Thursday, November 30, 2006

Britany's Beaver

I wish I could understand Britany Spears' high profile all night, every night partying and acting like a pig. If she wants to show us that thing she should at least let Heffner do it right and we will all pay for a peek. What publicist on earth would suggest she put on this bizarre display?

Here is a somewhat censored video of how mothers teach their daughters not to get out of cars while wearing a skirt. This poor girl can’t even afford a thong!

Why Did Those Cops Fire So Many Rounds?

This video may help answer that question with a re-creation of a 1999 tragic killing of an innocent man, Amadou Diallo in New York city. This case resulted in criminal charges against the officer involved and a huge civil lawsuit. The officers were acquitted after expert testimony that included renowned firearms expert and author Massad Ayoob.

Not mentioned was the ineffective 9MM rounds that left the suspect standing after he had already been shot numerous times. In limited light officers are unable to see their bullets strike or do damage. They assume that they must have missed their target. That feeling would cause near panic conditions in anyone.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Say Goodbye to Snoop Dog, he’s toast now

Say Goodbye to Snoop Dog, he’s toast now

I’ve defended Snoop Doggie Dog’s rights despite his sordid past. I guess you can call this a case career suicide. I hate laws against weapons possession and I’m not fond of drug laws either because of my Libertarian leanings. The Dog seems to be beyond help or hope.

For the third time in a month, Snoop Dog as arrested by police. This time it was in Burbank for yet another gun, cocaine and marijuana. The arrest was apparently made in connection with a search warrant on the Dog and his vehicle.

What was the Dog’s real crime? Being incredibly stupid for wrecking his entertainment career that paid him handsomely like a slot machine.

I suggested the Dog is toast but he will most likely get a spin through the rapidly revolving corrections door.

TMZ gets the hat tip again on this one. Harvey Levin’s crew rock!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Urban Outfitters' Gun Ornament Shootout

Urban Outfitters prides themselves in unusual gifts such as Ghettopoly a satire game based on Monopoly complete with crack houses and housing projects. This year their holiday gifts were no exception with a new offering of glittery ornaments in the shape of handguns.

It didn’t take long for these new gun ornaments to catch the attention of the various gun-rights hating groups with too much time on their hands. Soon demonstrators followed by news crews at an Urban Outfitter store boosted sales of these items. The free advertising helped the on-line catalog sell completely out. As of this morning, there are a few Urban Outfitters retail stores that still have some in stock as of this morning, such as the one in Westwood CA.

We have to laugh at the gun-banning crowd. Every time they are marching many more guns and NRA memberships are sold. Then when laws are proposed to ban the guns, hundreds of thousands more firearms hit the streets. I’m convinced nobody can sell guns to Americans better than well-organized gun control groups and misguided politicians. That’s certainly true as Urban Outfitters laughs all the way to their bank.

It has to be safe to say that because of the gun control movement and the gun laws that were passed since the primary effort in 1968 that there are many millions of guns in American homes today that would never have been manufactured, sold or purchased. Humans always want anything that’s difficult to obtain and firearms are no exception.

After the Assault Weapons Ban became law the membership of the NRA was never higher. As that onerous law expired and nearly every state allowed law-abiding citizens the right to carry concealed weapons, membership in the NRA dropped significantly.

Here is video of the Urban Outfitters in Westwood, California with their quickly selling out ornament.

Monday, November 27, 2006

New York Mayor Bloomberg Sold His Soul Today

That Billionaire mayor spent the day kissing his city's African-American troublemakers asses by suggesting there was wrongdoing by several New York cops. This came well before the investigation has been conducted or concluded into that Queens, strip club shooting. Bloomberg did some major patronizing of Al Sharpton and his merry band of thugs.

The rub is a simple one. Frankly, for the time being, I don’t expect New York cops to do much in the way of police work or revenue generating citation writing until some drastic efforts are made to be reasonably fair to working cops. If I were a New York cop today my reports would read like War And Peace. I’d be so busy getting the details of minor theft or property damage reports absolutely correct I'd lave little time for anything else. That of course would protect me from responding to those calls where you have to arrest people, especially African-Americans. I fully expect cops to act more like tourists as they patrol New York avoiding trouble at all cost. Why should any New York cop subject himself to this treatment by a city that will sell him out in a life or death situation?

This may be time for New York's criminal element to get their piece of New York. Perhaps that might convince people like Bloomberg that cops are both wanted and needed in New York. If that's not the case let them wallow in their decadence, crime and yes, their own blood.

This is not a good time in a city where goofy laws have made sure that only the criminals have guns. Can you say hello, National Guard?

New Yorkers have all too soon forgotten the huge sacrifices made by their cops during and long after the 9/11 attack. If they were really grateful New York citizens would storm City Hall with rakes, torches and pickaxes demanding that worthless mayor’s resignation. There should be enough real citizens to make Shapton’s thugs look like what they are.

Another Rush To Judgment In New York Police Shooting

An angry mob was roaming the streets of New York yesterday. That, as a Leftist Mayor and his bureaucrats rush to appease and patronize this same police hating bunch at assemble every time there is the slightest controversy involving force used on an African-American criminal suspect. This group has a habit of turning everything into an issue of race alone. They also like to see themselves on television a lot.

This is their latest response to the vehicular assault on an undercover police officer and an unmarked and occupied minivan outside a Queens strip club. The officers fired some 50 rounds to terminate the assault and threat. One suspect was killed and another is in critical condition. This happened at night when visibility prevented officers from clearly seeing just what threat they were or legitimately thought they were under. I don’t know if the officers thought the suspects were armed or not but no firearms were found. Guns do have a nasty habit of disappearing at crime scenes everywhere regardless of whether the police are involved in firing shots.

How quick some people are to forget or ignore that the suspect’s vehicle was and is a very deadly weapon. In any event this incident must be properly investigated and reconstructed and that can easily take weeks to learn the truth.

Another factor is that New York officials demand that their cops carry the underpowered and inadequate 9MM round. This poorly performing round that far too often won’t stop determined offenders. That’s the real reason that often officers have to fire extraordinary numbers of round in order to survive confrontations with criminals. The criminals are not saddled with department regulations as to how powerful their own weapons are. Criminals simply don't care about gun laws or any kind of regulations.

A methodical and fair investigation needs to take its course. Handing the streets over to a mob of thugs as they agitate and spread their unbridled hatred of police is not the answer.

There is a bigger danger here and that is cops may figure their intervention into stopping crime is just not worth the risk of being caught up in this kind of a mess. The result is they stop making arrests altogether and wander the streets like tourists instead. That mob of goons may just get their wish.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Newest TSA Extortion Program-Call For A Boycott

Do you want to feel less suffering and pain while traveling with commercial air carriers? Do you want a small slice of that liberty so many of our soldiers fought and died for when you visit mom on the holidays? If you register as a traveler, give up your privacy, submit to fingerprinting and pay a $100.00 annual payment you can enjoy a tiny taste of freedom when you fly! It’s called The Registered Traveler Program

Call it what you will it’s nothing less than pure and simple extortion. This program is straight out of Orwell’s, Animal Farm, where some pigs are more equal than others.

Perhaps it’s time for a boycott of air travel. Perhaps we can begin by picking a single day to avoid air travel. The cost in lost tax revenue alone would send a clear and loud message that we want relief from the ever-increasing TSA punishment.

If our government is serious about protecting Americans from terrorism they can make some real changes.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Why Rookie Cops Need To Listen To Old Timers

When you’re a young cop, you instantly become the smartest, strongest, best looking, bravest son of a bitch on the planet. You look in the mirror a lot to admire yourself in that superman uniform.

