Friday, December 29, 2023

The presidential election of 2020 was nothing less than a bloodless Communist, coup d'é·tat.

Washington, DC—Because of the China virus, the normal minimal safeguards for election integrity were taken down by unprecedented mail-in ballots.  The normal safeguards to prevent fraud were removed along with any meaningful transparency.  

Unfortunately, the heaviest fraud was in the blue and swing states.  Since their local Leftist judges refused any and all efforts to allow transparency such as ballot inspection the election tampering was successfully covered up.  

Was it a Communist coup d'é·tat you ask?  All you have to do is look at the installed, communist puppet and his treasonous policies.  The most egregious act that allowed many millions of unvetted and economically motivated illegal aliens to enter our nation.  These people when given the ability to vote like they have in New York City, will only vote for the politicians offering of free housing, EBT cards, Obama phones and medical care.  They’ve now allowed illegal aliens to become cops giving more military strength to the Communist conspirators.

We all know from history, that Communism can only survive with a huge ignorant, poor and easily manipulated population.   That has been fully accomplished. 

The installed China puppet has been free to mandate whatever his coup conspirators dictated.  Virtually every act by the dictated be puppet’s handlers has bankrupted and weakened America, allowing for a total Communist takeover.  Every appointed military general is easily corrupted by the Communists appointing them.

The January 6 patriots simply wanted transparency in the 2020 election and pushed back when that was not forthcoming.  

Our country is a serious crossroads. Any election that mirrors 2020’s mischief will and should be met with a very bloody Civil War.  

Our elections must be free from fraud and totally transparent.  The lack of any legitimate identification requirements and signature matching, facilitated by mail-in or drop off ballots must be ended.  The China virus created “election rules” must end now.

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Government Control


Los Angeles--Artificial intelligence is here to stay, like it or not. This incredibly powerful tool obviously can outthink any human and solve essentially any problems at all.  I reasonably suspect that diseases like diabetes, cancer and ageing will eventually be cured by this exciting new technology.


Artificial intelligence has the potential to make anybody a lawyer physician, accountant or virtually any occupation if they know how to use its powerful tools.  


Frankly many of our politicians are absolutely terrified because of the power it will give to, we the people that they may have serious difficulty controlling.  I suspect that the politicians want to frighten everyone into surrendering control of this amazing tool to them exclusively.


We don't yet know all the potential of artificial intelligence by a long shot. I fully expect to Continue to be amazed in the next decade. 


Artificial intelligence may prove to be more powerful than even the Second Amendment for Americans to use defending themselves from the government.


The only logical thing for Americans to do is to stop all attempts to let the government control Who can use or access artificial intelligence.  We know we cannot trust government and in fact you can research it by simply getting the question answered of what percentage of governments on earth become repressive, evil and incredibly corrupt. I think the answer is 100% if you look at the history books.

Monday, November 20, 2023

LA County Sheriff Robert Luna is a Classless Thug

 Los Angeles, CA—It was anyone’s worst nightmare.  Vince Ricci arrived home to be attacked by two armed intruders Hell bent on a home invasion.  Ricci had previously qualified for a carry permit by completing all of the strict and patently unconstitutional hurdles designed to keep him unarmed by actually getting the carry permit.  

Within milliseconds the attackers rushed Ricci and  pointed their guns at at him but Ricci quickly drew his own gun and began furiously fighting for his and his family’s lives.  Ricci fired shots and the cowardly gunmen quickly retreated.  Nobody was physically injured.  Ricci acted in lawful self-defense.  As for the two thugs they escaped and will remain free until they get caught doing this to some other hapless victim. 

The incident was caught on surveillance video so we need not guess how this violent crime went down.  You can imagine the immediate emotional state Ricci was going through after such a traumatic event.  The Sheriff’s reaction was to suspend/revoke Ricci’s gun permit!  

Now Sheriff Luna responds that Ricci can reapply for a permit and of course go through all the steps as he waits months for a reapproval that may or may not come.  

Luna should be sued for violating Ricci’s Civil Rights including the denial for Fifth Amendment Due Process for not proving a hearing for Ricci on the matter.

In the meantime Lunatic Luna has strongly and vindictively advertised to the would be home invaders that Ricci and his family can be murdered now without resistance.  Luna has purposely placed these innocent lives is serious danger.  Luna’s malicious conduct here is beyond disgusting, despicable and reprehensible.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

SHOT Show 2024 Reminder SHOT Show 2024 Reminder

Yes, the SHOT Show will be coming once again to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  There will be Miles of aisles loaded with the latest and greatest firearms, hunting gear and outdoor equipment of every description. 

The real emphasis on firearms is changing rapidly, where every gun is a work of art.  From the design of the metal to the grips it’s going to be beautiful.  No, it’s not to heyday of the 70s with lots of engravers.  Things are changing and a lot of the new firearm art is computer generated and or laser engraved.  Color is everywhere now and the amazing new finishes on firearms  are bold and exciting.

