Friday, February 26, 2010

Sights And Sounds from Winter Range In Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix, AZ—While visiting this cowboy shooting event there was something a little different. Imagine what it’s like to be a Wild West Showman’s wife…

Imagine no more while you take a peek into real cowboy marital bliss!

Sergeant Alan Haymaker’s Needless Death And Chicago’s officials.

Chicago, IL.—Town Hall is a busy police district. Cops working there like everywhere in this city are overwhelmed because of a manpower shortage.

Cops are at the mercy of the Daley/Burke Crime Families that run the town within a 50 member city council. This bunch of thieves, thugs and liars may bear serious responsibility for Sergeant Alan Haymaker’s death.

This city’s politicians once had the perfect incumbent Protection Plan. It was called patronage. They controlled nearly every city job. These workers had two functions, campaigning for the local ward boss and performing the actual work they were hired to do in the first place.

The government jobs in Chicago were all union, well paying and provided great benefits. The Federal courts took a dim view of the practice and dismantled the patronage game but only to a point. This crippled the politician’s reelection efforts and forced them to pay for campaign workers. The money for this quickly came from city contractors.

The city privatized what jobs they could and handed out huge cash contracts to their political cronies who gladly financed the campaigns and showered Chicago’s political whores with wealth. The cash was a true narcotic and spending on unneeded public works was put in overdrive.

State Street was turned into a cost prohibitive mall snarling already overloaded traffic patterns and adversely affected the stores income potential. Soon hundreds of additional millions more were wasted, turning State street back into a street.

Project after project sprang up for so called beautification that was never needed. Chicago has always had its own beauty that cost taxpayers nothing.

Huge concrete planter boxes sprang up everywhere complete with irrigation and federalization requirements for the installed plant life. There are three overwhelming problems with the planter boxes. The boxes snarl traffic, are downright dangerous and detract from the city’s natural beauty.

As a result of reckless spending by Chicago’s political prostitutes, the police department is undermanned, underfunded and crippled.

Police vehicles are in disrepair. Retreaded tires are used as officers are expected to quickly respond to hot calls where lives are on the line.

City officials found the planter boxes had another deficiency and that is the plants inside die from salt used to melt ice on Chicago’s streets. The fix here was a simple one, to skip the salt. That may have created a deadly trap for one good cop who was responding to a burglary call.

Instead of an impartial investigation of this accident and conditions leading up to it, is there a cover-up going on in Chicago right now? Many officers believe that is the case

When the Second City Cop blog and SLC publicized these facts the Mayor, Police Superintendent and others went into a rage about the revelations.

The fellow officers and family of Sergeant Haymaker will never let this outrageous act of official malfeasant conduct go unnoticed.

Chicago is in a crisis that can only be repaired when every last incumbent political creature is removed from office. Strictly enforced term limits will reduce the political corruption.

It should be a crime for any person or business to pay political contributions to any politician connected to a client’s work contract. Those businesses that work for the any should get the contracts without paying extortion to city officials.

Officer Down, Alan Haymaker.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Real Cowboys And Cowgirls Descend On Phoenix, Arizona!

Phoenix, AZ—Winter Range is held every year at this time at the World class Ben Avery Gun Range here.

Men and women come from all over the globe to return to the days of yesteryear. They wear the clothing of the period and carry and shoot the firearms of the Wild Wild West.

The properly outfitted player has two single-action revolvers, a shotgun, and a lever-action carbine. There are shooting courses that require demonstration of every weapon.

There is also the mounted cowboy shooting that combines horsemanship and shooting skills.

This event is open to the public this weekend and you will find many vendors selling everything you need to take part in this family friendly event.

Be sure to stop by and visit vendors such as Eagle Grips and Legendary Guns!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obamacare Should Be Good Enough For Members of Congress.

Washington, DC—Barack Obama’s Socialist health care program in on the fast track to get shoved up the butts of Americans that don’t want it.

If Obamacare is so wonderful, Congress should be forced to live under it too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Obama The All Powerful Dictator!

Washington, DC—Barack Obama is about to order insurance companies what they can charge their customers.

Low insurance rates might be nice, but in America that’s between the customer and the Insurance company. It’s called the American Free Market principal.

What’s next on this traitor’s Marxist agenda? Perhaps this despot will keep it up and yet get attested, tried, convicted and hanged.