Soon you are sent to patrol and get an lazy old goat for a partner instead of another cool dude like yourself. That’s a bummer. Your new partner has bad feet, seems way too cautious and you just know he was hired when cops did not get real training like you’ve just gotten. You find it embarrassing to be in the same vehicle working with a guy older than your own father.

In Chicago I worked on the Near West Side (012). I had Cook County Hospital, Greek Town, Jew Town, Taylor Street, Skid row and a large high crime area with projects filled with poor African-Americans. It was a busy district and a great place to work. My first boss, Commander Ronald Nash took a big fall and went to the joint for corruption.

As you come to the end of your police academy training you are sent out for Field Weeks to district patrol units. The normal plan is to pair you with an experienced officer working as a “Field Training Officer”. Sometimes they just run out of those creatures and you get what you get.

I was sent to the Near North Side (018) for one such Field Week and was assigned to work a wagon with a real dinosaur. His first name was Gene but I can’t remember his last name. Gene was several months away from mandatory retirement because he’d be 63 years old.

It was Easter Sunday morning and I knew it would be a really dull day. Gene was complaining to me about having to baby sit for a recruit. I was to keep my ears and eyes open. Further I was told to keep my mouth shut and perhaps he’d let me live. We were off to a great start.

Our first radio call did not come in for two whole hours! Then the radio cracked, “Eighteen-seventy-two.” I grabbed the microphone and responded, “Eighteen-seventy-two” The reply was,“Eighteen-seventy-two, a complainant says there’s a DOA floating in the Chicago River." I retorted excitedly, “Ten-Four squad we’re in route!”

Gene said two words, “Oh fudge!” Okay, it was a little stronger than fudge. I was going my first probable homicide call! Gene drove the wagon to the river parking next to the bridge. There was nobody around, not even a complainant, or passers by. As we got out of the wagon to look for a body we were suddenly hit with a really foul odor. Instantly we knew the call was legitimate as we gagged.

Walking closer to the river there he was in all his glory. Large and obese, this fellow was floating face up in the water. He was wearing only a white t-shirt and had his left leg severed attached only by a little tissue. He was bloated and looked ready to explode from the expaneded gas inside his abdominal cavity.

Suddenly the glamour of being a cop was on the ropes for me. We would have to somehow put this huge smelly pile of sh*t into our wagon, take him to a hospital, get a physician to pronounce the guy dead (they won’t take a cop’s word on that in Illinois) and then we'd take him to the Cook County Morgue. Once at the Morgue we'd be expected to remove his t-shit and inventory it as evidence once it was dry. This last procedure has since changed and been assigned to Medical Examiner’s personnel.

Our uniforms would be destroyed and we’d be barfing for sure. Suddenly our fortunes were improving! Two little Black boys were crossing the bridge on bicycles carrying fishing poles. Gene quickly flagged them down and asked to borrow one of the poles. Next, I watched an expert fisherman go to work.

Gene cast the hook right to that T-shirt and snagged it. Then I watched Gene pull the floating mess straight West from the bridge. The soon the body was on the West side of the river! Gene yanked the fishing line and broke it. He crossed back over giving the pole to the now complaining Black kids. Gene reached in his pocket and fished out $5 and gave it to them. The boys left happy and Gene said I now owed him $2.50.

Gene grabbed the radio microphone and called, “Eighteen-seventy-two” The dispatcher responded, “Eighteen-seventy-two.” Gene replied, “Eighteen-seventy-two, be advised this call is bonafide but the DOA is on the 13th district side of the river, we’ll stand by for 13. They’re going to need the Marine Unit or Fire Boat for assistance squad.”

We waited and watched the two poor bastards working a 13th District wagon as they handled the job in the finest tradition of the Chicago Police Department. That was the day I learned that the old timers were smarter than I was. There are some things you just can’t learn in the academy.

Open Thread

This is my first open thread where my visitors can talk about whatever they want, well almost. This is your turn…

Are Entire Police Agencies Really So Ignorant About Firearms?

When criminals commit crimes with firearms and police chiefs or their spokesman talk to the media they love to suggest that the criminal’s weapon was especially deadly.

Today, such an event happened in Miami when a gunman wearing camouflage invaded the Miami Herald. Whatever the issues were they somehow got resolved as the gunman, a cartoonist and former employee of the paper surrendered to police.

At a press conference, the Miami police chief, John Timoney said the gunman carried "some kind of automatic machine pistol" with 30 rounds of ammunition. That’s vague enough to send reporters off to new adventures in sensationalizing their story like wildfire.

Is there not one officer in that town with enough knowledge to identify the make and model and caliber of the firearm in question? It’s not very difficult for a knowledgeable person to quickly determine if the firearm was really fully automatic as suggested. By the time the media learns the skinny on this firearm the story will no longer be newsworthy.

That begs yet another question that the reporter never even asked, was this gun even real? Most reporters don't have a clue about firearms so they report whatever vague information they get as fact.

Oh, that picture above is only a very convincing replica of a genuine, HK-MP5 fully automatic pistol. It does fire little plastic pellets.

I doubt very much that the gunman really had an automatic machine pistol. Cops don't come accross those things too often.

An update! How'd I guess?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gun control? Control This!

Potato guns are not new but a well made how to do it film, made by a couple of characters with way too much time on their hands is here for your viewing pleasure.

A Better Idea For Airline Security In America

Every time I must travel on an American commercial airliner the TSA torture gauntlet becomes more offensive and demeaning. I simply hate to fly anywhere anymore. They are trying to program us with the idea that the more miserable they make us the safer we are. It’s simply a lie.

We can however change the rules and ease the threat considerably. We can end air travel on American carriers for all foreigners from enemy countries. We begin with Iran and Iraq and add countries to the no fly list. Citizens of those countries, even those with American Green Cards can fly the carriers of other countries.

I can just hear the Liberals screaming about this concept. Aren’t these Liberal folks from the same Democratic Party that controlled Congress and that wildly popular Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II? Wasn’t it the very same folks that detained every Japanese American and forced them into interment camps? This action is not nearly as drastic. These folks from enemy countries are free to fly their own country’s carriers or not fly at all.

If we require passports and valid Green Cards to fly on America carriers, we can curtail movement by illegal aliens too. We can always make exception for one-way passage home for those people here from friendly nations.

Perhaps we can then relax the screening of American passengers to a level of civil courteousness and a pre-9/11 state.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Putting A GPS Tail On Cops

What a really great and horrible idea! GPS can be used to pinpoint the location of every sworn officer at any given time. Should an officer be kidnapped, he or she could be found in minutes. Police dispatchers could always determine which officers are closest to an in progress crime or other emergency. Supervisors could quickly determine if an officer has strayed from his beat or post without permission. That’s the upside of this argument.

A downside? Say it ain’t so! The new technology can’t be that difficult for burglars, rapists, armed robbers and hit men to hack into. Imagine criminals being armed with precise information as to the location of every officer! If the system were somehow hack-proof, would the civilian employees sell that sensitive information to the crooks?

In cities like Chicago with draconian gun bans citizens will be even more vulnerable to the predators.

There are too many answered questions about his hardware. Perhaps police agencies should spend this money on bringing departments up to authorized strength and training. I have not even touched the area of the officer’s privacy and civil liberty involved. When police agencies are having difficulties finding and hiring qualified candidates, as it is this idea is ill advised.