If you’re in the industry, come join us in Las Vegas.  If you’re just consumer, don’t fret, there will be lots of videos all over YouTube including ours! 

Industry Day At The Range.  This is a select portion of the shot show where we will be out of the range, shooting the latest firearm offerings.  We will share that experience with our viewers!  

Monday, November 13, 2023

Did the Israel/Hamas War instigate a homicide in Thousand, Oaks, CA? Congressional candidate Bruce Boyer is investigating.

Thousand Oaks, CA—Paul Kessler, 69 was with others peacefully protesting the incredibly depraved October 7th Hamas attack on unarmed civilians that took, 1,400 innocent lives in Israel. Kessler was carrying an Israeli flag and was allegedly killed by a pro-Palestinian activist, Loay Alnaji, 50 who teaches computer science at Ventura County Community College.   

According to witness, Jonathan Oswaks,  Alnaji and others were conducting surveillance on Kessler.  He further said that upwards of 40 adult, pro-Palestinian men allegedly surrounded Kessler while Alnaji struck the elderly, Paul Kessler in the head with a heavy megaphone.  The presence of the other men made it difficult for Israeli demonstrators to see the attack.  As a direct result of the blow, Kessler fell striking his head on the sidewalk.  Kessler died a few hours later at a local hospital.  

The matter is currently under investigation by the Ventura County Sheriffs Department, and the Ventura County District Attorney.  Officials said that both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian groups gave conflicting accounts of the incident.

Sheriff’s investigators obtained and served a search warrant on Alnaji’s home seizing his electronic devices and other evidence. They’re obviously looking for communications between Alnaji and others to determine if there was any planning or collusion.  

Republican District 26 Congressional Candidate, Bruce Boyer has taken on his own investigation of the attack.  The FBI has given specific warnings for us to expect Hamas sympathetic terrorist acts on our soil and Boyer wants to know if this crime related to that warning. 

The key questions Boyer said that need answers are, was this a criminal homicide that included a Hate Crime and felony Elder Abuse? 

Boyer said he’s preparing for Congress as a proactive lawmaker with his finger always on the pulse of District 26. He feels must stay informed to properly tend to the needs of the voters.  

Boyer interviewed kessler’s companion, Jonathan Oswaks and here is that unedited interview. 

On November 16, Loay Alnaji, of Moorpark, was arrested on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 69-year-old Paul Kessler. Alnaji's bail will be set at $1 million, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. No mention was about a hate crime or elder abuse charges. 

Saturday, November 04, 2023

World War III is here, are you ready?

Today we’ve seen hundreds of thousands Hamas supporting Palestinians, demonstrating and screaming, hateful threats at us and European nations.  The Palestinian mobs in New York were particularly vile and dangerous.  That tells us we can expect deadly mass attacks by these depraved monsters at any moment. 

There is no way that our law-enforcement agencies could actually handle these kinds of situations. Our cops are going to need all of our help they can get.  Also get trauma kits while you still can.  Watch the first aid YouTube videos that will show you how to use the material.  There will be fuel, water, food and medicine shortages. 

When attacks occur we must remember the rules of engagement change to war rules that allow for back shots and other desperate measures. With the multitudes of hateful Hamas supporters there will most certainly be attacks with guns, bombs, arson and using trucks to attack crowds. Many will want to become Islamic martyrs, sacrificing their own lives. 

We must pay strict attention and understand that we must ignore all gun laws.  I fully expect Iran to get involved soon since they know our government has never been weaker, and they can see the massive amount of hostile Muslims that are already here ready to carry out their despicable threats.  

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

The Difficult Lessons of Gun Control

Los Angeles, CA—Gun control zealots live in a land of make believe.  They generally live in safe neighborhoods, drive reliable automobiles to their jobs in safe buildings.  Most have very little or no training regarding the defensive use of firearms.  They have been brainwashed by Hollywood films into believing that the police will respond instantly to their calls for help.  Unfortunately ignorance rules what they want to force on you and your family. 

The sad truth in a life threatening event, it can take valuable minutes before you can actually reach a 911 operator.  The 911 operator then gives a police dispatcher that second hand information who then gives that now third hand information to the cops.  The cops must safely travel to and actually find the location.  

When the cops arrive the damage has already been done and the criminals have fled.   The cops then arrange to remove the injured or their remains.  They write the required reports.  It often becomes more complicated when victims and witnesses lie to the cops about the events.  Cops are then forced to guess who is telling the truth. 

Most robberies, rapes and murders take place outside the safety of your home! The gun free zone mall parking lots and other places are serious crime prone locations.   

Cops have been defunded and castrated by politicians.  Also most people are unaware that the US Supreme Court has ruled that cops have NO duty to protect you! 

You can either call a cop to bring his gun and help you or you can have your own gun and hopefully the training to use it effectively.  With any luck you can do both.  

We have no choice but to take a lesson from the October 7th depraved attack on Israeli citizens by Hamas murderers.  Israel had very strict gun bans in place that precluded any meaningful self-help.  They were told to build “safe rooms”in lieu of using firearms.  Sadly, we now know how that worked out.  

