Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings, A Film Review

Los Angeles, CA—Getting to see a film at the Darrell Zanuck Theater on the Fox lot has always been a treat. 
Tonight it was Exodus:  Gods and Kings starring Christen Bale and Joel Edgerton.  Ridley Scott directed this film.  It happened to be in 3D but this was not our father’s 3-D.  It was amazing to say the least.
The other production surprise was a generous use of camera drones.  They smoothly hovered and passed over the actors at low altitudes.  
The story was an old one.  It’s an updated Ten Commandments with Christen Bale as Moses and Joel Edgerton as Pharaoh Ramses. These are journeyman actors that gave great performances.  
The special effects were epic and very believable.
Fox security workers were out in force and armed with night vision equipment diligently looking for anyone trying to capture video or audio with any devices. 

Unfortunately the camera ban prevented me getting selfie shots with the actors Christen Bale and Joel Edgerton.
The film is definitely good for the family.  It opens in theaters on December 12th. 
The trailer:

Ferguson, a Lesson In Sensational Race Baiting and Hatred

Ferguson, MO—Michael Brown lived and died as a bully and thug.  However even bully’s and thugs deserve due process and a measured response to their unacceptable conduct.
Many cops have criticized me for my intolerance for police misconduct in various cases.  Generally I vigorously support police but, they are human and fail miserably sometimes.  As always cover-ups are more troubling then the conduct. 
When Brown was shot dead by Officer Darren Wilson, local troublemakers, all African-American offered up phony stories claiming Brown had his hands raised and was shot in the back.  Others claimed that Wilson stood over a prone Michael Brown firing shots into his lifeless body.
The physical evidence quickly exposed the false versions of these so-called eyewitnesses.  
Police and prosecutors went out of their way to hide the evidence and Officer Wilson’s version of events.  This was both necessary and wise.  That allowed the phony eyewitnesses to spread their lies far and wide.  That insured that their deceptive stories were locked in tightly.
The irrefutable forensic evidence horribly impeached the fake eyewitnesses.  Wilson’s version matched the evidence. 
With only the fabricated side of this story being widely told, broadcast and published and as always it quickly became the "truth".
That brought on massive nationwide handwringing, hate and race baiting.  Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and former Trayvon Martin family lawyer Benjamin Crump came into town spreading their unsubstantiated lies and hate.  They wasted no time exploiting the media for their moneymaking opportunity.
The media, as always reported the sensational but invented truth to the masses.  Everyone formed an opinion established by the extraordinary claims of cold-blooded and race based murder by a cop.
In an unprecedented move following the secret Grand Jury presentation prosecutors quickly released photos, reports and the actual testimony by Officer Wilson.  This amazing transparency shows that the case was presented in an impartial way. 
The killing of Michael Brown was clearly a justifiable homicide and not a crime.
The chain of events following this tragic story showcases a much larger problem.  The hate and distrust between African-Americans and the rest of America’s population. That along with the larger problem of massive media and political exploitation.
I asked all of my liberal friends to wait for the real evidence to surface rather than believe the hate fueled gossip.  That was an impossible mission.  Minds were already made up and set in concrete.  Of course they quickly labeled me as a racist.
The media along with the political and professional race baiters should be ashamed of themselves.  They are the ones that exploited this event falsely turning the fatal error in judgment and death of Michael Brown into a hate crime.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thoughts on Ferguson, Charles Darwin Actually Took Michael Brown’s Life

