Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anarchy and a Holocaust is in our near Future.

Washington, DC—What is past is prologue. It won’t be any different this time around but government has more effective weapons to use on its own population.

Both Bush and Obama gave the crooks running Wall Street, banks and some Michigan automakers bailouts.

They handed out loads golden parachutes to politically connected criminals that have gotten invested in off-shore bank accounts, gold, diamonds and better vacation properties.

American taxpayers on the other hand hemorrhage their jobs, homes, retirement and insurance policies because of extortionate taxation that has destroyed their businesses.

We have only one way to revive our economy. We must quickly force government to roll back its growth to 1980 levels. Then, government should be slowly reduced to 1960 levels.

Our national defense and foreign aid budget should be reallocated to deporting illegal aliens that have bankrupted our schools and medical providers.

We could suspend all employer taxes for those businesses that don’t lay off workers along with payroll deductions of working Americans. We will never see this simple option happen.

That action will return confidence to our industries and allow people to keep their homes. Slowly government can begin withholdings again not to exceed 60% of what was being paid. Government then needs get out of our lives.

If we can do that America would quickly return to being the greatest economy on earth.

We won’t ever see that happen and instead will witness anarchy as we evolve into a corrupt nation that would make Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin envious.

Today’s Americans have been turned into low brow sheep like, peasants that will stand in line for handouts like prison inmates in a chow line.

I just don’t have confidence that Americans will take a stand against a despot Whitehouse and Congress. The same is true with our state and local governments. We have allowed every politician to turn our tax treasury into their own personal ATMs. Get ready for the greatest holocaust this planet has ever seen. As always governments are the most prolific serial murderers ever.

Yes folks, it is us against a rogue and dangerous government gone bad. It is either us or them.

In the end it’s all about our money and property they want.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homeland Security’s Plans for Americans, the Best is yet to Come.

Washington, DC—Before Janet Napolitano left Arizona as Governor she entered into a massive corrupt contract with a company called Redflex for robot speed cameras on the highways.

Redflex had great lobbyists that knew how to grease the political wheels to fleece Arizona’s drivers out of millions of dollars. Thankfully, Napolitano is gone and now so are her cameras. Left behind are the sordid campaign contributions and junkets at five-star hotels for Arizona’s politicians.

For the robot camera system to work, longstanding rules barring hearsay evidence were sidestepped to allow this so-called evidence to be used in courtrooms. This was and is a violation of the Fifth and Sixth Amendments of our Constitution.

Politicians thrive on the power of money under their control. Few politicians avoid special perks and corruption when it comes to government contracts.

Politicians and their bureaucrats love making government grow because of simple corruption too. They can abuse the patronage system to hire their friends and relatives for jobs that taxpayers never wanted or needed.

Barack Obama, his Congressional henchmen and Napolitano have their sights set on increasing the reach of their police state.

Under Homeland Security’s fear-mongering propaganda campaign they-re trying to convince Americans that we need to expand search checkpoints beyond airports, train stations, bus stations and publicly owned buildings.

Napolitano and her gang now want to search patrons of what they’re calling soft targets. They are the privately owned (at least for now)major hotels, shopping malls, concert venues and sporting events. This is tyranny in its purest form.

Democrats love any and all, make work jobs program they can invent. Just think of the massive contracts for thousands more of those pricey backscatter X-Ray pornoscanner machines they can buy.

Americans so-far have willingly lined up like sheep at the airports to be groped, x-rayed and insulted. They certainly want to be safe when they shop of go to a hotel or shopping mall. Homeland Security is now ready to extend their police state like a noose around our necks.

Will Congress resist the massive corruption of additional patronage power, cash bribes and extravagant perks to resist this security scam? No, there’s not a chance. Get ready to get in many more search lines.

So far the courts have refused to affirm our rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Of course, these same courts have thrown up their own searching gauntlet to people doing business with our courts. In doing do they now have a cowardly conflict of interest. If the other checkpoints are unconstitutional so are their own.

As for ma I have one thing to say, “Give me liberty or give me death.” I don’t want to live in a Country with more checkpoints than Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. I hope my fellow Americans would rise with me to use whatever force and violence necessary to preserve our Bill of Rights. It is long past the time when we must arrest, try, convict and hang our politicians for treason.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Obama’s Liberty Hating Agenda Is Out-of-Control

Washington, DC—Anyone who ever thought that Barack Obama was going to improve freedom and liberty in America was horribly mistaken.

Many Liberals think that those Ultra-Left-Wingers are somehow the guardians of our Civil Liberties and they are and were gravely mistaken.

The Patriot Act was the product of the Liberal George Bush Administration, not Conservatives. Real Conservatives loathed Bush for his Mideast war adventures, his creation of Homeland Security and of course the Patriot Act.

Many people voted for Obama thinking he'd undo some of the Bush damage to freedom, liberty and of course the national debt. I also have to say that that pretend Republican John McCain was a pathetic offering by the GOP for a Presidential candidate. Americans would lose the 2008 election no matter who won.

As for any hope of undoing any damage to America brought on by Bush, Obama has made things substantially worse. Obama kept nearly every rotten Bush policy in place and he has broadened and enhanced the Patriot Act, kept us at war as he ordered the TSA to aggravate and molest American travelers.

Any hope of Barack Obama being a friend to Civil Rights is non-existent, that is unless you you’re one of those people that feel Civil Rights are only for certain minorities.

A real Liberal would have sought to end the federal death penalty. Socialist and Communists need the death penalty to maintain absolute control. This should have been giant red flag that shows Obama’s true and nefarious agenda for America.

Obama is still working on controls for the Internet, thought, and speech as he expands his police state in every direction.

Obama’s record on Freedom and Liberty is appalling and un-American. Obama is a mortal enemy of freedom and the American people including those who voted for him.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mexico’s Gun Violence Is Not Our Problem

Mexico, City, Mexico—Mexico is run by a corrupt and pathetic group of criminals. Government whores thrive financially with the drug trade and the obscene profits as they conspire with the criminals.

Caught up are some police and drug rivals into a violent world of mass murder. The guns involved are often of German and American manufacture. They are supplied to the gangsters, not by American gun dealers but Mexican government officials. The guns are either sold or stolen in raids on government installations. Most of the weapons are fully automatic rather than the semi-automatic variety available at American gun dealers.