A Reason To Be Happy Today On Thanksgiving

We like to brag that we are in the greatest country of the world but maybe not…

Another Side Of Kramer’s Rage on that L.A. Stage

It’s amazing to watch all those self-righteous jerks condemn comedian Michael Richards for exploding at the L.A. Laugh factory. He was taunted by a couple of really rude African American dopes trying to be hurtful. Richards soon dished out a little more than they bargained for in return.

Of all the discussion of this story not even one person offered any sympathy to Richards who was having the worst night of his career.

In this country we used to have thicker skin for name-calling. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”, used to be recited by every American child. Richard used that N-word civil people just can’t bring themselves to repeat.

In a different time in this country the hecklers would have been given the bum’s rush out of any nightclub for interrupting someone’s act. The hecklers involved with Richard’s outburst, deserved to be taken out back and bitchslapped silly.

I’m not really condoning Richard’s outburst and slur slinging but I can understand how he felt that the heckling was mean spirited and hurtful. He simply responded to the attack in kind.

As for the two African-American heckling jerks? Why it’s the celebrity victim treatment as they make the circuit of TV’s morning news shows.

Here is the video:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

UCLA Taser Cop Is An 18-Year Veteran

During an 18-year career, a cop is bound to be involved in some action. That’s certainly true of officer Terrence Duren who is at the center of the overblown Taser incident with student, Mostafa Tabatabainejad, 23.

Duren had to shoot a trespassing vagrant in a campus study hall three years ago. Then there was a brawl on fraternity row where someone complained about Duren using excessive force. The complainers got the best of Duren who took a 90-day suspension avoiding dismissal.

There are always a percentage of ignorant people arrested for criminal activity that complain about the cop hoping that their complaint will somehow nullify the arrest. That phenomenon is much more prevalent with young people that deny or minimize the conduct that led to the arrest when explaining things to their parents.

Making smoke about the use of the Taser or suggesting racial profiling does not change three things, Tabatabainejad’s refusal to show ID, leave as ordered, and his failure to peacefully submit to arrest. Tabatabainejad put on a good show for the other students by getting Tasered but the fact remains he was uninjured.

A better approach to calling officer Duren on the carpet would be to examine Tabatabainejad’s conduct and whether he should be suspended or expelled as a student.

I Want To Come Back As Tony Bennett In The Next Life

As I’m now finding myself on the dark side of 50 the depression of my suffering from the terminal illness of aging is a reality. Tonight I watched the NBC Special, Tony Bennett, An American Classic, and watched an amazing and ageless phenomenon.

Here is a guy that had a hot career when I was a little kid and he’s still singing and dancing with really delightful women. I’m sure by now Bennett is outliving his dentists and doctors. Not only That, but he is singing as good as ever.

Bennett survived Rock& Roll, The Beatles, and Disco without missing a stroke. So many singers ended their careers with those speed bumps but not Tony Bennett. Rather than conform to fads he was the fad for nearly 60 years so far.

With a life like Bennett’s, is the earned wealth, lots of first class, world travel and the thrill of meeting and performing with every music legend on earth. Of course it all began in New York in those jazz clubs for little or no pay while he developed his voice and persona. The day will come when we will lose Tony Bennett but we will never lose the gift of his wonderful music. To NBC, all the performers and others that made this special I say thank you. To Anthony Benedetto, I say thank you.

Court TV -- CNN Please Have The Decency To Fire Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace, the former prosecutor whose questionable practices have led to court reversals, has been sued in connection with the suicide of Melinda Duckett. Duckett shot herself to death after Grace's outrageous interrogation. Even after they knew about Duckett's death, CNN Headline News aired a segment showing Grace hammering the young mother about her whereabouts Aug. 27 the day 2-year-old Trenton Duckett was reported missing.

Now Duckett’s family has filed suit claiming Grace caused Duckett’s emotional distress leading to the suicide. Grace used her program to interfere with the ongoing police investigation by accusatory and confrontational questioning of Duckett on national TV.

Grace has polluted public opinion with her misstatement of facts and inflammatory commentary regarding high profile criminal cases since the day she was allowed on the airwaves. Under the guise of news reporting on criminal trials Grace always does her best to influence the outcome of trials by slanting every case heavily to favor the prosecution.

In the Duckett case facts have surfaced recently leading authorities to believe that little Trenton Duckett is still alive.

It’s time for Court TV and CNN to send Grace packing before she does more damage.

Legendary Film Director, Producer And Writer, Robert Altman Dead at 81

Robert Altman, the Director of M.A.S.H., Nashville, Cookie’s Fortune and Gosford Park has died Monday night in a Los Angeles hospital. I will have an update later as information is released.

Sex Offender Style Registries For Gun Ban Violators Are Coming Soon

Somehow we elected too many Gun-Rights hating politicians again in this country. They're chomping at the bit to exact revenge on gun owners for their successfully evicting of a whole gaggle of gun-rights haters from Congress in 1994. Now these politicians have big plans for a War On Guns.

These politicians, being aided by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) are trying to create a Gun Offender Registry that operates just like the popular Sex Offender Registries. They will put the names of people that violate any of the highly technical gun laws and bans. They will then place these victims in with killers, rapists and muggers using guns during crimes.

The IACP is controlled by the big city police executives appointed by the exclusively Liberal Democrat, big city mayors.

Because a person carries a gun for self-protection in a high crime neighborhood with no visible police protection and the local politicians refuse to provide concealed weapon permits he will qualify for placement on the list of Gun Law Offenders.

The Gun Offender status will be encoded on driver’s licenses, so you can get, “the treatment” on a traffic stop. This of course will be in the name of Officer Safety.

These same politicians will need to appoint a new cabinet level, Gun War Czar. The character created by the late actor Charles Middleton, Emperor Ming fits the correct profile for this position.

The future of gun owners and their rights in America are more at risk then ever.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Reinstating The Military Draft Is An Absolute Necessity

Congressman Charles B. Rangel is a strange bird. He’s a Liberal Democrat with an agenda. He wants a jobs program and is calling it a draft. Young folks would be conscripted to work for the government or be in the military and receive educational benefits after honorable service.

Rangel would create a whole class of workers being forced into new jobs. What about those who are already happy with the jobs they have? This scheme may sound nice but its just plain nuts. I want to serve helping the Girl Scouts not fighting a war, who must I bribe to make that happen?

The best soldiers in our armed forces were conscripts. The draft works even though it’s a form of slavery. The draft itself is a jobs and scholarship program. It’s important that all healthy young men serve the military for two years. Exemptions for all but health or criminal history should be abolished. Conscientious Objectors should be required to work in a military or veteran’s hospital.

If the United States was involved in an expanded war with any major country we’d be defeated in short order. Our politicians have left us defenseless. Of course this is precisely the reason our founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment so we as Americans could be armed and defend with our arms. Of course because of gun bans they will have to use pitchforks and shovels for arms in Washington, D.C.,Chicago and New York.

The benefits of a military draft are clear, to maintain a strong military and at the same time make young men more than mere stockholders of a government. Soldiers are trained and this training will help them to defend themselves, families and country for their entire lives.

Jerry Springer’s Strange Bedfellows Television Special

JWe all know these faces, Fred Goldman, O.J. Simpson and Denise Brown. I’d never pick any of these folks to be my friends. They were and still are part of the huge saga that launched so many careers of personalities and pundants in that circus called O.J. Simpson case.

This was really more about two people savagely stabbed and slashed to death in the swank community of Brentwood on the West Side of Los Angeles. Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman may well have been murdered by O.J. but the jury found reasonable doubt. Of course that jury of public opinion is deadlocked almost down the middle along racial lines.

