Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Arizona Has Decimated the Liberal, Feel Good “Gun Buy-Back” Schemes!

Guns from a recent Tucson Buy-back event. 

Phoenix, AZ—In Phoenix and Tucson there is the Large City Disease called Liberalism.  For some reason the larger cities of our nation attracts the Looney political Left and their facilitation of poverty, crime and ignorance. 
Between the larger cities are the smaller ones and the rural areas inhabited for the most part by hard working, law-abiding, and taxpaying productive people. 
The political Right controls the productive and peaceful areas.  The Left abets violence, dependence and ignorance in the places under their control.  It’s is a simple fact that per-capita violence, crime and despair is always over the top in large cities run by the Left.  The collective self-esteem of big city inhabitants is usually right in the toilet.
The Left hates gun rights preferring that their intended victims cannot endanger criminals.  The bans against possession and the carrying of firearms; serves as nothing more than a “Mugger Protection Act”. 
The Left renamed numerous ordinary firearms as, Assault Weapons demonizing them.  Gun safety is a term for handling firearms in a way to avoid accidents.  The Left has renamed that as, "Sensible Gun Laws.”  Their so-called Sensible Gun Laws are simply bans of every description and obstacles that only impact the law-abiding people. 
The Left has found a terrific way to waste tax money and sometimes involve sponsors from the community.  They are the gun buy-back events.  These government gadflies invite anyone and everyone to exchange unwanted guns including toys for tax money!  No questions are asked as they hand out the cash, sneakers and debit cards.  Leftist media collaborators give the politicians free face time while promoting the massive waste.  Then the Liberals all pat each other on the back as the collected firearms are destroyed by wasteful fools.  
Arizona found a great way to stop the ineffective and wasteful buy back events.  They simply created a state law forbidding the destruction of the collected firearms.  Any firearms collected for any reason by state or local government agencies must be sold to law-abiding citizens.   
Phoenix and Tucson can deal with crime by sending the tax money to schools, police agencies and foster parents.  That might actually work to reduce crime far more effectively than these gun buy-back charades.

Monday, April 29, 2013

The German Government is Still Hunting Old Nazis

Germany's top Nazi Hunter, Kurt Schrimm in on  mission!
Ludwigsburg, Germany--Germany's Central Office for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes is located in this picturesque hamlet close to Stuttgart.  
The head honcho of this Nazi-hunting agency is Kurt Schrimm.  Schrimm is on a desperate mission to round up as many as 50 former guards from the Auschwitz concentration Camp believed to still be alive. 
Schrimm will not have to run fast after these guys because the old fugitives are well into their 90’s and have canes, walkers and wheelchairs.  Others are blind, deaf or suffering from dementia. 
What Schrimm lacks is convincing eyewitness testimony of the alleged crimes.  Schrimm will try to make these cases using old Nazi records that seem to place the men at Auschwitz during the time when atrocities were committed. 
Considering name similarities and the hearsay nature of these records this questionable legal quest seems incredibly complicated and flawed. 
There is no Statute of Limitations preventing prosecution but there comes a point in time when the quest for justice is purely symbolic but in reality totally meaningless. 
I don’t suggest for a moment that some or even all of the men were not involved in mass government sponsored murder and kidnapping.   The difficulty will be to separate the criminals from those conscripts that somehow avoided committing atrocities.  There were many cooks, clerks and medical workers within the ranks of the camp staff. 
The last man tried for War Crimes was retired Cleveland autoworker and naturalized U.S. citizen, John Demjanjuk.  Demjanjuk was tried convicted, sentenced to hang and was later cleared by an Israeli Court.  Nonetheless Demjanjuk was rearrested by Schrimm's agents and tried again in Munich and convicted.  He was sentenced to a nursing home where he peacefully died soon thereafter.  The irony was that the old man would have been confined to a bed no matter the outcome of the expensive and meaningless show trial.
Demjanjuk’s case was long fraught with despicable shenanigans committed by the U.S. Office of Special Investigations that essentially framed him with forged documents.  The OSI was struggling for funding and needed to justify its existence as a government agency at the time. 
What the Nazi’s did to fellow Germans, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Communists and Jews was shocking.  Hitler’s regime murdered six million of their castigated minorities but it’s somehow forgotten that over nine million German’s also perished under the Nazis. 
The U.S. Office of Special Investigations and Germany’s Central Office for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes has outlived their usefulness.  They need to shutter their doors and fade away like the old Nazis they’ve been chasing. 
It would make more sense to create better safeguards in every government preventing government tyranny and murder under color of law. 
After the Holocaust surviving Jews began to chant, “Never again!  The fact is that history is replete with acts of genocide and government sponsored mass murder.  It will happen again and again as long as humans roam this earth.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Death Row and Prison Media Interview Ban is Horrible Government Policy

