Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blaming George W. Bush

Washington, DC—The Congressional Socialists that are getting the Bum’s Rush out of our Capital Building Tuesday all blamed Bush of the troubles in America. George W. Bush was a lot of things but Conservative was not one of them.

The truth is Bush had no control over the Socialist majority Congress that brought us virtually everything that torpedoed our economy. The mortgage banking crisis came after lenders were forced by Congress to make loans to millions unable or unwilling to repay them. The un-American TARP bailout program favored crooked banks for handouts destroying honest competition. Bush’s participation was minimal considering Congress approved this Bolshevik garbage by wide majorities.

Bush got us in to two wars that has done nothing but cost American taxpayers a huge fortune and killed thousands of our youngsters, while crippling thousands more for life. Both wars would have been far more acceptable if Iraq and Afghanistan were simply bombed off the map without the use of ground troops. The concept of invading and pacifying a land of religious fanatics is at best an insane one.

Bush was a terrible president as was his father. They were both big government “spendaholics”.

As for Barack Obama, he appears to have single-handedly brought about the much anticipated Tuesday flushing of the Congressional toilet. Obama brought America Socialism with the destruction of free enterprise by bailout, the seizure and nationalization of the banks, auto, health insurance and healthcare industries. Americans apparently finally have awakened and saw this destructive Socialist attack for what it was.

If two years and a trillion dollars has taught America a lesson in failed Socialist policies than we must thank Barack Obama before we hang him for Treason.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The News Stories are Too Often About the Gun Rather Than the Criminal

Lancaster, CA—During a traffic stop at 3:40 AM by L.A. County deputies, shots rang out from the car they pulled over and a short vehicular chase began. When cornered a gang member, parolee, Christopher Orlando, 25 and Shayla Janelle Harper, 26 were placed under arrest.

Police discovered the criminal duo’s really crappy Tec-9 pistol had malfunctioned and it has been suggested that may have prevented injury or death to the deputies. The Tech-9 was quickly elevated with photos and fiction by local media to the status of a superior weapon that was once outlawed by that federal law that had expired.

The Tec-9 is difficult for an experienced marksman to shoot with any accuracy, is chambered for the underpowered 9 MM caliber and is a woefully unreliable weapon. The thugs would have been much more dangerous had they a conventional revolver or pistol.

This is yet another prime example of ugly guns being portrayed as more powerful or dangerous than prettier firearms.

The gun is the least interesting part of the story when the media could have informed readers and viewers about the two criminals and their past. I think viewers are much more concerned about dangerous, already convicted young criminals roaming our streets rather than getting an embellished media sales pitch on a really lousy, poor man’s gun.

This was nothing more than a cheesy media attempt to sway public opinion to support yet another unconstitutional gun ban.

The Great Divider’s Last Stand

Washington, DC—Elected nearly two years ago on a platform of transparency, an obviously false promise against any tax increase for middle class Americans along with the creation of needed new jobs Barack Obama has delivered nothing except government tyranny.

Instead of transparency, Obama assembled a group of Communists and such that worked behind closed doors dismantling free enterprise, destroyed competition with bogus bailouts as they nationalized banks and automakers.

The Obama appointees were creating a system of slavery forcing productive Americans to pay for the entitlement addicted and that never ending tidal wave of illiterate and needy illegal immigrants trespassing on our soil.

The country has never been this divided and was and is well on the way to Civil War.

The election Tuesday is referendum on Obama and his fellow socialists in our Congress. The polls all seem to indicate the long overdue flushing of a lot of Socialist incumbent’s careers will begin.

They want to blame George Bush when it was Congress that forced ever mortgage lender to risk our entire economy on millions of risky home loans doomed to failure.

Barack Obama and his group of rogues set out to nationalize healthcare and insurance industries despite what the majority wanted or were willing to pay for. Never mind that the whole program was un-American and unconstitutional.

I’ve been convinced that Obama will be forcibly removed from the Whitehouse before his term expires in 2012 if the Obama majority is defeated.

In January it will be raining Congressional subpoenas inviting current and former Whitehouse staffers to explain just what was going on behind those closed doors for the previous two years. The question of Obama’s birth and citizenship status will no longer escape the sunlight. It could be that every act or law signed by Obama gets invalidated.

Get out to the polls and depose the despots! Hopefully America will never flirt with Socialism again.

You Have a Right to a Speedy Trial Unless Your Name is Drew Peterson

Joliet, IL—In America we pride ourselves on the Bill of rights. The problem is that the older our Bill of Rights becomes, the more exceptions to liberty is carved away by the courts.

Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant Drew Peterson had no criminal record but become a so called “person of interest” in the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson. At least one witness told police that Stacy told him how she planned on disappearing because she wanted to end her relationship with her much older husband.

The disappearance of Stacy Peterson caused a new investigation into the unfortunate death of Peterson’s third wife Kathleen Savio that was ruled earlier as a bathtub related accident. Peterson did not have legal access or keys to enter the home where the young woman died. Accident or even murder this is still a real whodunit.

A second and then a third autopsy of Savio’s remains were done years later. The results were called murder and with no eye witnesses, physical evidence cops and prosecutors want to rely on what Kathleen is credited with telling Stacy Peterson and others about Drew Peterson. Savio’s divorce and financial demands against Peterson obviously colored and motivated any of Savio’s alleged remarks. Savio’s family clearly has a financial interest in convicting Drew Peterson since there is ongoing civil litigation. Family members have claimed to be witnesses to the hearsay statements.

Hearsay has no place in a courtroom outside of a Police State such as The Peoples Court of Germany during the Third Reich. That did not stop Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow from asking for a special hearsay exception law to use against a suspect he had no admissible evidence to convict. The Legislature and Governor quickly approved the yet to be tested Drew Peterson Law and Peterson was quickly indicted and arrested for Murder.

Bail was set at an unheard of $20 million without a single hint that Peterson was a flight risk or danger to the community. That kind of bail is reserved for cases with the proof is evident and the presumption of guilt is great. They made yet another exception for drew Peterson.

Peterson was ready for trial many months ago but court ruled against the prosecution on most of the unreliable hearsay evidence Glasgow needed to try this paper thin case. Glasgow has appealed the court’s rulings and as a result Drew Peterson must endlessly wait for his day in court locked in a jail cell.

Peterson has lost well over a year of his life already without being convicted of any offense whatsoever. The excessive bail stands as a novel and un-American hearsay law and related lower court rulings slowly grinds through the higher courts of Illinois.

Peterson is not being punished for any crime, but merely for his redundant nationally televised, and vocal denials of involvement in with the fate of two ex-wives. Peterson has become a person that everyone including that blindfolded Lady Justice now loves to hate.

Drew Peterson was jailed for no other reason because he proclaimed his innocence and criticized the efforts of the law enforcement agents and agencies for their efforts to arrest and convict him at any cost. Peterson was jailed simply as a way to silence him.

Drew Peterson’s rights to reasonable bail along with a speedy and fair trial have all been violated by every branch of government.

I sat at a fact-finding lunch with both Drew Peterson and his lead lawyer Joel Brodsky only a week before his indictment, and that pre-arranged, staged television news photo opportunity of the arrest.

At the lunch I don’t think Brodsky had even a clue to what new legal lows Glasgow would stoop to in his absolute perversion the prosecution process.

Chicago Police, Arrest Incentives and Another Scandal

Chicago, IL—Chicago politician's demands for their favorite enforcement leads to impropriety. An example is arresting people that dare place their own safety above unconstitutional gun prohibitions.