The Mexican government is whining about the guns that fall in the hand of “unapproved” drug cartels. They claim that is the result of American gun freedom.

If Mexico does not like American freedom they are free to erect along their border. Of course the gun rights haters living in the United States want to use Mexico’s mess as a reason to take freedom from Americans.

Mexico needs another revolution more than ever.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trial By Smear, Biography Channel Convicts Drew Peterson

Joliet, IL—Behind bars is an American citizen whose been there for nearly one and one-half years. He is innocent having never been convicted of so much as littering in his life. With paper thin evidence, bail for this man has been set at $20 million.

Honorably retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson stands accused having been indicted for murder on mere hearsay evidence. This is the very kind of evidence that the Fifth and Sixth Amendment to our sacred Bill of Rights has precluded from trials for 234 years. Illinois politicians have created a new law to lower the bar of justice to mirror The People’s Court of Germany in 1943.

Peterson has by all accounts been a great father to his children and at the same time a lousy husband throughout four marriages. Being a lousy husband does not make a killer.

One estranged wife died apparently in the safety her, locked home in her own bathtub. That death was investigated and determined to be an accident by the coroner and police. Three years later the case was reopened and somehow re-determined to be a murder.

Peterson’s fourth wife disappeared in 2007 after telling a friend that she planned to do just that because she was unhappy with Drew Peterson. She has not been found and police can only speculate on her whereabouts.

The case has become a True Crime aficionado’s wet dream. It has been taken up by bloggers, and all manner of media as the story went international.

The Biography Channel took up the story last night. Don’t confuse this show as news programming because there was no effort to do more than smear Drew Peterson.

The story tellers for this television smear were primarily a blogger and local print reporter with an ex-wife and another old girlfriend of Peterson.They have done little more that to collect and or disseminate unreliable gossip about this case. Their sources are the near do well relatives of the dead and missing wives that have left no stones unturned in their zeal to profit from this tragic situation.

The smear show was a non-stop effort to deprive Peterson of an objective jury pool. They made no attempt to contact bloggers or writers that would criticize the gossip that has been disguised as evidence.

We as Americans have filled cemeteries all over the world with our fallen patriots sent into battle so we could enjoy the Bill of Rights.

This Biography Channel hit piece is a symptom of the shift this country has taken to shed itself of freedom and liberty. We are being taken into a police state of the worst kind. We can either fight to keep our freedom or we may well find ourselves fighting for our own lives from some jail cell on the strength of gossip.

If you will tolerate this kind of treatment of Drew Peterson don’t whine when it’s you or someone you love get’s put in the sights of a politically ambitious prosecutor like Will County’s James Glasgow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Second and Greater American Depression is Upon Us

We all know too many out of work folks now for sure. Especially hard hit are those at or approaching middle age. These are the very same people that just in the last few years had promising jobs and put their savings into beautiful homes that they have lost or are losing.

Americans can’t afford to keep their children in college or spend money their neighborhood businesses need to keep their doors open. Resumes are everywhere but jobs have dried up.

Lots of foolish People with jobs are still spending with the blind faith that somehow things will be better soon. They can’t or won’t face the inevitable reality of the financial collapse of the free world.

Law firms everywhere are seeing their clients retainers evaporate and but for debtor’s lawyers the legal industry is getting to the breaking point. Criminal law is slowing down because financial resources are drying up and cases are quietly not being prosecuted.

People are getting desperate as their worlds and businesses are crashing under the strain. It is just a matter of time before the shanty towns and soup kitchens are everywhere.

This depression has been carefully engineered from the beginning to destroy the free market and economy of America and any country that allows free enterprise.

I subscribe to the fact that what’s past is prologue. When nations are under these dire straits we have holocausts perpetrated by government. Soon it will all be about seizing private property as the spoils and eliminating consumers that compete for food, medical care, shelter and fuel. The target will be the middle class.

The days of wealth distribution are here and it will be a lot of things but equitable won’t be one of them. Might, will make right. This depression will be more violent and prolonged than we can imagine.

People will die from starvation and a lack of common medications needed to treat diabetes, high blood pressure and routine infections. I fear that soon we will smell the stench of the bodies of our neighbors and loved ones burning in landfills. Only the strong will survive.

One day things will calm down and cities will be rebuilt as the winners of this conflict will write the history books. What form of government survives, remains to be seen.

Okay, I want someone, anyone to tell me why I’m wrong and everything will be just fine. I base my sad prediction on the reality of the past. I want to be so wrong about this.

Cooking The Books On Crime Statistics

Phoenix, AZ—After leaving Chicago to open my detective agency in Phoenix I learned that over-reporting crime was all the rage in this city. This sent me into a police culture shock.

I had spent my prior years learning that as a policeman my job was to kill crime with my pencil rather than a gun. The City of Chicago wanted to create an illusion of low crime and at the same time show our uncanny ability to solve the more serious crimes at a much higher rate than the national average.

Crime reporting nationwide by police is done through the Uniform Crime Reports made to the FBI. There are the more serious Part One Crimes and then there are the lesser Part Two crimes.

The whole thing becomes complicated with those abused, wasted and mismanaged federal funds created and maintained during 50 years of political progressives controlling Congress.

The most common examples for Chicago cops are as follows.

1. You respond to a call of a burglary and find no suspects or viable leads to solve the crime. The door or window has been broken and property stolen. The only acceptable report you can now submit if for Criminal Damage to Property and Theft. These ate Part Two Offenses.

2. You respond to the same crime and catch a burglar with the loot and arrest him. Now you write the crime as a Part One offense and you call it cleared by arrest.

3. The burglary detectives “investigate” the burglar you caught and they pin (at least on paper) every possible similar neighborhood crime on him with dubious evidence that will never stand up in court. This is not about obtaining false convictions but showing that multiple crimes are now solved and cleared by arrest.

4. You find a strangled or beaten to death prostitute in a dumpster. You assume that’s the case since she has needle tracks on both arms and because of the neighborhood where she’s found. You have no suspect to arrest in this case or witnesses that can tell you what happened. This is not going to be a Part One Murder offense but merely an investigation into a death of unknown causes. It will never get reclassified to a Murder unless there is a suspect arrested for the crime.