Ferguson, MO—Michael Brown was an accomplished thug.  He was a large and cruel monster that a just moment before he died was captured on tape terrorizing a shop owner while committing a vicious strong-armed robbery.
Contrary to fanciful thoughts we are not all equal.  Some are smarter, taller and stronger.  Charles Darwin said it best we were not all meant to live and that only the strongest survive.
Michael Brown was born with a birth defect that made him vulnerable despite his superior strength and size.  He was incredibly stupid and at the same time extraordinarily mean. 
Young Brown somehow though that he could engage in a physical confrontation with a police officer and somehow win.    That was an extraordinarily foolish act and it cost him his life.  Frankly the world is a better and safer place without this savage creep. 
Now there are plenty of ignorant supporters of Michael Brown and his evil ways.  They are amassing in Ferguson and are egger for enough misinformation and hatred to spark violence.  The plan is to loot, shoot, bomb, rape and murder their fellow citizens using their inflated claims of racial injustice as an excuse.
Yes, this is all about racism but just who are the racists here?  This is about some African-American’s hatred of White people and their desire to dominate and conquer them.   They have pipe dreams of capturing and taking home the spoils of war along the way.
The problem for these troublemakers is they, like Brown are too intellectually disadvantaged to live.   They somehow think that they can succeed in street warfare simply because they are cruel enough.
What they are not taking into account is that aside from the cops and National Guard they have to overcome thousands of able military veterans in the local population that are well trained and well-armed and only too willing to protect themselves and families. 
If these African-American agitators attempt a dangerous insurrection, their oversight will get their remains placed into lots of body bags.  These are simply the inferior human specimens that Darwin warned us about. 
Often humans work to protect the unfortunate and disadvantaged to survive despite obvious handicaps.  Here they are warning the ignorant, thoughtless and very stupid people to abandon their pipe dreams and to stay home.  Let’s hope that they come to their senses.
If these troublemakers won’t follow that sound advice Darwin just like he did with Michael Brown will quickly take them home.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Equality, Race and Culture Always Collide Despite the Social Engineers.

Los Angeles, CA—In an location with more representation of clashing races and cultures than any other I’m searching for answers.   When looking for race relation solutions political correctness is an obvious problem, not a solution.
First I must debunk the biggest lie ever told.   All men are not created equal! What should be said is that basic kindness demands that we treat each other as equals.
To suggest we are all created equal actually is a very brutal reminder to those with less than the best genetic gifts. We all know only too well what traits or physical improvements we’d rather have.  Plastic surgeons along with companies making skin lightening and hair straightening products have never done better. 

Cultures can be respectful, peaceful and productive.  They can also be intolerant, destructive and barbaric.  I’m sorry but I insist the latter cultures are a sub-human species. 
The peaceful and productive humans must employ extreme measures rooted in our survival instinct to annihilate the cruel and destructive sub-species.  
California’s prisons are filled with the sub-species humans placed there because of despicable, cruel and unthinkable acts.  Blacks and Hispanics far outnumber whites or Asians when it comes to senseless and cruel violence.
Poverty can never provide an excuse for inflicting rape, murder or any form of violence on innocent victims.
Does inferior genes or culture cause horrible behavior?  This is the question that scientists have tried and failed to answer.  Some answers have come in the form of the theory of Eugenics and somewhat proven through bioengineering. 
Traits and characteristics can be programmed in plants animals.  When the same is suggested for humans is where delusional denial parts with reality.  Some people still refuse to accept the truth. 
If we were all truly equal there would not be taller, smarter, stronger or more attractive people.  Then there are those that have an uncanny ability to create wealth. 
Are Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered humans another sub-species?  The scientists have never unequivocally determined if this is a choice or genetic error.  These traits have no relation to productivity, intelligence or cruelty.  Frankly I’m dumbfounded why anyone would bother to worry about these traits. 
Simple kindness dictates that we must simply make an effort to tolerate, appreciate and embrace all but the cruel and barbaric.   Of course we should make every effort to set a good example and help the kindness challenged people around us that there is a better way.
I care not what anyone thinks, I won’t let anyone dictate to me that I must accept, employ or associate with violent, cruel people of any race, creed or religion.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Immigration Announcement, Obama Double Speak at it’s Best

Washington, DC—Beginning with perennial and always empty promises of future border enforcement and deporting criminals, Barack Obama offered Amnesty and Green Cards to millions of border jumping trespassers.
Obama’s bogus claim that enforcement tears families apart is laughable since these families can simply stay together in the countries of their origin.  
Today Obama acted unlawfully and should be tried for Treason, jailed and impeached.
Immigration is not broken; enforcement is what’s broken.  It’s broken by the willful and criminal obstruction of justice and the refusal of officials to obey their oaths of office.
Our Congress shares blame here with its more than a hundred hard corps Socialists and Communists masked with Democrat and Republican Party labels.  Then you have corrupt Republicans thinking they’re helping big business campaign contributors with cheap labor.
Obama has opened the our doors wide for unbridled welfare, food stamps, free medical care and of course Obamaphones rewarding millions of law breakers.   
Educated and productive would be immigrants from Europe, Canada, India and other developed nations are pushed far behind the Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants seeking to work and live here.  That clearly violates and rights of equal protection.
There are still those trespassers that are already whining that  Obama’s dictate does not go far enough.
America’s politicians have allowed the illegals to gut our medical care, educational system to the detriment of America’s poor.
The biggest losers here are impoverished African-Americans that will be forced compete with the trespassers for jobs and entitlements.
We were once a nation of laws, however that has changed with our lawless president.  Immigration law and policy is the responsibility of Congress.  Today Obama has made himself a dictator.  Obama must be purged from our government. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Breaking News! A Horrible FAA Civilian Drone Regulation Appeal Ruling!

