadcast the trials and give the gossip mongers a forum to exchange misinformation and worse.

I don’t have enough information about Legal Edge’s plans other than their announcement of covering the O.J. Simpson Robbery/Kidnapping trial in Las Vegas. Perhaps Bryant can arrange to broadcast the trial to the Casino sports-books where people can place bets of court rulings and then the final verdict?

Can’t we just get some dignified gavel to gavel coverage without creating new celebrity personalities along the way? Can we just see trials rather than getting an unwanted trip to the circus?

First Known Justifiable Shooting In Chicago Post SCOTUS’ Heller Case.

Chicago, IL—Four were wounded in the Hellfire unleashed in a Chicago jewelry store on the city’s South side. Three men entered, displayed handguns and announced the robbery.

The store owner, Sergio Vazquez drew his own handgun and fought for his life. When the shootout was over, two robbers were hit by gunfire along with a store employee and a man sitting in a vehicle outside the store. One of the robbers is said to be in critical condition at this time.

Police were interviewing witnesses and participants as well as reviewing surveillance video. Questions remaining is whether police will charge the store’s owner with Chicago’s unconstitutional law that bans handguns? Will the City of Chicago dare violate the Civil Rights of Sergio Vazqez to own a handgun?

More here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Latest Legal Outrage In L.A.

They just don’t get it in Los Angeles. Giving aid and comfort to illegal aliens is a crime and now they are forcing private businesses to facilitate the transgressions by the border jumpers.

The home improvement stores attract a labor pool of illegal Hispanic laborers who work in the sprawling cash underground. The invaders congregate in the parking lots, hawking for potential employers who will pay them for all manner of construction jobs. The illegal labor force has become a major nuisance to local residents who find the trespassers defecating in their yards and leaving mountains of trash.

Rather than having the police enforce trespassing laws the L.A. City Council today have made it law that the large home improvement stores must build shelters with free drinking water and bathroom facilities for this unlawful activity.

Theft Is Not Always Bad.

I think this a great story that brought a little adventure and intrigue into this lady’s life. The victim got her stolen property back with a splendid photo diary.

Mayhem Retold In A San Diego Courtroom Of Shelly Mailil's Horror Fest

VISTA, Calif. –-Shelley Malil, 43, was ordered by a San Diego judge held on a $10 million bail in connection with the maniacal stabbing and slashing attack of his estranged girlfriend, Kendra Beebe, 35 in San Marcos last weekend.

Malil was identified by Bebee and some neighbors who intervened possibly saving her life. Beebe is reportedly in critical condition with both lungs punctured, disfiguring facial slashes among the over 20 knife wounds she received.

So far, Malil is facing life in prison.

I can’t even imagine Malil’s criminal defense strategy here. Insanity no longer works in our courts and diminished capacity won’t buy much either. I don’t see prosecutors offering anything in the way of a plea deal in a case of this kind.

The promising acting career and good life of a young man seems tragically over. The life of a pretty and young mother of two children has also been forever changed.

My question here is how could this mad act been prevented? What warning signs were missed? What can we learn from this human disaster?

The man who can answer this best is Shelly Malil, and so far, he’s not talking.

Most of the San Diego news outlets falsely reported that Malil entered a Not Guilty plea to the charges. This was an initial appearance for bail and neither the time nor places to enter any plea since the charges have yet to be formalized.

One report offered that the defendant showed no remorse at the court appearance. Since Malil was not given any opportunity to speak I’m wondering how any reporter could draw that conclusion?

The news business has systematically dumped their older, more experienced and expensive news men and women for kids that work for a lot less money. You get what you pay for...

J-Fed Earned Some Serious Credibility With Chicago Cops.

Chicago, IL—It was October 8th 2005 when Chicago police officer Michael Mette of the Fillmore District was attacked by a Dubuque college student, 20-year-old Jake Gothard while attending a birthday celebration at his brother’s home. Before it was over this week, officer Mette was arrested, prosecuted, convicted and now faces a mandatory five-year Iowa prison term.

Iowa justice is beyond strange because at a Dubuque County Court bench trial the judge, Judge Monica Ackley found that Chicago Police Officer Mette "was not the initial aggressor of this incident," Jake Gothard was. Astonishingly, Judge Ackley ruled that Mette was guilty, because even after Gothard struck him three times, Mette should have just ignored it and retreated.