The most common examples for Phoenix cops are as follows:

1. Whenever possible theft by shoplifting with or without an arrest is upgraded from a Part Two offense to either Burglary or Robbery boosting this to a Part One crime.

2. Every offense involving a Part One Robbery, Sexual Assault or Murder is written up as a Part One Kidnapping in addition.

3. A thief reaches into a convertible car and steals a GPS device and that’s considered a Part One Burglary crime again with or without a suspect.

4. At a domestic disturbance call the woman of the house claims that her husband threatened her and took $20.00 on a dresser as he left the house while putting a hunting knife in his belt. I remember only too well a Phoenix cop, Reginald Mark Nash, Sr. calling that an Armed Robbery in his report. The cash of course was community property of that marriage.

Crazy you say? Perhaps but that’s the way it is. The cops that don’t play along with this charade are destined for new careers elsewhere.

Chicago kills crime for Public relations purposes. They want citizens to have a false sense of security that crime is low and the police are effective.

Phoenix on the opposite end of this attracts visitors and new residents with sunshine. Since World War Two, Phoenix has grown faster than anyone could imagine, so killing crime is apparently not necessary. In addition crime prone communities can get millions in special federal funds corrupt politicians can steal or otherwise mismanage.

Now the City of Phoenix along with its Mayor and police chief are under federal investigation for artificially boosting their kidnapping statistics. The only real crime here is robbing the taxpayers.

The whole system of Uniform Crime reporting nationwide has degenerated into an unreliable and expensive mess. Your city’s crime rate is whatever your local politicians and bureaucrats want it to be.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas from your TSA

In keeping with tradition of Americans to travel for the Christmas holidays. Here is the latest offering in Christmas music! The TSA has a very special Christmas "gift" for you!

Enjoy the newest Christmas song!

If Barack Obama had any Decency He’d Pardon Army Physician, Terrence Lakin

Washington, DC—After nearly 2 ½ years of legitimate questions there is mounting evidence that shows Barack Obama was born not in America but, Kenya, Africa.

Obamas lawyers have earned some $1.5 million dollars successfully protecting his birth, passport, school loan and IL State Bar records from exposure. The only answer for that is obvious and that is Obama was born in a Kenya maternity hospital as his very own paternal grandmother publically proclaimed.

United States Army, Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin
refused to deploy to his duty assignment in reasonable belief that Obama is unlawfully holding office. If Laken was correct in his assertion any order from Obama would be null and void. We will not learn anything from this prosecution since the judge refused to order the records open or to even put Obama under oath. Lakin was convicted on one charge and pled guilty on another related to this issue.

Now this physician/soldier who previously had a stellar service record faces three and a half years in federal prison.

It’s Christmas which may not mean much to Obama but he should do the right thing and show some class. I somehow know what to expect from Obama and it won’t be mercy.

Watch this video I put up that shows the documentation of his birth and how NBC anchor, Brian Williams refused to follow up in this area during an interview with the anointed one.

Today It’s Greece

Europe--In as many days The United Kingdom, Italy and today Greece has exploded in mob violence. This dramatic video shows a deadly effort to kill the local cops. When will this unrest come here? It’s a just matter of time.

Where’s The Rest of That School Board Shooting Story?

Panama City, Fl—When Clay Duke, 56 took the floor at the local school board meeting Tuesday he did so with spray paint and a gun. What followed can be seen below in a somewhat graphic video.

Duke’s wife was fired from her job by the board. It’s obvious that Duke did not see justification for the firing and there can be no doubt that the tough economy would have a substantial impact on the Dukes. Hiring lawyers to undo wrongs by boards and commissions is financially crippling to most Americans.

When boards and commissions fire people they are often reckless with the due process rights of the employees. The basis of firings are far too often, rooted in sexual, racial, or pure personality conflicts between employees and superiors. He who has the political clout win these battles far more often than when simple justice prevails. Those with the financial ability to fight arbitrary board actions very often win in the courts winning reinstatement and back pay.

Duke served five years on an aggravated stalking conviction after he armed himself and shot out the tires on his then estranged wife's car. He was obviously a man with serious mental health issues. He was released from prison in 1994 and prohibited by punitive local and federal laws to possess firearms.

It’s a monument to our civilization that more members of boards are not targeted for revenge by the people whose lives they affect considering their track record for being wrong.

Telling the story of the madman shooting up the school board is less than half the story. I think the media needs to learn just what’s going on in the schools served by this board. I certainly want to know the whole story behind the action the board took that prompted such a drastic response.

It is very obvious that Duke knew how to handle his pistol and deliberately missed the board members when he fired in their direction. That fact that Duke did not shoot Ginger Littleton who violently struck him with her purse shows a mindset that the gunman did not want to kill or even injure anyone.

School Board Superintendent, Bill Husfelt is grandstanding today as Adolph Hitler did after the July 20, 1944 bombing attempt on his life at Wolf’s Lair in Prussia. They both proclaimed providence saved them. For Husfelt it was only the mercy of the gunman and nothing more that allowed him to return to his family.

If there is a hero in this story it’s the former cop that was the school district security officer, Mike Jones who followed his training and made sure that Duke could not fire more shots. Today we learned that the bullet that fatally injured Duke came from his own weapon.

Perhaps all the people that serve on boards and commissions need to remember they can suffer deadly retaliation should they become arbitrary, capricious or otherwise become insensitive to the rights of the people they victimize. Not everyone turns to the courts for justice.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Week London, This Week it’s Rome!

Rome, Italy—Europe is taking on the same look as it had prior to World War Two. Past is prologue. Can civil unrest in America be far behind in light of the Obama Administration corruption?

At least 50 police and 40 protesters have been injured as hundreds of students clashed with police near the residence of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy's capital on Tuesday. The riots came as parliament decided on the prime minister's future. Berlusconi secured a comfortable victory in the no-confidence vote at the senate, but survived a similar motion in the lower house by just three votes. Demonstrators marched through Rome's historic center, throwing firecrackers that boomed as lawmakers cast their votes. Similar protests took place in other parts of the country.