Fred Goldman and Denise Brown both tried very hard to capitalize on their new celebrity victim status making the rounds of the talk shows and TV specials. Quickly their stars faded as Fred Goldman is selling men’s suits and Denise brown is trying to do something with her charitable victim’s foundation promoted with the free publicity generated by her victim status.

O.J. Simpson’s career as an actor and TV pitchman ended as a result of the civil judgment against him by the two surviving kin of the murdered victims. That’s a judgment that we all know will never be paid.

Forgotten in this mix are the two children of O.J. and Nicole Simpson. They deserve a life and have had to bear the grief of this ongoing battle of words and hatred for most of their childhood.

I have a solution for everyone involved in the form of a settlement that would pay off for everyone including the two forgotten children being raised by Simpson. The lawyers for all involved need to sit down and work out a realistic settlement while the parties are still young enough to enjoy it.

It can begin with a face off on prime time television hosted by the one and only Jerry Springer. They can shout and scream at each other all they want. I’d let the agents for the contenders work out the details. Perhaps a series of these confrontations with guests like the cops, lawyers, reporters, pendants, witnesses and other wildlife made famous during the Simpson Circus.

Oh, and O.J. must agree to split the proceeds to his now well over promoted book three ways.

Burning O.J. Simpson’s Yet To Be Published Book

The breaking news today is that Rupert Murdoch has cancelled O.J. Simpson's upcoming book and TV special amid the controversy and threats of boycotts by Fox affiliates and various booksellers.

I have in image in my mind like the one above of a book burning by Nazis during the Third Reich in an newsreel film. The Nazis did this during celebrations of sorts that were really quite pointless deeds like shooting the messengers for bringing us bad news.

None of us read Simpson’s book and frankly I don’t want to do so. We have to accept there are millions of people that want to shell out their hard earned cash to buy and read this book now more than ever.

I’m no Judith Regan, but I could spend much of the so-called, blood money on some very worthwhile needs. The fact is this book is a hot property and will sell somewhere and rather quickly. I only wish I could have a part in the deal.

As for Fred Goldman, I never thought he was very bright. Goldman has done all he could do to stop Simpson’s book and TV interview plans. Now Goldman can’t even try to claim even a part of the proceeds to satisfy his huge and unpaid judgment against Simpson. I guess Goldman wants to sell men’s suits in Scottsdale for the rest of this life.

No I’m not sad for Simpson over this. Instead I’m sad that we as a society have apparently learned nothing about concept of freedoms of thought and speech. This was a victory for ignorance.

It’s Probation For George Weller Of Santa Monica

Three years ago ten people were killed and over 60 others were injured when George Weller lost control of his car at the crowded Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

Today L.A. Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson passed sentence on the 89-year old Weller who is a month shy of his 90th birthday. In recent years the law has provided for victim impact statement giving living victims and the relatives of the dead the opportunity to say whatever they want to the court before sentence handed down. Those victims came in, read from their prepared statements and rambled before the court in that pointless exercise.

I’ve hated this prosecution and jury verdict that’s based on witchcraft and psychic phenomena. That's the only way they could determine Weller’s thoughts and presumed intent at the time of the disaster. They called Weller’s event as an intentional act despite Weller’s perfect record as a citizen and driver.

Today Weller’s health is in such a state of decline that he can’t control his bodily functions. They attempted to install a pacemaker in Weller’s chest and that failed. Prison for Weller would have made the government responsible for his huge ongoing medical bills and care. This while Weller is a threat to nobody.

Now watch as the vultures take Weller’s home, furniture and all assets via the civil lawsuits. Perhaps they can make sure the government has to pay for Weller burial when he dies too. Perhaps they can get any gold teeth he has in his mouth once he’s dead.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

If I Did It, Here's How It Happened

In that Broadway play, Miss Siagon, the Engineer sang about entrepreneurial opportunities in America that he longed to experience first hand as an American. In one line he sang, “(In America) you can sell shit and get thanks.” The Engineer’s message was clear that Americans have a rather large disposable income and the ability to even buy crap they don’t need.

Without having read Simpson’s new book, “If I Did It, Here's How It Happened” I have placed it in the category of crap I don’t need nor want to my waste time or money to read. That goofy title alone puts this book into the realm of watching Jerry Springer’s way too popular, TV talk show.

Gifted book promoter and publishing agent Judith Regan brokered this deal and is taking the heat for the new controversy. What’s the big beef with Regan? Controversy sells and frankly that’s Regan’s job! Are we now going to blame Regan for all the bad taste in American literature?

Okay, here’s where I part company with my fellow Gringos and copper friends. I was not upset in any way with the Not Guilty Murder Verdicts in the Simpson case. There was enough funny business with the physical evidence and exposed perjury by an important government witness to raise plenty of Reasonable Doubt. I do have a big problem with the second, civil trial and its outcome.

Did Simpson kill his wife and the Goldman kid? I was not there and never saw a security video. I have to guess just like everyone else. There’s certainly a good chance Simpson may well be the perpetrator of that ghastly double homicide.

Today Simpson is a pariah in our current pop culture world despite his acquittal. The fact is he’s raising two children and needs to make a living like everyone else. Simpson should be left alone to do this. Society has cut off much of Simpson’s earning potential and opportunities. What’s the former murder suspect to do? Simpson’s new book will make money no matter how ghoulish it’s subject matter. As for the controversy and massive publicity, that’s every bookseller’s dream.

Instead of the publisher paying for a big ad campaign, the news media and all the broadcasting giants are selling this new voyeuristic offering for free. Every time we see Fred Goldman whine about Simpson and his dead estranged son on TV, another 50,000 books will be sold. Judith Regan is a publishing genius!

Watch Fred Goldman Whine!

Friday, November 17, 2006

More Fallout on the Hiding Homicides Story In Chicago

A copper friend of mine recently made a telling statement about WBBM-TV’s Top Gun Investigative Reporter, Pam Zekman. “She’s like the ACLU, you hate her until you need her”, said an old North Side, now Area 3 robbery dick.

Zekman caught up with Chicago Police Superintendent, Phil Cline and Mayor Daley. I never saw Cline run so fast as he did with Zekman chasing him and biting at his chubby ankles. The exchange was one of the more memorable moments for me in television news history. Zekman laid her evidence right before Daley and Clines’s blinking eyes. What could they possibly say now?

Sit back and watch but don’t have any food or drinks around because they may well wind up on the floor!

Here’s the link!

Near Riot At UCLA Riot (Taser video)

Tuesday night the UCLA library was anything but a quiet place to study when Mostafa Tabatabainejad, 23 was questioned by a university cop and asked for a student ID card. After a refusal the student was asked to leave the library. That escalated into an arrest situation. The library was filled with other students at the time.

Tabatabainejad was eventually zapped by a Taser Gun and began screaming. Other students began screaming too, and it quickly became a scene of chaos and bedlam. Another student captured six minutes of the circus on a cell phone camera.

The video shows no acts of anything more some students trying to hold court on the incident right then and there instead of the courtroom. Tempers were out of control and the cops sounded really officious and loud. Instead of the cops carrying their prisoner out they apparently kept shocking him demanding he get up and walk.

Had Tabatabainejad simply submitted to the arrest and fought for his rights in the courtroom he’d be in a much better position today. Resisting and obstruction of even an unlawful arrest is a crime and now Tabatabainejad is charged with both.

Campus police written response to the Taser controversy

The official Taser use policy at UCLA

Sit back and watch the video…

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Getting Out Of Jury Duty With The Help Of Court Security Programs

I wrote about getting out of jury duty a while back. For obvious reasons this blog gets hundreds of hits from Google searches on this subject.