Here is the un-American plot!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newsgathering Tools For Bloggers

Los Angeles, CA—Many of my visitors think they can do what I do only better. Many have asked me what is needed to do so. I will reveal the not so secret needed information.

I thought I’d share with you the ultimate tools bloggers need to dazzle their visitors. The best tools will only help you if you are cleaver and aggressive enough to capture the content needed. Blogging could be a full time and well paying job if you can break news and promote your site.

You need a Computer and here I’d suggest a higher end Apple product like a Macbook Pro. A super fast Internet connection to upload video is very important.

The Iternet has great and free blog packages like Blogger or Wordpress. They provide easy instructions to get started.

You need both a video and digital camera. I suggest starting with a Flip HD model for video and a quality digital camera for high resolution stills. The Flip camera can get you in and out of difficult places without attracting attention or obstructionist security workers.

To get really great video and audio you must get a serious video Camera such as the JCV GY-H100U, High Definition camera. Whatever you get, should not use tape or DVD media. A hard drive or card media camera will make your life easy and save you hours.

If you have a higher end camera like the JVC you need one, or better yet two wireless lavalier microphones like those made by Sennheiser. Good audio is a necessity.

A tripod and two lights are a must. One is for back lighting interview subjects, and one to light the front.

Your Mackbook Pro comes with Imovie which will give you enough creative control to edit like a professional. The benefit of the Apple product is free lessons and solid support with the software at any Apple store.

You can upgrade to the industry standard Final Cut Pro that will allow you unlimited ability to do almost anything with video.

You upload your edited video on Youtube or any of the other video free hosting sites. Then you embed the video from the hosting site right into your blog with ease.

It is always better to have a helper for shooting stand-ups where you are in front of the camera. Always remember to stay conversational and not sound as though you’re reading or reciting your message. Relax and be yourself. Don’t try an emulate someone else that never works well unless you're Jim Cary.

Keep your sound bites SHORT and sweet. Place yourself in front of the action whenever you can, flat backgrounds are boring.

If you want to cover an event such as a convention get press credentials from the media relations people working with the organization you want to cover.

Don’t just film news happening. Interview the witnesses and news makers yourself. Learn how to use public records to support you stories. Shoot them and edit them into your video.

A basic Photoshop program will help you create snappy graphics for your blog.

There are schools you can attend or you can get tons of information on the Internet. Here is a handy site for more information.

You are entitled to access like any other member of the press. Get press credentials! Don't take no for an answer, ever!

Here is that sweet little JVC camera:

Mr. Obama Your Presidency Is Over

Washington, DC—You promised hope and change and divided this country like no other President in our lifetime. You brought us Socialism in giant helpings while disenfranchising the people paying for government. The taxpayers refused to fund your Marxist dream.

The people ACORN convinced to vote for you are not producers but consumers of extra-constitutional entitlement programs. They sacrifice nothing while demanding the property of those Americans paying their way. They all deserve less not more.

America’s productive citizens are rapidly learning that they need not tolerate you or your minion’s extortionate efforts to create your Marxist Utopia.

Your cronies are getting booted out at every opportunity and you know it. That's the price they are paying for ignoring taxpayer’s wishes.

You sir will be lucky to be spending the next three years living the life of a well-fed capon. Thankfully your pathetic presidency and Socialist influence is getting flushed out of the American system.

Friday, February 19, 2010

America Has Become A Police State

Americans have a short memory and those alive today don’t know what freedom was in this in this once great country.

Americans survived for nearly 175 years without identification cards or driver’s licenses. When you bought a new wallet it had a blank card you filled out so you’d get it returned to you when you lost it. There were no credit cards you used cash or checks with people and businesses that knew and trusted you.

Police could only determine who you really were by arresting you for a crime and fingerprinting you. If your prints were not already on file they had no way of knowing your identity.

It was not until the early 1980’s that you had to show identification to board a domestic flight. Illinois driver’s licenses came without photographs until 1977.

Social Security numbers were not a form of identification and were prohibited for use as such. Credit reporting and later law enforcement perverted the purpose of FDR’s Socialist retirement plan.

You could enter any building or form of transportation other than a jail or prison, including the Whitehouse without being searched like a criminal. Nobody dared suggest airline passengers or their luggage needed searching until the late 1970s.

Police waited sometimes hours to learn who the registered owner of an automobile was or whether it was stolen.