Generally most genuine criminals carry all manner of weapons. Passing and publishing prohibitions of any kind never deters criminals. Police arrest people for possessing or selling drugs and find their guns. Various calls related to assaults, threats and other senseless crimes often also lead to gun arrests.

Police can’t and don’t run around randomly searching people looking for guns. Law-abiding citizens can carry guns for decades without detection or arrest simply because they never give police probable cause to stop and search them.

The Chicago Police Department’s commanders must show numbers to these politicians so they give the cops awards and perks for hauling in the guns. In my day the tactical teams of plain clothed officers assigned to districts would win eight hours compensatory time-due for every gun arrest along with a big pat on the back.

What happens in the Circuit Court of Cook County was a game of sorts. Prosecutors always have an attractive plea deal that allow for the gun to be confiscated and destroyed with the defendant getting a slap on the wrist at best. That is unless of course he was already a convicted felon, then the stakes are only a little higher.

Felons with guns never get the ten-years in prison they could get under federal law. They’d nearly always get much softer sentences rarely exceeding a year behind bars provided they plead guilty.

The reality is that actual trials on gun possession charges are incredibly rare. The need for an officer making the arrest to actually testify under oath is nearly non-existent.

Like nearly all cops I had a part-time job to bring in more money. I handled security for the old and now gone Continental Trailways Bus Company in Chicago’s Loop. Bus and train stations attract all manner of creeps and thugs. Many of them are armed and I would arrest one or two of these misfits per week that were carrying guns. If I signed the complaints I’d get no personal benefit whatsoever. I never had to sign a single complaint.

The 001 District tactical team, needed gun arrests to satisfy that old dinosaur commander, Paul V. McLaughlin. McLaughlin showered his boys with lots of praise and perks for bragging rights to lots of gun arrests in his district.

I’d make the stop and seizure and put a call into the communication center zone asking for a 001 tactical team to meet me at the baggage department. Next the district teams would race each other “code one” to Trailways knowing whoever got their first would win the prize.

The prisoner and the evidence were always taken off my hands with a big smile. I did not have to write a report, sign a complaint,inventory or impound the evidence.

I never wrote or even read the reports made by the tactical teams, attended court trials or hearings. The reports I correctly assumed told a tale of an some kind of on view arrest by a team member rather than me. The hapless defendant did not have a clue what was going on as his lawyer worked out an attractive plea deal with prosecutors. Those gun cases would always have a seemingly satisfactory conclusion.

Unfortunately the same zealousness for gun arrests has snared many good men and women simply trying to protect themselves and family members from urban violence. It happens at a traffic stop where the cop will simply ask, “Do you have any weapons on your person or in this car?” An honest answer here leads to an arrest and a criminal conviction stain that will affect jobs, professional licenses and reputations for life.

Apparently now a certain Chicago police district tactical team is facing disgrace, firing and criminal prosecution for the same type of program. A program designed to satisfy politicians that encourage and enable gun arrests at all cost.

Offering any kind of extra incentive to encourage the arrest of anyone is wrong and invites abuse.

As for possible crimes cops could be charged with include, Perjury in connection with the complaint signed under oath and Official Misconduct. There are numerous transgression of department general orders that include false reporting.

Perhaps it’s time for the courts, police, prosecutors and politicians to re-think their entire gun law and enforcement policy. For too long they have focused on the guns rather than the criminals. Violent criminals using guns in crimes in Chicago have been allowed to roam the streets despite numerous arrests and convictions. Simply grabbing guns is never a preferable solution to locking predatory criminals away from society.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Political Correctness Police are at it Again.

New York, NY—With all the burning issues for the City Council here they seem to have way too much time on their hands. They are struggling with the issue of outlawing the Wolf-Whistle in the city’s streets directed to the fair sex.

It is an absolute right for women to take the extra time to display their elegance and femininity in America. Beautiful young women walk down our streets with their high heels striking the pavement in a practiced staccato is something I equate to a primitive mating call. I live for that sight and sound.

They dress to impress and deserve all the admiring glances they can get. Every now and then there is a wolf-whistle or two to let the lady know her extra effort to look great is appreciated. Usually well-adjusted women will turn and smile for the compliment.

I certainly don’t want to see these terrific gals frightened, harassed, followed or insulted. Most or all of the conduct I just described may well violate existing laws that should be enforced. But to outlaw the wolf-whistle is plain un-American.

To even suggest that a complimentary wolf-whistle should result in an arrest and a criminal record is insane. My question is, has Taliban madmen taken over New York’s government?

Just so you know the wolf whistle in the video below is only a sound effect added post production.

Shooting With the Stars in Van Nuys, CA

Van Nuys, CA—Despite some of the worst gun laws in the nation people in L.A. still have access to firearms for self-defense. There is a conveniently located indoor range that is frequented by some surprising Hollywood celebrities that received their training and maintain their shooting skills at THE TARGET RANGE.

If you own a firearm for personal protection, that’s only a small part of your needs. Training in efficient use of the weapon and the laws and liability of the justifiable use of deadly force is a must.

There are two types of training you can receive, a civilian course or the more intense Security Firearms Program. The latter is the course mandated for security personal such as armored car drivers and bodyguards. I have always recommended the Security Firearms course for civilians too.

The security Firearms course deals with safety, marksmanship, weapons-retention along with a good dose of law surrounding use of force with follow up written testing. This is really not a difficult course but will give you the best bang for the buck. It may keep you from making a mistake that could threaten your liberty should you need to shoot in the gravest extreme.

At The Target range is Valley Guard Training where you can get a real pro to give you what you need to both protect your life and your liberty. The primary trainer at Valley Guard Training is, Alan Kushner. Mr. Kushner provides the tools to men and women that will keep them safe and inspire their confidence.

As for celebrity self-protection Mr. Kushner is definitely the go-to guy for some meaningful anti-stalking immunization tips.

The facility has a wide range of handguns available for training and purchase.

Click Here to visit Valley Guard Training’s Website.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The European Union Does Not Understand America’s Rejection of Obama

Berlin, Germany—Berliners above all in Germany have a fondness for Americans. It was America that saved this grand, but defeated city from Soviet tyranny. When the Soviets began their punitive blockade around Berlin at the start of the Cold War, America responded with the Berlin Airlift bringing in food, medical supplies and heating fuel. Our pilots risked the threat of being shot down in the process.

During World War Two, Berlin was nearly bombed off the map but was rebuilt in to a splendid and thriving modern metropolis. Today’s Berlin is a great city to live, work and raise a family.

I was personally blessed to be sent to duty as an Army draftee to Germany during the Viet Nam War where I served as a medical corpsman. My very best life memories are when I was living among my German friends in that terrific country.

It was just over two years ago that a tall young man with a great smile came here to introduce himself to the European Union. It was the American Presidential candidate, Barack Obama. He stayed at the prestigious five-star, Hotel Aldon where Michael Jackson once dangled is new baby out a window. This Hotel was heavily damaged during the war but rebuilt to absolute grandeur sitting close in proximity to the Brandenburg Gate.

Obama drew a huge crowd of curious Germans eager to see the first African contender for the Office of President of the United States. At die Siegessäule, or the Victory Tower, a monument to three 19th Century Prussian victories, Barack Obama addressed the jubilant Berliners.

Obama is admired in most of Europe right now as a good Socialist bringing political reform and government re-structure to America. They seem to not understand that even a simple majority of voters can’t change our Constitution. Our founding fathers gave it special protection.