For the jury system to work we need a cross section of the community, not just the retired, or factory and government workers actually sitting on juries. Do we expect the doctors, lawyers, cops and business people to line up with simple and obedient servants for this duty any time soon?That just won't happen. The system is nearly broken and I’m not going to help repair it in any way.

In the last three decades the judges and court clerks have felt the need to frisk Americans before they enter public buildings. More than need it was truly a case of monkey see, monkey do.

The court bureaucrats get around the Fourth Amendment, Constitutional search issues by arguing that such searches are by your consent since you do not have to enter the courthouse at all. If you refuse to be searched they will simply deny your admittance.

That all changes when you’ve been summoned or subpoenaed as a juror or witness in a court case. They are demanding for you to appear but now also demanding that you submit to being frisked like a common thief under arrest.

I’d simply tell the security folks they post at their checkpoints that you are there in response at the courts direction but you refuse to be searched. The security people will look at you like you just arrived from Mars on a flying saucer. They just won’t know what to do other than invite you to leave. Make a note of the date and time and get a name or a number for the person who kicked you out and unknowingly excused you from your duty.

Write a letter to the person, court or other official telling them you responded but were not allowed into the courthouse. It will be impossible for anyone to cite or hold you in contempt of court since you actually responded as ordered. You need not waive your Constitutional rights just to make some court official happy.

This method is rarely used because the sheep have not yet learned to do this. Refusing to be searched is in no way refusing to respond to service as a witness or juror.

The reality is that if you’re there for jury duty they will quietly excuse you in hopes that this does not spread like wildfire and shut down their courts.

As a witness you should inform the lawyer by phone that subpoenaed you and tell him you wouldn’t submit to being searched. That may bring a delay in the case but if they need you count on being escorted in without being searched because the judge can make that happen.

If people begin doing this they will have to change their ways and let people responding to these invitations in without being searched simply be showing your summons or subpoena.

Feel free to hand over copies of my article to anyone and everyone that takes exception to your refusal to be frisked, fondled or otherwise molested without probable cause or a warrant under these circumstances.

Experience Real Las Vegas Excitement Up Close And Personal

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience the heart stopping rush of risking it all playing high stakes Blackjack in Las Vegas? You’ll get the star treatment with that kind of gambling and receive great perks that include, transportation, the best hotel rooms, meals, shows, and service. Perhaps you’ll even star in your own biographical film about your life. Is it all too good to be true? Watch the new docufilm, “VEGAS STRIPPED” and judge for yourself as you walk in our gambler, Darren Leverenz’s shoes.

Three excellent storytellers, Producer Nancy Alspaugh, Producer and Director Bernard Salzman along with the gambler, Darren Leverenz, take you on an amazing ride into this Las Vegas dream come nightmare. Experience the glitz, the glamour and the heartbreak of a man who shares this probing, postmortem examination of his remarkable life with us.

The official site for VEGAS STRIPPED

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Democrats have taken control of Congress

The Democrats have taken control of Congress
Here’s a 30 second video of what’s in store for all Americans.

Dark Days Are Ahead for Gun Owners In America

With control of both Houses Of Congress in the hands of Democrats and a Presidential election in two years, we will face the largest challenges to our freedom ever in the history of this country.

It’s only a slim margin you say? The now expired so called Assault weapons ban was tied 50-50 for passage in the Senate until Al Gore voted his party line to break the tie. We were saddled with that hateful legislation for ten long years!

Elect a Republican you say? Who? John McCain or Rudy Guliani? Why both of these top Republican contenders are long time gun-rights haters. Don’t expect them to care about our gun rights despite what they will tell us to get our votes. As for the Democrats, I can’t wait to see Hillary Clinton’s duck hunting outfit for her photo op as a defender of the Second Amendment.

I fully expect top see a brand new version of that gun ban this time classifying many more firearms as Assault Weapons than they did last time. Expect and end to the gun shows along with bans on ammunition and excessive taxation. An effort to tax and register every last gun in America can be expected as a part of their package.

You’ll hear that term Sensible Gun Laws thrown around again. Sensible to a gun-rights hater is en end to the legal ownership of firearms.

The specter of those homicidal Ruby Ridge and Waco style assaults on guns owners are looming ahead for all of us who will dare to continue owning firearms.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Chicago’s Fraudulent Murder Statistics

I’m going to offer my thoughts about tonight’s WBBM-TV report questioning hidden homicides in Chicago.

The Chicago Police Department only turned over to WBBM-TV a handful of the 80 plus cases where the Medical Examiner’s records disputed the department’s conclusions. Perhaps a Federal Grand Jury should investigate the records that the department refused to turn over. Covering up murders if that's true are as bad as it could get. The potential implications here are beyond horrendous.

Mayor Daley has used the apparently fraudulent homicide records for political gain and to showcase Chicago’s gun ban as a successful crime-fighting tool. It’s no secret that the department has been killing crime though reporting chicanery for nearly as long as the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program has been in existence.

Watching Mike Chasen suggesting that the medical judgment of cops is superior to the forensic pathologists at the medical examiner has to be a joke.

I think its time to end this outrageous charade and come clean with proper crime reporting. There has to come a time when the FBI will no longer accept the statistics offered by the department that Chicago’s politicians want to have instead of the truth.

(A side note here: I think Mike Chassen’s sound bites would even get a big laugh out of Mike’s father, Milt Chasen who was a career Cook County Sheriff’s policemen. I could not keep count of how many times Milt would shamelessly brag about his son Mike throughout his entire career. Mike Chasen was truly blessed to have a class act like Milt as his father.)

Here is a link to the WBBM-TV story

Update 11/14/06 Here's a follow up story by WBBM-TV

Hiding Homicides In Chicago?

Crimefile News has learned that Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Pam Zekman of the CBS 2 Chicago’s investigative team at WBBM-TV is doing a story tonight at 10:00 pm based on a small sampling of cases ruled to be homicides by the Cook County Medical Examiner.

These same cases are kept on the books of the Chicago Police Department as “DEATH INVESTIGATIONS” instead of homicides reportable under the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports. This makes Chicago a much more safer city on paper than the truth would show.

I’m told this report will pull no punches and may expose an insidious practice of covering up murder cases. I suspect that after this report makes air it will become obvious that the City of Chicago has been spending money for campaign contributing city contractors instead of bringing the police department up to its needed number of officers.

It may well be time for some leaks of sensitive information in order to cure a serious problem that affects the safety of officers. I suspect follow up news stories will expose a much bigger problem.

Our New Speaker Of the House, Nancy Pelosi

In case you've not met the Iron Maden from San Francisco, you will in this video.

There’s No Such Thing As A Routine Traffic Stop

A Crisp County, Georgia sheriff's deputy, Steven Rankin, 25 was seriously wounded when he was shot in the face during a traffic stop. Rankin pulled career criminal Ben Westbrook, 32 over at 1:47 a.m. on February 4, 2006 for loud music and erratic driving.

Deputy Rankin lost about 70 percent of his upper right jawbone and several teeth in the shooting and he's already had several surgeries to repair the damage to his face. Deputy Rankin still has additional surgeries planned to repair the injuries. Today he’s on light duty.

According to court documents, Westbrook plead guilty to nine charges, including aggravated assault, aggravated battery, obstruction of an officer, removal of the firearm of a law officer, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, discharging a firearm near a public highway, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, attempting to elude officers and driving with a suspended license.

This is yet another fine example of how out nations 22,000 gun laws has absolutely no effect on anyone but the law abiding.