Los Angeles, CA –Today the NTSB ruled that the FAA may continue to ban any commercial use model aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones.
We are anxiously awaiting the FAA’s long overdue and final regulations on the drones that have become so popular primarily to photographers.
The ruling leaves in tact the incredibly vague, subjective and overly broad language in it’s provision, “No person may operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner as to endanger the life or property or another.”  This language could allow for some judge to find that the mere flight of a device to be unlawful. 
This is amazing since despite that there’s never been a single death or serious reported injury involving a multi-rotor camera drones. 
If the unreasonably intrusive requirements recently imposed on filmmakers granted drone operation FAA permits are a sign of things to come this industry is doomed at least in the USA.
For now the use of drones by hobbyists is still legal.  However should payment for images be involved the FAA may bring the full force of government on those who dare.
We will have to see just what damage the FAA will do to the burgeoning civilian camera drone industry.   I’m not confidant that they will be measured or reasonable to filmmakers, the news media or photographers.  Now there are more reasons to avoid producing television programming or motion pictures anywhere but inside the United States. 
Should police or the FAA ever attempt to question you about your drone activities or financial arrangements, never lie to them.  Instead tell them you want a lawyer present before you answer any questions.  Frankly without your admissions, lies or other information their investigations will be severely crippled.
Here is today’s ruling:
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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Crimefile Review of, A MOST VIOLENT YEAR

Los Angeles, CA—I attended a SAG screening of A Most Violent Year put on by the SAG Foundation.
I never really know what to expect at these events however this was a very enjoyable and entertaining experience. 
J.C. Chandor expertly wrote the script and directed the film.   It starred Oscar Isaac as Abel Morales, an ambitious immigrant and Jessica Chastain as his wife, Anna Morales.  All three stayed for a Q&A and were kind enough to press the flesh later. 
The film is about a New York couple that is in the Home Heating Oil business.  This is a tough cutthroat industry in a city where corruption is a way of life. 
Isaac seems to effortlessly play the male protagonist that seems to channel a young Al Pacino from the Godfather films.  He dresses like a the cover of GQ Magazine and has the perfect haircut. He’s a handsome and classy man of his word caught in a mess.
When you actually meet and talk to Isaac he’s vastly different from the character he played in mannerisms, voice and accent. He truly became another character.  
Chastain plays the sexy, glamorous but hardworking wife diligently keeping the books.  She’s shamelessly dressed in 100% Giorgio Armani.  Together they negotiate running their business despite massive difficulties at every turn and the violence that the film’s title seems to suggest.
This was a terrific story told well by first rate, journeyman actors.  This is a period film and the clothes, vehicles and sets matched 1981 with obvious care.
The film was well worth the price of admission and I recommend it to all.
Here is my obligatory selfie with the very delightful Jessica Chastain:

Here is the trailer:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interesting Statistics Regarding the Little Camera Drones and Safety

Los Angeles, CA –Nearly everywhere there are some frightened members of Congress, various state legislatures and city councils that are considering ways to ban or severely regulate the little multi-rotor camera drones. 
Must we always adopt the Chicken Little fear that the sky is falling?
The FAA would like to expand their budget and manpower by at least tenfold or more to regulate every 12 year-old boy with a camera drone in America.  Can the FAA be trusted to not create or engage hysteria when they have so much to gain?  We all know the answer to that!
Pilots everywhere, especially those flying helicopters see the very clear handwriting on the wall.  Inexpensive and substantially safer drones will soon replace half of them. Careers are at stake here.  Should we be surprised those pilots are making the most noise condemning camera drone?  
Fighting camera and delivery drones through propaganda scare tactics is already in high gear.  We must educate politicians, business leaders, media and the public on the real facts. 
We now know that worldwide there are over a million little drones in the hands of the public.  That’s double the amount of all conventional aircraft. 
We know all too well that many millions of dollars and hundreds of lives are lost every year from conventional aircraft mishaps.
To date there has not been a single fatality or serious injury related to multi-rotor camera drones. 
I’d like to address Internet chatter from the camera drone user groups.  There are hundreds of passages exclaim that newbies, cowboys and lawless people are reeking havoc in the skies.  My favorite quote is, “They’re ruining it for everyone!” It that were the truth there would be collisions and at least some minimal evidence of this kind of conduct. 