After World War One, there was another man that could draw even bigger German crowds wherever he went. He too had a great smile and offered Hope and Change under the flag of National Socialism. The German people loved their new hero and Germany went from near starvation to relative prosperity. Adolph Hitler was Europe’s new rock star. Of course that was in the beginning of a nightmare costing some 50 million lives over its twelve-year reign.

Had Adolph Hitler not invaded most of Europe or ordered the holocaust he’d have been considered a great man. Of course his Socialist form of government eventually would have brought abject poverty as the great political Ponzi Scheme once again failed as they ran out of other people's money.

Political science still confounds most people that never really learn the pros and cons of various styles and forms of government. They still want to trust those politicians that smile, kiss babies and promise a good life for all. The greatest fault of all people on this planet is their failure to look to history. Every really important society in history was built on injustice and slavery. Socialism is slavery and Socialists are mass murderers.

There was very little difference between Communism and National Socialism beyond their competition for public support. Socialism is the root of these government programs.

Obama is a Socialist and Europe is still full of Socialists and Communists that have never believed in any other form of government despite history.

Europe must recognize that our country is a Democratic Republic with free enterprise at its core. The seizure by bailouts of financial institutions, banks, automakers and the healthcare industry is un-American and absolute Socialism. Obama’s idea of hope and Change is right out of Hitler’s Mein Kamph and Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

Many in Europe are dismayed that Obama has been discovered for what he is and rejected by most Americans. Millions of Americans are willing to fight Socialism to the death. Fortunately Conservative Americans are already well-armed and have been acquiring millions of more firearms and tons of ammunition to preserve our Constitution and way of life.

It appears in every poll, that Americans have realized just how close they came to becoming another China or North Korea. We can look forward to the defeat of a lot of incumbent Socialists in our Congress. This will bring a new beginning of many investigations into criminal conspiracies, corruption and Obama’s birth records.

Europe must understand and accept that America has refused to become a Socialist nation. Americans will continue to fight as they always had for their Constitution and Bill of Rights. Let freedom Ring.

On Tuesday, November 2, 2010 get out and remove those corrupt, incumbent Socialists from our nation’s capital.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bankrupt State And Local Governments Are Sill Violating People’s Civil Rights

Los Angeles, CA—The California Assembly has written a telephone book size chapter on firearms regulations. They have laws against guns that are too big, too small or too cheap. They have laws to deal with all manner of possession or carrying. The sad truth is the average cop can’t possibly keep up with all the gun laws of the not-so-golden state. Concealed weapons permits are still impossible for civilians to obtain in any of the most populace and dangerous counties.

Non-residents are absolutely and wrongly barred from any right or even a privilege to carry a loaded firearm in the state even if they have wallets filled with permits issued by other states. People are being falsely arrested and prosecuted.

has an absolute ban on carrying concealed or loaded weapons. This state too has a hodge-podge of local confusing laws throughout the jurisdictions under control of Democrats. They just don’t care what our Bill of Rights or our Supreme Court may say. People are being falsely arrested and prosecuted.

absolute ban on concealed weapons is falling one county at a time but only after people are falsely arrested and prosecuted.

As for New York and New Jersey it’s pretty much the same story. People are being falsely arrested and prosecuted.

Not only do these states have to pay the cost of enforcing these unconstitutional laws they are already paying to defend lawsuits attacking the laws that ultimately fall. The local judges that are sympathetic to the desires of the politicians that appointed them will ultimately be overruled by judges that will follow the law of the land.

The Federal Courts will have to enforce the provisions of 42-USC-1983 against these rogue jurisdictions and juries will be awarding damages that will be paid by hardworking taxpayers.

The Supreme Court has spoken in Heller, and McDonald that the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That clearly means firearms can be carried outside of the home in every state and territory of the United States.

That means they can only require permits if they are freely issued to law-abiding Americans. Residency requirements are also unenforceable for people from other states enjoying Constitutionally Protected activity. How many millions will be wasted enforcing the unenforceable? It seems now that it’s rogue local governments that have become the law-breakers.

The only government option is to repeal all laws barring the carrying of firearms in all but a few sensitive locations or to begin a, shall issue program for carry permits.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Court Trials and Media Coverage

Los Angeles, CA—L.A. seemed to be Ground Zero for televised trials in the nation. Nobody will ever forget that O.J. Simpson Circus that mesmerized the nation. It was O.J., all the time and after many months of trial, TV and book publishing careers were established for many of the players.

The court was transformed from an evidence testing and truth finding exercise to an entertainment event worthy of ancient Rome. I did not find fault with the verdict as most of the nation did, I found fault in the behavior of the judge, lawyers and witnesses that were playing for the camera and hope for future celebrity.

Many of the TV commentators repetitively misreported what happened in the court. Of course the only person convicted of a crime was that infamous LAPD detective, Mark Fhurman for his perjury.

Simpson was acquitted because police only proved they’d do anything including lie under oath to convict him and for shoddy evidence gathering that was inadvertently exposed by TV news cameras.

There was reasonable doubt and that was the standard that would block a guilty verdict. We can’t say today with any credible certainty who slashed and stabbed Nicole Simpson or Ron Goldman to death in Brentwood. We can only guess.

Court TV
was popular but was thankfully obstructed by laws in most states and the Federal court rules that prohibit cameras in courtrooms. Court TV became nothing more than prosecutorial cheer leaders.

I still believe Court TV caused the wrongful conviction and death sentence of Scott Peterson. When the verdict was read a Court TV inspired lynch mob had a major celebration outside of that Modesto, CA courthouse. You’d think their favorite football team had just won the Super Bowl.

What Court TV did was sway the jury, their friends and family. Nobody could escape the constant courtroom video replays and non-stop poisonous commentary well into every evening.

Court TV has since gone the way of The Gong Show and is not missed by me. The practice of broadcasting more than a few minutes of testimony from trials has apparently ended nearly everywhere. The culprit today may well be the strangled budgets of television news. The winner here is our sacred right to a fair trial.

Reporters trying to cover trials don’t really do so well. Hours and even days seem to pass with no newsworthy happenings. Expert testimony is so dry and the arguments over evidence confound most observers. Additionally the best arguments are often made inside the judge’s chambers, or after the jury is ushered out of the courtroom. Perhaps most reporters should stick to only covering the trial’s opening and the final verdicts.

Covering trials is an art. Reporters must gain the trust of sources to get needed information. An example would be related to tips about the importance of a certain witnesses to either devastate the prosecution or defense. Reporters often must cover more than one trial at a time. Lawyers that fear reporters won’t dare talk to them. I’d fear most reporters covering the courts.

Court reporters must understand both the law and the rules of evidence to be able to accurately inform their viewer or readers how court rulings impact the cases. Reporters must understand both the penalties and the court’s customary imposition of them. Bail hearings, Motions Practice and the trials themselves are all very important and newsworthy in those high-profile cases.

In Los Angeles there is a Dean of all Court reporters. She’s not missed a single significant court hearing or trial since she covered the Manson Family Trials. She covers the high profile parole hearings and cases throughout California and Las Vegas. That extraordinary woman is Associated Press reporter Linda Deutsch.

Deutsch reports rather than advocates. She reports equally on the good, bad and the ugly. No defendant would ever suffer if her reports were read by a jury because she accurately publishes the court proceedings. Deutsch relies on the existing sensationalism of the accusations or defenses without embellishment to keep her readers returning to her reports.

If you want to report news in the courts Linda Deutsch is the best example for you to emulate.

Memories of one Chicago Police 023 District Sergeant

Chicago, IL—One of the most important landmarks in Chicago is the old Town Hall, 023 District station. It should be restored and turned into a museum or at least a watering hole for off-duty coppers. I never worked that district but would have loved the assignment for sure.
One veteran of this building is my pal, Andy Murcia.