Monday, December 13, 2010

YouTube Vows to Remove Videos Deemed Extreme

I guess it was going to happen since Internet free speech is just too free. People are using YouTube to suggest violence as a way to deal with government tyranny. YouTube will resolve complaints by viewers of political content that suggest those routine and historical ways to preserve freedom. YouTube has said they will begin disabling accounts. This is a simple and pure effort to tightly control Americans, and YouTube and its Google parent are taking sides against thought and speech.

Free speech is considered by too many in this world as too powerful a tool for Americans to possess. Every criminal political regime in history has found it necessary to control thought and speech. YouTube should butt out and simply let the law and our courts decide what’s over the top rather than become a part of a repressive political force. Perhaps this is a move by Google to gain favor with impending regulation via the so-called and misnamed, Net Neutrality Internet control effort by the Socialists in our government.

Had our own founding fathers been able to use the Internet, YouTube would have shut them down for doing things like organizing the Boston Tea Party. Yes, the Boston Tea Party was a violent event where Americans forcibly and ferociously entered the Kings ships and destroyed his property. Today, YouTube would side with King George.

Tyranny by government is always an honorable reason and catalyst for revolution. Governments have proven themselves to be prolific mass murderers redundantly throughout history. Any government that restricts freedom, including our own should be stopped in its tracks by whatever means is necessary including deadly violence. Failure to take action only invites more repression.

What’s past is prologue
and history books are filled with horror stories like The Third Reich. Adolph Hitler started out with a role model benevolent political image, but things quickly changed when they gave him absolute power. Hitler did his nastiest deeds in secret and quickly executed anyone trying to expose them. Any government on earth is a heartbeat away from becoming a danger to their own population.

When government becomes more powerful than the citizens is when things become dangerous. Speech, movement, arms possession and other controls slowly ratchet up under every rogue government. Anyone suggesting freedom restriction must be viewed as nothing less than an enemy of America and its founding principles. Violence is a just and reasonable alternative when the politicians turn a deaf ear to the demands for freedom by their subjects.

Over the last two years we saw a rogue administration defy the wishes of the majority of the population. Despite major demonstration and nationwide polling results the Obama Administration turned a deaf ear to America. Americans strongly objected to Socialist style bailouts, nationalization of businesses and the takeover of the health care and insurance industries. The Socialists and Communists in our government turned against the people.

Thankfully we had an election that jettisoned many enemies of the American form of government and way of life from our Capital building. There are still too many Communists and Socialists in our government and of course the Whitehouse.

Free speech is a way for all Americans to have a say in just government impacts them and their families. Long live FREE SPEECH and those with the courage to exercise it.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What’s Wrong With The TSA, Paul, They’re Protecting Us?

I got a simple rebuke of sorts on Facebook from a journalist friend I knew since she was a TV news intern. She defends the TSA as necessary and says traveling is a privilege, not a right. I have an answer for her that follows:

First of all let me say that millions of brave Americans died and were maimed in war so we could have a Bill of Rights that is the basis for our freedom. Nobody including our Presidents, Congress or popular opinion trumps our Constitution short of using the Amendment process.

Americans cannot be forced to waive their rights to in order to travel, breathe or raise their children.

The TSA cannot stop explosives or terror with the means they have employed anyway. The TSA has still never stopped a single terrorist event despite billions of our tax dollars and thousands employed by that Socialist inspired TSA Jobs Program. Any terrorist incidents to date that have been interrupted were only stopped by alert and courageous passengers.

The TSA program is all only a not so cheap, theater illusion that can’t deter suicide bombers but instead is used to deceive Americans that must fly and their loved ones. These searches are easily defeated since explosive compounds are simple to disguise and manufacture into any everyday item. The X-Ray machines and sniffer gizmos are nothing more than expensive theatrical props.

I have many years experience as a soldier, cop and private investigator and take the safety of those I love that must travel at heart.

We must ask ourselves, by whose authority did they suspended the Fourth Amendment? Ask the cowards in our courts including the United States Supreme Court why they insist on violating the laws of search and seizure of those Americans entering their courts?

Ask yourself, why our politicians allow people on our planes that travel on passports from countries hostile to America?

The only effective way of preventing terror in our skies is though behavior profiling of passengers by trained law enforcement officers. We also need to train and arm every pilot and let all off duty, certified law enforcement officers to fly with their weapons.

We got along fine for nearly 200 years or the mid 1970's without searching each other like criminals in this country. Nothing has changed except this is no longer the land of the free or the home of the brave.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Phoenix Murder Rate in Free Fall After Gun Control Laws Abolished!

Phoenix, AZ—Arizona this past summer lifted virtually all restrictions on the possession and carrying of firearms by all but convicted felons, wife beaters and mental defectives.

Today, Arizonans can pack as many loaded weapons on their persons or in their vehicles as they can carry. There is no registration of either the guns or the owners. There are no waiting periods or other obstructions to buying firearms. There remains the federal instant background check and other requirements involving transfers and sales of firearms.

The state’s largest newspaper, The Arizona Republic has announced a substantial reduction in homicides for Phoenix and it surrounding communities. That’s despite a large increase in illegal alien drug violence and human trafficking related behavior.

Somewhere since statehood (1910) Arizona’s gun hating politicians outlawed concealed weapons for all but active peace officers. Citizens could make an end run around the ban simply by joining their local Sheriff’s Posse. That practice ended when peace officer standards and training certification requirements became law. The posse members lost their right to conceal a firearm.

I remember having a conversation with my late, Republican Arizona State Senator, Jackie Steiner in the early 1980s about lifting the ban on concealed weapons through a somewhat restrictive permit system. Steiner was horrified! She said to me, “Don’t you know what would happen if we did that?” She than told me, “Why’d there be shootouts at every traffic accident!” Steiner was also obviously ignorant in that existing law allowed for loaded guns to be kept in unlocked automobile glove compartments.

Steiner was a well-meaning lady but she did not have a clue. She like the majority in the Arizona Legislature came from the larger metropolitan Eastern cities where draconian gun regulation and bans were in vogue. Steiner had hopelessly bought into the big lie.

I spent the next 14 years along with another Arizona gun rights lobbyist, Landis Aden pushing various bill at the State Capital to legalize or at least create a shall issue permit system. It was a difficult and protracted fight that finally ended in a victory. A true hero of this fight was the late Prescott Republican Representative, Dave Carson. Carson took an incredible amount of abuse even from his own party over the continued support of gun rights during his legislative career.