There was no video surveillance. There were no computers. All records were searched for in filing cabinets by clerks.

Technology has created a monster that has been accepted as necessary today by nearly everyone. Our crime rate was so much lower back when there was freedom.

Government was not in absolutely every aspect of our lives. Government was police and fire departments, schools, libraries, postal service and our national defense. Taxes were low and government was seen and not heard.

Government has been making laws non-stop and more often as a way to raise revenue to give us more government rather than promote public safety.

Adolph Hitler convinced the German people they needed more laws and stricter enforcement. The Germans bought into the argument of sacrificing liberty for better security. America has followed The Fuhrer's lead.

Imagine the panic of some air travelers I f the TSA vanished from the airports. The public has been fooled that the TSA is needed and actually provides protection.

Today you need some sort of license to do anything more than cut your own toenails.

Why did we ever give up our freedom? Will we ever live long enough to see freedom again?

Joe Stack: Terrorist Or Patriot?

Austin, TX—Having twice been financially destroyed, a small businessman gave up on getting fair treatment from the IRS. Joe Stack loaded his plane with fuel and used it in a Kamikaze attack against his tormentors.

I read Stack’s rambling suicide message that had valid complaints and showcased his obvious inability to get the government monster off of his back. Like Tim McVeigh’s bombing, Stack’s airplane attack was indiscriminate and subjected innocent people to death, injury and property damage. The tyrants that deserved punishment escaped.

Was Stack delusional? If so, did government tyranny put him in the emotional crisis that ignited his rage? This deserves an exhaustive investigation. Failure to do so is asking for more attacks by desperate Americans.

I don’t think the Bolshevik rhetoric and action coming from the Whitehouse and Congress reassured Stack that he was not a government extortion target. Stack sent a clear message to an out-of-control government to take its hands out of his pocket. Being punitive to Joe Stack cost the government this time. Government has been wrecking too many lives like that of Joe Stack.

George Washington, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin were all terrorists willing to risk certain death for demanding freedom. They, of course were patriots of the first order who secured the freedom today’s leaders reject.

When you threaten freedom there is also a risk that you could be a target like the Austin IRS officials yesterday. American politicians are far better protected than Adolph Hitler and many of the worst despots. That protection is viewed as a license to make extortionate demands on and control the population.

These days Americans fear government when our founding fathers arranged for those roles to be reversed. Smug, safe and immune government officials are dangerous to freedom.

We have a police state by definition and government is in every aspect of our lives. We must change that equation if freedom is going to survive in this country. We have a duty to protect each other from oppressive government and we failed Joe Stack. There would never been an Oklahoma Bombing if Americans bothered to protect the rights of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

Enough Americans could have assembled and obstructed the deadly ATF assault in Waco, TX. The government would never have opened fire on several thousand citizens demanding an end to the armed invasion, as they positioned themselves between the rogue government agents and the men, women and children that perished.

The only response we can expect from the Obama Administration over Joe Stack is to crack down on the rights of owners of private airplanes.

We don’t have to agree with Joe Stack or his deadly method. We should all agree that Stack and other disenfranchised productive Americans deserve our protection.

We must band together and make it clear to government officials when we have had enough. The Tea Party events have not made an impression. Is it time to increase the volume of the message that we demand freedom and liberty?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The TSA Must Begin Body Cavity Searches!

Washington, DCHomeland Security and the TSA claims they want us to be safe from terror. They say they want to do everything possible to protect us. This is a giant scam.

They’ve shredded our Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches absent warrants or probable cause. Many Americans must travel by air and have no other option.

Today, our government treats American passengers like criminals. This is over the conduct of people we’ve foolishly allowed on our planes and soil carrying passports from unfriendly nations.

The truth is that explosives cannot be detected by even the best of our modern technology unless the bomb makers fail to clean their hands, clothing and luggage.

Explosive are found in every possible form, solids, powders, putty like plastic and liquid. This material can be concealed or manufactured as harmless appearing objects with ease.

The TSA wants you to believe they can do the impossible by treating Americans like criminals. It is all a giant lie. This is pure propaganda. If our wardens can’t keep drugs and weapons out of maximum security prisons, how can we expect the TSA to keep explosives off our planes?

It only takes a small amount of explosive compounds to blow a hole into the fuselage of an aluminum aircraft. Enough explosive can be concealed inside condoms then placed in body cavities. The scanning and sniffing equipment would be powerless to prevent this kind of concealment.