Officer Mette's infamous felony crime was to punch the 6 foot, 2 inch tall Gothard once in self-defense knocking him out. Gothard has demonstrated his inability to hold his liquor landing on local court dockets on a regular basis. Mette has been serving hard time in an Iowa prison while he appeals that dubious conviction to the Iowa Supreme Court.

Cook County State's Attorney Richard Devine, Chicago Police Superintend Jody Weis and other officials have stood up for Mette by requesting a Pardon from Iowa Governor Culver.

Let’s hope the Iowa Supreme Court sees the error of Judge Ackley’s verdict and findings. If the Iowa Supreme Court does the right thing or a Pardon is granted I hope to see Mike Mette back in his Chicago police uniform soon.

As for J-Fed He still has to mend some fences in order to lead the department, but this is a big step in the right direction.

Spector Retrial And Those Past Bad Acts As “Evidence”

Los Angeles, CA—Legendary records producer, Phil Spector faces a fall re-trial for an allegation of Murder in connection with the death of the troubled and drug-addicted Lana Clarkson. The first trial ended in a hung jury.

California has a law that acts as a trial crutch for prosecutors who can’t win a case on real evidence. Section 1101(b) allows the use alleged prior bad acts even in the absence of a civil or criminal court finding of guilty or awarding of civil damages.

The idea behind 1101(b) is to prejudice juries with unrelated and unproven allegations so that scorn and emotion will convict when real evidence is insufficient.

Spector has had run-ins with old girlfriends who claim today Spector threatened them with guns. Most of the accusers continued to sleep with and or work for Spector after those claimed assaults.

This evidence cuts both ways for Spector. Not one of these accusers have ever suffered injuries or death. This is solid evidence that Spector would not have harmed Lana Clarkson. There was absolutely no evidence of discord between Clarkson and Spector. Evidence of Clarkson’s false eyelashes placed neatly on a sink along with DNA evidence shows that they had consensual sexual activity.

The gun that ended Clarkson’s life was found at her feet. Clarkson was well under the influence of abused drugs and alcohol. Reasonable doubt is overwhelming here since Spector had no blood spray on either sleeve of his white dinner jacket.

Some armchair investigators and gossipmongers suggest that Spector’s fingerprints were wiped off the gun. The truth is that it’s a very rare day when usable are lifted from handguns, especially small handguns like the old model Colt Cobra .38 Special. It’s not as screenwriters have led us to believe in thousands of TV shows and films. When a gun is discharged the recoil causes smearing of any possible latent images.

I see the retrial of Phil Spector as nothing more than a huge waste of time and money.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Caylee Anthony Is Still Missing But This Is Not News

Orange County, FL—Three year-old Caylee Anthony is still missing. Speculation and gossip is beyond out-of-control as news organizations battle for anything at all to hook viewers and readers.

The 22 year-old mother, Casey Anthony sits in jail held ostensibly because she can’t or won’t say how her daughter disappeared. The latest twist is Casey’s refusal to allow her parents to visit her. Every conversation of every visit is shared with the entire world. Anyone in their right mind would skip those visits!

Then there are those nut jobs that don’t have a life, who have interject themselves into this case in Internet chat rooms and such. They demand nothing less that water boarding of the young mother and seem so concerned about the well being of Caylee Anthony. They are as sickening as any lynch mob.

The crap being called news or breaking news about this case is anything but news. It's easy to understand why print and TV news can no longer hold their audience.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Hollywood Actor Charged With A horrible Crime

San Marcos, CA—Sherman Oaks, CA resident and actor Shelly Malil, 44 is in custody for stabbing an ex-girlfriend, Kendra Beebe more than 20 times at her home Sunday night in San Marcos. Beebe remains in critical condition.

Malil surrendered to San Diego Sheriff’s officers tonight as he got off a train. He was booked. Malil had advice of a lawyer who helped arrange the surrender so it’s unlikely he made any statement at all to law enforcement.

Malil has been in scores of TV shows and films but is best remembered for his role in The 40 Year-Old Virgin.

Malil will be going before a judge at The San Diego Superior Court in the morning and a hefty bail requirement is expected assuming the victim does not die from her wounds.

Here is his self-published biography from his website:

Shelley Malil was born in the southwest state of Kerala, India. At the age of ten his family had immigrated to the U.S. Shortly thereafter the Malil family setup house in the beautiful state of Texas. Discovering acting on the high school stage Shelley pursued acting after graduating. He went to work in several dinner theaters and touring companies throughout Texas, he then moved to New York City.