Is the drop in murders related to the abolishment of restrictive gun laws? Have Arizona’s cowardly criminals reacted to the real risk that their potential victims can and do carry weapons for self-defense?

The nation’s gun control advocates have lost all of their credibility after all but a few states have clung to their failed crime-enabling policies to keep victims unarmed.

Now it’s the politicians, police, prosecutors and the courts of Illinois, California, New York and New Jersey have to deal with the Supreme Court’s decisions in Heller and McDonald. For it is now the officials in these jurisdictions that are breaking the law of the land, not their citizen’s who dare carry weapons for self-defense.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Are the Wikileaks Revelations The Crisis Obama Was Looking For?

Washington, DC—The Obama Administration and their Czars have control of the banks, industry, health care, fuel and our food supply. They have neutralized our military by prolonging their presence two unnecessary wars.

The Perfect Storm needed by the Obama Administration to suspend the Constitution may have arrived.

I have written previously that the time of such a move would take place in the short time between the election and the time the deposed politicians are evicted from the Capital. The Congressional investigations brought on by the new Conservative majority would quickly result in Obama being impeached or otherwise removed. That hour is approaching and the rejected Socialists are now desperate.

Controlling the information is the last frontier for any revolution. The First Amendment with the rest of our Constitution is ripe and ready to be suspended and Wikileaks is the excuse they’re looking for.

The signal for the start of America’s second Civil War will be the shutting down or severe restrictions on the Internet. If the Internet is interrupted it’s a sure sign that the Obama Administration is at war with America and the Constitution.

Recognizing the enemy will not be so easy. Raids by military, paramilitary or federal teams on your neighbors will come next. They will suggest they are defending Americans from terrorists and criminals.

There are many more able bodied patriots and military veterans then any force the Obama Administration can assemble. The side with the most determination and resolve will win but the loss of life may be heavy.

I hope America is ready with survival supplies and the courage to fight for freedom. I know there is enough guns and ammunition in the right hands in conservative states. New York, New Jersey and Northeastern Illinois may not survive the absolute anarchy that may take place.

The administration can be counted upon to enable the anarchy by starving out those people living in densely populated cities lacking any form of self-reliance. They will of course blame White racists for the trouble in order to incite the ghettos into violence. The guaranteed violence is the perfect excuse to seize our freedom.

If you wake up and find the Internet is under government lockdown it will be time to lock and load your weapons. Make sure you have plenty of water. Anyone sent to the homes or businesses of Americans to exercise powers under Martial Law must be destroyed at once.

Anarchy Rules in the UK Today!

London, England--The UK has spent itself into Socialist Bankruptcy. They have no money and now it’s time to shut off the handouts to the now heavy Muslim population. It won’t be pretty as the damage puts taxpayers against the wall for even more deprivation.

Today is only the beginning of what may sweep the formerly free world. The next step is the suspension of all civil rights and Civil War.

Enjoy the video:

How Firearm Balisics fit into the Ronni Chasen Murder

Beverly Hills, CA--Here is some theory, science and investigative issues police must deal with is this killing of Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen.

Someone could have searched for and recovered the empty brass ejected by a semi-automatic pistol but at night that seems unlikely. The reality is that the cops simply never determined the shooting location so they did not know where to look for the brass.

Ballistic firearm identification science can be easy or impossible. In the case of revolvers there are only the expended projectiles. Soft lead that had been sent into flesh, bones and heavy clothing are often damaged beyond recognition. This is especially true for smaller caliber high velocity ammunition.

Slower moving larger bullets suffer less damage and are more easily identified.

Most of the modern center-fired ammunition have copper jackets covering the softer lead. This material is more likely to have identifiable rifling marks for the examiner’s microscope.

With semi-automatic firearms, examiners get a second bite at the apple, so to speak. They have the projectiles to compare but also the ejected shell casings that also have their own characteristics.

Some criminals will recover all the empty casings before the leave the scene or they can employ something called a brass catcher that makes searching for the empty brass unnecessary.

Result possibilities are that the items submitted for identification are:

1. Inconsistent and excluded as having been fired from the weapon
2. Consistent with being fired from the weapon
3. Consistent with and having been fired by the same weapon.

It is much easier to rule projectiles and shell casings out than make a match that is consistent to a scientific certainty as having been fired by the same gun.

Because of the delay and confusion in the Chasen case I suspect that there were only enough similarities in the comparisons for police to draw conclusions, but would not be surprised to know that the certainty is significantly less to 100%. Remember they don’t have to prove to a jury in any courtroom that this was in fact the same gun.

I don’t know the make or model of the gun nor the caliber and type of ammunition used in the Chasen murder or the Smith suicide.

Had police found the actual scene of the Chasen shooting it’s most likely they’d have recovered some or all of the expended brass. There is an additional possibility and that is the gun was fired from a vehicle and the brass stayed inside that murder car. If the killer put his gun and arm out the window there would have been brass hitting the asphalt.

I can’t really imagine anyone that just fired those deadly shots scrambling around in the dark trying to recover the empty brass.

Here are pictures of two S&W 940 9MM revolvers.

Those little revolvers use full moon clips to hold the five rounds so these rimless cartridges don’t fall through the cylinder.

I don’t think that this or the even more rare Ruger 9 MM revolver were used in this crime. These guns do not eject brass like semi-automatic pistols.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ronni Chasen Murder Solved, Again!

Beverly Hills, CA—In fairness to the Beverly Hills police they don’t have lots of homicides they can use to hone their skills. They must rely on help they ask for from other agencies.

First the BHPD thought that ex-con, Harold Smith’s gun was not involved in the Chasen killing. Today, they’ve changed their story saying that it was the same gun.

It seems on its face that Smith was not a hit man but a habitual criminal that among other crimes served time for robbing two Beverly Hills women in the past. Police now think that Smith shot Chasen from his bicycle in a botched robbery. That is their best guess right now until they finish their investigation.

I have problems with that theory in that it looks like Smith shot Chasen through her closed passenger door window rather than threaten or rob her. I’m not buying the robbery angle.