There is no shortage of other simple ways for terrorist to defeat the best efforts of the TSA to stop weapons and bombs entering our airports.

At what point do we return rights and liberty to Americans and keep the people with passports from enemy nations off our planes and soil? When do they allow trained and certified off duty cops to again fly with their sidearms? When do they insist that all pilots be trained and armed?

Our government will throw our money at any and every solution to the problem as long as it does not work.

The TSA claims their security is in layers. I submit they have given Americans layers of insult, indignity, privacy invasion and civil rights violations rather than the protection they promised.

The TSA has never once stopped a single terrorist attack.

America is a nation of cowards so let the TSA cavity searches begin.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will County’s Drew Peterson Inquisition Is Disgraceful.

Joliet, IL—So you think Drew Peterson is a jerk. You also suspect that foul play may have claimed two of his four wives lives. You hate the fact that Peterson and his lawyer told anyone who will listen that he’s no killer. You believe the TV pundits like Geraldo Rivera that have declared Peterson guilty. That’s the popular and politically correct opinion these days, so why do we even bother with a trial?

Right now, our nation is giving Muslim terrorists at war with America the very rights that we are refusing a man with a 30 year, career as decorated Bolingbrook cop.

They passed that frightening, Drew Peterson Hearsay Law that denies Peterson and his lawyers the right to confront witnesses against him. They can’t and won’t be using hearsay against the terrorists, so why are we using third party gossip against Peterson?

One thing for sure, the witnesses against Peterson have all been getting fame and fortune. Pathetic and marginal people have gotten lots of TV face time as long as they would implicate Peterson into anything ugly at all.

The Will County Court has painted itself into an untenable corner. The indictment of Peterson was only based on hearsay and the court can only proceed if it determines Peterson is guilty of murder. The jury pool is destroyed forever since they all will know the judge already concluded Peterson is a killer.

Instead of following the rules, a giant end run was made to convict Peterson at any cost. The cost is way too high. Can we count on the Illinois Legislature to find creative ways for every defendant to gain a conviction when fairness and existing law won’t guarantee that verdict?

Will every defendant be subjected to all available court endorsed and ratified gossip and hearsay fantasies of every village idiot that wants to get famous?

This subversion of our criminal justice system in the Drew Peterson must not be allowed to continue. Drew Peterson’s right to a fair trial has been permanently destroyed. I’d expect this kind of extra-legal circus in some banana republic, dictator’s show trial, never in America.

Will County must be legally enjoined from any continuation of this mutant form of legal masturbation.

The prosecutors and judges of Will County, Illinois have lowered the bar straight into the toilet. They should all be ashamed to be part of this farce.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conservatives, Republicans Or Tea Party Activists?

Fox News has become a default group support place for fear and loathing of all things Socialist. The message from Fox News is really mixed and confusing. From that Leftist Showman, Geraldo Rivera, the Liberal news Anchor, Sheppard Smith, the, regulate them to death style Progressive, Bill O'Reilly that believes he’s somehow a Conservative to that genuine Conservative, Glen Beck.

The Fox personalities are all over the political map. The ratings demographics provide true insight about how Americans really feel. Fox, a cable outlet takes the lead with the others far behind. That alone should send a loud and strong message to the politicians.

Fox News seems to be at odds with the Obama Administration policy in general. But, Glen Beck seems to be the only one who has really studied Political Science. Beck has a grasp of history and understands what’s happening.

The mainstream Republican Party has gone progressive years ago and does not have its Conservative identity anymore.

The Democratic Party has embraced Socialism and Karl Marx despite the massive failure of that form of government.

The Tea Party folks are a bunch of Conservative and Independent voters that have been disenfranchised and are tired of constant government extortion. The Tea Party people are victims of Bait and Switch promises of today’s American politicians.

The disgust Americans have for Congress and our politicians is at an unacceptable level. Obama has done one wonderful thing. He has caused massive educational efforts to understand the American process by the American people. Can we get rid of this despot before he destroys America?

The people do not like what they are learning because they want the American the founding fathers gave us not this Socialist Hope and Change manure they have been fed for decades.

The Republican Party needs to go back to its roots and expel the George Bush’s and John McCain’s that have abandoned Conservatism. It’s time for the small government, low tax mind our own business liberty lovers to get control of their own lives. The benefit would be a strong economy and good jobs for everyone.