After graduating from New York’s famed American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he moved to Hollywood, CA . Within three weeks of his arrival, he had been signed with a manager, booked his first audition which was a Guest Star role on FOX’s “Briscoe County Jr.” and acquired his S.A.G. card in the process.

Since that time, Shelley has worked steadily, appearing in such television shows as "N.C.I.S.", "Aliens In America" , "Reba", "The Jamie Foxx Show", "Seinfeld", "Sabrina The Teenage Witch", Party Of Five", "The West Wing", “Tracey Takes On”, "NYPD Blue", and the Emmy-Winning Episode of Love Labor Lost on "ER”.

His film credits include “Second Civil War”, “My Favorite Martian", “Just Can’t Get Enough", “Collateral Damage”, and "Holes". His recent work include "Ping Pong Playa", "Columbus Day" and "Crossing Over" all are set to be released in theaters during the 2007-08 fall/winter season.

Shelley Malil was also singled out and selected as one of the Top 10 Overlooked Performances of 2005 by the Associated Press for his work in the hit comedy “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”. He had captured national attention as Chad , one of "What are you doing?!" guys in Anheuser-Busch’s inspired “Whassup?!” commercial spin-off. The clever ad was voted Best Super Bowl Commercial by a numerous trades, magazines and media outlets.

On Stage his portrayal as Bottom in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Hollywood's Stella Adler Theatre garnered him a Best Featured Actor nomination at the Los Angeles Ovation Awards. Shelley most recent turn was in "Chaos Theory" at the “ArtWallah Festival” in Los Angeles.

In his spare time, Shelley takes a Zen-like approach to golf, finds the time to watch approximately five to seven films a week devours motivational books and involved in working with the homeless through out the year.

Shelley's motto for living:

"Almost everything we do in life is of no importance, but it is of the utmost importance that we do it" - Mahatma Gandhi

Malil is being held on $2,000,000.00 bail and has been scheduled for an appearance in the Vista Courthouse for 8:00 AM on August 12, 2008.

Read this document on Scribd: PressRelease[1]

Here he is in a Budweiser commercial:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

John Edwards Scandal Is Not About Sex

Beverly Hills, CA—John Edwards got caught with his pants down by The National Enquirer. Reporters and photographers cornered him like a rat at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

The mainstream Liberal Media began a conspiracy of damage control and cover-up for one of their favorite Democratic icons, burying the story by simply not reporting it.

What’s troubling here is not Edward’s failure to keep his zipper up in the face of temptation, but the payment of hush money to his paramour, Rielle Hunter from campaign contributions.

Were serious felony crimes committed? Yes, several seem to be involved here. Theft, money laundering, extortion and maybe even racketeering seem to be well founded. Let’s present all the facts to a Federal Grand Jury.

Sex, lies and that tattletale videotape are so entertaining. Especially when they involve politicians who become caught up in the very laws they themselves author for the rest of us.

You say that you can’t stand many of the laws in America? Our politicians pass laws faster than they can be printed. They are on a non-stop mission to put every America behind bars. A friend of mine addressed it this way, “Let us create one more regulatory offense. 2.3 Million behind bars is not enough. Buy stock in private prisons. This will be a growth industry."

Friday, August 08, 2008

Pamela Fayed’s Petition For A Restraining Order Against Goldfinger Murder “person of Interest” Anthony Fayed.

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This document was on file at the Ventura County Superior Court.

Read this document on Scribd: Fayed Petition

Crimefile’s Person Of Interest In The Century City Goldfinger Murder

Century City, CA—He’s close as you can get to James Fayed. He was already a wanted criminal and an ex-convict before the murder. He’s not been located or interviewed by the LAPD. Most importantly Pamela Fayed sought protection by way of a restraining order from this subject.

He’s 53 year-old Anthony Paul Fayed, brother of James Fayed. The LAPD does not want Anthony Fayed to know he’s the subject of a manhunt. The obvious fear is he will go even further underground.

Between the Avis car rental agreement, surveillance video and other leads it’s clear to me police want Anthony Fayed inside their interrogation confessional suite in a big way.

I suspect they will find Fayed in the Phoenix area or even in the United Kingdom. The big unanswered question is did James Fayed who has a solid alibi put his brother up to this deed or if he did it, did he do it on his own? Both brothers had a clear motive to collaborate in eliminating Pamela Fayed from their lives.