Smith strikes me as an irrational, dysfunctional and violent criminal. He’d be a really poor choice as a hired hit man. Smith may have had an accomplice and ruling out that angle at this point is as premature as establishing the motive with no more than a guess.

The investigation will continue. Murder investigations are about circumstantial, physical, and eye-witness evidence along with confessions and the ruling out of Reasonable Doubt.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Where is Murder Victim, Ronni Chasen’s Latest Will?

Beverly Hill, CA—When Hollywood publicist, Ronni Chasen was gunned down in her car last month police had a mystery on their hands. The sad truth is that these days with all our technology and tools there is not more that a 35% chance that this or any other murder will be solved.

To get to the bottom of this investigation we have to speculate whether this was, or was not a random crime.

There is at least one woman e-mailing and making comments on my site suggesting that there was a similar random gun assault where she was the victim. There is no such reported attack and I refuse to buy into this diversion.

Crimes like the Chasen murder are almost never random. There is a motive that led to this killing. Greed, jealousy, revenge, hatred are common in every murder since Cain killed Able.

This is no carjacking since Chasen was safely locked in her car. No carjacker wants to take a car with a shot out passenger window and a dead or gravely wounded driver strapped in a seatbelt behind the wheel. Carjackings always happen at the driver’s door that is usually already open.

The suggestion of road rage is also baloney since those events usually happen in areas where traffic is heavy and drivers are frustrated. Gang warfare is also attributed as road rage events when in fact those were premeditated attacks.

Frankly even very disturbed people drive on our streets and never use their car or any other weapon to kill and maim people except in very rare circumstances.

So far only a 1994 Will has surfaced and the suggestion of a more recent will is very unlikely. Unlikely, simply because people of means use probate lawyers to draft such instruments and they have their staff sign as witnesses. Somebody with knowledge of such a document would have stepped forward. The cops would have been making contacts with every lawyer Chasen ever used looking for any information that would indicate a conflicts, insurance policies or wills from day one.

If they have not found an updated will or witness to one actually being made by now, there is no new will.

I am back to looking at all of Chasen’s relationships with enemies, friends, acquaintances and relatives. Perhaps the killer is a boyfriend of somebody who wanted Chasen dead.

Somewhere inside the circle of those close to Chasen is the answer. This was not a random crime.

I also think by now the Beverly Hills police homicide detectives have zeroed in on a potential suspect and are gathering the evidence they need to make their case.

I remain convinced this murder will be solved.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Homeland Security Recruiting Neighborhood Busybodies as Informants

Washington, DC—There were the infamous Gestapo, Stazi and Red Guard. They all sought and maintained civilian armies of snitches to help their rogue governments maintain absolute power. These government thugs wanted any information they could use against the victims they selectively targeted.

Today we have the Department of Homeland Security that is quickly stepping into this role in the United States. They are massively expanding their authority, reach and budget to smash dissent, and any resistance to government repression and violation of our Civil Rights.

If you have not noticed, our government has suspended the Fourth Amendment
in the name of anti-terrorism. If you haven’t noticed, It’s our own government that has become the terrorist.

Now Homeland Security is beginning a massive recruitment drive to get people to snitch on their neighbors. When this happens they suggest they want information about crime or terrorism but this always degenerates into what these criminal regimes really want, a hideous form of Thought Police. What they truly want is information about Americans resisting the Police State.

I’m not suggesting that people not report actual crimes as they have always done. We all have the responsibility to warn our neighbors if their house is on fire.

The Homeland Security program is about allowing the government to employ neighborhood busybodies to spy on all of us. Homeland Security just recruited Wal-Mart as a spying partner.

By the way, if you’ve not noticed, Homeland security is not a law enforcement agency staffed by trained cops. American law enforcement officials are all required to take an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps that’s why nearly 60.000 TSA screeners and their bosses have no problem violating the civil rights of American travelers.
Read Homeland Security’s new snitch program press release here.

FOP Board Meeting: Stripping Disabled Cops of their Protection

Chicago, IL—Tuesday, December 7 at noon inside Plumber’s Hall located at 1412 W. Washington, St. Lodge 7 of the FOP will meet with the membership.

Up for consideration and suggestion at is the return of the right to keep and bear arms of disabled cops throughout the state of Illinois.

We can only guess how this happened. Perhaps it was a police boss that thought by disarming injured cops he’d cure potential malingering and get them back to work quicker.

The Illinois UUW statute is in serious conflict with the Second Amendment since both the Heller and McDonald decisions of the Supreme Court. The days of prosecutions of law-abiding people carrying guns on the streets for self-defense are numbered as various challenges wind their way through the court system.

In the meantime cops who are ambulatory, walking around the city where they worked and were forced to live, are running into violent criminals they’ve arrested in the past. Any one of these criminals could believe that some disabled cop he spots in some mall knows about an existing arrest warrant. The danger to the disabled cop and members of his family are unnecessarily put at risk by an uncaring bureaucracy.

Currently there is pending legislation to cure this wrong and the FOP needs to hear from its membership. Incredibly as it seems Lodge 7 has no plans to support this bill unless the membership demands it.

Every officer is only a gunshot, traffic accident or a slip and fall away from being stripped of their protection like officers suspected of crimes and serious misconduct. This is wrong and you have the ability to demand a reasonable correction to an unreasonable situation. Be heard!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

TV Crime News Done My Way

If I owned or controlled a TV station in let’s say Chicago I’d being doing TV news just a little differently.

I have a gritty crime reporting unit that is separated from general assignment reporting. As always the news casts leads off with whatever segment has the most importance of that day. Weather always leads when it’s severe or the broadcast could be hinged on a major sports story. However when it bleeds, it leads.

The crime, courts and corruption segment would have its own name like Crimebeat, special graphics and faces. Reporters in this group need an attitude and style set apart from general assignment correspondents. They’d be using certain cop slang terms such as perp-walk, pinched, collared, and mug-shot. These reporters would be recruited from the ranks of cops, prosecutors and defense lawyers.

TV news viewers need to believe the crimebeat reporter understands his or her business. In the end it’s all about credibility and trust. No news department can function without the trust of those people inside the criminal justice system. Fluff reporters and crime news just don’t mix except in rare stories.

Crimes are by nature sensational and dramatic. The viewers want to know about the newsmaker’s actual prior criminal record rather than what some attention-whore, busybody neighbor has to say about him. Viewers want cold hard facts over gossip any day.