Wars are always the product of Progressive Leftists that can’t accept the Swiss model of minding their own business. It is time for peace.

America’s Criminal Justice System Is Slipping Into An ABYSS.

Yourtown, USA—In the last four decades the rights of people accused of crimes has degenerated through various pieces of legislation. That’s happened, as our courts refused to support the Bill of Rights.

Unhealthy and dangerous changes include:

1. The near total destruction of rights involving police searches.
2. The expanded use of hearsay evidence in criminal trials.
3. Prosecution witnesses being allowed to hear other witnesses testify.
4. The admission of junk science evidence against defendants.
5. TV cameras being allowed inside courtrooms as misinformed and malicious pundits sway juries.

Germany’s judicial system took a wrong turn during the Third Reich. The People’s Court turned into a killing machine complete with filmed “show trials”. The German people thought this was an open and fair process that included defense lawyers and appeals. The German system was a total sham. The People's Court conviction rate from 1933 to 1945 was nearly 100%.

The Nazis only held those “show trials” for accused Germans. The Jews and other undesirables simply disappeared to concentration camps and the crematories.

My criminal lawyer friends all agree that we have become a police state complete with technology the Nazis would have coveted in a big way.

This is all fun until you or someone you love gets a ride in America’s version of The People’s Court. These kinds of courts are brought to you by Socialism

Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Restraining Orders Are Worthless In Stalking Cases

Orange County, FL-- Brevard County Circuit Court Judge Dean Moxley refused to issue a restraining order requested by a former Hooter’s waitress, Alissa Blanton, who had recently married. The judge felt that the petition was inadequate and ordered a hearing while declining the temporary order.

A 61 year-old stalker, Roger Troy shot the 23 year-old woman to death in her new employer’s parking lot. Troy took his own life immediately afterwards.

Now many people want to blame Judge Moxley for the woman’s murder. The blame is wrongly assigned here.

I have personally served thousands of restraining orders in similar situations. Despite serving the documents several people I served assaulted and even murdered the court protected victims. In one case I heard the gunshot as I served one man. He put a gun to his head seconds after I brought him the order.

Women’s rights groups demanded and got laws for restraining orders and to combat stalkers. These cases involve disturbed people who are in both real and imagined relationships. The key element here is disturbed people. By definition disturbed people are not rational and can be dangerous. The restraining orders are useless and prevent nothing.

The victims of stalkers are not always blameless. Some “victims” enable and even taunt their abusers bringing the violence on themselves. The mentally ill are victimizing the mentally ill.

There is a huge amount of abuse by people using the restraining order process to victimize the innocent.

Victims of real stalkers need to recognize when the problem is beyond the ability of the police and courts to protect them. Self help and sometimes relocating may be the only way to survive.

I have learned that when a stalker is beyond embarrassment he or she is really dangerous. Thankfully people on the edge don’t want their families, friends or employers to know about their behavior. Those people will stop with the mere threat of exposure.

We live in a free society and can’t deprive others of liberty because of fears of what they might do in the future. Victims need to report the conduct to police. Then they need to examine self-help solutions including obtaining firearms and the training to use them. Restraining orders are only made of flimsy paper. Law-abiding people behave without them. Dangerous people are never less dangerous because of restraining orders. Police rarely catch stalkers in the act enabling arrest. Our safety is ours, not the government’s responsibility.

Judge Moxly should not be a scapegoat for an unworkable program. Had he granted the order the result would have been the same.

Hooter’s Girls Deserve Better

Okay it’s a tough economy but One Hooter’s establishment had a work environment that must never be allowed.

Yes, I view the Hooter’s girls as a form of entertainment, but that should never degenerate into something ugly.

Undercover Boss is a reality show that provided insight into dehumanization of some young women trying to make an honest living. Hooters should always be a fun place to dine or work. What I saw was anything but fun.

Let’s hope lessons were learned by management and staff alike. Nobody deserves to be part of a carnival side show.

Watch the video:

Are You A Law And Order Kind Of Guy? Perhaps You’re Not-- A Conservative!

There are those folks who insist they are Conservative when they are far from that philosophy. A true Conservative cherishes freedom, liberty and demands limited government.

Progressives, Socialists and rogue control freaks uniformly want to police each other and the entire world.