I met Murcia long ago as we were waiting for our cases to be called in the old Branch 64 courtroom of Judge Lawrence I. Genison. This was the last stop misdemeanor court for those defendants demanding jury trials. Nobody wanted jury trials just a better break before this very soft judge.

Andy had just made sergeant at a time when few white males could be promoted do to never-ending litigation in the federal District Court.

Andy had a great part-time security gig at the Ambassador East Hotel on the gold Coast. One night he happened upon a terrific looking lady that changed to good sergeant’s life forever. That lady was none other than, Golden Globe and Emmy winning actress Ann Jillian.

If you are too young or seem to have forgotten Ann’s lively work a search of YouTube will bring up many video clips for your enjoyment.

Ann was making a smooth transition as the child star of Babes in Toyland, Gypsy and a memorable Twilight Zone episode. Ann and Andy fell in love and Andy eventually took a leave of absence to become Ann’s manager. It was off to Hollywood. Despite terrific success soon Ann took her own leave of absence to become a full-time mom. Their son Andy is a tall, strapping 18 year-old college freshman today.

Andy is quite the writer and I thought I’d share his memories of his old 023 District home with my readers.

Click Here to Read Andy's story at

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Right Way for Reporters to Cover a Breaking Crime Story

I see it time and time again. A serious crime occurs and the media races to the scene. It’s the job of the reporters and photographers to gather the facts and inform their viewers/readers/visitors of significant details. Too often reporters have nothing of substance to report even after several hours.

The reporters arrive to a silent scene surrounded by yellow crime scene tape they generally are forbidden to cross. With scant information reporters desperately hound every neighbor looking for information connected to the home in question. This is necessary work.

Sometimes the neighbors are friends or witnesses with a solid connection to the story. I have no problem hearing from these folks. That’s useful and relevant information.

More often than not the neighbors know little or nothing about the occupants of the house and are encouraged to offer their opinions about the event anyway. Usually it’s the neighborhood busybody wanting to be on TV who will deliver the rambling “That’s so scary” sound bite in light of the temporary police presence. This non-interview is a sure sign that the reporter has absolutely nothing of substance to share that’s newsworthy.

Any reporter worth their salt would have obtained the ownership information connected to the property and vehicles present. They would be checking court records looking for criminal and domestic relations cases involving those names that are discovered from their research. The criminal history or nasty divorce involving the players moves way up to the top of the reporter’s investigation list.

The reporters armed with real information can then locate and contact the attorneys and relatives of those people to determine their whereabouts and recent disputes. While they’re at it reporters can get photographs and biographical information on their news makers. Of course, the Social networking sites can be a goldmine of useful information.

Once the investigated names are reliably established as victims or suspects, the story can be properly reported.

When the police media officer is finally available the reporter can ask some relevant questions that may lead to answers. The smart reporter will ask out of earshot of his competitors.

Real reporters will go out of their way to find and interview potential suspects even before the police get to them.

News deadlines are rapidly becoming a thing of the past since print, TV and radio have websites. Reporters can do their needed research from the field with laptop computers and the know-how. Producers can be pressed into service for that function back in the newsrooms for the reporters out in the field. The job is to get it published as soon as possible.

When you see that, “That’s so scary” sound bite, you know the reporter has failed.

Beware of the promotional news tease, “Once again violence has neighbors in one local community locking their doors, news at ten.” That’s the code alerting you that you can skip the broadcast that night.

I have a message for reporters. If you are willing to let police media affairs officers decide what information will be made public and when, who needs reporters or for that matter a free press? News directors and editors can simply send photographers to gather the police sound bites and reporters are not needed at all.

Too many police departments seem to have a solid lock and filter on local news coverage and personally I find that downright disturbing.

I’m always amazed at ignorant cops that want to control the media’s access to criminal suspects. Reporters are never bound to the Miranda ruling and every lie or incriminating statements given to the media by suspects are pure gold for prosecutors.

Too many police beat reporters generally are pathetically ineffective and worthless. I don’t see how, rewriting police propaganda office press releases, qualifies as good journalism.

Obama and the Teleprompter

Washington, DC—Certainly George Washington or Abraham Lincoln did not have teleprompters.

That gizmo was invented after television in 1950. Prior to that stagehands held up cue cards. The actors were looking everywhere but at you when they were reading them.

Teleprompters are great for TV news anchors who must deliver clear and accurate information to their audience sometimes minutes or even seconds after news breaks.

Teleprompters allow actors to look directly into the camera lens and read the material rather than to rely on memory. Later they began to use multiple Teleprompters for use in addressing large audiences.

Teleprompters are critically important when the people reading the text to the audience did not write it. Speechwriters make our politicians sound intelligent and informed. Somehow I’ve always been offended by politicians that can support their own positions in their own words.

Teleprompters have been used by all presidents since Harry Truman. It’s been said that Richard Nixon preferred to memorize what he had to say rather than be a slave to a machine.

Barack Obama can’t recite a simple paragraph without someone writing the words and putting it on a Teleprompter for him. I can’t help but believe that Obama is a mechanical puppet for some strange shadowy alien standing behind a curtain. That Wizard of Oz image flashes in my mind every time Obama is seen speaking.

Reading a Teleprompter requires the actor to pretend he’s speaking from his heart and not reading as he makes important eye contact with the audience. Yes, it’s all an act.

It’s somewhat obvious to me that Obama is not connected to the words he speaks. He reads the material like a second-rate voiceover actor doing a commercial for a product he does not believe in.

I remember a Cold War era episode of the TV show, Outer Limits where our President was a programmed humanoid robot made by an enemy nation. Barack Obama fits that image exactly. Obama has set about destroying free enterprise, our economy and national defense at breakneck speed as he embraces the teachings of Karl Marx.

The Manchurian Candidate was another theatrical offering on this same concept based on the very real government mind control experiments involving chemical mind twisters like LSD.

No matter the reason Barack Obama appears to me as a composite invention of a foreign invader.

Like Richard Cunningham Patterson Jr., United States ambassador to Guatemala in 1950, said when he accused the Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán government of being Communist. Patterson explained his reasoning as follows:

“Suppose you see a bird walking around in a farm yard. This bird has no label that says 'duck'. But the bird certainly looks like a duck. Also, he goes to the pond and you notice that he swims like a duck. Then he opens his beak and quacks like a duck. Well, by this time you have probably reached the conclusion that the bird is a duck, whether he's wearing a label or not."

I don’t think that Obama is a duck, but I sure believe he’s a Socialist or at least that’s true of the man behind the curtain controlling him. Perhaps a Congressional Subpoena or two may take on the roll of Toto by pulling the curtain back for all to see who is really running America now.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Nazis Could have Won World War Two But for…

Berlin, Germany—There were three major blunders by Adolph Hitler that brought about his defeat.

1. A valiantly fought air battle over Brittan was lost by the Germans. They would have instead clobbered the UK with a ground invasion. The Brits had an unarmed population and their young men trained with sticks to fight the enemy that never came. The unarmed cops and population was no match for armed invaders. The Brits never learned from that blunder. Additionally the politicians in the UK like Neville Chamberlain were accomplished Nazi collaborators. American politicians collaborated with despot Communists back then as they still do today. The UK would have gone along with Nazi rule with a stiff upper lip!

2. There was a huge population of Communist hating Ukrainians in Russia that would have aligned with Hitler to defeat the Soviets. Instead the Nazis enslaved and further victimized the Ukrainians. That was a colossal blunder.