Crime reporters must learn how to use and abuse the court's and other public records to tell these stories.

If they’re leading with an important crime story, than they should put the necessary resources and work into it. Today’s TV new organization all have websites and the anchors and reporters should be promoting it. The viewers can be directed to view the actual court documents and see full length interviews rather than the 15 second sound-bites of the news makers. The website is the place for all those things that can’t possibly get stuffed into a TV newscast.

The Internet is here to stay and the news department’s website must attract both viewers and advertisers.

TV news has seen little change since the days or Edward R. Murrow. TV news is and should be exciting, accurate and interesting. The delivery of this product has instead become lethargic and lame.

Crime news affects everyone. I’m not suggesting we create a product that mimics Orson Wells’, War of The World broadcast. People don’t need panic-peddling broadcasters but they need to know the dangers they face with reduced law-enforcement resources and budgetary induced prisoner releases.

The public should also get the truth about their needs and rights to cope with the reality of violent crime. Providing tips on safety, locks, alarms, firearms training and self-defense is a duty of broadcasters.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Harold Martin Smith, Ronni Chasen and Wild Goose Chases

Hollywood, CA—It was apparently defective information supplied to the TV Show, America’s Most Wanted and talkative but unreliable neighbors that made an ex-con an unlikely suspect in the Ronni Chasen murder.

When police obtain search warrants they are placed under oath. The rub is those who provide such information to police are never under oath. Accordingly search warrants are routinely issued on unreliable hearsay or even gossip. We will have to wait until the Smith search warrant is unsealed to know for sure. California’s public records laws are some of the worst in the nation. It’s unlikely that warrant will ever see sunshine especially now.

Had there been a connection between any weapon in Harold Smith’s possession and the Chasen murder, Beverly Hills police would know by now and they’d be interrogating other investigative leads and closing in on the real story.

Smith was already a two time loser and apparently his ongoing criminal conduct was making him a solid candidate for California’s, Three Strikes Law. It looks like he reached the point of no return when he saw police. Just having a gun in his possession was enough to put him behind bars for life. Smith took the easy way out and taxpayers should thank him for that.

Smith became a big time, Red Herring and a diversion in the Ronni Chasen murder investigation. Police have now returned to looking at old conflicts in Chasen’s personal life. Somebody was motivated enough to make her really dead.

Chasen’s killer exercised skill and discipline in committing this murder. On its face it seems like a contract hit. Road rage cases nearly always result in bullets being sprayed everywhere because of uncontrolled anger and emotion. It’s obvious that Chasen’s car was stopped at the time shots were fired. The killer was either shooting from another vehicle or was standing in the street while firing the murder weapon. The presence or absence of shell casings in the street may help shed some light on this angle assuming a semi-automatic pistol was used.

There are big factors that need examination and they are the trade-names, partnerships, contracts, insurance policies and of course litigation of any kind involving Chasen or her business enterprises.

The only thing we know for sure is that someone thought they’d be better off with Ronni Chasen being dead. Ether they’d profit from Chasen’s death or have found some sweet revenge. The murder of Ronni Chasen was anything but a random crime.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Prisoners, cell phones, internet access and communication

Let me say that my blog visitors don’t consider me a bleeding heart or a Liberal by a long-shot. I believe that those who prey upon and victimize their fellow man deserves swift and severe punishment.

There was a recent story of a prison inmate that created a Facebook page with a contraband Blackberry cell-phone. Cell-phones are considered a big no-no by the wardens of our jails and prisons. They are so wrong about this.

These can become privileges that foster good behavior. Inmates can be induced to perform well in educational or job training programs with a small perk like that.

Prison visitation can be accomplished through the use of’s free video teleconferencing service. There would be no risk of contraband being brought into our correctional facilities.

Let’s face it inmates will be released someday and it’s better if they have the support of friends and loved ones. Prisons are nearly always difficult for visitors to travel because of distances. Those important bonds can be fostered through simple communications.

Imagine inmates able to communicate well enough to find honest ways to re-integrate with society? We want these people off of welfare and functioning rather than remaining anti-social misfits going off like landmines after their release.

This entire idea of our modern communications must be re-thought. The Russian government has seen the light and they’re doing this right now.

The real punishment of prison is the absence of liberty and being bossed around by prison guards. The food generally is pretty disagreeable and having to live with a bunch of despicable felons has got to be horrible. The absence of any physical contact with the opposite sex must be devastating. Of course the Gay prisoners are never deprived.

I can’t help but think about an, actually innocent women, who’s been in prison for just over 20 years. Her mother lives in Germany and is suffering from cancer. There is no way she can travel and visit her daughter. Aside from the cost are the medical issues that are preventing any visits. has a humane answer to this problem. Would a one hour video call every week or two somehow damage society?

No, Murdered Publicist Ronni Chasen Was Not Loved By All

Beverly Hills, CA—When Ronni Chasen was gunned down in her car last month in Beverly Hills it became obvious there was some very bad blood between her and someone else. has published a report that included a copy of the 1994 Last Will and Testament of the murdered women. This very wealthy murder victim stiffed her niece, Jill Gatsby, a near-do-well actress, singer etc. in the Will.

Chasen willed her a measly ten-spot as quoted in the document, "I have intentionally and with full knowledge of the consequences omitted to provide for my niece, Jill Cohen, also known as Jill Gatsby, except for the gift of $10."

It is customary to leave something to relatives you hate so they can’t later claim they were somehow forgotten and get a piece of your pie from some sympathetic probate judge.

Gatsby chose an entertainment career that has been stuck in park just as many thousands of others seeking fortune and fame in Hollywood. Ronni Chasen had the ability to promote anyone with minimal talent into a lucrative career. It is obvious Chasen was of no help to her niece.

On the other side of the coin Chasen had the ability to destroy a career in the entertainment business. Whatever created this rift seemed anything but insignificant.

As we speak Beverly Hills police detectives are looking for any connection between the dead murder suspect and Jill Gatsby. Any evidence of financial support would of course be incredibly damning. Of course the police are looking at every other possibility too.

