Saturday, November 22, 2008

Something Old Is Something New For Chicago Crime Fighting

Chicago, IL—The names of the units have changed over the decades. The heavy duty cops sent to combat street gangs are always offered as sacrificial lambs for slaughter. The cops in these units do their jobs and politicians, the African--American reverends and the media come down on them like a lead balloon. The unit members get punished and the units get disbanded. It’s the Chicago police merry-go-round going and coming around again.

Superintendent Jody "J-Fed" Weis has announced how his new 400 officer gang unit will bring peace to Chicago’s streets. It’s that old broken record playing again. It's another phony PR move to fool the public that always seems to work so why bother with something new?

If Chicago wants to end the gang’s constant robbery, extortion, kidnapping and murder they need more than another new gang unit. They need help from law-abiding citizens with the right to protect themselves and their families. Yes folks, that means lawfully keeping and carrying firearms.

The media has to end its practice of putting anyone and everyone on TV before there is even an investigation of a police shooting. They should get and hold those interviews until there is at least a shred of credibility to brutality allegations. The current kind of journalism is incendiary and just invites more grandstanding for those media gadflies that manipulate reporters into giving them more TV face time.

The politicians need to decide if they want peace and prosperity on their streets or gang rule. They have to change their ways.

Today’s cops have been getting smarter and better organized through Internet communication to stay in the bunkers as they de-police. That beats being run through the ringer of police hate, getting humiliated and striped of their stars, powers and guns. Police officers fear their city’s administration much more than armed and dangerous criminals. Cops have families to worry about and taking risks to do their job endangers the very food on their tables.

Being the crime clean-up crew after the fact is much safer than what we used to call aggressive and preventive patrol. A cop can manage to stay busy for his entire shift avoiding all confrontation with criminals. Officers can go to the service calls and write reports that can be sold later as novels. Cops can go out of their way to help seniors crossing streets.

It’s time to hear more radio traffic like this:
1224- to CC: “Hold me down with a senior who seems to be having a little difficulty. I’m going to check his welfare.” CC to 1224: “10-4.”
Twenty minutes later… 1224 to CC: “Squad put me back up the poor guy was just a little confused.”
CC to 1224: “10-4.”

At the end of the day our good officer at check off roll call turns in a half-dozen contact cards on nobody under 75 years-old.

There has to be a new approach. Repackaged old failures with new faces are an insult to the men and women of the Chicago Police Department that once vowed to put their very lives on the line for public safety.

Here’s a seven step plan!

1. Prosecute any and all people who make false complaints against cops.
2. Bring gun-rights back to Chicago with concealed carry for the law abiding.
3. Create a new plan for media relations to avoid spreading inflammatory misinformation.
4. Provide cops with a proper employment contract and honor it.
5. Return to civil Service testing for promotions of officers.
6. Only strip officers after hearings and sustained violations unless there is probable cause to arrest or indict them.
7. The officers of the department need to keep a sharp appearance to command respect.

Okay those things will never fly with Chicago’s miserable politicians so let’s just give Chicago's taxpayers, oops I mean residents more of the same. Daley and his wrecking crew drove out most of the taxpayers.


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Socialism Sucks said...

"De-policing" is absolutely right

Any Chicago cops wonder what that's like, check out this blog from the UK, where de-policing has been happening for 25 years

Anonymous said...

Note to public - Most Chicago Police Officers believe law abiding citizens should be able to carry firearms. We need better enforcement of the laws we have now on the books for felons ans so on.