Watch the disturbing video taken by the dashboard camera on Rankin’s patrol car.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kevin Federline's Extortion Of Wife Britney Spears

That story is flying all over the place today. Allegedly the recently dumped Federline claims to have four hours of an explicit sex tape of him and the Little Pop Tart Princess getting it on. Supposedly Federline is threatening to make the tape available for public consumption if Spears doesn’t pay him what he wants.

I think such a tape if it exists could quickly bring $200 million in profits if placed on the celebrity porn film market.

Now a more serious problem for Federline are the felony crime laws against extortion and racketeering he may well have violated.

Federline is out on his tattooed ass with little hope of continuing to live the lifestyle he quickly became used to living. A pre-nuptial agreement prevents Federline from cashing into much of Britney Sprears’ estate. Should Federline somehow gain child custody he will get a handsome monthly child support payment to keep the kids in style.

Should Federline get jailed for extortion, child support will no longer be an issue.

I quickly grew to dislike Federline when he allowed that pathetic tape he shot of his soon to be ex who was under the influence to hit the Internet. That really ugly tape has been removed from YouTube’s web site after millions have viewed it. Spears was obviously in a private moment and that tape would never enhance her career. No husband should ever release such a tape even with the consent of his wife. Federline is a world-class jerk.

Concealed Weapon Bans And Necessity For Self Defense

I’ve talked about the necessity defense before as a way around laws that prohibit carrying weapons for reasonable self-defense. Necessity is a rarely used legal defense employed when people accused of crimes claim to have been forced to break a law for simple survival.

Examples of this would be a person who is in danger of starving, dehydration or threatened by weather conditions breaking into a building to get whatever is needed for survival.

The same principal would apply someone who is threatened by crime and poor or slow police response to calls for help where he must live or work.

Recently that was found to be the case in a Maryland prison where a judge allowed the defense where a convict armed himself with a prison made knife and killed another inmate. Self-defense is the law of the land even in prisons. The Circuit Court Judge, Pamela North instructed a jury that a person may arm himself "in reasonable anticipation of an attack." Yes, even a prison convict has a right to self-defense and the necessity defense.

The meaning of this is that Americans have the right to carry a gun or other weapon despite gun bans in places that don’t freely or reasonably allow for the issuance concealed weapons permits such as California, Illinois, Wisconsin and New York.

Of course there are many Americans that are pacifists and believe that running from attack is the only way people should be allowed to survive. Thankfully they are the minority and have not yet been able impose their will on all of us.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

They Are Accusing Me Of Becoming Liberal In My Old Age

Many of my copper pals are telling me I’m growing liberal in my old age. Some have said, but for my strong stand on gun rights they know I’m a closet Barbara Streisand fan. Of course I deny listening to the Bolshevik broad’s music. Okay, I lied a little; there is one song she did that’s beyond cool. It’s that duet with Barry Gibb from a while back. I found the video on YOUTUBE. Thank you Barbara and Barry, you rang my bell with this one.

Scottsdale’s Politicians Are Burning Money

How extravagant! It must be great that Scottsdale can burn taxpayer cash to make a political statement about guns. The self-proclaimed, West’s most Western town” is really just plain Left, not West. The west’s most Leftist town is planning the destruction of 700 recovered firearms from their evidence vault.

This town like so many others is under the control of gun-rights hating Liberals who think they’re somehow doing something to eradicate guns from the face of our earth by destroying them.

Trading the guns to licensed dealers in exchange for regulation departmental weapons has been rejected. Selling the guns at public auction under proper federal laws has been rejected. Letting public supported museums acquire desirable items for their own collections has been rejected.

The politicians from this town should be forced to pay the market value of the firearms to their taxpayers for allowing this wanton, willful waste.

No gun dealers or gun manufacturers have complaints about these wasteful programs since they fill the needs of the gun buying public with brand new firearms. These really dumb, do-good programs are good for their businesses!

Firearms don’t age nearly as fast as humans. 150 year-old firearms can easily work as well as they did the day they left the factory. New guns are cranked out even faster than Scottsdale can burn money.

Veteran’s Day Celebration

Have a safe Veteran’s Day…

Friday, November 10, 2006

Yet Another LAPD Taped Arrest Under Investigation

These two officers are under both FBI and a departmental investigation in connection with an arrest captured on a cell phone. I can’t tell you what led to the arrest or what kind of resistance they had to overcome before the short portion of this event you can see.

The suspect here is 24 year-old, William Cardenas, a known gang member who was being arrested in connection with possession of a stolen gun.

AP talked with the attorney that reps the arrestee and published this story.

An update! Chief William Bratton responds on the LAPD blog.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Frisking American Military Veterans Like Common Criminals

That may be happening again soon at the West Los Angeles VA hospital. Today I spoke with the Director of the Greater Los Angeles VA Healthcare System, Charles Dorman who told me that’s exactly what they intend to do.

Apparently Mr. Dorman feels that his workers are at risk because of a couple of scary incidents involving veteran patients. What Mr. Dorman forgot is things like crime happen in any free society. They also happen in secure prisons.

Mr. Dorman has not learned that even in America’s most secure prisons, weapons, even guns have been used to commit murders. Determined criminals or terrorists really can’t be stopped by frisking them or using metal detectors.

Then there is the sticky issue of the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution. The intended searches do not come about with required Probable Cause or Warrants. The argument of consent searching is not valid since avoiding health care is not an option. Must we trade our privacy, freedom and dignity for our very lives at the VA Medical Center?

The kinds of governmets that insist on these types of security checkpoints are the police states that we so often go to war against.

Wasn’t our Freedom and Liberty the very reasons millions of men like me were drafted into the Army during the Viet Nam War? Are veterans not worthy to enjoy Constitutional rights?

With this type of intrusion in our liberty and freedom that’s been happening over that last three decades, we as a country are becoming what we used to loathe. This kind of policy must have limits of civility and that has been exceeded when we abuse the very defenders of our way of life.

Let me also say that this healthcare facility is world class and the staff there deserves protection. Trading Liberty for security was never a good idea according to Benjamin Franklin. We can have both without the offensive, and incredibly un-American frisking of veterans.

Today Mr. Dorman gave a very moving and eloquent Veteran’s Day speech about his country’s citizen soldiers. Were his words simply lip service or did they mean anything at all? For me the jury won’t come in until the metal detectors are shipped out of the hospital.

I hope that Mr. Dorman can click on the video play button below, watch and hear an excerpt from his speech today. I hope his very own words influence any decision to begin treating the men and women who served our country like foreign terrorists.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

George Bush Has Seriously Damaged The Republican Party

One has to understand fully why the Republicans lost control both houses of Congress. George Bush was always a lousy choice to be the standard bearer for the party. Bush is a typical Texas Liberal who pretends to be a Republican because it’s the only way he can win an election against other Liberals.

The single largest blow Bush dealt to the Republican Party was that failed Guest Worker Amnesty plan for the millions of illegal aliens that have squatted on our soil.

Mexico has exported crime, drugs and their uneducated to America unchecked for decades. Despite sufficient laws on the books to deal with the problem the immigrants were either exploited as a political force for the Democrats and as low paid workers for far too many of our corporations.

That inexcusable refusal of the Bush administration to enforce existing immigration laws did the most damage to our own working poor. The hardest hit are our own Black and Brown people who lost jobs to the invaders. This issue was never about race or national origin but about the destruction of our economy, schools and health case system.

This inaction and Guest Worker proposal has caused way too many Conservatives to turn their backs on the Republicans that are viewed as the problem and not the solution.