What exists are tales including one claim by a NYPD helicopter pilot that he clocked the little drones at the speed of sound!  Considering they have a top speed of 35 MPH that's somewhat pitiful.
These camera drones all have the ultimate Black Box, that's the camera's memory chip that contains the video of the flight.  I submit that the drone's own video is more reliable than the fables and outright lies that have been told by some public officials.  

It’s a natural human condition to conjure up scenarios in our minds of bad behavior and tragic consequences.  What we must always remember here is even the cheaper camera drones are not really cheap. 
These drones are carefully guarded and cared for by their owners that don’t want to lose them to mishaps or impoundment by police.  
Drone operators all fly with friends and they are always advising each other on avoiding mistakes, piloting tips and proper etiquettes. They are in effect self-policing and regulating.    
The FAA, except for commercial use, does not now regulate the little drones.  The FAA had banned them from commercial use however that prohibition was struck down by a federal judge and is currently under appeal. 
The FAA is charged with safety and the drones have proven they do not compromise safety.  To date there has never been a known collision between a camera-drone and any conventional aircraft.
These days we hear sensational propaganda stories of near misses with planes and helicopters on a regular basis.   Add to that bogus claims that these drones somehow invade privacy have many Americans frightened, concerned and upset.
Satellites, surveillance, and cameras carried by helicopters have already stolen any privacy invasion thunder of the little drones.  Don’t forget the millions of cell-phone cameras that are in everyone’s pockets.  Cameras are here and the courts have consistently held that the First Amendment protects them.
If you don’t want to be photographed, put on your Foster Grants (sunglasses for those too young to remember that brand) and stay indoors.
If you own or lease property you can’t stop the prying eyes of aerial cameras.  Barbara Streisand found that out the hard way a few years back when a helicopter carrying a photographer snapped some pictures of her and her Malibu fortress and posted them on the Internet.  She immediately sued in court.  Not only did the singer loose but she had to pay more than a quarter million dollars to the hapless photographer.
Laws violating any portion of the Bill of Rights never stand a chance when challenged in court.  Shooting video from a camera drone over private or public property is absolutely constitutionally protected activity.   
Local bans are incredibly problematic in that tourists with drones will be ignorant of laws and even geography where its difficult to determine what jurisdiction where they are located.
Do we really want to jail and mark these people with lifelong criminal records for snapping a few pictures of our prettier parks, beaches, cities and villages?

The news media and filmmakers have already been using these things for image gathering over the more dangerous and excessively expensive helicopters.  They certainly have First Amendment rights needing protection.  

Insurance adjusters, real estate marketing and our farmers desperately need this technology for obvious reasons.  Arn't our grocery, insurance and housing cost high enough? 

If they are compelled to make rules here perhaps two current FAA guidelines are worthy of adoption.  Flying below 400 feet and avoiding airspace within five miles of an airport without control tower approval seems workable. 
Below you will find the estimated number of aircraft and helicopters worldwide:
  312,000     Active General Aviation Aircraft
  17,770     Passenger Aircraft
  89,129     Military Aircraft
  26,500     Civil Helicopters
  29,700     Military Helicopters.
According to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association there are approximately 312,000 active general aviation aircraft worldwide.
General aviation (GA) is defined as all aviation other than scheduled commercial airlines and military aviation.
Over 312,000 general aviation aircraft including helicopters,
single-engine piston-powered airplanes, multi-engine turboprops, and intercontinental business jets are flying throughout the world.
Information provided by the General Aviation Manufacturers Association:
http://www.gama.aero/aboutGAMA/industryFacts.phpThe General Aviation