Anthony Fayed won’t be on the lam long because he can’t seem to avoid police on even the small stuff. He’s got a drug problem to boot.

Should Anthony Fayed quickly get a decent lawyer he could easily carve out an immunity deal to testify against his very own brother. One thing for sure is this horrible murder may well land someone on Death Row.

Did Anthony Fayed wield the knife that slashed and stabbed his sister-in-law to death? I don’t know that answer but I can’t think of a better person to talk to. Does anybody out there know where he is? If so please share that with me.

Here is a partial Criminal Histroy of Anthony Fayed:
Read this document on Scribd: Anthony Paul Fayed

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

L.A. Eyes Smoking Ban In Public Places.

Los Angeles—Is this about Freedom and Liberty for smokers or a continuing legalized assault on non-smokers? That’s the question they will be debating at the L.A. City Council.

Let me say first of all I don’t smoke and cherish freedom. More than anything I cherish the right to breathe clean air. I’ve been assaulted all my life by rude and obnoxious smokers.

My own mother was the first with her miserable 2 ½ pack a day habit. Basic Training in the U.S. Army was nearly unbearable with the nicotine addicted making me live in a vile tobacco smoke cloud. It was bad enough to be drafted but to suffer smoke inhalation every day was too big a sacrifice.

I was assigned as a medical corpsman and was spared the tobacco gauntlet in the medical facilities that became my oasis.

Still I have to suffer. When the smoke pots leave every airport they have to stop and get their fix as soon as they are outside. On busy streets the inconsiderate jerks light up and if I’m walking behind then I suffer again. I’d love to whack these bums with a club in return.

Smokers need to keep their disgusting poison to themselves.

I should have the ability to sue the tobacco companies for a lifetime of discomfort and whatever portion of my life that was shortened by this disgusting weed.

I’m not asking anyone to ban tobacco. I just demand the addicted don’t victimize me as they poison themselves.

Big Brother Cameras To Fund Wasteful Government Is An Extortion Plague

Paradise Valley, AZ—The extortion program all started here 20 years ago when this speed-trap town used Photo Radar to more efficiently collect huge amounts of hard cold cash used to run this wealthy Phoenix neighboring hamlet.

The vast majority of the sheep caught simply sent in their money. No cops or follow-up investigation on impairment or for outstanding warrants. Just an extortion letter from a local government agency in the mail to add on to everything else during difficult times.

Soon robot extortion traffic enforcement caught on everywhere. Cameras were put up in locations ideal for revenue gathering rather than traffic safety issues. The narcotic of revenue for politicians to steal, waste or give to friends has proven to be more addictive than heroin. Needless to say the vendors that install and maintain the equipment are very generous with their donations to political campaigns.

The troubled Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich who is the target of various corruption investigations involving extortion is at the forefront of this plague proposing to put camera speed traps up everywhere on state highways. He suggested that the funds go to crime fighting efforts. Yeah right!

This government by confiscation crap is also underway where Arizona's Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano is planting the extortion cameras as fast as she can along every highway.

May I be the first to suggest that the extortion cameras will make great long range targets for patriotic and skilled riflemen everywhere? If that does not slow down the problem perhaps it’s time to take aim at the extortionists themselves.

Stand By For Hillary’s Coup d'Etat!!!

Denver, CO-- The tanks will rumble on the floor of the convention center in the middle of a rambling speech by presumed presidential nominee Barak Obama. Hillary Clinton and her legions will take over and depose the first Black Presidential candidate in this country’s history.

Unlike the convention of exactly 40 years earlier the combat will inside the onvention itself. The sides of the battle will be easily identified by simple race.

The outcome will be simple; the Democratic Party will be racially divided. Whoever loses this skirmish will bring their votes to John McCain.

The Democratic Party in America will have self-destructed and sent to pasture. I say, let those tanks roll baby!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

U.S. District Court Judge Issues Prosecutors A Reprieve On Bail Issue For Murder Suspect James Fayed

Los Angeles, CA—The Associated Press reported this afternoon that a District Court Judge overruled a U.S. Magistrate by reversing the order that James Fayed be released on $500,000.00 bail.

According to the AP the judge ruled Fayed a flight risk and ordered him held without bond.