In the next year or so the Republican Party must find another candidate for the Presidential Ticket. I see another pretend Conservative being groomed for the ballot. That’s the very Liberal John McCain. McCain who is gifted to talk like a Conservative while he votes most often with the most Liberal Democrats in the Senate.

Actor Daniel Baldwin In Another Mess

Yes, it’s another fine mess for this Baldwin brother. broke the story of how Danny Baldwin, 46 got popped by Santa Monica cops in a hot SUV. The cops also reportedly found dangerous drugs and paraphernalia in Baldwin's motel room. The tip off came from the ON STAR service that located the stolen GMC Yukon, SUV at the motel where Baldwin was staying.

Baldwin spent nearly 24 hours in the Los Angeles county jail on the drug charges before being turned over to Orange County authorities which is where the vehicle was reported stolen. As of 5:30 pm, Baldwin was still in the receiving area of the Orange County Jail.

This arrest is the second this year in Santa Monica for the troubled actor. In the earlier case the cops also reportedly found dangerous drugs and paraphernalia in Baldwin's motel room. This first cocaine possession arrest from last April is still pending disposition in court.

This Baldwin brother has an enviable list of credits on the Internet Movie Database, proving once again drugs or alcohol ruins lives. Of course I take the position that there’s usually a woman involved with the downfall.

Update 11/9: Baldwin was released from custody overnight.

A video Message for politicians

It was during the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe that justice caught up with deposed Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena. On Christmas Day in 1989 this couple was given a trial of sorts, sent kicking and screaming to the hereafter, put in caskets and buried within record time.

For the arrogant politicians that suspend or otherwise take freedom, liberty or property from their fellow citizens--they need to see this couple getting their just deserts. This should happen a little more often.

Sit back and watch justice happen…

Laughable Brain Dead Brit’s Insane Anti-Knife Campaign

They already took the guns from law-abiding citizens of the United Kingdom and the crime rate has soared well into the stratosphere ever since. Now that nation’s do-gooders are after knives.

Along with a big ad campaign they’ve created collection points where Brits can do their part by turning in those awful knives before the government simply takes them away.

The United Kingdom abolished any and all rights to self-defense long ago. The government ties down the law-abiding citizens while allowing the criminals to rape, rob and murder without interruption. Of course you can always dial 999 and wait for the police to put your remains into a rubber body bag.

This goofy land will be safe from any dollars I have to spend on vacations.

A website to help Brits along with the program.

Here Come The Bolsheviks!

Ignorant voters for in two countries have re-installed Bolsheviks to power. These Communists used successful political campaigns that sold the unworkable program of confiscation and redistribution wealth to members of the population that just didn’t know they were being fooled.

Bush can be blamed for putting us into a Vietnam War like quagmire in Iraq. Without making promises or even promoting a real exit plan, the Leftist American politicians are looked to by a significant portion of the population as a vehicle to end that war. A Congress led by a San Francisco Communist will only follow the road to even wilder taxation and waste of that money taken away from American households. They won't even bother to get us out of Iraq in the process.

As for Nicaragua, that poor Central American country has taken a giant step backward too by electing another Communist, Daniel Ortega.

The slow destruction of this our own once great country is back on track. The land of freedom and liberty will quickly fall under the fist of the Iron Maiden from the land of Saddam and Gomorrah.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Film Premiers in Westwood Village

In Westwood Village they have lots of film premiers. They’re covered by all manner of news media types. The production companies spend millions on advertising and will accept all they can get.

Two motion pictures, Babel and Harsh Times both had competing premiers in Westwood Sunday night. I had an invitation for Hasrh Times but had to crash Babel’s media gauntlet since it was too late to get media passes for that one.

Unfortunately because of bad timing I could not get good video of Brad Pitt or Cate Blanchett.

What happens is streets are shut down, lights and red carpeting are placed along with lots of posters hyping the films. The stars are always accessible during these things. Brad Pitt had to fly back from India so he could attend this one.

Here’s what I got…

Babel Official Site

Harsh Times Trailer

Comic Rapper Katt Williams Is Getting Laughs In The L A County Jail Tonight

Wait a minute this story sound really fishy to me. The heroes of the TSA prevented this comic star of rap from boarding the plane with several guns. Katt Williams allegedly had one gun in carryon luggage and three additional guns in his checked baggage.

When the LAX cops came and investigated they found the gun in his carryon bag to have been reported stolen. The beef is so bad Williams is being held with out bail under his real name Micah Williams. The arrest was made at 4:30 pm.

Can this guy really be that stupid? Okay I don’t think he’s a genius but is he really that dumb? Somehow I believe Williams must have been the victim of a malicious prank that’s just too easy to pull on an unsuspecting traveler these days. Was Williams set up by someone? I think it’s very possible.

I remember a case in Phoenix where a man tried to have someone help him place cocaine in the metal tubing around an infant carrier being transported on an airplane by his estranged wife. This was a conspiracy to win child custody in his nasty divorce. The plot never was hatched and the mastermind was arrested and sent to prison for unrelated crimes.

These zero tolerance policies on airplanes invite this kind of behavior. Of course if the target of this kind of prank is a convicted felon not much can be done to keep him out of prison.

Right now I just holding my nose on this one until more facts are in.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Winning Elections Through Fraud Chicago Style

Poll watchers, law enforcement and best intentions can never stop fraud in Chicago’s or other big city African-American precincts.

Here’s how it works:

Democratic Precinct Captains run the precinct polling places. They live in the precinct and know everyone. They register everyone to vote regardless of felony convictions, age or mental ability. Often the voter does not even know he or she’s registered. The rolls of voters also include people who never even existed!

To insure fair elections the law requires judges to be appointed in every precinct. In Chicago’s African-American precincts there are few Republicans to appoint. Democrats are recruited to switch parties and take these paid positions. The most ignorant, inebriated or slower people are asked to become judges in these precincts. The Democratic Precinct Captains control these appointments through their existing Democratic judges.

The voters really do vote early and often and as many as 25% of the actual votes cast are done by the Democratic Precinct Captain himslef. It’s a fine way to help the absent (as in jail), dead and non-existent voters partake in the democratic process. The turnout of voters is always really huge in these precincts because of corruption rather than public spiritedness.

Poll watchers are easy to derail especially when they are White folks. Their cars are damaged where they are parked. Gang members are recruited to cause thee poll watchers to believe they will be raped, robbed or murdered. The poll watcher quickly leave the area never to return.

At 6:00 pm the polls close and the vote counting begins. The Democratic Precinct Captain is prohibited by law to handle the election material. The problem is that the captain is usually the only one in the place that understands how the votes are counted and material filed. Of Course the Captain has is closest pal appointed as a judge to help here. Soon the captain is asked by all the exhausted judges to help with the counting.

Here’s where the fun begins. Punch cards are deliberately spoiled merely by punching out another chad should the voter have voted for a Republican. Since voting twice is unacceptable the ballot is spoiled this way. The paper ballots such as in judicial races are handled the same way. Placing a second “X” on the paper spoils that ballot.

All of this tomfoolery takes time and that’s why the election returns come in from the ghetto last.

There is supposed to be a policeman in the polling place but that’s been kind of a joke since he or she only acts on complaints from the election judges anyway and they never complain.

This is exactly how John F. Kennedy was elected as President.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mccain-Feingold Incumbent Protection Law Neutered By Bloggers

You don’t hear much about that outrageous Mccain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law violating free speech anymore. The law barred things like disclosing incumbent’s voting records within 60 days of an election. What’s with that bogus provision?

