Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving To The TSA

I avoid flying for any reason because of the creation of passenger screening and its evolution into the TSA. The airlines lost $67 billion in 2007 because of people just like me that detest the Fourth Amendment violation and the governments invasion of my privacy. If I can walk, drive or take TSA free general aviation I do so. Why submit to TSA tyranny and being searched like a criminal?

Here is my take on real Homeland Security:


Anonymous said...

Mr. Huebl
I work for the TSA and my mission is to protect you. That means I search you, your belongings and you’re screened for the No Fly List.

We also need to look for cash, drugs and files on your computer related to terrorism and Child porn. In addition we now check on police warrants.

We at the TSA are needed to control people like you. When you fly your rights are restricted and we are in charge. If you don’t like it take the bus and soon we will be screening there to. So walk if you don’t like it. Everyone else appreciates out contribution to law and order.

I love it when people like you get in my line. I need to stop and triple check the people with attitudes like yours. I will do my best to make sure you miss your flight!

We are increasing our numbers everyday. We will soon take over private jets now and search people there too. There will be no escape from us.

Anonymous said...

"I love it when people like you get in my line. I need to stop and triple check the people with attitudes like yours. I will do my best to make sure you miss your flight!"

And that's exactly why the entire world looks down on the TSA. People like you who have such meaningless lifes, but have such broad power in such a tiny jurisdiction like to act like the big man. You aren't doing your job as you so often like to say, you are abusing your power, and punishing someone for protesting your violations our US citizens civil rights that are guarenteed by the constitution.

Nothing in the constitition allows for restricting citizens rights or puts you in charge just because the citizenis traveling.

You sir are the reason people hate TSA employees instead of TSA policies.

Anonymous said...

The answer to our woe could be the following. Every week, 20 (?)
criminals get their private information posted on youtube. (A Traitor Top 20) Home address, kids school, favorite
restaurant, gym, office etc…their whole routine. (to clarify, criminal= traitors that betray
public trust and the USA Constitution) With this posted information reaching millions..
relentlessly, through the action of average, everyday individuals..net result each week, there
are at least 10 fewer criminals at work destroying the country. (20/week would be ideal but
I’m considering the stepped up security around listed persons affecting success of completing
mission on certain criminals) At some tipping point, when enough good guys replace the traitors,
Congress takes over the Federal Reserve and re-assumes the duty of distributing monies, sets very
high tariffs on all foreign imports and diverts the trillions mis-allocated on foreign wars/homeland security/war on terror/war on drugs towards revitalizing factories that create everything our society needs..mandating that a livable wage is paid to all legal citizen workers. Everything we use in this country will be stamped “Made in America”.. Again, foreign made pays a HUGE tax. In short, the key must be to instill respect FOR the PEOPLE in the minds of the ruling class and building representative government… a gov without a “ruling class”.
This can and will only happen through force. So, what do you think, Paul? Being a PI, would you be willing/able to post personal data on persons openly screwing over our country? I want every scum
that has sold us out to be afraid.. to be VERY AFRAID.

Anonymous said...

Child porn is under Homeland Security??Why does TSA care about this??

Will Uncle fuddy touches tainted hard drive down a plane??