3. The Nazis developed the Messerschmitt fighter jet that could have easily defeated all of the Allied bombers and their prop plane escorts. Hitler just didn’t understand the value of the fighter jets and put his money on the failed V1 and V2 rockets. The rocket program was beset with constant sabotage as Germany and its people were being bombed into a burnt cinder.

Adolph Hitler was a brilliant communicator and Socialist politician who was loved and admired around the world. Hitler eventually was revealed as despised despot. Hitler’s desire to conquer the entire world and obvious mental illness thankfully was his undoing. Hitler’s reign caused 50 million needless deaths along with hundreds of millions of additional lives destroyed by ghastly injuries and tyranny.

Germans are a loyal group of people that were programmed for centuries to accept authority. Accordingly they gave unquestioned allegiance to their Furher.

Beware of any overly popular politician since history redundantly shows they are all tyrants in the end. Small governments that work for the people are the answer.

Here is a test. Switzerland has not been in a war in many centuries despite all of the killing that has surrounded that nation. They Swiss are trusted as safe-keepers of the world’s wealth. Name at least one Swiss politician and William Tell does not count! I guess they keep a pretty low profile, don’t they. Perhaps the USA could learn from the Swiss? That will never happen.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Trying John Demjanjuk for War Crimes is a Pointless Exercise

Munich, Germany—Defense lawyer Ulrich Busch has once again asked a court to discharge his client, 90 year-old retired Cleveland auto worker, John Demjanjuk from War Crimes allegations.

Demjanjuk’s trial has reached the one-year mark without any smoking-gun or even newsworthy revelations being made.

The trial of Demjanjuk is largely symbolic since Germany has no death penalty and the worst that could happen is that the accused war criminal would spend his remaining days in a nursing home. Demjanjuk most likely will never leave a nursing home anyway since he is in need of regular blood transfusions and is very frail.

Busch has raised Demjanjuk’s declining health and a seemingly valid claim of Double Jeopardy. Demjanjuk was tried and eventually cleared of war crimes in Israel after documentary evidence supplied by the United States Office of Special Investigations was determined by the court to be forged. Germany has no Constitutional guarantee against Double Jeopardy but it’s a worthy argument just the same.

Germany has at best a paper thin case against Demjanjuk if for no other reason he’s outlived virtually every potential witness against him. Trying Demjanjuk has been a monumental challenge since the court has to work around his constant medical treatment.

Trying Demjanjuk has no more meaning now than trying a breathing corpse. They only people suffering are the defendant’s innocent family.

The War Crimes Trial of John Demjanjuk has turned into a pointless exercise. Perhaps it’s time for Germany and the rest of the world to move on from that dark chapter of history.

I find it interesting that nobody has ever bothered to lift a finger bringing Soviet military war criminals to justice for their non-stop murder and rape orgy after the fall of Berlin. The answer is really very simple, only the winners or wars write history books and the losers are tried and executed as war criminals.

Germany has paid for their sins with the needless loss of its own 9 million productive citizens because of the tyranny of National Socialism.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Actor, Mel Gibson May be Closer To Being Rid of his Nightmare

Los Angeles, CA--According to postings over at, Oksana Grigorieva’s computer data was seized by sheriff’s investigators armed with a search warrant. I suspect a full forensic examination of this computer may reveal evidence of a conspiracy to commit extortion. E-mails, chat histories, visited websites will lead to many additional avenues to locate evidence.

TMZ also reported that Grigorieva’s unlicensed convicted felon bodyguard, Kristian Herzog is exploring publishing a book that will chronicle his alleged sexual relationship and other activities with her. I can’t imagine sheriff’s investigators not grilling this fellow about any evidence of Grigorieva’s efforts to mislead police and prosecutors. The bodyguard reportedly has loads of text messages and other scandalous pillow talk material he’s marketing while it’s hot. Selling his story and material would however cheapen it's value as evidence in any courtroom.

I would not be surprised to learn that other people's computers have been seized by investigators during this investigation. I'm sure that Grigorieva had plenty of pals giving her advice on how to victimize Gibson that may now face conspiracy charges too.

The information on Grigorieva’s computer will never see the inside of any courtroom as evidence without a live witness that can testify about it because it would be considered hearsay. Prosecutors may well provide immunity to the bodyguard for his crime of acting as a PI without a license and other potential matters in exchange for his testimony. He is said to already be on probation.

Grigorieva’s banking records will also provide plenty of evidence that may be this woman’s undoing. I suspect that Grigorieva’s latest lawyers including the Grand Dame of all Bottom Feeders, Gloria Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom will be withdrawing like all the others. Grigorieva will however, wind up with a criminal lawyer who will have to deal with allegations of extortion and possible conspiracy.

I’m going out on a limb to predict that Grigorieva will lose any hope of more payments from Gibson as her parental rights to the child are severed as this extortion investigation explodes in both a family court and a criminal court.

An Update:

Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyer filed a motion seeking return of a copy of the mirror data image of her MacBook Pro hard drive seized from a Fountain Valley private investigation firm.

The search warrant could only have been issued if there was probable cause of a felony crime, and an explanation of what evidence they expected to find.

The felony crime involved is extortion however the Probable Cause Affidavit is still under seal. This affidavit explains the Sheriff’s case and sources for information that justified the warrant. The Sheriff’s response to Oksana Grigorieva’s motion revealed some telling details of the criminal investigation.

It is clear from the Sheriff’s response to the motion Oksana Grigorieva’s lawyer filed that she’s apparently is in a heap of trouble. All signs point in the direction that the little Russian lady may be taking the Perpwalk very soon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

TSA is the Theater of the Absurd

Memphis, TN— ExpressJet Airlines, first officer Michael Roberts reached his saturation point for mindless TSA thugs that rob him of his rights and simple dignity. He refused to be fondled and groped by the sub-species of humanity employed for that job. Robert’s also rejected a ride through the body scanner that would reveal his penis size to inquisitive TSA screeners. He may be fired for taking this stand.

Roberts can only hope there is a reasonable mind at Homeland Security or in our Congress that can end this government embarrassment forever. Perhaps standing up to the folly can bring change. All of our airline pilots should put their feet down and force this issue to a sane solution. Why is the Airline Pilot’s Association hiding rather than facing this head on?

Searching the carefully vetted and medically screened commercial airline pilot is an exercise of extreme nonsense. It is nothing more than a shining example of dysfunctional government groupthink.

If pilots have a concealed weapon what’s the big deal? Pilots can at any moment destroy the plane, kill the passengers and a whole lot more. After all they have the ignition key and the steering wheel to a multi-million dollar killing machine.

Every pilot flying on September 11, 2001 was unarmed. We paid a horrible price for an inexcusably stupid policy and very little was learned from the loss of nearly 3,000 lives and billions of dollars in damages.

The TSA is nothing more than a Socialist controlled Congress’, jobs program wet dream, gone wild. There has not been a single known terrorist effort shut down by either the TSA or FAA.

Airline security is no more than a costly illusion that can easily be defeated. The TSA and FAA operate on a flawed principal of people equating the quality of the security by visibility and sufficient harassment.

Pilots are under enough stress and the TSA weenies should never be allowed to aggravate the men and women we count upon to get us safely to our destination.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wisconsin Concealed Weapon Prohibition Declared Unconstitutional

Clark County, WI—Last June, Joshua D. Schultz, of Sauk City was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Since this state had no provision for permits exactly like Illinois this absolute ban violates the right to keep and bear arms.