Thanks to the likes of millions of YouTube posters, and of course bloggers the Internet has castrated that trash legislation for good. Good and bad information about our politicians has been like a tidal wave. The incumbent protection built into that law has evaporated thanks to technology.

All Executions Should Be A Public Event

I’m not a fan of governments having the ability to execute people. The truth is that killing by governments has probably done more than enough in the area of necessary population control in the world. Governments have easily killed 100 million people in the last 100 years.

Saddam Hussein and two of his henchmen will soon climb some stairs to their gallows and make the big drop. Their necks will snap and they will die. These will be perhaps the most photographed and filmed executions in the world to date. Video of these killings will be all over the Internet.

What can we expect of our own American broadcast television outlets? They will be there, watch and record the entire event. Every news gathering employee will watch the entire hangings in video editing bays all over the world. They will edit news packages for public consumption where the act itself in excised out. The networks will make a pretended attempt to demonstrate they are dignified protectors of the public in an act of true insincerity.

The fact is we all need to see what governments are doing to our fellow human beings. As for television viewers they can decide for themselves if they’d rather watch an episode of American Idol or a live hanging on their TV sets. The power of our remote controls is really awesome.

I only wish I had exclusive control over the pay-per-view and DVD distribution rights to this historic event. The guy who pulled off that feat with his sex romp with Paris Hilton was able to by a $6 million dollar home with his proceeds. I can’t imagine what kind of palace I’d be able to buy from the revenue proceeds of these hangings. I’m sure I’d have even more paying viewers and could charge more if they did not use those hoods over the heads of the condemned.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hanging Saddam Hussein

They’ve put on a show in Iraq with a total circus they are calling a trial. They are surely going to hang that old tyrant in a symbolic gesture. Knowing the bloodthirsty Arabs in that part of the world it will be a nationwide primetime television event. After the hanging you can count on those folks doing what they do best, killing everyone they can.

You can complain about Hussein all you want but even with his executioners and their killing machines they haven’t come close to matching what’s been going on since he was removed from power.

That takes me to my position on Iraq and Iran. Why are we in Iraq watching our kids in uniform die? I understood the necessity to take action against a rogue nation. Then there’s Iran, another outlaw country that is under the control of another mad dictator. The populations of both countries hate America.

Rather than risk our troops this was a simple job for one or two nuclear missiles. No quagmire, no American caskets and a lot less expense to the American taxpayers.

We need to get out of that part of the world now! If they can’t behave over there then it’s time to reduce all those miserable, Muslim cutthroats into little toasted cinders.

AN UPDATE! Saddam Hussein along with his half-brother, Barzan al Tikriti, head of the feared Mukhabarat intelligence and Awad Hamed al Bander, former chief judge in the Revolutionary Court, has been sentenced to hang.

An appeal of the verdict and sentence won’t be going to our 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco any time soon. These guys will be dancing at the bottom of their ropes in short order.

Black Panther Terrorist May Finally Be Extradited

Time is apparently running out for a Black Panther terrorist and fugitive who shot Chicago police officer, Terrence Knox and partially paralyzed him for life. Parnell may yet be returned to face justice in a Cook County Criminal courtroom.

The fugitive, Joseph Parnell was also a wanted deserter from the Army when he shot Officer Knox during a routine street stop in 1969. After his arrest Pannell posted bail and fled to Canada where he stayed underground until his arrest in 2004.

Pannel has been in a Canadian jail fighting his return to Chicago and a well earned stretch in an Illinois penitentiary.

Many readers here know that I’m somewhat benevolent about people located and arrested decades after their crimes. What makes this case different is that the Black Panthers were created and dedicated for the mission of killing White cops.

I can’t wait to see his old Black Panther pal, now Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush working for Pannel’s freedom.

Read about it in the Chicago Sun Times

Friday, November 03, 2006

Why Cops should Stop Making Gun Violation Arrests

Okay that’s a really broad statement. Let me suggest what I really mean here. We have 22,000 gun laws that really only impact law-abiding folks that need and deserve protection.

For most criminals violating gun laws, the charges are generally just add-ons that are always plea-bargained away. Criminals lose little or nothing at all when they violate gun laws.

The typical law-abiding gun offender simply gives the protection of himself and family greater respect and status then the politicians who pass and promote un-Constitutional gun laws. Should a law-abiding person be convicted of a simple gun possession or carry violation it will have great impact on gainful employment and many business licenses.

Our Judges are charged with protecting our Second Amendment rights but they are always appointed by the very same Liberal, gun-banning politicians that favor create and maintain draconian firearms laws. The Judges feel they have to punish these gun law violators or their benefactor politicians will replace them.

I won’t suggest for a second that people with rap-sheets or those engaged in criminal activity other than simple gun possession or carrying not be quickly arrested and prosecuted.

The most amazing thing that many cops don’t realize is that laws that require the registration of firearms and firearms owners don’t apply to convicted felons! The United States Supreme Court has ruled at least twice that such requirements violate the rights of the felons against self-incrimination.

If you work in a jurisdiction where firearm carry permits are either difficult or impossible to obtain I ask that you take no action whatsoever. On the rare day you find a citizen with a concealed weapon and he or she is not involved in some criminal mischief has no criminal history simply let them go in peace with their guns.

The justification is simple Americans have the right to keep and bear arms and the courts have also ruled that rights can’t be taxed (Poll Tax cases). Every police officer in the United States takes an oath upholding the Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rapper Snoop Doggie Dog Is Getting A Bum Rap

To begin I’m no fan of rap or this character. The stereotype he projects has made me laugh at him rather then with him. It’s a great country when a guy like the Snoop Dog can make an honest living at whatever it is that he does.

The Orange County District Attorney has filed charges against the rapper who’s true name is Calvin Broadus. That led to the issuance of a felony warrant for possession of a deadly weapon. The violation carries a three-year prison term.

It was September 27th when a TSA worker found a 21” collapsible baton in Snoop’s laptop computer case. The TSA has the power to levy a monetary civil penalty up to $10,000.00, which I’m sure they have already done for having the baton in the TSA’s frisk and fondle checkpoint of the airport. People often forget that they’ve packed prohibited items in their carryon items. It’s no big deal.

Is this baton really a deadly weapon? Perhaps by the California penal code it may be, but in reality it’s far less deadly than a common pipe wrench. That baton is a mild defense weapon that could be employed by Snoop to ward off the likes of a stalker attack.

I say that Snoop Dog has a legitimate need to carry something for self-defense. Since Snoop is a convicted felon that can’t be a gun. The little baton is very reasonable under the circumstances. Had Snoop been my client I would have suggested he carry the wrench, which would have been far more effective and not led to his troubles today. Felon or not Snoop or anyone else has a right to defend himself or herself in America.

This prosecution of Snoop Doggie Dog is pure baloney and should be stopped now.

The Dog has other pending criminal troubles that include an afternoon arrest last week at the Burbank, Bob Hope Airport. It seems that during a traffic stop, Burbank police found the Dog in possession of narcotic drugs and a handgun. By early evening the Dog was on his way after posting thirty-five grand for bail.

It certainly appears as if this dog will be spending some time in the spookhouse unless he finds his way to a country that won’t extradite him.

Update November 5, 2006: Snoop Dog came in for booking at the Orange County Sheriff's office and quickly posted bail and was released. He's going to take his chances at the roulette wheel of criminal justice.

Gun and weapons laws were created after Post-Civil War reconstruction to keep Blacks from owning or carrying weapons. Perhaps someday the courts will see the folly of un-Constitutional arms prohibitions.