Will there suddenly be a parade of witnesses coming forward telling police about this family feud? I don’t doubt for a second this whole ugly affair will become the best current show in Hollywood. The venue will be the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

One thing for sure this case is getting spicier by the minute.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen's Murder has been Solved

Beverly Hills, CA—My analysis of the scant publicized facts connected to the November 16th murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen has proven to be correct. I said this was no random killing and that Ms. Chasen had pissed off someone in a big way. I properly predicted police would quickly zero in on the offender and clear this case.

Tonight the Associated Press published the story that the yet to be identified suspect shot himself dead as police were closing in on him to serve a search warrant. I call him a suspect rather than that nebulous. “Person of Interest” term because of the existence of the search warrant.

In order to obtain a search warrant police need to establish Probable Cause under oath that a crime was committed and provide the judge with, the who, what and where facts of the case. There is a very thin line between obtaining a search warrant and making an arrest.

Now we know the police have at least one gun in their possession to rule in or out of the Chasen murder. That search warrant affidavit information submitted by the Beverly Hills homicide detective will tell us about the motive along with the rest of the story.

The motive for the killing will be unfolding along with the name of the dead suspect. I won't rule out additional suspect/s in this case.

I got several responses some of which I deleted strongly criticizing my rejection of the random shooter theory. Somehow I felt that was the suspect trying desperately to promote that phony idea.

What we know right now is the dead suspect was confronted by police in low rent Harvey Apartments on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. More information below the picture:
Thursday morning UPDATE:

Neighbors at the Harvey Apartments have shared gossip about the dead suspect with local media.

They described the African-American suspect they knew as Harold as somewhat of a braggart and self-described ex-convict. He reportedly told be people he was expecting $10,000.00 and also bragged that he killed Ronnie Chasen.

Was Harold merely a braggart that wanted to seem important who brought police attention on to himself? The reward money did not go unnoticed in Hollywood’s underbelly.

There are a lot more questions than answers right now.

The TSA Tyranny Trial Balloon, an Obama Administration Test

Washington, DC-- The sudden and shocking use of naked pornoscanners and incredibly offensive genital groping of American men women and children at airports is just a test. This has nothing to do with anti-terrorism and everything to do with incremental efforts to establish absolute power.

The TSA controversy has oddly become a loyalty test. Those Americans that favor Barack Obama are generally okay with the new program. The Conservatives and Libertarians on the other hand are preparing for Civil War. It all boils down to the suspension of the Bill of Rights by a rogue President.

You can be sure there are plans to take the pornoscanners to American streets to enforce United Nations Global Gun Control that Obama and his cronies have openly favored.

Obama has control of the Internet and will be soon shutting down loud voices or resistance like Alex Jones and

As the voices of resistance are shut down, brave Americans will have no choice but to use the same tactics that enabled the Bill of Rights as the law of the land. I hope I’m being very clear. Freedom and liberty have never been simply handed out by governments to their people. Freedom cannot be maintained without the use of extreme violence against those taking it away.

Our government has destroyed the free market through the outrageous bailouts. Our economy has been destroyed by government forcing financial institution to make loans to people that can’t or won’t pay them back.

Our government has become a bloated monster that eats its children in order to survive.

Millions of Americans have become entitlement addicted as unemployment benefits have been extended to two full years. Why bother to get off the couch and work since job hunting is too difficult anyway?

State and local governments can’t possibly continue pay for the pensions, criminal justice system and correctional facilities.

When faced with impending doom human beings simply smile and go into denial. A look at history makes it only too clear we are headed for very dark times, of Civil War, anarchy and holocaust.

The Obama Administration is creating the perfect storm or crisis to justify declaring martial Law. We can only hope enough cops and military people will courageously resist orders to wage war on Americans. Americans can either take up arms or line up for the concentration camps.

Government Secrets Endanger Freedom

Chicago, IL—When we think of government secrets we think of intelligence agencies and their spies. Military secrets are paramount to any nation’s defense and that’s not what I’m talking about.

Secrecy in state and local governments is out-of-control. The secrecy advocates are all Left wingers that thirst for power over citizens and their money. Yes, those in government that hate transparency are nearly always on the Left. Those who demand open records are nearly always the Conservatives and Libertarians.

Corruption in government is always rampant wherever records are buried from public view. The excuse always offered for the secrecy is a bogus claim of privacy. What they really want is privacy from prying eyes that will expose waste, mismanagement, theft, extortion and bribery. Hiding public records promotes the abuse of Americans by power hungry and corrupt bureaucrats.

The Left fought the release of sex offender records for decades, again citing privacy. What they really were doing was covering up the ineffectiveness of wildly expensive and failed programs to rehabilitate these incurable predators.

Billions of taxpayer dollars were given to government contractors that were pals of those using our tax dollars to pay the crooks that in-turn, fund their political campaigns. Releasing those records would also lead to releasing yet more records.

Every rogue government on earth, lock government records from public view. There should be no secret records in America at state and local agencies.

The criminal conviction records of all Americans kept by the FBI should be a public record.

Medical information and misdemeanor juvenile arrest records perhaps are reasonable exceptions. Felony crimes and court proceedings involving juveniles should always be public records

Court records including information of the names of every victim or witness in criminal cases must be a public record. It is un-American to imagine public trials using hearsay testimony or testimony is received in secret. All criminal trials in America must be public and every person accused has the absolute right to confront and cross-examine witnesses against them.

Ongoing police investigations should be exempt from disclosure but the moment a case is closed or is being prosecuted all records of that incident should be open. Despite long standing practices the records of government informants and snitches don’t deserve any government protection from disclosure. We know that Gestapo and KGB agents would hate that idea of public disclosure along with too many inside American law enforcement agencies.

Every dime of taxpayer or government fine money deserves absolute sunshine. That same goes for money and property seized under government RICO laws.

Allowing state and local governments the ability to hide records invites and enables endless corruption and abuse.

Florida, Texas and Arizona are states with a fairly solid history of keeping open records. They sky has not fallen because of this. The very worst jurisdictions where public records are kept secret are New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The news media used to file lawsuits to gain access to unlawfully blocked records but for the most part that no longer is the case.

It’s almost laughable when politicians create laws to shield public records from view they put names on the bills like “Freedom of Information” on them to mislead the voters.

Keeping government records open is essential to basic liberty.