The defense made a simple Motion to Dismiss and Judge Jon M. Counsell ruled the law violated the Constitution. Schultz was freed. Now Schultz can go to the U.S. District Court and sue police for the violation of his Civil Rights under USC 1983.

Like it or not Heller and McDonald is the law of the land. State and local governments may be able to require permits if they are freely issued to law-abiding citizens. The existing blanket prohibitions against concealed weapons cannot stand.

Here is the ruling:

Schultz CCW

My Take on a Missing Phoenix Police Sergeant found Murdered

Phoenix, AZ—Usually when police fail to respond to radio or MDT transmissions it’s usually the failure of equipment that’s responsible. Officers are trained to check their radios if there are prolonged periods of silence perhaps due to a dead battery.

The South Mountain precinct is usually a busy assignment for any cop. There are trailer parks, loads of very modest homes and often they include various farm animals and chickens. There is the South area of the state capital campus that’s patrolled by the Capital Police Department. At night this area is desolate and void of all but a few homeless types that can be found sleeping there.

The Capitol police have their own radio frequencies and generally are not alerted about nearby matters handled by Phoenix police.

Sergeant Sean Drenth of the South Mountain Precinct was missing and incommunicado. Fellow officers along with the helicopter unit began a search just after 10 PM last night.

An hour later a Capitol police civilian security aid found an apparent abandoned Phoenix police car in an alley near 17th Avenue and Jefferson near that sits between the headquarters for the Department of Corrections and the Motor Vehicle Division. It’s an area with a lot of empty parking lots. Near the vehicle, was the body of sergeant Drenth who suffered apparent gunshot wounds.

Somehow I doubt that the capital police even knew that Drenth was missing. That discovery may well just have been a coincidence.

The officer’s secondary weapon kept in an ankle holster was missing but later found nearby.

This story is strange in that it would be unusual for an officer to not inform the dispatcher if he was making contact with a citizen or down on a traffic stop.

In that area, at that time of night it would not be unusual for an officer to step out for a nature call. Perhaps he encountered something during that period.

More than likely I have to believe that there was something else going on. Perhaps he was visiting with someone for a pre-arranged meet. This does not fit the usual scenario of a random street stop that went wrong. I’d be looking for evidence in the officer’s personal cell-phone records including text messages.

I know that this will be an intensive investigation and somehow I feel it will be solved.

Sergeant Drenth is survived by a wife if 13 years.

Jody “J-Fled” Weis' Payback to Chicago Cops

Chicago, ILMayor Daley’s appointee to the position of police superintendent, Jody "J-Fled" Weis was an utter disaster for public safety in Chicago. The former FBI agent with an inflated salary and ego never belonged in that position. Weis has accomplished nothing except the alienation of officers already demoralized, depressed, outgunned, and undermanned along with being underpaid.

Despite his wearing the coveted Chicago police uniform, Weis has never been a cop and is nothing more than a lap dog for the corrupt reverends and politicians in control of the city. Weis’ attempt at spinning crime statistics and Chicago’s bloody summers into some illusion of public safety progress has been an abject failure.

It’s very simple Chicagoan’s tax dollars have been distributed to criminals and political whores as the police department has been run into the ground with deprivation. The manpower shortages have resulted in surrendering the streets to emboldened thugs. The police are simply sent in to clean the brains of the victims off the streets and generate meaningless paper reports.

Thugs will never be deterred through negotiation and kind words. As Al Capone once said, “You can get a lot more with a kind word and a gun, than a kind word alone.” The Chicago Police Department has lost any relevance and or meaningful concern to Chicago’s street thugs.

Weis actually made a shameful public display of cowardice when during a live CBS2 interview, shots rang out and Weis said. “Sorry, I gotta run!” as he disappeared from the scene. Any real cop would have seen to the news crew’s safety, and responded to the scene with gun in hand until enough officers were present. This was no simple case of shots being fired but an actual homicide that remains unsolved today.

Weis said he leave the department if he did not have the support of the rank and file cops. A morale survey of cops was completed and the results were quickly locked in a vault never to see the light of day. Hundreds of cops have demanded the resignation of Weis as they publically demonstrated in an unprecedented action that was downright humiliating. Weis has only dug his heels in deeper.

Weis is now exacting revenge as he smears all Chicago cops with non-newsworthy press conferences. Weis has twice alerted the news media to cover “important” press conferences. First he announced a sergeant has been stripped of his gun and powers because he’s under investigation. Weis refused to name him which guaranteed yet another press conference for that revelation. On Monday Weis did it again revealing that six more officers were stripped and sent to the call-back Gulag, again revealing no names. Now he can hold two more press conferences, one to name them and another to reveal the allegations.

Weis is making sure that the accused officers can never get a fair hearing by tainting public opinion. Certainly Weis could have made a single announcement of the ongoing investigation of allegations. Instead Weis has deliberately and clumsily turned this story into a salacious soap opera.

Frankly, Jody Weis is truly despicable and every Chicago police officer should simply turn their backs on this despot whenever they are in his presence.

Here is the famous “I gotta run” clip.

Obama’s Lost Magic, One German Correspondent’s View

Germany--Der Spiegel Magazine is a popular publication for the German speaking world. Because of the ease of Internet publishing they also offer Der Speigel Online International in English. Der Spiegel is uncomfortably Left of the political center but well written and informative.

Most of Germany’s Liberals love Barack Obama and are disappointed that he’s not caught fire as the Socialist Messiah of the world. The writer of the Der Spiegel article, Klaus Brinkbäumer gives us his version the political climate surrounding our mid-term elections.

The article laments the “vitriol and hatemongering” of the Tea Party movement and other Conservatives. Brinkbäumer seems to compare Sarah Palin and Fox News commentator, Glen Beck to Adolph Hitler’s own National Socialism pre-holocaust intolerance campaign. Brinkbäumer thinks that it is unfair to suggest that Obama’s agenda mirrors that of Hitler and Stalin.

What Brinkbäumer totally misses is that Obama’s entire platform is right out of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital and the Socialist ideas of Mein Kamph. Obama has gone on the attack against the very foundation of America’s Constitution, free market and liberty.

I guess Brinkbäumer offended me the most by suggesting that Obama’s opponents are gun freaks. No Mr. Brinkbäumer, we are not gun freaks but lovers of freedom, liberty and the security of knowing we can protect ourselves from criminals and even Socialists. Mr. Brinkbäumer needs to remember that Stalin, Hitler and Obama share the exact same view of Gun Control. No politician can enjoy absolute power over a well-armed population.

Adolph Hitler was a wildly popular man in Germany. Hitler preyed on a desperate population starving in a wrecked economy with promises of Hope and Change. Hitler redundantly lied to his fellow countrymen and before he was defeated caused the deaths of 6 million Jews and 9 million good Germans. Hitler was a true Socialist. There was not a dimes worth if difference between Stalin and Hitler. Barack Obama is also a true Socialist.

Mr. Brinkbäumer needs to be aware that America has a safety net to prevent people like Stalin, Hitler and Obama from changing America to a Socialist nation with a simple majority. That safety net is the Constitution and that can only be amended with a two thirds majority.

I must give credit for Brinkbäumer’s recognizing that Obama has delivered nothing to the African-Americans and Homosexuals that supported him. Of course the correspondent won’t suggest the reality that these are the very people Obama wants to enslave with Socialism.
Brinkbäumer never noticed that Obama has extended and strengthened the hated Patriot Act and has sought to ease restrictions for electronic spying on Americans. Obama has not once suggested the death penalty should be abolished. True Socialists cannot survive without the liberal application of the death penalty.
Mr. Brinkbäumer obviously loved Obama and has delivered his political obituary from the point of a disappointed Socialist. He further suggests that Obama came up short only because of needed more control over the government to make his dreams come true. What Obama lacked Mr. Brinkbäumer is exactly what Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin had, and that was absolute power.