Socialists and Progressives love to make laws to control every aspect of everyone’s life. Conservatives don’t believe in making victimless crimes for regulating narcotics, gambling, and prostitution. Victimless crime enforcement costs taxpayers hundreds of billions and creates criminal organizations. The byproduct is these laws is out-of-control public corruption.

Conservatives believe in the Bill of Rights that protects Americans from unlawful searches, gives the right to keep and bear arms and full due process for the accused. Socialists find the Bill of Rights as a giant hindrance to their Police State.

Socialists can’t function without the death penalty. Socialists never have enough prison space.

Too many Law and Order Types have nothing in common with real Conservatives.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Arizona’s Prisoners Silenced By Soviet Style Secrecy Policy

Phoenix, AZ—Prisoners within the Arizona Department of Corrections including those condemned are not allowed to give interviews for television. Is this punishment or a successful effort to hide information?

Some suggest that crime victims would be victimized by seeing such interviews. I say that’s pure hogwash. Even the residents of the notorious Texas Death Row are allowed to speak to the media.

Most defense lawyers don’t like their clients talking until they are out of jeopardy because prosecutors can use the statements at any retrials. Convicts for the most part want to remain out of the public’s collective and short memory.

There are those inmates that want to plead their case for innocence directly to the public. There are also guilty prisoners that wish to express remorse and apologize for the despicable acts that got them convicted.

News organizations, not government policy should decide who will use the public forum. News editors won’t do this if they feel it is not newsworthy or if it will be abusive or hurtful to victims and their families.

To not allow someone convicted to raise doubts about their innocence is cruel and un-American. We’d expect this kind of policy in China or some old Soviet Gulag but never in a free country.

I have not done a state by state survey on this issue but California went the route of the Soviet Gulags years ago too. California does not believe in public records either as they operate in secret like the Communist governments they emulate.

I have to ask, Just what is Arizona hiding?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Is Meg Whitman Running As A Republican?

Sacramento, CA—Meg Whitman, billionaire and former CEO of EBAY is a George Soros style, Progressive Leftist. Whitman has aspirations to be California's next Republican Governor.

Whitman hates gun rights and wants taxpayers to pay for abortions and bigger government. Whitman is a pretender who will use her money to fund a campaign avoiding the Leftist agenda she supports. Uneducated voters will cast their ballot for the name they hear most often rather than issues.

There is nothing within the Republican Party that Whitman supports so why is she running as a Republican? The Republican Party needs to come out and expose this fake candidate.

Whitman can be counted on to shift policy away from what the founding fathers gave us. Whitman can be counted on to guarantee the concept of a Police State for California. Whitman’s mentality is exactly what’s wrong with California. I say vote for anyone other than Whitman.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ignorant Press and Police Paint Hero As A Racist

Chicago, IL—Ted Kozak is a hero on his way to Stateville Prison perhaps as early as Monday to begin serving a prison term for mere possession of two collector’s war relics.

They were two prized sub-machine guns of World War Two that put Kozak in conflict with Illinois law. Illinois has banned the two collector’s items in violation of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. Because of the state ban The Federal government will not allow registration of taxable weapons creating a bizarre “Catch 22” problem. That is why Federal gun laws are virtually unenforceable in Illinois. The appellate court process must deal with this at some point.

Sun-times reporters Frank Main and Rummana Hussain really failed to understand this story and misinformed their readers in a huge way on the Kozak story.

The most egregious part of the Sun Times story was this passage, “Posters of Adolf Hitler, a bulletproof vest with a swastika patch, a German helmet and other Nazi items were found in his home, too.” Collectors of war guns also collect the other captured items such as flags, uniforms, medals, personal letters and photographs. American collectors celebrate the victory over National Socialism and it’s despots.

The celebration of WWII through memorabilia by military collectors is to cherish the victory over a vile government and political ideal. Thankfully the good guys won that war.

There are those stupid racists and morons that celebrate Adolph Hitler, but to suggest Ted Kozak is part of that is pure slander and to publish that is libelous.

Ted Kozak never once asked about the race or religion of the men, women and children trapped in burning buildings before he went in and rescued them.

Now that Kozak will be entering a prison system where 90% of the population is African-American the erroneous Sun-Times report has placed him in danger by labeling him as a racist.

The offensive and libelous story can be found here.

Now Obama Wants To Track Your Cell Phone

Washington, DC-Barack Obama’s true colors are showing as his administration is quietly giving itself more authority over American’s private lives. They want to track your movements without a warrant by your cell phone. They don’t believe you have an expatiation of privacy.