Israel’s politician’s thinking was beyond mind boggling.  That’s especially bizarre when you know how years earlier millions of Jews had their property unlawfully confiscated and were put on railroad freight cars straight to death camps.   There was nearly zero resistance from the disarmed and later murdered Jews.  

Why do we let government steal the the natural gift of fear and the instinct for survival from us?  Why do we obey gun laws at all, giving up our only fighting chance to live? 

Why is gun control a political issue at all, beyond the politician’s desire to exercise total control over the people they rule?  They promise public safety, that they cannot possibly deliver!  Look at the incredibly miserable failures of Israel’s October 7th, Columbine High School or the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.  

Ask yourself when have the police ever arrived in time to stop a murder, Rape or robbery after a 911 call other than on a fictional TV program? 

I will end this with, don’t ever let a politician stand between you and your  Constitutional rights to protect you and your loved ones with the most effective weapons available! 

Friday, October 27, 2023

Making New Friends!

Los Angeles, CA—I went to a surprise film screening of, Sophie Scholl, The Final Days (2006) that was nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign film.  This is one of my favorite films ever.  I’m here standing next to German lawyer, politician, historian, prolific screenwriter, director and producer Fred Breinersdorfer.  

Breinersdorfer wrote the script for this compelling film.  It’s the true 1943 wartime story of the White Rose Nazi resistance group that fought tyranny, not with violence but by publishing and distributing pamphlets. Sophie was a 21 year old nursing student who was apprehended by a janitor at the University of Munich distributing White Rose material along with her brother, Hans and a collaborator, Christoph Probst.  

The trio was interrogated by Gestapo agents, tried for High Treason, condemned and executed to by guillotine all within four days.  It’s a heartbreaking story of the worst kind of Nazi cruelty. 

The screen writer, Fred Breinersdorfer researched newly released Russian held Nazi court records at the fall of Communism in Europe.  He also located and  interviewed living witnesses.  He then created  a masterpiece script.  

An amazing ensemble cast was assembled with the primary stars, Julia Jentsch as Sophie and Alexander Held as Gestapo Inspector Mohr. 

If there’s ever an English language version produced I want  to playGestapo Inspector Mohr.  This could also be done as a Broadway stage play.  

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Israel and Ukraine Wars in your Pocket.

Los Angeles, CA—The amazing video technology has brought the horrors of war to our pockets.  Both to capture and to later see the death and destruction.  

In contrast the Vietnam war brought films of battles to our TV’s at our dinner tables.  They were  gathered by seasoned war correspondents.  The graphic violence for the most part was edited out.  We were given the American casualty count.  

The memorable unedited and unforgettable Vietnam War  images were that of Buddhist monks burning themselves to death in protest, the proof of the atrocious, My Lai Massacre and the impromptu street execution of a Viet Cong spy by  Republic of Vietnam Brigadier General, Nguyen Ngoc Loan.  Last but not least was the horrifying image of a critically burned little girl running away after a napalm attack.  Those four powerful images fueled propaganda that defined the war.

Today we are bombarded with videos captured on smartphones.  Some were shot and uploaded by terrorists.  Other videos were found on dead terrorists phones and uploaded by Israeli solders and/or Hamas.  The same is true for the Russia/Ukraine conflict. The videos are often sloppy, shaky poorly composed but they all tell a story.  They are all stored in our pockets. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Biden’s Unelected Handlers Obviously Want Him Dead Now.

Tel Aviv, Israel—President Biden is an elderly, bumbling, stuttering fool.  Aside from his massive exposed corruption and treason he is a pathetic puppet clearly suffering from dementia.  Everyone knows Biden is unelectable now and a serious liability to Democrat/Communist Party control of our nation.

Biden’s unelected Communist handlers obviously sent their incontinent puppet to Israel in hopes he’d be killed by terrorists. This would incite a World War III, disrupt the 2024 elections and give Biden’s handlers the total control they want.  When it became obvious The Arab nations did not want to meet and negotiate with Biden, did they turn Air Force one around?  No! They knowingly sent him straight to Hell! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Gun Control Was Very Effective for Israel.

Israel—The overrated, crackerjack Israeli police and military couldn’t save even a single family like the one above from the Hamas Horror.  Political Leftists in Israel virtually banned  possession or carrying of firearms by civilians in the name of “Public Safety”.  Hamas was well protected by Israel’s gun ban.  How’d that work out for the music concert people or those waking up to armed murdering Hamas thugs in their homes?

Can this happen here? Of course it can.  Our own police never arrive in time to actually stop murders, rapes and robberies.   But the good news is they will get you a medical examiner’s meat wagon and write lots of reports.  

It’s time to rethink gun control and reopening secure mental institutions.  Has anyone noticed that school shootings never happened here until we reimagined mental health treatment with pills the patients don’t take rather than institutionalization?  Yes, gun control works really well by keeping you and your loved ones unprotected.