Read Brinkbäumer’s article here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Obama Is The Best Campaigner the GOP has

As the mid-term elections are just a couple of weeks away, Barack Obama is reminding all the voters of the all the damage he’s done. That, as those with their seats in peril regret any affiliation with the Comrade Obama they now view as a giant stone around their necks.

We can only hope the Socialist Messiah will get as much face time as possible and appear everywhere.

A Thief with a Heart, say it ain’t so!

Sweden—Your laptop is stolen or lost. The reality is you will never see it again. Panic sets in as you start thinking that your whole life is on that machine. Your correspondence, documents, pictures and video is forever lost. Yes, you know you were supposed to back up that data but you were just a little too busy.

That happened to one victim here but one exceptional thief dutifully performed a back-up of the purloined machine on appropriate media and mailed it to the owner! Now that’s classy!

Read more about this random act of ???? here

Surge in Robberies Tied to the Miserable Economy

Banks, armored cars, jewelry stores are seeing a surge in violent robberies. We are at the very beginning of an inflation nightmare that will that will make the perfect conditions for robbery gangs.

Businesses that have gotten by with unarmed (and therefore worthless) guards and security cameras for protection will suddenly be in for real trouble.

Kidnappings for ransom and home invasion/robberies will begin to climb. This is happening as police departments are being downsized and habitual criminals are getting released at record rates. Criminal aliens are no longer being removed from our soil by the government.

Food and gasoline prices are suddenly climbing and this time there may be no end to that in sight. The criminal element won’t be looking for ways to take honest jobs and working overtime to make ends meet. They will be looking at you, your business and family instead.

Americans are going to have to rethink the idea of special training and carrying firearms for self-defense. Self-reliance here is a must. Americans have faced this before as they migrated West through new frontiers facing hardship, and criminals in places with no law enforcement whatsoever. We must learn once again to rely on ourselves and neighbors for vigilance.

Americans are unprepared for the day 911 calls for police service simply go unanswered.

We have taxed businesses right out of business. The Liberal politicians are all screaming about foreign outsourcing of labor when their strong arm tactics were the cause of the problem. We can’t compensate public safety workers after we killed our golden geese that paid the bills.

Security camera technology has never been better or cheaper. Cameras are worthless without police investigators identifying and arresting the culprits.

There’s little salvation in private security agencies. Instead of providing real security they provide only an illusion. Their workers are poorly paid and lack meaningful training. The security companies are not capable of stepping up to the plate and dealing with dangerous criminals. Frankly they’re terrified of the liability associated with confronting criminals. Over the years private security has been turned into simple observe and report businesses. We must understand that the 911 operators don’t answer the phone any faster for security company personnel than for anyone else.

Guns, guard dogs, big gates and stronger locks are in our future.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

We have a National Emergency, Suspend the Income Tax!

I can’t imagine what these politicians are thinking. They are shelling out billions in unemployment and welfare benefits bankrupting America.

We send them our money to redistribute back to us as handouts. That never made sense. I say Suspend all personal income tax withholdings for Americans. Suspend all requirements for quarterly tax payments from businesses that will not lay off employees.

Americans can accept lower paying jobs if there are no withholdings. Businesses will finally thrive. That will stimulate the economy. That will return confidence and productivity. That will sell homes, cars and the goods we make. How many homes can we save from foreclosure this way?

It’s not the way of Karl Marx or Barack Obama. It should happen but it just won’t happen.

Perhaps it will happen if American patriots take up arms against an oppressive government. It worked in 1776 and will work again today. What will it take to make Americans angry enough to act?

Should we wait for abject homelessness and starvation? We don’t need the government to help us, the government is the problem. The government is at war with the American people. The spoils of that war, has made 535 members of Congress millionaires with the best health benefits on earth.

Short of taking up arms Americans certainly can stop feeding the Socialist monster our money. Perhaps the bastards in Washington need to know who pays the bills. It is certainly not the supporters of Barack Obama. It’s hardworking Americans who can vote by refusal. If government can’t pay their tax collectors, how are they going to stop uncooperative Americans? Either the government can suspend the income tax or we can do it for them.

Mel Gibson’s Mega-Mess

Los Angeles, CA—Mel Gibson entered his middle age crisis and hit a huge land mine. Her name is Oksana Grigorieva, a Russian immigrant and aspiring singer. Gibson stepped out of his long time marriage for a fling and wound up with a new baby. This was the result of Gibson’s little head telling the big head what to do.

The much younger Grigorieva quickly adapted to Gibson’s lavish wealth. I can’t help but believe she was a cunning predator with a big plan.

If Grigorieva somehow got pregnant that Catholic actor, would only do the right thing and be a father. Grigorieva did not want a father for the child but the lavish life sans, Gibson. The monthly child support checks would buy lots more than baby food and diapers. The kid is an absolute gold mine for this young woman.

Next, was the obligatory domestic discord. Gibson is well-known for his emotional outbursts and rants. He has no history of violence he simply likes to hear himself yell. Gibson has those buttons and when pushed he will blurt things out he does not mean and will regret later. Grigorieva pushed the buttons, along with the start switch on her recorder.

The loss of a dental cap with no trauma to her lips warrants a trip to the dentist and pictures to bolster Grigorieva’s claim of a beating. This story and the photos smell. Even Gibson’s long suffering wife, Robin didn’t buy that scam.

Grigorieva runs off to a legal, bottom feeder to get a demand in for a king’s ransom settlement. The agreement would protect Gibson’s reputation and prevent the star from taking a nasty perp-walk over criminal domestic violence allegations.

When Gibson refused to play Grigorieva’s way, it brought an apocalyptic meltdown. Horrific, world wide publicity exploded, his talent agent severed ties, and now millions had to be spent on lawyers.

Grigorieva hands are way too dirty. Lawyer after lawyer has accepted non-refundable retainers from her as they quickly withdrew from her case. Lawyers usually have escape clauses in their retainer agreements for clients that lie to them. Lies or not, the lawyers cannot testify against their clients under most conditions.

Police are confounded by monumental obstacles that most likely interfere with any criminal prosecution of Gibson. There is the issue of the surreptitious recordings made by Grigorieva and their inadmissibility in court against Gibson.

Prosecutors must determine whether to prosecute Grigorieva for the felony crime of making the recordings themselves. There is the not so small issue of criminal extortion. Most people don’t seem to know that you can’t threaten to report someone to police unless they come to a financial agreement. It’s documented that Grigorieva tried to work out a $15 million golden parachute for her silence.

For the love child, this is indeed horrible. Thankfully, no matter what his mother does right or wrong the kid will be well-supported at least with Gibson’s cash. I’d hope for a much better solution. That Grigorieva has her parental rights to the child severed and the kid is raised by Gibson. Gibson has demonstrated that he can raise children with his ex-wife Robin.

Gibson should get his life returned and perhaps Grigorieva should return where she came from, that is after she completes her court imposed punishment for extortion.

Whatever happens it will cost Gibson many millions of dollars.

I have a saying about justice I developed in 1989, “If justice happens, it’s usually by accident and for all the wrong reasons.”

Drug Laws, States Rights and our Freedom

Los Angeles, CA—As California voters vote on a proposition that will legalize marijuana U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has threatened stepped up federal enforcement.