The world’s most infamous despots would envy Obama's control over technology to track every person that does not agree with them.

Anyone who was foolish to believe that Obama would respect civil liberties better than George W. Bush was living in Fantasy Land. Bush brought us that vile Patriot Act but Obama has only expanded it and now this new outrage.

Stop Obama before he does more!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Surviving A Shooting Only Was Half The Battle

Paradise Valley, AZ—Serving court summonses and other documents can be dangerous. Sometimes the people you must serve are drunk, on drugs, angry and of course armed. Even good people don’t like bad news.

I had to serve an eviction summons on a man and his wife that had not paid rent on a large expensive home for seven months. The man was a white collar criminal who had just lost two expensive cars to the repo man who was now looking for the man’s new Chevrolet Suburban.

Legally drunk and at the end of his rope the man intended to punish me for his troubles. As I served his wife he was out trying to cut the tires of my car. I served the summons and was returning to my car in near total darkness. The angry, drunken man approached me and pistol-whipped me in the head with a .45 semi-automatic.

I was cut and bleeding from two head wounds as I drew my own five shot .38 Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and ordered him to drop his gun twice. Instead he pointed his gun at me and I emptied mine into him. He never fell or dropped his gun although he was critically wounded.

The shooting investigation proved far too big a challenge for a corrupt, inept and incredibly stupid detective of the 23 man, Paradise Valley Police department. That cop had been fired from no less than four police departments and also had a criminal record!

After 18 months the case was resolved when the man I had to shoot and his daughter plead guilty to Perjury, Evidence and Witness Tampering.

This event made me an even stronger gun rights advocate. It also reinforced my own advice to others to never tell police anything beyond asking for a lawyer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chicago Firefighter Gets Four Years In Prison

Chicago, IL—The Gulag has yet another political prisoner tonight. For engaging in constitutionally protected activity a political hack in a black robe, appointed by the Daley/Burke crime families ordered honorably retired firefighter Ted Kozak off to Stateville Prison.

Kozak never hurt, threatened, stole from or otherwise victimized anyone. He held two prize collector’s items for a Chicago cop who was hospitalized and later died. The items were a Thompson sub-machine gun and a Sten gun. Both are banned in Illinois but may be owned in most of free America.

The guns were never used in crimes and were kept locked in a vault. Kozak had a stellar career and is a genuine hero.

The jailing of Kozak is a huge waste of money, prison space and serves no good purpose. Kozak would have merely continued his life as a good taxpaying and honest American.

Next will be the appeal which will take longer to litigate than Kozak will spend in prison. Four years will get Kozak little more than a year behind bars. The rub here is that Kozak will be unable to care for his ailing mother.

Kozak should have been allowed to remain free pending appeal. The gun convictions involve anything but settled law. But the slime that contaminates City Hall want an example made of the fireman the same way that Adolph Hitler’s People’s Court did with those who dared to disagree with the Third Reich. Are we somehow going to feel safer tonight?

Why Hire Worthless Unarmed Security Guards?

Seattle, WA—There was a time when American security guards were all armed. The crime rate was really low but if you’re going to hire someone to prevent crime he needed to be properly equipped to do so. Otherwise, why bother at all? Insurance companies began penalizing businesses with armed guards for profit rather than risk.

The gun haters could not handle the sight of anyone armed anywhere like EBAY’s Meg Whitman who is now running for California’s Governor’s office. Whitman had unarmed security and also banned the marketing of firearms on EBAY.

The disarming of Las Vegas casino guards has led to numerous takeover robberies and killings of tourists. Slowly guns have been returning to some casinos security departments. I guess they learned guns save lives.

Schools all across America have unarmed people in security uniforms that are incapable of being more than potential hostages. We protect cash with guns but are most precious children get unarmed, pretend police and zero protection.

A Seattle bus platform became the scene of a horrible videotaped beating of a 15 year-old girl while three uniformed, observe and report bozos simply watched the girl get kicked in the head repeatedly. These security guards facilitated the crime rather than interfere and help a victim. Tax dollars were wasted on these worthless dopes.

This is an issue of political mindset that created this condition. The people that truly deserved the beating promulgated the gun free pretend security policy. It’s not too late to visit some serious punishment on the gun hating criminal enablers. They are far worse than the criminals.