Florence, AZ—Currently there are 121 men and three women on Death Row in Arizona.  The killing here substantially exceeds larger states like Texas for per capita executions.  There has been a number of exonerations here and certainly more are expected.
The State of Arizona like several others has cut off TV news from access to any inmate for any reason.  Inmates can write letters but letters don’t make watchable TV and prison officials know this.  A huge percentage of inmates are illiterate and can't even write a simple letter.
Prison officials try and justify this by suggesting that crime victims become traumatized whenever inmates appear on TV.   That’s hogwash unless of course some "victim" falsely accused and obtained a conviction against an innocent person.  Yes, that does happen far more often than we will admit.
The media does not like wasting time listening to inmates whine about their troubles.  They only will commute to the remote locations where the prisons are for compelling reasons. These kinds of interviews happen rarely even in the jurisdictions that allow them.
Most lawyers hate for their clients to talk to the media because they tend to incriminate themselves even further during the appellate process. 
Often an inmate can raise issues of corruption or doubt that have real merit.  Is there somehow harm when an inmate wants to make it public that prosecutors and courts are refusing to administer DNA tests that would exonerate him?
The inmate media embargo is really about saving law enforcement agencies and prosecutors from embarrassment in wrongful conviction cases.  The claim of saving victims from emotional harm rings deceptive, hollow and disingenuous.
Texas allows TV news crews full access to their condemned inmates right up to death’s door.  Often it is an inmate wanting to express remorse.   Sometimes it’s simply a self-serving gesture to gain sympathy.  Other times it’s a frantic effort to get their cases reinvestigated with today’s better tools before the death clock runs out.
When government hides their inmates from the media it flies in the face of open government.  Transparency is reduced to zero by solid steel doors and high prison walls. 
Our prisons are being reduced to secret Gulags where anonymous inmates are housed in seclusion.  When inmates are so isolated that nobody can observe, horrible things begin to happen. 
It’s time for Arizona and California to return to the policies of the past where the media has reasonable access.  Our penal systems seem to be headed for the policies of Devil’s Island or North Korea.  This departure from civilization is dead wrong. 

Will Our Shopping Malls Now Face Terrorist Attacks?

Los Angeles, CA—There is no shortage of radical Muslims living in the City of Angels.  Planning a bombing and firearms attack here would be incredibly easy for those determined fanatics.
Instead of backpacks bombs and weapons could be brought in without notice using large shopping bags from popular retailers.
Imagine how the untrained and unarmed mall guards would be running for their lives rather than confront attackers.  Gun laws in Los Angeles insure that there will not be any armed resistance to any deadly attacks. 
There are lots of surveillance cameras and someone will make the necessary 911 call.   Will the response be similar to the stunning failure of the Jefferson County, CO Sheriff’s Department during the Columbine High School Massacre?
The question will be how many people with be shot, stabbed, burned with gasoline or blown up by bombs before any armed resistance begins?   The answer is to expect a major bloodbath. 
Have the malls done anything to deal with this very real kind of a threat?  The answer comes in the way of visibly unarmed guards wandering around for minimum wage or little more.  These people are just more hostages or victims.
The corporate suits that make decisions about security matter are not cops.  Worse, they are inclined to take horrible advice from big city police department officials that must stay in political lockstep behind gun-rights hating mayors.  
After a deadly attack they will all exclaim that they took every reasonable step to protect life and property.  That is as long as the steps were guaranteed to fail! 
Do shopping malls have plans in place to resist terrorism?  The answer is that mall patrons can count upon total abandonment.  The government and mall owners can’t and won’t protect mall patrons.  Perhaps customers need to simply ignore those unconstitutional gun carry bans.  If you think wearing a seatbelt is important when you drive so is having a meaningful way to defend your life at a busy mall. 
If you must, shoot straight, often and escape with your life.  Never make any statements to police or anyone outside the presence of a criminal defense lawyer representing you.  
No law to report a shooting exists in America anywhere.  In fact your absolute right to silence is solidly reinforced by our Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.   Shoot, scoot and stay mute!