I think Obama’s Attorney General is delusional since their DEA agents are already overloaded and chasing California pot smokers would simply crash the entire system. Who is going to build all the new federal courthouses and jails to handle the enforcement? They would have to triple the number of federal judges in California.

I’m no fan of non-medical drug use but recognize the Drug War as an utter failure. Enforcement has become much more dangerous and detrimental to our freedom and quality of life than the drug abuse.

A number of states have rejected federal firearms enforcement and others are resisting Obamacare.

Congress has stuck their nose into every aspect of our lives to the peril of freedom. We must begin reversing this trend. States need to begin expelling the federal government’s shadow from everyday life.

The federal government’s role should be only to protect and defend the Civil Rights of Americans from state and local government abuse. States do not need federal police other than for the protection of our borders from trespassers.

Americans don’t need federal police enforcing shadow federal laws in addition the laws of the states. There are those troubling cases of double jeopardy that have no place in the concept of the American experiment.

It’s time to stand up to the kingdom builders in Congress. They’ve been inventing new bureaucracies at every opportunity to regulate freedom and liberty away. That’s a proven way to extort illicit campaign funds from more federal employees and government contractors.

Just say no to Congress.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Real Hope and Change is on the Way!

Washington, DC—I've been looking at respected pollster Scott Rasmussen’s figures for the House race showing the GOP picking up 55 seats. Soon members of the Obama Administration will be emulating cockroaches in a filthy kitchen after someone turns the lights on.

The blizzard of Congressional subpoenas will bring much needed sunlight to Barack Obama’s birth, student grant/loans and travel records. Obama has spent $1.5 million in legal fees shielding the records in all those birther lawsuits. Many of those actions are still pending in court but so far no judge has allowed access to the evidence.

It’s no secret that there are many specific additional Congressional investigations in planning stages that are focused on Obama Administration officials. Many key staffers are exiting well before the storm. Nancy Pelosi will be powerless to stop the probes. Oh yes, they definitely will be looking up Pelosi’s skirt too.

2011 appears to be the year of the nastiest Washington scandals ever. Perhaps there will be a special new wing for the Obama Administration members chilling out at Club Fed. That is unless President Joe Biden issues pardons for those criminals.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Obama won’t complete his first term.

The Most Dangerous Man in Will County, Illinois is James Glasgow

Joliet, IL—I’ve written extensively about the Drew Peterson case because it’s been so poorly handled. Let me be the first to repeat that I’m not clairvoyant and I have no special insight into revelations surrounding Stacy Peterson or Kathleen Savio. I’m a well-qualified investigator that has simply reviewed the facts as a Monday morning quarterback.

There are some circumstantial facts that have properly thrust Peterson under a microscope. The arrest and prosecution Peterson is deeply flawed because of insufficient evidence. Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow has endangered the credibility and validity of the entire investigation by pulling the trigger far too early.

Stacy Peterson married a much older cop and at some point became disenchanted. We have no reliable record of what she told anyone. Only as it became convenient, profitable or provided celebrity for friends or family members they began to make claims of what Stacy Peterson said. Frankly the claims have an odor to them.

These “helpers” did not make these hearsay claims immediately and I’m convinced there are nefarious reasons for this. There are of course the legal advantages in looting the estate of Drew Peterson that are at the top of the list.

In the case of Peterson’s third wife, Kathleen Savio but for allegations made on the record in her divorce proceedings the hearsay develops years later. The motive for the hearsay offerings again is simple greed.

Allegations are just that, and anyone accused of anything in America has the absolute right to confront and cross-examine his accusers in court. Apparently that’s the case unless your name is, Drew Peterson.

At least one Coal City, IL lad came forward and claimed that Stacy Peterson told him a plan she had to disappear just before she vanished. Had this lad failed in his own romantic pursuit of Stacy? Is he perhaps a jilted lover and killer? Police and prosecutors refused to investigate this angle. Perhaps it was a true statement and this young woman has abandoned her children and gone far away. That’s happened many times before and still cannot be discounted without real evidence.

Kathleen Savio was found dead from a head injury in a bath tub. There is no obvious crime, witnesses or physical evidence. Savio had a somewhat volatile marriage where she complained about money. Nearly everyone’s marriage has its difficult moments, over half end in divorce, but thankfully very few end in murder.

There was the suggestion that the first Savio death investigation was corrupt since it did not reveal evidence of murder or a suspect. Is that somehow unusual when you have no witnesses or physical evidence? Only 35% of today’s murders are ever solved. Here there is no definitive evidence that this was even a murder! How did she die? What was the weapon? Where is the weapon? Who used the weapon? Did she simply fall?

We all know drew Peterson had the training and experience that could facilitate the so-called, perfect murder. That’s not evidence.

Drew Peterson became a target of James Glasgow because the families and friends of the two wives in question. They began a campaign of nagging cops, prosecutors and media to get some answers. If police can prove a crime there is money to be had by the instigators! This is normal human behavior.

Drew Peterson’s real mistake was his, “Innocence Tour” of every talk show in America. Mugging for and cozying up to the media by Peterson made him a vehicle for stardom of that political creature, James Glasgow. Indicting and convicting the Drew Peterson could make this obscure prosecutor a contender for Governor or perhaps the United States Senate.

Drew Peterson’s case would have gone cold and all but forgotten had he simply gave the press no statements at all. He’d have never sat in jail for a day. Peterson could have dumped the Bolingbrook house, moved his kids to Florida to great winter weather and into wonderful retirement obscurity.

Today Drew Peterson is a popular object for scorn and hate. The segment of society that hates cops, are leading the Internet gossip charge torturing Peterson and his children. If Peterson is ever brought to trial the process for him is forever tainted.

Will County’s Prosecutorial incompetence was already showcased in the Riley Fox case that has cost local taxpayers untold millions and destroyed an innocent suspect’s life.

Glasgow went after yet another cop branding him as a crazed serial killer before he was able to exonerate himself with computer and cell-phone records. Policeman, Brian Dorian will never recover his reputation and he’s still the recipient of vicious Internet gossip despite being cleared.

The Most Dangerous man In Will County Illinois is James Glasgow.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Boycotting CVS Pharmacy After Asthma Horror story

Garwood, NJ—A local woman was suffering from an asthma attack and quickly needed her inhaler prescription refilled the CVS Pharmacy. She was told by the pharmacist that the cost came to $21.99 but she only had a $20.00 bill. The pharmacist refused to waive the remaining measly two bucks. The stricken woman’s boyfriend then offered his cell phone or wallet as collateral as the women was on the floor wheezing. CVS was willing to simply watch the woman die refusing aid.

The pharmacist should have at least called 911 for the woman since asthma attacks are often fatal if not treated quickly. The boyfriend called a paramedic friend who responded and rendered aid.

CVS had no legal duty and perhaps there were signs of deception but nothing justified this massive lapse of simple decency. To not even dial 911 shows the pharmacist’s lack of understanding of his professional mission. I’m sure the licensing board will investigate this and take appropriate action.

I want to argue that CVS may have been played as a sucker and suspected they were getting victimized by the woman and her boyfriend. Even if that seemed to be the case you cannot gamble with a human life and have a clear duty to step up as a member of the human race.

This disgusting outrage was an apparently the action of a single nasty employee in absence of a company policy to deal with this kind of problem.

I will destroy my preferred CVS card on my key ring and will never enter a CVS facility again. I will rejoice as I see CVS stores close everywhere. I suspect there is a lesson to lean for the competitors that will be gaining CVS customers.

My question is how much will this protection of $1.99 cost CVS before it’s over?