This is a big victory for the LAPD enabling them to complete their investigation and continue with the analysis of evidence without worrying about their prime suspect fleeing the jurisdiction.

Of course Fayed may appeal the Judge’s order and once again be allowed to post bond and be released until trial on that single federal charge.

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LAPD Plans No Arrests In Fayed Killing today

West Los Angeles, CA.—Homicide detectives are actively pursuing leads in the stabbing murder of Pamela Fayed, 44. Detective Mike Pelletier informed Crimefile that are methodically working every lead but could not put a timetable on arrests at this juncture.

That means that suspect, James Fayed will probably be able to post bail on his pending federal charge and be released very soon.

When asked about the images of the suspect caught on video Pelletier refused to say if they were able to identify the killer. Pelletier also would not answer questions about James Fayed’s older brother Anthony, who is already wanted on an arrest warrant for failure to appear on another crime.

Of course Detective Pelletier is always looking for information and will accept information at 310-444-1520. There’s also a 24-hour hotline number, 1-877-LAWFULL (529-3855).

I will also accept tips here and relay them if requested. Click on my picture to send e-mail.

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The Deadly Midas Touch Of Goldfinger

Century City, CA--Goldfinger Coin and Bullion Sales was the apparent brainchild of James Michael Fayed, 45. Today the government says it was nothing more than a $20 million scam and its byproduct was the brutal stabbing murder of Pamela Fayed, 44 in a Century City parking garage.

Author, Ian Fleming created that great spy, James Bond and among others that master criminal, Auric Goldfinger. Goldfinger was a man of unparalleled greed who concocted a scheme to contaminate and make useless the world’s gold reserves starting at Fort Knox, KY. Goldfinger’s plan was to make all gold but his own nonnegotiable thereby dramatically inflating his own immense wealth.

James Michael Fayed had his own scheme for wealth and adopted the Goldfinger name for his business. It was just a decade ago in 1997 when Fayed filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy listing thousands in debts. Today he was found to have surrounded himself with millions in gold bullion, cash, guns and real estate. Prosecutors say Fayed’s new wealth came from a common Ponzi scheme designed to part investor’s from their money.

Fayed found himself and his wife under criminal investigation and his marriage crumbling. His wife, Pamela Gouldie Fayed wanted out of this greed fueled cabal and James Fayed filed for divorce. Pamela began to cooperate with the government. That is what federal prosecutors say sealed her grim fate.

Over the years I’ve investigated some really interesting characters that have stolen millions through Ponzi schemes. Some like Fayed have taken dark names for their businesses that should have tipped off their customers such as Quality Screw, Pro Con Inc, Sunovabeach Club and Mein Geld.

Ed Schneider of Quality Screw who bilked his way into a fortune before he went to prison was famous for the savvy businessmen he ripped off. They were almost all accountants, lawyers and physicians.

Ponzi Schemes always flourish when interest rates, real estate and stocks take a tumble. People desperately search for new ways to invest that promise big returns.

This fascinating story could never be made up. There is so much more to learn about the characters and their world.

Disclaimer: The allegations against James Fayed are just that, allegations. He has not even been formally charged with fraud or murder at this juncture.

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What’s In The LAPD Oven For James Fayed?

Los Angeles—James Fayed is only currently charged with a low grade Federal felony crime. Upon conviction he cannot get more than five years in prison. The offense may only warrant probation.

The rub here is he is the high-profile suspect of the hour in the brutal stabbing of his estranged wife Pamela Fayed. He was marked as a suspect in a contract killing of his wife by the federal prosecutor. The fact is without actual charges of murder this is a baseless argument to deny Fayed his right to bail.

The Eighth Amendment in our Bill of Rights must prevail as it was written, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

Using an argument that the accused may flee because he may be charged with an unrelated crime is beyond weak. The government can’t hold people on charges not yet filed in court. The government’s appeal did buy the LAPD time that is until today. The clock is running out with zero likelihood that bail will be denied or even increased.

The LAPD will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat in order to obtain a murder arrest warrant to hold Fayed in jail longer. I suspect that magic LAPD rabbit will appear sometime today. We will see.

If Fayed is charged with murder he will be swiftly transferred from the rather homey Federal Detention Center to the Spartan surroundings of the L.A. County Central Jail.

The government did file a document to supplement their position that gives additional information about the murder of Pamela Fayed that can be viewed right here:
Read this document on Scribd: Fayed - detention mot[1]

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